Why did you kill the above avatar?

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For writing another chapter of that chuffing terrible fanfic.

For taking Lord Chuffing's name in vain

For derailing the monorail.

for being an evil dopleganger of the real Barbas.

For liquidating his assets on the king's roof.

For failing to pay the baby eating Bishop of Bath and Wells.

For cheating at Scrabble with "QUIJIBO".

For sending suggestive PMs to Kim Kardashian

For sending Kim Kardashian in PMs.

For insulting Merry Berry

For snapping the dong off the statue of David.

For snapping the dong off the statue of David.

I have seen the Statue of David and you can't snap it off, its way too small.

For wearing black shoes with a cream linen suit.

For creaming all over the black shoes and linens.

For sticking with such a outdated helmet

did you see her. She looks evil as fuck.

It was the eyes, officer.

For selling Norwegian Blue parrots

For thinking your cuteness could save you from the fire

he....feel into my horn, yes that it.

Because it wasn't making any money for Jurassic World anymore.

To advance the stellar plot.

For being oh so 90s

For stealing my pencils.

For being more popular than me at parties.

For allowing sunlight into the room.

For being a vampire

For tweaking stats.

For twerking

For boostin'.

I caught him putting his stolen goods back.

For failing to finish the painting in time.

For writing terrible poetry

For cranking the machine.

I was jealous of those fine, fine mutton chops.

Unrequited love.

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