Why did you kill the above avatar?

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For making way too many posts in forum games.

he stole my cheese!

To steal his jewellery and pimpmobile.

an evil clone of myself is running amok.

as you can see from my avatar, I've gone completely mad muhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

I was stopping a terrorist's rampage!

he thought he could stop me! No one could stop a dinosaur rampage

For blocking the salad bar.

For eating the last known bison

For letting snails get into the postal boxes.

It wasn't really him. it was a cyborg impersonator.

To raise my high score.

It was only a combat simulation.

It's a Dragon! What was I supposed to do?

I don't even know what the f*** that thing was!

he was tricked into donning a helmet of change alignment and is now super evil!

if you stat it, I will kill it.

He was becoming a danger to everyone at C.I.T.

I was trying to catch him but I used earthquake by accident

I just sort of felt like it, to be honest.

He stole my pizza!

You put your finger in the jelly!

he stuck . . . something. . . in the pie!

his head looks good on my fire place

Turns out he did pee in the wedding party's tea.

He went right in the punch bowl. He's not even the least bit sorry about it either!

He wouldn't stop frickin' snoring.

He was turning all my friends into his zombie minions.

for reviving this thread

for trying to kill me!

For all the experience points for slaying a dragon.

because I wanted a statue of myself there so I had to remove the old one

Because that's my leg you're humping, goddamn it.

He punted my dog into the neighbor's yard!

He farted when it was my turn.

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