Journey of the Elementals RP (Pm if Interested, Started)

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Raven rolled her eyes as Seth explained he had more than fire in his arsenal. Apparently Seth here doesn't pick up on metaphors too easily. Oh well.

"I think you are," she told him. "It's been so long since I've been outside the Academy, and even then, I didn't come from any place that had machines running around like this. This is all new to me."

"Another fair point," Gabriel conceded. "But I do not yet possess, for example, the ability to start a rainfall in the middle of a drought. Hence why I keep going on about training. From the basics, I can learn to apply different spells to different situations. Use them as a foundation, if you will, for a greater effort that specifically applies to the task at hand, as opposed to something that is only designed for one purpose." Being able to diversify magic beyond the simple things learned in the Academy was something that Gabe wanted to be able to do in the future.

He took a quick look around the deck of the ship: the few other mages that were visible were hurrying around the place... Something might have come up. Looking back to Alexander again, he said, "Come on. We should probably see what's going on. There might be something up on deck that we can investigate." He began to head over to the staircase to the upper level, interested in seeing both the view from the sky and hearing about what was going on. Maybe the Prime Minister had called the mages together for something; that explained why people were hurrying about their cabins.

Aaron nodded as Phebe returned with her bow, and a soldier wandered forward and placed a quiver of arrows next to her. After doing that, the soldier rushed off. Aaron looked over the mages, and then noticed a few specifically missing.

"Any of you know where the rest of your compatriots are? I would like the help on the decks so I don't have you all setting fire or blasting something out of the ship." Aaron said, obviously his concern no longer being informing the mages, and more interested in having them all prepared.

"That, and I figure it to be a damn good history lesson for when we get to where the fight is likely going to be. You might as well see why a lot of northern cities hate mage guts."

Seth shrugged, not totally oblivious to Raven rolling her eyes at him. For once. However, with the conversation no longer as serious as he thought it was, he noticed the amount of noise happening above them. More specifically all the sounds of running around.

"Well, I get the feeling that for all of us this is a new area. Just gotta take our steps properly, watch our backs, and maybe we will get one of these to take on home." Seth said with a grin, rising from where he had been offered a seat.

"So....join me heading up to the decks? The view is something to see."

Well....This went somewhat less expected than I thought it would. Should I offer my arm or something? I really need more experience with Nightshades to find out what is acceptable....

Phebe picked up the quiver. It had been months ago since she had last used her bow for anything else than target practice and even then she had only used it on some birds. She had used it a lot for hunting in her younger days though.

"No, I don't know anything about where the others are..."

She wasn't sure how many they were from the academy either. The only one she had talked to so far was Seth.

She started preparing herself for an attack and waited. It was all she could really do now.

Raven thought about the offer for a second, before nodding in acceptance. "Yes I suppose I should probably get one look at the world below before this trip ends."

She stood up and put her hood back over her head. Just because she was comfortable enough with Seth to have it down, didn't mean that others were afforded that right. Raven was at the door when she turned around. "Are you coming?"

Cale watched as the ground rushed beneath them. It was an incredible sight from what he could see and something that would occur only once in a lifetime. As happy as he was he noticed the absence of Nydia. After a quick pan over the other passengers he noticed Nydia next to Aaron. He had only been an acquainted to him when he walked around in the Academy. Him and his metal hand.

Wondering what the half-metal man was saying to Nydia he approached him.

"I need to thank you again for letting us on this airship again. I mean, I know that you had no power in deciding who and who wouldn't go but I appreciate your hospitality!" Cale said. "Oh I didn't mean like you have no yeah."

Upon ascending the stairs to the open deck, Gabriel found a considerable number of mages had already gathered there. A couple of them seemed to be looking out at the skies, while two he didn't recognise were talking to that Aaron person... looking around, the young Hydromancer could tell that something was up. Were those weapons mounted on the rails at the sides of the airship?

People he didn't recognise were running back and forth, seemingly busy with their machinations. If they were preparing for something, what was it? Gabe didn't know. With that in mind, he elected to simply stand to one side and wait to be called on, either by one of the airship's crew or his fellow mages. Given the buzz of activity that was taking place, he was thankful that he had shed his robes before coming up to the upper deck.

Gabe waited and watched from a spot near the rails, not wishing to get in anyone's way.

Seth shook his head, not realizing he had been standing still and thinking for that long. Stepping forward with a small grin, Seth wasn't sure what exactly he was going to do, but he guessed he would just figure it out as he went, like he always did.

"Of course. Sorry, just got lost in thought there for a second." Seth apologized, stepping forward and opening the door, standing aside to let Raven go first. As they made their way up, Seth couldn't help but wonder about what had just happened. He wasn't sure what he was doing any more, but he felt like he was doing something right. Or at least close enough that he wasn't ruining Raven's day any more.

"Hopefully things are not half as crazy as we have heard with everyone running around." Seth said as Raven stepped through the door, and both made their way to the upper decks with the rest of the mages also getting to the open deck as well to see what was going on, or to simply explore.

Out on the decks in the sky, the Prime Minister seemed to have shouted something to one of the crew. In response, the ship slowed, and the clouds that had been clouding the full view ahead of them seemed to dissipate. What was ahead made the entire crew seem to go silent, even the usual whirling of the propeller blades and hum of the engines all seemed to stop as the last of the clouds gave way to an unnatural sight.

Ahead of the airship was what only could be described as a giant storm of colors and elements. The clouds ahead shifted colors constantly, to all variety of colors. While the clouds were an interesting show in themselves, what came out of them was far more incredible. Stones sometimes fell from the clouds, or flaming boulders, or lasers of light, or creeping darkness, or ice shards. And it seemed to differ as the clouds were gazed upon from one distance to another. Flaming stones in one area, black ice next to it, fire falling from the sky, then lasers. It extended as far as the eyes could gaze.

The ship shifted, heading for one particular destination, which was an oddity among the odd storm. A single path that was not being affected by the odd storm. While it couldn't exactly be called clear with sometimes boulders or ice falling over the valley sides, it seemed at least relatively safer than attempting flight through the storms as they raged.

"And that is what makes people hate mages right there kids." Aaron said, seeming to break the silence.

"This is what we call Magick's End. Probably the most dangerous place in the world, and most hated monument of the wars of before. Most people don't want to even admit this exists, it being a blight on the planet itself. But it exists, and it is practically a spit in the face of humanity and mages alike. We are going to be travelling through Wind Canyon, the only apparent space between the storm which won't rip us to shreds. If ya look closely, some say you will see something, but I don't hold such reservations. And that, kids, is your history lesson. Take a close look, and enjoy what we all wrought before we almost killed everything."

"Look at the pretty colors!" Fei squealed in glee. She would have leaned over the side and touched the clouds if she could. She didn't understand why people wouldn't like this display. "Look Drew! Do you think we could do something like this at the Academy? I wonder how many mages it took!" Clearly impressed, she continued to make "ooh" and "ahh" sounds, trying to "feel" the ice with her magic. They felt just outside of her reach, and she couldn't get enough hold on one to bring it back to the ship. It wouldn't stop her from trying, and she had settled next to the rail.

Nydia was pleased to see Cale come over. If there was to be fighting, he would certainly be helpful even though she wasn't sure what he'd be able to do on this ship. "Ah, Cale! Lovely timing. He was just asking us all about our powers. It seems as though we may be called upon to defend this vessel." She told him in as pleasant a tone she could manage to hide the nervousness she was feeling.

Any further conversation was interrupted though, as Nydia's attention was called to Magicks End as Aaron had called it. At first glance, it did look quite lovely with it's array of colors constantly changing. But a closer glance told Nydia that that area was completely uninhabitable with the destructive powers of all the elements raging about within. "But... the Great War ended over 700 years ago? How could something of this magnitude still exist from back then?" Nydia asked, gasping in shock. The amount of magical power that would create something like this would have to be immense. But the power required to sustain it for so long was simply unimaginable. "And you had to travel through this to get to the Academy? That seems like quite the feat." Nydia was quite impressed with the technology Kerbones seemed to possess. The journey was much more hazardous and complex then she had first believed.

Raven let Seth take the lead as the two headed towards the upper decks. It was quite a climb, something to be expected but still a bit much for Raven. Damn, I might have to actually listen to some of those twats and start exercising more... nah, fuck those guys.

As they arrived at the upper deck the door opened, and it seemed like things weren't half as crazy as they heard below. They were full-on crazy. People were running around, and there seemed to be panic in the air. "What the hell is going on up here?" Raven asked no one in particular.

"Take a close look, and enjoy what we all wrought before we almost killed everything."

The sight of Magick's End was breathtaking, amazing... and utterly terrifying in equal strength, in Gabriel's eyes. He was well aware that mages and the non-magical hated and feared one another - for the most part, at least. As for why that was... well, that was another matter entirely. He thought back to his history lessons, back at the Academy.

The Great War, as the older woman had stated, did end seven hundred years ago. But it wasn't a simple two-sided war. Many mages fought for their own sides, seeking a rise to power over their competitors. After the thirty-odd-year war, both mage and non-mage alike had been utterly devastated: humanity had come very close to extinction. That was why the mages had retreated to the islands, and why every mage was subject to restrictions and limitations. No-one wanted to see another three decades of ruin, destruction and death.

Bringing himself back to the present, Gabriel turned his eyes back to Magick's End. This would likely be imprinted on people's memories... drilled into their history. He saw it as propaganda. Mindless drivel that scared people into thinking along seven-hundred-year old ways. In Gabe's eyes, it was time for a change. The world needed it. He did not voice these thoughts aloud, though. They were likely to earn him reprimands from the older mages.

Cale took a closer look at the Magick'End ignoring all other distractions for the moment as he observed the colors, and all the sort that was coming from the anomaly. It reminded him of the carvings in the Earth Halls that depicted great battles or recreations of how their world was made. Fire and brimstone, darkness and light, all conflicting with one another in this dazzling yet dangerous display of what Mages could truly do.

He had seen what the masters could do but this was beyond what he could simply imagine. The Great War was not something that was avoided when he was brought up in the academy or in the farms either. Mages were hunted and publicly killed where he used to work and this was their reason.

"By the Gods..." Calse whispered out. "I thought I knew about the Great War but this changes everything."

Phebe looked at the colorful storm, in silence. She didn't really like what she saw. She had heard about the war before and read about it. It was a beautiful sight to behold, but dangerous and in a way, a monument of the wars. It would have been better if it had disappeared, now it served as a constant reminder of what had happened. The humans would probably continue hating mages as long as it was there.

I can't do anything about it and they may be right in hating mages.

She shrugged and continued checking her bow. A part of her wanted to pick up an arrow, fire it into the storm and see if something happened.

Alexander had walked up on deck to see the maelstrom and hear about its past. He stood next to the railing and thought for a moment before speaking.

"It is sad that it took this much for people to realize the danger of magic. Unfortunately it will take a long time to convince people that magic can be used for great good and shouldn't necessarily be hated or feared. They have every right to their feelings, but hopefully one day we can move past them."

Seth heard Raven, but he quickly spotted what she had not, and tapped her on the shoulder and pointed to the distance in front of them. The storm that was raging was quite....something. It just kept changing and throwing elements all around. It was a hell of a sight, and it was far more destructive than anything he had ever imagined being unleashed upon....well, everyone.

"That's....something. I mean, it is all kinds of crazy that....someone kind of like us unleashed THAT." Seth muttered, taking a few steps closer to the mess that was the storm.

Well....I really can't blame them now. Hating mages has to be kind of easy knowing that we more or less corrupted a huge part of the world, and made it dangerous. To everything.

The Prime Minister had stepped over to where the mages were, listening to what was said by the mages as they saw what had been wrought. He gazed upon it all, seeming to take it all in again as if he had not seen it before.

"The Great War may have ended, Miss Nydia, but the magic doesn't know that. Here it was unleashed upon everything, and no one knows how to put it back. Maybe that is for the best that we are unable to put it all back. A reminder that we were all overconfident, overpowered, and so sure that we would never do anything that couldn't be fixed. A folly for eternity for all generations to look upon, and realize that we will destroy ourselves if given the chance." The Prime Minister spoke simply, seeming to recount a tale that had been told to him before.

"Perhaps maybe magic will be safe again to people. I doubt that it will happen any time soon. Mages are not seen any more in the world. There are no legends of great mages saving anything, or doing anything. Only this cloud and storm which if we dare to fly through, we would be crushed, or fried, or consumed. There is....more about it though. There is something in this storm, and it makes me wonder...." The Prime Minister wandered off, his voice trailing off as well as his eyes seemed to give off an odd glow as he did so.

Seeing this, Aaron stepped forward.

"Alright ladies and gents. If you do fire, water, or air, you are going to be on decks with me. Going to need to be defending this deck from whatever those damn things breathe or shoot at us. Light and Dark, you are going to be support in whatever method you can be. Cloaking the gunners, blinding the dragons, and patching up anybody who gets hit. And chances are you WILL see someone get hit." Aaron said, in military form.

"These things will be mostly taken care of by me and the troops, so you are going to be defensive. Deflect what they fire, and don't shoot UNLESS you know the other airships are not in the line."

Fei looked around at all of the other mages coming up. Maybe the magic makes dragons. No, then we would have dragons at the academy. Maybe dragons like magic, but the masters kept them away? The logic of hating mages went over her head, and she didn't really grasp the danger of the situation.

She waved to Seth and Gabriel when she noticed them come up, pointing excitedly to the storm as if she were afraid they might miss it. The more mages and humans that cluttered the ship, the closer she stuck to her brother. It was like a sugar rush to see all the people getting ready for whatever they might be facing.

Alright ladies and gents. If you do fire, water, or air, you are going to be on decks with me. Going to need to be defending this deck from whatever those damn things breathe or shoot at us. "Ah, Drew, we're going to fight dragons! It will be so exciting!" she was literally bouncing as she went over to him, twirling around. "We'll get to see how good our lightning really is too!" The fact that she didn't have too much water to work with in the immediate vicinity didn't bother her because she wasn't really thinking about it. Water was secondary to what she did with lightning, in her opinion.

Cale stepped forward in part confidence and part outrage that Aaron didn't seem to call out what the Earthshapers had to do.

"And what of the Earthshapers here?" Cale spoke out to Aaron. Cale didn't want to just stand around while the other mages risk their lives. Cale had been taught by the Master Earthshapers to always look out for your fellow mage even if they may be a Lightdweller or a Hydromancer. Mixed with the thrill of possibly fighting off dragons, Cale clutched his fist as he awaited for Aaron to answer.

Raven didn't know what Seth was going on about, until she saw the massive storm brewing on the horizon. She lifted her hood up slightly and brushed her bangs out of her eyes, just to be able to view the full magnitude of the thing they were now apparently flying into. Then that Prime Minister bastard started barking orders.

Light and Dark, you are going to be support in whatever method you can be. Cloaking the gunners, blinding the dragons, and patching up anybody who gets hit.

Patching my ass. You want me working with Lights? That isn't happening asshole. The prospect of fighting against real life dragons however intrigued Raven. I bet none of those sheep at the academy can say they've taken down a dragon. Stuff that down their preppy cakeholes.

She turned to Seth, "I guess the Grand Dragonslayer there wants you with him. You better get up there and appease."


Phebe grinned. That should be fun, no matter what. She had met beasts before and wondered what these dragons were like. They couldn't be that bad if the airships and mages could take care of them.

"Well... You've got me excited with the talk of dragons."

She drifted off into thoughts, while she thought about killing one on her own. How should she do that?

Aaron paused, looking over Cale as he did so. The man seemed to think a moment before suddenly grinning and stepping over to where a hatch was.

"Down this hatch is a collection of boulders. You probably could make them smaller and more useful to throw for this particular fight, as usually we use the things as cheap bombs to drop on what is below. You being an earthshifter should get around that." Aaron said.

"However, if you could help the men with their bows and the such as well, it would be excellent. Hell, I ask the same of anyone who isn't busy shooting at the bastards. In fact....EVERYONE ON DECK! I am going to be seeing what you are all capable of today. Light, dark, whatever the hell you are. Maybe you can head back home and tell them how you kicked the hell out of a dragon."

With that, Aaron got to grabbing a unique looking crossbow, and snapped it onto the arm of his armor. It clicked into place, and Aaron tampered with it for a while, making sure it was ready.

Seth chuckled at Raven's joke. It did seem somewhat unfair for Raven to be left out of the fight somewhat, but it seemed the next words cleared that up.

"Come along now, Queen Dragonslayer. You get to take a trophy home yet." Seth said, with a slight nudge to Raven. He had a feeling he was really going to start enjoying her company. A big change from Fei's bubbly personality, but enjoyable all the same.

"Course, I would rather find a way to take some of this....storm with me. That is one of a kind thing to check out. But a dragon will do just fine. I wonder how they taste?"

Now THAT is an odd thought. What the blazes made me think THAT? But still....roasted dragon might taste delicious....

The Airships slowly began making their way into the valley, a calm military seemed to fall upon the rest of the crew. They lowered themselves to a point where they were within the more narrow valley. As they began the movement forward slowly, everyone seemed to keep their eyes looking about, crossbows shifting about and eyes up and about.

Then, there was a shout and a pointing man, and ahead were apparently a bunch of small spots. As they began moving ahead, it became clear they were not the larger dragon types, but smaller wyverns, and drakes. Two other airships which had been on guard before, opened fire. Bolts began flying, and for the moment, not many drakes or wyverns had been able to make an approach to the ship the mages were on. But it was quickly becoming apparent that they would as more seemed to show up. What was more interesting was that many of the wyverns and drakes seemed to breathe different elements as well. Fire sometimes, but then there was icy winds, and even stones seemed to be fire out.

The drakes and wyverns themselves all seemed to compliment the storm around them nicely as the bolts continued to fly about.

Nat has quickly found a secluded spot on the ship where she could study some ancient text she found in a old book she had bought ages ago. The text seemed to describe old Nightshade techniques that were used in times where wielders of magick were not shunned. She looked up hearing a booming voice ordering her to get up and fight... a dragon. "Really, I have to stop my studies for a dragon? Well it's better to fight a dragon then fight someone that's just graduated." she gripped as she got up and dusted herself off then looked around for the flighty Nina whom was playing with clouds from the moment they left.

"Nat isn't this great? We're going to be fighting dragons of all things. I remember you reading about them a few months ago. Come on lets go before the others take all the good ones. Hmmmm that reminds me, mom use to make what she's call dragon soup. I wounder if she used dragon." Nina started going off in her own thought forcing Nat remind her there was a dragon to kill.

"Umm Nina, please come back to the present and help me kill a dragon then you can ask your mother later." Nat laughed some. "Let's go dragon lady." she said walking off the ship. She looked around trying to find a dragon that was free of combatants, well that was until a dragon flanked her side with his tail, well it was more the size of a drake but still not something she could take on by her.

Nina had snapped out of her dragon daze just in time to see Nat being flanked by a drake. "Oh crap, I need to really stop this shit." she said sending a blast of hot air into the drakes face. "Hey look over here scale head." she said smashing the drake in the side of the head forcing it away from Nat.

"It took you long enough Nina. I could of died." Nat said angrily.

"Probably like chicken," Raven noted as she followed up the stairs. "Dragon's basically just a giant ugly bird isn't it? Only difference is it can barbeque itself."

As she continued up the steps towards the deck, she felt the wind whipping around the exposed portion of the ship. There was some more shouting and pointing going on, as the smaller-scale versions of the dragons began emerging out of the storm ahead. "And there are your appetizers."

Raven took a position along the side, she knew there wasn't going to be much she could do in this situation, but there was one rule of combat she learned that always pertained in any fight: Go for the eyes. As some of the drakes approached one of the side ships, she started firing off rays of concentrated darkness, hoping to blind the bastards.

Alexander focused on using his light to blind the dragons, he didn't really want to kill the creatures himself but he wasn't about to condemn others for doing so. His plan was working though as it made things harder for the dragons flying at them and easier for the men on deck to shoot them and bring them down. All he really wanted though was to avoid the need to heal anyone.

I have a plan if anyone gets injured, let's just hope I don't end up needing it.

"That's the spirit, Seth!" he said, observing the beasts above them. "I bet I can fry one of them for ya." Something about the whole situation had Drew invigorated. The storm around them, the dragons nearby, the humming machines of the engines, their current location. Drew started swirling a little air current around him. "Come on, Fei! Let's show these guys how its done!" He wasn't sure what had happened, but he felt motivated and active for the first time in a long time. Maybe this is what I've been needing. Something to break me out of this rut. Something where nobody is grading or judging. A moment to expand my horizons and see the world in a new way. Sure beats the same day-in-day-out routine of the academy...

"Yaaaay dragons!"
"Come on, Fei! Let's show these guys how its done!"
She snapped out of her trance, remembering they were supposed to be fighting. "Right!" A sphere of water materialized in her hand, most of her reserves. She threw it into the air, letting it burst into a fine mist-like patch. She forced it up in the air, forming something like a cloud. "Show those dragons who's boss!" she smiled.

Cale's face lit up with joy as he made his way down the hatch. The boulders were large but not compared to the ones in the training rooms. Deciding that it would be wasteful to throw these entire rocks, Cale fast-cracked them. He tapped the rocks, dividing them into smaller rocks about the size of his head or his palms. Cale quickly shaped them so that there would be a point on each one. There was about a dozen or so improvised rock bullets and that was only from one boulder.

Cale carried them back up, with the rocks almost spilling over his arms. He set them down in front of him and searched for a target. There were a few wyverns already in the sky that had survived the volleys of fire that came from the ships. He picked the closest one to the ship. The thing already had several bolts lodged into its hide. Deciding that it was best to aim for the face he flung a few of the pointed rocks using his powers to increase the speed and velocity of the flying rocks.

Dragons... such beasts were a rarity, and for good reason. Gabriel severely doubted his chances against even one, especially if he were alone. With that in mind, he weighed up his options. Bringing a rainstorm to the battle would only hinder the abilities of the Pyromancers on the ship, and Gabe wasn't exactly skilled enough to contain it to a small area. There was the idea of using one of the weapons the Prime Minister's men... that seemed like a good alternative to trying a small spell or two, which wouldn't have much of an effect.

Ignoring the unorthodox nature of his plan - most mages did not use weapons other than their magic - Gabriel hurried over to one of the weapon racks and pulled a crossbow from them. It was a strange device: fairly heavy in his hands but not impossible to lift. A small cylinder, full of what looked like metal rods judging by the small built-in window, was attached to the underside, along with a handgrip of some description. The bow part of the weapon was at the other end of the crossbow: Gabriel wasn't stupid enough to point it at himself.

The young mage hefted the weapon, taking note of the fact that Fei, the only other Hydromancer on the airship, had created some kind of cloud in the skies above. Depending on how her brother handled it, there could be an opening for him to help the two of them. For now, Gabriel tried to aim at one of the winged creatures flying around the ship.

After a few seconds of tracking his target... Gabriel realised he didn't actually know how to use the weapon. Was it the odd bit that stuck out of the handgrip? He gave it an experimental squeeze with his index finger... there was a hefty kick from the crossbow as it jolted a bit in his hands, and he saw a flash of silver just in front of his new acquisition. So that was how it worked...

It was likely going to take a fair bit of practice for Gabriel to fully understand how best to use the crossbow he had picked up. The shot had missed completely.

Seth grinned as Raven introduced him to his "appetizers". They looked far from appetizing, being flying scale lizards which were spitting a variety of things. However, he felt good. On fire, if he wished to be funny to himself. Letting the flames burst forth in his hands, he let loose his fury, launching fireballs into whatever drake that dared to try and get close to the ship. Some of them saw it and did a bit of a dodge, bur Seth wasn't too concerned. He considered them chances for others to prove themselves....

That, and he got to see the fellows with the crossbows and....mounted crossbows do their thing. They seemed to simply fire off bolts at insane speeds. While he would like to use one of those, right now he would rather let his flames dance through the sky rather than fire a weapon he could get his hands on later.

"Chicken eh? Sounds delicious, but I don't think they agree quite yet." Seth said, letting the flames fire around, wondering how good his blade would be if one of them got that close.

Meanwhile, it seemed that the drakes and wyverns had gotten to a high enough number to start getting past the guard ships, and start heading towards the main ship. Again, they were numerous and beastlike, firing at the ship and crew if a chance seemed to show itself. Some crew fell, as fires and ice shots were not stopped even with the armor on.

Seemed there was still some distance to go through the valley, but it seemed that it wasn't too long a stretch to travel through the closed in area. The dragons themselves showed no signs of letting up. Though some did seem to begin trying to flee, or fall from the sky as all matter of bolts, boulders, fire, and even lights and dark shades striking them.

What was interesting, however, was that there seemed to be a hint of something much larger in the distance ahead of the airships. Something that kept just in the fog of the valley of storms.

"Aaaw..." Phebe said disappointedly when she saw the drakes and wyverns. The man had said dragons and that's what she had been hoping for.

Well, I guess that's what I get for getting my hopes up.

She took an arrow from the quiver, placed it against the bow and started looking for a target. It didn't take long for her to find one. A wyvern flying towards the ship. She knew the other mages and the crew were busy fighting as well, but she had to concentrate now.

Phebe took a deep breath and fired the arrow as soon as she thought she could hit it, despite the creature moving around.

She set the tip of the arrow on fire, before firing it at the wyvern. She barely hit the creature and not in the head like she had intended. The arrow hit it in one of its legs.

"Heh... Seems I'm a bit rusty." She said with a smile, acting like it didn't bother her.

It had been months since she had used her bow last and then it hadn't been against a moving target. She continued firing at the dragons flying around the ships, setting arrows ablaze and getting better hits.

Nydia's awe and horror over the magic cloud didn't last long, as the creatures emerging from it quickly captured her attention. My role is to support... Blind them when possible, but I should focus on healing and protecting my allies. Yes, I can do this. I promised. Nydia thought as she moved towards the center of the deck, a place where she could both strike at the enemy and reach any allies in need with ease.

Things seemed to be going well at first, with the guard ships and her fellow mages handling the drakes quite well. Eventually though, the began to break through and Nydia knew she had to do something. Living in that horrible cloud of magic had changed these creatures. They had seemingly adapted to to intense magical energies they had been subjected to, consumed it even. No, made it their own was the better wording. The elements spewed forth from their mouths, making their attacks much more powerful. Several of the soldiers had already fallen to their attacks. Nydia had to keep the casualties to a minimum.

Seeing a few more drakes approach, Nydia stepped forward determined to stop them before they could cause any harm. She was reluctant to use lasers since if misfired, they could severely damage her allies as well as her enemies. Thankfully, there were plenty of soldiers armed with crossbows taking fire at the drakes. Nydia conjured a ball of light in her hand and threw it towards the closest drake, making it explode into a brilliant flash of light just to the right of it's head. The light caused the drake to veer to the left, directly into a bolt that finished it off. Pleased to see that her technique had worked out so well, Nydia continued to blind more of the drakes as they approached.

Damn, it seems that plan will need to happen now. Alexander immediately started to shout so he could be heard over the others.

"Get the wounded to the side of the ship opposite of where they are coming from. If we start to get surrounded move them below deck." A few of the men listened to him in the heat of battle. Alexander figured this was just because they were used to taking orders as opposed to him having any authority.

He immediately started moving to the wounded since he was on the bow now. He gave up using light to try and blind them, there were too many for that to be effective. So instead he switched to firing lasers at the creatures, he still didn't aim to kill them, instead focusing on their wings to try and keep them from flying. If he could force them to ground then the ship should be safe from his targets.

By the time he got across the deck a few men were already lined up. The suns were glowing noticeably with the constant use of his powers. He remembered what he had done with the wounded at the arena; marking those that would heal on their own, those that needed attention, and those he unfortunately couldn't help for whatever reason. He set to those he could help and began healing them.

As some of the overgrown lizards started to approach the ship, Raven could actually get a good look at what exactly the ship's passengers were engaged with. I guess it is one thing to actually see these ugly things up close. Oh well, makes them easier to hit.

She took aim, keeping her index finger trained on one of the blue ones flying near the ship, and hit it with a ray, square in the eyes. The drake reared back unsure of it's trajectory as Raven hit a red one that had been flying near it. It did not rear back and the two ended up colliding in mid air, before falling down to the invisible ground below. Haha. That's right. You die for your stupidity. You can have all the pretty scales and funky breaths you want. Doesn't matter now that your dead. Raven continued scanning for any other monsters foolish enough to get close.

There were only two situations Drew could use lightning. One was when there was a storm, and even then it'd be hard to keep stable and not risk stray bolts. The other condition was if Fei was there helping him, and she was skilled enough to create the conditions where he could use it with ease. He managed to make a small spark in his hand, firing it towards the cloud, starting to affect the air around it. After a couple quick jolts, a lightning bolt cracked out from the cloud, striking Drew. The electricity crackled around him, but seemed to continuously move around his body, from one arm to the other, arcing between his fingers before retreating and going to his other arm, discharging off his beard and the hair on his arms, smaller bolts jumping from his fingers.

Keep it flowing. Constantly moving. Never stopping. As flowing as the water, as ever-changing as the air. It cannot be manipulated like the other elements. It cannot be bent to ones will. If you try to stop it, it will be gone. Keep it moving. Always moving. A never-ending current. He tried to focus as the beasts approached, letting himself relax a little. He was counting on Fei as well, knowing that if the storm affected him in any way, she could save him. He looked up at the dragons, then smiled at Fei "So, which one should get the honors, sis?"

The battle flourished all around him. One moment fire and brimstone sparked the area around him then ice and even rocks cascaded near him. He watched several of the humans around him perish but he didn't have time to mourn or drag them to safety. Cale launched several more stony shards at the flying beasts, doing all he could with what little he had.

He leaped back down the hatch to bring out some more of his "ammunition" until he hatched an idea. He took a medium-sized boulder that was about as large as his torso. He fast-cracked a hole in the middle that led down all the way to the center. From there he cracked again with the fissures of his cracking going about the entire rock. It now looked like an egg that was about to be cracked. He made sure that when it would explode, the shards would be large enough to disrupt a wyvern in flight, maybe even killing it.

Cale lugged the boulder up the deck and he spotted his target. A large drake was strafing the deck of the airship. He waited until the thing was going to make another pass for Cale to launch the boulder. Once it was a safe distance, Cale let loose. The boulder whistled in the air and the drake predictably saw it and tried to avoid. Once the drake banked, Cale released the boulder sending improvised shrapnel in every which way. The drake was blown away by the rocks and was sent to the rocky bottom of the canyon. Cale smiled at the sight as he went back down to fetch more boulders.

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