The Webway: A Warhammer 40k RP (Started, Still Accepting!)

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The Tyranids let out a screech, sprinting down the hallway towards the three life forms. S3, S4, and S5 jumped to attack the guardsmen, while S6 and S7 lunged at the Tau. They showed no mercy, their claws aiming for vital spots on a normal life form.

"Son of a bitch" Ace muttered as the Tyranids clawed at his chest, finding armour but soon enough, it will find flesh. He kicked the tyranid back and fired at the gaunt.

"TYRANIDS!" Ace yelled.

Status Alert: Hostilities have been confirmed. Targets noted as Eldar, Tyranid, Tau, and Human. Demon presence Unknown
Diagnosis: Eldar, Tau and human presences seem to be in Conflict with several Tyranid Hostiles.
Mission Alert: Eldar and Tyranids must be Terminated. Both pose Significant risk to both Primary and Ultimate missions.
Analysis: 2 Eldar organics confirmed. 5 Tyranid Hostiles confirmed. Larger forces indicate Tyranid as primary Target. Tau and Human allies cancels that out. Rules of Engagements state that the Eldar are the more dangerous foe. Tyranids poses a significant threat to C'tan Ultimate Objective. Eldar holds knowledge of how to navigate the Enclosure. Tyranids pose mild threat. Eldar has the ability to call upon the Warp. Tyranids holds the capacity to wipe out all Organic life in the current Galactic System, nulled by the current circumstances. Tyranids are not being led by the Hive Mind, suggesting that they would only be operating on Instinct.
Conclusion: Eldar must be Terminated. Directly after confrontation, Tyranid Termination is authorized. Termination of Tau and Human elements authorized if Hostile actions are taken. After current conflict is concluded, termination of Demon next. Termination of Tau and human elements then Authorized.
Combat Algorithms Activated.
Combat Suggestion: Eldar unaware of Necron Frame's current Location. Eldar currently poses a major threat as Warp channeler, as such Close Combat actions suggested.

Unit 23 began moving, directing himself towards the back of the Eldar. His hands were still at the Machine's sides, though energy was clearly emanating from the Gauss Pistol.

Goresmas'a heard(Or perhaps seen?) the shot rang pass his head. Turning around quickly he ran to the fork in the hallway. Looking around, but a bit hard to see in the darkness even to his vision. "Oi! Ya Grot com on out and fig't lik'a ork!" He yelled as he slam his ax down. As he continue to look around, he had his gun up and ready to be fired.

"Dammit!" says Sarge.
Sarge pulls out his bonding knife and rips open the thorax of the Tyranid.
He then puts two active plasma grenades in the wound and punches its face.
The Tyranid is disoriented enough to let him get away.

The tyranid scraped up along the wall, knocking out the grenades so he could make it away just as they exploded. They sent the remaining tyranids flying back, but they did not advance again. They were all wounded, whether they had been hit by the grenade or fired at by the guards, they were all wounded in some way. S7 let out a bloodcurling hiss before backing away and heading down a tunnel that led deeper into the maze. The other's followed him, S3 now badly wounded and falling behind the group.

Combat Update: Tyranids initiating Tactical retreat.

Analysis: Eldar will not be focusing on Tyranid threat. Ability to effectively Terminate Eldar compromised.
Solution: Quick Termination of Eldar Life form suggested. Current distance between Targets indicate that, though Insufficient for a Decapitating strike, is still close enough for Gauss Energies to effectively cripple Targets.
Initiating Combat Strike

Unit 23, 5 to7 meters away from the Eldar, brought his hand up. In said hand was a Glowing Gauss Pistol, more than capable of Grievously wounding the Eldar if a Lucky shot was allowed on their flesh. The Necron activated the weapon and let the Emerald energy direct itself to the Pair.

Illyrian was about to reply to the Tau when he heard an earsplitting screech. Tyranids. He turned, pulling out his pistol and fired a shot off at the 'Nids. He backed up slightly and was about to take a stand when his acute eyesight picked up a glowing green off behind him. He spun around to find...a Necron?!

What is a Necron doing here? More importantly, how are we going to make it out of this?

Illyrian quickly put some distance between all other enemies before turning around and firing off a few more shots, both at the Necron and at the Tyranids, making sure to keep his shots away from the Tau, and for the most part, the Imperials.

Karkesh continued following the Eldar, when suddenly he heard the sound of weapons firing. He could see various shapes in the distance shooting at each other. He could amek out what appeared to be the humans from earlier and a few 'nids.

Kakresh looked back at the Eldar. Green blasts of energy flew at them, and he could see the creature from earlier appear. Karkesh unsheathed his blade.

"Screw the Eldar. I'm going to kill that thing..."

Karkesh began running towards the metal creature. He leaned his horns forward and charged at monster.

"BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" he screamed

Karkesh tackled the creature and knocked it onto the ground. He lifted up his sword and prepared to bring it down on his enemy.

Analysis: Eldar caught of guard. Termination 78% confirmed. Altering weapon fire to -shzzk-
Error: Targeting Canceled
Combat Report: Large Being of Unknown proportions has Impacted the Frame. Unknown damage caused by Impact.
Damage Repor: Damage caused by Impact non-existant. Horns exhibited little damage to Necron frame.
Combat Report: Hostile positively identified as Khorn Bloodletter. Primary Objective confirmed. Objective must be Terminated.
Observation: Bloodletter currently holding a Large sword, evidently preparing for what it believes as a Killing strike. Current pose shows superior Leverage. However, the apparent Bloodlust in it's attack has not given it time to properly coordinate himself. He's legs are still not properly in place for a Decapitation strike
Damage Analysis: Unknown Blade composition. Worst case scenario of the Blade's effects would have it scrambling current Software. Unlikely at this point. Lasting damage upon Necron frame unlikely. Damage calculated as a long downward vertical slash. Unlikely for him to have the presence of mind to calculate that the Majority of his upper body is currently vulnerable.
Tactical Analysis: Currently, all Hostiles are unaware of Regeneration ability. The Eldar, the most likely to guess it, would not know for sure if Regeneration is possible. As such, it would be best if they all didn't know about the Regeneration for as long as possible. Termination of Bloodletter well within the realm of possibility. By bringing his arms upward, he is basically putting his weight to both of his legs, and would not have the time to properly reposition himself should his legs fall. The best tactical option he could think off, plunging his sword through the Necron Frame as he fell, would still keep him out of balance long enough for a Crippling counter attack. That technique, stabbing us with his blade, would also allow us to regenerate around the blade. This would render him weaponless and unable to fight without a proper Sword. If he fell down in any other manner, sideways or backwards, it would still entail using his arms to push himself up, giving him a detrimental overall effectiveness to his Combat abilities. If he were to roll away, it would still give sufficient time to fire several Gauss blasts towards his retreating form.
Conclusion: Utilize leverage, the Bloodletter's stance, and overall bloodthirstiness to counter his sneak attack with a Vicious counter attack

Unit 23's head twitched to the side as it looked at the Blade. A few milliseconds later, the Necron's left foot slid to the left, which would sweep the Bloodletter's right foot inward. The Necron's right arm, still holding on to It's Gauss pistol, fired at the Demon's left foot, which would cause it to buckle and fall downwards. The resulting loss of balance would cause the Demon to either fall backwards, sideways, or Forward.

Unit 23 was relatively prepared for all eventualities. If the Demon fell forward, it would Impale itself to the sword that Unit 23 had pulled out with his left hand. If it fell to the left, the Necron could blast him with continuous Gauss fire until nothing remained. If it fell backward, it would still be within the Necron's line of sight, thus allowing for a Painful barrage of Gauss fire. Lastily, if it fell to the left, it would be within range for the Necron's Necrodermis sword to slice the Impudent Demon.

Not accounting for random variables, or the Demon's state of mind, Unit 23 was well within it's capability to analyze the Realms of possibility and see what a Combatant was likely to do. Of course, it could be wrong at times. But the Necrontry, when originally designing the Machine frames inevitably termed the Necrons, didn't think so.

Sarge now is sitting against a wall of the ship.

Tracking drone activated
Injury diagnosis of Shas'Ui Tau'n Lynu.

-Two broken ribs.
-Shattered right hoof.
-Internal bleeding.

"Such is life," Sarge says. "Guardsman, are there any medical supplies in your ship I could use?"

*Takes off helmet.*

"haha." *Coughs up blood*

Vre had kept his distance as Illyrian had approached the Tau and chosen to remain vigil of any incoming enemies. It was because of this that he need not worry about the Necron's gause weapon discharging, he was well outside its range and his warp pack would ensure he was always one step ahead. However Illyrian was not so fortunate and Vre could see this. As the necron discharged its deadly weapon Vre warped in, next to Illyrian and grabbing him about his waist then warped away again, a good 1000m away.

Interesting that in the web way, my jumping distance has increased. Then again possibly it can decrease also.

"I think, for now I have some basic medical suppiles in my bag" Rich handed the Tau the meds cautiously. "Just don't use it all up I saving it for when safe." Richard let out a sigh. "Let head for the ship get a meal into us, patch up before we drop dead."

@Darth Caelum: Correct

Illyrian saw the green gauss beam, heard the Daemon, and felt the tug of the warp all at once. He quickly closed his eye, preventing the insanity caused by what he would've seen. Still he relaxed slightly, preparing for the re-entry into normal space, or rather, the Webway. The intense changes in gravity would be something anyone untrained for would pass out from. Illyrian calmed his mind and let the warp pack do it's job. The whole thing was over in seconds. Real gravity kicked in, and Illyrian staggered slightly, but stayed upright thanks to Vre'tan. He noticed he didn't recognize anything, and thy were in tunnels again. They had warped through walls and all.

"Warp-Jumping that great of a distance in here isn't a great idea. If we materialize inside a wall, it's all over, and that would be just too easy here. Still, Thank you for saving my life. I owe you."

Silently to himself Illyrian thought
But don't think I trust you any more than earlier. I'm needed for your survival, and likewise. Beyond that, I still don't know. I wish we could find that Tau though. Three is better than two, even if I don't trust Tau either. The Imperials with him though...I'm not so sure about...

Illyrian began to move off in a random direction, the best he could tell, moving back towards the open area. It seemed like the pathways around there had been fairly stable, almost unchanging. That had to be very close to the center of the Web.

"We should move on as far as we can, try to find that open area again. It appeared to be close to the center of the Web. We need rest soon though."

"Well I have one but I see Richard over here has already given it to you. We should hurry to the ship" Ace said

Holy crap, that was close
Hawk thought, just managing to get away in time from the ork.
Better to get the hell out of dodge that to stay here.
Taking aim and shooting at the ork one last time, Hawk started running away from him.

Richard moved to the new Eldar(s) who joined this curious group. Rich spoke in a low voice so his converstion wouldn't be overheard, "Hey, Eldar I have no quarlms with you. Not my idea to join if you know what I mean. I was just wondering after we get the ship have a meal patch up and what not, if that webway you're leading us to, can it take you anywhere? 'cause I really just want to get back to my home world of Valhla."

Sarge grabbed the tracking drone and began limping toward the ship.

Goresmas'a got hit in the shoulder. Cursing loudly as he saw the shot came from and saw the figure running down the hallway. "I GONNA GET DA 'UMIE!" He shouted and ran after him. Firing his primitive gun. The shells just going pass his head. He started to gain on the Imperial Guard. Shouting out "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" as he gave chase.

Illyrian thought about his reply to the Imperial for a moment.

Should I tell him? And if I do, what damage might it cause in the future? I don't know if this is a good plan, being around these, these...Humans.

"The webway is constantly changing, and with no knowledge of where we entered, I can't get us anywhere else directly at this time. However, assuming you don't destroy what little trust I have for humans, (Which you almost undoubtedly will.)    I will do what I can to see that you are returned to your planet, or at least receive the means to. However, I still need to get back to where we were earlier, the large area. And we need to do it with no clue as to where we are, with what seems like multiple hostiles of varying races, and with you and your companion, who I would assume can't see in the complete absence of light."

Illyrian knew it was a risk to tell the Human this, but the masked hostility and contempt in his voice should have been warning enough to that human, Richard. Illyrian was not someone who would be used to achieve Imperial goals, and knowledge of the workings of the webway would certainly be too much of an advantage against the Eldar.. Something would have to be done about that...

Vre'tan remained silent as he companion regurgitated the sort of knowledge an Eldar child knew within days of their birth and the light of amazement in the imperial's eyes as they took the knowledge in.

So primitive humans, they speak of understanding but truthfully they are still but infants.

"Lets move, that Necron will fix itself soon and even if it can't no doubt it had some scarab repair drones nearby".

"I won't pretend to understand what you said, but I truly appreciate it if it got me home." Richard could almost picture being back in his cabin, away from the zeal, the war, and the constant mistrust. He had little to hide, and nothing to gain form any of this. Never understode how all these races couldn't co-exist in the vastness of space. Would seem easy just to avoid eachother Richard thought to himself.

As much as it pained him he decided to be more careful around the Edlar, they already didn't trust him and asking dangerous questions about webways will only gain him the suspension of a spy. Like I even understood what he said, much less remeber it. He thought angerily to himself.

His thoughts suddenly being interrupted by that Ork they ran into earily. Shoot zooming over his head. Can't we even get a break? Its one attack and backstabbing ally after another!

Richard push the Eldar's out of harms way as the Ork began advancing closer his shoots penertating the air around him and his team.

"Look out its that damn Ork again!" Richard said as he fired his remaining ammo to at the Ork to slow his advances.

Holy, fcckkk. Now I am also even being shoot at from the front. Hawk thought, throwing him self on to the ground with laser bolts and metal slugs going over his head.
Trying to make his way out of the crossfire, Hawk got hit in the leg by a bullet.
Aaah, fck. I had it with this ork.
Aiming at the charging ork, Hawk started firing at it.

Seeing more laser fire coming at him. He took cover behind a corner. Firing with his pistol, even though he love a good fight, the numbers were against him. "I NEED MOR DAKKA!" He shouted, not aiming any more as he continue to fire. Dropping the empty clip from his pistol as he reload it.

Sarge entered the Imperial ship and began tending to his wounds while tinkering with the drones.

Karkesh was about to stab the metal being with his sword, when he was suddenly hit in the foot by the creature's gun. He lost balance and fell back.

As Karkesh fell to the ground, he noticed that the creature aimed it's pistol at him. When he hit the ground it would likely fire at him until he died. He realized there was only one way out of this situation.

Karkesh grabbed onto the breastplate that he used to protect his torso. The plate was not a real cuirass, but rather two pieces of armour covering his back and chest attached together with straps. He began to pull the front piece off, ripping the straps with his strength.

When Karkesh hit the ground, he had ripped the metal plate off his chest. He the threw the plate straight at the creature's gun.

Combat Observation: Demonic entity has fallen down as previously calculated.
Combat Observation: Entity has thrown one of it's protection devices at our right appendage. Velocity indicates minimum surface damage would appear upon the appendage. Irrelevant.
Combat Analysis: Metal Breastplate unlikely to commit much damage. However, the breastplate, though made of sturdy but ultimately flawed metals, would be sufficient to block out the Gauss energy from a sustained burst. Close Range fire would increase damage of Gauss Pistol energy exponentially. Breastplate would last approximately 5-9 seconds of continuos fire before permanently fragmenting. Liquidation of Incoming Breastplate is thus Insufficient.
Combat Analysis: Employing Necrodermis sword to cut or block Breastplate is a possible solution. Necrodermis material would likely cut the metal if properly angled. The removal of the breastplate would enable the right appendage to employ Gauss Energy to the Chaos Demon. However, doing so would leave a possible route of attack to the opponent. Opponent has the capability to attempt a last minute strike towards the Chassis.
Tactical Analysis: Sufficient Justification. Energy reserves well within capability of repairing wound over such a strike, robbing the Demon of it's weapon. The Demon will likely be caught off guard by such a move, and would likely not register the backhand sword strike calculated with sufficient angular motion to succeed in a Decapitation strike. Even if the Demon does not attack, we can still sufficiently angle the Gauss pistol to terminate it.
Combat Analysis: Unlikely. Required Angle necessary to intercept Breastplate would require both appendages to be in contact. Inertia required to eliminate threat would knock aside the Gauss Pistol to several inches to the right. Extremely unlikely for the Demon to take the weapon, but it would buy the Demon enough time to escape.
Tactical Analysis: Necessary Risk. Initiate the Procedure

Unit 23's emerald eyes tracked the greastplate, and it's left hand moved to counter it. The Necrodermis blade sliced into the Breastplate, cleaving it into 2 uneven portions. At the same time, the machine's left wrist glanced at the Gauss pistol, causing it to tumble away several inches to the Necron's right.

Richard kept the steady fire up, intill in the glow of the cross fire he saw another Imperium guard. "Hey! Solider of the Emperor, your brethren and allies are over here!" Rich shouted in hopes to get his attention. Rallying the troops were always easy, just faith and buzz words. Playing people always bothered Rich but more of his kinsmen was a welcoming thought.

"Don't put your guard down Richard. This place is full of Xenos and Chaos" Ace told Richard.

The Tyranids had tried entering the tunnels, but go lost and eventually ended up doubling back to were they had been so badly wounded. The followed the heat signs of the life forms, finally coming across a large wreckage of a ship. S7 let out a low hiss, not even loud enough for those on board to hear. He jumped up atop the ships first ledge and torn into the ventilation system. The other Tyranids followed in-suit, crawling through the ducts in silence.

"I know I saw another gaurdsman Ace!" Richard yelled back in between the fighting. His weapon suddenly made a whaning sound, he had only one clip left."Here!" Rich tossed the clip to Ace. "Hold them off I'm going to the ship to grab some ammo real quick!" He began making advances to the ship luckly it wasn't far off, he managed to get to it withen in a few minutes and began stuffing ammo into pack, only to stop when he heard the scuffling of some creatues in the ducts. Rich reloaded and blasted a few shots into the ducks while making an exit back to Ace tossing him half of the ammo and began to start firing again.

"Oooh jolly good, NOW CAN YOU STOP FIRING AT ME." Hawk yelled back.
Reloading, Hawk made his way towards the ship hoping he didn't get hit by *friendly fire*.

"Come get some Xeno Filth" Ace muttered and prepared to fire anything that even looked suspicious.

Tracking drone activated

Diagnosis of Shas'Ui Lynu:

Right hoof repaired

Broken ribs healing, suggest little exertion unless absolutely necessary

Internal bleeding patched up

"Lovely, I have to not run for the next week. Could be worse, I guess."

Sarge stands up and tests the flexibility of his torso.

"Note to self, do not turn torso."

Sarge stands up and tinkers with the drones more, using nearby parts and supplies.

Goresmas'a curse and growl as the pistol ran out of ammo. Growling as he came around the corner and just threw his pistol at the nearest target. Hitting them in the head where the helmet at. As he hit the guardsman Goresmas'a said "Take Dat ya Grotz!" He shouted as he ran off down the hallway. Taking some fire as he ran, though most probably miss him in the dark webway hallway.

He needed a bigga shoota for these 'umies. Even though he could chop them up with his choppa, but getting close will be hard, and plus he like a loud shoota sound.

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