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Paladin debated shooting Dregger in the foot over that "mongrel" comment, but now was hardly the time, with hostile smugglers across the facility.

"Horn Dog" however, Paladin's eyes rolled slightly up as he considered his actions over the past few months, yeah, that one was fair. But it had been almost two years since Lienne had died, and a man had needs, he wasn't ready to love again, but he was grown up enough to know sex was not love.

He considered what the team would be looking forward to from the smugglers, looking at the their crates, the weaponry was probably in good condition, little chance of jamming or misfiring. On the plus side none of them would have had time to put on armor, so any that weren't armored when they came in wouldn't be now. They would however, probably have shields.

Ethan brought up his tech armor and prepared another overload blast, setting it up for greater potential power and diameter.

"You know Dregger, I'm starting to get the sensation that you don't like me, now I don't give a shit what you think about me, but until the mission is over, stow it. You can tell me what you think about me and my lifestyle when we're out of this damn warehouse, you got it?"

"As long as you do your share of killing and don't get in my way I don't give a shit about your lifestyle either."

"I appreciate the candor, if nothing else. And we aren't here for killing today, we want prisoners."

Wires gave an informal joking two fingered salute.
"Yes sir, sir!" Wires shouted.
Wires turned away from Brooks to head towards the Gauntlet.
"Damn human, I left The Citadel to get away from heavy lifting and menial jobs." he grumbled under his breath.

Wires tapped a few buttons on his Omni Tool and muttered into it. "Erebus! Come!"

Wires started checking all the guns for heat clips. "Yeah, Brooks, these are all okay!" said Wires. "Where do you want me to move th- EREBUUUUS! GOOD BOY! WHO'S A GOOD MECH?! WHO'S A GOOD MECH? GOOOOD BOOOY!" Wires shouted.

Wires pointed at the gun rack in the cargo. "Erebus! Protect!" Erebus barked once and sat down at the gun rack.

Wires grinned. "Ahem, sorry about that. Where do you want them Brooks?"

Terina nodded at Paladin's comment. "Agreed. Prisoners tend to be more useful alive than dead. Although I admit to not understanding why we need prisoners. I see more efficiency in eliminating the smugglers, then taking their data for ourselves to use in the future. But I'm not the one in charge, and if I was, the group would not last as long as it has." She frowned briefly, remembering her last assignment. "But enough about wants and could-bes. Let's get in, take our prisoners, and get out. No wasting of time."


Brooks simply stared at Wires, dumbfounded. He watched as the Salarian called out to his mech and dissolved into baby talking it.

"Ahem, sorry about that. Where do you want them Brooks?"

"Uh," Brooks said, before shaking his head slightly and trying to regain his train of though. "Yeah... If the mech, dog, thing, can protect the weapons I guess it's alright. Don't they have tasers or something? If they get up or something, just have it attack."

Brooks turned back and got the prisoners up to march them into the bay of the Gauntlet. Once they were sitting down again, and left under the guard of Wires and Erebus, Brooks stepped back and walked over to John.

"He's got an unhealthy obsession with that thing."


Rook down and watched as Lux and the other Krogan started to lead the rest of Aegis towards the makeshift barricade of crates. Each was approaching with either weapons drawn, or readied Biotics.

This is it.

As Rook readied himself, he could see Sal flicker into view nearby in the corner of his eye. She was slowly drawing something from her side, and concentrating only on what was happening below. Rook couldn't tell what she was holding, but he had a good idea as to what it was. Then, suddenly, she slung her arm forward, as she threw the flash bang grenade down below onto the guards. Rook turned his face and closed his eyes, but dropped from the shelf back onto the catwalk. He heard the first blast of a flash bang go off, followed by two more. He opened his own eyes slightly, as he grabbed the railing, and quickly covered the short distance to the ladder nearby. He heard one final explosion beneath him, and could hear someone yelling beneath. Not hesitating, Rook grabbed the sides of the ladder, and slid down to the ground below. He turned to see Lux being the first one running through a hole in the wall, and raising his gun on a nearby guard.

"On the ground!" he yelled as he charged towards one of the guards, bowling him over onto his back. Lux was quick to stamp down on him, and kick his gun away, before training his Shredder onto one of the other guards nearby. "Now!"

Rook could see the other guard raising his weapon. He was fumbling, and trying to pinpoint the voice he could barely hear above his ringing ears. Rook knew Lux wouldn't hesitate to fire before the guard could finally target him, so he acted quickly. He readied a singularity, and threw it above the guard's head, trapping him. He could see the guard pulled up, as he started to helplessly orbit the singularity, blind, deaf, and now completely disoriented. Lux afforded him a glance as he looked over to see who had created the singularity. Lux hadn't expected Rook to appear in the middle of the fray, but wouldn't waste time worrying about it. He simply turned to train his gaze down on the rest of the guards nearby, and readying himself to react if they tried anything else.

Paladin split off from the group and headed for a large crate on the edge of the warehouse, one he had seen a smuggler hiding behind. He sprinted over and stayed close to the side of the container, hoping that the smuggler behind it would be too distracted by the Krogan to look behind him.

When he reached the corner of the crate, he held his hand up, indicating Terina to hold position, he then brought up his pistol and spun around the corner, lowering it, ready to shoot if the smuggler was facing the wrong way.

But the smuggler, a Turian, was slowly walking away from Paladin, trying to get a few shots off on Lux and the others. Ethan slowly got a bit closer to the Turian, then used his biotics to grab and pull the off-weight leg, sending the smuggler crashing to the ground. Paladin ran over and grabbed the smuggler by the fringe, then smashed his head against the floor, knocking him unconscious.

Paladin did a quick weapons check on the prone smuggler, finding a older model pistol and an assault rifle. He threw the pistol far enough away that the turian on the floor couldn't use it if he woke up to soon, and folded the assault rifle, a Banshee, according to the manufacturing plates, securing it to his back.

Ethan then started moving back and indicated Terina to follow, not wanting to make so much noise that the other smugglers caught on to where they were and what they were up to.

Terina nodded at Ethan, following Paladin carefully. Suddenly, she spotted another smuggler, a human, in the shadows, one who hadn't noticed the group yet. She nodded to herself. Time to prove her worth as a team member. Moving swiftly, she rushed up to the smuggler, holding her shotgun by the barrel. As the smuggler turned, raising his submachine gun as his eyes widened, Terina swung, hitting the butt of her shotgun against his temple, knocking the man to the ground. Seeing him move on the ground feebly, she slammed the butt again against his forehead, knocking the man out. Kicking the SMG away, she made sure to hit it against Paladin's heel, getting his attention with it as she approached Paladin. She couldn't use the SMG, but he might be able to.

Paladin felt the tap on his boot, he looked down and saw the SMG. He then turned back and saw Terina give him a nod towards the gun. Paladin nodded in thanks, tapped his own Kassa Locust, and kicked the gun off to the corner. He would probably make a search of the facility later, to find any weapons or equipment that he could use, and his weapons locker on the ship certainly could use some backups, even if it was just for parts or omni-gel. But for now, he had no need for the weapon.

John had been watching the batarian manager leave and just caught the end of Wires display with his mech.

"He's got an unhealthy obsession with that thing."

He turned to Brooks. "No kidding. I've been a merc for awhile now, but that's definably in my top ten of strange shit that I've seen." John was getting a little bored; waiting had never been a strong suit of his, so he decided to go pester one of the smugglers who were waking up.

" head, what the hell happened?" The man groaned, as he tried to get up. John lightly pushed him back then squatted down. "You boys dun fucked up reeal bad" he drawled. "Now youz might wanna be thinking reeal hard 'bout what yer gonna say 'ta my boss when we get back, but save yer breath fer now 'cuz I don't care."

Chuckling to himself he walked back to Brooks. "Well, that'll give him something to ponder while his head clears." He then started to fiddle with his rifle while whistling a very old song.

"He's got an unhealthy obsession with that thing."
"I heard that!" shouted Wires, checking the last of the rifles.

He walked over to Brooks with a disapproving frown on his face.

"You really know nothing about mechs do you human? A FENRIR is armed with a heavy taser on the upper "eye". This one, which is called "Erebus" has extra armour plating, and additional anti hacking software. It is also..." Wires babbled, giving Brooks a full lecture on the wonders of FENRIRs.


Brooks tuned Wires out as he started his rant on how stupid Brooks was for not knowing anything about mechs. He couldn't care less about what the Salarian was going on about. He had similar conversations with Keith, but at least Keith didn't get in his face about it, and would stop once he realized he was ranting on about it.

After a couple minutes of Wires buzzing around him, spouting out useless facts and statistics, Brooks finally turned to glare at him.

"You know all you're doing is proving my point," Brooks flatly said.

You know all you're doing is proving my point
"And what point would that be human? The tazer? Every mercenary, even those Blood Pack morons would know about the taser, yet you had to guess! Amazing!" babbled Wires.

Wires gestured at the prisoners that Brooks had talked about earlier. "Why are they still able to get up? Can't we just shoot them in the feet? No lasting damage, inability to walk, and I can make them dance. It is fairly amusing." laughed Wires, turning to the prisoners to show them an evil grin.


Brooks was getting more and more annoyed at each passing second.

"And what point would that be human? The tazer? Every mercenary, even those Blood Pack morons would know about the taser, yet you had to guess! Amazing!"

He watched as he turned back to the prisoners, and spoke to them.

"Why are they still able to get up? Can't we just shoot them in the feet? No lasting damage, inability to walk, and I can make them dance. It is fairly amusing."

Brooks started to snap at the Salarian.

"No, that you're an obsessive, sadistic, little shit that no one can stand for more then five minutes," he said, getting more aggressive and bitter with each word. "No wonder you're obsessed with mechs, they're the only things you can keep around you."

Wires shook his head, and led Brooks away from the prisoners. "You fool human. Make them fear us, they'll beg and they'll..." at this point Wires put on an over-exaggerated face and crying voice "tell us anything, just please don't kill us." Wires shook his head again. "Think for a moment human!"

Wires walked back to the group of prisoners. "Who wants to get shot first?"


The inside of the crate was dark and cramped. There was almost no room for Rhyl and Nelson to work, and the only light they had were from a few flashlights they had attached to them, and the slight glow from the small terminals they had open. Rhyl knew how critical his work was though. The sounds of gunfire and flashbangs outside motivated him to hurry.

"They're on the attack," Rhyl could hear from the outside of the crate. It was Vera, she was outside, now having moved back to protect the crate that Rhyl and Nelson were sheltered in. "We can only buy you another minute or two!"

"I can only get an 85% charge!" Nelson exclaimed from somewhere underneath Rhyl.

"It'll have to do," Rhyl said as he focused on the tiny terminal in front of him, displaying a wide variety of options and statistics on its small screen. "Just get as much of it online as possible!"


"I need another clip!" Vera said as she ducked back between the crates after firing another round at the approaching mercenaries, sending them darting for cover.

"Bottom back pouch!" responded Tyrus, the only remaining Turian guard that had been able to make it back to help defend her and the crate. Tapping the side of her helmet, she lowered the strength of the visor's tint so she'd be able to find the zipper holding the pack closed. Opening it, she reached into the pack that he had kept on his back, and pulled out as many spare thermal clips as she could, and placing them on her belt. A couple spilled onto the floor, but they had spares for the moment, as she closed the pack back up, and turned back. She was thankful that he had made it back to her with the spare ammo.

As Vera loaded her shotgun, she watched as Tyrus leaned out again, and fired a few shots towards the closest mercenary, before shifting his aim, and firing a concussive shot at another.

"I'm not running low on ammo!" Tyrus taunted as he pulled back behind the crate for cover. "I can do this all day if you make me!"


Rook's ears rang and his vision blurred as the concussive round exploded near his head. He swore as he tried to regain his senses, and focus once more on the fight at hand. He had to commend them though for the job they had done. As soon as they had been breeched, the remaining guard and his boss had been able to fall back to the corner of the warehouse, in between a few crates at the back. From here, they only needed to worry about Aegis approaching from two positions, that each was able to cover. It also made Biotics almost impossible to curve correctly to hit them. Either the crates would get in the way, or the narrow spaces between shelves wouldn't give enough room for it to be properly and accurately curled into them. It would only be a matter of time though before they either ran out of ammo or made a mistake.

Rook leaned back against a crate, popping his head out once more and firing a couple shots down range at the two that remained. He moved back before the Turian could return fire on him, but it was what was asked of him. Raven had ordered them to simply attempt to either suppress or coax a move. He knew that if he ordered Aegis to simply flood their position, that it would result in bodies for both sides, and it was something he was trying his hardest to avoid. Even Lux was hesitant about charging headlong into their position. He had been able to recognize the model of shotgun that the leader was carrying. It was an M-300 Claymore. Apparently it had been designed for Krogan to only be capable of wielding, and was primarily used against other Krogan and light armoured vehicles.

Rook knew that charging someone holding such a cannon would only lead to bits of him scattered around the factory, so he was fine with simply holding their position until their ammo reserves were done. While it wouldn't be the most efficient method of dealing with them, it was certainly the safest option they had for all parties.

'Ah, haven't been in a straight up firefight since I joined, refreshing' thought Ocara as the rounds whizzed around him and past his head, some of them even slamming into the large metal crate he'd taken cover behind. In his hands, Ocara held his pistol and every couple of minutes, Ocara would pop out from behind his crate to help the others suppress their foes and once they were suppressed, Ocara would ram into his crate and slide it forwards another meter.

The Turian was tempted to use his tactical cloak to get inside their position and try his luck from there, but he knew that he would almost certainly perish if he attempted such a stunt.

"Wires you psychotic little shit, please, leave the prisoners alone and help us keep these guys wasting ammo" spoke Ocara down the comms to Wires, having heard his creepy sadistic rant in his ear.

Santius took cover behind another of the crates. He blindly fired a few shots toward the enemy. His first thought was to charge straight into the center and try to take at least one of them down personally, but soon rationality seeped into his thoughts and he decided against it.

"Are wars of attrition going to be a regular thing for us," he said over the comms, sending a shockwave past the enemy.

John was pacing the landing pad, listening to the rest of Aegis bog down on the dug in smugglers. Fuck, this is starting to go pear shaped real quick!

"Hey I've got an idea," he said. "How 'bout since I've got heavy kinetic shields and armour, why don't I just bulldoze my way through their barricade. If everyone else throws down suppressive fire, with biotics and flash bangs, by the time their heads clear I'll be behind them. I promise not to kill all of them..."

"I'd prefer not to get your insides all over the floor," Santius replied, ducking as far into his cover as he could manage. "They could take out a krogan before he got close. If we got you in range, they'd rip you to pieces before you figured out where they were. Stay back."


Brooks moved his hand over his pistol and its holster. He readied himself in case Wires did anything stupid. He decided if he saw that Salarian draw, he would as well.

"You call me a human like that again, and I'll put one fucking through you," Brooks said as he approached Wires. "Now back off them. They're three guards, protecting the exterior of the base. Even if you knew what to ask them about, which, may I remind you, you damn well don't, they wouldn't have answers."


Vera holstered her shotgun, as she drew an SMG, and fired a few rounds off at the mercenaries once more. Immediately some advanced, pushing behind closer crates when they were no longer under the threat of her Claymore.

Damn! If I lay off, they'll advance. If I keep firing, I'll bleed myself of clips!

As she fired once more with her SMG, she could feel the blast of a concussive round exploding nearby, sending her recoiling into cover.

They're almost on top of us!

"Online!" she could hear Rhyl yelling from inside the crate. "Engaging!"


Rhyl slid down from the back onto the floor of the crate, and pushed back against the wall. He could hear Nelson at the front end, fumbling with the lock for the crate, as the mech came to life in front of him.

"Got it!" Nelson said as he pushed the left side door of the crate open. Within seconds of doing so, a round tore through his side, and sent him to the floor of the crate.

Rhyl could hear yelling from the mercenaries as the doors fully opened though. The sounds of the YMIR's machine gun came to life as it made its way out into the aisle of the warehouse. As he heard a rocket being fired, he ran to the doors of the crate, and shut them. He looked down on Nelson, focusing his flashlight on him as he tried to determine the extent of his injuries.

Dregger put up the best shield he could across a wide range. It was about 7 feet tall and 9 feet long. It was very rough but effective. Shields weren't exactly his specialty but he could hold it for a while if he concentrated.


"Pull back!" Lux ordered to those close to the crate that the YMIR came out of. Anyone caught nearby by the machine guns it had attached to it, would leave behind a mess that would put his Shredder to shame.

Lux tried to give some covering fire to those drawing back. Once most were more safely back from it, he dropped behind a crate to switch the type of ammo his was using. He swapped from standard ammunition to armour piercing, and reloaded the Shredder. Once he was done, he could hear its footsteps as it was drawing closer and closer to him. Not even checking, Lux ran diagonally across the aisle, and between a few crates further back on the opposite side. He could hear the YMIR's rounds following behind him, and then glancing off his shields moments before reaching the other side. Even though he was only exposed for a short time, he could already hear his armour giving him alerts on low shield levels, and demanding that he stay put until they were able to recharge.

"We need those shields crippled," Lux said into his Comm as he holstered his Shredder for his shotgun, and fired a few blind shots down the aisle, hopefully finding the YMIR.


Rook looked over from his behind his crate, and saw the shield Dregger was forming. He knew the Krogan wouldn't be able to hold it long against the YMIR, but that it'd be some of the only protection available for those falling back. Not hesitating, Rook holstered his SMG, and ran behind to Dregger and behind his barrier. He closed his eyes, concentrating once more on his Biotic strength, as a blue aura enveloped him. He put as much power as he could into reinforcing the shield generated by Dregger. It would buy them at least a few more seconds under the fire of the YMIR that they would need.

"Tell me if you're breaking," Rook said to Dregger as he still kept his concentration on the shield. "I don't want half of it suddenly dieing on me without me knowing."

"SHIT!!" John swore, as the telltale howl of a YIMRs guns rattled through the building. Looking to Wires he shouted. "Quit scarring the rent-a-cops and come on...this IS your specialty isn't it?" Without waiting for an answer, he took off running towards the firefight, swapping his rifle for his missile launcher.

Sprinting through the doorway, John saw Lux make cover just in time. "Fuck me sideways," he groaned as the mech turned towards him. Snapping a missile in the mechs shields, John dove behind cover as rocket from the mech went screaming past him.

"So lizard-lips, having fun?" He called to Lux, as he took another shot at the mech. "You can get mad at me later, for now lets kill this piece of shit!"

Paladin and Terina were still behind a set of crates, behind where the YMIR had arrived.

"Shit, shit shit, shit." his team had run into YMIR mechs when he was still with the Alliance, several good men went down to that constant constant barrage of heavy weaponry coming from it's arm. If one somehow managed to get you pinned, you were as good as dead.

He went through what he remembered about the YMIR, advanced shielding, half-foot think armor, heavy machine gun and rocket launcher on its arm. The strategy his team kept with was to keep flanking them mech, keep the YMIR moving and unable to focus on one target and concentrate fire on its head or back.

Paladin bought up his omni tool, typing in a key sequence he had been taught to avoid using unless it was absolutely necessary, but the presence of the YMIR seemed to make the cut. The program would divert power from his shields into his overload, doubling its effectiveness. but the procedure took time, it would be a good minute before he would be able to fire and he would be essentially helpless while it was going on. He wouldn't consider it if he wasn't with a team and currently unseen.

"Terina, I can drop its shields, but it's going to take a while to get ready, until then I'm a sitting duck, I need you to keep me covered while I power up a 'super-overload', got it?"

Paladin then brought up his comm. "Guys I can handle the mech's shields, but you're going to have to stay in cover and keep it busy for at least a minute. How's your position?"

"Standard YMIR, heavy chaingun, missiles, heavy kinetic armour, more likely than not it has some heavy shielding. Brooks, gotta leave you here, I'll be back in a sec! EREBUS! STAY! GUARD!"

Wires sprinted off faster than anyone would expect from the (usually) stumbling drunk and ran into cover at the fight. "Paladin, Wires. We'll overload together on my count! Everyone else, get ready, I'll start hacking it, when I've finished, I'll let you know, please don't shoot it then."

Wires then turned and snapped at John "Yes, this is my specialty, I'm in the ZONE!"

Wires tapped a few buttons on his Omni-Tool to ready his Overload.

"Paladin! On my count! 3...2..."

Santius ran, half-crouched to a better piece of cover. He spent a few moments looking at his pistol then at the mech. "What the fuck do you expect me to do?" he shouted.

Terina nodded. "Got you covered, Paladin." Ducking behind a crate, out of sight of the mech, she held her shotgun at the ready, then nodded at Paladin. "Time to go."

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