Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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"Please like you need a harem when you have me. I'm better then any other slut you'll find and you know it." Nisa smirked looking back at him. "As I said you can come with me and service me in other ways." she said kissing him roughly.

"Could you someone like you to well maintain me." she laughed some and flashed him a flirtatious smirk.

He kissed her back, gripping her damp hair and pulling it to give her a little shock of pain, asserting his dominance. "Better than most, certainly, but sometimes I have a taste for something a little different." He grinned at her. "I think I give you a little more than just 'maintenance.'"

"And tell me what else do you give me? Yes I will admit I enjoy sex with you but well talking with someone else is nice as well but I'll admit sex and money do rule over what I do." Nisa said casually.

"Oh and what else would you want besides me? A man maybe, you do seem the type. Oh or maybe you enjoy something young." she laughed some looking in his eyes. "I'm easy, but something else might be harder." she added a hand running down my legs.

Smithy nodded as he looked at the chaos, a faint smile across his face. He pulled out his 'smithing hammer and jumped off the ship and onto the port. A Marine charged up to him, but was quickly dispatched as Smithy hit him across the face with the hammer.

He ran forward, heading into a house to hide there until told other wise. He tried to avoid attention, but failed as he was too big. Three marines followed him inside, brandishing their weapons as they entered the door.

Smithy looked at them with menacing eyes. "You kids really want to try it, huh?" He said as he readied himself for a fight. "I'll warn you, those weapons can be turned against you if you're not careful..."

The first one to attack had a simple sword and decided to slash downwards onto Smithy. He blocked it with his hammer and grabbed the sword, making sure to avoid the sharp edge. He put force onto the hammer, causing the sword to snap under the pressure. Smithy kicked the marine into the wall with a thud, still holding the blade.

The second had an Axe and wasn't afraid to use it. He ran up to Smithy and attempted to cleave him in half. Smithy jumped back then lunged forward, head butting the marine who fell onto the ground unconscious. Smithy turned to face the last marine, who held a dagger in each hand. Smithy noticed him shivering, backing up as he walked closer and closer slowly. "Boo!" The marine screamed and jumped back, hitting his head on wall and becoming dazed.

Smithy turned and threw the blade from the sword of the first marine. It hit the first marine, who had stood up and was about to attack Smithy, in the stomach. He fell to the floor, bleeding yet silent because of the shock. Smithy turned around and smacked the third marine in the head with his hammer, demolishing the skull and reaching the brain. The marine was dead before he knew it and fell to the floor with a thud.

Smithy turned and walked up to the last marine, who was still unconscious. He took the Axe from his hand and looked at it with his keen eyes. A decent Axe, nothing special but it did what it was built for. He shrugged, then in one quick and brutal movement he separated the marine's head from his body. Smithy slashed the Axe downward quickly and the blood came from it and was spread across the floor in little dots.

He walked upstairs and stood beside a window, keeping one looking outside at the boat as he was told to do.

He chuckled. "Men? Eh, I tried them when I was younger. It's just not the same. Arse doesn't compare. No, I was thinking that sometimes you want a brunette, sometimes a blonde, a redhead. Sometimes I like a meek, submissive slut, sometimes I like a feisty bitch like you."

"I see well I can dye my hair but no way in hell will you find me being submissive. Oh and you still haven't told me what else you do for me then give me a nice fuck." Nisa said grabbing his ass and kissing his neck then sat on his hips and looked down at him smirking.

"You mean besides planning hundred million beli jobs and being one of the best hands with a knife or a gun that you know?" He cocked an eyebrow at her, running his hands down her sides. "You sure do have a way of being insatiable. Money and sex and it's not enough." He grinned at her.

"More like I'm not getting enough. Why the hell do you think I'm asking you to join me on my crew? I'm not an idiot." she smirked biting his neck hard and held him down. "You know you don't always have to be in control." she added.

"Ow!" He glared at her out of the corner of his eye. "What, you going vampire on me?" He chuckled to himself. "I don't have to be in control all the time. But let's face it, Nisa, even when you're on top of me, you know I'm still in control of what's going on."

"Bullshit." Nisa said holding his arms down and she bit harder and put a free hand around his throat squeezing hard. "So who's in control now? It would seem to be me." she said in his ear softly.

He grinned at her, then gripped her hand and lifted. "Squeeze all you want. You can wear the dominant pants for a while, but you've got nothing I need to be afraid of. Face it, Nisa, how many others can satisfy you? You can't hurt me, you need me." He grinned at her and let go of her hand, letting her get back to choking him while he had a cheeky grin. He grabbed her hips and stared into her eyes. You won't be so arrogant in a minute. Have you begging for more...

Peter started trying to head to the manor the Governor was at. If I can find out what the hell happened, maybe I can stop it. Then again, it might be too late. If nothing else, I can probably get a nice ticket off this island...

The Captain was walking along the river, the trail he was following seemed to start going cold, but he thought he was on to something. "I know you're here... I can smell the blood you tried so hard to get rid of..."

Nisa blinked realizing he was right and let him have his way with her.

After some time of more hard sex Nisa panted her face in the sand and he stood over her. "Ok ok you win." she panted hard her hands tied behind her back. "You do please me better then anyone else has been able to. God if only I could be with you all the damn time." she said.

"You can be." He grinned down at her, ran his hand over her cheek then down to her neck, not squeezing hard, just enough to assert his dominance. "Submit to me permanently and it'll happen." He stepped back and began to get dressed, the clothes still a bit soggy, but at least the bloodstains were out.

"Then I'll do what I can to submit my self to you for good. Anything you ask I'll do." Nisa said looking up at him from the corner of her eyes. "So when do you want to head out and make a shit ton of beli?" Nisa asked getting up and grabbed her clothes putting them on.

He grinned. "I'll see about acquiring a collar for you." He rubbed his chin. "Well, let me get a look at your crew. But I think tonight would be a good time. From what I've heard, there'll be a bit of a manhunt tonight. Seems like the ideal time."

Nisa nodded the took him to her ship and gathered up her crew. "A bit on the small side but they get anything done I ask them to. Ok you lot, you not only do as I say but do what this man says as well, if you don't I'll gut you and feed you to the Butcher." Nisa said speaking loudly.

The crew just nodded not really wanting to piss Nisa off and looked at Ezekiel. "Give the order." she said.

Ezekiel grinned and looked over them. "Alright, me and your lovely Captain will be taking care of the main work. You lot just wait for our signal and then raid the town, steal everything that's not nailed down or on fire." He looked over the crew, eying a few of the more attractive women on the crew. The voyage out would be quite pleasant, it looked like.

Sylvester saw yoje seemingly materialize about 50 ft in front of him "wow your fassssst but I can catch up." As Sylvester yelled it yoje materialized in front of the town a few seconds before sparkles and Sylvester came to a halt in front of him. Sylvester slinked back into his full human form. He observed the town there were fights breaking out all over the place with pirates, marines, and mercenaries attempting to subdue and capture each other.

"Leave the governor's house for me you dogs. No kidnapping ether, trust me we'll already have issues to deal with. If this goes well we'll be rich." Nisa said looking over at Ezekiel and smirked.

Yoje turned to face his two companions. "That was fast. Now, the Butcher is probably holed up somehwere in town, so-"

"Hey! I recognize you guys!" A group of six bandits surrounded the trio. It was a bald man holding two Dao swords that spoke.
"Yoje, Sylvester and Sparkles. I saw your posters not too long ago. Your bounties weren't very high, so we figure this will be some easy money. Let's get 'em! Attack!"

"Yes tell us your reasons for attacking me makes it alright."
"Well it won't be easy I can tell you that."
He plucked two hairs from his scalp and placed it on the ground.
The bandit raised his blade ready to crack his skull open but he couldn't lower it.
Two very long, thick, spikes narrowly lodged his arm stuck in place.
With a quick spin he cut the man's pinned arm off with his Kursararigama.

Yoje ducked under the sword swipe of a second bandit and sued his kangaroo tail to sweep him off his feet. Once he was on the ground, Yoje knocked him out with one kick to the head.
"You're brutal, Sparkles."

Grana grinned as he tipped his hat over his face to hide the delight in his eyes. " Alright, Sammi. I just hope you can keep up!" Grana fell backwards, crucifixion style. He continued through the earth, disappearing with a Chesire grin. He reappeared in front of Sammi, his speed causing him to skim across the ground. His legs extended beneath him, like landing gear for a jet fighter. Using his momentum, Grana sprinted forward at top speed, his blades blurs as he sped past bounty hunters, marines, and pirates alike. It was interesting though- no matter how quickly the blades bit into flesh, nothing more than the edge was bloodied. A quick spin was usually executed on the Marines, after which they would fall over unconscious. It wouldn't take long for an observer to realize Grana was aiming for disarming slashes for hunters, such as superficially cutting muscles, and was using the back of the blade on Marines, to knock them out. Grana grinned as his revived katana flashed down once more. "This is amazing..." Grana muttered as he blocked a blow from a blade, then shattered it with the blade breaker tanto. Another slash dispatched the attacking pirate. "Thank you, Smithy- this resurrection was worth it."

Grana looked into a store front and saw three pirates holding up a merchant family at gunpoint. His left hand clenched, a sure sign of his anger.
"Alright, get the money in the bag! Are you deaf, bitch?" Roared the pirate as tears streamed down the face of the merchant's wife. "Do you not fucking understand your lives are in my hands? Perhaps you need a little motivation!" The pirate turned and fired on the daughter of the merchant.
"Magic-Magic: Rabbit Hole."
Grana's hat floated silently in the room, the spin desperately fighting gravity. The bullet entered the hat and exited... Through the pirate's head. Grana appeared and quickly attacked, beheading one accomplice while stabbing the other with the tanto. Grana silently put his hat back on and walked out, only pausing to say, "I'm sorry." Grana walked out from the store and saw Sammi. "Sammi! Hurry up, we're going to the mansion! I have a feeling Captain's gonna need some help!"

Sylvester turned into his half snake form and constricted the third bandit's upper body. The color slowly drained from his face as the bandit lost more oxygen. When the fourth bandit came charging at him. Sylvester calmly grabbed his whip and cracked it twice. The first smacked the bandits hand and the second snared the whip around his neck. With a quick twist of his wrist he sent the bandit crashing into the ground." He may be brutal but hesss effective." Sylvester shouted over the commotion.

The word for Grana's actions was unbelievable. Sammi has stood outside while the scene in the store unfolded. Another man was watching with her, his mouth agape over what he had just seen transpire. Sammi looked over at the bald man and asked, "Are you a pirate?"

"No, no, I'm a...I'm a bounty hunter," came the still shocked reply.

That was all Sammi needed to hear before one of her axes came across and sliced the unfortunate fellow in the jugular vein. "Not anymore, your not," she stated, leaving the man to bleed out on the docks. Grana was moving on, so Sammi followed.

As Grana took off down the streets, another pirate, irate at the callous killing of his ship mates gave chase after the Phantom Magician, eager to eliminate him while his back was turned. Not aware that the woman chasing after was a part of the party he was with, his mind seemed fully bent on revenge. Or maybe it was just to steal some more stuff. Either way, the method in which he was holding that pistol he was carrying seemed to indicate that someone was going to be shot in a hurry.

Well, I can't have that. Taking aim as she followed both Grana and the gunman, Sammi hurled one of her axes at the man in front. The weapon flew the air, spiraling over itself before embedding itself squarely in the pirate's skull, sending his body crashing to the ground.

I'm getting pretty good with that actually. I guess Bobby was right about all that practice paying off. Catching up with he fallen adversary, the Viking plucked her axe out of the head. She flicked the collected blood off of the edge and after acquiring the man's gun for her own collection, she carried on after her assigned teammate. At least this should bring in a nice chunk of beli...

Before Jacuqe knew it Smithy just nodded and ran off without him.

Jacque shouted "Hey you big olf! Wait for me!"

Since Smithy is a big fellow, he is able to cover more grounds than him as he cannot keep up to his pace. When he saw the marines are going to fight him he had hurry faster to help him out until he realise there were three marines after him as well.

Dammit just let me refill my ammo already!

He draws his rapier as one of the marines charge right at him with his cutlass sticking out. He dodges the slash with ease as use the opening to kick the marine in the stomach as he had fall onto the ground, knocked out.
The other marine try to cut him down but he blocks it with his blade. He quickly push him back making that marine take a few step back as he finish him off by stabbing him in the chest which again isn't fatal.
The second marine fall to the ground in pain and before the last remaining marine get to do anything Jacque quickly ran toward him. In one quick swift with his rapier in his hand, he had slash the marine in the torso as he is now ran pass him. They both stood still for a moment until Jacque spins his rapier and sheathed his rapier and the last marine collapse onto the ground.
By the time he had finish them off he turn to see that Smithy had already enter one of the house and it looking out of the window.
He stood in front of Smithy view as he is trying to gesture himself that he is going to hide in the next house next to him. He had pointed his fingers onto himself and then point at the next house which hopefully Smithy had understood him. He then quickly head to the next house.
He tries to open the door but it is lock. He is quite annoy with this as he draw his rapier again and use it to stab right through the keyhole, destroying the lock but at least its open now.
As he enters the house he saw a man and a woman assume to be couple as they were hugging each other kneeling down at the floor. They were terrified at him for breaking and entering his house.

He calmly said "Look I'm not going to harm you in anyway. Here is the deal. Allow me to stay in this house for a bit and should any nasty fellow enter this house, I will fight them off. Also should a marine enter here I will say I've threaten you to let me hide here. Deal twoo?"

With no other choices the couple just nodded in agreement.

Jacque said "Ok good. Now hide in the other room to be safe. I will be upstairs looking by the window.

He walks upstairs and enters the bedroom. He sat by the bed as he uses this opportunity to reload his pistol.

"whoops sorry, hard to control myself even with all the training."
"He deserved it though, not like he would be as forgiving."
"Well if he doesn't bleed out he can remember this lesson."
*Wipes off his blade off the unconscious ones shirt*
"There ... perfect."
The blade was so clean again you could see yourown reflection reflection.

"It's not that he didn't deserve it, but you could have won easily enough without decapitating him. But now's not the time to argue. Let's beat the rest of these guys first."

As he spoke, Yoje was dodging the blows of a bandit wielding spiked gloves. Finally he staggered his attacker with a quick jab, then sent him flying with a powerful kick. Now only the leader of the bandits remained,

"Well you can him."
"I will sit in meditation and check their pockets for money."
*looks through the decapitated ones pockets*
"I can see why they attacked us, they got nothing."
"Literally poor bastards."

The last bandit drew a gun angrily and pointed it at Yoje "Bah! Screw you guys! I'll take your bounties dead!" He fired at Yoje's head.
The bullet knocked his head back, but nothing more. "What? How the hell did you do that?"

Yoje reverted to his human form and rubbed his head. He wasnt harmed, but his skull was ringing. "The Iron body technique. And here's a Tempest Kick."

Yoje swung his leg at the bandit, creating a blade of compressed air flying at the bandit. It hit the gun out of his hands and knocked him to the ground. Yoje walked over and grabbed him by the collar. Do you know anything about the Butcher, where he is, or what he plans to do? Don't lie."

"Nothing, I swear! I just know that he killed the governor's daughter, and that's why he called for the manhunt. I got no clue where the butcher is now, but I'd get off the island fast if I were him. Now let me go! I need to find some weaker, richer people to rob."

"You shouldn't have said that" Yoje punched the man across the jaw as hard as could, knocking him out.

"Well we just wasted precious time on these fellows."
"So the butcher has to be on the harbor."
"We got to get there fast if we want to catch him."
*wipes hands from rifling through their pockets*

Grana turned around and looked for Sammi. He saw her take down a pirate who was aiming at him. He grinned, though it was easy to tell Grana's heart just wasn't in it. "Didn't anyone ever tell you an axe is a strictly melee weapon?" Grana saw the look on Sammi's face and the smile melted off his face like rain sliding down a windowpane. "Right... The store. Sorry, I broke my own rules." Grana sighed. "I guess I had a flashback, put myself in that family's position. Last time it happened, I couldnt do anything about it. This time, I could. And I wasn't gonna just pass them by and let scum get away with such things. Anyway, thanks for saving my neck. Let's keep going." Grana sheathed his blades as he and Sammi ran through a temporary lull in the fight. Grana stopped as he came upon what was possibly the strangest group he had seen in his life: a snake-man, one who seemed at least somewhat normal, and the hairiest human Grana had ever seen. Around them were the corpses of bandits. Grana's hand slowly drifted to his blade. "G'evening, gentlemen. By your attire I can guess you are no Marines, but are you bounty hunters or pirates?" Grana could see the mansion a little bit ahead. Just this last barrier and they would be there.

Yoje looked at the man suspiciously. It would be tough to trust anyone in all this chaos, and he and his companion looked like they knew how to fight. But Yoje had numbers on his side. Of course, they could also end up becoming allies.

"We're pirates...And I guess if you're not a bounty hunter, you wouldn't have asked us so nicely. I hope that's right, anyway." He raised his open hands into a defensive fighting position.

Peter arrived at the entrance to the manor. There were two Marines standing guard at the main entrance. "Oh come on..." he went up, deciding to try and bluff his way in. "Gentlemen, I'd like to see the governor."

They both looked at him suspiciously and said "What business do you have here?"

"I'm here to respond to an appointment made yesterday. He needed a mechanic" he pulled out his wrench and pulled up the pouch on his belt, shaking it to have it make various metallic jingling sounds. "But hey, take your time... I'm in no hurry to head back to that insane asylum out there. I'm getting paid by the hour so I'm in no rush..."

The two guards looked at each other and mumbled. "Fine... go ahead in." As Peter walked in, one muttered "I swear I saw him before..."

Thank God for my low bounty... he started looking around.

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