Mass Effect RP: The Aegis Protection Firm - Full

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Brooks watched as Lux pushed his way past the barricade. He waited for a moment, watching him, seeing if the rifleman would pop out again to take a shot at him, or if a sniper they didn't know about would use this as an opportunity. A few seconds passed though, and nothing. Lux just kept walking down the street towards the apartment.

Getting up, Brooks squeezed by the barricade and started running down the street after Lux. He knew that he'd be able to handle whatever he encountered, but he didn't want to give Lux the chance to hold this over the rest of them. He could already hear his voice in the back of his mind, calling him a coward. He wouldn't give Lux the chance to bring his courage into question. It was still unnerving though to just advance openly on a known enemy position though. It violated most of the lessons he had taken from other members of Aegis, but it seemed as though Lux was blatantly ignoring caution by this point.

When they approached the doorway to the apartment, Brooks moved in front of Lux, peeking his head around the corner to check the lobby. As he did this though, he felt a large nudge from behind, almost causing him to lose his balance. Lux had knocked his shoulder as he passed, walking into the lobby, still carrying his Claymore in his hands. The two looked around the lobby, but little could be seen. Aside from some blood on the ground by where they were standing, and a destroyed potted plant across the room, nothing else was out of place. Brooks slowly turned, following Lux in, holding his shotgun at the ready, able to quickly snap it in any direction he felt threatened from.

"So, where do you think they are?" Brooks asked as he continued to scan the nearby doors, almost expecting one of them to pop open and have someone rush at them from it. None did though.

"They've either holed up in a room here," Lux said after a slight pause. "Or they've already retreated. Check the two outside."

Brooks looked back at the two humans that were still laid in the street outside the apartment, and made his way over to them. Each had a pools of blood formed beneath them, weapons dropped to the sides.

"First is dead," Brooks said as he rose from the body. He had checked for a pulse but found none. The shot had torn through the centre of his chest, ripping straight through him. Brooks checked for signs from the other. "This one's still alive, but I don't know if he'll last."

"Either get him to Miles," Lux said as he started walking down one of the halls of the lobby towards the back doors. "Or finish the job."

Brooks looked from Lux to the man under him. He didn't know if he'd even be able to make it back to the base and onto one of the Doc's tables. He didn't want to just leave him though, or put him down like a Vorcha. He reached into a small pack at the side of his armour. It was a small medical kit made for battle, mostly filled with medi-gel and different stims for combat to keep him going through minor wounds. He grabbed one of the painkillers from it, and stuck it into the arm of the man. He could hear it injecting its contents into the man's bloodstream. Once it finished, he pulled it out and tossed it to the side. It would at least ease his pain; hopefully either keeping him out while Brooks brought him to Miles, or to be enough to ensure that he didn't wake again.

At least this way it's more humane.

"Coming on your six Lux" spoke Ocara's voice through the comms, as the Turian came up behind the Krogan, his pistol in a two handed grip and his eyes scanning the each of the doorways that they passed, almost as if he expected a hostile to pop out from one of the apartments.

From his sniping position, he hadn't managed to get any kills, but he had kept a small cluster of thugs suppressed and from entering the street and getting a shot off at Elixr, a small victory.

"Lux I'll check out back, if they've run, they wont get far" said Ocara, as he ran past Lux towards the back door, bursting out of it and stopped when he did so, where he began to look around for any sign of their enemies.

Keeping an eye on Lux, Brooks and Ocara, John scanned the surroundings. "I've got sporadic movement 'bout a block up from you Lux, but I can't tell if it's hostile or not." He said as a figure dashed across the street. "Yo Brooks." He called, as he watched him administer some meds. "Just leave the fucker, the prick is as good as dead anyways."

Knox had heard Paladin shout out to be relieved, and after seeing everyone just rushing to get over there, got up and took the spot left behind.

"Glad to see everyone rush to help!" Knox mused sarcastically.

He nervously moved around in the spot, and went over all of the training he received on his new shotgun. And he jumped at just about every little sound.

"Calm down Mordecai...It isn't the worst thing that happened to you yet..." Knox took out his lighter with a nervous snicker and flicked it on and off, "And it probably won't be the worst."

After some more nervous flicking, he kept it turned on and watched the flame flicker, calming his nerves. When he was contented by the flames, he took a few more deep breaths, put away his lighter and raised his gun to the ready.

"Alright! I got this!" Knox stated with a newly-gained confidence, "No one's getting through here!"

Preven watched the area where he thought the enemy wee most likely to come from, nervously tapping his gun as he did so. I can't just do nothing...Maybe I should go practice. You know, be prepared to be cannon fodder. I doubt anyone else will care, so long as I soak up bullets that might hit them instead.

Slowly easing his way up, Preven made a slow path back to the door he had come out of, waiting for what he thought would be the inevitable outcome of his movement, which would be the full scale attack start then, making him the first and obvious target. But he got lucky, making it back to through the door without incident.

As he closed the door behind him, Preven began to breath easier. At least I'm not in view he thought to himself, trying to not think of having to go back out their when the fighting started. Re-entering the training area, Preven noticed it was somewhat emptier then last time he had been in, but didn't take much notice as he moved toward the small shooting range to practice his aim.


Xiev turned the corner of the lobby of Aegis and into the back hall of the Elixir. He tensed when he saw someone else in there with him, but relaxed a little when he saw it was a familiar face. Xiev and Praven had both been guards at the Elixir together. While Xiev had mostly shared his shifts with Pallat, Verdix and Janx, he had been on a number of shifts with Preven, and shared a few drinks with him after hours on a couple of occassions.

"You don't like this either?" Xiev said, lowering his rifle to hold it by his side with one hand. "Pallat's even worse though. He's still going on about how we're going to be used as little more than cannon fodder when needed. Even after Yossar shut him up, he still keeps muttering it under his breath whenever his back is turned."

Xiev looked over his shoulder and into the lobby, but saw no one else there. He allowed himself to get a little more comfortable, as he moved to lean against the nearby wall. The only way he'd be going anywhere was when someone pushed him along. Until then, his goal was to stay as far from the picture as possible.

"You believe him though?" Xiev asked a nervous ring in his voice. He had been trying to shake what Pallat had been saying, trying to make himself think that it was nothing more than another evening on the job, but he could still hear his whispers echoing in the back of his mind. "You really thinking they might just be using us as fodder for enemy fire?"


Esten watched from the rooftop as he saw the Human helping hold the Batarian up, moving through the alley. The Human had given him his shoulder to help lean and walk on, and had his pistol ready, often checking his shoulder, expecting to have someone appear behind them, trying to finish the job.

He needed them to get out of the alley though. Their lives might hold the possibility to take Meer's before he could make his next move. He had known it since he had found them over an hour ago, wandering through the back alleys of Aegis territory, carrying ordnance to an apartment across from their headquarters. He needed to wait though until they attacked though. If he had taken them down, his opportunity would have been lost. Now he needed to follow them back to from where they came. Hopefully it would lead to either Meer, or another officer of their operations.

Esten stood on a corner of the roof, where three alleys met, making a t-intersection. From here, he could see the doors of the apartment the ambushers had wandered into and from, as well as where they were going. When they made it to the junction, they had turned right, heading towards another turn. Esten had already scouted the area out, and knew that after that turn, another junction lay, and from there they might be heading out onto the streets. As he watched them approach the far corner though, Esten readied to move, but before he could he saw the doors to the apartment open once more, and Ocara running towards the intersection in front of him. Esten finally broke his comm silence.

"Pull back," he hissed over the Comm Channels to Ocara. "Do not follow them."

Ethan walked out of the Elixer's bathroom, reattaching the armor weaves and plate he struck upon an idea. Stepping behind the bar he started searching through the bottles below the bar, and then he found it, Ryncol. He had tried the beverage once, back in basic, on a dare, and it almost got him a disability discharge on top of the $200 from his buddies. He didn't remember much following that evening, but he did remember the taste of a mixture of bleach and broken glass, but it had the alcohol content needed to run a diesel engine, and that was exactly what he needed for his plan.

Taking the rag the bartenders used to clean the glasses, Paladin shoved it into the neck of the bottle. Then flipping the bottle he soaked the rag in the highly alcoholic and highly flammable liquid. Seeing the one who had been clicking that lighter all the damn time had taken his place he walked over to the new recruit.

"Hey big fella, got you a gift. If you manage to catch three or more of them standing them together, let 'em have it."

Passing over the Molotov to the new recruit he fingered his comm, contacting the soldiers with their rifles up on the roof.

"It's about time I get a little more proactive, would one of you be willing to be my eyes, watch over the road, tell me if there's anyone coming that needs my attention."

After this Paladin climbed over the barrier he had made, holstering his rifle and pulling his locust SMG. He made his way to the side of the street, using the buildings as cover. He waved to the snipers on the roof, to help them get a bearing on his position if any were willing to take him up on his request.

Terina watched Paladin leave the building, but she didn't follow him. She sat by the door, out of sight of the street, holding her shotgun ready. The street was too open. They'd cut her down where she stood before she'd get in range of her shotgun. Better to wait back in case they broke through and cut the survivors down.

Ocara almost got Estens message too late, but when he did recieve it, he screeched to a halt on the corner of the alleyway down which his enemies where laying in wait.

"Thats the second time you've saved my ass Esten, please advise Mr guardian angel" whispered the Turian into his comm unit.

Stupid Polish WiFi


Esten watched as Ocara stopped by the corner of the alley. It was a relief to him that the moment wasn't lost, and that the possibility to end all of this may come sooner than others realized. Not wanting to lose them, and watching as the two ambushers neared yet another corner, Esten moved towards a pipe that ran down the alley wall. He made sure his sniper was secured, before he grabbed the edge of it, and quickly, but still silently, lowered himself down it. When he reached ground level, he watched as the two ambushers turned the corner, into the next alley, before turning the one close to his to face Ocara.

"Go back to Lux," he said as he pointed to the alley that Ocara had run from. "Tell him they are pursued"

"Negative Esten, I know your slick, but I want to have your back just in case you run into more, even you might need the odds evening if there are seven Krogans waiting for you" replied Ocara. The Turian knew Esten wouldn't be happy about his disobedience, but whether he liked it or not, Ocara wanted too have the Salarians back, and besides, this might be and opportunity to show Esten, Verhal and the company that he wasn't a complete liability.

"Lets move"

Lowering the rifle from his shoulder, John sighed. He hadn't seen any movement in a bit and was starting to get edgy again. Leaning over the edge of the roof, and looking down at Lux and Brooks he yelled. "Way to go big guy, your ugly mug scared'em off! Now who am I supposed to shot?"

Stepping back from the edge and chuckling at his own joke, he sent a quick message to the Elixr security staff via his omni tool. [IF YOU'RE NOT ALL TO BUSY CIRCLE JERKING EACH OTHER, COULD I GET SOMEBODY WITH A RIFLE TO TAKE OVER FOR ME TOPSIDE?]

Preven quitted practising his aim as Xiev spoke up, and began speaking slowly to reduce the amount of shaking in his voice, though he wasn't doing a good job of it.

"I doubt they're going to tell us were just to be bullet sponges, but they don't really have to." he said, feeling terrible that he was probably just scaring Xiev more, but couldn't come up with a lie that wasn't flimsy.

"Just look at what they've given us...Pretty much nothing. They're telling us to go up against people who have far more experience then we do.We have little chance to live, and the only thing we can do is...shit, I don't even know, die painlessly?" Preven made a small grunt of terrified amusement, muttering to himself "I must sound worse then Pallat." Before he resumed practising his aim, which was still pretty much as dreadful as when he had started.


Esten's eyes narrowed on Ocara, as his fist started to clench. He had no time to argue with him though, every second he stayed, the more likely it would be he would lose the trail of the ambushers.

"Stay!" he snapped as he turned, sprinting off down the alley to the other corner, attempting to still track the ambushers.


"You're not as loud as him at least," Xiev said, trying to lighten the mood a little. It didn't help him much though as he slowly raised his rifle and placed it on the table of the range. He looked it over once more, loading in a new thermal clip and taking aim at the target further down range. He let out a small burst, but his aim was still poor. While the first managed to hit its mark, the second only skimmed it, and the third had gone wide, not even hitting close to the mark. He sighed as he lowered the rifle and looked at his hands. He could feel his fingers trembling slightly as he did this.


A few minutes after being called, Verdix arrived on the roof. He was one of the four Batarian guards employed in the Elixir. Most of the time he would watch from the side, observing patrons to try and determine what they were doing, attempting to spot minor problems and stop them before they would escalate. Janx had been the one to that suggested he take a sniper for this observation, but both knew why he had really ensured that he had been set up with a sniper instead of another.

"What do you need me to do?" Verdix asked as he stepped off from the elevator, his sniper still attached to his back, with an SMG seen on a holster on his leg. "Just need to watch the streets, right?"

Thank fuck, thought John as he watched Verdix get off the elevator. At least he's not one of those bullet sponges I saw earlier.

"What do you need me to do? Just need to watch the streets, right?"

"Yup, it's quiet right now but Lux and Brooks are outside so keep an eye on them." He replied, stepping into the elevator. "Oh, and Ocara is down there as well, but I lost track of him." As the elevator doors closed he pulled his helmet off and ran a hand through his hair. "Fuck I need a shower."

After stripping off his armour, and jumping through a quick shower John came out feeling rather refreshed. Getting dressed, he headed down to the range to blow off some steam. Entering the range he saw two people he didn't recognize. Must be some of the club guards he thought. Fuck, they look 'bout ready to shit themselves. Standing on the firing line, he drew 'Alexia' and started to put rounds down range. The gun hadn't been modified to use thermal clips, so after a few rapid shots it quickly overheated and shut down. Not bad considering...she shoots pretty straight too.

Preven didn't even notice the other guy come into the room until he heard the first shot. At first glaring at the newcomer for throwing off his already terrible shot, his glare became envious when he saw how easily he shot. Nudging Xiev, Preven whispered " That must be one of the bastards we're supposed to be shields for, huh."

Returning to firing his weapon, Preven couldn't help but glance at John every now and then, trying not to silently unload all his stress about the whole situation on this one person as unfair as it would be.

It was not working.

Satisfied with 'Alexia's performance, John switched over to his M-5, because while he really wanted to do some rifle practice the range was a little too small for his taste. Readying his gun, he ran through a series of quick draw, and speed load drills until he was happy.

Finishing, he went and watched the two guards for a moment. "Well at least you'll be able to make them duck...hopefully." He said with a chuckle. "Oh and try not to die, I don't want to have to clean up too many bodies."

"Thank you for making us feel much better about our position in this, sir. Next time, you should strap bombs on us and tell us to bum-rush the enemy." Muttered Preven, who set down his pistol lest he decide to try shooting John, who had just made a joke about him and Xiev's probably death.

With nothing else to do as he tried to calm down, Preven just glared at the target he'd barely hit decently half a dozen times.

"Look I'm sorry." John said with a sigh. "I'm not a patient person by nature, and all this waiting is pissed me off." Taking out his smokes, he lit one for himself, then offered the pack to the two guards. "Honestly, when the shit truly hits the fan, keep you heads down and leave the killing to the professionals. Don't worry about your aim, just shoot to keep them pinned. The most important thing you guys can do is be alert, you know watch for flanking attacks and air traffic and such. A second or third set of eyes can be really helpful when the shooting starts."

"Hey big fella, got you a gift. If you manage to catch three or more of them standing them together, let 'em have it."
Knox's eyes lit up as he took the Molotovs and placed them in the waist of his pants.

"Thanks man," Knox says with a nod "I could use these, just in case this won't reach." he holds up his shotgun for reference.

He then flips his lighter on and off unconsciously, watching for any hostility outside.

Preven declined the pack of cigarettes, as he wasn't sure how they would affect him, being Turian and all. "I'll try to keep my eye's open then, sir." he said, inwardly cursing himself for massively wasting his time. With a hurried good bye, Preven decided to go out and relive someone who was standing watch.


Meer wasn't there. Even if he was, the chances of ending these newly opened hostilities with his death alone were slim. The retribution would have been nice though. The satisfaction of putting down another deranged and violent Krogan would still have been plenty.

At this range, the time between the shot penetrating through the armour and shields and the sound report from the rifle was the same. It only allowed for Esten to take his one shot, not wanting to risk a second revealing his exact location. He didn't know who he had shot, only that he had to have been important.

The Turian stood on the ramp of the transport, with two others behind him. Each had been wearing armour, but the markings on the Turian's had been slightly different. The actions he took and this distinction though showed Esten that he was likely to be the one in command at the moment. When the Human carrying the Batarian had approached the transport, the Turian stopped them before they could board. The two ambushers were eager to escape from the streets they had been fighting on. All they had accomplished with their actions was the deaths of two of their own, and each sustaining wounds themselves. Esten could see the Turian was furious at these results. While he couldn't hear them from the distance he was at, he could tell from his actions that he was yelling at both of them, likely demanding a reason for their failure. It was at this opportunity that Esten lined up his shot. There was no certainty in how long he would keep himself exposed like this, nor if he would reveal himself to anyone of Aegis again soon. The time to remove him had been now. He stopped in front of the two for a moment, hesitating for some reason, perhaps one of them had spoken out of turn to him, but the pause was enough for Esten to exploit. Adjusting his aim by only fractions of degrees, Esten locked on the Turian's head and fired. There was no armour to protect his face, and his shields mustn't have been operating at full capacity. The shot pierced the shields, and continued through; entering above the Turian's left eye, and exiting below his right ear.

Esten didn't wait until his position, or even his rough direction was determined by those beneath him. He crawled back from the vents and pipes he had situated himself between on the roof, before standing, and running the rest of the way. As he ran, he reflexively returned his rifle to its spot on his back, before reaching the other end of the roof. Ocara was waiting there for him. Esten had permitted him to come, but refused to allow him to approach the edge of the roof from which he would take his shot. If he were to be present, he would only have been there in case anything had gone wrong, as he had insisted before, but he would not be allowed to be anywhere near the sight of his target.

"One down, someone with rank," Esten said as he passed by, moving to the rooftop entrance they had come from. Esten pushed the door open, and entered the stairwell. It had been a fire escape for the apartment, and would lead to the alley behind them. It would take them a while to return to base.


"If your network finds out who, inform us Dorack, I want to know who we just had killed," Verahl said into his Comm before closing the channel. It had been almost twenty minutes since Verahl had gotten the report from Ocara, telling him that Esten had claimed an officer of Meer's. It pleased him to hear that at least some form of counter had been managed to be launched.

"Meer will need to rethink his strategy if he wants us gone," Verahl said as he turned his chair back around to his desk to face Raven and Lux. "He remembers how much effort it took to take this place when it was unprepared, with us ready, he won't be able to make another assault like that."

"Verahl," Lux said. He was holding back most of the frustration, and still trying to remain respectful towards Verahl, but it was still clear in his voice how irritated he was by things. "You know Meer. If he wants to, he'll launch a full frontal assault, no matter what the casualties are. He doesn't care how many die, as long as we're gone as well. That's why we just can't sit back on our asses and wait for him. If he figures the only way to take us out is to fight us head on, there's going to be a lot of blood, and it's not only going to be drawn from him."

"Did I say we were going to remain holed up in here Lux?" Verahl asked, and watched as a wicked, satisfied grin started to cross the Krogan's face. "I want this company to mobilize as soon as possible. So far, we've been able to determine that Meer isn't the one in charge of the company he's signed on with. While he's one of the highest ranked officers there, others still hold authority over him. What we need to do, is show them that taking us on was a big mistake. If we hit hard enough, on enough of their assets, we might just be able to drive them off. Meer won't let his feud with us die, but if we can show the rest of their command that a war with us would be far more costly to them than initially predicted, they'll likely turn back and leave us be."

Lux's grin dropped as he finished hearing the end of Verahl's plan. His fist started to clench, and he rose from his chair.

"And let Meer go?! This is only a temporary solution Verahl! Give him a few more months and he'll be back at us with new troops! If we strike, we need to get the source of our problems!"

"Lux, sit," Verahl instructed as he leaned over his desk. "If he's cut off from his company, he'll be forced to wait and find others to help his assault. By that time, we can find him and have either Esten or Oc---"

"Bullshit!" Lux said as he slammed his fist into the desk. "If anyone is taking that Vorcha shit out it's me."

"Fine," Verahl said slowly, his patience starting to wear thin. "That still doesn't change our current situation. Now, stand down, and prepare yourself. I don't want to give them long to regroup."

With that Lux stormed out of the office, and into the hall. His heavy footsteps could still be heard even after the door closed behind him.

"Have the men prepared," Verahl said to Raven as the two still sat in the office. "The guards as well. I'll update you when we have the locations to attack."


Janx was one of the only people Oleene allowed into her office. While he was the head of her guards, he knew that his position didn't really matter. Oleene didn't have many people she could trust or consider friends, but Janx knew he was among them. If anyone entered her office uninvited, they'd likely be chewed and spat out again before they could even make it more than a couple steps in the door, but whenever he walked in, he was always given a brief greeting, and offered a seat.

As he walked out of her office and back into the club, he began to wonder why she had remained. She had been refusing to leave her office since the lockdown, despite her being one of the only people that wasn't forced to remain. At first it had puzzled Janx why she had refused to leave. He had thought that it might have been for her safety, feeling more secure here with heavily armed guards and mercs than she would be at home, even though she was much more likely to be in the line of fire here. But after talking with her, he had realized how far from the truth he was.

He realized after speaking with her why she had refused to go. With her, the club had pretty well become her home. It was her life, her standing, without it, she would again be thrown out with nothing onto the streets of Omega. When he had talked with her, she began to reminisce to him, telling him about Synite. Synite had been the club she had owned before the Elixir. Unlike the Elixir, it was fully in her possession. It had been located in the same district as the Elixir, but wasn't one of its main competitors. She had told him how the Eclipse had managed the district before, and how they had provided her with decent protection, and how they had been some of her clientele. After Arch Angel though, things had changed. The fall of Eclipse and rise of 4-6 in the district had been a turn for the worse. Not long after they had taken control, Oleene received an offer. It was a very meagre sum of money offered for ownership of the club. The value offered hadn't even been half of what it was worth, and she told them to not set foot in there again. A week later, after closing, the club was ransacked. The staff she had left to clean up, two Salarians, had been badly beaten, their safe had been broken into, and whatever hadn't been taken had been destroyed. Oleene knew that if she tried to remain, they would return, and the damages would be far worse, so she left. The club was taken over within a couple days by the 4-6, and Oleene was sent back to working as a bartender in small bar in Aegis's old territory.

To her, the Elixir was her new life. Before, the Synite had been everything to Oleene. She had worked her way up on Omega, from a dancer to an owner, over the course of decades, in an attempt to get to the top. When she had gotten control of things, having her years of hard work and determination finally paying off from her, it had been taken. The Elixir had been a blessing to her, a last chance for success. She wouldn't let it be taken from her without a fight.

As he walked down towards the bar, where most of the mercs and guards sent to protect the main floor of the club had assembled. Most now had their weapons holstered, and were sitting around by the counter talking. The snipers up top would report anything to them coming from outside, so tension had been slightly relieved. Janx grabbed a chair, and spun it around to face the others, and sat. He scanned over those around him, before Haley caught his attention. She had been sitting on the counter, with her legs crossed, and weapon beside her, tapping her fingers relentlessly on the countertop. She changed her position yet again, finding it difficult to sit still when all she had to do was watch a door, and placed her knees over the edge, and lay back, with her head suspended over the other end.

"Doesn't anyone have cards?" she groaned as she continued to be plagued by the boredom of guard duty.

Raven glanced at the door before turning back to Verahl, looking directly into his eyes, "Lux is right Verahl. Meer will have no problem sacrificing as many men as it takes to eliminate us. If I have the chance to end him I'm taking it. He's to much of a risk to be left alive." Turning on his heel, he marched out of the room sending a company wide message as he walked, "Prepare for a demolition mission. We are expecting heavy resistance so arm yourselves accordingly. We leave as soon as we confirm our intel is correct. Raven out" Lux won't let anger cloud his judgement so he'll be fine leading a squad. Taking the guards as anything other than backup would be buying a ticket for the fuckup train and the newbies aren't that much better off. Stopping at his room, he stripped and cleaned his Shredder and Sniper Rifle before attaching them to his armor along with his bowie knife and some gel packs.

Pulling a cigar, he snipped the end, lit it and walked into the main area of the club. Taking in the assembled guards and their various levels of alertness before finally coming to rest on the sole female guard of the group, he inhaled deeply before grimacing, "All right future bullet sponges, some of you are going to accompany us on a seek and destroy mission of some of the opposition's key facilities. Stealth is going to be a key factor for this so I expect you all to follow your orders to the letter." Shifting his glance once more, he let out the smoke from his lungs before adding, "If any of you put one of my teams lives in danger... well let's just say you won't like the consequences." His piece said, he moved to the part to wait on word from Verahl.

Terina looked at her beeping omni-tool, reading the message. A demolition mission? Sounds pretty serious. She stood up, checking her shotgun again. She probably wouldn't get much use out of it. Too loud. But that was what her biotics were for. And she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty in close quarters if necessary. It hadn't been for a while, but she always trained for the eventuality when she got the chance. Standing behind the bar, she kept an eye on the front entrance. Until required to leave, she had this job left to do.

John smiled when he read Raven's message. "About fucking time we got proactive on Meer's scaly ass." Heading over to Elixr, he poured himself a glass of water before joining Terina at the bar. "So...Teri, having fun yet?"

Looking the Asari over, he shook his head. I can never get used to that. Older than me by a century maybe, yet looks like she's five years she's fun in the sack though. With that last thought he laughed to himself and finished his drink. Sitting down, he watched the door while he waited to go to work.

She shrugged, keeping an eye on the door as well. "It's a bit dull, but this is the most obvious spot to get in. No one's likely to try, but those that do won't make it far. It's my job to make sure of that. This next mission, however...makes me a bit nervous. Stealth isn't usually my thing. Shotguns aren't known for being quiet, after all."

Demolition mission, huh. Wonder what we're blowing up. And what intel did we get to send us out there? Paladin wondered to himself, caught in the musing that comes with waiting like this for something to happen over an extended period. But knowing what was in store he rechecked his weapons, for any surface issues that could be a problem, and rechecked the material block that supplied the ammunition for his guns to make sure he wouldn't run out of ammo in the middle of a firefight.

He was glad however that the opposition hadn't been able to muster any significant offensive so far. Despite the tedium of waiting, it did give them all ample time to prepare, but he recalled the anecdote he had heard several times in boot camp, "That's all service is, a whole lot of waiting, and every once in a while someone tries to kill you."

Sal looked at her Omni-tool as she got the message. "Demolitions, not my best skill but hey a jobs a jobs." She muttered to her self as she stood from the small stool. She keyed up her radio on her omni-tool. "Replacement need on the roof, don't care who. I have no time to wait so on the double." She said as she stepped into the elevator. She nodded to Verdix and Triven as the doors closed. Moments later she was at the bar. "Resident Quarian reporting for duty she said with a small smirk behind her mask.


"Explosives aren't either hun," Rook said to Terina as he circled around the bar counter, grabbing a glass as he passed. "I mean, if we're looking to strike multiple targets in as little time as possible, I think stealth is less the key and timing is more. Not to be questioning you or anything though, but that right Captain?"

Rook scooped his glass full of ice as he started to look around, trying to orient himself with what was around him.

"Where do they keep the soda gun," Rook mumbled as he scanned the sides of the counter, trying to find the dispenser.

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