The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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Aeris giggled and blushed. "I would say we are, yes. Which makes you my first boyfriend. And that before was my first kiss." She nuzzled his nose with hers and sat up on the grass. "Lets try and not make Rochelle feel uncomfortable around us. Wouldn't want to do that to her." She leaned down and kisses him lightly on the lips, then sat back up.

"I should try and see if I can find a name for my new Caterpie." She reached for the new Pokeball on her belt, hit the button on it to make it larger, then opened it, making her Caterpie appear in a white flash. He looked at her and crawled over to her and into her lap, looking like it was smiling. "Aww, you're so cute." Aeris said and hugged the Caterpie. She let go of him and looked at him. "Hmm. What would be a good name for you..." He looked up at her as if he was thinking. "How about...Tristan?" The Caterpie seemed to like the name, looking like it smiled again. "Then your name now is Tristan." Aeris smiled towards her Caterpie.

At first, Simon was grateful for whoever's Pokémon it was that lit the fire. It lent some light to the area and presumably warmth as well though he was too far away to feel it. Then Simon realized that two shadowy figures were awfully close to one another. With a sigh he turned and aimed his flashlight at his Pokémon. Shadow was now quite awake and attempting to shove his muzzle into Simon's backpack. The Poochyena's tail was wagging back and forth. It seemed rather intent on forcing its way into the bag.

"On second thought, I think I'll just say here." Simon declared. "And what do you think you are doing?" He tapped his Pokémon on the head and then pushed Shadow aside with one hand. Shadow whined a complaint and dug his paws into the sleeping bag.

Simon sighed again. Leaving his bag he walked over to a nearby tree and snapped off a small low hanging branch. He returned to his mini camp-site and stuck the branch into the dirt until a good four inches was underground. Simon then looped the handle of his flashlight onto the top of the branch and maneuvered the beam of light until it shone on his sleeping area. 'Instant lamp. he thought with a grin. He would just have to remember to turn it off once he was ready to sleep. The battery only lasted but so long. 'And it would be unpleasant to run out of battery while in a dark forest. Or a cave.' he thought.

"Alright bud. I must have something to eat in here since you were digging around." Simon said as he sat down on his sleeping bag. He pulled his backpack closer to him and began looking through its contents. Shadow grumbled and lay down beside of Simon's improvised light stand.

Thankfully Fary and Jordan had stopped - at least, for the moment - so Rochelle figured now would be as good a time as most to make a bit of conversation and get to know the other girl better. "Come on, Phoenix. Let's go meet new people," she said, carefully lifting the hand on which the Spearow stood up to shoulder height and patting her shoulder with the other hand. "Over here, onto my shoulder... Well done," she said when he had hopped down her arm and perched on the shoulder in question.

"Hold on, little guy, we're going for a walk," she said, making sure Phoenix had secured his grip. He had done so slightly painfully due to his sharp talons. Rochelle got up, careful not to dislodge Phoenix, and made her way around to where Fary sat, near a fairly large pot full of ingredients. "Hey, Fary," she said cheerfully. "Phoenix, say hi."

"Spearr... row," the little bird chirped at Fary, hopping down to investigate this new human from a closer standpoint. Experimentally, he pecked at the grass between Fary and Rochelle and hopped a little closer, head cocked again in a curious expression.

Fary smiled and petted the Pokemon. "hey there little fella." Fary said in a warm voice. She then looked up at Rochelle. "Oh hey Rochelle, that's a pretty Spearow you have." she said. "Yea the fathers are a bit rough but that's due to it being wild. Anyway how are you?" she asked.

Jordan was thinking about what Fary said about asking her out. It wasn't something that he had to do with a girl before, you don't go out on dates at the beach. You just hang with people, if one of them happens to be a girl you're with you just hang out with them, if you get a little something off them, a little sugar, well that was just par for the course. That was a different kind of kiss he got from Fary, though. That wasn't a "hey, we're on the beach so let's fuck" kind of kiss. No, there was something more to that. He would have to be careful.

At least Rochelle came over to break up the tension in his mind, and give him some time to think. "Hey, I'm going to take Vince to get some more wood, I'll be right back." He turned to his starter Pokemon. "Vince bro, come on, we need to get some normal sized wood chunks, k?"

"Scyther Scy. Scyther." Normal sized? What's that even mean, I gave you what you wanted. Bah. He followed after his trainer into the brush.

"Oh, not bad, not bad. Can't really say the same for the budding team I've got with me, though," Rochelle answered as Jordan left with his Scyther. "I guess I tired Kirsten out with all the battling today. On the upside, I've caught two Pokémon already: Phoenix as you see here, and another birdlike one... a Murkrow, I think it is." She gave Phoenix a smile, who had gently nuzzled himself against Fary's hand when she petted him. Evidently he was quickly warming up to the fact that he was living with humans.

"What about you? See anything you like? Er... besides Jordan, I mean," Rochelle added, blushing a little as if to say, Yeah, I saw you two just now. "That was kinda quick, you two getting together."

"Oh please that was just flirting, though I had hoped something would have come from it." Fary sighed. "As for seeing something I like I caught a Murkrow as well." Fary said letting Raven out. "His name is Raven, you know the poem 'Never more.'" she laughed some. Raven hopped over to Phoenix and pecked him softly. "Krow Krow murkrow?" So you're stuck in a ball like I am too?

"Ha, nice one. Yeah, I haven't talked with my Murkrow one-on-one yet. I think it needs to get accustomed to working with me, the way I did with Phoenix just now before I came over to you," Rochelle said, sitting down on the grass as she spoke. "I figure talking to new Pokémon and carefully interacting with them helps to befriend them easier. That's just me, though, I don't know how you or any of the others do it."

When Raven pecked at Phoenix, the latter hopped back a little and ruffled his feathers, cawing at the strange Pokémon as if to say, "Back off. Don't know you, don't trust you." He retreated to the relative safety of Rochelle's knee, hopping up and looking at Raven from his slight vantage point.

"It's okay, Phoenix, no need to be scared. It's just a Murkrow, you'll meet another one like him later," Rochelle said soothingly, lightly stroking the Spearow's feathers to try to calm him down a little. It seemed to work, although Phoenix didn't move from his spot.

"No it really does help. Dad breeds Pokemon all the time and he taught me about taking care of them and befriending them." Fary said picking up Raven petting him before putting him on her shoulder. "Good boy." Fary said softly to Raven and gave him a Poke treat then handed one to Rochelle. "I made them my self but I know Pokemon love them." she said.

"Really? Interesting," Rochelle mused, accepting the small object. "I've heard of different kinds of Pokémon food such as PokéBlocks or Poffins - strange word, that - and of course most will eat berries." She tentatively offered the treat to Phoenix, who took it in his beak and thought over how to eat it for a moment, as it was a bit big for him. Eventually he dropped it on Rochelle's leg and she broke it in half for him; Phoenix proceeded to eat one half, immediately perking up a little and scarfing the other half down a second later.

"Huh, you're right. Turns out he likes it," Rochelle commented, gently stroking Phoenix's folded wing feathers with one finger. "How did you make it? Is there some kind of recipe?"

Tyler became uncomfortable when Fary and Jordan began making out, so he decided to leave with Tank in tow. He didn't care where he was going, but he was fine if it was as far away from the "lovebirds" as possible.

That was a few minutes ago.

Now, Tyler and Tank were returning from a short walk in the surrounding woods. They had been in search of any interesting Pokemon in the area. Sadly, the Viridian Forest lived up to its reputation for being a Bug Pokemon's paradise. He had nothing against Bug-types, but they really weren't his thing. When you've seen one Caterpie, you've seen them all. As he returned to the campsite, he hoped that he wouldn't walk in on Jordan practicing his Megahorn attack on Fary.

Thankfully, he found that Jordan was gone, and that Fary was talking to Rochelle. Sighing quietly in relief, Tyler approached the two girls. "Just took a look around. I hoped to find something that wasn't a Caterpie or Weedle," he said with a shrug. "No dice'.

"Ran ran..." Tank chimed in, sounding somewhat disappointed.

"Yeah, don't want to make everyone uncomfortable..." Mika smiled, kissing Aeris' cheek and holding her hand. He got up to stretch a bit, and then looked down at Aeris. "I'll be right back... Nature's calling, and I'm gonna check on what the plans are for tonight's dinner."

Bones followed his trainer, Mika walking past the fire and going into the trees, so that he would have enough cover to keep him from accidentally flashing someone. After he relieved himself, he turned around and felt something land on his head. He looked up and saw that it was a HootHoot, perching on his hair and hooting softly.

"Hello there... Please get off my head." Mika said softly to the Pokemon, and it obliged, hovering in front of him by flapping its wings. Bones barked at it, and it hooted at him, before hitting the Dark Pokemon with a Tackle. "Hey! Alright, we'll battle. Bones, Bark Out!"

The Houndour growled and barked loudly and aggressively at the Flying-Type Pokemon, causing it to falter in its flight, and Mika tossing a Pokeball at it. The ball shivered and locked, falling to the ground and then Mika picked it up, smiling at his new charge.

"Welcome to the team, Artemis." Mika said with a smile.

"It's a recipe my father gave me, hell it's in a book about making Pokemon food. It's simple to make and good for any Pokemon." Fary said petting Raven some. "I was raied with Pokemon breeding and coordinating." she added then looked at Tyler.

"I was lucky to find my Murkrow really." Fary said to him and threw in some salt to the soup. "well food should be ready soon enough." she said adding some fish to the bubbling pot.

The sound of something rustling in the bushes to Tyler's left caught his attention. He managed to turn quickly enough to see a small yellow blur dashing behind a tree. Wait, was that what I thought it was? The young Trainer squinted and leaned to the side slightly, hoping to catch a glimpse of the yellow figure. Tyler saw that Tank was already silently stepping forward towards the tree, which was about ten feet from the campsite.

"Tank. You see anything?" he whispered to his Pokemon.

The Nidoran didn't respond. Suddenly, he leaped forward into the brush just as the yellow figure moved again. This time, it did not get away. He slammed into the creature, horn first. The two Pokemon vanished into the brush for a few seconds. Suddenly, Tank was sent flying backwards by a blast of yellow energy. The Nidoran landed on the ground, sparking. The Pokemon he was attacking jumped out of the brush.

A Pikachu.


The small, mouse-like Pokemon was advancing on Tank, sparks of electricity radiating from its red cheeks. "Pika!" it exclaimed indignantly.

Tank scrambled to its feet, ready to get back at the Pikachu that attacked him.

"C'mon, Tank, we can take it! Peck attack!" Tyler commanded.

Tank growled and charged for the Pikachu, aiming its horn right for center mass. It connected with the yellow rodent, who cried out in pain as it recoiled backwards. Angry sparks ran from its cheeks as it shot several bursts of electricity Tank's way. The Nidoran ducked and weaved, dodging the ThunderShock attacks with ease.

"Good job, Tank. Do it again!"

Tank did as he was commanded, and leaped forward at the Pikachu again. When he made contact, a sudden burst of electricity enveloped the Nidoran. Tank cried out as the energy coursed through his body and crashed to the ground, unable to move.

"Tank! Are you okay?"

"Ran..." Tank replied, obviously struggling to move.

Must be paralyzed. Dammit, I don't have any Paralyze Heals... Tyler pulled out an empty Pokeball and took aim at the Pikachu. It was worth a shot. "You're mine, Pikachu!" he shouted as he hurled the device at the Pokemon.

Reacting too late to dodge, the Pokeball slammed into the wild Pikachu and sucked it inside. The ball landed on the grass and began to wobble back and fort. A tense few seconds followed as Tyler watched the Pikachu attempt to break free.

The Pokeball abruptly broke open in a burst of energy, liberating the Pikachu from the device. After shooting Tyler a look of irritation, the small yellow mouse broke into a sprint and ran back into the forest.

Dammit! I think I almost had it...

Taking his attention from the broken Pokeball, Tyler rushed to Tank's side. The Nidoran lay on his side, almost completely stiff. He knelt down beside his injured Pokemon. "Oh, man. You don't look so good, Tank..." he said under his breath. The Trainer placed his hand on the Nidoran in a gesture of solidarity. "I'm sorry, buddy. I don't have the right medicine for you right now...I'll give it to you as soon as I get some. That's a promise," he reassured to Tank before scooping him up in his arms. Gah, he's is heavier than I thought...

Standing back up, Tyler rounded Fary's tent and returned to the campfire. The smell of food wafted through the air. He saw that Fary was tending to a pot of soup, which he admitted looked really good. "Does anybody have any Paralyze Heals?" he asked nobody in particular, setting Tank down on the ground.

"All right see Vince bro," Jordan started showing his young Scyther. He had Vince cut down another relatively small tree and he started marking where on the trunk the cuts should be made. "You do it like that, the fire lasts a lot longer, and you get good coals for cooking stuff on, OK?"

"Scyther, Scy," Vince grudgingly nodded. My way is more fun though. He started hacking at the spots indicated by his trainer and cut much longer logs this time.

"Good stuff, bro," Jordan complimented Vince. "Here let's take this stuff back to camp."

The two got back into the clearing at the same time Tyler came running back asking for....something. "Para what heal? No idea what that is bro. I got a Potion left if you need that." he answered.

"Ah, that's fair enough considering there are probably a few different books catering to the needs of Pokémon," Rochelle commented, leaning sideways a little to take in the scent coming from the pot Fary had set up. It smelled pretty good: mushrooms were the strongest flavour she picked up.

Tyler seemed to wander off as quickly as he had arrived and joined the two of them; Rochelle wondered briefly if she would have to get used to people doing that. Her thoughts were interrupted by a wild Pokémon, presumably a Pikachu judging by its cry, making a fair bit of noise as Tyler battled it with his Pokémon. While Rochelle listened closely, the battle was short and fierce.

"No, I don't, sorry," she answered when Tyler asked the campsite as a whole. Evidently his Pokémon - Nidoran, was it? - had been paralysed in the battle. "Just a couple of Potions, I'm saving them just in case. Um... I'll be back in a little bit. Just going to look at something." Rochelle gently lifted Phoenix off of her knee and set him on the grass, telling him to be nice to the others before she got up, dusted herself off and made her way over to where Tyler had battled the wild Pikachu.

The only evidence of a battle that Rochelle could see was the scuffed dirt and trodden-on grass... and an open Poké Ball lying discarded on the ground. Rochelle picked it up and examined it, a little perplexed as to why a perfectly good Poké Ball would be thrown away. It turned out that the Ball in question had been damaged somehow; perhaps Tyler had thrown it and it had broken after the Pikachu escaped from it. Nonetheless, Rochelle tucked the broken Ball into her pocket, intending to deposit it in a rubbish bin or recollection facility when they reached Pewter City. In the meantime, she could examine it and maybe find out why it had broken in the attempt to contain its target.

Rochelle returned to the campsite, where she picked up her backpack and Poké Balls and placed them down at her spot near Fary. Phoenix hopped away a few steps when he saw the large heavy object coming towards him, but promptly returned to pecking at the grass. Occasionally he hopped a step or two towards Raven to investigate the Murkrow cautiously, but jumped back after a few seconds each time.

"Paralyze Heal?" Mika perked his attention when Tyler asked for the salve to help alleviate his Pokemon's condition. "Hold on, I think there's a Cheri Berry bush nearby."

Mika looked about, and managed to find the bush that was covered in the spicy, red berries, picking a few. He brought one of them over to the injured Nidoran, and knelt down beside him.

"C'mere little guy, this'll make you feel better." Mika said, gently stroking the Pokemon's ears, holding one of the berries in front of his nose. The little purple Poison-Type sniffed at the berry, and opened his mouth, letting Mika put it in his mouth. "There you go... Chew, chew... Now swallow."

The little Pokemon did so, and Mika smiled at Tank, stroking his ears again, looking up at his Trainer.

"He'll be fine in a little bit. Just give him a few minutes, and he'll be up and about again." Mika smiled and patted Tyler on the shoulder. He looked around, and saw that some other types of special Berry were growing nearby, so he decided to pick a few, just in case this were to happen again.

Fary smiled. "Well, looks like the food is ready for anyone that want's some." Fary said taking out some bowls and spoons, just enough for everyone that was around the cam site. "It's not much but it's food, mushroom fish soup and I have some bread to go with it. I bought it right before I got to Pallet town." she pulled out the so called bread and set it on a plate.

"Alright. Don't take too long." Aeris said as Mika left. She just sat there for a while with Tristan in her lap, who had lied down to take a nap, apparently. He looked so cute there, she thought. She just sat there for a while, until she heard a battle nearby. She picked Tristan up in her arms and woke up Blaze, in case she needed her to fight, since Tristan was still so young.

She moved towards where she heard the noise and saw Tyler with his Nidoran fight a Pikachu. "Wow! A Pikachu!" she said, whispering. She took out her Pokedex and aimed it at the Pikachu, getting data from it. She placed it back in her pocket, but no sooner than she did, a Weedle appeared, not in a good mood, apparently. "Blaze! Ember!" Blaze nodded and spew a pit of fire at the Weedle, knocking it out. "Good job, Blaze." Blaze smiled at Aeris and gave a victorious cry. Tristan wriggled out of Aeris' arms and landed on the ground, safely. "You want to fight, too?" Tristan nodded. "Alright. Maybe you could fight that Pikachu if we can find it..." She looked around, seeing the Pikachu nowhere. "Well, if we find another wild Pokemon, you can fight that one. But let Blaze help you if you get in trouble." Tristan nodded and walked along with Aeris and Blaze.

Aeris heard Fary call for, well, she was close enough to hear her say that the food was ready. "It would be a good idea to eat. Come on, you two." She walked towards where the others were, with Blaze and Tristan right behind her. She took a spoon and a bowl and put a bit of the soup in the bowl, then sat down and started eating. She gave Blaze and Tristan a bit, however Caterpies eat, of the soup in between eating herself.

The sound of Fary calling out, saying there was food, roused Terinth from her sleep. She slipped out of her sleeping bag and her nose. It still hurt with a throbbing pain, but it had stopped bleeding. All that was left of the injury was the dried blood below her nose. She grabbed a bowl and took some of the soup, grabbing the bread and dipping it in the liquid. At the point her hunger was at, any food was good food, even food she hated. She had heard the sounds of a battle in her sleep, and she was curious about what had transpired.

"What kind of pokemon have you all found?" Terinth asked the group halfheartedly. She scratched at her nose a little, and the dried blood bothered her. "Hey Rochelle, does your Horsea know any water-based moves, like Bubble or something?"

Rochelle looked up from her food at Terinth, having borrowed a bowl and spoon from Fary and taken some of the soup. It wasn't much, but it tasted pretty good. Phoenix seemed to think so, as she had had to stop the Spearow from getting at it while she ate.

"Um, yes, Kirsten knows Bubble and Smokescreen. Why do you ask?" she asked in answer to Terinth's question. "Also, I think I tired her out, so she's in her ball for the rest of the night. And to answer your first question, a Spearow and a Murkrow." Phoenix looked up when he heard the same of his species, but his attention was quickly occupied by something else, presumably a particularly interesting blade of grass.

Fary took a bowl of her own soup not really wanting to respond to Terinth at all. She was still discussed at her for how she treats her Pokemon but one punch to the nose was enough for her to get her message across to Terinth.

Fary ate the spoon full of the soup, it was just as thick as she wanted it to be with out it being like paste. She ate her hunk of bread then took another spoon full of soup with some fish in it. Wasn't the best she made but it was food to her.

Mika smiled and brought out his Pokemon for dinner, serving them their own Pokemon food and watching them eat. He sat next to Aeris and nuzzled her neck softly, then took one of the offered bowls of food, taking a bite and swallowing the hot stew.

"Mmm... It's good, Fary." Mika said with a smile, taking another bite. "It's really good, you can cook pretty well."

Can I please have a bite, Mika?

"Sure thing, hun." Mika let the Dark-Type Pokemon have a little taste of the stew, to which the Pokemon licked his maw and smiled. "You like it?"

It is good. The girl can cook well.

"Bones says that you can cook well." Mika said to Fary, patting the Pokemon's head gently and smiling as he continued to eat. "So, how long do you guys think it's gonna take to get through the Forest?"

"Oh, I just needed to get some water so I could wash off my face." Terinth responded, glaring at Fary. Before getting up, Terinth heard Mika ask a question. "Hopefully, not to long." She said.

Terinth ate half of of her food, then brought the rest over to her pokemon. "Here guys, soups on. Eat up, it might be all we're getting till Pewter." She said to her pokemon, going back into her sleeping bag to return to sleep.

Aeris giggled when Mika nuzzled her neck. Once she, Blaze and Tristan finished eating, she put her bowl and spoon away and picked Tristan up to hug him. Blaze wasn't really jealous, but she thought Aeris was showing the Caterpie a little too much attention, more than her. Still, she understood it, since he was her new Pokemon. She'd show them both equal attention soon enough. "I caught Tristan here earlier." she said to Terinth to answer her question, showing her the Caterpie in her arms. Aeris let Tristan go to the ground, and wrapped her arms around Mika's midriff and rested her head on his shoulder. She gave a cute, little yawn. "I'd say a day or two, at least." she answered Mika's question.

Things were getting busy at the campsite with Fary announcing that there was food available. Jordan got in line as quick as he could be still was behind everyone else. He took the bowl of soup that Fary offered up and looked at it. He wasn't a fan of mushrooms usually. Anything growing out of crap in the forest wasn't really edible looking to him. Still the fish looked good, and Fary did cook it up. It would be kind of rude not to eat it.

He took his spoon and took a tentative bite, it was as he expected. The fish part was tasty, a classic beach staple, but the mushrooms didn't work for him. He wasn't stupid enough to say that though. "Mmmm, really good Fary," he told her. He took a couple more bites before calling over his Pokemon. "Here bros, you can have a bit." Vince was still with him but Spike was still staring at the fire. "Spike bro, stop doing that, that can't be good for you."

"Manman." Fire pretty... It remained unmoving.

"Here bro, come on get the food." He held the plate in front of Spike's nose and pulled it away from the fire.

The plan worked. Spike followed his nose towards the sweet taste of mushroom and fish. "Mankey! Man!" Food. Yeah. Give me food. It good.

Jordan poured some of the soup on the group for Spike and Vince to lap up. "There you go bro," The two went at it fairly quickly.

His Pokemon happy, Jordan walked over to the fire and sat down beside Fary as he heard Red mention the length of time it would take to get through the forest. "Another couple days? Oh Red, I hope that's not true. Being in the forest just reminds me we're nowhere near the beach."

Fary smiled and got closer to Jordan. "Thanks everyone, I do what I can with what I have." Fary said finishing up her soup and cuddled up to Jordan. "Enjoy your walk?" she asked him softly.

Raven by then had jumped on her shoulder and was hopping around the camp site curious as to what every one was doing. Fary decided to let her Zorua out to enjoy the fire but instead of laying by the fair she cuddled into Jordan's lap.

Tyler smiled, seeing that Tank was already beginning to limber up. "Thanks, Mika," he said with genuine gratitude. Looking back down at Tank, he scratched the back of one of his ears. "You doing okay?" he asked his Pokemon.

"Ran...ran ran ran," Tank replied with a curt nod.

"Good. Glad to hear it".

Taking in a deep breath, Tyler could smell the increasingly appetizing soup that still sat in Fary's pot. Quickly serving himself a decent-sized helping of the concoction, he took a cautious spoonful and ate it. Huh. Not bad. He didn't necessarily care for mushrooms, but out here in the Viridian Forest, he wasn't about to complain about the food.

Setting his soup aside for now, Tyler pulled his sleeping bag out of his backpack and set it on the ground. Better to sit on that, as opposed to damp grass. Easing himself down on top of the sleeping bag, Tyler resumed eating while Tank searched for a place to get comfortable.

"You spend so much time in one place and everything else in the world is almost completely new when you visit," Rochelle commented to answer Jordan between spoonfuls of soup. "Happened to me before I came to Kanto; I lived in Goldenrod City pretty much my whole life, so it was interesting to see how people lived in all the other places around Johto. Although there was one little town, Mahogany, I think it was called, where there wasn't enough accommodation. People had to sleep on the second floor of the Pokémon Center. Heck, some slept in the Gym there... Anyways, I'm talking too much. Shut up, Rochelle."

She gave Jordan and Fary a quick grin and went back to eating, quickly finishing off her soup and setting the bowl down away from her pack. Seeing that she was done, Phoenix hopped over to her and jumped up onto her knee; Rochelle remembered her Pokédex and how it updated itself. She pulled out the small device and the broken Poké Ball, stuffing the latter into a pocket of her backpack, and flicked the Pokédex on as she brought it towards Phoenix. The Spearow poked at the device with his beak, and it beeped, causing Phoenix to hop away in alarm.

"Oh, you silly bird, Phoenix, it's not gonna hurt you," Rochelle said with a smile, stroking his head with one finger as she looked at the new Pokédex entry:

Spearow. Tiny Bird Pokémon.
Height: 1'00". Weight: 4.4 lbs.
Type: Normal / Flying
Techniques: Peck, Growl, Leer
Ability: Keen Eye

Description: It flaps its small wings busily to fly. Using its beak, it searches in grass for prey.

"Was good enough, I guess," Jordan told her as she nestled closer. "Got some wood with the bro so yeah, good." As Rogue jumped into his lap, he started scritching her head softly, assuming it liked this.

As Rochelle started talking, he leaned back a bit, to better hear and to bask in the warmth of the fire better, wasn't good to have your head too hot. "Whoa, sounds like you've been all over the place. I haven't been anywhere, well except for Seafoam once. Parents finally took me on a vaycay, but they watched over me like a hawk on it. Couldn't do anything. Dunno why Dad figured he had to watch me there, when he just shipped me out here for some journey thing."

It's food gone, Spike turned its attention from the ground to the thing sitting in it's new owner's arms. It walked up and looked at the strange thing. "Mankey! Mankey! Mankey!" Holy fuck! What the fuck is that! What are you! Do you do things! Do things!

"I wouldn't say I've been all over. Just Johto and Kanto," Rochelle answered with a slightly embarrassed smile. "In regards to the whole 'your-dad-shipping-you-out-here' thing, he probably assumed that there would be other people receiving their Pokédexes at the same time as you would. And hey, company beats travelling solo, I know that one for sure." That was true, of course, considering that Rochelle had spent most of her time alone on her journey between Goldenrod and Pallet. She'd found Kirsten and patched her up along the way, of course, and friendship had blossomed quickly between the two.

Looking up at the sky out of habit, Rochelle caught a glimpse of a couple of patches of the star-studded expanse, though most of it was blocked out by foliage. She checked her watch, and raised her eyebrows at the time: 09:55 PM. The group had eaten later than she was used to.

"It's getting late, judging by my watch and the parts of the sky I can see," she noted. "Um... do you guys think one of us should stay up to keep watch, maybe maintain the fire? I'll go first if none of you guys want to, although I can't pull an all-nighter; I'll have to wake someone up sometime. It's just to be on the safe side, you never know what could happen."

Rogue snapped at Spike and growled "Zoooor zooorua zor zor zor! Get the fuck out of my face.

Fary blinked and sighed. "Seems Rogue doesn't like Spike much." she said cuddling more to Jordan and softly kissed his neck some followed by a soft lick.

"I dunno, I don't think he really cared, I think he just wanted me out of the house," Jordan said, as he moved to separate his...overly inquisitive Pokemon from Fary's. "Spike bro, you're getting a little crazy. Think you better rest." He brought out a Pokeball and went to return Spike but accidentally ended up returning Vince. "Whoa...oops. Gotta get markers for these things...or something." He put that Pokeball back in his pocket and took out the other one. "Here, back you go Spike bro." This time the Mankey was enveloped in the light and returned to the ball.

Hmmm, if it's late like this, probably best I go to sleep. Then Fary licked his neck. Yeah, definitely should go to sleep. "Um OK, yeah if you want to do that Rochelle, totally, I can take a later shift if you need it, but yeah, I think I'm gonna go to sleep now. Fary you said I could crash in your tent, right?"

Fary nodded. "Yea you can join me if you wish." Fary said "Besides I think I should sleep as well." Fary said returning Rogue to her ball and got up. "So umm anything you want to do in the tent Jordan?" Fary asked him quietly messing with her skirt some.

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