The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Slindis? Slindis! Shit!" Rugal swore as Slindis passed out from her wounds.
"Grrr...I should've gotten here sooner..." He sighed as he helped Melethia mend her wounds somewhat.
"Right...Melethia, did you remember seeing a medical office or something like that at any point since we got here? She'll make it, but some medical equipment would go a long way here." He said as he picked her up, having more trouble doing so did he did before he was Deaged.
"Where are the others? I thought you were moving as a group?"


"Well I'll be damned... this school doesn't play around with their equipment! I have NEVER seen a wound that even a normal paladin's lay on hands couldn't heal, and that's saying something!"

she said, horrified that the training equipment for this school were able to bring Slindis, the highest ranking paladin of her clergy back on Eberron, to her knees...

"Well... all this is weighing a bit heavy on me. To be honest if my clones weren't capable of casting the same spells at the same time that I can we'd have been goners."

She says, heavily panting as she did so... though she had gone into a bit of a frenzy with the spells she cast all at once... well it wasn't healthy.

"Well, I think I speak for all of us when i say it's probably best we find a way out of here while we look to solve the cases of the missing students, the body found in the hall, and how exactly we got here, in reverted forms no less. she said as she got her breath back, only to let out a deep sigh... it just occurred to her that she's a tiefling again, and, likewise... had significant reason to worry about the afterlife she'd be granted. However, now was not the time for that. She got over to Rugal and offered to help him carry Slindis.


Melethia shrugged. "Eh, Devon went to help out that Sean guy down that hallway. Ya can hear the fightin' from here. It's on the way to the nurse's office, although that guy looked a bit creepy... Can't we just find sis?"

Teri has been Auto'd


Rugal nodded at Kalastryn's statement.
"Robot's, Age reversal, Murdered Students. How does the Rising Dawn get into such maddening situations all the time?" He mused as Melethia answered the matter of the Medical room, bringing up Teri in the process.
"You're right, She was at the gym but that class should be over by now. No telling where sh-"
"Mom? Dad?"
Speak of the devil and she shall appear.
"Teri, How di-"
"I saw you run out the building and heard what happened on the rings. Now quickly, the next class is starting soon and we need to get her out of here." she said, her experience showing out as the team went inside one of the office supply rooms and starting patching the Drow up.

"Says the gaggle of douches wearing suits at school," Matt said to Ken in low voice so that he wouldn't be overheard. This caused Ken to laugh loud enough that the group heard him. Matt and Ken ordered double cheeseburgers from the lunch line and sat down at a nearby table to eat.

Charity Case:

having her strength back as Natalia burst into the room didn't stop the fact that the door broke down from causing Kala to be a little shaken at first... before she finally let Natalia have it... she was sick of this school.

"you know... I understand now why this place is so secretive... IT'S A HELLHOLE THAT WOULDN"T GET STUDENTS OTHERWISE!!" She, rather unprofessionally, shouted.

"First we discover a dead body, and then we get attacked by these "training dummies" that caused such horrible wounds on Slindis she couldn't heal herself... back home, there was nothing someone of her rank couldn't heal. Not that me or any friends of mine had EVER seen! I've been through rigorous training exercises before, but if these are what you consider training, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"

she said, rather quiet until that last phrase. Then she finally calmed down... a little bit anyway.

"I understand, I suppose, why the robots have to be so sturdy and adaptable, because there are a variety of people with a variety of different powers at this school. Still, they fought us as though they adapted to fighting someone who was invincible!"

then she calmed down entirely.

"Look, I'm sorry I went off on you like that, it's probably not your fault they went haywire... but... damned if these things are unnecessary, and I can't help but feel that if we lost this fight... even if we were discovered we probably wouldn't be buried, or acknowledged. But besides that, your school... why were people insane enough to enroll... ever?"

she said with a sigh.

Kura in the pool.
slamming a ninja, one that takes pride in herself, into a pool is never a good idea. There was a massive burst of steam from the hole, just missing the bag. She jumped up into the air. Doing a number of handsigns, she held one up to her mouth. "Katon: Gokakyou no jutsu!" she shouted before unleashing a flamethrower of death and destruction onto maxis.

Considering that the fire would burn holes straight through trees, and roast meat and char it rather quickly, a minute long soak in the flames spewing from Kura would do massive damage, regardless of the size of him. During the majority of the flamethrower, she stood upon the wall of the gym.

Running up and standing on the ceiling, her sharingan fully active, she did a few more handsigns. "Kage bunshin no jutsu!" she shouted, two more of her popped up, leaving any sort of retaliation a guessing game as they spread out over the ceiling.

Alucard, european history class.
IT took about five minutes for alucard to realize anything even happened. He looked down and found a large portion of his body, now in just dark mass form. Then he realized that holywater was raining from above. "Well, seems we got a bunch of pranksters." he said, no sound of pain or annoyance in his voice. The rest of his body melded itself back into its original form and he went on daydreaming, not bothered by either of the attacks on him.


Rugal watched as Slindis was taken away by the Nurse, Teri managing to patch her up more then He or Melethia could.
He then turned to Natalia and glared at her.
"Okay...In the past few hours, we were taken from our ship, our formers altered, split up and now someone that I deeply care about is in a hospital ward." He started in a tone that Teri and Melethia heard before at Peacher's deathbed where he nearly beat him into the grave.
"So here is what we are going to do. You are going to explain to me what the hell is going on, who is running this school and why we are here. I meanwhile will listen and if I don't get a answer...Make sure I get an answer..."
Even back in his 20's, Rugal still had the intimidation angle going for him.


"What the?......I...don't understand...." David said as he looked at the uniform from afar as she went back into the women's changing room.
" weird...." He stated as the bell went off.
"Shit...I have a feeling I don't want to find out what Detention here is like...I'll have to talk to her about it later. I need to change." He said to Puce before running out, confused by the recent turn in events.
This was followed by the shouts of Maxim declaring his team won and him saying "...Ummm...Yay?..."


"KURA! STOP!" Jenny shouted as she forced her way from her schoolbag and ran over to the trio of Ninja's.
"Kura, don't do this. It's just a game. Violence isn't the answer! Least in this situation..." she pleaded, hoping she'd listen before things got REALLY out of hand.

Prof. Sean, Asst Prof. Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Hallway (Near the Faculty Lounge).
Time: First period break.

Once the bell rang, Sean looked behind himself with caution.
No one was behind them, except the figure of Devon whom loomed over the robotic drones. He had saved them from being captured ... from her being captured. Down further in the hallway the two could see multiple people, just as if a bomb had went off. The suppressed Spartan felt like dirt. Their goal to begin with was Miku.

Looking down towards his partner he saw the faint feeling of being alone and afraid for her life.
"Sorry for doing that to you." Sean said with a sad tone. Regretting bringing her here.
The aqua haired girl shook her head from side to side, as if an insect hopped onto her head.
"No ... no, you did your best protecting me!" She said grabbing his red shirt.

The now physical vocaloid was placed back onto her own two feet.
Sean did regret bringing her here, and she could see it. He'd wish he had his powers, and she wished that she actually did have power, to protect him. For now the two decided to let go of these bad thoughts, and greet their savior.

The two walked down the hallway and they shortly arrived at Devon. The hallways soon began to litter with students.
Sean sighed, he at least wanted to find out why they wanted Miku.
"Thanks for the help. Those drones would of nabbed ... her, if you didn't come. I would like to thank you for that." Sean bows like a proper Japanese resident. "Though you must understand ... I must know who would try to take her from me." Sean announced as he raised himself.

Miku was behind the two. She is still shy around people.
It will be a wonder if she could actually teach and help the students in their class, which is actually coming up next.
A red blush flushed onto her face. She did not know what was happening to her, since this is her first real body.

There was a growl from Kura, part of her mother's junchuriki past coming up. Jenny, this isn't about winning or loosing, this is about him putting me through the fucking floor!" she said, looking own at Jenny.
"Give me a reason not to put my arm through that fuckers heart!" she shouted back down, a bit floored by what he did to her.
get it, floored? cause he put her through the floor?


"Because we don't know where the others are and if we start attacking teachers left and right, we might put them in danger! And if they die, I'll NEVER get out of this Form!" Jenny said, keeping herself between Kura and Maxim.
There should be more here, but there isn't.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Nurses Ward: Slindis | Teri

Slindis got back up to see her pupil watching over her, still feeling the slight amount of dizziness that was associated with a massive amount of healing in a short amount of time. "...I'll never get used to that feeling... Teri, we need to find out how many from the Rising Dawn are with us and a way to move around in pairs or groups of three. Those machines can only focus on one person's fighting style, so having another person there should keep people safer."

With that, she called out to everyone on the rings to check their status.

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Devon | Kalastyrn | Kurumu | Miku | Maya | Melethia | Natalia | Rugal | Sean |

Melethia listened to the two and thought it for a second. "Well, I think they didn't have an option. Those kinds of machines are part suppression and training. With how far out this is, the people here would be cut off too. Who'd report back about it?"

Devon looked over at Sean and Miku and grinned as he shook the Spartan's hand. "I'm glad I could help you again. Still maybe I should start charging for this. It would make me quire a bit~" He laughed, making it clear to the both of them that he was joking about that second part.

"Still, the only reason I even knew about it was because Slindis let us know. If you want to thank someone, thank her." As he walked with them, he cast Prestidigations on Sean and Miku to clean them off.


"Noted Melethia. Still doesn't explain why someone wanted us here like this." Rugal said until the ring came active again.
"Slindis..." He said to himself before he began speaking into it.
"Slindis, it's Rugal. I'm sorry I didn't get there in time. Just how are they treating you? Are you okay?"
The change in tone was clear to everyone there, from being on the brink of murdering everyone in the room to being extremely concerned.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Avatar Adventure Highschool

Lucieon | C.C.

Lucieon was about to comment on her name, Colliope, before the dogs made their appearance. Without letting go of C.C. his left hand found it's way to his Sorcerer's Catalyst, and he raised the wooden staff from his hip so that it extended outward from his body.

Then a stream of physical fire leaped out from behind him and struck the dog in the chest, impaling him and setting it's body ablaze. "A pyromancer..." he muttered in disbelief. He had seen pyromancy once or twice in his entire life. And none so intense. The most he had ever witnessed was a small fireball being hurled or a tongue of flame being breathed. Nothing like the spear of fire that had made itself reality before him. Pyromancers were beings of immense humanity, and naturally, firekeepers were a subset of their kind. Yet the maximum amount of humanities that a pyromancer could hold was well less than that of a firekeeper. Ten at most. Whether this girl was truly a firekeeper or a pyromancer was still up in the air. But what did become concrete, was Lucieon's interest in her.

It took the Undead Merchant a small while to recover, a few seconds at most, before he finally realized that the remaining dogs were now bonding toward the two. He held C.C. tightly against his body with his right arm and raised his left arm, holding the catalyst, high into the air. "Homing Soul Mass!"

Five brilliant blue balls of light launched themselves from his staff and pierced the bodies of five of the seven dogs. They left no physical damage, but tore the souls of the poor beasts asunder, as overwhelming mass does to matter. The instantly fell over, dead, the inertia of their charge vanishing with their lives. Lucieon eyed the other two dogs and leaped backwards, taking C.C. with him three or four feet into the air. They landed softly a few yards away and he gripped both the staff and his prize tighter. Her warm body was bliss against his dead skin and muscles. Soft and radiant.

"White Dragon's Breath!"

A beam of light suddenly made itself apparent in this world, taking a straight path from the staff tip to the earth, creating a pathway of sharp cursed crystals on the ground that impaled one of the feral dogs. It turned his skin black and burned his soul into nothingness. The last of the dogs leaped away from the crystalline pathway, which continued to run for another hundred meters past the dog, and landed nimbly at Lucieon and C.C.'s side. The Undead Merchant pulled C.C. close to him again, pressing her body against his before turning away and throwing her away from the dog. He then dropped to the ground and kicked the remaining dog three yards back before dashing forward and catching C.C. before she hit the ground. As she fell into his arms again, he cooed into her ears, "Are you okay?"

While the magicians thought they would be able to gang up on Matt, he had other plans. He used his stealth cloak to quickly disappear, leaving the magicians confused when they reached the table. "So sorry but my friend says he has a meeting to catch. He said he'll be back right about... now," Ken said with a grin. Just then one of the magicians in the back fell to ground screaming in pain and clutching his leg. When the others turned to look at source of the screaming, they saw bone sticking out of the leg. "You guys have ten seconds to get out of here or I'm going to do worse to you," Matt said while still cloaked.


"Noted Melethia. Still doesn't explain why someone wanted us here like this." Rugal said until the ring came active again.
"Slindis..." He said to himself before he began speaking into it.
"Slindis, it's Rugal. I'm sorry I didn't get there in time. Just how are they treating you? Are you okay?"
The change in tone was clear to everyone there, from being on the brink of murdering everyone in the room to being extremely concerned.[/quote]

Slindis responded back into the ring. "I will be fine. Just give me some time to get acclimated to the rush of positive energy, but Teri's probably more exhausted than I am after all of that healing." Rugal had heard earlier from Kalastryn that the fact that Slin hadn't been able to herself up fully was astonishing in itself, so Teri must have been pouring an incredible amount of positive energy into Slin.

Melethia wondered. "Maybe those Kinslayers are mad that we went an' beat them up, so they had a grudge an' decided to get us back?"


Rugal was clearly glad to hear she was alright, letting out a long sigh of relief after hearing her voice.
"I knew you wouldn't be down for long. We might need to move again soon, another class is starting. You stay with Teri, I bet the two of you need rest. I'll be watching Melethia so don't worry. I'm going to get to the bottom of this and aren't going to be here as long as we were in that Western Realm." He said back as Melethia brought up the "Kinslayers".

"Who? The Angels? No, every Angel we fought was forced to work for Tomoya, even the extremely loyal ones were only puppets to him. They wouldn't have a reason to come after us, hell, we did them a favour by doing what they couldn't." He explained, certain that this wasn't the doing of some rouge band of Angels.
Then again...


After the rant that occurred against Natalia and the School they were in moments ago... Kalastryn let out a heavy sigh.

"So what's our next move? I don't want to be here too much longer than we have to... but I also want to make this place even a little safer than having students disappear to be unheard of for a long time, or murderers prowling the halls, or even hackers who managed to get the training robots to do this" she said, Deducing that "lethal force" probably wasn't their intended function.

"Don't get me wrong, I have no loyalty to this place... and maybe you would understand the concept more now than since the last time we saw each other Rugal, but even if you don't fully grasp it, I consider the safety of others very much. Probably more than my own... I have to." She said recalling what it was like at her destroyed home in this body... at all hours of the day she had something to prove. Prove both to the citizens of the city that at first had rejected her, and to the devils that made caused them to do so through her. To prove she had a stronger heart, will, and soul than half the humans in that city... that she was as saintly as her kind could get, even if she had her faults.


Slindis chuckled as she responded. "I may want some rest, but I can only rest when those against us are. I'll be moving as soon as Teri lets me, but judging from that look she just gave me, that won't be for a bit."

Melethia began rubbing her arm as she thought, safe from the Hall Monitors thanks to her being with her teacher. "Well, it's someone with a grudge against us. After all, it said Remember NYC, but it doesn't explain why they went after that Miku chick..."


"Tch, leave her be. If Kala here had a hard time healing you, I can only imagine how hard it must have been on her. I'll have my ring on me and this time, there will be no delays. I'll be in touch, Rugal out." Rugal said into his ring as Kalastryn spoke.
"...You are right, At the very least, assisting here might give us a way back to our homeworld, maybe the mastermind too." He said before thinking about the phrase "Remember NYC"
"Mmmm...New York City was the flashpoint of the Angel War...But if this is another Realm, how would they know that?..."


Melethia did have a point. Now that she focuses, the thoughts were a little blurry but she remembered being there. Actually, she began thinking more and more about it, then she remembered it all. at least, the parts she was there for.

"hmm... Mele does have a point... but then again... maybe this message was not meant for us? There are much more direct and much more aggressive ways to get the message through to us. For example, I know we're all in this school at the moment, but we have to consider... Why use a random student we don't know to get the message across? A message is a lot less meaningful if you don't have any affiliation with the way it is sent.

Also, this begs the question of why display it publicly? If that message was meant for only us, then why display it in such a vulgar manner for all to see? Likely knowing what the faculty would do if a body was discovered, hide it, they were taking a risk on getting the message through or having it covered up before it reached the intended recipient.

Thirdly, I can't help but feel there is a connection between these three incidents. The training dummies attempting capture of Miku, the dead body, and the missing students. Where this connection lies is that they all happened in rapid succession, on the same day. So if we solve one of the other cases, we'll likely get closer to the truth, and the culprit, behind all of this.

Finally, If the message was not meant for us, then who was it meant for? I know it sounds like optimism in saying that I don't believe there is a reason to deliver such a message to us... but with the NYC incident... is anyone here aware of it other than us?"

She brings this next bit to a whisper between Rugal, Mele, and Slindis over the rings, so no one else could hear... that is, provided they weren't in possession of one such ring.

"I can't help but notice a lot of the students and faculty here seem completely untouched by the fact that such a calamity struck as to wipe it off the map... and the thousands killed in the process. Perhaps that is just it then... this may be a first message, not the total of all contact... They clearly wanted to get people thinking about NYC. Perhaps it was made a public message, because somehow the public has been forced unaware?"

She said, hoping this was not the ramblings of one who merely hoped to be right, but a strike of genius.

Rugal, Slin, Melethia, Kalastryn

Melethia thought about it too and nodded. "It could be somethin' to fake us out, but ya sound like you're on the right path."

Slindis responded through the rings to voice her approval of the plan. "Well, as soon as Teri lets me leave this bed stop pushing me down, I'm not a child I'll definitely look into it. For now, you don't go to the restroom without a member of the Rising Dawn. Kalastryn, know that you'll not have it so easy next time, because they will aim to shut you down first. As great a mage as you are, you need to be able to make your movements to cast, and they likely know that."

Rugal, Slin, Melethia, Kalastryn

Rugal was deep in thought after Kala's lengthy theory on the current situation.
"Mmmm...I did get the impression that Head Coach Maxim, my "Superior", was a lot less helpful then he should have been about the dead body showing up. Perhaps the other staff know more about what's going on here, but are in on whatever conspiracy is afoot. Whatever the case, we definitely need to look into this." He said as he heard Teri attempt to sedate the Drow at the other end of the line.
This got a smirk out of him as he said to himself "Good to hear all that Medical Training about you gave Teri is paying off."



Kalastryn then proceeds to say. "Well, seeing as how we appear to be students... and a couple of us teachers... we should probably try and seem the part... I understand our investigation is probably more important than what we can learn at a high school... however... it is probably best that we act as though we were just that, at least during classes... for one hall monitors like Natalia would probably not be too keen on letting us skip... especially the student portion of our group. As strange as it seems for me to suggest getting to class and putting the investigation to rest for now, I take very seriously that we could be observed at any time... the more of the normal time we spend appearing uninvolved, the better.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Nurses Ward: Slindis | Teri

Teri gave a bright, if somewhat tired smile to her mother, and tapped the ring, "I'm just fine, really! I'm just glad Mom's okay. Besides, I found Sadei and Garm in my bag, so I won't be completely alone... But the sound of students being attacked is certainly disheartening news.... Any ideas what we should do?"

As she asked this, Slindis could still feel the healing effects of the Aura working double time with the fast healing Teri bestowed upon her, minor wounds healing quickly as the Positive Energy flowed into them. As the Positive Energy did it's work, Teri lightly tapped Sadei's newfound pen form to send a quiet affirmation to her friend. She certainly didn't want Sadei to feel forgotten again.

Turn attempts remaining: 6 4 Undead/ 4 Fire

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge) Caim | Angelus | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg

An explosion knocked the door of the faculty lounge off it's hinges, allowing for the Caerleon family to burst onto the scene... Only to find the resulting carnage from the bots before. Were it not for the door locking down on them after the robots began attacking, the quartet would had been outside sooner. Unfortunately, luck was not on their side at this moment...

Charity Case:
Quick Post before unconscious-time

Lucieon | C.C.

Lucieon blinked, stunned. His heart started beating again, and warmth filled his body. From his feet to his head, he could feel. There was humanity within him now. He panicked suddenly and looked at his right hand, making sure he hadn't just accidentally started to pervert the pureness of the girl that held him. His hand was pale and white, no traces of the residual darkness that humanity held stained him. This girl... was the opposite of a Darkwraith certainly, someone not with the potency to devour humanity, but rather the potency to give. Perhaps she was indeed a firekeeper of legend.

With great effort Lucieon muttered, "We shall." before putting an arm around C.C. and starting to walk toward the main school complex, and presumably the library. And for some reason, he couldn't stop himself as a few words slipped from his lips, "this feels... so nice..."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Nurses Ward: Teri | Slindis

Slindis got up upon hearing the announcement and looked over at Teri. "It's a bit odd, but having everyone there will help find out exactly what's wrong here. I don't know if you're accustomed to it, but I was able to focus while I was unconscious. After any amount of time, you know when the agents of Shavarath are active. Stick close, and if you see any blades floating in the air, we're finding another way."

As she steadily led the way (If a bit slower), Sadei chimed in. Teri, can we get out of here soon? this place feels really weird... With that, they were the first ones to arrive in the room

The Hallways: Devon | Kalastyrn | Kurumu | Miku | Maya | Melethia | Natalia | Rugal | Sean |

Melethia looked up at Kal when the bell rang and held her arm as well as Rugal's. "Well, we gonna see what's goin' on there or what? they'll me mad at us otherwise, an' I didn't miss much from missin' that last class." She was in a good mood thanks to them all having a rather good idea of what was going on.


Devon looked at the patched up Sean and Miku and shrugged. "Well, that's our cue. I'll help you with the violin later, but we need to see that meeting ." As he went on, he was approached by Ton'Ton riding on Cadolbolg.

"Sorry I couldn't get you out sooner, just I was aught up with helping out Slindis and these two here. Forgive me?"


"Might as well. No other leads. And if it's a trap, the others will need our help. Let's move." Rugal said as he lead the way towards the library, keen to get to the bottom of what the hell was going on.


David was wondering how the hell Lucretia got that name on her uniform, Elena was dead, he killed her himself, how the hell could sh-
"....Those....Bastards...." He said, The Hammer Empire.
Of course it was them, He wouldn't put it past them to take his DNA and hers and use it for their own ends.
"....That's it....I'm going to fucking kill the next Hammer Agent I see. Then the Next. Then the Next..." He growled in rage as he kept his wrist guns armed, not bothering to do the same with his trademark M500.
Then the intercom rang and he grinned.
"Good...All in the same place...."


Jenny was surprised that they even had her on record as the PA called her and Kura over to the Gym.
"Come on. They said the others would be there!" she said, urging the Ninja to move it.

"Why of course Mademoiselle, please lead the way. Hey Ken, we're leaving," Matt said as he pulled out a spare burger and started eating it on the way there. Ken reluctantly got up and followed them to the library. "If you don't mind me asking, how did you get taller?" Matt asked Maya after swallowing a mouthful of burger.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Nurses Ward: Teri | Slindis

Teri gave a somewhat confused nod to her mother's statement, as she didn't know some of the terms being used. However, that didn't mean she did not understand the gist of the statement. Gripping the pen version of Sadei tight in one hand, and having her tablet close to reach with the other, the girl followed after Slindis with a grim expression on her face.

"Can't say that I know how to focus magic while unconscious, but it sounds like a handy skill, for sure. And I agree with you Sadei, this place gives me the creeps... First murders, and now the lot of us being gathered like this... Something's up. Good thing I have you, Garm and Dimitri on hand at all times..."

She shot a glance at the tablet in question, and almost as if on cue, she heard the AI speak,

"Perhaps if I could find proper access to a terminal, I might be able to back hack into the main systems? I might be able to find out what's going on here or gain some security camera footage. After all, no places like this are completely without guard."

The Hallways: Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Devon | Kalastyrn | Kurumu | Miku | Maya | Melethia | Natalia | Rugal | Sean | Ton Ton


"Sorry I couldn't get you out sooner, just I was caught up with helping out Slindis and these two here. Forgive me?"

Ton Ton shook his head at the apology,

"It's fine, Mr. Devon. We were just unlucky, and got caught behind a door. However, we did hear that weird announcement... I wonder why're being gathered here...."

After letting Ton Ton climb onto on of Devon's shoulder, Cadolbolg landed on the other, as opposed to his usual perch on Devon's head, "I don't like it! Stuff like this is usually a trap or something..."

As he said this, Caim and Angelus hung back, keeping an eye on the group numbers in general, and trying to make sure no one disappeared as they made their way to the library.

Kura nodded and left the ceiling, still a bit confused as to how he just shrugged off flesh melting flames. "Fucking cheater..." she mumbled under her breath and knelt down, letting the kirlia climb into her backpack again. "Well, guess we better be going. Need anything back there?" she asked them, walkign towards the library.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Hallway outside the Nurses Ward: Teri | Slindis

Slindis shook her head as she responded to Teri. "It's something I had to hone back home... and Shavarath is essentially the plane of battle. Plenty of Demons, Devils and Archons there, and the higher ups at the Silver Flame kept calling for me to head there to counter a possible Devil incursion."

Sadei responded to Teri as well. Well, we'll be out of here soon, but just stick by me, okay? It's really creepy here...

The Hallways: Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Devon | Kalastyrn | Kurumu | Miku | Maya | Melethia | Natalia | Rugal | Sean | Ton Ton

Melethia looked over at David as he brooded. "Eh, if ya really wanna mess 'em up, find ways to hit what they want. It's not that hard, and better to see."


Devon was a bit worried as well. "Well, if it is a trap, we'll have to be ready for it. If it's any consolation, this area feels a little bit familiar for some reason. Don't know why, though..." As he went in the thick of the group, he hoped that he could get a good reason for why he seemed to feel at home here.


"No Thank you. Lets go!" The little Kirila said once she was settled back in beside Rodem, the baby Panther letting out a Mew of approval at the idea.
"Just...Um, Maybe just be a little less aggressive to the others? I mean, I saw what happened to David with that Dodgeball, the one that knocked him out? These people are your teammates and I don't think it'd help your standing to do such things."


*Shakes Magic 8-Ball of Writers Block*
Reply Hazy, Ask again later.

Charity Case:

Kalastryn couldn't help but agree with the others on the subject... this was no normal school... being just young enough to be a student here, AND suddenly BEING here couldn't be a coincidence... was this a trap from the culprit behind this change, both in body and in setting? she pondered... but then let out a sigh. Surely she wasn't THAT paranoid.

"Huh... and as soon as I heard music class I had a song in mind... ah well, that's the breaks. Still, anyone find it more than coincidental that a great majority of the people called either discovered the body, fought for their lives, or both?" She asked, as her spells became ready again, she didn't have much to worry about as long as she can move... but in a little extra bit of paranoi- ... uh... i mean... preparation, she cast a mirror image to go in her stead and cast invisibility on herself at the same time. The swap was quick, so much so many untrained eyes would see no difference. and she would be in the room, but observing in a manner that placed her in little danger.

The clone then began to whisper into the rings, under Kala's control of course... the following.

"A little heads up... I've swapped positions and become invisible with a summoned clone... I'll be observing and speaking from a safe distance... So if things go haywire, don't worry about the me you see... I won't really be there."

She said... whether it would prove to be paranoia, or necessary precaution, time would tell... however... she had a gut feeling this wasn't going to go well.

"Jenny, have you ever been through a human high school before?" She asked the kirlia, already knowing the answer. "Well, it is a tough worl in the world of high school. And the nicer you are, the higher the odds are for you to get ripped to shreds by the others attending high school. I went through high school once before and had to bury a few bodies. If i'm mean, people will stay away from me, the more they stay away from me, the more they'll stay away from you. The more they stay away from you, the less likely you are to be thought of as a doll and have one of your arms ripped off by some asshole." she said, all of it coming from experience.

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