The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Team Shaun
Dillon was impressed by the Young elf's lack of injury, a feat even he couldn't claim to.
"Not bad, Melenthia was it? I'd like to spar with you, may pick up a few tricks." he said his tone respectful.
Dillon wasn't an expert on people, but the words seemed condescending to him, he walked close to Devon looking at him very intensely.
Dillon however couldn't read minds but he could perceive souls, however Devon at the moment somehow was able to resist that. It was confusing however its effect had the opposite of what was intended it didn't dispel suspicion but instead increased it. However Dillon wasn't going to start a fight.
"Alright then, we'll wait here. Can anyone communicate with the other team? I'd like it if we could somehow get an idea what's going on also I'd like to clear the whole blowing up the ship idea with the others."

Team Shaun
Hadrian gave Lupito a light-hearted laugh. "Well I am certainly no uppity pup, I assure you." He stood back up and looked at the others. "Anyway, would you mind if I ask you what is going on? It would seem that much has happened in my absence."

Team Demon Shaun

The Shaun they were talking about was already wake and overlooking his darker self.
He saw the pathetic look on his face and smirked.
"I know what I am going to do." He smiled as he looked down upon his evil self and stretched out his hand.

His evil self smiled as he grabbed his hand tightly and was lifted up but only to be bitch slapped and punched directly in the fact and grappled, except it wasn't a grapple, it was something more warmer. It was a hug. "I always knew you were me, and now that we are together we can gain our courage back and take what we need to do to help them." Shaun said to his darker self who was already in tears.

With a click the two had already merged but the now full Shaun had a large pistol aimed at Dillon.
"Now that I have that out of the way ... too bad. We are not blowing up the ship, I have plans for it and you guys will NOT be assholes for once and let me have my GOD damn good ending!" Shaun yelled back in a fit of rage.

It had seemed that with the combination with his dark side, he had not only gained his courage but also his anger and rage.

"This is my ship, it IS mine." Shaun sighed as he used his author powers to destroy all of the corruption on board and amplified his voice all over the ship. "The ship is back under control. All able combat personal please come to to main chamber and weapons systems center. Shaun said all across the ship, everyone started to cheer and celebrate their victory over the corruption. Everyone was free of the evil and most of the combat troops on the ship were heading to the two battle areas.

When everyone noticed Shaun talking he was already gone from the area and the troops began filling in.
Though Dillon could hear a voice still.
"Take it if you will. it only holds a small portion of the power of the original ... and usually evil weapons kill their owner. So good luck with that."

Team Devil Tomoya

With everyone attacking Devil Tomoya, he began to weaken to an amount where the humanoid part was bleeding all over, though the corruption part was still regenerating. Tomoya had retrieved his old weapons from Riki and was battling as well but was in a bad shape.

Shaun was already behind Tomoya and was smiling.
Poking his back the previous archangel turned around.
"What the hell!" He said smiling, in the background Riki and Kud were supporting the others and smiled with great delight when they saw the Author come out of nowhere.

"I believe you know how to use it." Shaun smiled as he handed Tomoya a VERY familiar weapon.

"Excalibur ... how?" Tomoya said in surprise whilst everyone behind him was still battling Devil Tomoya. "It's a fake I made with my powers, it had some of the power though I suggest you use it with everyone else's help." Shaun smiled as he held onto the sheath of Excalibur (Which was the one from Fate/Stay Night).

Tomoya's wounds were already healed too as he turned back to everyone.

I don't care about what any of you say, but it is time to end this!

He had a devilish smirk on his face as the blade he held started to shine brightly.

"I'll take that stone back thank you very much." Tomoya said to the Devil Tomoya who only could blurt out a weird language.

"The ship is back under control. All able combat personal please come to to main chamber and weapons systems center. "

"I don't care about what any of you say, but it is time to end this!"

Fionn was dumbstruck at what he just witnessed. All of the carnage, all of the evil that permeuated the ship, just undone instantly? And then came Tomoya's attempts at ordering around the group. Was he really just going to command everyone after letting all of this happen?! He walked over over to the "Angel" and his creator and asked him one question, Ignoring the fight for the time being. "So let me get this straight, you can just instantly purge the entire ship of this corruption, magically conjure items out of nowhere, and the only reason you didn't do it before is because?......." Fionn was on the verge of snapping at this point, despite the author's development he could see Fionn shouldn't be treated lightly at this point.

The Author and the previous Archangel (He's human again since Devil Tomoya has all of his power) looked at each other with confused faces.
The two shrugged at the same time.
"Don't look at me. I was just released from torment, that shadow guy is really a bad host ... "
Tomoya sighed as he just remembered all of his time as a vessel.

"For me ... hmm. Well I was just dealing with some mental issues and I had to fight my evil self to gain back my courage and other parts of me. Shaun laughed before turning his attention to Devil Tomoya. "As an author I do have control over my characters and creations but we are bound by rules. Fortunately
the two things I just did are acceptable due to this 'climax'
" Shaun said as he emoted with his hands.

Devil Tomoya spotted the three and spat out some more language they could not recognize and swung one of his few arms. The three easily evaded. "You guys would be REALLY lame heroes if you didn't battle the boss here right now. Isn't that the more importan-" Shaun said but was interrupted by an attack, luckily Tomoya managed to put himself in-between the two.

Tomoya punched the body of the Devil as few times before he jumped away. When he came back it looked like he way annoyed.
"Shaun ... did you make me do that?"
"Uh, maybe." Shaun smiled but was punched in the stomach lightly.

The two started to fight whilst yelling things like "You were not inside that thing!" and "Well least you didn't have to face yourself. From Fionn's point of view it looked like this.

The two stopped quickly to take notice of Devil Tomoya.
"Yeah ... we really should take care of that thing. I want to see my family after this."
"Can I come?"
"Sure ... why not. Just don't try my mother-in-law's bread."
"I already know that."
The two laughed, but Shaun pulled out his katana which had green lightning surrounding it.

Both Tomoya and Shaun looked at Fionn.
"So ..."
"can we finally kill this thing!?" Shaun said with an annoyed look.

"Don't look at me. I was just released from torment, that shadow guy is really a bad host ... "
"For me ... hmm. Well I was just dealing with some mental issues and I had to fight my evil self to gain back my courage and other parts of me. "As an author I do have control over my characters and creations but we are bound by rules. Fortunately the two things I just did are acceptable due to this 'climax'"

"Some Mental issues!?" That was enough to trigger all of this!? The Preacher's death, the destruction of New York, all those innocent people thoughtlessly killed, everyone who suffered and died at the hands of this monster. AND THEY ARE LAUGHING IT OFF!? Fionn just couldn't understand even remotely how casually they were dealing with all of this.

"You guys would be REALLY lame heroes if you didn't battle the boss here right now....."

"I don't believe this. After all that has happne-"....Then Tomoya and Shaun started fighting. This immature display was the straw that broke the camel's back, Fionn had finally had enough of the stupidity and insanity he was witnessing. "After all that has happened here, and THIS!" He punched the ground with sufficient force to knock everyone off their feet. "IS HOW THEY TREAT IT! LIKE IT'S A FUCKING JOKE!" He punched the ground again,an aura of different elements began to appear around him, as his sanity slipped, his control over his arcane powers followed suit. Now his composure was gone. For the first time since arriving in this world. Fionn was PISSED.

The two turned to see the enraged Gun Mage, now staring at the two with burning contempt. At this point Fionn barely even noticed the devil Tomoya.

"So ..."
"can we finally kill this thing!?"

"You know what, you're right." He nodded slightly and walked over to the two, "I even have an attack strategy that can't fail!"

"About time, so wh-" Fionn delivered an Uppercut to Tomoya's jaw with sufficient force to send him into his ceiling, his head now stuck there. He then turned to the Author, now with a smile on his face. "That's a nice sword there, I know exactly how you can wield it." Fionn grabbed the author by his legs, fashioning him into a baseball bat before charging at Devil Tomoya.

And cue music.

Devil Tomoya could only respond with one line at what he was seeing before Fionn interrupted him. ".......What in the name of Go-" "BATTER UP." Fionn swung at DT, whacking him with sufficient force to send him flying into the wall. As he attempted to retaliate, Fionn hit him again with his new 'weapon', sending the Dark Angel into another wall. He then held the author like a musket, the lighting katana acting as a bayonet. "Charge!" He ran at Devil Tomoya, stabbing him and hurling him over to the ground behind him.

"Well that was cathartic, now then." Fionn set the Author down, and pulled out his sabre. Now the energy from each spell he had left was being channeled into it, causing to warp to an insane degree. His gauntlet now glowed bright orange as well, crimson lightning arcing across it. "For my last trick." He held the blade with both hands, raising it over his head. The blade was not only charging with just his spells, but his rage.


After being lit up like a massive lighting rod during the middle of his attack, Rugal was soon revived by Slindis's efforts as Fionn and others fought off the monster.
The Lay on Hands helped to undo most of the damage, the drow seeing the huge blast wound around Rugal's right eye scab over and heal extremely quickly, bring him back to conciseness as he did.
Quickly attempting to stand, emphasis on attempting, He groaned "...That...was new...." as he realized he was blind again.
"Slindis, go! I'll live, but that thing can't be allowed to!" He said as he motioned her to move.

The Demon meanwhile was ripe for the finish, another few well placed attacks would see it off.

Team Demon Shaun

As the others ran to where they were going to be, Davon looked at Melethia and put a hand on her shoulder. "Fuck what Shaun said: Let's make sure this ship knows that pissing off the poeple here was the worst thing they could have done."

Team Devil Tomoya

Slindis had huge problems with what Fionn had done, but it was time to finish this. "God, Devil, it doesn't matter what you are. You will still reap what you have sown, and you've only yourself to thank for this."

Even though Rugal didn't have his eyes any more, he could see the massive amount of Ki radiating from Slindis as she brushed her left arm with her right hand before slamming the ground in a massive punch. Shortly after, she leapt in on the stunned Tomoya to deliver some of the most powerful blows she'd ever delivered.

Slindis is using her Grandmaster of Flowers finisher: Everything is Nothing! Slindis slams the ground with her fist to create massive shockwaves, paralyzing enemies in a wide radius for 6 seconds and dealing 1000 points of damage. Extremely strong willed enemies can reduce the frozen time period, but they still take the damage. Cost: 50 Ki.

Total damage including her full ten hit flurry of fists: 1,333

"You're not done yet? It seems you're quite tenacious." As she got ready for another flurry of blows, Caim's attention was drawn to Tajuh blurring like there was two of him there, and before Tomoya had the time to even process what had happened from the last combo, he suffered an insane amount of slices in a single second.

It's been far too long since I last used that... Still, the archangel's on his last legs

Team Shaun - A few minutes ago....

With Shaun ultimately disappearing as he did, Angelus looked around and gave a nod of satisfaction; and then looked to the little group; "I'm going to help get rid of Tomoya. Gods knows that fool needs me. I trust all of you will all will be well? Come or go as you please, but keep your ears open in case anything funny happens."

After hearing confrimations from whomever cared to give them, the dragon gave the group a tired smile, and ran off....

As she left, Teri looked back to her comrade and said, "You know, I never thanked you for poofing in the gear. I know Shaun didn't do it, so it had to be you... Thanks, Devon. You really helped out there."

Giving Devon a smile, Teri hid the fact that she was actually quite worried about her fellow Author. He looked... Off, somehow; and she couldn't put her finger on it. She'd have to keep an eye on him, just in case something went terribly wrong...

Team Tomoya

After Fionn's outburst, Slindis's wave of energy and Tajuhs' swarm of slices; Caim and the kids remembered that they were in on this battle (as well as collecting their jaws from the floor), and resumed their attack on the Dark half of Tomoya, Caim following close in tandem with them. Ton Ton must have picked up a trick or two watching the Swordsman (or seeing memories of him in Cadolbolg's mind, whichever), as he was switching between hopping on and off Cadolbolg as he got minute stabs in on the Dark Angel, giving Caim enough time to get a slash in; as well as the occasional fire blast from Cadolbolg. However, one of the arms on Dark Tomoya's back wised up to the trick, grabbing the Cuties in mid-air and throwing them hard against the floor; inciting a cry of pain from both of the Cuties as the dark arms started trying to crush them against said floor. As a caged animal, the Dark Tomoya was willing to pull out any stops before being wiped from existence.

The warrior, feeling his rage rise in him again, was about to ready his blade to strike; but felt himself thrown back by another extra hand shoving him back with an equal amount of force in the gut. Rage had left him open; and he had paid for it in that moment. Skidding on the floor; Caim silently groaned as he got up; and felt a familiar voice in his mind as he did so;

"Haven't I told you before? You always leave yourself open when you get angry."

Caim whirled around in confusion, and saw his pact partner advancing towards him. Before he could even comment on how she got there, a pained voice filled the air,

"E-e-ever-yone's... G-grudge!"

and a multitude of dark shadows began whirling around Dark Tomoya; piercing him and inciting an unholy scream from that thing. However, unlike the other instances of the attack being used, the shadows kept going and they didn't look like they were going to be ending any time soon. With a smile to Angelus, the dragon already knew what he was thinking. With a wave of one hand, fire began coating the blade, the other with a steadily increasing flame; and the duo began to charge; calling Cadolbolg to arms as they did. And as they charged, Cadolbolg took to the air; Ton Ton's technique unbinding the both of them, and breathed deep; pooling the reservoir of his energies into this one blast... Now to time it for-

Caim and Angelus reached their goal, pushing their blade/flames forward in an ingenious fusion of fire and blade; sending a sonic blast coated in dragonfire straight through the Demon like a knife through butter. Taking a step back from what Angelus and Cadolbolg had planned after that, Caim watched as his 'son' and his pact partner unleashed a baptism of fire on the creature; Angelus' stored magical energies from the fight with Shaun melding with the blast that Cadolbolg had built up waiting for the duo to arrive.

However, even when the flames died, and the screams continued (you know, Karma was still coming back like a bitch at that moment), Caim couldn't help but contemplate what was keeping the dark creature alive...

Team Tomoya

As the others made their attacks, Fionn was channeling every spell he had into his blade. The warpings and elemental distortions became more erratic, the sabre now disrupting reality around it. He then looked at the pinned Devil. "Well isn't that considerate?", he couldn't help but laugh at this, Devil Tomoya now crippled by the same style of attacks he used.

He closed in, lifting the blade over his head, the various energies now surging around the blade, it looked like a fight between explosions, a thunder storm and a blizzard. "I'd usually have a witty line at this point, but I'll let this speak for itself." Fionn then struck down with the force of a train.

Elemental Chaos.

Giant Icicles, and flame pillars all erupted from the ground as the attack landed with crimson lightning striking down on the demon. Every possible spell effect he had hit the Devil at full strength, but Fionn wasn't finished. With his last attack, he channeled his rage into the still charged blade.

Chaos Blade.

Team Shaun

Unable to get an answer from Luptio, Hadrian coughed into his hand, gaining the attention of the remaining group members. He gave them a tiny wave and a forced grin.

"Yes, hello, guy-who-just-plopped-straight-out-of-nowhere-and-into-another-batshit-insane-conflict here," He (re)introduced himself to them awkwardly. "So mind telling me what that was all about? This is the third time this happened to me already." 'I swear, I keep on getting tossed from mysterious portal to mysterious portal like a goddamn ragdoll.'

He hoped that whatever cosmic being that was pulling these shenanigans would knock it off already. He had already lost two good suits because of this crap.


The so-called "cosmic-being" looked at tablet screen, wearing a smug grin on his face.

"It sure feels good to be back in the RP again, huh Hadrian?" He leaned back in his chair, and took a sip from his coffee. He let out a satisfied sigh. "Damn, that is a great cup of joe."

Team Shaun

Lupito responded to Hadrian in Lupan, showing that although he couldn't speak other languages, he understood them. "Large attack on those humans living here by another race, from what the Scarlet Paladin let me know. My apologies for not being able to describe more, but Garm and I only got through here a relatively short time ago."

Oh, now the Healbitch notices that you were trying to do more than beat your meat off in the corner with the fucking puppies and the little girl, you sack of shit. Still doesn't help much, though, but then again, shit can only make shit. Am I right, or am I right? Mot to mention the fucking Furry over there as well. Hey, maybe you two can go and find some more ways to fuck shit up? That's all you're good for, after all.

Devon turned to Teri and for a brief glimpse, the Cleric could feel the edges of something off about the man. His actions seemed practiced, almost a bit too natural as he tried giving some help to the young elven girl dismantling the electronics of the Black Hole Gun again.

"Hey, I did what I could. Can't ask for much more, can ya?" He faked a generally warm laugh, and the only thing off about it was how it felt too natural...

Team Shaun

Hadrian just sighed, and chose to speak in Lupan for the sake of privacy. "Well, I suppose that will suffice. I usually get nothing but the bare-bones of things like this anyway." Hadrian resignedly said.

He glanced to the side at Devon and Teri, examining them. When Devon laughed, Hadrian felt the hairs on his neck bristle. Being the Head Interrogator of the Guardians, he had to deal with many different people. Something about the young man was ringing a lot of these familiar bells in his head. It felt like he was hiding something, or rather, trying to hold something back. But then again, he hasn't been doing a lot of that interrogative work lately, so he may be just a bit off with his assessment. Still... "Well, how about those two over there? Anything you can tell me about them?"

Team Shaun

Lupito looked Hadrian over again before responding. "The Female is some kind of divine magic user, aided in her training by my Alpha, the Scarlet Paladin. The male there, he's a bit odd to place. My Alpha did ask me to keep an eye on him and the youngest pup here with the green hair, but something feels off about him. I can not place exactly what it is, though. At the very least, he does seem truly concerned for everyone here. Does something about him concern you?"

Team Shaun

Hadrian grunted. "There is something about him that does feel rather strange. However, I have yet to actually speak with him, so I can't say for sure." He rolled an arm and stretched his back. "I was going to introduce myself to them sooner or later anyway. Might as well do it now."

Hadrian walked over to Teri and Devon, looking down at the piece of machinery they were tinkering with. He crouched down by them to get a closer look. "If you don't mind me asking, what is that you two are working on, hm?"

Team Shaun

And now the overgrown furball wants to help you fuck things up more, does he? It's better if he leaves that job to someone that knows it. Although there's always the chance that you could fuck up fucking something up, shitheel.

Managing to ignore the increasingly bold voice in his head, our Bard in a pale green suit looked up at Hadrian. "We're trying to mess up the gun here so that way, it can't be used again. I don't care too much about that 'happy ending' Shaun was going on about. After all, was he there to see New York City get nuked and assaulted with a Rage Virus? Was he there to see DC get slaughtered? Excuse me for being blunt, but that shit isn't going to happen again if I can do anything about it." He made sure to let only the right amount of anger come through. However, to those that were already focused on the man, they could still feel something that was slightly off, much like the feeling when a room was completely silent.

Besides, that Dingo-humper is really fucking entitled, isn't he? 'This is my happy ending'? He can go suck that Healbitch's cock! 'Oh Waah, I suffered, so you can all have to bow down to my wishes and praise me like a god.' Smarmy little dickwaffle. Like everything in this FUCKING universe revolves around that little convict!

Shaun and Tomoya.
Location: Blackhawke | Central Chamber.

From all the impact Shaun stood up and quickly with a huge amount of damages.
"Glad I disabled the pain option." Shaun huffed and puffed until the injuries were gone once more. "Okay, I am tired of this shit and I want to go home!" Shaun said loudly as he summoned his sword once more, except the green lightning was growing more and more.

Then he noticed Tomoya in the ceiling, Shaun made a pulling motion and in a second the former Archangel was lowered to the ground with his arms crossed. "That wasn't needed ... who is that guy anyway?" Tomoya asked Shaun who only shrugged. "I'm sure one of the others will take care of it." Shaun said whilst nodding and looked at Tomoya.

"Ready to finish this?"
"Finally, I really want to go home. I'm tired of all of this and these people that think they are heroes."

The two said as they raised their swords in the air. Shaun's Lightning Master (His katana) lit the room up with a green aura and Tomoya's Excalibur added a low golden light.

By the blade of our bones we have protected and served this world.
With all of our power, we end this battle.
So that everyone may live another day.
To only do good.
Holy Lightning, DESTRUCTION!

The two yelled out.
A the power of their blades fused and a turquoise beam emerged and with the other's attacks, the being known as Devil Tomoya did not exist anymore, only leaving the Stone Of Light behind.

The room was quiet.
"I feel like ramen."
"I know a place in my town."

The two started to talk and enjoy themselves much more.
Everything WAS quiet until the remains of the Angel combat force entered the room. Noting the quietness and Tomoya they saluted before cheering. In the midst of the cheering Storm walked to the Stone and picked it up, feeling that the origin of it was not gone but reborn.

A smiled was left on Storm's face as he remembered his best friend who was just defeated.
"Ahhh, he'll be back and I guess I ca take care of this ship." He said with a smug tone as he walked. "Don't you dare ..." Alpha could only say, this dampened Storm's mood as he reached Riki & Kud. "It doesn't have the power it use to have, but I'm sure he would of wanted you guys to have it." He said as he walked away and met the remains of the Angel combat core.

"Okay you 'not-so-sore' losers, gather everyone in the hanger we are going to kick them off our ship!" He ordered the Angels who agreed immediately.

Meanwhile, the young couple Riki & Kud were sitting down by the wall near the main door to the chamber.
"Ah, finally, it is over." Riki said with a satisfied but tired look.
"Hehe, but what are we going to do now?" Kud giggled and offered a question.
"I don't know. We can either ask Shaun for a way to go home or stay here."
"We should stay here for a while, it would be nice to talk to these funny people and have adventures" Kud only said with a bright smile, which Riki could not talk against.

The Seven Archangels + The wind archangel Goenitz had arrived in hanger waiting for everyone.

Blackhawke - Hangar

Tajuh was the first to get in the Hangar and began quickly making his way to his machine, which had been untouched thanks to the AI within ensuring nothing besides those that had been designated as friendlies came within 30 feet of it. Besides, he knew all too well how this song and dance went with the Archangels - Blame game on the 'idiotic mortals', token punishment, and no real changes. At this point, he honestly didn't have the time or patience to bother talking to them, and he hardly looked at them as he got into the cockpit. Better check into where he's going to have me be next. This is a trouble spot, but things look like they'll be a good bit more stable for the time being. I just hope they keep that Dillon away from the captain's seat. A good warrior does not always make a good leader, after all.

Devon and Melethia were to follow shortly after, and the young elf was quite satisfied with the small presents she left in the firing systems of the Black Hole Gun. All the other Kinslayers in here really did make her mad with the way they held themselves, and she put a hand on Lupito's coat to keep herself from doing anything drastic.

Devon looked at the Angels with a great deal of indifference. He already knew that none of them would likely have a high opinion of the man. Fuck these guys. If they're anything like how immortals are depicted, they'll find a fuckton of ways to insult us all while implying it was our fault. And if they really want to start throwing that out there, they can all eat shit!

Slindis made her way as well, and the Ki trailing from her would be more than enough for Rugal to follow. SHe kept a stern eye on the group, wanting to make sure that the Archangels would see that Tomoya would have to redeem himself in some way after this. After all, they honestly wouldn't have the gall to say that his hands were completely clean, would they? However, the fact that chosen holders of the stone of light were held to much looser standards when they actually got the stone was enough cause for concern. Just this once, try not to be hypocritical. The man single-handedly killed countless innocents, after all. Forgiving him after a simple 'sorry, it was an evil part of me' would be naive! There was also the matter of the man that had entered during the fight, and she motioned Teri over to see if she knew of him.

Blackhawke - Hangar

Teri wandered over to her Master, giving a light 'see you later' to Devon and Melethia as she did so. Naturally, Garm followed close behind the Cleric as she did so; and she gave a tired nod to the Paladin. Her weariness showing on her face, the Cleric did her best to smile; but it was certainly lacking. Regardless, with the healing Aura up and running, Slindis could already feel bits and pieces of minor wounds closing by being near the Cleric. However, it was good to see both of the ones she regarded as parents alive... Wait.... What was wrong with Rugal?

Thus, the exchange of tales began between the Paladin and her student; each explain their own labors whilst separated.

In the meantime, Caim and Angelus had a Cutie to each of them, Cadolbolg resting on Caim's shoulder and Ton Ton in the crook of one of Angelus's arms. The little tykes were worn out from the recent battle, and the duo were more than happy to oblige the children. Now, were it not for being generally worn out and the aforementioned Cuties; Caim would have been raging about the calm turn of events.

"Dark side or not, its all Tomoya. The bastard turned against us, and should pay for it."

"Funny, we dealt with the same sort of enemy on the Author's end..."

"You're kidding..."

The dragoness shook her head as she silently retailed what had occurred on her end of the events. The warrior only shook his head solemnly as they proceeded on to their (now shared) mech. It had indeed been a long day.

Blackhawke - Hangar

Slindis put a hand on her student's shoulder as she awaited the first words of the archangels there with morethan a bit of skepticism.


As the group moved to leave the near ruined BlackHawke, Goenitz was looking around the hanger at the hundreds of dead bodies of Angels, shaking his head as Tomoya and the Rising Dawn appeared.
"HEY! TOMOYA! COMO ESTA? How are you doing?!" He shouted in a friendly tone as he neared the Lighting Angel and his group.

Then socked him in the mouth.
"Ah! What the he-"
"That does not need explaining. If it wasn't me, it'd just be someone or somethingthing more pissed with you then I was."
Turning to face the other Arch Angels he then said "As for the rest of you, Take a Bow....", leading to a confused air among everyone in the room.
"Come on, don't be shy, take a bow, Almighty Arch Angels..." He said as he motioned for them to bow.
Despite the confused looked, they complied.
"Good...All of you have entered the realms of history as the some of the best we ever had....
...Also, for allowing the most Monumental of Cock ups in the HISTORY of our kind to occur. Take a Bow, All of you! And before you think I'm letting myself get off the hook!"
He said before he took a bow as well before the Rising Dawn.
"...Now tell me...Why are we bowing?...Because this mismatched group of Heroes...And Villains, Managed to do a better job at sorting this mess out then ALL OF US put together!...Let that sink in for a moment..."
The Other Angels cringed as Goenitz went into another one of his speeches.

"What that means is: We. Have. FAILED!...Greatest of our Lords Servants and we failed. And don't go blaming the whole "Never take arms against each other" Rule, Law or whatever it is these days. We all dropped the ball and over a billion people got killed. Is that what it takes to get your head out of your collective asses? That bit with Red Mage, "Oh well, we'll let Tomoya Handle it!" That time with that mad Author and Nazi's, "Relax, Tomoya has it covered." And look where our complacency got us...Bowing before a group of mortals who actually know how to sort things out....

Clearly not keen of Goenitz's trash talk, The other angels started to stand up.
"Hit your fucking asses down, I'm not done yet..."
Turning to the Disgraced Angel, he said "Tomoya Okazaki. You are stripped of your Power, Rank, Everything. You will then be tried for the events that occurred here today, provided the rest of these morons bother to show up! Maybe...You could kill ANOTHER Billion people in the Hearing? Maybe then we might get something done!
....You were one of the best we had, so who could have thought that you of all Angels could do this...
Get him out of here..."

Tomoya was then taken aside as Goenitz returned his attention to the other Arch Angels.
"Right, now before we get to the business of cleaning up OUR mess and explaining to the Boss how the hell this happened, I want all of you to follow my lead..."
Bowing again before the Heroes, he stated "I, Leopold Goenitz of the Heavenly Wind, Apologize for the events that occurred this day. You do not need to forgive, for it was I that Sinned, not you. Though my Fault, Though my Fault, Though my most grievous Fault. Know that I will spend the rest of my days humbly seeking your forgiveness and I will swear on all I hold dear that this will not be allowed to happen again."

Turning to his brothers, he said "Now...Act like the beings you claim to be and ask for forgiveness, not from God.
But from the people you've Failed..."

He then went on to make everyone of his Angel Brothers apologize in the same manner he did, even if he had to twist their ears in order to get them to do.
It was then Tomoya's turn to apologize for what he had done.

"Okay you 'not-so-sore' losers, gather everyone in the hanger we are going to kick them off our ship!"

As the Angels ushered the group to the hangar, those of them unlucky enough to move Fionn grudgingly turned to face him. The Magus looked calmer now, but to those who could sense energies, there was a sense of wrongness from him. It wasn;t evil, but something that unnerved them. They has also seen his handiwork across the ship, seeing how creative he could be. Knowing the actions they had committed, they nervously approached him.

"Um Sir? Our bosses have arrived in the hangar, could you please come with us to meet them?" As Fionn turned to respond, the angels flinched. He slightly nodded "...Yeah, I could do with a laugh at this point". He began to stroll over to the door, picking up his sack of Angel feathers. He turned to the Angel talked to him and threw the sack over to him "Here, carry this for me will you?" The angel agreed to avoid any more unnecessary violence.

As he walked to the Hangar, he saw Rugal struggling to walk. Fionn sighed and offered him his arm. "Here, lets get you over to a seat." As they entered the hangar, Fionn pointed to a spot just to the side of the meeting for the angel to drop the sack. He helped Rugal sit on the sack and then dragged a second one from a hatch in the wall. "Um, how many of these sacks did yo-" "Sssh, speech is starting!" Fionn sat down and crossed his legs.

"I, Leopold Goenitz of the Heavenly Wind, Apologize for the events that occurred this day. You do not need to forgive, for it was I that Sinned, not you. Though my Fault, Though my Fault, Though my most grievous Fault. Know that I will spend the rest of my days humbly seeking your forgiveness and I will swear on all I hold dear that this will not be allowed to happen again."

"Now...Act like the beings you claim to be and ask for forgiveness, not from God.
But from the people you've Failed..."

He leaned over to Rugal as Goenitz finished "I love the passion in his performance".

After the grand performance was over all he could hear was the patter of running footsteps, right before a powerful round house kick knocked him to the ground and a strong confident yet feminine voice followed it. "You cocky idiot, you had no right to do that!" A woman yelled out as she stood over the wind archangel.

She was Uriel, the Archangel of Earth.
"I apologize how this worm was acting, but I apologize more for how we were not in control of this mess. I won't make an excuse but I do believe that we should make this right!" She yelled out with her strong voice and bowed with her back at almost 90 degrees.

"Now you two, Get your asses over here!" Uriel yelled and a familiar archangel stepped out with another man.

The Archangel of fire, Michael and the Archangel of Water, Raphael.
"Now ..."
"We're sorry"
"We're sorry" They both said at the same time with sad voices and faces aimed at the ground, it was obvious that they did not mean it, but they were sad that they were lectured by Uriel before this.

Another Archangel stepped up with a sad face on him as well. It was the Archangel of Darkness, Selaphiel.

"Please forgive me and my brothers, I hate to admit it but I was currently engaged ... no, captured in Hell to do some research, I know it sounds like a crap excuse but please still forgive me." He clapped together his hands and bowed in a formal like sense.

Then a much more calmer girl stepped up with no emotion at all on her face. It was the Archangel of Mind & Death, Jegudiel.

"I am sorry ... for my actions" She said in a calm, short manner before bowing.

A shorter guy came up, he looked like a boy. It was the Archangel of Metal, Gabriel.

"I, I .... I am deeply sorry for everything!" He yelled whilst bowing, for anyone with good eyesight they could tell he had been crying from his red eyes. Gabriel was usually the cheery one with number seven, but this time he felt deeply guilty for this whole thing. The had loved humanity ever since it's existence."

More tears were coming from the boy but were stopped by the last and final Archangel behind him who wore a hood.
The hood was quickly torn off to reveal a familiar person who just looked like Tomoya.

"And I am Barachiel, The TRUE Archangel of Lightning. And I thank not just you, but all of humanity for freeing me from my dark bonds whom this young gentleman linked me to. Though no matter what any of you think, I am guiding him back to his real home. He does not belong here just like most of you, and he had been here the longest ... I felt his sadness for his family. So ... I will stop anyone who tries to harm him!" Barachiel said with killing intent in his eyes.

Behind him though, remained the last person. Tomoya, he was covered in darkness but it was clear he was sad and tearful.
Barachiel stretched out his hand, "Don't worry, I'll make sure you see them. Through death, hell and even the end itself." He said in the calmest tone.

Tomoya grabbed it like a child but remembered everything about when he was here. Getting stronger, defeating evil and making friends.

"Everyone, when I first came here all I wanted to do was leave, leave and return to my family. Though soon I had THIS position of power which I did not deserve, I stopped evil and most of all of made friends I love ... and enemies I mostly hate. Now I remember my true goal, which is to return to my family which I have fought tooth and nail for. So please ... pl-" Tomoya was interrupted by a single tear.

"Please forgive me and let me return home to them!"

He said while finally busted into tear. Shaun was behind them and wore his mask, which only masked his tears of the time he watched Clannad.

"Everyone, when I first came here all I wanted to do was leave, leave and return to my family. Though soon I had THIS position of power which I did not deserve, I stopped evil and most of all of made friends I love ... and enemies I mostly hate. Now I remember my true goal, which is to return to my family which I have fought tooth and nail for. So please ... pl-" Tomoya was interrupted by a single tear.

"Please forgive me and let me return home to them!"

He said while finally busted into tears.

The Cleric watched this spectacle silently by her teacher's side, and with similar silence walked towards the group of Angels, feeling quite nervous on account of two simple facts: 1) The Archangels were gathered there at all, and 2) She didn't know if they could sense just how much contact she had been in with Lucifer; if at all. Regardless, her words were for the former Lightning Archangel, not the ones gathered there. As she approached, the gathered Angels could feel a warm, and calming feeling wash over them, on account of the Aura the Cleric gave off. If anything, she was projecting that she had no violent intent for the Angel. Reaching her destination, Teri quietly handed Tomoya her tablet, engaged silent mode, and pointed to the screen:

Taking the Tablet back just as she gave it, the girl wandered back to her Master (who could see that she was shaking upon her return), and nervously patted Garm; the exercise having it's usual calming effect.

As for the pact partners, the spectacle was taken in with pleasant surprise. After all, they didn't expect the gathering to happen at all; much less with a trial for the former Lightning Archangel. On top of that, being bowed down to for their efforts was one hell of an ego boost (especially for Angelus). However, that still left the question as to what would happen to the Author as well as his creation....

Tajuh watched the proceedings in his machine with a bit of annoyance. He already knew that the Archangels, for the most part, were indifferent to this or wanted to defend their own and there was a very high chance that the only real retribution Tomoya would face is the guilt he had for all the lives lost. Besides, he knew from the Tokyo-3 incident that would be an extremely effective punishment.

Melethia tried to keep that hard glare on, but something about Gabriel's reaction drained the anger out of her. That and there was something about the man that seemed to resonate with her. She approached the extremely short man and put a hand on his arm and speaking to him in an unusually soft tone. "Mister... Please, just try ta make sure this kinda thing doesn't happen again from your end, okay? Just do that, please. It's all I ask..."She kept her head turned so the only ones that could see her quietly crying were her, him, and the Boss.

Slindis kept a extremely stern look on her as she addressed each archangel there, and they could tell from the powerful Aura of Good that she was an extremely experienced Paladin. "I understand that none of you could really tell who I am, and to be honest, I don't know if you do care. The main thing I want each and every one of you to get from this is that the standards you all hold yourselves to have to drastically improved. I saw the requirements for that stone in the temple, and you know what? From what I've seen, none of you can successfully claim to follow those standards, and for the most part, each and every one you presume yourselves flawless. I implore you to hold yourselves to the highest standards, because you're supposed to be the example for what people should strive to be! Yet the only ones that seem like they at least try to hold themselves to that standard are Uriel, Gabriel, and Goenitz." The one fact that was still hanging in the air was the fact that they knew relativey little about what the Drow had done before arriving here.

Devon remained silent as the voice began to rage through his head again. Oh, he just gets to walk away to his loving fucking family after all of this? Billions dead, and the Bugzapper gets to go home to his mom, dad, and the smoking hot chick waiting for him? In a few weeks it's all gonna be A-Okay, then? FUCK HIM! FUCK THESE WASTES OF ETHER! IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT! HOW THE FUCK DOES HE GET OFF SO EASILY, HUH?! HOW!? HOW!? HOW THE HELL DOES HE GET TO HAVE A LOVING FAMILY WHEN SOME OF US ARE LEFT WITH ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING!

On the outside, though, he appeared perfectly calm even if he was a bit worn out, though. For a brief moment, though, Teri focused on her fellow Author and saw the unadulterated fury seething within him, and Jegudiel could fully see what the young man was concealing, although it seemed as though she would keep it to herself.

"I understand that none of you could really tell who I am, and to be honest, I don't know if you do care. The main thing I want each and every one of you to get from this is that the standards you all hold yourselves to have to drastically improved. I saw the requirements for that stone in the temple, and you know what? From what I've seen, none of you can successfully claim to follow those standards, and for the most part, each and every one you presume yourselves flawless. I implore you to hold yourselves to the highest standards, because you're supposed to be the example for what people should strive to be! Yet the only ones that seem like they at least try to hold themselves to that standard are Uriel, Gabriel, and Goenitz."

Fionn placed his left hand on Slindis's shoulder. "That was well put, let me take it from here." Slindis could see the sincerity in his face, she was one of the few who respected him and The Preacher. As she walked to the side, Fionn faced Barachiel, making it no secret by his expressions the sheer contempt he held for all of them, except for Goenitz. He began to address the whole group.

"Excellent speeches my cherubic friends. Clearly you've all studied public speaking, you all obviously love your voices so much." Turned his eyes at Barachiel "I'm aware after all of this lip service you're giving us you want to whisk away the mass murderers from any genuine punishment, shall I break out the world's smallest violin for him and his family? I've noticed no words for families that have been thoughtlessly slaughtered in all of this, what will be done for them? The knowledge that the man responsible can now suffer the burden of being a family man? It seems to be that the question isn't if Tomoya should be allowed to return to society after all he has done, rather its whether or not anyone who has done this can be let back into society? After all, I'm sure you've had no problem destroying, exiling or killing other Villains for far less."

He looked at Tomoya. "If it were up to me," he pulled out Sandy, "I'd put a shell between your eyes and hope you consider yourself lucky. But, in light of what a great man taught me." He holstered the weapon "I'll be the better man in all this". He then looked over the Arch-Angels again, "Tell me though, after this sorry excuse for remorse, I'm guessing you will all just go back to lording over your little kingdoms again? Safe in the knowledge that you have nothing to worry about if you screw up again?" He could tell Michael and Raphael didn't care.

He walked back over to where he placed the sack of angel feathers, picked one up, and tossed it at the two as he walked back. "As you can see, I've had no difficulty dealing with your forces. However, I heard that they instantly spring to heaven upon their deaths. So they, and you, can do what you feel like, and get away with it? No, see I don't like that. Where I come from, we have a far simpler and clear cut system; you do something bad, and you get a bounty on their head for their arrest or takedown, or either depend on the severity of their actions. I can tell some of you don't care about what we have to say here, so I'll be blunt."

He stepped directly in front of Barachiel, and delivered a punch with his left hand into the Arch-Angel's stomach, winding him. "You want to take Tomoya away? Fine, get rid of him. You consider an apology adequate remorse for your neglect? Fair enough, but if you ever let this happen again, or think for even a second you have a right to cross us" He leaned to speak directly into his ear. "I'll personally ensure that you all learn from your mistakes. Understood?"

Fionn then stood up straight, walked back to his original spt, and sat back down. "Anyone else have something to add?"


After the Heroes had their say in the end result of this entire mess, Goenitz pulled Barachiel after Fionn had struck him, keen to avoid another pointless war, his nose still bloodied after being kicked in the face.
"Right, EVERYONE, Get that man to a cell and everyone else start cleaning this mess up! Especially the men this "Angel" used to command, I want them to witness what they have brought on the world and I want them to fix it dammit!" He ordered as he made sure his kin backed off, dragging Tomoya in tow with them.

Wiping his nose on his sleeve, he looked back to the group and said "...I Will ensure that this never happens again....I know what you think...Yeah, most of our kind think they are better, that they are flawless. Just know this. I wasn't always an Arch Angel, I was human once and as such, I completely understand. I don't want my planet ruined either and I thank you all for your efforts..."

It was then he glanced over to Rugal who nodded off during the speeches, clearly his wounding took a lot out of him.
"...Never thought he'd get this far though...Guess I really did underestimate him...

Thus he gave another bow before leaving with the other Arch Angels and Tomoya, the forces Micheal had brought in starting to pull out while repair efforts from Angels the world over took place
The world was safe again....
"PARTY AT THE BLUE DRAGON!" Shouted some pilots on the radio as the war ended and the after party began, transports already heading out back to the Space Station to celebrate.

Arc End

"PARTY AT THE BLUE DRAGON!" Shouted some pilots on the radio as the war ended and the after party began, transports already heading out back to the Space Station to celebrate.

Teri heaved a sigh at that sound, pleased that the war had finally ended. Though she wondered if the words she gave Tomoya would stick. Time would tell; was her best guess. Giving a glance at Devon, who was already being intercepted by Caim and Angelus; the Cleric then decided to turn her attentions to Rugal again. With what Slindis told her about him being blinded again, the girl couldn't help but wander over to where he sat.


The King of Fighters didn't need to even guess as to who wandered close to him. The Aura alone was a dead give-away; as well as the heavy padding of a wolf. As the Cleric approached, Rugal began feeling the soothing sensation of the healing effects of the Aura wash over him; and found himself greeted by a familiar mechanical voice:

"Hanging in there, sir? According to Ms. Slindis, Tomoya did a number on you; and I can see why... One second."

He heard chanting for a moment, and then the faintest of touches on his brow, taking away the pounding headache he was suffering:

Teri cast Cure Serious Wounds and heals 39 points of damage for Rugal!


Caim and Angelus had descended upon the bard when the Cleric wandered over to her 'father', and Caim clapped a hand on one of Devon's shoulders,

"Good that it's over now, eh? Now, I can't say I'm the most pleased with how everything turned out, but it is refreshing to see the Angels admit when they've screwed up... For once. Now, I'm owning up on that training I promised you... Tomorrow. Tonight is a time to relax..."


Stirring a little after around bout of white magic, Rugal was up and about again, albeit blind as a bat once again.
"Uhhhhh...Sorry, Seemed to dropped off for a moment there..." he said as he checked his face, while most of the whole "Skull getting zapped" thing was healed, there was still scabbing on his head, but he'd be fine within time.
"So we won I take it? And about time. Sorry I wasn't more help, bastard fought dirty. Well, but dirty." He added as he stood up, his body looking like it was just in a bomb blast.
"Where's the first ship back to the Station? I have a feeling that staying inside the badly damaged spaceship isn't a good idea..." He asked as he attempted to find a stick or something to help him not bump into whatever walls were still intact.

"Right....Where did I park that mech?..."

David West

Back on the Main Space Station, David was in the Medical bay following a freak episode of "Side Effects" caused by that Serum he took from Shadow.
Least he managed to take some Angels down with him.
He watched the withdrawal of Angel Forces on the Med Wing's TV and was glad to see it.
I'm sensing a lot of drinking tonight...


Once the battle was won, the massive tension that threatened the station before the battle was all but gone with everyone becoming Fire Forged Brothers by the end of it.
While some diehards believed they never should have let them on board, they kept to themselves and waited for the others to leave.


As they were part of the Rising Dawn and thus allowed on the Hagane, The Pokemon Couple quickly acted on a promise they made before the battle started.
Waltzing up to the bar counter, Blade said "2 Bottles of Sake, Extra Warm."
Odds were, by the time everyone else showed up, they would both be smashed.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Melethia

The rest of the odd family all met up as Slindis put her left hand on the man's shoulder. "The last time I checked, your machine was badly damaged. I'm sure that Tajuh isn't going to leave it here, so just follow me. I'll get us back to the ship, no problem." She nodded briefly, letting Teri know that she had this down.

Melethia looked up at the rest of her odd family and laughed. "Last one back buys the first round!" Right after that, she quickly got in the machine that had torn through the Angelic pilots in what had to be one of the most lopsided encounters seen in recent times.

Tajuh, Gilliam

As he made his way back to the Hagane, Tajuh reported back in to Gilliam. "Angels acted as you called with the exception of Goenitz. Brash, certainly, but the man does show some great potential there. The Bard's state is less to speak of, though. I'll be here another day or so, but the machines and personnel can be retrieved then. The Hagane should stay here, though."

Gilliam raised an eyebrow as he responded. "Leave it? You know about the difference in technology, Tajuh. How badly is it needed there?"

"Considering what might be stirring up here with the man I will inform you about when I get back to you, it may be sorely needed."

Caim's Murder Family and Devon

He looked over at Caim and nodded, putting on the air that he was extremely fatigued. "Yeah... tomorrow. Today's taken a lot out of all of us. Just wake me up there when you're ready to start, and I'll be ready." He got in the machine, and it was clear that Devon had not been used to that type of extended fight.

Fuck everyone on these ships... It's obvious that Shitlord of Static is going to get a slap on the wrist at most, and everyone else is gonna go home fucking skipping in joy to their fucking friends and family. And yet you didn't change a damn thing in the end, did you? Nope, you were just dead weight, a waste of oxygen, and it would've likely been done faster if you hadn't been there. Way to fuck it up,worm.

Blade/Jenny, Hiryu

One of the members of the crew brought up two large bottles of sake warmed to the right temperature as a message went to Hiryu stating that as long as the Striders kept their weapons sheathed and stayed out of the Hagane's Hangar, they were free to come aboard for some festivities.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Melethia

Rugal couldn't help but smile at that.
"Well, just so long as you aren't flying that thing afterwards!" He joked as he followed his "Family" of sorts to their Mechs.
"Oh Wait...Are they going to charge for Damages? Just I wreaked 2 mechs alone!" He realized, starting to count up the figures in his head as he entered the limited Passager space of Slindis's mech.

Blade/Jenny, Hiryu

Once the massage was sent, it was roughly a minute later before the Hagane's bar was packed with Striders, each one of them dropping their swords in a neat pile in what appeared to be a umbrella rack.


After the battle was won, Kazuya began to take the fastest route off the Station, with the amount of damage done to the earth's surface, odds are G-corp would once again have pieces to pick up and buildings to rebuild.
Thus, he headed to the teleporters and got dropped off in Tokyo.

Kazuya is now In-active


[quote="bluerocker" post="540.101127.16692549"]

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Melethia
Suddenly Rugal's mech had an incoming message.
It was a video message from Dillon who had been absent.
"Sorry to call so abruptly but I didn't think they'd have an extra mech for me so I had to make my own arrangements back to earth luckily after a hacking session I rigged this escape pod I'm in to shoot me into earth. I may handle the Vacuum of space but I'd rather not see if immune to burning up upon entry is one of my new body's traits.
Now then I'm heading to the Rising Dawn, you made your promise to save my family, time to see if that was true or not.
You can't convince me to wait, I'm using the Dawn to reach aperture, either meet me there or meet me inside the Rising Dawn.
I will admit to some extent I'm commandeering the ship so I apologize in advance."
Dillon suddenly looked around
"Oh well look at that I'm inside earth's atmosphere now going to have to activate the jets and find the Dawn.
I'm not asking for help form the others they didn't promise it, but I have your word.
Oh and Rugal,
If-if my family is saved, If I get them back with your help.
We're even, I won't hold a grudge or anything about what you did, and I'll keep your skeletons in the closet."

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Melethia

Teri too laughed at Melethia's and Rugal's words before climbing into the Oto-hime, sending a message over both mech's PM links before taking off;

"Thanks, but no, Mel. I don't really drink much."

Besides, there was too much to think/worry about without throwing alcohol into the mix. With whatever was going on with Devon, Rugal's injuries, as well as getting back in touch with Lucifer again; the Cleric felt that her plate was full enough as it were. Of course, to anyone else, she may have just looked like a party pooper.

The Slaughter-Burn Family and Devon

With a friendly wave and a nod from both pact partners, Devon heard, "Make sure to get some proper rest!" from one of them before the cockpit closed. Well, if anything, they cared about his physical state.

Barring that, the partners finally made their way to the flame motif-ed dragon mech; and settled themselves inside. With the fire imp gone; Caim found a welcome home in the support pod; making seating arrangements a little easier on the duo; especially with the kids in tow. However, it still proved to be a surprise when the group saw Ton Ton and Cadolbolg's mech get up on it's own and moved out with the group. Even with the knowledge of the Auto-Pilot, it was unnerving to see one of the mechs, and one of the biggest damage dealers at that, get up on it's own.

Regardless, travel to the Hagane proved to be without incident.

Rugal, Teri, Slindis, Melethia

Rugal sighed as he got Dillon's message.
"Dillon, I can't leave right now, in case you haven't noticed, I'm missing half of damn face!" He explained as they docked, his feed showing the scabbing and scarring on the right side of his face where his Bionic Eye blew up in his eye socket.
"While I can't be there in person, I'll see if there is anything I can send or some strings I can pull. Just we need time to rest, we just won a war less then 5 minutes ago! No one is ready to start another one just yet!" He added as Slindis's Mech docked in the Blue Dragon's hanger.

Sounds of Partying filled the hanger and someone even was playing music over the intercom as they exited their machines.
"Huh...Didn't seem to waste any time..." He thought as he heard the sounds of the after party.

Tomoya and the Seven Archangels + Goenitz.
Location: Heaven Court.

In the middle of the Heaven High Court was Tomoya Okazaki, he was trialed for massacre of humanity and for abusing his power as part-time Archangel. Tomoya pleaded that he was taken over by not just by his darker self but by a shadow demon created by the evil part of his author. The court awoke with yelling but was calmed down by Uriel giving everyone the angry eye.

Michael and Raphael were quiet.
Jegudiel and Selaphiel were unemotional as always and wanted to move on.
But Barachiel and Gabriel were on the edge of their seats as they hoped to prove Tomoya's innocence.

There wasn't a jury but a single man in white robes and a beard. Known as "The Son".
"Today we come here for the decision and trial of Tomoya Okazaki. I know he was bought here against his will and the decision has already been made to banish him from this version of the world" He said in a calming way before leaving into nothingness.

Raphael was annoyed and Michael shrugged.
Even Goenitz was nodding, agreeing with the decision and glad that he won't see Tomoya anymore.

Barachiel jumped down from the stand and walked to Tomoya.
"Ready to go?"
"Yeah, though I'll be leaving with Shaun." Tomoay said as the two left through a portal onto the Blackhawke.

Shaun, Storm, Tomoya, Barachiael, Riki and Kud.
Location: Blackhawke Hanger.

All the heroes were leaving to the Blue Dragon for their party.
In the meantime Storm had already began to plan the Blackhawke's plans to help rebuild the Earth.
"So once we're done finishing the rebuilding and revivals we need to remove their memories of this event. No one should remember such a thing!" He yelled over the large Angel crowd.

Once Barachiael arrived with Tomoya they had begun to salute.
"At east gentlemen, I am back to claim my ship and help rebuild humanity. So lets get ready to do so!" He ordered and soon everyone had gone back to their posts to prepare to rebuild the world. Storm sat there with his arms crossed and Riki & Kud to his side.

"So ..."
"I'm free, though all I want is to go home."

Shaun was on the side lines and had just finished a small portal ready for them to go home.
"And open!" He said in a happy tone as the portal opened.
Shaun walked back over to Tomoya and the two neared the portal.

"Sure you want to stay?"
"We're sure.", "We want to see what happens." The two both agreed.
"Okay then. You guys do have both our numbers."
The two nodded and backed away from the two.

Storm had went forward to meet the two and stretched his hand to Tomoya.
"Take care buddy." He said with a clear smile once he had taken of his helmet.
Tomoya smiled too and grabbed and shook his hand. "Oh yeah, do me a favor and take the Lightning Hawk off my hands, that ship should aid you guys. And you two, take my bike." Tomoya told the three still smiling.

The two slowly were being consumed by the portal.
"Take care you guys. Sorry for all we have done." Shaun stuck out his tongue.
"And remember, we will be watching." A smirk came from Tomoya.
The two turned around and walked through the portal together waving goodbye.

The portal closed and the two were gone.

The Author Shaun and Tomoya Okazaki have left the AA World

The spartan and the couple just simply looked at the Archangel of Lightning.
"Ahh, maybe I looked a little selfish back in that speech. Like I can help if I was inside him and saw everything" Barachiel sighed whilst the other three were confused.

Storm put on his helmet once more.
"What now sir?" Storm asked.
"Well I'm going to head back with my army after this. We have to rebuild as well, and I hear someone sabotaged my ship. Officially ... you are not part of the Blackhawke crew anymore." The Archangel said with a serious face, which only left Storm in shock.

"I understand." He said in a sad tone.
"Ahaha, don't fret Storm. You are still my unofficial Commander ... I do understand that you have work with this world." The Archangel said smiling.
The Spartan smiled within his helmet, he knows that he has to take over Tomoya's position now.

Saluting he grabbed the couple and ran onto the Lightning Hawk.

The two were still surprised.
"With that done. I'll let you guys off once we arrive on Earth. I'm going to help the Angels." He smiled as he started up the ship and it instantly flew outside.
Anyone could spot it on the Blue Dragon.
"A heroes work is never done ... especially after a disaster is avoided!" The spartan said with himself as he started to fly to Earth.

The Blackhawke on the other hand had already vanished from this universe.

Tomoya & Shaun.
Location: Tomoya's hometown AKA Hikarizaka.

It was summer in this world's Japan and the two companions were walking together.
"I'm tired and hungry ... are we there yet?"
"You know this is you fault right!?" Tomoya said annoyed.
Shaun had made a portal a mile away from Tomoya's home.

With that the two had summer clothes on and spoke Japanese.
"Also don't worry about a double or something. I made sure to combine you with him so you have all the memories since you were gone. Nagisa and Ushio will know that you have only went away to grab some groceries." Shaun said with a smug tone to only be hit lightly in his side.

"Ow ..."
"So thats why I have these." Tomoya said as he held up a plastic bag as the two reached the edge of town.

Another long walk and the two came to a very family apartment complex.

Were the two voices he can hear.
A smile popped up on his face with tears rolling down.
with a loud voice he cried ...

"I'm back!"

Storm, Riki and Kud
Location: Lightning Hawk | Rebuilt Newest New York.

Storm saw the two out of the ship. All three of them gazed around at the rebuilt city.
They were on a hill overlooking the city and it looked like that life was going normal in the world, even though the Angels were still rebuilding Asia. Least New York was fully repaired. The two smiled as they saw life bloom in the previously destroyed city.

Storm jumped out and opened the cargo bay from the outside.
Inside were an armor load which carried his armor. Storm only had his casual clothes on as he dragged out the bike which had previously belonged to Tomoya.

A clear name was imprinted on the side.

"Halo ... funny name of something that can destroy the world." Storm said with a smile as he remembered the adventure of Master Chief in his world. Storm's urge to go back to his world was also rising just like the dawning sun of New York. "What are you going to do now Storm-san?" Riki said clearly.

"Hah, I got rebuilding to do. Isn't that what Tomoya would want!" Storm said as he resealed the cargo bay and jumped onto the stairs leading into the ship. He grabbed a metal case and threw it at the two, which Kud easily caught in the air. Checking inside the two could see a sum of money.

"Wa ... wafu! This is a lot of money!"
"Don't you-"
"Nope, because I am ... A SURVIVOR!" He yelled in the sky as he got back in the Lightning Hawke and left the hill, leaving the two with a bike and a large sum of money.

"You think that everything is going to be okay now."
"Nope, only even more weird shit is going to happen now!" Storm said to his AI.

The ship left quickly, which left the two.
"I don't even know ... oh" Riki said as he found the helmets and a guide on how to ride a bike by Tomoya. After a short read on the green hill the two put on their helmets and slowly riding to New York where they needed to buy some new clothes.

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