The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Location - Shadow Realm: Annie, Yu, Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm

Devon gave a reassuring nod as the group began making their way down to the lower floor. "Good idea, Annie. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do, alright?" Devon was still catching her breath after the attack, a fact that wasn't helped with the bends in her glamered full plate. Said bends were slowly mending, but she'd feel them until they were fixed.

Ella certainly heard that phrasing, though, and she had some rather strong words of her own to put in."How about anything Devon SHOULDN'T be doing, since we both know she's going to end up doing stupid things even with the whole near-death thing." Although it wasn't too easy to tell, Ella was still far more angry with Devon's reckless tendencies.

"I appreciate the offer, Yu, but I really should keep up with everyone. After all, I can do more besides some single person healing; I can improve everyone offensively and defensively with even a little wind magic thrown as well. I would also hope that I can use a blade with how much I've trained with it." She certainly looked like hell from the aftermath of the attack, but she still wasn't going to take a knee even if she was a bit short of breath. After about 5 minutes, the group was all reasonably (but not fully) healed even with the delays of the Cure Serious Wounds spells.

Before they really got deeper in to the Doctor's newly created halls, Ella grabbed Devon by the collar."You're not going anywhere near the front lines this time, understood? Listen to your breathing; I'm surprised that you can move after that. We can handle the front lines, so you'd better not unless you really want me to start choosing some outfits for you to wear, Missy!" It was odd hearing the two bickering like a couple, but it was clear that Ella was the one in control between the two of them.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"Rugal, even with her training, she's still a cleric. She's not a Dungeoncrashing Fighter, so she really does have to keep that in mind." The constant uses of phrases like Darling were also making her rather uneasy. If he was trying to flatter her, she certainly wanted no part of it. As she thought the whole chain of events out more, she responded to Jenny's complaints about Melethia.

"She's done a lot more than that... honestly, she's nearly impossible to keep tied down. You wouldn't believe some of the places she's gone, Jenny." The tone in her voice made it rather clear that Slindis wasn't too proud of this particular skill Melethia had, though, and who would be? Kids deserved to be kids, not be trap experts on the Rising Dawn!

Rising Dawn: Training Room (Into the Shadow Realm) Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz, Rugal

"Gotcha Munchkin, but that don't mean I won't try to get a stab in at least once..."
"And, I'm sticking to the bow form for a moment. So long as Toytoma's in reach, it shouldn't be too hard to get spells out. Also, keep alert for an Ice Weapon spell heading your way. I'm just warning you ahead of time, if you feel the cold."

Dimitri fizzled in over the Tablet for a moment, speaking clearly through it as he let Rugal know the full capabilities of Thoth, "But of course, sir. Also, I have detected that with the EVOKER.DRIVER installed into my mobile aparatus, I have gained something of an ability to scan enemy Shadows, and determine the strengths and weaknesses they possess. Do feel free to call upon me should my services should need to be rendered."

After the conflicting messages of scolding and admiration for the deeds with the wall, Teri focused her energy on casting, waving her hands in a circular fashion before saying aloud, "Toyotama, I could use your help patching up my hands." before the Persona gave a confident smirk and placed a clawed finger on the affected spot, healing the hands to where they looked like nothing had happened.

Teri shrugged after that and added, "I understand why Mum's upset, Dad. I haven't had as much training as you two have with doing that stuff. But, as shameful as it is to admit, I kinda get a rush when I do a flurry..."

As she said this, Toyotama's voice entered her mind, mentally nudging her, "Yo. Something's up. Don't you notice it?"
"You're talking about Dad, aren't you? Yeah, he's kinda acting funny. I don't remember him being this chipper. Or calling Mum pet names in public."
"Come on, this dudebro alpha shit is totally not like him and you know it! Dad is usually far more cautious than this, and you think he'd be even moreso, after going off and dealing with the Shadow thing too... Which reminds me, where'd the headaches go? You think there'd at least be some mention of his Shadow being brought down a peg.
"You just don't want to believe that something might have changed. Who knows, maybe he's acting a bit brighter to try to patch things up with Mum?"
"Munchkin, back me up on this one. Our host here is deluding herself. I think someone just wants to believe things are alright when they obviously don't look okay at all.... I think something's off, and you really should believe me."

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu

Garm moved to the group's aide, taking to the front, "I am ready whenever you and the rest are. I think I should take front; and be ready to shield from any surprises. Some of you are still a bit hurt after all."

Although the statement might have sounded a bit demeaning, the wagging tail from the wolf indicated that Garm meant nothing but the best when he gave his intentions.

Cadolbolg gave Ella one more friendly cheek rub, and became airborne, giving a little loop de loop before adding, "Of course, Ella! I'll be brave for the both of us, just you see!"

The turtle dragon baby, with a strengthened resolve, fluttered over to the rest of the main party and asked, "So, are we gonna go get them or not? I mean, if more healing stuff needs to be done, it should be; but the longer the other guy is stuck with his Shadow thingy, the worse for him, right?"

Cadolbolg wasn't really too much to talk either. As much as he was trying to be brave for himself and Ella, he looked a bit battered too, no doubt on account of the squeezing earlier.

Outside the Shadow Zone: Mitsuru, Deadshot, Shadow Operatives

The leader of the Shadow Operatives shook her head gravely, "Yet another life lost from this night... Bars can be paid off, wounds healed. But lives, not so easy to replace. I would say something to you about her death, but I'm not too sure how much you'd take to my words, save for thinking of this as a lesson in Temperance, and not letting your passions get someone else killed."

She then thought about the request to be released for a moment and sighed, "So long as you don't run off again, I don't see why not. But do know I'm going to have a talk with the three of you when all this is over. I do recall you were the one who asked me about being low key in this city. I find it kind of funny and sad you were the first to break that, especially after having what you thought was forbidden to be confirmed."

She waved off her fellow Operatives, who began to ease off of Deadshot, and letting the man breathe properly since he got out of the Shadow zone.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"All I'm saying is usually you complement someone when they do something impressive. I mean, That drunk David can't even use those doors right, let alone break one down barehanded." Rugal added as he kept walking, looking over his shoulder constantly, It was as if he was expecting to be jumped at any moment.
"Nice one Dimitri. For now though, work on those markers and see if you can get a few motion sensors or something of that nature down here. Would hate to get flanked." He spoke to the AI as a small trail of bright blue LEDs lit up on the Training room floor.
When Teri herself spoke up, He smirked as he put a hand on her sholder and said "Don't worry, that's just the endorphin's speaking. Run for a few miles and you'll get the same rush. It's nice ain't it? Wait until you start doing weights. ~Woo!~"
Brief Father/Daughter time over, he marched on, looking all around the darkness for his target
"...What?!...Make a big song and dance and then run!?...Remind me how you are the supposed better?!...Tsh, Shadows..." He shouted, clearly trying to provoke it.

Jenny meanwhile kept looking around, his Realm looked more like some of the darker minds she delved into back at her Clinic and that wasn't a good thing...

Outside the Shadow Zone: Mitsuru, Deadshot, Shadow Operatives

Deadshot dusted himself off once he was unhanded, although from the cuts and bruises he had picked up as well as that healed burn on his back, it did little to fix his appearance.
"Mind if I re-count MY version of tonight's events before you go back to your paperwork?
1. Yes, We went to a club. Had some drinks, got into a fight or 2. I don't know what the culture here is like, but that's pretty routine shit in bout Europe and American. Hell, I bet you can get some of that in France too!

2. A pair of people going out on the piss and getting into a bit of hassle with the locals is a LOT different then deploying special operations in civilian settings with big black SUVs.

3. It was all going well until that Psycho Doctor showed up and trashed the place. Check the footage, I wasn't the one who fucking rammed a Semi Truck in there. Sure, I made an escape with it soon after but seeing how that man carries around weapons that could level this whole building, I think I'm in the right there. He was also the one that caused us to crash into that Shadow Zone as well as cause that girls death.

I know it's easy to say it was all my fault, but just because the situation went to shit doesn't instantly make me the bad guy. When it's REALLY is my fault, I'll be the last person to deny it."
Once he was done with his rebuttal, he began to leave the room as his voice spoke up again.
"Not bad, Not bad, you almost sounded like you actually have some sort of a moral code."
I take it you missed the part where I told you to shut up?
"Knowing and caring are 2 competely different things...
Hey, we're hungry. Want to raid the Vending machine?"
....Eh, why not? Going to hell anyway...

Rising Dawn: Training Room (Into the Shadow Realm) Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz, Rugal

"You know, you're right! I mean, there's change and then there's a complete personality shift. It's really not that hard to see if you think about it, you know." Sadei was agreeing that Tama had a point? What, was the sky about to become green?

"Rugal, we don't need to encourage her too much more. Part of knowing how to fight is knowing when not to fight. Or have you forgotten that?" Yup, Slindis was still trying to find out exactly what it was that was happening here, although she couldn't quite place it.

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu

"Annie, I really appreciate it, but I know where I'm needed. It's not on the bench, it's not on the sidelines, and it's certainly not in the Kirijo building like the rest of the ship's crew. So please don't tell me to sit down like a good kid, because I didn't get this blade for its looks." The stubborn streak she'd gained from Caim was certainly showing with how she was acting, even if it was still a really bad idea. Kid certainly had more guts than brains, but it did seem to be a common trait on the Rising Dawn.

As usual, Ella treated Cadolbolg with a nice pat on the head as he flitted around between herself and Ella. "Oh, that's just great, Cadol! I know we can all count on you, and don't be afraid to count on us." As for a response to Devon's statement? She merely nodded and gave a rather kind smile to Devon.

"Oh, okay. Go right ahead. I can't stop you, after all." In her mind, though, she was already thinking of various outfits that Devon would be wearing for the next day or week. After all, Devon was good with words, but Ella knew Devon was pretty bad at seeing through lies. She could think of something that would work.

Storm and near dead David.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay (Private room).

The alarm soon died out, seeing how no one answered the Spartan presumed that everyone was out of the ship. This was worrying him greatly, sure the ship's defences were damn good, especially with his honey controlling the weaponry. Although the Spartan started to question the security of the ship, heck he wanted the job of "Head Security Officer". Focusing at the task at hand he stared at the silent David.

Then Alpha came wearing Storm's own clothing. Baffled at the site, she immediately ran over to the two. "He drank some cleaning fluid ... and I have no idea what to do!" Storm said with sweat trickling down his face, Alpha smiled and wiped it off with a nearby tissue. She did not want to worry her honey since he was going through this. "Calm down, the chemicals have not settled in. We just need to get them out ... we have to make him throw up." Alpha said calmly.

The Spartan Storm nodded quickly and took in a deep breath, he made David lay on his side before he slammed his fist into the side-wards stomach of David. He made sure not to use enough strength to kill the man, just enough to make him throw up to the side. Just in case, the Spartan also grabbed a bucket from the closet and held it in front of the former cop's mouth.

Sp00ky Hospital.
Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Location: Shadow Zone

Yu's Music

"I shall respect your choice then. Let us go ..." Yu Narukami said to Devon as he took his position at the front of the group before they moved into the dark corridors of the Hospital, inspired by the mind of this "Doctor S" Yu heard from Annie. In the corridors they could see multiple skeletons lay in the hallways, some people could even feel the hallow eyes burrow into them as if they were alive. At the very end of the very long of the hallway they could see a dim light, it was a sign labelled "Operation Theater".

If this did not scare them enough soon enough a burst of sound penetrated the silence.


Even the tone of the scream seemed to differ from a normal scream to a dark howl. Looking at everyone else, Yu dash forward taking on any normal shadows in the way.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"Are we really having an argument over this? She did something cool and I said "Wow! That was pretty cool!". She knows not to go around blasting down every locked door she finds. Sheesh..." Rugal remarked, shaking his head over how big of a deal she was making over this small topic.
Christ, is this what he puts up with? Heh, hope he's getting something out of it... He thought as he stopped his march.
"Christ, how hard is it to find one Shadow in here?..." He sighed, the lack of progress really starting to tick him off.

"You would be surprised. Not all Shadows are alike. We need to be ready for anything..." Jenny warned as they walked in the dark.
"Though I pretty sure that it'll confront us, it feels a need to prove itself. Just hope Constance is alright..."
"Well....If that's the case: I'M RIGHT HERE!....GO ON! TAKE YOUR SHOT!....Gah, This is pissing me the hell off..." He whined, all fired up for a fight but nothing to strike.

Storm and a somewhat alive David.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay (Private room).

The effects of Storm's blow were clear as David jerked violently before leaning over the side of the table he was one and threw up the poison he had consumed.
I'm not going to go into detail there, but once it was over, he laid down in the Recovery Position while groaning in pain, both from what he drank and the large punch Storm gave him.
He was in pain, but there was no risk of him dying anymore.

Rising Dawn: Training Room (Into the Shadow Realm) Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz, Rugal

"It's called having the foresight to show restraint, but this Shadow is proving rather hard to find." She seemed on edge, but she wasn't going to lash out at things. Striking first gave the advantage to whatever she was facing, and there were enough factors against them.

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu

"Ella, Yu, Annie, thank you, I really appreciate this. I don't want to keep you held up, and I'm sure I can still put a lot out there..." The stubborn streak she'd gained from Caim was certainly showing with how she was acting, even if it was still a really bad idea. Kid certainly had more guts than brains, but it did seem to be a common trait on the Rising Dawn.

Hmm... I'll have to ask Mitsuru about where some clothing stores and Salons are around here. Someone with her status has to know something there! Ooh, and a girl's night out with the rest of the ladies on the ship, Devon included. Yup, Ella's mind was already churning with ideas to make sure that Devon wouldn't ignore her again.

The combined scream led the couple to run forward to make sure that Yu would be assisted here, with Devon stabbing through the Tarot card to summon Mengde again. After all, they'd need some morale boosting even if she intended to take the front lines.

Medbay (Now with Frequent Injury Points! Get your card today!):
Storm, Alpha, Jenny, David, Melethia

After most of the ruckus had stopped, Mel dropped in through one of the vents with a good amount of dust on her. "I heard there was something going on here, but it looks like he managed to make it through. What was it, too much liquor?" It was a rough guess, although she wasn't aware of the Sniper's self poisoning at all.

Rising Dawn: Training Room (Into the Shadow Realm) Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz, Rugal

Toyotama laughed triumphantly, gesturing to Sadei's avatar in Teri's mind, "See? Even Munchkin agrees with me on this one. Something smells rotten, and you're purposefully blinding yourself to the truth. Come'on, kiddo, I know you're smarter than this."
Teri sighed within her mind, and slumped, "....You are right. If Sadei and you are agreeing with one another for once, there has to be something wierd going on. Like what you said earlier. Why didn't he mention the Shadow fight to me or Mum? She looks pretty confused by Dad's behavior too, so I doubt she knows anything about what he's been doing since Dad left."
Toyotama gave an approving nod at this suggestion, "We could do the normal approach and just straight up talk to Dad when shit is said and done? I mean, we're all gonna be a bit wiped when we sort the trapped broad out, so maybe Our persuasive skills could get a bit of a boost? And, if not that, persistence has certainly shown to be an effective course of action. Look what we wormed out of the guy after repeatedly bugging him to tell the truth, right?"
"Did I hear that right? No violent course of action in mind at all?"
"Yes, you did. Now, for once, just listen to me and do somethin' bout this whole thing after we get the broad out. Munchkin's been ragging on me for a while bout this shit, but what she says is true. Even if I don't like being imprisoned in a weeny like you, if I let you or people around you stay A-Okay, it means I suffer too. So, just take my advice and use it right, you hear?"

As the Shadow gave her final "HMPH", Teri decided to stay quiet (and continue convening with her inner self/sentient staff) as her parents lightly disagreed) as she began pulling magical supplies of her satchel. A few pieces of parchment with holy words written upon them appeared after a bit of shuffling; prepared far in advance for any sort of violent encounter. Teri began to enunciate familiar sounding chants before the parchment disappeared, calling to Toyotama: "Toyotama, ward our friend against harmful strikes, and bring her the Protection from the Lord." as her Persona placed an icy hand upon Jenny, being the first of the party to feel a shimmering field cover her.

Teri is beginning to cast Shield of Faith on the party members, starting with Jenny. Giving a +2 deflection bonus, this spell makes it harder for attacks to pierce those granted this protection. It will last for 8 minutes in game time.
30 seconds till the next casting of a 1st level spell.

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu

Cadolbolg smiled at the encouragement and fluttered along; pausing when Annie made her request, "You want me to sit on your head? Huh, that's new."

That in fact was true. Devon and Ella were gracious in letting him sit on their heads, but he was certainly aware that not all like his prefered perching. However, if Annie was offering, Cadolbolg was happy to oblige, "Fair warning, I might mess up your hair; as Friend Ella can attest."

As he landed and settled, however, the Doctor/Shadow's unholy cry filled the air, and the speed of his perch (as well as the others) increased, and he unknowingly adjusted accordingly. It was a good thing Annie was tough as nails, or else the nails of the little creature might have hurt when he dug them lightly into her scalp as a measure to hold on....

As for Garm, he moved to the front of the party at the sign of trouble, the horse sized wolf being able to easily outpace the group and growled; more than ready to protect his impromptu group.

Outside the Shadow Zone:
Mitsuru, Deadshot, Shadow Operatives

Mitsuru sighed again, and reiterated, "I said I was going to speak with the three of you about the entire incident, Deadshot; not pin the blame entirely on you. Each of you had your parts to play in all this, and I will address them accordingly when the time comes."

She paused for a moment, and smiled inwardly, as she got an idea. Deadshot seemed to really dislike any sort of implication that he was inadequate; or lacking.... If she could play on that, then the party could get a much needed second wind when aiding in getting the other trapped Dawn member out. Furthermore, it could reduce the causality to each current fighter, especially with what Shadow!Annie had done to them. With a clearing of her throat, she turned her back to Deadshot, and winked at the technicians nearby in an attempt to get them to play along, "You do not listen to the briefings that were given very well, seeing as what happened with the bar and the results therein. You also did not listen well enough to realize I was expressing that I have identified all the guilty parties, when you thought I was referring to you alone. On top of all of this, you run away from your squadron, on sole purpose of self interest when they do not appreciate the situation as much as you and are fighting for the same reasons.... I know not what your skills lie in, but when it comes to being a temporary Operative and a solider, you really are terrible at it. It makes me wonder why Philemon brought you with the party.. Perhaps your abandonment may come as a blessing, seeing as your ability to work with a team is fluctuating at best, and worthless at it's worst. So, when are you returning to your quarters? I have no need for dead weight here."

Mitsuru kept a hand near her rapier, should things turn grim; but silently prayed that her ploy would work (if her guesses proved to be in the right direction.)

Outside the Shadow Zone: Mitsuru, Deadshot, Shadow Operatives

Deadshot was making his way out of the room when Mitsuru began speaking again.

"I know not what your skills lie in, but when it comes to being a temporary Operative and a solider, you really are terrible at it. It makes me wonder why Philemon brought you with the party.. Perhaps your abandonment may come as a blessing, seeing as your ability to work with a team is fluctuating at best, and worthless at it's worst. So, when are you returning to your quarters? I have no need for dead weight here."

Her words gave him pause and made him stop dead in his tracks for...some reason he was trying to figure out.
"Terrible Soldier. Abandoning your team. Worthless. It's as if she read the Wikipedia page of your life..." his other voice taunted as he began to pace over and back, as if unable to decide to stay or go.
...Yeah...I got that part...s-so?...
"Well, if you were any good, you wouldn't have let that little Mishap in Moscow happen, would you?"

While Mitsuru's attempt to rile him up was having a clear effect, what he started to do next began to question if that was good thing.
"...You can shut up now..." He said out loud, not knowing that he did.[
"Oh? Can I? Can I really? You know full well what happened there. And no amount of partying or booze-"
"Hm...lack of respect to superiors as wel-" Mitsuru started before both halves of the assassin shouted in an annoyed tone[1]:


He kept pacing as he began to argue with himself(?) starting to hold his head as he did.
"...Listen to me, There was nothing I could do-"
"-Except maybe grow a pair and admit you enjoyed it. Not like killing people is much of an issue for you."
"THAT! Was different!"
"IN WHAT WAY?! Snow, Ice, Blood, Bodies. Come on, you live for that shit!...Okay, P-Perhaps maybe...maybe not for the Snow and Ice..."

The pacing and arguing finally stopped when he let out a loud growl of anger, follow by a deep exhale.
Deadshot then doubled back towards the portal.
"...You there, Gimme your weapon." He ordered one of the more senior Shadow Operatives, despite being one of the ones that restrained him and being far larger then he was.
"W-What? No. You have the authority to ord-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The larger Agent went to say before his voice went up several octaves as the Assassin literally grabbed him by the balls and twisted, much to the discomfort of every man in the room.
"...Shoulda just gave it to me..." Deadshot sighed as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a handgun before letting go of his vice grip and letting him collapse to the ground in pain.

"Set the coordinates to their location, I'm going back in...
And someone get an ice-pack for that guy..."

[1] Though Mitsuru couldn't hear the shadow

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"What? Door was stuck, she broke it down, I fail to see the issue here." Rugal said as Teri began casting buffs on everyone.
"...Well ain't this something? All dressed and buffed up and nowhere to go...I Guess...*WE* should START walking back OUT of this ROOM..." He then loudly said in an attempt to draw out the Shadow.
"...Nah, it's not biting...Well, unless someone wants to make a campfire and sing Kumbaya..." He sighed as he saw something move.
"GOTCHA!" He then shouted as he pounced on what appeared to be a man wearing a tattered black robe.

Before he had a chance to land a hit, the figure seemingly melted back into the Shadows, causing Rugal to fall forward in his charge.
"No....It's not him... Oh Well, Bastard's a Teleporter, Heads up! This gonna be good..." He gleefully shouted as he picked himself up and got into a stance, the excitement clear on his face.
It started to fade when another one of those figures showed up.
And another.
And another.
"...Oh? What? You all going to take it personally?..."
And another.
And another.
"...Huh...guess you are..." He then sighed as the figures poofed off again as they began their attack.

Like Ninjas, they vanished and re-appeared over and over, acrobatically jumping and rolling as they did, doing their best to keep the group guessing as they began using "Hit and Run" tactics on them.
They didn't hit hard all that, but it was hard to combat something that wasn't there.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

At the sight of the ninjas, Dimitri spoke up, and began revving up Thoth's book/scanner: "Initiating Program- Persona: Thoth! Commencing scan of enemy targets for weaknesses and resistances..."

"Ah shit, shadow ninjas! Like that's a fricken thing?!"
"Calm your tits. I'll get the buffs going, and things'll smooth over just fine."

Even after working to buff the party thus far, Teri took the initiative and began casting a spell over Slindis, waving the hand with the cross wrapped around it over the drow before calling to her Persona, "Toyotama! Cover her with winter's chill!"

The Persona obliged, and tapped Slindis' shoulder with the butt of her Trident, and the Paladin could see that a thin layer of ice began to cover her, cold emanating from where she stood; Teri phoning in over the rings, "Anything within 5 feet of you is gonna start taking cold damage. Hope that helps."

Following that, the Cleric pulled out a water dropper and place a single drop on Sadei, encanting again. After putting away the dropper, she traced a palm from the place the water was dropped all the way to the end of the bow's shape, and enunciated, "Toyotama, to me! Sorry if it's a little cold, Sadei, but we need to put these dudes on ice."
The Persona did a similar motion on her own trident, but Sadei was the one who was given a shimmering blue look to her; cool air surrounding the bow after the spell was cast.

After all the spellcasting, Teri assumed a defensive stance familiar to Rugal and Slindis, and nocked an arrow; ready to strike on the next offending Shadow Ninja. Toyotama took a similar looking stance with her trident, the sound of a haughty laugh whispering in the air as the icy Persona floated by her wielder.

Teri has cast Aura of Cold, Lesser on Slindis! This aura will last for 8 rounds, or 48 seconds. It deals 1d6 cold/ice aligned damage to those who stand within 5 feet of her!

Teri has cast Frost Weapon on Sadei! This effect will last 8 rounds, or 48 seconds! This gives Sadei the temporary ability of "frost", which does an additional 1d6 of cold/ice aligned damage to each hit Teri makes with her arrows.

24 seconds till the next 1st Level Spell
30 seconds till the next 2nd Level Spell
12 seconds till the next 3rd Level Spell

Outside the Shadow Zone: Mitsuru, Deadshot, Shadow Operatives

Mitsuru merely pointed at the transporter, giving Deadshot more than enough indication that going through that would take him back to where he lept out from, "I'll guide you back to the group from there. They're on their way to the other Shadow now, so make haste."

After Deadshot was through, she turned to the Operative with the wounded manhood and looked around to the others, "Well?! GET HIM AN ICE PACK! I'm really sorry that happened to you; do know you will be properly compensated for damages done to you."

Shadow Realm Hallway: Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Garm, Yu, Doctor, Annie

Cadolbolg gave a determined nod, "Okay!" and kept holding on tightly to Annie as the party made their way to the Doctor's Shadow. He had to be brave, just like Ella said.

Mitsuru's voice was next to come over the party's minds, "Do note, Deadshot is coming back your way to aide against this Shadow. I do not know how much that will be able to help you; but I thought it'd be best to avoid any surprises for the moment."

Airship Rising Dawn | Training Room: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

There were trace amounts of annoyance that made themselves known upon the Sorrowfeld Vampire's face as the Shadow Ninjas appeared within the confines of the room, however were anyone to have noticed, Constance's annoyance had climaxed at the point where Rugal and Slindis argued over whether it would be best to berate or compliment their child for breaking through a door that had been constructed to withstand the destructive forces that were unleashed within the walls of the Training Room, an annoyance that was fueled even further when the two adoptive parents decided to argue over the matter in front of their child.

"You two really don't have a clue how to act like parents do you?" The vampire stated bluntly from across the room, the expression of fear having been replaced with anger.

"You think that it's the smartest thing to argue in front of your daughter? REALLY? So - what - so she can feel like when you two separate that she's responsible. Really, you two are worse than this one is." The Faux Cat-Eared Vampire stated as more of the Shadow Ninjas teleported into the Training Room.

"Not only that, you're going to cause her to be question whether every decision she makes is the right one which'll get her killed, YOU STUPID PITIFUL EXCUSE FOR PARENTS!!!" Constance screamed, her eyes burning deeply with anger, glaring at the two parents before -

before she started smiling.

"Which is fine by me."

As the group fanned out to combat the Shadow Ninjas, Constance Sorrowfeld made no move to defend herself or flee the situation like she would have since appearing in the Shadow Realm. It also seemed that the group of Shadow Ninjas were going out of their way to avoid combat with the vampiress as well, the dark assailants jumping past her, some even using her as a springboard, enroute to face the assembled crew members of the Rising Dawn. Were it not for the Shadow Ninja assault that was occurring at that moment, the behavior of the Shadow Cloaked Assailants might have caused a momentary pause as the puzzle was pieced together.

Constance's Entrance into the Shadow Realm:

The shapeless entity formed from the darkness of the Shadow Realm sensed the arrival of someone or something new even before it appears before the others assembled in Training Room #2 inside the Shadow Operatives Building. Not only did it sense the arrival of Constance Sorrowfeld into its home, it sensed the emotional turmoil that wracked the young vampire as she witnessed not only the destruction of her home time and time again but witnessed the death of her child at the hands of the very creature that had slaughtered her family.

Sensing the emanent arrival of the entity whose mind was bacon wrapped with despair, the Shadow pounced and intercepted the young black haired girl before anyone could register that she had arrived.

"(My my my, what do we have here?)" The Shadow as its body began shifting until it resembled the unconscious vampire that it had captured.

Realizing that in speaking for brashly about the two parents that it had betrayed itself as a facsimile of the true Constance, the Vampire girl's Shadow Self dropped the act that it had so enjoyed playing.

"(I guess it was bound to happen)" It said in a voice that was tinged with irritation as its form began to undergo a sudden and rapid change and where Constance Sorrowfeld's form once stood, a tall feline woman stood, its hands clad in both blood and fire, its mouth pulled back in a distainful smile as it looked at the assembled members of the Rising Dawn.

And just where was Constance Sorrowfeld whilst this act was being undertaken to undermine her in the eyes of the others? Looking at the belly of the Constance's Shadow, one could make out the struggling form of the Faux Cat-Girl Vampire.

"LEMME OUTTA HERE!! LEMME OUT!!!" Constance's muffled voice could be heard.

Location: Training Room | Shadow Realm | Rising Dawn

Rugal | Slindis | Teri | Constance | Jenny | Cz

Cz stepped into the room after composing herself. Her thoughts were slow and sluggish, and her legs felt as if they were made of concrete. Her heart fluttered sporadically and breathing made her feel light headed. It was all so strange. Cz tried to move forward again, a little closer into the shadow realm. And she managed to make it to. Another step, and another, she slowly made her way into the room and stood warily next to the others. She was silent not because of unsettlement nor pensiveness, but because she could not find the strength to will herself to speak.

She stood there and listened. Watching Rugal and the others talk. And when the dark shadows came leaping, Cz couldn't find it in herself to move and evade them. rather she let the blows strike her. They did not hurt overmuch, even on her sensitive skin. Little more than pricks, like cold needles rubbing up against her smooth pale flesh. Cz watched Teri work her magicks and altogether ignored what was going on.

That is until Veles decided to wake up on her own.

The giant butterfly-machina materialized above her head, red orbs beaming with light.

Initializing... Initializing... Activating Primary Weapons Systems.

Veles promptly opened fire, filling the room with bright light. Slicing away at phantoms that were not corporeal. The machination deemed it logical that if there was no absence of light, then shadows could not exist. And set out to achieve her impossible goal.

Cz stood underneath Veles, swaying slightly. Now it was harder and harder to keep on her feet. Her left arm felt numb and her stomach was unsettled. What is this... she thought, vision becoming blurry between the punctuation of brilliant light. I feel... faint.

Veles let another lance fly into the shadows, illuminating the floor with a blinding white light before the shadows sweeped in and overtook it. Cz stumbled as she watched. Veles turned toward the Shadow that had once been Constance and let loose a single lance. Unspeaking, unthinking. With only one desire on its mind. Exterminate the threat.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"HEY! You try raising a kid and tell me how easy it is, you furry bitch!" Rugal spat in annoyance, It was one thing to consume a member of the crew, but then she had to go and make it personal!
"Alright, time to give this bad boy a whirl!" He then said as he finally revealed the fruits of his labours as A Tarot Card appeared in his hand.
"Hercules...Little extra off the top if you wouldn't mind..." He commanded before crushing the card, causing a large metal claw to piece though the ground in front of him.

He smirked as he watched his Persona crawl out of the fiery it had cut out.
The 10 foot Being that crawled out and stood up seemed a little dazed as Rugal noted it's armor and blades were a strange tint redder then he remembered.
Despite it's summoner ordering so, it seemed confused, grunting and staring blankly at it's hands as if it had never noticed the massive claws on them before now.
"Oi! *Whistle* Lambs to the slaughter over there. Go slaughter them!" It heard it's owner say, instantly realizing who's voice it was.
Burning anger filled him, but before it could process what happened, Hercules found himself set upon by the Shadow Ninja's and began swiping with his claws, though it was clear he had no idea what he was doing...

Jenny meanwhile took cover while the more combat focused of her group spearheaded the assault.
It was then that she heard Constance crying out.
"...Is that-...CONSTANCE! DON'T WORRY! WE'RE GOING TO GET YOU OUT OF THERE! JUST STAY CALM!" She shouted over the Veles construct as it hovered overhead, taking down much of the Shadow's ranks.
"Dammit! We need to cut the stomach open, but be careful, you might hit her!" She pointed out to the others as Cz began to go faint.
Taking the young ones hand, she led her towards the main group, using it for cover from the teleporting ninjas.
Gah! This is exactly the sort of thing Hiryu said that training would help for, but Noooooooooooooooo... she cursed, wishing she had actually kept up with her training rather then ignore it.

Shadow Realm Clinic: Deadshot

"Terrible Soldier...I'll show her terrible, I'll fucking murder everything in this whole damn dimension! Fucking Stalin up in this shit!" Deadshot growled to himself as he was sent back into that crazy realm he worked so hard to get out of.
He spawned in a different part of the clinic to the others, but needless to say, he still heard the screams.
"Whoa...What the-...Wait, was that The Doctor?....This. I gotta see!" He quipped, eager to see the shoe on the other foot in relation to his tormentor.
Pulling out both his Handgun and his Evoker, he began to sweep though his side of the Clinic, using his tactical training to check out every room en route.

Airship Rising Dawn | Training Room: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

Slindis kept her focus up as she was able to turn a good deal of the Shadow Ninja's attacks into mere grazes and scrapes - a good deal of it from her training in unarmed combat, but another good portion was from her experience in fights altogether. One didn't get to be on the Rising Dawn for as long as she had without having at least seen a good deal of fighting, after all.

Constance's talking and ridiculing of her brought a rather steely response from Slindis, though"It doesn't mean that it's not worth it to make an effort, though. And hearing that last shout for aid reminded me of one more thing: my main task was never being a parent. It was never being a knight in shining armor. It was never being someone that defied fate.

My job, shade, was and still is to rescue people from situations they are helpless to get out of. And let me tell you: I've never failed at that yet, and I don't intend to." Without even turning back to the others, she passed a few messages over the rings.

"Rugal, thin out the flankers. They'll provide too many openings against us if left alone.

Cz, watch it: you're overextending yourself with those attacks, and it's not a good idea. Pick a target, excise it, then move to the next.

Jenny, fight back if you can. I know you've not fought in a while, but we'll need everything we can get.

Teri, keep your space and circle the Shadow like we discussed in the training. If this Shadow shares the opening to silver that most vampires do, your bow should be effective against it." Although they were brief, the mental communication had the added side effect of keeping the plans concealed for now.

As for Slindis? She glared at the Cat woman down as her handwraps seemed to tingle in anticipation of the fight ahead and opened her attack with a single slashing with her gloved hand down her left sleeve. "Joanne, Tira, Empower my strikes!" A robed woman popped up for a moment and touched Slindis' hands with her staff, adding an oddly chill glow to them. After all, she'd meant to activate some Divine Might on the handwraps, not that! After that, the robed woman (Who was human-sized, oddly short compared to the others) began moving to the side to provide a flanking chance.

"We'll be done with this soon enough. They'll know who sent you down there, so you can save your breath." It felt odd for Slindis to outright taunt the Shadow, but she needed to get it focused on her.

Joanne has somehow managed to lock the elemental damage from Slindis' attacks to her own primary affinity: Ice. It'll only last for a short time (Two posts at the most), though.

Airship Rising Dawn | Training Room: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

"My job, shade, was and still is to rescue people from situations they are helpless to get out of. And let me tell you: I've never failed at that yet, and I don't intend to."

"(HAHAHAHAHA!!!)" The Bastette laughed as she whirled her hands in an intricate pattern causing the flames that danced from her fingertips to build up into a greater ball of fire that radiated a heat so intense that it caused the very air that touched it to burn. The Shadow Spawned Abomination had not spent her time idly as she remembered that the Paladin was correct in that she had not failed to rescue any one person.

"(And yet you treat a stranger like a daughter more than your very own. You might find success rescuing fools who can't help themselves, but you and this little wench are failures as mothers.)" The Feline Bastard mocked as she hurled the intense ball of flame at the group, following up with a suicide charge at Hercules, allowing the behemoth to strike her and send her flying against a wall.

As Constance's Shadow impacted against wall, Rugal's own persona felt itself struck from both the front and the back.

As the battle progressed, the Artificial Intelligence in charge of the Training Room began scanning the Shadow, seeking more information about its powers and weaknesses.

"Scan complete. User Constance Sorrowfeld's Shadow displays strength against Fire and Wind and weaknesses against Ice and Electricity" The A.I. states over the Training Room intercom.

"(No duh.)" The Shadow said as it hurled another series of flaming orbs at the intercom speakers.

"Dammit! We need to cut the stomach open, but be careful, you might hit her!"

"(Dammit! No you don't need to cut my stomach open. What are you a bunch of abortionists?!)" The Feline Shadow mocked as it poked at the still struggling form of Constance with a clawed finger, causing the young vampire to struggle even more furiously.

"(There there, my dear. It'll all be over soon and then you won't be scared anymore. You won't feel anything at all)"

The Shadow's gloating almost became its undoing as a strike from Joanne landed, causing the Shadow to screech in pain.

"(You'll pay for that!!!)" It yowled as it looked for a way to exact revenge against its assailant.

Waving its hands once again, the Shadow set a gust of wind filled with debris upon the group.

Sorry for the wait everyone, here is the post for the starting of the battle. If you would like a bit more time before it I can always take it down.
Same thing if you want me to change a few parts.

~ Shaun

Storm and a better David.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

After having a sigh of relief, Storm placed the bowl near David just in-case. "David, keep calm you just drank poisonous cleaning liquid and we had to 'extract' it out of you. For now you should be okay but we should get someone to look at you in the near future." He said with a stern voice, making sure to keep David in the same spot. They would hate it if this happened again, so at one point in the near future, David will become lectured about the effects of both drinking alcohol and the poisonous liquid.

Looking towards Alpha she flew the air out of her mouth with relief too, but it turned to a smile, after all she did see her loved one save someone's life. After Mel had suddenly came out of the vent covered in the gray to silver-ish substance of dust. Storm was still checking a couple of things with David he did look over, ("What in God's name was she doing.") He only thought as he returned to his military checkup.

""David drank some cleaning liquid, this required us to ... 'extract' it to say. I'm guessing this was because something happened to him or he got drunk!" She raised her voice a bit towards David before turning back with a smile. "Or both ..."

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

MOAR battle Music

With the group easily plowing through the regular Shadows just like a skilled police task force, the group came closer together as they came to the door of the operation room. Along the walls there bodies, many, many bodies which varied in the ways they died. One was hanged, one stabbed, one crucified, one shot and so on until they had reached the main doors to the Operation Theater, by this time Deadshot had also caught up to them. No noise came from it, this worried Yu immediately which made him kick open the door.

The group could only see a pitch black room which only made them more cautious as they entered. Just as everyone entered the room, the doors slammed shut and locked themselves, this was a obvious horror cliche. Suddenly lights, far into the room were lights that were focused onto a operation table. By this time the group can just sense the size of the room, it was about the size of a musical concert and the Shadow of the Doctor was on the main stage with a microphone.

"Hello everyone, I welcome you to my humble abode." He said calmly on the microphone before taking a bow courteously. "My ass of a other side would do the same but he is ... tangled you might say. Hahahah!" The Shadow laughed as he raised his right arm, it looked like that metal chains came out from the dark fabric of his arms. The chains went along back to the table where all of a sudden they turned into red strings.

This didn't shock anyone until the strings started to bleed, only one part of the body could do this ... the veins of a body. The Shadow gave a cocky smile and gave a tug on his 'strings', a figure got up from the table. As everyone could guess, the one and only Doctor S or commonly known as The Lone Wanderer got up from the operation table. His face was clouded and unemotional as if he had been broken just like a torture victim.

"As much as I want to dilly-dally, I don't have time for this shit ... I just want to kill you all!" The Shadow instantly said and gave another tug. In the mind of the Doctor, more images of horror and torment blurred over his vision. This time it showed everything he did in the Wastelands of both DC and the Mojave and turned them to evil. It contain images of him nuking a city, to kill his friends and worst of all contaminating the water supply his father fought for. "No ... NO ... " He began to cower under all the fear, he was going to say the words to 'free' his Shadow.

Smiling evilly the Shadow awaited for his new power. "No, wait-"


The Doctor finally said, then the lights to the room came on as the darkness of the room started to twirl around the Shadow. Of course the Shadow itself was laughing like a maniac as it began to transform him.


YES ... this is .. THIS IS POWER!

" He said in a impressed tone as he marveled at his new body, then his dark glowing eyes looked upon his prey. "Now it is time for your execution ... but of course ... I have no sense of honor." The chains were still linked, once more they were given a tug. This time though, the Doctor started to behave like a Puppet on some strings. Pulling pistol and (super-heated) knife out of nowhere, the Doctor started to charge towards the group with speed.

It seemed that the dark chains had a infinite length as they shot out from the Shadow too, the question was that can they break. The strategy for the Shadow was to have his 'puppet' focus on the users and he himself would focus on the Personas.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz


Teri looked up and saw the oncoming shower of debris, and rolled out of the way before a particularly sizable piece landed right on on her. Giving a quick prayer of thanks to God for such an observant Shadow/Persona, Teri tapped a button on her Tablet to signal to Dimitri to enter the Tablet before the speaker was destroyed. Following that, she began to seek counsel with the Shadow in her mind to think of the best tactic (aside from the maneuvers already dictated by Slindis).

"Oh, we're gonna give it to that bitch for talking shit bout Mum!"
"Now's not the time, Toyotama. Now, since we're in here, I realize that my Author Powers will be working properly; which reminds me that Vampires tend to have several weaknesses. Care to remember any at the moment?"
"Er...Lemme think... Okay, off the top of our collective think pan I got: Running water, silver, garlic, holy symbols, silver holy symbols and a stake to the heart. Maybe holy water?"
"Okay, so using an enchanted Silver weapon. That's a start. Dunno bout the rest of that stuff though. Establishing mental connection to Tablet.----Established. Dimitri, how's holy water made?"

As Teri continued dodging and attempting to shoot more of her icy arrows into the Shadow, Dimitri pinged over the Tablet's speaker, "According to my databanks, and your spell list, there are two methods available to you. One, a spell in your repertoire, which is not currently allocated in your spell slots. From what I'm reading in the Folder: DnD_3.5, you will need an hour of quiet time and meditation to change that, so, not applicable to the current situation. The second, as far as Christian tradition goes, is a Catholic or Orthodox institution. You, Madam, are a Protestant. I don't believe the ritual will work for you. In short, I do not believe holy water is to be had at the current moment. Apologies."

"DAMMNIT! Okay, thanks anyways. So, Toyotama, how about some Water Conjuration? I bet Squishy would be a big help here."
"Get casting. Also, drop some garlic on the bitch. It's worth a shot."
"After the casting. Might as well work with the things that WILL work than run off on crazy ideas right away."

Following that, Teri began to motion with her hands and chanted, "Toyotama! Quench the dry earth of this world! Call upon our allies of Water to aide!"
The Persona, on call, spun the trident, and then pointed to the floor in front of Teri, calling the necessary quantity into this world. She then raised the weapon slowly, Squishy the Water elemental rising from the puddle in time with the Persona's trident. As the elemental was sent to strike against the Shadow, Teri began to nock an arrow and wait for the proper moment to strike; hopefully before the icy enchantment on Sadei ran out.

Teri casts Create Water; calling 16 galleons of water onto the battle field. Teri will also make use of her daily ability to summon a medium water elemental to her aid. Squishy will remain on the field for 1 minute, and then disappear. Any more attempts to summon Squishy and/or his friends will start burning Turn Attempts.
Current Turn attempts: 7 Undead/5 Fire subtype creatures

12 seconds till the next 0 Level Spell
12 seconds till the next 1st Level Spell
24 seconds till the next 2nd Level Spell
6 seconds till the next 3rd Level Spell

Shadow Realm Clinic: Annie, Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Garm VS Shadow Wanderer

At the sight of the new Shadow, Cadolbolg took to the air and 'sent' mentally to the party, "This is the part where the lady in our heads does the scanning thing, right?"

"It is. Also, I see that Deadshot has arrived with you. Good. I wish you all the best in your battle. I'll let you know when I get the readings..."

Following that, Garm took to the front, barking out, "Gelert! Bring him down!" as the armored Persona appeared, howling bitterly before launching the floating icicles around itself towards the Shadow as Gelert tried to latch onto a piece of chain. To the Shadow's surprise, as Garm's teeth sunk in, a bit of cold seeped in with the teeth[1].

With Garm leading the charge and Mitsuru's scan on the way, Cadolbolg tried his best to muster up the strength to call upon his Persona, crying out, "Lei Zhenzei, burn the mean guy's face off!"
True to his call, the draconic warrior appeared, and one of it's blades became aflame; to which the Persona swung and launched a stream of fire at the Shadow.

[1] This is in reference to the ability of Winter Wolves to have a bit of cold damage with their bite attacks; also known as Freezing Bite. For the Purposes of the Persona arc, this effect won't kick in unless Garm's in the Shadow Verse and he's summoned Gelert.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

Rugal's standing became slightly uneasy as his Persona was hit, not really used to the concept of them sharing pain.
"Grrrr...COME ON! GET IN THERE! HOW HARD IS IT TO SLASH SOMETHING!?" He berated Hercules as he staggered from the hit.
As it attempted to regain it's bearings, Rugal focused on the Shadow Ninjas, sparring with a pair of them as they kept jumping and teleporting around him, doing his best to keep them off the rest of the group.
Hercules meanwhile had finally seemed to process the fact of who they were fighting and kept up the offensive, although it was jarring to see a man with a pair of claws like that attempt to use Boxing Jabs and kicks instead of them.

Jenny meanwhile was trying to think of what she could do when she remembered they were in the training room.
"Dimitri, can you turn on the turrets? Might be able to thin out their numbers then." She asked, wondering if they would even work with the Shadow Realm Emulator on.

Shadow Realm Clinic: Deadshot, Annie, Cadolbolg, Deadshot, Devon, Ella, Garm VS Shadow Wanderer

As the main fight was going down in the Operating Theater floor, Deadshot was able to sneak in though the observation deck, giving him a perfect line of sight for getting shots in.
Well Well Well...Doctor is an asshole, what else is new?
"...You are aware that will be you in, like, a few days?..."
Oh come on! He was a total prick who messed up our gig in San Fierro and spent every second since making our life hell! Let me have this, Please...
".....Eh, Fair enough. I'm guessing the chains is how he's controlling Wanderer?"
Think a 9mm will cut it?
"Try it. If it doesn't work, Bother [Null] some more."
Think Wanderer let me borrow one of his?
"Not willingly."

Once he was done bantering, he pulled out his hand gun and aimed for the Chains, a series of sparks marking direct hits as his shots impacted against the metal.
If he could get Wanderer free, he might be able to "Borrow" one of his Miniature Nuclear weapons or something.

Airship Rising Dawn | Training Room: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

"Toyotama! Quench the dry earth of this world! Call upon our allies of Water to aide!"

With the crewmembers of the Rising Dawn on the offensive, the Shadow Sorrowfeld appeared to freeze as she considered her next step. Despite the fact that the Shadow understood how to work its powers, it was still as inexperienced in battle as its host, Constance Sorrowfeld. Turning its attention upon the summoned Water Elemental, Shadow Constance sent a pulse of magic into the very molecular structure of Squishy, transferring a large amount of energy into the molecules of the Water Elemental, causing the Water Elemental to start steaming as the very substance of its making began to boil.

Focusing on the Elemental was a mistake however as the Shadow cast Feline was struck in the thigh by an arrow, the impact of the enchanted missile causing a mass of ice to build up around the wound, slowing down the previously quick moving Shadow.

"(AUUUGH!!!!)" Cried the Shadowy Constance as she gripped her leg, plucking the arrow out despite its enchantment causing her hands to grow numb as well.

"(You're gonna pay for that you little BITCH!!!)" The Shadow screamed as it prepared to charge the Ship's Medical Officer and Cleric but found that the wounds to its leg greatly hampered it movement.

"(You're gonna pay for that as soon after I get my snack on!!!)" It corrected itself as he reached out and grabbed one of the Shadow Ninjas that had made the mistake of teleporting too close. There was a horrific snapping and crunching sound that reverberated within the Training Room as the Shadow Constance bit the Ninja's head clean off, absorbing whatever passed for life essense contained within the mook's body. As the Shadow Cat drank deeply, the wounds that it had suffered started closing up.

"Dimitri, can you turn on the turrets? Might be able to thin out their numbers then."

Reacting to the query, the turrets within the training room deployed themselves and unleashed a torrent of lead upon the Ninjas, causing many of them to fall as the smarter and faster ones moved to disable the automated projectile throwing buzzsaws. As they did, Shadow Constance followed suit, using her flames to melt the remainder.

As the smoke cleared from the flurry of battle, only 4 of the original score of Shadow Ninjas remained, flanking the enormous Shadow Constance.

"I SWEAR BY MY FAMILY THAT WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE, I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS SO HARD YOUR BRAIN'S GOING TO SPLATTER ALL OVER THE WALLS!!!!" Came the muffled insult from where the real Constance was being held captive, the sound of the crew members coming to her aid worked to rally her spirits.

Rising Dawn: Training Room (Into the Shadow Realm) Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz, Rugal

"I have erred there. But do you think that means I'm content to merely give up? I feel that I know her; restricting her actions to a normal child's would cause a backlash on a massive scale, so the best I can do is be there for her should anything happen to her." The gust certainly knocked her back a ways, but the injuries that she took from the rubble seemed modest. They certainly didn't seem to deter her as she slashed at her sleeve again to summon her Persona, and the solemn robed woman tapped Slindis on the shoulder with her staff to cause her to fade from view.

After that, Slindis did her best to try and move for another Flanking position with the aid of her temporary invisibility. If the Shadow didn't like the cold, then she'd use the last bits of the cold around her hands and the aura to put her on ice. I regret nothing!

Shadow Realm:
Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu

"Heard, understood, acknowledged." Devon could clearly hear the gunfire, and she knew that Deadshot was quite near. However, she also knew that the team was getting worn down through all this. The defensive style would only prolong the fight, and risks had to be taken if they wanted to get out of here without anyone dying.

With that, she stabbed the arcana card to summon Mengde as she barely tumbled past the Doctor, getting just close enough for her to pull out some spells.

"Mengde, TOSS A FLASHBANG!" In response, the persona (Which took a rather nasty slash from the Shadow in the process of getting near) grabbed a loose chunk of rubble in the area and tossed it at the Shadow and shouted, creating a glittering butst of light and an earsplitting BANG. Luckily, Cadolbolg and Garm's eyes weren't focused on the spot, so the flash of light wouldn't outright blind them.

With a good bit of luck, determination, and suicidal recklessness, Devon gets close enough to the Shadow to cast Shout and Glitterdust! There's a burst of wind damage, but more importantly there's a chance to blind and/or deafen the Shadow temporarily.

Time until next level 2 spell: 12 seconds
Time until next level 3 spell: 18 seconds

Is Devon really doing this? Oh dammit, she IS doing this. And here I was thinking of going easy on her! When we're done here, I'm calling Teri, Jenny, and Annie. Devon won't be mistaken for any kind of guy for a long time. I wonder what would look good on her? Ella was thoroughly Irate, but she knew there was the far more important task of keeping the Doctor occupied without killing him.

"Yu, let me work over the Doctor! I'll keep the heat off of you two for now." With that, she grabbed the hapberd with one hand to swat away the attacks, although it was more than difficult with the speed the Doctor was going...

The combined scream led the couple to run forward to make sure that Yu would be assisted here, with Devon stabbing through the Tarot card to summon Mengde again. After all, they'd need some morale boosting even if she intended to take the front lines.

Medbay (Now with Frequent Injury Points! Get your card today! Seriously, it's a good deal.):
Storm, Alpha, David, Melethia

Melethia murmured to herself after hearing the details before responding with a somewhat split focus. "Wow... David, you need to be more careful from now on! It's lucky they got to you in time, after all." That statement was punctuated by the young elf dusting off, and she actually thought a bit higher of David in her mind. After all, he did have the fortitude to survive all of those poisons.

Airship Rising Dawn | Training Room: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

Squishy the Water Elemental had lived a decent life up to this point, having served a foolish Druid previously (who had met a sticky end that wasn't the elemental's fault at all) and had grown to serve a kind and understanding water Cleric as his existence went on. He had even growing in size as his time under her service grew! However, that service of being employed a guardian had not prepared the Water Elemental for the sensation of feeling like he was being boiled alive. The elemental writhed in pain as it felt itself slowly began to steam up; letting out a blubbering cry in Aquan, seeing as that was all he could do at the present moment.

Teri, who was getting ready to drop some garlic on the Vampire as Toyotama had advised, found her attention snapped in the direction of Squishy, and then the Shadow. With a growl in her throat, she readied the bow again, and readied herself for a maneuver she had practiced a few times with Slindis. For once, her thoughts and Toyotama's were the same, as both intoned to the Shadow:


Before Teri pulled an arrow from the quiver and shot with close precision to Constance's Shadow. Which would have been laughable, considering it was one arrow. But it was followed by another. And another, and another. A flurry of arrows had implanted themselves in the Shadow, 5 in total; the painful chill of ice beginning to seep into the Shadow's wounds again. After firing the volley, Teri nocked another arrow, looking ready to start the volley again after a moment's rest. If the yell wasn't readily apparent, the expression on the Cleric's face was clear enough. She was PISSED.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

Doing his part to take down as many Shadow Ninjas as humanly possible, Rugal was glad to hear the guns on their side.
"Ahahahahah! BEHOLD THE GLORY OF SUPERIOR FIREPOWER! AHAHAHAHAHAH!" He boasted as he pressed on though the battle field, jumping and rolling out of the way of incoming debris as he tried to get up close and personal with Constance's Shadow.
While poor Squishy was getting boiled, all he was focusing on was how she was able to regenerate.
"So that's your gimmick, Huh?...Hercules! Attack the Shadow Directly. These guys are mine." He ordered his Persona before engaging the last 4 Ninjas, showing off by parrying several of their attacks before countering with a few of his own.

Hercules meanwhile reluctantly did as he was told, roaring at the Shadow Vampire before charging at it, having gotten a feel for his claws now, Swinging and Slashing while hoping to cut Constance free without harming her.

All the while, Jenny was just watching, ducking the odd stay projectile while trying her best to reach out to Constance.
"That's it! Keep Fighting! We're almost there, This will all be over soon! We'll get you home yet Constance!"

Rising Dawn: Medbay (Eh, gimme one): David, Melethia, Storm, Alpha

Away from the battle, David was starting to re-animate some more, although he had the MOTHER of all stomach aches as well as Lemon and Lime scented breath.
"...urggghhh....ohhhhhhhhh...maaannn...I need to find new hobbies...." He groaned as he sound himself someplace he didn't recognize, but that happened EVERY time he went on a bender.
Reaching into his jacket, he pulled out his wallet and flashed his ID to the group, Upside down.
"David West...Agent of UNIT....Report to your CO and ask him....I'm just going to lay down here for a while..." He managed to say, thinking he woke up in the drunk tank again.

Airship Rising Dawn | Training Room: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

"I have erred there. But do you think that means I'm content to merely give up? I feel that I know her; restricting her actions to a normal child's would cause a backlash on a massive scale, so the best I can do is be there for her should anything happen to her."


The Shadow Facsimile of Constance Sorrowfeld was forced back by the intensity of the combined assault that was unleashed upon it by the Rising Dawn's crewmembers as arrow after arrow struck home, freezing large patches of flesh, which began to crack and crumble under the remainder of the attack. Invisible fists, clad in ice and frost continued where the arrows had left off and though Shadow Constance was far taller than that Drow, the assault caused the Shadow's legs to buckle and give way. It was with her final strike that Slindis landed a blow to Shadow Constance's knee, her fist driving straight through the now delicate and fragile joint. The thunderous explosion created by the shattering of the Shadowy Feline's knee was followed by the chiming of crystalized flesh hitting the ground and bouncing.

It was the herculean strike from Hercules that compounded the problems for the Shadow as it could no longer focus its attention on its assailant in order to reflect the flurry of blows that it received back on its agressor, Hercules. Reeling from the assault, the Shadow found itself on the ground and nearly unable to move as most of its limbs had been rendered immobile by the icy attack.

Looking about for a source of life essence that could assist it in regaining its position in the battle, The Sorrowfeld Shadow saw that none of the Shadow Ninjas remained. Desperate, the Shadow risked aggrevating the wounds that it had sustained to move itself into a sitting position, its back against the wall farthest from where the crewmembers stood.

Seeking to press the advantage, Jenny the Gardevoir called out to the trapped Constance Sorrowfeld:

"That's it! Keep Fighting! We're almost there, This will all be over soon! We'll get you home yet Constance!"

"(Idiots!)" The Shadow Feline mocked with closed eyes, as if it was concentrating, "(You think that she'll take any letter of any word that to speak to her to heart? She's a coward through and through and you would have been better served being without her. You'll never be able to trust her to hold up her end of the fight. She wouldn't even fight for the survival of her mother, her father, her sisters and her brothers. She will not fight for the life of her future child nor will she fight to avenge its murder and she when the end comes, as it shall inevitably come, she will stand upon the parapets of Castle Sanctum and watch the world burn. This is her fate and the fate of those who choose to help her. Just - just give her to me and I'll make sure that none of this will ever happen."

Before anyone could respond to the desperate speech that the Shadow gave, the Shadow shrieked as pain took hold over its body, causing the creature's back to arch backwards as far as it would go.

Shadow Constance's lips opened once again to speak but only a painful gasp of air could be heard as once again, pain took over, this time the cracking of bones and ripping of flesh could be heard.

"(N-N-No. T-this can't be!)" The Shadow said, its voice having been reduced to naught but a whisper of air.

"YES! YES IT CAN, YOU F***KING C**T!!" Came Constance's response as a bloody fist erupted from the sternum of Shadow Constance.

"I might be scared of what's to come but you're wrong if you think that I'm going to leave it to chance, that I'm going to leave it to others to take care of. I'm going to avenge the death of my family and I'm going to protect all three realms from the calamity that I've seen. I'm going to protect those I love and I'm going to do it not only to prove you wrong, you bag of hot air, but I'm going to do it so that even if I fail, I won't die thinking that I didn't do everything that I could to change fate.

With a final and explosive burst of energy, Constance Sorrowfeld emerged from the chest of her Shadow, her crimson eyes afire with the anger that she felt internally and as she turned to say a final word to her shadow before she finished it off, she found that it was gone.

"Wh-where'd it go?!" The Sorrowfeld vampire asked loudly, upset that she hadn't been able to rip the Shadow's heart out.

"(Closer than you think, wench.)" Bast said, her voice purred as she settled in for a nap deep within the dark corner's of the young vampire's mind.

Location: Shadow Realm | Training Room | Rising Dawn

Constance | Cz | Jenny | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Veles' internal logic circuits ran short, she detected that none of the threats that had existed mere minutes before continued to exist. Yet her ambient sensors dictated that there was still a great deal of potential danger to be had. Veles floated above Cz, keeping stable in the air, her weapons had ceased for the time being. Veles did a quick scan of her allies and concluded none of them were the threat. Then it did a scan of the Sorrowfield Vampire and concluded a low level of ambient threat. Then, finally, out of options, Veles scanned Cz and detected a large amount of ambient threat. Particularly, Cz's nervous system had begun to shut down. Her muscles were in remission causing her blood pressure to drop dangerously low. A combination of malnutrition, exhaustion, dehydration, and strenuous activity had nearly destroyed her now decidedly human body.

The butterfly machination decided to dematerialize herself and place herself back into phase space to attempt to conserve what little energy her primary governing body retained.

Cz was a little worse for wear however. She was still standing by sheer miracle, or perhaps her legs had just locked themselves into that upright position. Her eyes were open, but saw nothing, and her mouth was as dry as cotton. Everything felt numb, where once sharp pricking pains tore at her skin, now only a cold numbness remained. The room was bright. Too bright. She closed her eyes and kept them shut. The energy to open her eyelids too much for her to muster.

Tired. Tired... Cz thought before she lapsed into full unconsciousness and collapsed onto the floor. But I'm glad that episode is over little vampire.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

"WOOO! YEAH! FATALITY! *THAT'S* HOW IT'S FUCKING DONE! AHAHAHAH!" Rugal celebrated as Constance managed to tear her way out of the Shadow that had swallowed her in a rather brutal fashion as Jenny ran over to the Catgirl to give similar praise.
"Top Grade everyone! Cz, *LOVED* the killer butterfly robot, I have GOT to buy a few of those. Teri, Good work, See what I mean about using Anger constructively for deconstruction of your enemies. Dimitri, Thanks for the assist and Slindis...*Whistles* Just love watching you go to work, Perfect as always." Rugal complemented everyone present for their efforts in a way that seemed VASTLY out of character for him, it was as if he mentally became 20 years younger.

"Yes! I knew you could do it!" She shouted with glee as she went to hug the Vampire, stopping awkwardly at the last moment, after all, she had just clawed her way out of the internal organs of her Shadow.
"Just...Lets get you cleaned up. God, I was so worried, but the important thing is that you are okay." She finally settled, offering Constance a shoulder to lean on, Imagining that she might be tired after her fight.
Then it turned out that Cz was in-fact the one that needed a hand, collapsing from exhaustion and causing panic and urgency to re-enter the Pokemon's system.
"Cz!" She then exclaimed as she rushed over, quickly checking her vitals.
"Her persona must be extremely taxing for her. Come on, let's get back to the Med-Bay." She said before picking the little one up in her arms.

All the while, Hercules stood towering in the distance, glaring at his master as he mingled with the crew.
He realized wasn't going to get another chance bar this as he extended his claws and began marching over, giving off a low growl as he did.
"...Hm?...Oh, you still here? It's okay, it's over, you can go back to...where-ever it is you come from..." Rugal dismissively said as he looked at his Persona marching towards him, staring at him though that helmet it was wearing.
"...Teri, how do you "De-Summon" these things? Do I just will him away or do i-..."


Hercules took a massive swing at his master, Rugal barely copping on and dodging as a claw raced towards him, barely avoiding it as it took off a piece of his long blonde hair.
"SONOFA-DIMITRI! KILL THE POWER! NOW! Heel Hercules! Heel!" He pleaded as his Persona seemed dead set in gutting him.

Airship Rising Dawn | Training Room: Constance, Cz, Jenny, Rugal, Slindis, Teri

Guilt. The emotion was hit the Raven Haired Vampire like a metric ton of bricks when she witnessed her fellow crewmate, Cz, fall to the ground and into the arms of unconsciousness. The emotion was furthur punctuated when she stood there and watched as Jenny hauled the unconscious girl out of the Training Room to the Medbay. Running after the two, Constance could think that she and she alone would be responsible for anything that happened to Cz since it had been her Shadow that had caused Cz to over extend herself.

As Constance ran through the corridors of the Airship, she wondered if there was anything that she could have done differently to avoid this outcome.

"(Second guessing yourself again, huh? Am I sensing a trend?)" Came Bast's mocking voice from the back of the Vampire's mind.

"Shut up. I mean it shut - your - mouth" The Young vampire muttered aloud as she stopped in front of the Medical Bay to compose herself before entering.

To her relief, Constance found that Cz had already been placed on one of the medical beds, the automated machines were in the process of scanning the unconscious crewmember's body and diagnosing the multitude of issues that the young girl was suffering from.

"(Jeez, you'd think a Guardian of the World would know that she needed to eat and rest.)" Bast's voice chimed in once again.

"I SAID SHUT UP!!" Constance yelled, her voice shattering the quietness of the Medical Bay.

"Sorry." She apologized as she pulled a chair up next to Cz's bed. Looking at the growing list of problems that plagued the young one, Constance decided that if she was the one responsible for putting Cz in the state that she was currently in, it would be Constance that helped her recover.

"(Hmm. That's quite the interesting thought.)" The Feline Voice said from within the dark recesses of Constance's mind. This time, however, the voice did not contain the mocking notes that had dripped from each word as before. This time, the voice sounded like it approved of the idea.

Giving Bast a mental nod, Constance settled into the chair and began the long process of waiting for Cz to recover and as she did so, she began pulling up the various personel records of the crew members of the Rising Dawn, pausing the longest to read the biographical details of Slindis, Methethia, Devon and Teri, each of which had each of which had the common trait of having either lost loved ones or their homes.

Looking back to Cz, Constance placed her hand upon that of the unconscious girl.

"I hope you can forgive me." Constance said before resuming her vigil.

[1] This section was written purely for humor's sake and is not meant to be actually part of anything that is actually occurring

Storm & Alpha.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

After hearing David talk senseless to the group, Storm shook his head in a disappointed way. He looked towards Melethia with concern. "That ... and I think we should do something about his drinking problem. I would hate to see what happens if we would not be here ... maybe we should consider getting a ship therapist or something to help David get over his alcohol problem. I mean I have no idea if he would want that, but drinking does many bad things to the body ... I haven't even tried a drop of the stuff, it might have some pretty bad consequences for something like me." Storm said but was suddenly caught in thought, maybe he should ask the Doctor to investigate his body a bit further. Although the Doctor probably already has.

"We should leave him here for now ... he has a lot to think about." Alpha's voice ran cold as ice as she began to walk to the door, still in the baggy and over-sized clothes of Storm. "Ah yeah ... I wish to check out too." He muttered back as he walked by her side. "We'll see you later ... Melethia. Just call us when you need us." He called back and then waved, Alpha turned around too and gave a quick bow before the two left the room. Along the walk on the way back to their room, Storm kept looking at Alpha.

"You look good in those clothes." He muttered in a embarrassed tone, he almost flinched just in-case he was going to be hit again. Except a light pat hit him in the stomach instead, Alpha's fist was their but it wasn't a full-power punch. "Just promise me that you won't do anything like that again ... and thank you." She said with embarrassment and a blushing face. Alpha obviously mentioned the battle with the Titan Annie and how he got hurt in the first place.

"Whatever you desire my hime-sama~" He gave a formal bow just before picking her up in the Princess position too. "Wha-what are you doing!?" She asked quickly and stuttering. "Hmm? Isn't that obvious, if you are my Princess, I am your Knight." He smiled gently, after that the two were silent until they reached the room.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Dark battle Music

The Shadow was in a good mood as the two attacks were launched towards him. With one slash of one sword it eliminated most of the projectiles, but with a satisfied "crimson" one of the projectiles impacted the Shadow's shoulder which he turned to break with his other sword. The Shadow had damage dealt to him but he wanted to become hit so he could show off one more feature of the battle. The pain was represented by black flames which happened to go along the chain towards it's target, that target was the Doctor.

With the black flames travelling along the 'strings' it came to the veins connected to the Wanderer, it connected and soon the Doctor let out a cry of anguish which sent him into a frenzy of madness. Another attack was launched onto the chain by two participants, yet the chain could only remain after all attacks and all effects on the chain went directly both two the Shadow and Wanderer. The Shadow did not budge and the Doctor went more mad. "Fools, you should all know that you can never sever a connection between light and dark of a person!" the Shadow mocked as the next attack was launched by Cadolbolg.

Being on the defense again, the Shadow matched the attack with his swords in a double crossed blocking stance. The flames were roaring to get over him, some even began to hurt him, once more this trailed back to the Wanderer as well which surprisingly set him partially on fire, mostly the arms and legs. Pain or more power, this was uncertain for the Wanderer who still fought the users. Devon whom launched a flashbang at the Shadow was most effective, with the light shining brightly the Shadow tried to cover his eyes but it seemed it began to sizzle his black flesh for a while. A dark howl filled the room, the Shadow decided to return a attack with two swings of his swords black flames were sent towards his close attackers.

When the flashback hit, it actually did not damage the Wanderer, but instead it returned his normal personality for a couple of seconds. At that moment he had switched his weapons for two of his .45 Auto submachine gun which he opened fire on Ella, when he came around to see the room he could see Annie above him talking about the things he talked about before. "Remember Revelations .... Doctor S. Remember what you stand for in this world and yours back home." is what she said in front of him.

Those lines got a brief smile out of the Doc before he turned with a serious face. "The only way to truly save me is by beating him ... do not care about me for now, just take him down enough so I may face him myse-" He was cut off, again his eyes faded back to the blackness he had before. Jumping off the ground and onto his legs, he decided to change his weapons once more. With a agile jump he was further when he pulled out a rather large grenade machinegun.

Without a second thought he began to unload into the people in front of him and Deadshot. Luckily enough, one figure ran behind him in a incredible dash. It was Yu who caught up to the people who were fighting the Shadow instead. Coming in just before the black flames, Yu summoned his Persona instantly, it was a spell and it gave more defense to all allies for the incoming attacks.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal, Slindis, Teri,

Because I can.

Once Constance was dragged out of the Training Room, Teri gave a friendly salute to Squishy, who looked reasonably less boiled than before. The elemental gave a shivering "thanks" before disappearing onto the ground again; leaving Teri alone with her- "SONOFA-DIMITRI! KILL THE POWER! NOW! Heel Hercules! Heel!"

Without a thought to the contrary, Teri shouted, "TOYOTAMA, PROTECT DAD!"
and her Persona flung itself in front of Hercules, bringing the Trident up to block the next strike of Hercules' claws. A resounding *CLANG* rang through the air as the two weapons met, leaving the two Personas in a stare off before Dimitri's voice spoke over the Tablet again, "Procedures to cease Shadow Emulator initiated. We will return in 3...2...1..."

With that, the colors and Personas faded away, and a semblance of normalcy took over the room. Teri sank to the floor after the Personas disappeared, clinging to her arms in pain. It didn't look like much when Toyotama first blocked the blow, but Teri could feel the amount of exertion her Persona had to use to keep Hercules back; and even then, she was more than certain that if Hercules had put more strength behind his blow, Toyotama could have taken much worse damage. As the Cleric tried to tough through her current condition, her Persona shouted in outrage:

"Son of a cocksucking whore! Fucker almost broke my trident with that attack! WARN ME before we start doing suicidal, dumbass, stunts like that again! We're lucky Dimitri was already on the helper side of things, or else the both of us would have gotten fucked up bad. Anyways, I'm gonna take a nap for a while. We can talk more about Dad's personality shift later, that shit at the end wore me out; and I need to work on fixing up my trident. Don't do anything stupid while I'm asleep."

Location - Shadow Zone's Operation Theater: Wanderer, Yu, Deadshot, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Garm, Annie
Gotta stick with the source material, man~!

"I got it! It's Strong to Darkness and Weak to Light! Best of luck!"

Yep, in seeing the fight begin to unfold, Mitsuru had unraveled the sneaky Shadow's scheme.

That all being said (and Annie's Persona blocking the attack), Cadolbolg focused his attention on the chains this time, and called to his Persona, "Lei Zhenzei! Blast those chains to oblivion!"

After said stream of attacks, however, Cadolbolg slumped a little in the air, feeling himself drained after pulling off that maneuver again. It seemed to be the strongest lightning attack that Lei Zhenzei could do, but it really took a lot out of the turtle-dragon baby.

With another of the shocking attacks launching at the chains, Garm had to let go to avoid being hit by the lightning (something he sensed he REALLY didn't want coming his way). After Cadolbolg's attack, however, Garm attacked the chains again with his cold teeth, and bit down hard to try to get some sort of effect on them; the cold from his bite continuing to seep in as he struggled with the structure.

Storm & Alpha.
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay .

"He's experienced enough to kill, he's experienced enough to drink whatever the hell he can handle. Sure, he messed up with some of the drinks, but he's still alive." she gave plenty of time for David to be more coherent, but Melethia's face was easily recognizeabe to mist people. Seeing it might sober David up, depending on how fast he could recover...

SHe could hear the frantic steps of someone making their way over, but she wasn't all that concerned at this point since they didn't sound like her sister's steps.

Yu Narukami, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie and etc.
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Perhaps it was the boost from Yu or maybe it was the fact that she'd skirted dying only a few minutes ago, but the blades didn't hurt all that much. "It's my only one, Annie, and it's not made for that... I'll need a second, but until thenpush hard and cut through!" Devon's melodic tone was punctuated with a cry from Mengde, and the rallying effects could be felt through the whole group.

Devon has Inspired Courage in her group! All attacks barring spells have their damage increased for the next chunk of time, and they're braver as well.

Bard Songs left: 12

A glance was shot back to see Ella moving to work in tandem with Garm, and Devon had a thought run through her head to push it on further. "Okay, it's time to make this work!" A bold cry from Mengde had a rather strong effect on our Bard; her movements became fairly fluid as her attacks began to be swung at the Shadow with a very unexpected timing.

To finish it on her end, Devon begins the Snowflake Wardance to become far more dangerous in a fight! Until the end of the fight, Devon's attacks are more accurate and damaging at the expense of complete fatigue when it's done.

Bard Songs left: 11

This passion to get up close wasn't lost on Ella, though, and she knew that Devon was going on again with that macho 'let me take the front lines' bullshit. I'm going to need some good help with these outfits I'm getting for Devon tomorrow... Her thought was stopped as she got caught in the shockwave, smashing the butt of her Halberd into the Wanderer's pinky toe in the Process

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal Slindis, Teri, Constance, Jenny, Cz

Luckily, it seemed that Teri had the situation covered, so Slindis took some time to process what she'd seen through the fight. Wasn't his Persona supposed to be tamed? Its actions were far too erratic... Too much is off... talking with Rugal might just tip him off too soon, so I need to find more facts here before I show my hand here. Bringing it up now might just give him time to make lies to cover himself.

"Rugal, I need to check on Constance. After all, she did just take a beating. Teri, I'm guessing you're well?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal, Slindis, Teri

Hercules froze in horror as Tomoyama blocked his attack, realizing both that his only real chance to get Rugal was gone and all he succeeded at was hurting Teri.
He let off a low growl of despair before the Training room reverted to normal and he faded away, knowing Rugal would never let him out again.

"....Fucking Hell...I don't understand. I beat my Shadow...Why is it still acting up?..." Rugal asked in confusion as if he didn't already know why that happened.
Guess I won't be calling you out again... he thought as he saw Teri in pain.
"Thanks...I owe you one..." He merely said as Slindis confronted him.
Even now, he is still a massive pain in my ass... He thought as he went to check up on the Cleric.
"You okay Sweetheart?"

Deadshot, Devon, Garm, Ella, Cadolbolg, Annie, Yu
Shadow Wanderer.
Location: Shadow Zone | Operation Theater.

Deadshot was annoyed that his 9mm didn't seem to have enough kick to sever the Chains connecting Wanderer to his Shadow, but he couldn't help but whistle with impress as Wanderer pulled out a Mini-Gun that shot freaking grenades!
"...I have GOT to get me one of those..." He mused from his perch as the Doctor began to open fire.
"Quickfire round! DRAW!" He shouted as he loaded a fresh clip into his handgun and took aim.
What Wanderer saw was his grenades harmlessly exploding in midair before they could hit their marks as Deadshot shot down his projectiles, rendering his attack rather ineffective.
"YEAH! Bet David West can't do that shit! Woo!" He taunted as he aimed to draw Wanderer's fire, seeing how he had the skill to make his bombs harmless.

As he reloaded, he Evoked [Null] who walked over out of the Shadows beside him, still annoyed at the Assassin for running off last time, still baring cracks in his mask and tears in his suit.
"You again?...You going to stick around this time?" it asked until for once Deadshot was the one pointing a gun at IT'S head.
"Shut up, Mr. Big Shot. Get a rifle and Set up on the far side, Mirror my position and aim for the Shadow." He commanded as he finished his reload and saw the other's attacks and how the only one seeming to get hurt was Wanderer.
"....Second thought, I have an idea. Set up, but aim for Wanderer, shoot him in the leg. See if this Pain Link works both ways." He then ordered as he got ready to shoot down the next volley of grenades.

His logic was that if the Shadow passed it's pain and suffering onto Wanderer, then maybe harming Wanderer might do the Reverse, making it easier to take down the Shadow.

David West, Melethia, Jenny, Constance, Cz
Location: Rising Dawn | Med-bay.

After Storm and Alpha left, David sat up, somewhat annoyed of the outcome of his sudden bender.
"Christ above...It ain't even the weekend...Ew...Mouth tastes like a janitor's closet" He groaned as Melethia entered his view.
"...Mel?....Oh god, Don't tell me-!!!" He panicked as he realized he just had a Major Bender on the Rising Dawn.
For David, there was 2 modes of Drinking: Standard was just him on a daily basic while Bender was saved for special events and was FAR more intense, more like something Deadshot would do.
"...Ohhh mannn...I'm never gonna hear the end of this...Okay....Break it to me straight...What did I do?" He asked the elf as he held his head, the embarrassment and guilt starting to sink in.
At least I didn't wake up in my underwear again...

Before she could answer, Jenny, Cz and Constance arrived, The pokemon laying Cz down on one of the other beds while Constance seemed to be talking to herself.
"Constance, It's okay...Don't worry, she'll be just fine. All she needs to do is learn her limits." She explained to the Vampire as she used her limited medical knowledge (Secondhand stuff she learned from Slindis and Teri) to help Cz recover.
"As for Forgiveness, I already have..." she then smiled, letting Constance know she wasn't in trouble in the slightest.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal, Slindis, Teri

"You okay Sweetheart?"

Teri looked up to Rugal and gave the smallest of nods, and winced again when she pushed herself up, slinging Sadei's bow form over herself after doing so, "Feels like the first time I ever tried a flurry on a wall; like my arms are gonna fall off. Toyotama's pissed at me for trying that at all; said it almost broke her trident."

She moved her arms a bit to try to loosen them up, but the fact was obvious: it hurt her greatly to do so. As the Cleric tried to get some of the soreness out, she asked her staff, "I didn't think Personas attacked their wielders... I thought all that was taken care of? You're the one who's been agreeing with Tama, Sadei, what do you make of it?"

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Shadow Realm Rugal, Slindis, Teri

"I'm sorry that happened. It's strange, I confronted my Shadow and yet..." Rugal mused as he helped Teri up.
"Still, Your alright and that's the important thing. She's fine Slindis, You go check up on Constance." He said to the Drow as the trio left the Training Room.
"Right, I dunno about you, but I could do for something to eat. Slindis, want me and Teri to bring you down something?"" He asked, pretty relaxed after that engagement.

Location: Med Bay | Rising Dawn

David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

What do machines dream of? The simple answer, is that they do not. They do not dream. But Cz, being no longer a machine, dreamed. And she dreamed brightly and vividly, as if she had the greatest practice in the art of dreaming. Yet, not all well dreamed dreams are mirthful. No. Her dreams were well dreamed dreams of darkness and fear. In other, more less delicate words; her dream was a nightmare.

There was a woman in front of her, looking about her early twenties. Bright red hair and a single emerald eye peering out of a cracked yellow mask locked into a grotesque painted grin. Beneath her bangs shone a star and moon, shimmering like a pool of molten gold. She looked sad. She was standing upon a sea of infinite darkness, stretching from horizon to horizon. A place of absolute emptiness. Yet it was filled with souls. Cz knew this. But she also knew she was not here. Rather she was witnessing something occur, something astral. Not unlike the phase space representation she used to hide away her real body. There was another form in the Darkness. A blonde haired boy, no older than his teens standing opposite to this red haired woman. His sapphire blue eyes glared deep into her emerald eyes. Both of them were cold and dead. Unfeeling and uncaring. Behind the woman was yet another shape, and another. A man with long airy white hair, clothed from head to toe in luxurious crimsons. He held a wooden staff in slender delicate fingers, nails manicured to reflective perfection. He smiled, his eyes shining a brilliant emerald green. Yet, they were filled with life. A strange, mad, cackling life almost akin to fire. Two women were behind him, holding each other tentatively. Their faces were shrouded in darkness, but their eyes were definite in the pool of uncertain shadows. One a bright blood red, and the other a deep enchanting brown. Cz turned around and took another look at the boy, and found that he had people behind him too. There was a tall fiery orange Knight astride a massive flaming horse. Flames trickled out of his visor and into the void around them. Leaning against the horse was a small waif of a girl. No more than fourteen, sharing her looks with the man in red. She cast a knowing smile at Cz.

You! Cz shouted. Yet in her sleep she could only mumble out, "Ti...tan...ia..."

Titania tipped her hat to cover her face, but Cz could still tell that she was smiling maliciously at her. Titania pointed up, as if to say there was one more person for her to see. And there was.

Above all of them, a creature that defied description. Something so foul that it shouldn't, or rather, could not come into existence in any other plane than one of ephemeral Darkness. A shadow that lived and breathed, writhing and extending tendrils that had no definite shape. They did not move as did regular creation moved. It was utterly alien. And for the first time, it struck Cz with an overwhelming sensation of fear. This creature... whatever it was, it was all consuming. Having stretched its dark influence into each of these people. Slowly corrupting them and changing them into itself. Consuming their souls, thoughts, likeness, and abilities. Becoming more and more powerful. A consumer. A predator. Something that could not be captured with words alone. Cz felt her heart stop, she wanted to scream, but could not find the breath. She wanted to cry, but had forgotten how to shed tears. She fell to her knees, weak. Unable to understand.

The existence expanded outward, shedding a terrible evil light upon the world around them. It was not darkness that held the plane eternal, but rather was a infinite world of madness. Impossible, alien geometries, creatures that should not exist, and were terrifying and unsettling just to know existed. It would drive a man mad for years and years to come, and follow him into death. Yet nothing in this world of madness compared tot hat primordial creature of Darkness that lay above it all, like some dark god. Titania had vanished, but Cz did not notice. She could not notice. The completeness of her being had been consumed by the Darkness. And the Darkness had but only one name. It could only have one name. Something to describe the absolute evil cold that existed before her. A Heart of Absolute Blackness... BlackHarte.

Cz woke up, her head pounding. Constance and Jenny were next to her, but she bolted up right anyhow. The IV drip almost fell out of her arm. Her body had been treated for malnutrition and dehydration, but the machines could no thing for her mental health. Cz screamed uncontrollably, shivering, her entire body shook without need. Her long raven hair fell down around her like a veil of darkness. Her eyes were open wide, darting from corner to corner, searching for signs of that horrible thing from her nightmare. Cz gasped when she ran out of breath and choked down a few mouthfuls of air.

"Where... where.. where is Cz?" she said suddenly. That's not what I want to say. Cz looked up and Constance, her eyes still wide in fear. "I... I... I is scared!" Cz looked at the hands reaching out toward Constance. They were smaller and thinner than she remembered. These are not my hands. No, they were far too childish to be Cz's hands, who had been a woman grown when she entered the Training Room. Then it hit her. Compressed form. Something put me into compressed form without my permission. And out of the corner of her eye she saw a black spot slither across the ceiling vents. She felt a shiver run down her spine. Little Cz jumped up and grabbed onto Constance crying. "I is scared! I is scared!" While her compressed form could handle logic processes of her full personality with ease... this underdeveloped human body had less ability. it could only process the basest of Cz's new instincts. And right now, there was only fear. Even Veles, deep inside Cz, felt unsettled by that dark presence in her dream, for it was far too real.

After all. Machines do not dream.

Rising Dawn: Med Bay: David West | Melethia | Jenny | Constance | Cz

While Cz's reawakening took her by surprise, her outburst was competely unexpected as Jenny jumped in her skin.
Acting fast, she did the one thing she could: Attempt to console the frightened Cz.
"There there, it's okay. It's Jenny, Remember? You're okay...Shush shush shush..." She said in a soothing matter as she gently placed her hands on the sides of Cz's head in order to get her to look at her face.
"It's okay...You're safe. Everything is alright..." She repeated, focusing on calming her down before she attempted to ask what had scared her so much.

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