Digimon RP: Chapter 2. The Digital World Closed

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Damien grumbled as he walked deeper into the cave. His V-pet- sorry, make that Digivice- wouldn't stop ringing, no matter what. As he went deeper into the cave, it began to beep faster and more loudly. "Sure, summon every goddamn monster from here to the desert, why don't you!" Damien had already tried beating the device on the wall multiple times to make it shut up, all to no avail. The ringing was starting to give him a headache, and that made the blood pump down his burned arm, making it throb. The charred athletic wrap wasn't helping much, either. Damien glared at his partner, Impmon, who had put him in this condition. Impmon looked up and saw. "Hey, don't go lookin' at me just cause you were too stupid not t' pick a fight with me!" Damien growled. "Says the digimon whose ass I beat into the ground, even after you used both ice and fire to try and defeat me." Impmon grumbled. "Just you wait 'till I digivolve again, then I'll show ya!" Damien looked at Impmon and knew it to be empty words.

Still, as they pressed on, Damien heard hissing sounds as many somethings scuttled around them. "I fucking hate cockroaches." Damien cursed as the light revealed the Roachmon that had gathered around them. One began to attack. "Garbage Dum-" Damien didn't want to let him finish. He wound back and kicked the Roachmon squarely in the chest, sending it flying backwards. It didn't appear to do much harm, but it at least stopped the attack. Impmon launched a ball of fire at the Roachmon Damien kicked. "Badda-Boom!" Impmon yelled as his fireball reached its target. Damien grimaced. As weak as they were, there were far too many of the things. Damien took out his Digivice, which was kind enough to stop ringing for a bit. "Impmon! Digivolve!" Impmon nodded and grinned as the data flowed out from Damien's Digivice and into his body. "Impmon, digivolve to...Devimon." Devimon intoned. "Devimon, get rid of the bugs. It's spring cleaning time." Damien held back as Devimon began to take care of the riffraff. "Evil Wing!" Devimon roared as it cut down many of the Roachmon in one fell swoop. A final 'Death Hand' deleted a sufficient number of Roachmon to make the rest turn and run. "Good Job. Now, Devimon, degenerate." Damien held out his Digivice to catch the freed data once more as he and Impmon followed the annoying beeping of Damien's Digivice. Finally, the odd pair reached a strange collection of both humans and digimon. The beeping noise stopped as Damien closed in. "Well, that's enough right there to make me like them." He thought. Damien then called out to the group. "Hey! I guess y'all were sucked into some kinda computer as well, 'n wound up here?

Edward was instantly wary. This person hadn't entered the computer with them, so how did he get here. "Who ar.... you're wounded." Edward started. Edward carefully moved forward and checked the makeshift bandage. "This isn't good. This'll get infected..."

"Black. Any villages nearby?" asked Edward. "Yeah. It's called Virusville. It's where most of the virus digimon live..." replied Black. "Problem is, it's past 'The Labyrinth'. The Labyrinth used to be guarded by Monzaemon, but when I went through to get here, I didn't hear him."

"Right... Better get moving then. Come with me new guy." Edward beckoned. "Oi! Impmon! Move it!" shouted Blackagumon.

"I..I'm going to go with them." muttered Aaron to the rest of the group.

Ket watched as the new human from seemingly nowhere interacted with Ed and Black, before walking off. "Hey, Dracomon, get moving with the other Digimon, get a read on the new guy okay?"

"What, and leave you here by your incompetent lonesome?" Dracomon asked teasingly before he went off to join the other two Digimon. Ket, meanwhile walked over to the first random person he could find; namely, Oliver.

"So whaddaya think'a the new guy?" He asked, attempting to shift back into his metaphorical mask. "Five bucks says he's got th' power'a love and friendship, and wipes out th' bad guys single-handed."

'well seeing as digimon normally resemble their tamers in many aspects, I don't trust someone who has an impmon but if we have to fight for our lives we can't really be picky with allies' just as oliver finished talking he heard a moaning noise. 'could you put me down please' said monodramon in a semi-drowsy state.

"Impmon. This is Dracomon. He's your standard black and white evil and good bastard. He thinks Blackwargreymon should have been deleted years ago. So, I beat the tar out of him when I digivolved." spouted Black, finally pleased to have a Digimon he thought he could relate with, while Edward was still fussing over the new guy.

"Easy, you can walk fine, can you move that arm? We'd better make sure it doesn't get infected. We should double time it..."

"And that's Blackagumon!" Dracomon replied without breaking stride. "He's the group's gritty gray-morality type who likes to scream in the rain about how no one understands him. Except we do. He's just a jerk. Oh, and he remains convinced that he had enough good in him to make an earnest, pure-hearted digivolution to beat me. Pff" he then cut himself off to stifle his laughter.

From behind Ket had stopped his conversation with Oliver and was striding forward to his Rookie partner. "Dracomon" he muttered to himself "can you not keep your mouth shut for five minutes?"

Damien grimaced at all the attention. "Dear God, I got burned, not hit with a tow truck! Of course I can walk." Damien lifted the bandage. He had only gotten burned yesterday, but Edward was right- somehow, in a sterile world of 1's and 0's, his armshowed the beginning stages of infection. "What the fuck? I thought burns couldn't even get infected, you know, because all the bacteria got roasted! Apparently the Digital World paid even less attention in Biology than I did. That, or they have some hellish diseases." Damien walked to keep up with Edward, noticing the pounding wasn't from his headache- even now, after his Digivice had stopped ringing, his arm was still pounding like hell. "Motherfucker- the Digi World does have some fucked up diseases. Don't tell anyone, don't collapse, just hurry like hell to Virusville."

Impmon was trying to catch up to his trainer, feeling guilt for the wound he caused to the one he was supposed to be partners with, when he was surrounded on both sides by BlackAgumon and Dracomon. He heard what both of them said (not that he had a choice) and shrugged. "Hey, I happen t' like BlackWarGreymon. Do ya know what happened t' the first Devimon? He was an Angelmon that fell into the Dark Zone. And just because of that, Seraphmon says he ain't worth savin'. BlackWarGreymon on the other hand, wants t' save all digimon, which conveniently includes me into a category I was previously denied. That, and the fact that his strength is matched by a few means most Virus-Type digimon look up t' him. I wanna surpass 'im, though." Impmon glanced at BlackAgumon for a moment and then leaned in to whisper in Dracomon's ear. "I really don't 'ave a stake in this fight, but you do realize Virus-Type digimon don't have the same pure heart requirement you Vaccine types got, right? By using more data, we're able to circumvent that barrier. 'is trainer has t' control his power, but still. I thought you'd like a warnin'."

"Well excuuuuuuuse me!" mocked Edward. "And burns can get infected. Not deadly, but enough to cause major discomfort."
"How did you get here? We were all in our school's computer lab. We got sucked in and it changed our v-pets into these" Edward said, gesturing at his digivice.

"Oh Dracomon. You amuse me to no end. I don't need purity of heart to digivolve, I just need pure power... speaking of which..." *SMACK* Black reached across and hit Dracomon hard in the back of the head. "Don't be an ass."

seeing the samck to the back of dracomon's head, monodramon ran in between the two digimon 'no fighting each other guys, also digivolving to champion stage requires either a tamer or lots of training'

oliver then walked over to the rest of the group, 'I really think we should get going before we get attacked again also the faster we get to virus ville the quicker we get to place with food' just as he said his stomach unleashed an ungodly loud rumble.

"ehh, I agree with Ollie's stomach." said Stoan, earnestly. "without sustenance, I don't think we can handle many more fights..." he continued. "...and I think we're all pretty sick of swatting at Roachmon." Fanbeemon then added: "And they can give a pretty mean swat back..." "correctimundo." agreed stoan. He gestured elsewhere. "can we stop talking and just go?"

XIII's Number XIV:

Yes it is, and I just thought I would confirm that I did say to put his sheet here. And I approve. Go ahead.

Meanwhile, at Virusville...

A Seasarmon padded around the town, carrying a small girl who looked, honestly, bored to death. After looking around the main square for a half an hour, he finally sat down, the girl leaning over his head and letting out a huge sigh.

"Well..." the Seasarmon began, "aside from being a quaint little town, there's nothing or nobody here that could tell us how you came here. Sorry Claire..."

Claire sighed again, but smiled and reached down to pet behind his ear. Seasarmon growled with pleasure, scratching himself with his hind leg. She looked at the sky, wondering what exactly happened after she went into that computer room and her digivice went haywire. All she could remember was bright light, and then...Labramon, only realistic, woke her up and told her she was in his world now. She still couldn't believe it. This had to be a dream...

It wasn't long before all this confusion and hard thinking eventually tired her out, and she dozed off on Seasarmon's back.

"Why don't we stop to eat first?" Dracomon groaned at the others as they voted to get moving. "I could even make Roachburgers!"

Ket delivered a slap to the back of his partner's head and stepped to the front of the group, next to Black. "We should get moving immediately, at least to find a campsite. Get us on the path to the village, Black."

"exactly." Confirmed Stoan. "and I hope we can shift before Ollie resorts to cannibalism, subsequently revealing his ability to throw his stomach out through his mouth, entrap us within it and swallow it back in again..." Stoan stopped thoughtfully. fanbeemon looked astonished, but amused. Stoan finished: "...like a starfish. That's a cool fact isn't it? Anyway, let's head out." he turned to fanbeemon. "...did you know they also have no brain...?"

"Oi! Humans! If we hurry we can reach Virusville in a couple hours!" shouted Black over his shoulder. "And if fatso here can keep moving at more than a fast waddle!" gesturing at Monodramon.

Edward ran up besides Black and whispered in his ear, "I know that he and Dracomon are black and white good and evil types, but can't you just lay off a little bit? You might be stronger than them, I don't know, but the point is, together, they can beat you."

"Fine... But I'll beat the tar out of them if they try anything!"

"Nice try Blackagumon, but we're on even ground." Dracomon said confidently as he appeared from absolutely nowhere to put an arm around his hated rival's shoulder. "DarkTyrannomon might've gotten a lucky shot in with the power of the Dark Side on his side, but Coredramon is leaps and bounds beyond that. Just compare our bug-squashing tallies!"

Ket was about to try and break up the potential fight, but was forced to stop as he tried to figure out if Dracomon had just made a Star Wars reference.

monodramon then said 'it doesn't really matter who is the strongest among us because we are a team and we will combine our powers in combat', Oliver then said 'also I am sure strikedramon killed the most roachmon thanks to his great speed allowing him to utilize his power more effectively', monodramon looked at Oliver disapprovingly for that statement 'like I said before that doesn't really matter, also most of the roachmon were already beaten or distracted by you two. This of course backs up my fact that we will be fighting together'

Damien raised an eyebrow at Stoan's ramblings. "No brains, eh? I guess you and starfish must be pretty closely related, then." Damien grimaced as the pain caused him to lash out. He re-wrapped his burned arm, gaining some relief and escape from the biting breeze. "Wait, breeze? Thank God, there's an exit nearby!" Damien began to jog and turned a corner, seeing a bright light indicating the outside. Damien blinked as his eyes adjusted to the abundant light. He then whistled at the sight below him. "Damn, I guess distances don't work the same way here, huh?" The group had exited the caverns nowhere near where they had entered. Damien skidded down the gravelly hillside, heading in the direction Black had pointed to earlier. "Hurry up!" Damien called out to his companions.

Impmon couldn't hold it in anymore. "Do all of ya just bitch at each other or do ya actually get things done? Roachmon is the second weakest champion there is, only stronger than a freakin' Numemon! My partner could beat one! They. Don't. Matter! Let's fight some decent digimon before ya get uppity!" Impmon shook his head. "Please, oh please, if you exist God, don't let this bickering continue the rest of the journey."

Stoan just laughed at Damien's comment. Truth was, Stoan knew a lot of odd, miscellaneous facts that he found interesting, but had no particular focus on one field. Having only interest in the oldest letter being 'o', and one of the newest being 'j', or his knowledge of the giant hemaphorus, a deep-sea woodlouse the size of a human child! Amazing... he thought.

Anyway, Stoan, with the others responded to Damiens request for them to keep up, and pursued him to the exit. Fanbeemon followed them. At the hill, stoan hesitated, then skidded down, following Damien's lead.

Galen and Guilmon arrived just as the others rounded a corner. They had gotten left behind when a Roachmon climbed out of the cracks, but they had finally managed to catch back up. Galen had a scratch across his cheek from a Roachmon's attack, but he didn't appear bothered by it at all. Galen and Guilmon raced to catch up to the back of the group, but neither said anything when the had finally caught up. They just continued walking behind everyone, lost in their own thoughts.

Galen noted that a new Digidestined had entered their group, and he had an Impmon for a partner, but he didn't try and read anything into that pair.

"Guilmon, get over here!" Dracomon shouted to the newest arrival to the ever-increasing blob of travelers from his place in the cluster of Digimon. "Come meet the new guy, and join me in ignoring this guy." He pointed to Black for his last phrase.

Ket chuckled as he watched his partner goof off. He couldn't deny that he was an ass, but it was still so funny to him. He regained his composure and took a few quick steps to catch up to Damien and attempted to run down the slope, picking up speed quickly and tripping into a roll. He popped back up at the bottom and rejoined the group. "So this place we're going--why'd we pick it? I mean if the capital of the Digital World is a smoking crater what's gonna make the lizard think this place got spared? And more importantly, what're we gonna do if it IS captured?"

Guilmon looked up at Galen who nodded before darting between legs, over to where Dracomon had called him. Galen slid down to where the others had gone, chuckling as Ket rolled over himself before popping up like nothing had happened at the hills bottom.

"I say we go to the town anyway. I mean if it looks captured then we move on, but whats the harm in trying right?"

monodramon then stepped forward and yelled 'Then we will fight for the villagers freedom and stand up for the weak, for we are heroes now and that is what hero's do help those in need of it' Oliver nodded and said 'well if we can help them then helping them would mean that they would be more willing in helping us fight who ever attacked the citadel. Though if the enemy is too strong we should properly stay low', monodramon looked at Oliver angrily and said 'we will help either way' Oliver decided to just nod as arguing with monodramon would be a futile effort.

"We will fight if the village is under attack! We need their help! Blackwargreymon would have helped them, and he's the important one out of the Citadel Megas!" shouted Black. "Let's get moving before more Roachmon arrive."

Edward leaned towards Oliver, "Heh, I just want some food quite frankly, I'm hungry." he muttered so Black couldn't hear.

Double post. Oops.

Seasarmon suddenly growled, stirring Claire from her nap. He had moved them to a corner to rest, and was now staring fixedly at a group of shadows advancing on the town. The town itself had shut themselves inside, peering through windows at the suspicious visitors. Only a few braver Digimon stayed out.

"Claire, get down." Seasarmon commanded, and his tamer obeyed, sliding off his side. He then stepped out of the shade and faced the shadows, joined by a few other champions. The shadows writhed, then shot towards the small group. Seasarmon reared up as his paws started to glow.

"Sekkantou!" He punched forward, effectively hitting one of the shadows straight in the face. The others fought with mild success, but it wasn't long before they were taken down. One of the bigger enemies struck a blow to Seasarmon's head, degenerating him back to Labramon and knocking him out. The shadows picked up the fighters and began to spread around the town, trying to absorb as much data as they could.

One of them found Claire. The last thing she saw after her partner was taken down was a huge hissing shadow hovering over her, then the world went black.

(in virus vile)
'this must one of these digidestin, seem rather weak if you ask me' a goblimon said, 'YOU IDIOT!!!' shouted a shadow, suddenly the shadow swung a huge bone club, the shadow then stepped forward 'these digidestin are the only things that can stop our master and he wants to defeat them in person. If they can stop our master then they must be strong' said the orgemon.

The city was under a full siege, a large number of goblimon were attacking the villagers who tried to fight back to no avail, there were also there flymon hovering above using deadly stinger on any digimon that tries to flee the town. The town was in being wrecked, with Claire and labramon locked in a shed guarded by ogremon.

(back to the group)
just at that moment a group saw virus vile from the cave exit, they saw the entire city being attacked and digimon being deleted, 'my god' Oliver said under his breath, 'we have to help them now' monodramon said, with out hesitating he started charging towards the village.

"Guilmon, lets go." Galen said, taking off a sprint close behind Oliver. The town came ever closer as the pair raced towards it, watching as smoke billowed up into the sky, and listening screams as people tried to escape the city in vain. He and Guilmon looked ahead to see what enemies they would meet first.

Stoan saw the chaos occuring in Virus Ville from distance, but was still able to make out exactly what was going on. Destruction for the sake of destroying. He started running, with Fanbeemon flying next to him. The town was not far, so he was sure he could make it without stopping for a rest in between, and besides, if needs be, he could hitch a ride on his personal insect-mounted laser cannon: Waspmon! He managed to gain on and eventually run close behind Oliver and Galen, who were the first to start running.

"RAAAAAAAR! MY HOME!" screamed Black, charging into the midst of the battle. "Black!" shouted Edward in vain, trying to stop him going berserk again.

"THEY WILL DESTROY MY FRIENDS AND MY HOME!" howled Black in anguish, black energy pulsating around him, as Edward's digivice started to shake. "No Black! Control yourself!" Edward shouted, but to no avail, as the energy continued to pulsate, Black was reforming again into Blacktyrannomon.

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