The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The lesser Evil.
Storm & Alpha. (& Deadshot)
Location: Workshop | Hanger | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Storm smiled, leaning against the door to the workshop, he was glad that Alpha was talking to Deadshot at a distance and not close, he knew he was dangerous. " ... mmm, fine, but he will be angry when he finds out. But I hear he is a asshole so ... go to town on it." She gave a impish smile and a thumbs up to the assassin. Of course Alpha knew who Deadshot was, but she also knew who Rugal was. She liked neither of them, but Deadshot seemed like a better person from what she had seen so far, especially due to his 'care' for Annie, she had went over the Cell footage from before, her whole view of Rugal changed.

Accessing her AI side, her right eye lit up with a blue glow, in a few seconds the ramp started to extend downwards, allowing for things to get in and out. "Have fun! She gave a yell back to Deadshot.

The SCP Foundation.
The Lone Wanderer.
Location: Medical Bay/Lab | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

After becoming slowly depressed, the Wanderer had walked back into the rooftop elevator and taken down to the level where the lab and medical bay was. Even the robot butler tried to talk to the Doctor but was ignored with a sad aura. Being the the medical bay/lab right now, the Wanderer was searching on the computer about his persona, Kannon. Using the 'search engine' called 'Google', he found out that it belonged to an anime series called 'Gundam Seed'. With this the good Doctor managed to look up the Strike Freedom's spec and what it had.

Yet his jaw dropped when he saw how much it exactly had.
"Impossible!" He slammed the table where the computer was. Suddenly, a swift gust of window that came from a window blew something right into the face of the Wanderer. Pulling it off he saw a logo with 'SCP' on it and the number 'SCP-7-j'. "The fuck is this?" He scratched his head as he began to read over it.

After the whole report, the Wanderer only could blink a few times. "Purgatory ... Black Hawk ... High Priests with pens ... OAKLAND, who the fuck lives in Oakland!?" He erupted into a yell, he knew what happened to Oakland in his world, calming down after a few seconds he remembered that this wasn't his world. "I'm guessing that the very first Rising Dawn crew did this. Weird ... but this 'SCP' intrigues me. Now how does one get into Purgatory?" The Doctor said with a naughty smile.

Yu Narukami, David, Fuuka and Mitsuru.
Location: Lab | Shadow operatives building.

For the rest of the meeting Yu just listened, after Fuuka and Mitsuru's comments he just simply shrugged. "Got it, I'll being heading back to my room now." He added his last comment as he left the room and began to walk back to his own roof, going to try to get some sleep, yet he knew he would try to make a few calls to find out a couple of things.

"Would you mind if I tagged along as well?" She said, oh so very aware of Som's frustration. "I think he's sober enough if he has that sort of aim." She said as she took a glass of grape juice from Mele. "Besides, I'd like to know why he seems so... irritated." She said whistling, playfully antagonizing his assumptions on her. Of course he could have been frustrated for many reasons, and she wasn't a mind reader... but it's easy to make assumptions both ways. Assumption does not necessarily imply incorrectness. "You've also a nice aim Mr? ..." She inquired as to his name with a fairly warm smile. "As for how I managed to apparently fly to a different universe... I'm just as clueless as you." she said with a shrug

Shadow Operatives Building: Canteen: Kalastyrn, Melethia, Som, Ton Ton

Ton Ton took a sip of his orange juice and added in, "He said his name was Som Waterford, of some kind of hunting authority. But, if we're gonna train with all our powers, you're gonna need an Evoker, or else you can't summon your Persona. See?"

Ton Ton pointed to the odd collar around his neck, "These machine thingies! They help us summon them for help."
Of course, Ton Ton didn't know that Kalastryn had come to terms with her Shadow, and wouldn't require an Evoker at all. None the less, the Tonberry sounded enthusiastic about helping Kalastryn catch up to speed with the recent events in the Persona verse.

Paulownia Mall: Arcade Panic Cadol, Devon

As the two began to peruse the arcade in the mall, Cadolbolg first stopped at a candy dispenser, and gave a satisfied nod about what was held. A cute look and Devon's purchase later, the tiny turtle dragon looked around and saw it. Looking bigger than some dogs, a giant squid sat on display uptop the ticket-for-prizes booth. Upon seeing the plush monstrosity, the turtle-dragon called out, "That one! Let's win it for Ella! I bet she'd love it! It's so big and cuddly looking! Now, what games should we play...?"

Airship Rising Dawn: Storage Area: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

When Slindis managed to trip him up and then Toss him into the wall, Rugal answered back with a large downward kick to her kneecap, aiming to remove some of her mobility by breaking it.
He then went for a large chamber punch straight to her face afterwards, attempting to follow it up with another one while she was on the ground.
Lucky, the Drow rolled, causing the blow to instead drill though the metal floor and giving Annie time to connect with a large walljump kick that sent him to the ground with a bleeding nose.

Wiping his face with his arm, he picked himself up as Tama gave her piece.
"Grrrrr...Alright...You choose this path. TO THE GRAVE!" He threatened as he was forced to run down the hall to avoid the incoming bullets, soon getting forced into the training room and the Shadow Zone that Dimitri had set up.
"Alright, Think Rugal, think..." He said to himself as he tried to find a way out of this trap that had been sprung.

"I swear if you sic that SCP on me on my way out..."
Storm & Alpha Deadshot
Location: Workshop | Hanger | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Giving an AI a Wink, Deadshot's head bobbed under the dashboard before the engine purred to life followed by a massive roar of power.
"Ohhhhhh yeah...That's the one...Cheers, I'll try to get this back in one piece..." He said as he flicked on the radio before he burned out of the hanger, tire flumes filling the room as he speed out towards the city.

Night Night!
Yu Narukami, David, Fuuka and Mitsuru.
Location: Lab | Shadow operatives building.

"Right, I'll meet you all then. Have a good one." David stated as he and Yu left the room, David planning to go back to his room for his usual binge.
"See ya in the morning Yu." He said as he walked towards the airship.
This post isn't very long because of writers block so I present to a dirty limerick to pad this out:

There once was a fellow O'Doole
Who found little red spots on his tool
His Doctor a cynic
said Get out of me clinic,
And wipe off that lipstick you fool!

Shadow Operatives Building: Call Room: Jenny, Ella

"ahhhwhhhh thye have him unkder raedio silence, not even thsey can rqecah him. klowsy Hiryu..." Jenny said as she rolled over in the bed, her head hanging off the edge of it from how much she was wiggling around.
The problems of loving a spy, Missions from HQ.
"*Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwnnnnnn* lwep, jusvt keep Devon anyway from ancy cute boys, you mightn't see him agaein..." She then teased, it wasn't like her to poke fun at the others like that, but hey, that's what booze does to ya.
"...whats it like?...u kown...with a womgan?...Akane sezems tmo like it a lot...what about yolu?.."
For every drink Jenny had, the likelihood of going all David West levels of stupid increased by one and lord knows she had a lot to drink...

Rising Dawn: Constance Sorrowfeld's Room : Dreamscape Bast, Constance Sorrowfeld, Jake

"Now, I've been meaning to ask. Are those real, little kitty?" he asked, pointing to her ears.

The Vampire looked a bit embarrassed when the Writer pointed at the faux cat ears that Constance wore before shaking her head in response and taking them off, revealing a clear plastic band that kept them attached to her head.

"No, they're not real." She responded simply before placing them back on her head, "They used to belong to my older sister before she gave them to me when I was really young."

The memory burned within the Vampire quite warmly and as she thought about it, the space between Constance and Jake began to glow, weakly at first but slowly it grew in intensity until both could see an image within the sphere.

Sorrowfeld Manor| 13 Years Ago:

"N - FINE CONSTANCE!" Lily Sorrowfeld responded as she pulled the Cat Ears off of her head and handed them to her younger sister, who looked at the ears with eager anticipation, "Ah! Ah! Ah! First you have to promise me something."

"What?" Constance asked her older sister, who was dressed in a gown of white silk and lace in preparation for the Ball that was to be held in remembrance of the citizens of Sorrowfeld that had lost their lives in the War.

"You need to promise me that you'll aways wear them."


"Well you can take them off for a little bit but no longer than 5 minutes!" The Older Sorrowfeld sister said with a mischevous smile. Mother was going to love this little development.

"Promise!" Constance responded as she grabbed the Caat Ears from Lily's hands and popped them on her head.

"Not to bad, lil." Which was short of Little, which was short for Little Sister, "Just remember your promise."

"I will, Lily!" The Younger Sorrowfeld sister said as she turned to see their mother enter the room.

"Mommy! Mommy! Look at what Lily gave me!" Constance squealed in excitement as she ran to her mother, who gave the older Sorrowfeld sister a look and asked Constance to remove those ears this instant.

"I can't Mommy! I promised Lily that I would never take em off!" Constance responded before running out of the room intent on showing off her new ears to the guests that were arriving for the Ball.

Little did Constance know that one day, her promise would save her life.

The image faded not long after the scene had played itself out and the room was no longer filled with the Sorrowfeld Vampires. Constance had not moved a single muscle as she relived the memory and when it was finished, the Vampire bolted towards where the image had been.

"Mom? Lily? C-Come back!" Constance called out, grasping at the now empty space, tears welling up in her eyes. But they were gone. With scars reopened, the Vampire bolted towards the woods, leaving Jake be himself - well - not entirely.

*CLAP --- CLAP --- CLAP*

The sarcastic applause came from behind the Writer as the feline headed Bast watched with a smirk on her face.

"Bravo, Writer. What's next, are you rub salt in an open wound? Oh yes - I see - you've already done that.

Shadow Operatives Building: Canteen: Kalastyrn, Melethia, Som, Ton Ton

"Would you mind if I tagged along as well?"

"If we're gonna train with all our powers, you're gonna need an Evoker, or else you can't summon your Persona. See?"

The Hunter could not help but frown as it seemed that everyone agreed that a session in the training room would be quite the amiable idea, despite how Som felt about it. Standing up, the Hunter went to retrieve his blade and deposit the damaged bottle into a waste bin.

"Fine. Just stay out of my way." The Hunter said to Kalastryn as he sat back down, clearly unhappy with his lot in life.

Shadow Operatives Building: Canteen: Kalastyrn, Melethia, Som, Ton Ton

Melethia looked at the others as she finished her drink. "Well, whenever you guys are ready, you know." She was comfortable with using the Evoker now (Even if some odd nagging doubts were starting to pop up) so she felt more than comfortable with helping Kalastryn and Som with their Personas.

Paulownia Mall: Arcade Panic Cadol, Devon

Devon looked at that squid as well as a rather small dragon plush sitting next to it and nodded. "Hmm, maybe we could try getting something for Teri as well?" Now, she'd never been the best with these kinds of games way back in the past, but she was feeling lucky tonight...

Thirty Minutes Later

Unfortunately, it took more than a bit for the luck to start coming, so she eventually went up to the clerk heading up the ticket trade in and sighed in disappointment.

"I'm just not having any kind of luck... these games are just so hard! Is there any way that I could maybe buy those two plushes?" Fortunately for Devon, the high-school attendant was rather easily swayed for some odd reason, and he rather quickly nodded as the cash was exchanged.

"Well, I don't normally do this, but okay. Maybe if you're not busy tomorrow night, you could grab those two friends of yours from earlier today and we could hit the town? I know the fifth Exterminator movie's opening tomorrow night." It wasn't too clear to Devon, but the attendant was trying to hit on the Bard.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to be real busy tomorrow... Thank you for the offer, though." After bagging the plushes, she went back to Cadolbolg playing an rocket-shaped claw game.

"Having fun, Cadol?"

Airship Rising Dawn: Storage Area: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

"I knew you guys wouldn't forget about me again, and thanks for helping me, Tama. The most I can do is refuse a wielder, so the connection does mean a lot.

Now, come on, Teri! We gotta keep going if we want Rugal back!" Although it wasn't too loud, Sadei's chiming speech both soothed and reinvigorated Teri so the Cleric could keep going.

Even though her leg was sore from Rugal's attack, she responded with a rather fierce rebuttal. "Look, I've had enough of your overblown speeches. As I said, it's until the best person wins. Right now? Even with all the talk of might you're throwing around, you're the weakest person I've ever fought. When you consider I trained Teri from the start, that's saying something." The angrier she could make Rugal, the more that he would attack blindly and leave openings. And that was the kind of thing Slindis was looking for, especially considering Rugal could use Ki attacks again at a cost. If that cost would force the real Rugal out more, she could take the attacks that would come.

"Joanne, protect us!" A slash with that glove of hers brought Joanne to the field, and she responded in kind by creating shimmering barriers to protect the group fighting Rugal. Anticipating what Slindis would ask for next, Joanne immediately tapped Slindis on the shoulder to infuse her with Strength as well.

Slindis has used a Turn Undead attempt through Joanne to create a Mass Shield of Faith effect for Teri, Garm, Annie, and herself! It should provide some protection against the assault that Omega Rugal's sure to start.

In addition, Joanne uses another Turn Undead attempt to give Slindis Divine Might, boosting the strength of all her attacks!

Turn attempts left: 10
Lay on Hands left: 1

Shadow Operatives Building: Call Room: Jenny, Ella

"It still sounds a bit too easy for that, though... you sure something else isn't happening? I've seen plenty of plotting assholes to last me a lifetime." Ella nudged Jenny so she didn't fall off the bed; after all, Jenny would already be sore enough without a fall to add to the mix.

Jenny's next statement brought a chuckle to Ella's face, though. Even if Jenny wasn't too good with words when drunk, it was nice to see her unwind. Way too many people on the ship seemed to have forgotten how to do that, in the Demi-succubus' eyes.
"Oh, I'm sure Devon wouldn't really think about that. I mean, she takes after Caim way more than you think; you're not the only one that could see that Devon really only has eyes for me. Wow, that sounds way more cocky when I say it out loud, but Devon doesn't have eyes for anyone else."

Jenny's final question was met with a laugh as Ella tucked the Gardevoir in.
"Well, it's not way too much different than I was with Devon before it all happened, you know? Just there's different things to do with her. Besides, Devon being as she is doesn't mean we can't have kids, you know. Succubi have little tricks to help with that should both parties be willing."

There was certainly more, but it was still dead clear there was a strong connection between the two. Sure, Ella was controlling at times, but there had been something big even before the change that made Ella get so close to Devon, anyway... What was it?

Rising Dawn: Constance Sorrowfeld's Room : Dreamscape Bast, Constance Sorrowfeld, Jake
*CLAP --- CLAP --- CLAP*

The sarcastic applause came from behind the Writer as the feline headed Bast watched with a smirk on her face.

"Bravo, Writer. What's next, are you rub salt in an open wound? Oh yes - I see - you've already done that.

Jake watched the scene sadly. Was he always to play therapist when he himself wasn't in need of it? He sighed as the young vampire ran off, and then he was taunted by the other. He simply flipped open the notepad with a sigh and wrote in it. Several seconds later Constance teleported right back to where she had started, sitting at her chair at the table. "Stay there and do not move." Jake commanded in a harsh tone, one that demanded compliance. Deadly intent shone through the Author's now ice cold blue eyes. Constance found herself afraid, considering what he had said before her reflection and bad memory.

He got up and turned to the other, his voice dangerously low and dripping venom. "You. I will give you one chance to be silent before I remove you. I am in command here, I am an Author with no limits and I am dead. I have very, very few fucks left to give. I dare you. Make me give a fuck."

He sat back down at the table. "Constance, I am very sorry I brought that up. I did not mean to bring forth painful memories. I know it's hard, but you must move on. They are gone. Remember them, yes, mourn them, yes, but nothing you can do will bring them back. Let them go on in peace, wherever they may have passed on to, just as you must go on living. Again, I am truly sorry for this happening, this was meant to be a peaceful respite from a nightmare. If you so wish, I can write this little scene out of existence for you, so you simply wake up refreshed." Now, a cool warmth was all those blue eyes seemed to show, even if his face was a display of sadness and regret.

Shadow Operatives Building: Call Room: Jenny, Ella

"well, what else could it be? Blade doesn't call, Hiryu doesn't caldl, nothing from Furiae, hell, i'll take that uasshole Hien..." Jenny sighed as she turned over in the bed, slowly coming out of her buzz as she talked about the Striders, seeing how she was one of the only ones that could openly.
Her giddiness also seemed to fade as Ella went on about how committed Devon was.
"...Yeah...She really cares about you, doesn't she?..." The pokemon mournfully said, wishing she could say the same about Blade and herself.
Her eyes widened when Ella went about how they could still have children.
"...How would yo-....Do I really want to know this?..." She then stammered slightly, her mind unable to think of anything else.
She knew Ella was from Hell, but little else she realized.
"I mean, you only knew her for what? A year?"

The pokemon winced as her Shadow seemed to have resurfaced, having survived her attempts to drown it with liquor.
"...Hey, how did you two meet anyway?..."

Reposting this shit to be all in one place.

Shadow Operatives Building: Call Room: Jenny, Ella

After shaking her head, Ella then explained how she saw things going on with the Striders based on her experience from Hell. "Plotting? Caim hasn't heard from his sister in ages too, so it's nothing willing happening there. I know enough to know that Furiae going this long without any contact is highly unusual for her. I don't think it's because Blade doesn't care for you."

The explanation for the children had to be a bit parsed because even she was still fuzzy on the intimate details, but she gave what she could. "Magic, and it would have to be willing between the two. That willing bit usually stops most mages from using it, considering it takes a lot of training and most of them are as charismatic as a doornail. That and the fact that if it's between two women, there'll never be any baby boys. They never really explained it too well, but some stuff about genetics and all."

Ella was able to go a bit more in-depth on how she met Devon, though, and she did.
"Well, it started with Devon taking me out of hell right before that forest to get into the temple. You know, the one with all the traps and that stone we had to get? It was a crazy time with everything going on, after all. At the time, I was just glad to be out, you know? Plus, Devon was using the whole "I just got you out of Hell' card, so It helped a lot more to not get too crazy.

Still, is there something going on with you? You didn't get hurt, so it's odd for you to flinch like that. If you don't want to say anything it's okay, but I've got no problem helping you out. After all, we both know hardly anyone seems to be concerned with those that take care of others here."

Was Ella trying to be a therapist for Jenny? It was certainly a nice change of pace for someone on the ship to be concerned with the Gardevoir's well-being.

Paulownia Mall: Arcade Panic Cadol, Devon

Cadolbolg's eyes lit up when he saw the Bard had won the plushies, not even realizing that the crane had finally grabbed an alien, "Wow, nicely done, Devon! How'd you manage to win them? These games are hard for me.... As for your question, I am having fun, but this is a big challenge for me. You think we could grab some sweet stuffs too? Those cake drinks made me want to have some candy, admittedly..."

Airship Rising Dawn: Storage Area: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

After Rugal ran off, Tama directed Teri's body to mount up on the wolf again, petting her fuzzy companion before reassuring him with, "She'll be better once we get to that training room. We can pop some healing there."
"It also means you need to wake up, Munchkin. If you're not awake, I can't be summoned, and then we'll both be in some trouble..."

Silence reigned in the mind for a moment, before the Cleric weakly spoke in her mind, "Alright... Just get me in there. I can get the Aura and Healing Devotion to kick in..."

Without a further explanation, Garm sped his way along. Upon reaching their destination, Garm could feel the empowerment of Slindis' spell cover over them; and finally decided to speak, "You will stop this madness, Alpha Rugal, even if we have to make you with our fangs and claws!"
Tama made Teri's body shoot the Shadow a rude gesture with her middle finger and added, "Fuck you and your high and mighty bullshit, Shadow! Now, Munchkin, summon up a storm!"
"You got it. Toyotama-hime, come out and give us the gift of healing!"
"Annie, I'm gonna need you to stay still for a moment. I'm about to cast a buff on you..."

The fierce expression on the Cleric's face faded as a Tarot card began to descend from below. Crushing it in her hands, Toyotama-hime appeared in a cloud of blue mist, and waved her trident over the group, and the party could feel the healing aura began to wash over them. As for Teri, with a bit of further concentration, she felt her rate of healing increase as well, tapping into an ability she had not used in some time. Following that, the Persona took a defensive position as the Cleric began to prepare the casting of a spell....

Burning a Turn attempt and a daily use of Healing Devotion, Teri activates her Positive Energy Aura. Those who stand within 15 feet of her will heal for 2hp every 6 seconds. And, with the bonus of Healing Devotion, Teri is able to recover an additional +1 HP for a minute, making her healing rate 3 HP per six Seconds. Healing Devotion lasts for a minute, and will require turn attempts for additional uses.

Turn attempts remaining: 7 6 Undead/5 Fire subtype creatures

With all the Personas being summoned, Dimitri called for his to be used as well, the image of a
and the butler appearing on the Tablet's screen, and called out; "He is resistant to Physical attacks, and Weak against Light magic. I hope that can help...."

Shadow Operatives Building: Lab: Fuuka, Ryan and Mitsuru

"Pardon me, I.. uh, wanted to know if I could have a moment of your guy's time. My name is Ryan, and I am part of the crew- assuming anyways - and would like to have a map to this place. I get lost so easily..."

Mitsuru and Fuuka exchanged a glance of confusion at the sight of the Dragonoid, but at the mention of Rising Dawn they visibly relaxed; "So, you're lost? And if you only recently came to us, I guess that means you need an Evoker too.."

"I knew we needed to put a site map in the establishment.... Well, welcome, Ryan. What are you looking for exactly?"

Airship Rising Dawn: Storage Area: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

Rugal had his back to the wall right now, between Slindis's advance, that damn healing field of Teri's and the 25 foot titan Annie summoned, he saw he wasn't going to get out of this one easy, least not without-
"...Alright...You think you can beat me Slindis? Well here I am..." he grumbled after Slindis received that buff from her Persona, but he still thought that in terms of power he had the advantage.

Boy was he wrong.

He came out swinging with punches and kicks, The Drow having been trained to avoid those easily, but what surprised him the most is when he took a blow to the chest.
His eyes widened as he was hit WAY harder then he thought he would be, causing him to reel back slightly as he was winded and started coughing.
When he did, a small amount of blood came out, he had been hit so hard it caused him some internal bleeding.
"*Cough cough* "Wah!? How did-!?....grrrrr...." He growled in anger as he rushed in again, going for a hook only to got get struck hard in the jaw, nearly dislocating it.
This was then followed up by a few attacks that had her speed but his power, a lethal combination that had him barely able to stand once it was over.

"ooohhhhhhhh....fucking...magic....uhhhhh..." He groaned, hating just how quickly a spell could screw him over as he fell to his knees.
"ahhh..hhh...*COUGH COUGH gasp!*....heheheheh...okay...I think you made your point...So here's mine: You think...this is over?...Rugal...has...a LOT of skeletons in his closet, more then even he knows...So..ask yourself, do I really want to spend the rest of my life cleaning up after this man? AND FOR WHAT?! So he can go off and Die in another few decades?!..."
He then made the best play he could possibly make, drawing his pistol and pointing it to his own head.
"...Last chance...Let me go or by god you can clean his brains all off these walls..." He then threatened, if she cared so much then she'd rather see him live then die, right?

Paulownia Mall: Arcade Panic Cadol, Devon

Devon was clearly glad to see that Cadolbolg was having so much fun with the games, but she didn't want to ruin the fun by mentioning that she bought the plushies. "Well, when there's a will, there's a way to think outside the box. Still, are you having fun here? That's the most important thing here, after all. Just check the slot down there to see if you got anything and we can go our for some sweet foods on the way back, little bro." She rubbed the top of his head and took one last round on the crane game next to Cadol, but it was clear that Cadolbolg was better at it than she was.

Still, there was a small candy store not too far away that could be visited, so that would make a nice last stop for the night.

The In-between.
The Lone Wanderer.
Location: Medical Bay/Lab | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Sitting down at the main table in the medical bay, the Wanderer was left to his thoughts. Purgatory wasn't a word you would hear much in the Wastelands, and the Wanderer himself was a man of a somewhat Christian faith. With his chin touching his unshaven face, he just decided to quit thinking and use the internet. Sighing to himself the good Doctor hates being beaten by a far future technology. A few webpages and Google, he found Wikipedia's entry on the place.

Reading a couple of sentences he already knew what it was. "The place in-between huh? I think I know how to get there ... " The Wanderer said with a concerned frown, he knew that his body regenerated and could not die, but he always wanted to know where his soul went as his body was repairing itself. Depending on how he would 'die' he would go to his mental space or a place in which he only saw white. With that he only said it was Heaven doing something to him so he wouldn't die or that.

"First try for everything ... I want a pet! Plus, I can train him to hunt Deadshot." He yelled to himself as he wrote down a note and places it on the desk in front of his.


Dear who ever finds this.

Please do not touch my body, or I will touch you later.
BRB, gone to Purgatory to unleash a horrible creature that devours 'evil-born beings'.

- Love, Wanderer.

P.S Will try to make this SCP control it's orifice bleeding powers so no one dies.
P.P.S Don't touch me.

Placing the pen down, he nodded to himself in agreement with himself. "Well, hopefully those High Priests don't mind visitors. I should also make a note to buy a tone of holy salt. The Wanderer pondered once more as he automatically brought his signature pistol out of his invisible inventory and into his hand. ("Are you sure you want to do this ... as much as I want a killer holy slash evil bird, going to purgatory and leaving our body behind ain't exactly smart ...") The Shadow called out to warning but already felt the cold barrel against his host's skull.

("Ah fuck-")

The two said and the trigger was pulled, immediately the bullet launched from the barrel and penetrated the head of the Wanderer, that had been many, many times shot before. The blood spurted out from hole as it reached the brainmatter, the momentum from this shot had transferred and the Wanderer's body fell to the side, carrying the chair with it. The gun instantly fell from his hands, where it faded away into nothing. The body then just laid on the floor, pouring out and soon the timer for the Wanderer had begun as the body began to repair itself once more.


Purgatory - The Lone Wanderer (Spirit form)

To the Wanderer, it just was a quick pain and suddenly they were in another world or realm.
To them, they saw white, just the blank slate of white. Rubbing his eyes, the Wanderer looked around him. Forest, snow and graves were all around him for all the eye could see. "Well, it is suppose to be winter ... but this ain't no nuclear winter ... " He said to himself, noting the cold he quickly switched to his combat armour just in case.

Looking into the distance he could see some ruins, seeing how they are in a graveyard and there is a cross on top of the ruins, it was a church. "Well this simply looks peachy ... ha." He gave a light chuckle as his feet started to plunge into the snow.

A noise.
Storm & Alpha
Location: Hanger | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Seeing Deadshot off with a friendly wave, she had hoped that the assassin will do whatever he wishes with that car, even if Alpha disliked Annie for what she did to her partner, the AI hated Rugal for torturing someone like that, deep inside her she wanted to be on the brink of a mutiny. Alpha then lifted the ramp back and disconnected her AI side, seeing her partner leaning on the side of the hanger workshop doorway. As the girl started to trot along to his side, suddenly only a single noise was heard.


It wasn't loud as a gunshot, but the noise coming from upstairs gave them caution to inspect it. The two decided to go up to the canteen and maybe try to find the source of the noise from there.

Shadow Operatives Building: Call: Jenny, Ella

"...He hasn't?...Wasn't she deployed back in San Ferrio?..." Jenny asked, somewhat surprised that she wasn't the only one whom the Striders seemed to be "Ignoring".
"I'll have to get back to them when we get back to our own realm...but then they'll say "That's Classified"..." She then sighed, recalling the last few times she tried to ask.
She was really regretting not following up with that offer of training from Hiryu, it's most likely why she wasn't as close to the others as she could be.
As Ella explained what was the deal with her and Devon was, her Shadow was kind enough to rear her head again.
"Well, it's not like you can blame them, they don't want to have to haul your weak ass around only to have you get kidnapped. Again."
This naturally caused another jab of pain to enter her head, one that Ella could notice.
"...Wah?...Oh-Nononono, that was...just the liquor on the rebound. Besides, it's not like...everyone...doesn' me..."
"It's sounds rather pathetic when you say it like that, huh?..."
"Either way, I'm fine, just should start getting some sleep soon, I have a hangover in the morning I can't miss. Thanks for the chat Ella."

The pokemon then rolled over on her side with her back to Ella, funny, why was she suddenly so keen to get rid of her?

Prelude to...something...
Storm & Alpha, David West]
Location: Hanger | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

"HOLD THE RAMP!" David shouted, giving the AI a fright as he rolled into the hanger though the gap between the closing door and the Hanger floor.
"Also, Who's was the car? I don't remember seeing it here." He asked the AI as he picked himself up.
"I mean, the bloke in it looked a lot like-"


"...Uhhhh...Never a dull moment. Storm, take point, I got the rear." David then ordered as the trio began making their way towards where the gunshot came from, quickly ending up near Wanderer's Sniper Shack.
And at Wanderer's "Dead" Body with a bullet hole in his head.
"Wanderer!? What the-...BRB, gone to Purgatory to unleash a horri-....uhhh...THIS CURSE OF A SHIP!!" He then said before kicking over one of the useless piles of Junk Wanderer has in his Shack.
"....uhhhh...I miss normal people...Okay...So now what?...We leave him or..."

Airship Rising Dawn: Storage Area: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

Annie's lecture gave Slindis the time needed to think out how she'd get that weapon out of Rugal's hands, but she knew she'd only have the one shot at it."If you really did 'make' Rugal, then you should also know that there's always a third option in situations. It's much like the third option I'm taking right now." Slindis still stood in the same spot as she slashed at her left sleeve with her Evoker glove to summon Joanne again.

"Joanne, Least on gun." The statement didn't make much sense to Rugal for a second, but the pattern that appeared on the Persona's left sleeve was just like Slindis' Aberrant Mark. By the time he was able to fully process it, though, the gun had already been coated in an extremely slippery grease that caused the gun to slip out of his hand.

"I've had to work on cleaning up people that made serious attempts to change. You? Now, I know you're not the king you claimed since you'd rather flee from your problems instead of doing something about them. To be honest, you're nothing more than a thug." Once again, her statements were aimed to egg Rugal on. Sooner or later, he'd want to use Ki attacks, and those were tied to the Rugal she knew and cared about.

Shadow Operatives Building: Call: Jenny, Ella

The more she talked, the more she got little suspicions about the Striders. They weren't bad per se, but something was up. "She was, but even then they didn't talk much. And from what I was able to get from Caim, the little bit said was really terse. I understand training, but It feels like something else..."

The flinch of pain didn't go unnoticed by Ella, and she definitely knew that something was up with Jenny.
"Jenny, I'll stick with you tonight. Devon's got Cadolbolg watching her, so I'm not too worried about her, you know. Besides, you don't look too good, and I've gotten used to keeping an eye on restless people thanks to Devon's situation." The tone that Ella took was one that Jenny herself had used on more than a few stubborn patients that had refused to take treatment that was needed.

Airship Rising Dawn: Storage Area: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

"...I'm a asshole, so sue me." Rugal merely responded to Annie's attempts to break him, briefly pointing the gun at her instead of his head and ready to pull the trigger.
Thankfully, Slindis's Aberrant Mark managed to disarm him before he could do so, causing grunts of anger as he tried and failed to pick it back up.
"...Alright....If you want it so badly...Then fine by me..." He finally conceded, hoping he could make the most out of this situation he was put in as he brought up his Tarot card.
"...I should have killed you years ago..." was his famous last words before he crushed the card to summon his persona.

He looked extremely uneasy in the silence that followed, while he was angry before at the group attacking him for more or less beating him, he seemed afraid right now, constantly checking the area around him for the man he imprisoned.
"....H-h-h-hercules?...." He stammered into the darkness around him as he began to relax again, thinking the Persona wasn't showing up.
"....heh....heheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He's a no show! But don't worry..." He taunted as pride re-entered his system as he reached his arms out and began gathering Ki, no doubt to enter one of his powered up states.
"There is plenty of me to go aroun-"

This was interrupted by a powerful slash by an unseen party, the group able to feel the wind it pushed off.
As quickly as it left, The Shadow's utter terror returned as he lost feeling his left arm.
With a horrified look on his face, he slowly turned his head to find his arm cleanly severed just under the bicep, the appendage itself twitching slightly on the floor beside his knee..
"...." *Whimper* "AHHHHH MY! ARM!" Pain finally caught up to him as he fell to the ground, attempting to nurse away the large bleeding until he finally turned around and saw what did this to him.

The Persona towered over the wounded man, glaring at him, despite the link between a Persona and their master, it seemed to have zero reaction to the pain it was inflicting on the shadow
"....Heeeeeeeeeyyy!....It's..."You"...Umm....H-how are you?..." He pathetically said as he began crawling away from the 10 foot death machine.
He was rewarded for his efforts with a massive claw being stabbed into both of his legs at once, causing a scream of pain from him before being dangled upside down in front of the Persona's face.
I'll take Monday though Thursdays and you can have the long weeken-"

This "Offer" went down about as well as you could expect, prompting the Persona to fling the Shadow into one of the training room walls.
"...S-s-stop! Y-You'll kill us both at this rate!" he begged until he got an answer that sent chills down his spine.
"And bring an end to a lifetime of inflicting suffering on others?...Of greed and lust for power?...Of getting cheap kicks out of torturing others?...

Fine by me."

"....No.....B-b-but, you're a good guy now. Mercy! Compassion! All that shit!.....No....please...I don't want to die....not like this...*Sniff* please..." He began to break down as the Persona advanced on him, right on the edge of wetting himself.
*Crack* went his leg when the Persona stomped hard down on it, Man, he REALLY seemed to hate himself, didn't he?

Just a correction, he shot himself in the Med Bay, so I'll move it there.

A one man quest.
Storm & Alpha and David West.
Location: Medical Bay/Lab | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Seeing the body of his 'brother', Storm gave a sigh. He had knew the truth why he simply placed a bullet to his head, their Author would not allow this, even in the Wanderer's own world it was incredibly hard to kill him. "Nah, give him three days and he will be dancing like a crazy bastard again." Storm said picking up the body and placing it in a private room. Coming back out he faced the two, mostly David.

"The person who just left the hanger was Deadshot, dunno what he was doing. Looked like he wanted to cause more trouble for Rugal." He had said while wiping the mess that the insane Messiah had caused to gain access to another world. "As for this, I'll handle it, we come from the same Author ... besides, he can't die. Hehe." He gave a cold chuckle before continuing to clean the mess up with a mop.

Alpha was about to say something, but the Spartan's eyes said that he needed to do it alone. "But-" She had still tried to say something, but Storm cut her off, devoid of all emotion. "You go with David ... you two should find out about Deadshot since you saw him last. I'll catch you later ... " He said and started to look away while mopping up the blood.

On the bloody desk was a bloody paper file, Alpha simply walked to the door, not wanting anything to do with, she had gotten into a bad mood ... but David ...

The Lone Wanderer.
Location: Snowy Graveyard | Purgatory.

Moving along in the snow was hard, the Wanderer had barely any experience with it and even then it wasn't this densely thick. The air was chilling him to the bone, as if his clothing had not mattered, yet this was just cold and not painful. "I wonder ... if I will see anyone I know here?" He asked himself as he moved forward in the snow. Soon he was on a beaten path, glad he was out of the snow, the Wanderer looked ahead at the ruins, a dark feeling overwhelmed him.

"Sometimes, I ask myself why I do this ... do you have any idea why?" The call was meant for his darker, insane side, yet nothing called back. The feeling of his opposite side was gone, as if he soul was purely light and yet, something was missing. Staying silent he simply moved along the path, hoping that he had not left a big mess behind, yet he would never know.

Shadow Operatives Building: Call: Jenny, Ella

"Hm? Oh no, no. You don't need to do that on my account, really, I'm fine." Jenny lied badly, her shadow giving her quote "3/10. And yet you lie to yourself so well...".
This caused another minor twinge of pain to enter her head as she tried to get rid of Ella.
"Besides, there's only the one bed in this room and I'm sure Devon would be waiting for you back on the ship. Seriously, it's okay." She pointed out, hoping to just have some alone time.
[i]"Oh suck it up! Not like she can help you anyway! She's a succubus! What's she going to do? Fuck me out of your head?"[/i]
She was starting to look distressed now thanks to her Shadow's taunting.
"Look, I appreciate it, but I think I'll be fine." He finished, hoping to get rid of the Demoness before she did something like she did to Devon.

-1 Man
Storm & Alpha and David West.
Location: Medical Bay/Lab | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

"...Least he could do was give us a heads up. Cheers Storm. I'll see what I can dig up." David said as he and Alpha left the room as Storm cleaned it up.
"Sheesh, I don't even have a witty line for something like this! I mean, What the fuck is an SCP anyway?" He asked the AI, not expecting an answer.
"Riiighhhhttt...Second this gig is over, I'm going home, least for a while. Between the Dragon sleeping with the Knight, The Bard having a Sex Change and Wanderer there blowing his brains out for kicks, I really need some time away from this mad house....
Um, No offense." He then said as the duo walked down the halls.

Airship Rising Dawn: Training Room Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

Teri and Garm had stayed near the back of formation while Annie and Slindis brought Rugal down to size. However, upon Hercules' arrival, and the loss of an arm, Teri gasped at the sight of the Persona, memories of dealing with Garradors flooding her mind. They were bad enough to mess with in a video game. To see one in real life? Terrifying.
"Holy shit..."
Toyotama on the other hand, had a bit of a different reaction. Lowering her trident, the Icy Persona floated Hercules' way and gave the terror inducing Persona a hug, "DAD~! It is you! Man, I thought we lost you to that douchebag possessing your body..."
"Uh...Priorities, Toyotama? We need to make sure Dad won't kill himself first..."

Dismounting her wolf, (to which Garm gave a concerned whine), Teri used Sadei to keep balance as she approached both Persona and Shadow, "Are you... Are you really going to do it, Dad? That is, you (Hercules), are the real thing, right? Tama seems pretty set on that opinion... Hey, you!"

She pointed to the Shadow of the two, "How did you do it? How did you force your will on his body? Toyotama can't take over me without my permission, so there has to be a way for you two to switch places again."

Paulownia Mall: Arcade Panic Cadol, Devon


Cadolbolg looked down to the "receive prize" part of the crane game, and to his delight, the unnoticed alien toy had been caught, "Oh! AWESOME!"

After grabbing the toy and doing a loop de loop in the air, the little turtle dragon baby landed on Devon's head again, and asked, "Okay, on to the candies! I want some chocolate.... People like it when you get them chocolate, right? Maybe you should get some for Ella too? I be she'd think it was very nice of you. Then again, I never saw father give Mother any chocolates... "

Shadow Operatives Building: Lab: Fuuka, Ryan and Mitsuru

Mitsuru, having been one to gain many admirers, knew when she saw that her appearance had garnered attention. Giving the tiniest hint of a smile before speaking again, she began with, "A map and an Evoker; preferably not a gun... Hmn.. Well, we can have one arranged for you to have tomorrow, but perhaps you could give us some insight about what would best help your Persona along. We've had to make several specialized Evokers for your group, but those were under Philemon's guidance. Could you tell us a bit more about what you think would be best for you? We've made daggers, a gauntlet and several collars. There's bound to be something..."

Fuuka was next, and rubbed her chin in thought, "Hmn... As for Annie, I think she went off to your group's Airship. We haven't seen much of her since you guys have gotten back and the news of Jake's death was given."

Airship Rising Dawn: Training Room Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

Slindis noted the fact that the Persona that contained the Real Rugal wasn't seeming to be affected by the attacks and called out to both of them. "Rugal, are you really going to take the easy way out by killing him? I think the man I've grown so close to had more of a backbone than that, and that man would also realize the people around him that are willing and ready to support him. Toyotama's reaction to you coming back should say enough for you.

Shade, you're going to have to work with Rugal instead of trying to subjugate him. The only reason you got this much control here was due to how this plane works. Unfortunately for you, it also meant that all of your more powerful abilities are tied to willing cooperation with him. If you want to keep living, you'll have to give complete control back to Rugal. If you wish to stay on your path of domination? Well, it would have been him or I delivering the attacks." The last bit of Slindis' statement was especially strong to both Annie and Ella - Slindis was clearly willing to put aside her own happiness if it meant getting rid of the greater evil that was the former Rugal.

Paulownia Mall: Arcade Panic Cadol, Devon

The pair left the arcade and made their way to the candy store with Devon smiling at Cadol's prize. "See? Told you that you were better at the games than I was." Unsurprisingly for this time of night, the candy store wasn't very busy, giving the pair more than enough free space to get the chocolates for Ella and some extra treats for Cadolbolg as well.

"Okay, those treats should be good enough for you. Don't want Brother and Angie getting mad at us, you know." With that, Devon ushered Cadolbolg back to the Kirijo building and met with Narukami.

Shadow Operatives Building: Call: Jenny, Ella

"Jenny, staying in Hell and around Devon showed me all I need to know about people hiding things. You? You're hiding something. I thought you'd try taking better care of yourself, but I guess that's what I'm here for." It was rather clear that Ella was fed up with Jenny's lies, and it was more than a bit scary how sharp she was...

She gave it a bit of thought before confronting Jenny with a deal. "Jenny, I'll leave you alone tonight on a few conditions: You talk to me, you leave those rings open, and you help me help you. I could also go about it my way if you want, Jenny~" When it got down to it, Ella could get rather scary in her negotiations.

Location: Engineering Bay | Mechanic Room | Rising Dawn


She was sitting down. She didn't know where she was. It was dark around her. She was confused. Her name was lost to the darkness. The light around her shone bright in the black pitch. She paused and let her eyes wander. The room came into focus. The shapes were sharp. Synthetic. Man-made. She understood. The darkness around her was natural. It was caused by the absence of sunlight. She understood. This darkness was a safe darkness. She smiled. Her head swayed from side to side. She could feel her hair falling across her bare shoulders. She could feel her hair on the nape of her neck. It felt strange. It felt good. It felt cool. She closed her eyes and thought. There were little thoughts. She did not think of much. She was hungry. She did not know what to eat. She was thirsty. She did not feel the urge to drink. She was tired. She did not feel the need to rest. She stood up and looked outward. The shadows stared back. She smiled at the shadows. The shadows smiled back at her. The shadows were friendly. She laughed. The shadows laughed back at her. She spoke, and the dark returned her words. She was thrilled. She got up. She walked forward. Toward the deep dark. There was little light. None. Not even from the buttons and consoles. She shouted. The dark returned her greeting kindly. She jumped. Her feet scraped against something dry and flaky. She bent down. The dark consumed it. The dark consumed her hands and feet and everything. She could not see. She pressed her face against it. She smelled it. It smelled like iron. She stuck out her tongue. She tasted it. It tasted peculiar. She paused.

It was blood.

Cz bolted up and fell backward. Her eyes transfixed on the dark patch of flooring. A thousand mental processes were running now, every single inhibitor had gone offline and her full mental state returned to her. Panic gripped her heart and surrounded her. "Where am I?" Cz asked the black pitch.

"Where am I," the darkness replied.

Cz paused and looked around, her eyes adjusting to the darkness. She was in some sort of dark room surrounded by machinery and her small bare feet was standing on the edge of the large pool of dried blood. Cz licked her lips and paused. It wasn't human blood. It was as if someone tried to recreate a human organism from data alone. The chemicals and proteins were there, but none of the foreign substances usually associated with a living breathing human.

She ventured forward, tentatively p-lacing a foot in front of the next, into the darkness. She held out her hand against the machine wall to her side to steady herself. Thankfully, the ground was flat and smooth. There weren't any fallen debris or derelict tools lying around to stab her. But eventually she reached the far wall and lay her hands on something that made her heart skip a beat. The mass under her hands was shifting. It was a swirling liquid being of solid matter, and it flowed across her fingers like hot gelatin. There was a great deal of electricity running through the substance as well, not great individually, but as a whole a great deal of electrical activity, not dissimilar to neurons firing in the brain. Cz paused.

"So this is where you live," Cz said softly.

"Yes," the darkness answered.

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Light

Titania | Lucieon | Armageddon | Nessaj | Red Mage | Red Mage Inverse

"She's lost. We have to help her."

"Not lost, but being misled. We have to stop him."

"That is a stupid idea, we cannot stop him. Not at this stage. She is the only one."

"The only one that can interface with him, you mean. Not necessarily stop him."

"Hold on! Didn't I kill you in the real world!? How are you even here?"

"I am your shadow Red, you were not the only one to leave astral copies around in case of failure."

"You people are very unfocused."

"And so are you merchant. Now shut the fuck up."

"You're a GOD my sweet, why is it that you do not fix things with your bottomless power?"

"Because he is ALSO a GOD Red Mage. Do not think lowly of my intelligence. I might play the part of a sweet innocent to you, but I am far from harmless."

"And here I thought your bad-mouthing was your only strength."

"All of you are idiots."

"Knowing Him, He would destroy all of you in a heartbeat if you fight this much among yourselves."

"Warhorse! You should not speak overmuch!"

"I am just going to teleport her away from Him and into friendly hands! Fuck it all!"

Location: Rising Dawn Canteen


Cz appeared. She was standing tall. Her hair only reached her waist and her breasts felt tight against her robes. She looked at her hands and smiled, her fingers were long and dainty. Her robe flowed around her ankles softly, just brushing her skin when a ventilation breeze drew across the floor. Her full adult form regained she swept across the floor, her body felt great. It was rested, and well fed, and well hydrated. There was nothing that really bothered Cz at the moment, so she decided to sit down next to the starboard window and look out. She brought her knees to her chin and wrapped her arms around the very tip of her knees and stared out at the Japanese sea.

Airship Rising Dawn: Storage Area: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

Slowly the Persona stood down, stepping back from the man he had nearly broken beyond repair, just in time for Tomoyama to run up and hug him.
"...Y-y-yeah...I mean, Slindis, That would be the easy way out..." The Shadow said though the pain, though it was clear that Rugal was having none of it, gesturing with his claws.
"AHHH! NOT THE FACE!" The Shadow rather cowardly said as he attempted to crawl off again, the mere notion of Rugal doing more harm to him being enough to cow him.
"Yes, Teri, I am Rugal, That Shadow Fight I went to?...I lost...And to think, I lost that fight to him..." He explained to the Cleric as he knelled down and glared at the Shadow.
"As for you, I accept that there is a part of me that wishes for nothing more then pain and suffering for personal gain. As long as you accept that *I* am Rugal Bernstein..."
The Shadow thought about Rugal's offer, knowing the jig was up.
"...If you wanted this body back so much, then why the hell did YOU CUT OUR FUCKING ARM OFF!"
"..." He didn't answer, instead fake lunging at the Shadow to remind him what else he could lose.
"OKAYOKAYOKAYOKAY!...Fine, I give up..." The Shadow said before a glow started to engulf them both, marking their return to their proper places.
Once it was over, it was clear the effect it had on the Shadow, collapsing after feeling all the pain Rugal's body was going though, only he seemed to lack the Iron nerves Rugal had.
As for Rugal, He whined slightly, though for someone as badly wounded as himself, he seemed to be taking it rather well.
Taking a deep breath as he regained feeling over his own body, he then closed his eyes and exhaled.
"...I'm back...ohhhhhh...Mind helping me up?..." He then groaned afterwards as he tried to stand, despite the number he did on himself.

All the while, the Shadow began to pick itself up after being returned to his Persona form, realizing he was back in it.
Glancing over his shoulder, He saw Slindis and his means to make Rugal pay for this.
"....grrrrrr...." He grumbled as Tomoyama offered to help him up, receiving a backhanded slap across the face for her trouble before he extended his claws and began to charge.
"DIE YOU BLUE SKINNED SLUT!" He roared as he lunged though the air, planning to reduce the Drow to a bloody mist.
Right before the claws could connect, The Persona's face and mask were impacted by a rouge fist, Slindis getting a nice slow mo view of Rugal striking the Persona in mid air with his remaining arm, managing to force himself to his feet despite everything.
The force of the blow was enough to knock the 10 foot killing machine down and out, resulting in it letting a low groan before slowly fading away.
"Dirty Bastard...You okay?..."

Yu Narukami the swagtagonist (That is what everyone calls him on forums), Devon and Cadolbolg.
Location: Halls | Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

The gray haired young adult roamed the halls of the Shadow Operative building, it was dark and hardly anyone was working. This made him wonder how many people actually were involved with this group, yet this couldn't pull away Yu's thoughts about Jake's death, he roamed these halls to not go back to his own bad dreams. That event had probably hurt a lot of people in the Rising Dawn crew, it even hurt him, somebody who he had never met before, yet this was because he realized that this can happen to anyone of his friends.

Walking up ahead he saw a human shaped body and another creature like shaped body. Picking up his speed he certainly knew these two, it was Devon and Cadolbolg, giving a breath of relief he was about to call from behind. Yet Yu examined more and saw the two carrying large plush toys and some candy, was there a festival going on around here? Clearing his voice he called, "Hey you two!" He gave a yell with a happier tone, knowing that he doesn't have to be alone during this bad atmosphere.

The two paused for a bit and the somewhat rushing Yu came speeding next to them. "Where did you guys go?" He said with curiosity while looking at the plush toys more closely. Yet one look at Devon triggered those set of questions again. How did Devon know so much about him? He was going to strike this question, but he didn't want to press him on too hard, he knew the girl was cool just like Cadolbolg.

A mess.
Location: Medical Bay/Lab | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

The two left the bay, this left the Spartan in a weird yet sad mood. Looking at the Wanderer at this, his own flesh and blood, only placed him in a mood that he can die at one point and he will leave much sadness behind. Yet this points fingers not at the Wanderer, but their own Author. He had begun to question his own origins, yet this collided with many things, if he was not invented or made, he would have not met his partner.

Throwing the wet and bloody mop to the side, he was done. Grabbing the SCP paper he went back into the Wanderer's medbay room and threw it on top of him. Leaving into the halls of the ship, thoughts were spinning in his head. Grabbing his head suddenly and leaning against a wall it was all to complicated for him to comprehend. Placing a image of his beloved he realized one thing. "I should tell her that I love her more ... ugh." He gave a sigh as he was passing the training rooms.

Something was going on, opening to the training room he saw something amazing. It looks like a battle with giant avatars, best of all, it looked like everyone was against Rugal. Walking into the room he stood at the back and gave a cough to get someone's attention, it they were free, a crazy Rugal was not a good Rugal at all.

Alpha and David West
Location: Rising Dawn halls | Personaverse.

The two walked the halls, the AI listened to David even though she had complications of her own just like her partner. Right now she didn't need to think about it. "You forgot an AI sleeping with a superhuman to, hehe~" She gave a sly laugh as the two walked. "That SCP thing though, I doubt it involve us and that assassin left in the 'captains' car. She said to David, adding sarcasm on the title of captain.

"Doubt we can catch him now though, I think it would feel better if we just go to the canteen and have a drink. Now about your home ... you don't consider this ship your home? Haven't you been here for a long time?" She threw a question at the former cop. The two had came by the canteen and paused. Alpha just tugged on her overalls feeling a tad uncomfortable in them now.

Even worse then dying.
The Lone Wanderer.
Location: Snowy Graveyard | Purgatory.

The path felt like a great support for the mutated human, it was like he could get up with his own strength instead stumbling around the snow. Yet looking back at the graves and snow, he could only see the most eerie sight. Transparent beings stumbled around with lifeless looks, they were dead people in-between life and death, Heaven and Hell. Dead people or lifeless souls as the Wanderer would name them.

"And not a Reaper in sight." He coldly said as his feet began to walk down the path, each side contained many, many of these ghost looking people. They looked lost for the most part and had given up hope, the Wanderer felt sorry for them, wishing that he could do something, but he could not, he was not someone who could change this way of life.

Now the only thing he hoped for, is to not seeing anyone he knows.

Home is where the guns are
Alpha and David West
Location: Rising Dawn Canteen | Personaverse.

"...Well...Yes and No." Was David's answer to the AI's question as they entered the Canteen
"Yes in the sense that I know a lot of you personally and what not. No in the sense that I see it as my homeplace. Got a little bungalow in Connatch, bit out of the way, but after all I've been though here, it's sounding more and more appealing." He explained as he got a bottle out of the fridge, popping the cap off the top of it.
"Folks left it to me, figured I might as well use it. Just a nice quiet place where a man can sit back, have a brew and polish his gun collection..." He said with a deep relaxed vibe in his voice.
"Besides, As if I could go on vacation without something crazy happening. Hang on a tic, YO CZ! WANT ANYTHING WHILE I'M STILL UP?" He then shouted across the Canteen, just in case the kid was peckish.
After he got her order (Or didn't) he then asked "What about you? You like got some Cyber Condo on the Internet or something?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Call: Jenny, Ella

"Don't worry, You'll be the first to know, night Ella!"
"Pffff Like that will happen..."
Her Shadow Taunted before Ella left the room, causing the Pokemon to sigh and mutter "Thought she'd never leave..." As she attempted to get some sleep, a feat that wouldn't be easy with the Shadow on her back constantly.

Airship Rising Dawn: Training Room: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

When Toyotama bent down to help up Hercules (after the body swap), she spoke quietly to the other Persona, "Come on, no need to be a big baby when you got your ass handed to you."
Of course, a slap for her trouble was not exactly expected, when the cry of, "SON OF A- I'M GONNA FUCKING SHANK YOU!"
Unfortunately for Toyotama, Rugal had decided to take care of the rest and give the Persona a sizable deck to the face, sending him flying across the room. Of course, that still left the matter of the arm up in the air (or in this case, on the floor). Picking up the disembodied appendage, Teri called out to her Persona, "Come on, Toyotama. There's more than one way to spite that Shadow. Mum, I'm gonna need your help big time. I've never re-attached limbs before..."

Following that, the rest was a simple reattachment procedure (as well as fixing the broken leg) with a lot of healing magic between the two women, Rugal was finally back up to code. Toyotama faded away and her Shadow speaking in her mind, "Welp, looks like Our job is done. I kept my promise to you, and you kept yours to Munchkin. Dad's back and we got Sadei. Now get some sleep. Me and Munchkin will keep an eye on you, won't we?"

Not a moment after Toyotama said this, Teri felt the fatigue from the earlier events kicking in; Toyotama and Sadei being the ones to help her pull through the fight. With their aid released; Teri collapsed, the strain of the day's events finally taking their toll.

In the meantime, Dimitri (who already knew his Ladyship's vitals) chirped over the intercom: "Shall I disengage the Shadow Zone then?"

Garm, on the other hand, nosed Slindis and Annie gently on the hand and asked, "This means the mission is a success, yes?"

Mission? Did that mean that Slindis and Teri know about Shadow Rugal for a while?

Shadow Operatives Building: Lab: Fuuka, Ryan and Mitsuru

Fuuka and Mitsuru tried to listen carefully to Ryan's words, but a lot of the terminology went over their heads, seeing that Dark Souls didn't exist as a game in their universe. Fuuka was the first to speak and gave a somewhat nervous laugh before asking, "How about you tell us what this dagger looks like? A sketch maybe?"

Mitsuru gave a nod, and a small laugh, "Knowing out lives, perhaps Philemon will contact you in your dreams again. It's what he did the first time."

"That may be true, but I don't know if he can keep contacting us like that. Nyarlatothep may notice..."

Philemon? Nyarlatothep? Ryan certainly hadn't heard of either of these people before..(unless he had a thing for Lovecraftian fiction.)

Shadow Operatives Building : Hallway Yu Narukami, Devon and Cadolbolg.

Cadolbolg gave a happy wave, "Hullo~! We went to the arcade to get nice things for Teri and Ella; cause everyone need something nice once in a while, you know? But don't tell them, it's a seeeecret~!We also got chocolate for my mother and Father, cause I've never seen Father give mother any chocolates, and people like it when you give that sort of thing to your significant other... At least, I think that's how it works."

So much for keeping the plans a secret. Well, at least Devon could tell Cadolbolg was excited about the proceedings. With the way the tiny turtle dragon inflected that last part, Yu could already note that the little creature was fairly young; perhaps somewhere in the range of Nanako's age, to a few years older.

Airship Rising Dawn: Training Room Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

"The heck I will, Tama! I still gotta help you out here, since Teri's about to clonk out."

"Yes, the mission was a success." Her response was rather short but it was all that needed to be said there.

After the healing was finished (Including using the last Lay on Hands to help reattach the leg) Slindis sighed as she responded to Rugal's inquiry. "I'd say that was the first time that something else responded to me in the way your Shadow did, but that would be a lie. I'll get Teri out of here, don't worry about that."

She then turned to Annie. "Could you please help him? I can't take Teri and Rugal at the same time."

Shadow Ops Building: Hallway Cadol, Devon, Narukami

"...basically what Cadolbolg said, although I'd like if it was actually a secret." Devon tried to make it clear in her tone that she wasn't mad, but she was somewhat disappointed. Still, it wasn't that muchchiding and hopefully Cadolbolg wouldn't be too disappointed.

After giving Narukami a light hug, she focused on Narukami again. "Still, we had a nice night out on the town, even if there's a lot more to the city than what I saw. That Red Light District was thankfully way clean, though... Can't believe we missed the last train for the night."

Shadow Operatives Building: Call: Jenny, Ella

"Jenny, it's rude to talk about people behind their backs." THe statement over the ring was a playful if sharp reminder that Ella would hold her to the bargain. Well, that and the Succubus must have impeccable hearing.

Airship Rising Dawn: Storage Area: Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

Rugal remained still as both Teri and Slindis helped attend to his several wounds, despite the fact most, if not all were self inflicted.
He had to admit, they had really outdid themselves when it came to re-attaching his arm despite it getting cut cleanly off.
"...I don't think I can thank you enough, nor make it up to you for letting this happen..." He remarked just before Teri seemed to faint from exhaustion.
"Teri!" He exclaimed before Slindis calmed him down, the fact that his other side was literally trying to kill her moments before understandably had him on edge.
Still, When she said she would take care of it, he eased up before shakily getting back on his feet, gently testing the re-knit bone and tissue.
He did freeze a little when Slindis told Annie to help him, knowing it'd lead to one of the most awkward moments of his life.
"...I can walk, just need to get the blood circulating again..." He stated, giving Annie an out if she didn't wish too.
After all that happened, the last thing he wanted was to be reminded of what happened between them.

Even worse then dying.
The Lone Wanderer.
Location: Snowy Graveyard | Purgatory.

"And not a Reaper in sight."

"Because this is not my domain, Wanderer." A harsh voice rang out from up ahead. A cloaked figure stood in the snow, leaning heavily on a simple wooden scythe.
"Those who are here are here because they have been judged and given a second chance. They merely have to take it. There are also some things here that have no other place... And should be left alone."

The Grim Reaper stood up and held his scythe upright, no longer slouching on it like an old man.

Airship Rising Dawn: Medical Bay Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

This gesture surprised Rugal, all things considered, he wasn't exactly in a position worth such treatment but still...
"...Thank you..." He merely said as she helped him walk out of the Training room as the Shadow Zone began to fade away.
"If you take me to Medical, that would be great..." He then added, still a little unsteady, least he still knew how to bring the pain on someone, even if it was himself.
Once they were there, he sat down on one of the beds, taking a moment to let his body readjust to not having mortal wounds all over it.
"...I know you didn't have to do that, but thank you anyway...Just...I know it doesn't make it right but...When S'zami first came onto this ship, She was so...enamored by it, so excited to see our world...I had to break it to her that she was a long way from home, but I also promised I would get her home, That she would see this "Skyrim" again...We both know how that ended...Just...When I saw her just...lying there...I was...Shocked really. And then it hit me: That could have been anyone else, Could have been Slindis, could have been Teri or Melethia...

...Needless to say, my "Other side" had a field day with this and made my anger his own...I know it doesn't make up for anything and you are under no orders or threats to forgive me...I merely ask that you understand why...
...Also, if you still want me dead...well...There isn't any protests from me there..."

Shadow Operatives Building: Call Room: Jenny, Ella

"And it's even ruder to eavesdrop! Goodnight!" Jenny angrily sent back over the rings before getting back to her attempts at getting some sleep.
"You think you'll see Jake in your dreams?...Bet he'd be PISSED about the fact that YOU were the one that got him killed...YOU of all people..."
The Shadows words cut deep as the pokemon fought back tears as she tried to get some rest, retreating into her own mind to escape from her problems...

Rising Dawn, Jenny's Room - Dreamscape: Jenny, Jake

Jenny fell into a troubled sleep, her nightmare taking her back to the shadow zone where Jake sacrificed himself for her. All she could see was his body with that ragged gaping hole in it, blood dripping from his destroyed intestines as he struggled to live.
"This is all your fault."
She tossed in her bed, crying in pain. In her nightmare she held Jake close, urging him to hold on that little bit longer.
"You killed him."
Even as he lay dying, he still tried to smile at her as if nothing was wrong.
"How can you call yourself his friend, you MURDERER?"

"That is by far enough! Leave us!" A voice commanded sternly.

The scene dissipated from the shadows to reveal a pristine beach on a small tropical island, one that was a familiar yet hard to place. The deafening silence was gone, replaced by the soft roar of the sea meeting the sand. Jenny found herself sitting in a plain wooden chair and table. Opposite her was the dead Author, Jake. The young man wore a light blue silk dress shirt and black pants, the long sleeves rolled back to his elbows. It was accompanied by a loosely done up black and purple diagonally striped tie.

"Would ya like a cuppa tea?" he offered, pouring himself a cup from the pot on the table. 2 sugars and a splash of milk to flavour and Jake reclined, sipping the strong brew favourably. Irish Breakfast was not his normal choice during the daytime but he felt the need for a good strong Assam here over something more delicate like Darjeeling or Orange Pekoe. He also silently marvelled at being in two places at once, but he was an Author in the Spirit World. Rules did not apply to him anymore, well, most of them.

Airship Rising Dawn: Training Room Slindis, Dimitri, Rugal, Teri, Garm, Sadei, Annie

Garm gave a rub against his Female and Male Alphas, as well as Annie before answering, "Good. It was causing my Pup so much stress, I was worried what might happen if things took a turn for the worse... Having to execute an Alpha is never clean business. Now, Alpha Slindis, I'll happily help with some of the weight...."

Medical Bay

In the Med Bay, Teri slumbered in a hospital Bed, unaware of the heart to heart going on around her. Garm however, looked a bit more on the ambivalent side, and looked to his Alpha for guidance again, "Is it always like this..?"

Shadow Ops Building: Hallway Cadol, Devon, Narukami

Cadolbolg drooped a little, realizing his mistake, "Oh.... Fudgemonkies. Sorry, Devon. I just got so excited about how Ella, Teri, Mother and Father would react to their nice things; it kinda spilled out... I'll try to keep it a better secret for anyone else we meet. I just can't wait to see the looks on their faces, you know? Even after getting the candy, I can barely contain myself!"

The tiny turtle dragon baby gave a small loop de loop in the air, and landed on Devon's head again, "You won't tell anyone, would you Mr. Narukami?"

Shadow Operatives Building: Lab: Fuuka, Ryan and Mitsuru

With the dagger still being left up in the air, the two gave small shrugs, and decided that the dagger base would be about the best they could manage, seeing that Ryan wasn't particularly helpful in describing what he was talking about. However, at the mention of Philemon and Nyarlatothep, the two perked up, "You could say that. We're not entirely sure what the two are, but they seem to be beings from another dimension in time and space. As far as we've managed to gather; Philemon seems to be on our side, and has been instrumental in aiding in the discovery of the Shadow virus; as well as helping in making the initial wave of alternative Evokers."

"From what I've understood from what Philemon said to us, he is also someone who grants people the power of Persona. But, this also puts Nyarlatothep at the other end of things, creating Shadows from people like Philemon gives people Personas... We've never understood how it's worked completely, but help, even from a source who can't directly interfere-"

"By Philemon's own admission, he cannot;"

"Is better than having to face Nyarlatothep's plans blind."

Rising Dawn, Jenny's Room - Dreamscape: Jenny, Jake

"...j-j-Jake?!" Jenny stammered, part of her knew it was a dream, but apart from that...
Almost instantly, he got up from her seat and hugged him, nearly on the verge of tears after seeing her dead friend again.
As she did, she was stammering dozens of apologizes, though nearly all of them came out in a incomplete mess of words.
It took her a whole minute to finally calm down as the nature of this meeting began to sit in.
"...This isn't real...Is it?..." She then moped, realizing that it was a dream.
When your a Psychic type, you quickly learn the difference between Dreams and Reality.

"Just....*Sniff* I'm so sorry....I'm sorry I got you killed..."

Rising Dawn, Jenny's Room - Dreamscape: Jenny, Jake

"...j-j-Jake?!" Jenny stammered, part of her knew it was a dream, but apart from that...
Almost instantly, he got up from her seat and hugged him, nearly on the verge of tears after seeing her dead friend again.
As she did, she was stammering dozens of apologizes, though nearly all of them came out in a incomplete mess of words.
It took her a whole minute to finally calm down as the nature of this meeting began to sit in.
"...This isn't real...Is it?..." She then moped, realizing that it was a dream.
When your a Psychic type, you quickly learn the difference between Dreams and Reality.

"Just....*Sniff* I'm so sorry....I'm sorry I got you killed..."

"No Jenny, it's just a dream. I can make it so you remember it if you'd like." Jake said sadly as he got the Pokemon to return to her seat. Pouring her a cup of tea he launched into a soft rebuttal of Jenny's thoughts.

"Now, I'm gonna give you one chance to forget about this killing me bullshit. You didn't stab me. You didn't shoot me. You didn't make me jump in front of that javelin. I jumped. ME. I could have probably shouted out and you and Annie could have dived, but eh. Que sera, sera. So stop fucking crying over it. People die. Shit happens. In the grand scheme of things, I was just a pilot, and a very out of his league man. Yeah I had Author powers, but they were situational. It could have been you, who keeps the crew together. It could have been Annie, who is working so hard to get her redemption and can turn into a 30ft tall titan. It could have been Melethia, our trap and material expert. It could have been the Wanderer, flashy showoff bastard he is with absurd firepower. Hell, I would have jumped in front of that javelin for a random fucking civilian, Jenny. That's just who I am. So get it out of your system now, because when you wake up, you gotta get back to work. You gotta live on. Akane will need support more than ever now I'm gone." Finishing, Jake sighed deeply before drinking the last of his tea.

"And I am the last person qualified to be doing this therapy shit, I'm friggin' insane for fuck's sake!" he said laughing.

Rising Dawn, Jenny's Room - Dreamscape: Jenny, Jake

Jenny was a more than a little stunned, there was no doubt in her mind that it was Jake who she was talking to, he did have a way with words.
"...Y-you're not mad?...I-...." She stammered, competely taken off guard by what Jake was saying.
"...Just...I only wanted to help Cz, she was having nightmares...And then that...THING (Death Persona) showed up and..." She added as a knot got caught in her throat.
"...I...just can't help but feel...that if I did something know?...But...What do I tell Akane? She's been crushed by what happened..."

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