Why did you kill the above avatar?

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Referred to the gracious guest as "Absolute French bastard!".

He was mansplaining on my parade.

He could've been a Polymorph.

He chose not to accept Prince Ditto's offer.

He was drinking the blood packs.

He was night-crawling on the roof.

He sounded worse in person.

He wouldn't come to the ball.

No human survives 96 hours in the cold.

It was my turn.

She'd been drinking Swarfega.

For minor amusement - just enough to distract me from the existential despair for about three and a half minutes.

It gave me an adrenaline boner like no other.

He was pissin' all over.

For a bonus 90 grand.

For the greater good for all of humanity

That a robot would care about the greater good of any humanity is unacceptable.

For acting blacker than an oil spill in an onyx mine in pitch darkness.

For being colorblind.

He hadn't washed his sporran in months.

I needed him as a tribute to summon my Dark Magician Girl.

Some people should not attempt karaoke.

For not turning that frown upside down.

It scented my Heavy Bolter.

Technicalities, it's not technically murdering if I just pushed him into a perfectly safe looking corridor that happened to be trapped, besides it's hardly important when I'm already raising him from the dead...

It's not Necromancy I swear!!!

Note to self-kill the guy who was listening with Finger of Death later...

Never anger someone under the effects of Quad Damage.

Ugh, how many times did I tell him not to walk in front of my while I was firing!

He wore a spray that smelt like penis musk.

he should have known better than to punch my raptor companion in the snout.

Left huge dragon droppings all over the Roman forum.

he leaked oil all over my brand new carpet!

Where else can I get XP at this time of night?

Because if he grinds by killing Dragons he must be worth way more XP than any Dragon.

So much rare loot.

Because I'm actually a Revenant Lich and I get to wake up 24 hours after death to exalt revenge and take my loot back.

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