The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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"I could... join you if you wanted." Fary said regaining some of her composer running after him. "It's warmer with another." Fary said giggling her flirtatious giggle. "I have Zorua sleep in the ball anyway." she added rubbing a finger down Jordan's arm before picking up her Pokemon and put them on her belt.

Picking up his tray, Tyler stretched a bit and cleared his throat. "Well, I'm gonna be up and about here. Lemme know when we're leaving," he said to nobody in particular, wanting badly to leave the awkward scene in front of him. He could practically smell the estrogen wafting through the air.

"You wanna walk, Geist?" he asked his small companion.

"Aabraaaa..." the Pokemon reluctantly replied.

"Good. You need some exercise anyways".

Tyler packed his belongings into his backpack and tossed his empty disposable tray into the garbage, then headed out of the cafeteria with Geist keeping up behind him. The young Trainer entered the main lobby and spotted Simon sitting in a chair with his Poochyena. Approaching him, Tyler offered a wave. "How's your Pokemon doing?" he asked.

Geist caught up with Tyler and froze in place when he saw Simon's Poochyena. The Pokemon knew that the small hound possessed a natural type advantage over him, which unnerved him.

"Aaaabraaaaa..." Geist said quietly, moving a bit closer to Tyler.

"O-kay, there's a bit much going on here, methinks," Rochelle mused to herself, quietly so that the whole building wouldn't hear, but audible enough to at least give Fary the obvious hint. "I'll be outside when we're all meeting up again." She made for the door uninterrupted, leaving the Pokémon Center and taking a seat on a bench nearby.

Once settled and no longer distracted by the others, she tapped the button on Kirsten's Poké Ball and let out the Horsea. She began bouncing up and down on her tail again, until Rochelle scooped her up into her arms and held her still. "Sea?" Kirsten said in a tone of voice that sounded like a question. Perhaps she was a little curious as to the gesture.

"Nothing wrong with a Trainer showing their Pokémon a little affection, is there?" Rochelle mused, lightly poking Kirsten and laughing a little. She seemed to be amused as well; at least, she didn't react badly to it. Rochelle then pulled out her Pokédex and held it in one hand, cradling Kirsten in the other arm. The Pokédex quickly responded to the nearby Horsea, beeping and showing Rochelle a new data entry.

Horsea. Dragon Pokémon.
Height: 1'04". Weight: 18.0 lbs.
Type: Water
Techniques: Bubble, Smokescreen
Ability: Sniper

Description: Its well-developed fins move rapidly in water, allowing it to swim backward while still facing forward.

Alongside the details was an image of a Horsea, though Rochelle didn't think it was as cute as her own. "Interesting..." she mused, looking over the entry. "Sniper? What does it mean by that?" She touched a couple of buttons experimentally and got an answer to her question.

Sniper: This Pokémon can sometimes perform a much more powerful attack than expected.

"Huh, so that explains how you drove off that Pidgey so effectively. Good for you," Rochelle said to Kirsten, switching the Pokédex off and returning it to her pocket.

Aeris had been walking around Viridian City while the others had been in the Pokecenter. She'd liked what she'd seen, except that small pond a bit of a distance away from the Pokecenter. She saw some guy napping there. He looked like he was having a nightmare, but because of the pond, Aeris couldn't approach him. She'd felt bad about it, but tried not to think too much about it. She'd also met an old man that didn't allow anyone to go past him until he'd had some coffee. Aeris had happily fetched him some coffee and he'd been very thankful for it. He had given her tips on how to catch Pokemon easily. She'd listened with interest and thanked him for it.

She'd gotten a few hugs, mostly asking for them herself, and was heading towards the Pokecenter. She saw Rochelle sitting on a bench and was approaching her, until she saw her Horsea. She stopped in her tracks and backed a bit. Damn it. I can't become friends with her should she be interested because of her Horsea... Well, I can at least get some data on her Pokemon... She took out her Pokedex, opened it and pointed it towards the Horsea, getting the same data as Rochelle. I see. A dragon Pokemon. A water dragon... Oh, that does remind me of that one dragon Pokemon that I thought was really cute. Dratini, I think. She put her Pokedex back in her pocket and sighed. She sat down on the ground and looked at Rochelle and Kirsten. She didn't really care if they noticed her, since she sat where they would be able to notice her, just so long as they wouldn't approach her. She really wished she didn't have her extreme fear of water, but it was nothing she could do about now. She'd tried time and again to get over her fear, but to no avail. Blaze looked at her with empathy on her face and hugged her. Aeris hugged her back and a tear silently ran down her cheek.

Mika had been keeping fairly quiet the whole time... Despite the short travel that the group of trainers had been together, he still wasn't quite ready to get quite so close to them... Though, Aeris seemed like a nice girl, with an affinity for Fire Pokemon like him. Perhaps they could get along... and she was fairly pretty as well.

Bones was busy getting to know the others, however. The Dark Pokemon could feel that Mika was thinking about Aeris, so he padded over to the girl and sat down next to her, giving a light yip to get her attention. His tail wagged slightly and he tilted his head, staring at the girl. Mika smiled at his Pokemon, and leaned up and walked over from the couch to the Pokemon. The Houndour barked happily when his trainer approached, and Mika sat down next to Aeris, smiling softly and petting the bone plates on the Dark Pokemon's head.

"He seems to like you... It must be because you've got a natural affinity towards Fire Pokemon... he can sense it." Mika said softly and shyly. "Your Charmander seems nice, too. How'd you meet him?"

Aeris was startled a little when Bones and Mika came. She blushed slightly and smiled a little towards Mika when she answered him. "Her. Blaze is a girl. I met her when I was one day just exploring Cinnabar Island. I took her home and cared for her, then put up an ad to see if she had a Trainer that cared for her. When I found no one, I decided to keep her." She patted the head of Blaze, who liked the petting. "Oh! Do you mind if I get data on your Houndour for my Pokedex? You can get data on my Charmander in return. And then you could maybe tell me how you met him." It was nice that someone from their group of Trainers seemed to want to hang out with her. She didn't really know what to think of the others, except that she wanted to like Rochelle, but couldn't really because of her Horsea.

'Flyer? that's an attack...oh.' Simon stopped thinking of names when Tyler waved.

"How's your Pokemon doing?" he asked.

"Hello Tyler." Simon said with an short wave of his own. He looked down at Shadow who was still being lazy. "Shadow's doing alright." The trainer replied. "The Nurse seems to have done a good job." Simon noticed Tyler's Pokemon was now out of its Pokeball.

Shadow, who had been trying to rest, opened his eyes when he heard his name. Deciding that sleeping was not possible the Poochyena rose to his feet. He tilted his head upwards to look at his trainer.

"How is your Abra doing?" Simon asked Tyler curiously. He looked back and forth from the boy to his Abra. The fox-like creature seemed be rather close to its trainer.

Shadow rose up slightly to press his front paws against the side of the chair. He pushed his muzzle against Simon's leg. Simon dropped his hand down to pet the Poochyena but his attention was still focused on Tyler.

"Sure, no problem." Mika said, pulling out his Pokedex and scanning the Charmander with his Pokedex.

Lizard Pokemon
Type(s): Fire
Ability: Blaze
Height: 2'0"/0.6m
Weight: 18.7 Lbs/ 8.5 kg
Egg Type(s): Monster/Dragon
Known Moves:

"It's nice to meet you, Blaze." Mika said softly, patting the Charmander on the head as Bones licked its cheek playfully, his tail wagging. Mika scratched under the Dark Pokemon's chin, and smiled at Aeris. "I met Bones while I was out on a walk with my older sister... We were coming back one evening after shopping in Celdaon... On our way to the underground trail, we saw Bones doing battle with a Meowth. He managed to run off the Meowth, but he had a nasty gash over his eye... That's where the scar's from. We were lucky that we were able to treat him in time... In the wild, he might've gotten an infection, and even lost sight in that side."

Mika smiled and rubbed his Pokemon's ears gently, listening to the happy sounds he was making. He rested his head against Mika's lap, and then hopped up onto him.

"You said you were from Cinnabar? You must've moved there after they finished reconstruction after the volcano erupted."

Blaze stroked her head against Mika's hand when he patted her and hugged Bones when he licked her cheek. "It seems she likes you two." Aeris said with a smile. She listened to what Mika said and gasped when he told her about the attack. "Aww, poor thing. But you took good care of him, it seems. So that's good. And I've lived on Cinnabar Island my whole life. We were very lucky when it came to the volcano eruption. Our house didn't burn down and we were able to continue living there, even if it was a little harder." She took out her Pokedex, opened it and aimed at Bones.

Dark Pokemon
Types: Dark/Fire
Height: 2' 0" (0.6m)
Weight: 23.8 lbs. (10.8kg)
It conveys its feelings using different cries. It works in a pack to cleverly take down prey.
Moves: Leer. Ember. Howl. Bark Out.

"So cute. And he's half Fire type. Even cuter." Without really thinking, she took Bones and hugged him. She let go of him and was blushing afterwards. "Sorry." she said and looked away from a moment. "I just can't help myself around Fire Pokemon." She looked back at Mika with a smile, still a faint red color on her face.

Rochelle heard voices a short distance away, and looked round to locate the source. It turned out to be two people she recognised from Pallet Town, but she hadn't had the chance to talk to either of them. Thinking that talking to them and possibly befriending them would pass the time, she got up and walked over, still holding Kirsten securely in her arms.

As she got closer, Rochelle saw the Pokémon the two people had with them. The tail of one was on fire; she recognised it as a Charmander. "Hmm. Perhaps we should stay back a little, Kirsten. Don't want you putting that Charmander's fire out... Oh, but it's not like you can really hurt it, right?"

Kirsten cocked her head a little, confused by what Rochelle was saying, and blew a bubble at her. Rochelle popped it with a finger and said, "See what I mean? Now let's go meet new people. No blowing bubbles at them, missie, or I'm putting you back in your ball."

With that she resumed walking over to the two unfamiliar Trainers, giving them a smile and a wave when she got close enough to talk to them.

Tyler looked down, noticing that Geist was standing rather close to his leg.

"Hey, buddy, what's wrong?" he asked his Pokemon, wondering what had him so spooked.

"Abra..." Geist whispered, pointing to Simon's Poochyena.

Taking a look at the seemingly docile dog-like Pokemon, Tyler had to chuckle. "Oh, come on, Geist. It's just a Poochyena. It isn't going to hurt you," he told his Abra, trying to reassure him. Looking back up to Simon, Tyler shrugged. "Geist is fine, just a bit spooked. Dunno why, but he doesn't seem to like your Poochyena there".

Holy fucking nice! This chick is so into me! Dude, this is so sweet. Normally I gotta show off some killer moves in the surf, this girl doesn't even need that! I am so fucking awesome right now! Man, I...ah man. Just so yes.

"Uh...yeah. Yeah that would be cool. Totally. All for it," Jordan got out, stammering a little bit. "Uh, but yeah, we should probably get going out and stuff. Gotta meet up with the other guys, right? Yeah."

Jordan headed out towards the lobby with Fary, seeing has Rochelle had already bolted where he saw Tyler and some other guy waiting. Who was that? Simon? I guess. He passed them and went out front spotting Rochelle with two of the other members of the class from Pallet, Stick and New Red. That just left the other girl. Whoever that was.

"So...where now? This place seems, like dead."

"It's no problem, really." Mika said with a smile when he saw Aeris' blushing face. "I know how you mean about not being able to help yourself sometimes... I, uh, I kinda get cuddly sometimes. Like when I'm scared or nervous or embarrassed... Then if I wind up in the wrong place, I get even worse..."

His face went a wee bit red when he admitted this to Aeris, chuckling a bit nervously as Bones curled up in his lap. He smiled at the slightly burn-scarred girl he was sitting next to and then spoke up again.

"So, why do you like Fire Pokemon so much? I mean, aside from the fact that you lived on Cinnabar Island... is there any other reason?" He asked curiously.

Aeris was about to answer Mika when she saw Rochelle. Holding her Horsea. Her fear took over and she hid behind Mika. She felt stupid for doing so and was blushing slightly more than she was earlier, but she didn't care. She looked at Kirsten for a moment before hiding her face behind Mika and tried to hide herself behind Mika, holding onto his shoulders a little tightly. Blaze hid behind her, her fear of water understandable.

Quietly muttering, though just enough for Mika to hear, Aeris said "No...not a water Pokemon...get it away...I might drown..." She was trembling behind him and with small tears running down her cheeks.

Fary smiled some walking with Jordan and let Zorua out of her ball. "Feeling better Zorua?" she asked. Zorua ypped and ran around Fary then stopped seeing Jordan close to her and glowed some. "Zorua stop that now." Fary said in a harsh voice. Zorua sighed and flicked her tail at Jordan not liking his entrust in her master.

"Well I Pewter it's far from here and there's a gym there. I doubt Gary will let us in his gym anyway of Shit I should say." Fary laughed to her self. "Oh yea Jordan one more thing, don't think you're getting any tonight ether." Fary said smirking as she looked at him.

Mika jumped lightly when Aeris hid behind him from Kirsten's Horsea. He turned and wrapped his arms around her, holding her in a light hug and whispering softly in her ear.

"Shh... Relax, Aeris... It's alright. You're safe... you're not going to drown." Mika said softly to her, holding her in a hug. "You don't have to worry, you'll be alright."

Severe hydrophobia... To the extent that even Water-type Pokemon caused her to go into a panic attack. Mika thought to himself. Bones whimpered a bit and licked the girl's cheek, watching as the Charmander hid behind her Trainer. It must've been hard growing up for her... Especially considering that she lived on an island of all places.

"Aeris... relax. You're gonna be fine. Just calm down, please... Don't cry." Mika said softly, trying to comfort the whimpering older girl.

Rochelle stopped when one of the two moved to hide behind the other. Was that... "Aeris?" she asked loudly, confused by the Trainer's action. "Are you okay? It's just me and Kirsten, nothing to be scared of." She didn't recognise the guy, who looked a lot younger than either Aeris or herself; maybe Aeris had met him somewhere in the city. There was also a Pokémon near the two of them she didn't recognise. It would be another entry into her Pokédex to expand her knowledge.

Jordan looked over at Fary's Zorua. Dude, that thing hates me. I dunno why. Do I smell off?...Nah, I showered a few days ago. I'm still good yeah. Then Fary started talking. Jordan perked up...and then fell down, yet the expression on his face didn't change while his brain crashed down in his head. Awwwwww, well probably a good thing anyway. First day sex? That's not good on a long trip, is it? I mean it makes the beach awkward as it is...

"Uh...OK," Jordan finally answered. He looked back into the Pokecenter. "Uhhh, are they coming?"

Aeris clenched Mika's shirt lightly in her hands and looked at him. Her eyes were red and she was sobbing a little. "I...I can't be near...water Pokemon. Ever since..." she said, half whispering. She felt a little comfort, being in Mika's arms like this. But she was still unnerved by Rochelle's Horsea. She couldn't look up at Rochelle. "I...I can't...tell her..." she said to Mika, still half whispering. "Could you...ask put her Horsea...back into her Pokeball?" she asked him with tears in her eyes. Blaze never liked it when Aeris got like this. She couldn't do anything but hug her Trainer.

"Geist is fine, just a bit spooked. Dunno why, but he doesn't seem to like your Poochyena there".

"Huh." Simon looked down at his Pokemon who yipped quietly. Considering the Abra was a good deal heavier and taller than Shadow Simon was surprised it was nervous. "That's odd." Since the petting had ceased Shadow dropped down to the floor. Simon glanced around the Pokécenter. "It seems we're being left behind again." he observed.

Simon stood up and stretched for a few seconds then straightened his glasses. Shadow mimicked his trainer, stretching out his front legs and lowering his head. When Simon put his hand in his pocket his fingers brushed against the Pokédex he'd forgotten about. 'Right...I'm supposed to be scanning Pokémon and catching them.' And the easiest to scan would be the ones already in the group. "Say, if you don't mind could I scan your Abra?" Simon asked Tyler. He held up the Pokédex as he amended his statement, "Perhaps after we catch up to the group?"

Tyler looked around the suddenly empty lobby. "Uh...yeah, that's cool," he replied. "As soon as we make sure we haven't been ditched". He looked down at Geist, who was still watching the Poochyena to make the move it probably wouldn't make. Tyler found it somewhat amusing how Geist was afraid of a Pokemon half its height, but at the same time he felt bad for the little Pokemon. He crouched down next to the frightened Abra and patted his head.

"You'll be all right, Geist. There's nothing to worry about," he told him reassuringly. Taking the Pokeball out of his backpack, he expanded the round device to full size. "Do you want back in for now?" he asked.

Geist nodded.

"Okay, then". Tyler stood up and aimed the Pokeball at Geist. "Return!" A red light enveloped the Abra's form and pulled it into the Pokeball with the familiar woosh. Miniaturizing the spherical capsule again, Tyler shoved it back into his backpack.

"Okay, Simon, we should get going".

"Rochelle... I'm really sorry, but Aeris is scared of your Horsea." Mika said to the older female Trainer, sighing softly and stroking her back. "She's wondering if you could withdraw your Pokemon... I'm sorry that I have to ask this of you."

Bones whimpered a bit and padded over to Rochelle, nuzzling her leg and looking up at her and Kirsten. He sat down and nosed Rochelle's leg, then got up and returned to Mika, and licked Aeris' cheek gently, laying his head against her lap.

"Are you going to be okay, Aeris?" Mika asked, worriedly. "Just relax, take deep breaths."

As Simon and Tyler left the Pokemon Center and rejoined the group outside, they all prepared to leave, not knowing that another force would be ushering them into the process a lot quicker than they had hoped.

Gary was tired, it had been a long day, Gramps had forgotten his name and learned something else...again. But at least he was back in Viridian, away from the craziness. "Maybe I'll go to the Pokemon Center, at least helping Joy out should take my mind off things a little." As he rounded the corner to do his good deed for the day, he saw the group of trainers in front of the center and...him. The one who caused most of his problems. The kid with the fucked up goatee. The bane of his existence.

"You!" he shouted at the group! "I thought I fucking told you NOT TO SHOW YOUR FACE IN MY CITY! I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!"

"Oh shit!" Jordan cursed as he saw the crazy guy from before reappearing before them.

"THAT'S NOT MY FUCKING NAME!!!" He started running towards them, forgetting about his Pokemon and purely intent on giving that kid a solid thrashing.

"Run!" Rochelle urged. The group took off, it was a little tough convincing Aeris to run but after Kirsten was returned, she was able to dash off with the group.

They ran to the outskirts of town, Gary still in hot pursuit. A man was innocently standing on the road drinking a hot cup of coffee. "Ah, nothing like a cup of joe to start my day," the man remarked.

"YOU'RE ALL FUCKING DEAD!!!" Gary scooped some rocks off the ground and in a weak Rock Throw attempt, started hurling them at the group.

The trainers all ran past the man and his java. "Hmmmm, I wonder what that's all ab-" He was cut off by a splash in front of him. The chaser had landed one of his rocks squarely in his coffee cup, sending the brown liquid flying all over him. "!"

Gary had almost caught up to them. "HA! I HAVE YOU NOW!" However, he didn't count on his rock throw coming back to haunt him. The old man was in his way now, and he was pissed.


"Sorry, Mr. Maxwell," Gary started to apologize. "I was just trying to-GAK!" The old man grabbed him in a vice grip.


"Yes Mr. Maxwell! I'll get on it! Just let me go!!!"

Thanks to the unexpected help of the caffeine-obsessed old man, the group made it out of Viridian City, and onwards towards the next stop on their journey.

"Geez... You seriously upset him..." Mika said with a little groan, which was matched with a slight growl by Bones. "Yeah, you said it, hun... He doesn't exactly seem too bright, does he?"

Mika smiled softly, walking close to Aeris as they left the outskirts of the city, he was able to smell the fresh air and the green grass of the nearby forest.

Tyler came to a stop after the hectic chase by a homicidal Gary Oak, leaning against a sign to catch his breath. "That guy...has...serious...issues..." he said in between heavy breaths. Wiping some sweat from his brow, he stepped back and read the sign he had leaned on.


"Oh, great. A forest". Turning around to face the others, Tyler shrugged. "You guys want to go straight to the forest or kinda relax around here for a bit?" he asked the group. "I'm partial to sticking around here for a bit, myself. Maybe we'll find some cool Pokemon or something". Tyler was a bit eager to find a decent Pokemon to catch. It would be the first time he'd caught a Pokemon since he got Geist two years ago, and he wanted it to be something besides a damn Pidgey or Rattata.

Aeris hadn't really been thinking much when they had ran away from Gary Oak, but she subconsciously kept herself close to Mika. He was the one that she trusted the most right now out of everyone in the group. She was still a bit red eyed, but not sobbing anymore. She felt bad that she had had to ask Mika to ask Rochelle to withdraw Kirsten, but she couldn't help it. She felt a little better now, though.

She reached a hand to Mika and held his in her, making her blush a bit, but it made her feel secure. "I-if you don't mind..." she half mumbled "c-could I...hold your hand for now?" She was really only doing it to make herself feel better, but she was starting to like Mika, especially since he had been there for her, coincidentally, when she had her panic attack earlier. Blaze chuckled at Aeris holding Mika's hand, not loud enough for Aeris and Mika to hear. She blinked Bones, as if to imply that their Trainers holding hands meant more than them just being friends.

Aeris, still holding Mika's hand, turned to Rochelle. "I'm really sorry that I asked that you withdraw your Horsea, but she was the cause of my panic attack earlier..." She started tearing up a bit again. "I'm just...deathly afraid of water and water Pokemon. I wish I wasn't, but I incident when I was younger..."

Rochelle held up a hand to Aeris as she tried to get her breath back, indicating that she needed some time to respond. Running at that speed with a near-full pack had nearly exhausted her. After a couple of minutes, she straightened up, adjusting her pack to try to lessen the weight a little. Thankfully Kirsten's Poké Ball was secured on her belt, and hadn't fallen off during the mad dash away from Gary.

"Phew... okay... can form coherent sentences now," she said quietly before turning to Aeris. "I'm sorry, I didn't know. Ordinarily I'd ask for details, but that seems like something you don't want to recount. The thing is, though, Kirsten is different from most water Pokémon. She's still pretty young; the most she can do right now is blow bubbles at you. If you want, um... I could try to help you with getting over it, at least partially?"

"That would be helpful. But it doesn't matter what water Pokemon it is, except that Seaking that saved me. All other water Pokemon make me afraid of them by just being near me. It's not Kirsten's fault. and her could help me get over it, if only by a bit so that I won't be afraid of her, that would be wonderful." Aeris had to fight the tears back, but a few came out. She didn't know whether to smile or frown, her mouth staying mostly expressionless for a moment. Blaze hugged her leg, which made Aeris then smile. "I hope we can become friends." she said to Rochelle.

Jordan hadn't ran like that since he pissed off a hulking bodybuilder by flirting with his girlfriend, it was the same kind of anger he saw from the Viridian Gym Leader. He was almost out of breath by the time he made it to the outskirts with the rest. "Man. That guy. He's nuts. So nuts," he got out. He looked up, he thought he could make out the forest but there was a lot of grass up ahead. "Huh, more green."

Fary panted some. "No shit he's nuts. He tried to kill us with rocks of all things." Fary said and blinked seeing a Male Nidoran charge at her. "Oh shit go Pidgey use oh crap well I guess all you can use is tackle. Use Tackle!" Fary said as she threw her Pokeball. He looked at her and nodded."Cooo cooo." Yes Mistress.

Zorua rolled her eyes and growled at the Pidgey. "Zor zoo Zorua Zo." Pussy bird.

Padgey ignored Zorua and used tackle on the Nidoran but was poisoned by the Nidoran's Poison Point. Nidoran countered with Leer weakening Pidgey's defenses. Pidgey shook feeling the poison hurt him even more but used Tackle again as Fary commanded. Pidgey wasn't in great shape and fary needed to end the battle quickly but before Fary could think of what to do Nidoran attacked Pidgey with peck taking half of what was left of Pidgey's health. The poison hurt pidgey once again as Fary threw a Pokeball at the semi weakened Nidoran, the ball twitched and spun as the light on the Pokeball flashed. After what felt like a minute the light went off. "YES I CAUGHT A NIDORAN. Hmmm I shall call you Horny." Fary smirked and laughed.

Fary ran to Pidgey and used one a antidote and a potion on her weak Pidgey. "It's ok ummmm hmmm I guess I should name you as well Pidgey. How does Phileas sound, you seem like a gentlemen. " Fary said. Phileas cooed at Fary happy with his new name and softly pecked at her cheek. "Oh yes yes I'm happy you're feeling better." Fary laughed.

Zorua pawed at Fary. "What oh yes I should give you a name too. Hmm how does Rogue sound?" Fary asked. Zorua bounced around happily and licked Fary. "I guess you all like your names." she said.

"Run!" Terinth heard Rochelle shout out as she saw Gary from Pallet chasing after them like a madman. She knew that, after the last town, once this guy went off, there was no stopping his rage. As they dashed out of Viridian, Terinth looked over her shoulder to see if Gary was still chasing them. Fortunately, he was being dragged off by a guy complaining about his coffee. As they all stopped too catch their breath, Terinth looked for some marker as to where they where.
She read a sign saying: VIRIDIAN FOREST AHEAD.

"Alright, so when are we heading through the forest?" Terinth asked, just as she heard her stomach rumble. "Crap. Did any of you guys eat?"

After her question, she heard a rustling to her left. As she looked over, she saw a Mankey dash out and charge at her.

"Ahhh! Lillipup, use tackle!" She shouted in a panic, watching as her tiny pokemon slammed into the attacker. As it landed on its back, Terinth thought of an idea.

"Goooooo, PokeBall!" She shouted, throwing her spare pokeball at it. As it connected to the Mankey, the red beam absorbed it, and went onto the ground. As the ball bobbed back and forth, Terinth looked over at Fary, and saw she got the pokemon she was battling. A *DING* in front of her snapped her back to attention..

"Huh? I caught it? Great, I guess. As she went over and picked up the pokeball, she grabbed Lillipup's, and put the small pokemon in it.

"Totally, they had free food at the center," Jordan answered the other girl. He still couldn't remember her name. Pokemon apparently started appearing around them, so Jordan figured he had better let his come out. "Vince bro! Out you go man!"

Vince appeared in a flash of white light. "SCYTHER!"

"OK Vince bro, just do what you do," Jordan said, guiding his young Pokemon as best he could.

"Scy?.....Scyther!" Vince was a bit confused but decided to just start attacking whatever appeared.

"Ummm Jordan you might want to catch Pokemon." fary giggled some getting up from taking care of her own Pokemon Phileas and Rogue right behind her. Rogue growled at Jordan and bite him in the leg when Fary wasn't looking. "Zorrra zorua ZOR." Stay away from Fary.

Phileas didn't seem happy with Rogue's actions and pecked Fary pointing to Rogue. "Rogue what the hell are you doing?" Fary said pulling out Rogue's Pokeball. "I won't put up with your shit." she said sending her back to her Pokeball.

Vince looked around and saw all his fellow Pokemon taking down opponents, and he wanted in on the action. Scy......., he kept searching, and eventually a challenger appeared. A wild Mankey darted out in front of him. Vince was ready for the challenge. It started off with a Quick Attack and the Mankey stumbled backwards. It tried to counter with a Scratch attack but it missed. Vince kept up the pressure and Quick Attack again and the Mankey was down for the count. Scy! Scy!

Jordan wasn't paying attention until Vince called out. "Yeah, that's good Vince bro keep at it."

Vince was pissed now. "SCYYYYYYY" He walked up to his trainer and smacked him sideways with a scythe. "Scy!" He searched through Jordan's pockets and pulled out an empty Pokeball. Carrying it in it's scythes, it went over to the felled Mankey and dropped the ball on top of it. Being in no state to fight, the Mankey was sucked into the ball and barely put up a struggle until it was officially captured. "Scyther!" it called out to it's trainer, eager to show how it was done.

"Ohhhhhhh, so that's how you get Pokemon. OK, little bro, way to go," Jordan congratulated his young charge. "Um....OK, so what is Mankey? A monkey? Um....I'm gonna call him....Spike! That's a good name, right Vince?"

"Scyyyyyyy......" Vince sighed, still incredulous that it had to catch a teammate for its trainer.

All of a sudden Jordan felt a sharp pain at the back of his leg. "Ahhhhhhh!" When he turned around that damn Fox thing of Fary's was at his leg. "Ahhhh! Get the fuck off! God fucking damn it!" He shook his leg as hard as he could, but it was Fary who was quickest on the draw, returning the offender to its Pokeball. Jordan collapsed to the ground. "Ah, not fucking cool, bro! Not fucking cool at all!"

"God damn fucking Pokemon, I don't now why she acts like that." Fary said pulling out her first aid kit. "Here let me take a look Jordan." Fary said rolling up his pant leg and saw the teeth marks in his leg. "Damn fucking cunt." Fary said just as pissed as Jordan was about Rogue biting him. Fary took out a clothe and put some cleaner on it and cleaned out the cuts.

"Look I'm sorry about that, she's always protective over me. I guess she doesn't like the fact I have a thing for you. Hell I've always been drawn to the water my self." Fary said and blushed realizing she told him how she felt as she warped his leg then stopped looking up at him. "Oh good." she said butting her lip. Phileas just watched interested in what was happening cooing some. "Man this is well awkward." she said finishing up his leg and sat there with him. "So umm yea."

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