The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Dillon slung his backpack over his shoulder
"I'm up for any adventure as long as your there with me."

Amaya turned to wesker. "My time space ninjutsu is better than any portal, I'd trust it more." she said before turning back to Dillon. "Then i guess you wouldn't mind an adventure involving Stella, Me in a white dress, you in a tux, Tomoya and a priest at the top of the mountain; Would you?" she asked.

Wesker merely shook his head and thought Kids...
"Suit yourself...I wish you the Best..." He said as he sent a message to Justin to Change the Location.
He had to improvise.

Suddenly a boy with black hair appeared

the boy began sweating and got all shifty eyed
"Man that's really difficult question, maybe we should stick to our-"
and that's as far as he went before Dillon decked him
"NO SHUT UP I DON'T NEED YOU, your a tool Vincent, If you could just get your shit together you'd have no problems with the Bunny slut."
Vincent then shut up.

"I'd like nothing better, though if that's the case."
Dillon held up a Steampunk electro-magnet and called back the key to the airship.
"Going to need that ship back. Wait, I'm Captain of a ship and as Captain can't I perform the marriage even if I'm doing it for myself?"
"Not a good idea man," stated Vincent "next she'll want kids-"
ANd that's as far as he got before Dillon stamped the prone Vincent's head into the ground.
"SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I don't need you! If I want to hear you talk I'd let you spit that dirt out."

"Maybe we could Get Caim and his partner to do it? A dragon marrying us would be a suiting way. Considering all of the stuff we've been through." Amaya said and politely stomped on the weird man's head to silence him before he spoke.

Wesker decided to try and appeal to them
"Sounds all right, just one thing, Stella..."
He pulled out a small needle from what was left of his Vest.
"...May I have a sample of your Blood, for my Research?..."
He thought in his head.

Stella spat in his face, with enough force to break the glasses. "I know what you are, you're a ghoul, nothing but a shell of the man you used to be; i can smell it on you. In lame mans terms you can understand, a zombie, the walking dead something non virgins turn into when bitten. I'm not going to break every bone in your body because i have control, but i'm done speaking with you; Now, later and for the rest of your pathetic non-life." Stella said and walked over to amaya and Dillon.

James stood near Wesker so he didn't end up with the heroes. While the adventure was fun, he was getting sick of being near them. Probably had something to do with all glances he was getting when they thought he wasn't looking.

"Those...Were Italian..." He said with gritting his teeth as he took them off.

A Portal opened near Stella and Dillon.
"Whoa! What t-!"
Before Dillon had time to finish a pair of broken sunglasses appeared in the corner of his eye.
Followed By Wesker Thrust Punching Stella though the portal and grabbing the glasses in mid air before entering as well.
The portal closed after.

All he heard was "Whoa! What t-!" before he had already slipped into the portal. He hoped no one had seen him enter but he could not be sure.

The punch had literally no effect on stella, a panzerfaust couldn't kill her. The bones reformed in their normal place as she skid on her feet, spinning around with her hand dragging to stop her. As soon as wesker came through, she was holding him against the wall, beating hi, punch by punch; the crater in the wall deeper with each one.

Amaya was clueless with what had just happened. Her arm was reaching out to where stella just was as tears began to roll down her face. "S-S-Stella?"

Deciding to remain anonymous, he casually watched from a distance. "Im finally free from that place" he thought. But he did not loose sight of what was at hand, he was taking in his surroundings while at the same time watching the fight. If it could be called that now, it just looked like the one with cat eyes was getting killed. But by now he knew better he had seen that man come back from basically the DEAD so he wasnt going to let his guard down about him.

Wesker began to block this barrage and managed to grab one of the punches with his hand.
Stella Tried to push it back, but nothing.
Wesker slowly forced it down and his eye's narrowed as he grinned.
She pulled back as hard as she could with Wesker letting just at the right time to her own strength send her stumbling back.
He went to attack again but Wesker was gone...
"...over here..." He taunted before reappearing above and behind her and connecting with a Heel to the back of her head.
She recoiled and kicked behind her but hitting nothing again.

Above in a Observation Deck, Justin and Glados were shell-shocked by Wesker's new powers.

James had quickly followed Wesker through the portal, surprising for a man in a full suit of armor and carrying heavy weapons. He quickly exited the room before the fight could involve him.

Dillon looked around confused
"what the hell is going on here"

he decided to intervene, кто-то хочет компромисса? Translation: Anyone want a comprimise?
Before he could do anything else a chunk of debree came and almost hit him. With that he slunk back and waited.

"I'm going to kill you!" She roared. All of the lights in the room immediate blew out along with the gages in the observation deck. Her speed matched, nay surpassed Wesker's as she to let out the extent of her hatred. A pair of Black wings with a soft red glow to them appeared behind stella's back. "Foolish mortal, i'm the black angel and you're here to greet your death; ME. she said and began p[laying pong with wesker's body back and forth across the room.

As Black Angel was "playing ping pong with wesker's body back and forth across the room", he was hit by the body and went sprawling to the ground out of his hind place. "Бог Черт!" He screamed, as he got back up to hide.

Correction: hiding place.

Wesker teleported during one rebound and soon it was Stella who was getting bounced around the room by Wesker.
Stella managed to grab him and break the combo.
He fell towards the ground but instead reappeared above Stella and turned her around with his feet and kicked her in the Face slamming her down into the ground.
He quickly landed and pointed his Handgun at her head and went to pull the trigger.

"Stupid americans" he muttered, as he got up to exit the same way James had.

HE pulled the trigger and the bullet went straight through her head, coming out the other side. Only instead of bleedin, darkness filled in the hole. "You can't kill me, you never will be able to, NO ONE CAN!" she laughed. A single kick was all it took to break his ribs, she was behind him and broke an arm. two more hits and he was incapacitated.

She walked away from the broken body and straight through the wall, dashing upwards through the voids of empty space that were between the test chambers towards the surface.

Tomoya and the others rushed back to Dillon as the witnessed the whole event, "Damn that Wesker and Ken, I knew this would happen!" Tomoya said whilst smashing to the ground, "We need to get back to the present and save her...but how, my portal will only sent us back to the present and not to Aperture Science labs!" Tomoya yelled as he got up.

"How?" Tomoya turned to Dillon and asked.

As Stella cut though all the Defence drones and BOW's Aperture had to offer, She saw the Surface Elevator right ahead.
Until of course an Explosion blew it up.
She doubled back as her escape route was blown up.
Then she saw it...
It stepped though the Flames and went to engage her.

He had found a hood and started to follow them. The hood covered up most of his face so he was grateful. He had killed some guards and had picked up a few weapons. He saw nemesis and decided to test fire his new gun. He was standing at a 150 yard distance, he shot his gun (a glock he found off of a gaurd) and shot nemesis in the head 5 times.

Stella looked at the thing with disgust, but was left with a feeling of familiarity. "Who-Who are you?" She asked stepping backwards. When the bullets hit, she screamed. "Don't touch him!" she shouted and cut the weapon in half.

"Святое дерьмо" he shouted, realizing she couldnt understand him he said. "That is Russian for holy shit.....".

The monster walked on and and Stella kept backing up.
The monster stopped for a moment but fought to do so.
It stopped and pointed at Stella and moved it's mouth but nothing but grunts came out.
But the way he pointed...
"Oh...oh god...m-m-Master?..."
The Monster went blank before running and swinging a punch at Stella.
While Wesker's were normal, this was like being hit by a shipping container.
Stella was driven into a wall and fell to her knees before blacking out.

Wesker caught up with the hooded man as Stella was dragged off.
"You! What Are you Doing?!"

Soon Time later
Stella awoke on a operating table with restaints at her arms and legs.
She felt a Needle being pulled from her arm by the Monster.

"Ah well you see.. uh.... nothing" he said before starting to walk off over to a random hall.
"by the way american, where would the exit be?" Before he loaded his rifle with a new clip and flipped the safety off. He new the gun wouldnt help but it might buy him enough time to escape should things turn for the worst.

"Now you listen, I could rip the spine straight from your body then revive you and do it again...and again...and again...Now answer my question! Who Are You?!" Wesker shouted at the man.

I could use the gas grenade he thought. Or maybe the this...
"Err american would you mind telling me who you are first". preparing for a fight, he had already planned 10 escape ways he would use and how he would get to each of them.

"Wesker...Now you and choose your words carefully or else..."
Wesker answered while motioning to Nemesis.

Stella struggled as she realized her bloo was in the syringe. A voice she heard so long ago filled her head. "You call yourself a vampire, a matured one, but allow yourself to be beat by a mortal? You're not my daughter." it echoed.

"Father?" she said as Alucards feeling fell over her. "You're nothing, just like the rest of them." he finished and the feeling left as soon as it came.

Rage forced her to fight stronger and harder against the restraints, until Stella had ripped both of her arms off. Darkness emerged from the wound and created two structures of dark aura as she bent down and bit the restraints off. She ran ahead at her former master, tackling him to the ground and breaking all of the vials that it had been carrying from the time collecting blood.As she rolled off of the monster, her eyes began to close as the dark aura formed a sort of coffin around her.

When it was finished, there was a blood purple coffin lieing on the floor in the room. The monster got up and punched it, sending it flying into the wall but to no avail; it was still intact and closed. When it tried to force the top off, it stayed sealed shut by an unnatural force. She used up most of her force and was hibernating, building it back up over time.

1...2...3.....4....5... He counted in his head
"well I guess I was never one for talk" he said with his obvious russian accent
...6 he drops the smoke grenade and it hits the ground
SEVEN!! He throws a splinter grenade at nemesis and takes off while the smoke grenade goes off. As he heads for escape 6, all the while firin at wesker.

Wesker was blinded but motioned Nemesis onwards.
He took a few shots but bullets were now more like spitball's to him.
He followed the Hooded man whilst teleporting to throw off his aim.

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