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Terina followed Ocara, leaning against a pillar. "Should make for a good fight."

Paladin stretched as well as he stood off against the Turian. When he felt sufficiently loose he turned to Terina, "Alright, I'm ready." On seeing the Turian was also ready, and hearing his confirmation, Paladin charged forward throwing a decoy haymaker by his opponents head. Then as the Turian dodged, Ethan twisted and grabbed Ocara in the back of the head, driving his center of gravity down as Ethan thrust his knee up, into Ocara's chest. knocking the wind out of him, then following up with genuine haymaker, knocking the Turian off his feet. Ethan danced away clutching his hand, feeling the after effect of punching Ocara's armored skin.

"alright, I'd call that a point for me" Paladin bends over, and offered Ocara his hand to help lift him up.

"Yeah, I'd have to concede victory on that, but only by small margin" replied Ocara cheerfully as Paladin helped him to his feet. Once he was standing again, a few more light stretches helped ease the pain in his chest, before he was bouncing upon his toes onces more.

"Alright here we go" he declared once both of the combatants were ready.

Stepping into the circle cautiously, his poised on either side of his body, Ocara started their second round with a couple feints and a little bit of back and forth boxing, both parties being cautious not to overextend and present their adversary with an opening.

Quickly, Ocara stepped in with yet another feint, his right fist shooting towards the right of Paladins head, drawing back quickly before suddenly whipping his hips around for another blow, this time with his left. Paladin had anticipated this and even though he didn't have time for a dodge, he would have managed to block the strike, if it hadn't have been another feint, something that, Ocara assumed, Paladin only realized when the Human's face met with his right fist, a blow carefully calculated to unbalance the Human for a moment, a blow that certainly hit paydirt.

Using the brief window where Paladin surely saw stars, Ocara's left hand came in, quickly (yet lightly) jabbing Paladin's solar plexus, stunning him further, before the Ocara stepped behind the Humans legs with his right foot and performed a solid takedown.

This time it was Ocara whose hand was extended to Paladin to help him up.

"Best of three?"


Karnak had wandered down to the training room to see if Yossar was around. He'd decided that he'd try to show him he was ready for duty again at least so he'd be able to get out on the next mission sooner. As he entered, he quickly caught sight of Ocara and Paladin sparring, and decided to watch.

"Who's winning?" he asked Terina as he sat down near her to watch.

"It's tied right now. Each have a point."


Karnak paused for a second as he watched the two go back to the starting positions.

"Fifty on Ocara."

Once Paladin had gotten to his feet once more, both fighters resumed their positions at opposite sides of the ring, both of them preparing for their final round in their own way, Ocara mainly stretching his arms out in front of him and rotating his neck, until like his opponent Ocara stood ready.

Slowly and cautiously, the combatants stepped into the circle, Ocara gently prodding at Paladins defenses with light jabs, hooks and the like, all designed to expose a hole in their opponents guard, at the same time both being reluctant to be the first to strike, for a time at least. Paladin was the first to strike, shooting a perfectly aimed jab towards Ocara's chin, one that would have surely rocked the Turian if he hadn't have begun a duck as the strike hit him, causing the blow to crunch off of his nose.

Ocara saw stars for a few moments, before getting his head back into the fight, leaning backwards out the way of another volley of shots aimed at him, despite his increasing awareness that blue blood was running steadily down his face from his nose, that while probably not broken, still stung like a bitch. His opponent, sensing his obvious advantage, began another flurry of attacks at Ocara, mostly punches directed at both his face and his body, most of which Ocara parried and tried to counter.

This continued for many minutes and to the bystanders it must have surely looked like Paladin would win this round, however Ocara was about to surprise them all, especially Paladin. Another jab shot towards Ocara's face, but this time, Ocara smacked it aside with his right forearm, before utilizing the momentum that had built up from the block and following through with his left, jabbing Paladin just below his adam's apple, a move that Ocara knew Human's in particular didn't enjoy.

Moments later Ocara stood victorious, for while Paladin obviously hadn't been a pushover even after the shot the the throat, Ocara had managed to best him.

"Good spar man, but the last round could've gone either way to be honest" said Ocara once Paladin was back up on his feet, wiping some blood from his face with the back of his hand.

Paladin clutched his throat, nodding his head and reaching his other hand to shake Ocara's, wanting to wait a bit before trying to talk again. He was covered with the little nicks and scratches one gets from hard contact with a Turian's rock-hard carapace, in addition to the bruises and injuries one can expect from fighting normally.

"Good fight" Paladin croaked out finally. Before stepping off to the side and stretching out his over exerted muscles, still not saying much of anything.


Karnak laughed a bit as he watched Paladin go down.

"Well, I knew it," he said as stood back up. "Put him down like a Vorcha Ocara."

He walked over to a small fridge kept in the corner that was filled mostly with bottles of cold water, and a few different flavours of Tupari. He opened it and took out a couple bottles of water, proceeding to toss one of the bottles over to Ocara, and then opening the other one for himself.

"Karnak! I didn't know you were awake, how are you feeling?" replied Ocara, his smile gleaming even though his face was splattered in blood. Opening the bottle of water, first Ocara poured some of its contents into his cupped hands, before splashing it over his face to wash some of the blood away and also just for the cool, energizing effect. Once his face was clean, Ocara began to drink the thankfully chilled water as he walked over to stand with Karnak.

"And I wouldn't say put down like a Vorcha, they don't have such a mean right hook" he continued, nodding to Paladin as he did so.


"Better than him at least," Karnak said, giving a rare smile to Ocara as he walked over.

Ocara was one of few in the company that Karnak liked. While he had disapproved significantly of his relationship with Lexi, he had known well enough to keep his opinions on the matter to himself.

"I didn't say he fought, like a Vorcha, just that you put him down like one," he said as he gave a fake little jab at Ocara's side, continuing to ignore Paladin's presence as much as possible.

"Oh that's it asshole!" Paladin's body became suffused with a familiar blue glow as he used his biotic powers. Ethan pushed one arm forward as he put pressure on the back of Karnak's knees and thrust his other arm back as he pushed Karnak's chest in the opposite direction, causing the Batarian to buckle and then collapse onto his back. Paladin ripped off his shirt, which had been torn up in his fight with Ocara, showing off the burn on his chest, and his body honed by years of combat. "I'm good for another round, bring it on four-eyes"

"Back the fuck down Paladin!" shouted Ocara, his smile vanishing as he ran inbetween the two, drawing his pistol, , but keeping it pointed upwards for the time being. The situation had the potential to turn very ugly, very quickly, especially with what he knew of Karnak's temperament and while he'd only known Paladin for a short while, he wasn't turning out to be the most 'balanced' individual in the company either.

"If you want to spar in the ring thats great, but attacking another Company member is asking to get killed" continued Ocara, his voice lowered now, but still as commanding as it got, for while both of the mercs on either side of him might be better trained, more experienced than him, or older, he was still the senior member present and it would be his ass on the line if Paladin got gutted, or vice-versa.

"Karnak, stay where you are. Paladin get out, now"

Raven leaned back in his chair before voicing his own opinion on the matter at hand. "As much as I would like to agree with Lux and say that hitting them now would be the best solution, do we really now how well defended their borders are? How many men do they have in comparison to us? How good are their leaders in the field? They are too many variables to just gibe an all out attack a go. We don't need a disaster on top of a shit storm." We came close to losing people after the last merc group fucked with us.


Karnak hit the ground hard. He didn't expect the blow from Paladin, and had been caught off guard by it. Before he even realized what Paladin was doing, he was already sprawled out on his back, staring at the ceiling.

Karnak was stunned for a moment, but realized that Paladin was waiting for him to get back up to fight.

"It's ok Ocara," he said slowly, as he took a few deep breaths. "Calm down."

He lifted himself up a little, so he was curled over, resting on one of his knees. He made it appear as though the blow had hurt him more than he let on, attempting to lower Paladin's guard a bit more.

It worked.

As he kneeled in front of him, Karnak suddenly pulled his right arm back, and sent a punch right into Paladin's left shin. He then followed up, by pushing himself up with his legs, getting up as quickly as possible, and guiding his left hand to get an uppercut in at Paladin's jaw.

He was quick to take a couple steps back and to assume a defensive posture. He knew that Paladin wouldn't hold back on him now.

Paladin clutched his jaw and bounced on his good shin, "son of a bitch that hurt. Alright man, if that's the way you want to play it" Paladin started to glow blue again as he decided to try something different. focusing on the pain in his jaw Ethan used that emotion to force his opponent against the wall and keep him there, putting most of the pressure on Karnak's chest, wrists and ankles.

"I think we're done here" Paladin said to the Batarian as he walked out of the training room, releasing his mass effect field as soon as he left the room, then letting out a heavy sigh as he felt the after effect of his exertion.

Lux & Verahl:

"Number's mean shit, we took the 4-6 out, and they almost had us down two to one!" called Lux as he brought his fist down on the desk to emphasize his point. "If they're nothing but a bunch of thugs, they don't stand a chance against our might."

"But they're not," interrupted Verahl as he gave a slight glare at Lux. "If anything, they made us look untrained today. They herded the recruits into an ambush, and forced them to fight on their own terms. They're tactical, they know their territory, and they're effective."

Lux decided not to bother talking any more. Verahl's mind was set; he knew that there wouldn't be any point bothering to change it.

"You're as stubborn as a Krogan, Ver," Lux grunted as he turned and looked out into the Club behind him.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Verahl quipped. He brought his gaze to the centre of the desk for a moment. "We won't make a move against them. We'll tighten up our own territory a bit more, shows them indirectly that we're still strong, but we won't move against them. We're not going to risk full scale combat with them, understood?"

"Understood," Lux grumbled.


Karnak's breath was cut off as he was held against the wall. He would have been screaming if he could though, the pain was immense.

When Paladin finally released him and left the room, Karnak didn't get up. He simply lay on a few of the mats, paralyzed in pain. He couldn't see straight, it felt as though each of his eyes were separately wandering, unable to find something to lock in on.

He tried to speak, but all that could come out were groans. He then bit his lower lip as the pain got sharper. Blood could now be seen seeping through his shirt, as he could feel the wounds from the shotgun opening again.

"And I thought that guy was cool. Karnak, you ok man?" said Ocara, his tone nervously jovial at first, but it quickly drew concerned when it appeared Karnak was in pain. Quickly, Ocara knelt down next to the Batarian so he could get a closer look at him, the look confirming that Karnak was in pain from the look of agony of his face, whats more is that after a couple of moments, the edges of Karnak's shirt went dark.

"Son of a bitch!" Ocara cursed, standing up and moving to the door.

"I'm getting the Dr, hang on Karnak"

And with that, Ocara broke into a deadsprint towards Doc Miles' office, the usual sinking feeling that came with visiting the doctor buried under anger and worry. On the way he passed Paladin, who was not too far away from the training room and on the way past, Ocara had enough presence of mind and breath to hiss 'Fuck sake man' as he shot past.

Paladin saw Ocara running past him down the corridor, he seemed like he was worried about something. Ethan ran after him, "What happened? is everything alright?"

Doc Miles:

Ok, concentrate. Line the shot up right. Make sure you've got it. Now, just calmly swing back and---

The doors to Miles's office burst open as Ocara rushed in. Miles turned in surprise as his putter hit the golfball, sending it far wide of the cup he had placed on his floor.

"Damn it, I'm practicing," Miles blurted as he turned to face Ocara.

"So, what are you doing back here again so soon?" he asked sarcastically. "Did you stub your toe? Break a nail?... Wait, Turians don't have nails... Break off part of your fringe?... Is that what you call that part? Ah, screw it, what do you want?"

"Injury in the training room, Karnak's bleeding and in alot of pain"replied Ocara, his fists clenched, as it was an intense effort relaying instructions to the doctor without just giving in to his urges and knocking out a few of his teeth... For starters.

Once it looked like Miles was begining to do something, Ocara turned to Paladin, his voice steely once more.

"When this is over, we are going to see Verhal"

"Wait, what!? Jeezus, I wasn't trying to kill the guy" Paladin was taken aback by the news of what his actions caused, Karnak was being a dick, but with that swagger Ethan assumed he'd be able to handle the pressure that would keep him against the wall. Fortunately he wasn't the type to be bogged down in bad news, not if he could do something about it anyway. "Come on doc, let's get moving"

Terina followed after the scene, having been caught off guard with Paladin's roughness. "Well, Paladin, you proved you are strong and unstable."

Doc Miles:

"Aw shit," Miles said as he dropped his putter and started to run out of his office. He made it half way out before quickly stopping and looking at Ocara.

"There's a stretcher over there, grab it and get it to him!" he said, then immediatly bolted up the stairs.



"Well, he's stable," Miles said to Verahl as he stood over Karnak.

Verahl looked down on Karnak. His eyes were closed, and he looked fairly limp.

"Can he hear me?" Verahl asked, still not looking away from Karnak.

"Heh, no," Miles said with a bit of a smile. "He's got enough painkillers in him to knock out an Elcor. He'll be awake in a few hours, but he'll be so lucid he won't have any idea what's going on."

Verahl simply nodded. He didn't say another word to Miles. He just looked over Karnak once more, deep in thought. After several seconds, Verahl turned and headed out of the medical bay. A few members of the company were waiting outside.

"Is he going to be ok?" Ocara asked.

"He'll be back in recovery in a few days," Verahl grumbled as he stopped in front of Raven and Paladin.

"You're coming with us," Verahl said to Paladin, giving one of his unnerving Batarian glares to him. "Raven, get the Gauntlet ready."

Raven walked rapidly into the hanger before leaping into the Gauntlet's open bay doors. Leaping into the pilot's seat, he ran through the startup sequences and was rewarded with the engines roaring to life. Good thing I learned how to pilot this thing. Glancing over his shoulder, he nodded as Verahl led Paladin into the Gauntlet before taking off to the location the company used to deal with "problems."

Paladin sat down, "so much for a good first impression" he thought. "I nearly got Terina and Jetta killed, and then I nearly kill Karnak. Sure I didn't mean to, but that doesn't matter when my teammate is lying on a cot covered in holes"

'Damn man, even if Paladin was a bit of a dick hurting Karnak like that, I wouldn't wish whatever Verhal is going to do to him on anyone, especially with Verhal's way of going slightly over the top sometimes...'

Ocara sat next to Karnak's injured form, his long fingers drumming away slowly at the table that was next to him. While the Batarian wasn't perfect, Ocara liked to think that they were alright pals, despite Karnak's tendency to make remarks every now and again. After a few more minutes, Ocara stood up and stretched, there was going to be no use in loitering around Karnak, likelihood was that he'd be out for a while, which was a shame, especially since he'd just woken up.

"See you man" muttered Ocara, before leaving the medi-bay, kicking the golf ball that Miles had just nudged perfectly towards his makeshift target.


Minutes later, Ocara was sitting in the common room, trying to think of how to kill the time and clear his head. At times like this, he would usually track down Esten, but the Salarian had dissappeared for the moment, as he was prone to doing now and then. Instead, this time Ocara turned his head upwards from looking at the table and spoke to Lux.

"Lux, what do you think'll happen to Paladin?"


When the Gauntlet touched down once again, Verahl was the first to walk out of the cockpit. Paladin had been left alone in the bay of the ship, and the door between the two areas had been locked. He stood silently to the side, glaring at him, as Raven walked out next.

"Get out," he said as touched a button near the door to the cockpit. The ramp to the back of the Gauntlet slowly descended before hitting the ground with a dull thud.

Raven then marched Paladin out of the ship. They were on one of the lower levels of the district, but not as close to the Dusk border as they were The ship had landed in what appeared to be a vacant lot. It had likely been used for loading and unloading transports years ago, but it had long since been abandoned. The occassional transport could be heard flying by, but there was hardly any traffic down here.

"Make sure his amp is off," Verahl called from the ramp of the Gauntlet. He was methodically taking off his things. He first removed his jacket, folding it neatly so it wouldn't crease or fold. He then emptied his pockets of the few items he kept in them such as his credit chit.


"If Verahl has sense left, he's going to use it to beat some into him," Lux said with a small chuckle. "Poor little fuck laid out one of Verahl's favourites."

He continued to rummage through the fridge as he looked for something to eat.

"Where has that damn Salarian gone?!" He finally shouted as he slammed the fridge door shut.

He looked around, scanning the room from side to side, half expecting his call to frighten Dray down from wherever he had gone, before letting out an irritated grunt and turning to lean against one of the kitchen counters.

"He's been gone all morning, normally you can find him hiding somewhere around here," he said, not bothering to continue talking about Paladin.

Paladin walked down the ramp, his head high, he briefly thought of the appropriateness of the ship name, given what seemed to be about to happen. "You don't have to worry about me hitting back Verahl. But before you lay into me, let me give you my side". Paladin saw Verahl was done with his preparations, he kept his hands up, palms out at his chest.

"Let me speak my piece, if you still believe I deserve what's coming, then I'll take my licks without complaint."


"I will only repeat myself once. Amp. Off," he said before looking at Raven. "Or would you prefer Raven rip it out?"

He slowly turned back to Paladin as he cracked his neck from side to side, and descended down the ramp.

"Speak," his voice commanded.

Paladin got the hint, he reached to the back of his neck and fingered the interface that controlled his bio amp, turning off the device that synchronized his nervous system, and enabled his full control, he was still a biotic, but with the device off, he could only lift about 5 pounds, with effort.

Ethan turned and looked Verahl in the eyes that were on his own level, "I know Karnak's type, If I had let him, he'd walk all over me, so I knocked him down to show I was no pushover, beyond that, it was up to him. He fought back dirty, I pushed him against the wall so I could leave without both of us having to go visit doc. Miles. I had heard he was on the mend, if I knew it was still that bad, I would have handled it differently. There, that's my side."

Korat entered the common area in a hurry, having heard what had happened. He had been (at the advice of the obnoxious human known as Brooks) trying to immerse in the nightlife of Omega, with little result. He found the music of the nightclubs to be too loud, and the lights a distraction, limiting his visual accuracy to 88% of its total efficiency. Not to mention he did not quite 'fit in' with the nightlife; he didn't quite understand the appeal in the pointless, shallow mating rituals, the intoxicants, the dancing. Especially the dancing. Korat could not understand what was so enthralling about a leather-clad, half naked Asari dancing around a pole.

He was just always different like that.

"This is why I should not have left," he exclaimed to the others as he barreled into the common room. Ocara, and the other krogan, Lux were seated, talking. He sensed high stress levels, worry, fear: they were unsure of the fates of both Karnak and his assailant, and were concerned about both to some degree.

He slowed his pace as he walked up to them. He had recieved the news while in the lower end of the district, and had been running since, no doubt maiming that salarian fruit merchant and his elderly elcor customer. He imagined it might be a terrifying thing to see: an armored Krogan running full speed towards you, a look of intensity and an undercurrent of rage lighting his eyes.

Of course, he didn't care what that was like. He just imagined it was terrifying.

Slowly, hesitating, he sat in the chair across from Ocara. He wondered where to start. Should he ask where Verahl went? Who else was there? How everyone was taking it?

"What is the medical status of the Batarian?"


"His type?," Verahl said slowly, barely holding back his anger. "His FUCKING type?!"

Verahl couldn't contain himself anymore. He brought his right arm far back and then straight into the side of Paladin's face. He watched as Paladin fell to the ground. He slowly uncletched his fist as he looked down on him.

"Get up," he said, disgusted. "You wanted to start a fight with a Batarian, you've got one now."

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