Journey of the Elementals RP (Pm if Interested, Started)

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One by one, their little group entered through the portal, although there was a little halt as Drew shouted something, then seemed to retract the thought that had caused him to shout so. He then asked Silvana to switch places with Fei, and before Silvana could get a word in, Fei became hurt and responded quickly to her brother before getting shocked by him and storming off into the portal on her own, causing Raven to hurry after her. Silvana lightly shook her head at the situation and patiently waited until it was her turn to enter.

Her shadow stayed close by her, not seeming to want to wait, but waited anyway because it didn't want to rush off before Silvana. As the time came for her to enter with Gabriel, she did so, her shadow not far behind. She felt a peculiar sensation as she went through, that quickly passed when she was through the portal.

Had she entered sooner, she was sure it would have been quieter. But as it was, there seemed to be a massive fight going on. Each mage had to deal with a large stone creature, and she noted how their own shadows were fighting along with them. Could they do that? Having not seen their shadows before the trials, she couldn't be sure.

But one thing was certain. She needed to help, and so she started by whipping up some darkness tendrils, attacking the ice gargoyle that was after Seth, wrapping her tendrils around its legs to try and sweep it off its legs. If that would fail, she could always try something different.

Her shadow, in the meanwhile, went over to where Nydia's, Raven's and Seth's shadows were to aid them in attacking the odd gargoyle, adding her own darkness power with Raven's.

The funny thing was, it wasn't so much the fire that hurt. Being by her calculations some 90% water, hydromancers made for a slow burn. It was being thrown off your feet and skidding to a stop on your back. As soon as the gargoyle hesitated to follow up that attack, Fei had scrambled onto all fours and was behind cover. While the thing ambled after that mean girl, Fei formulated her own plan, and her own weapon. Well, kind of. All of the textbooks she had read about offensive hydrokinetic manipulation and aquatic assault tactics were getting muddled in her head. Then she got a real good idea, but she couldn't do it by herself... that's when she remembered she wasn't alone! Fei peeked out from behind her hiding place, and didn't have to look long to find shadow Fei. Was she... immune to the attacks? Would they just pass through? Anyways, she waved as discreetly as she could to get her shadow to notice her.

"Look, I know you're just a shadow, but you're doing magic and stuff, and I kind of need some help to do this spell that's really cool, but that's not really why I chose it, but-" Fei's shadow closed her eyes for a second, and the air misted up, the temperature dropping down and down in a curtain of freezing air. Fei's eyes lit up. "Wow, you can read my mind!~ Now I'm pretty sure this is how this can work with my lack, our lack, of actual ice skills... if you can just hold the chill, I can just shoot water through it!" Fei stepped out with a flourish and some confidence, especially since she was going to be half fighting a blind thing that was yards away and preoccupied with other mages. Before she could even aim at it, there was a familiar crack of something she USED to be familiar with. It was huge, bigger than anything she and her brother had made before, and bright, like real lightning as it struck the stone thing.

Well, if there was him and the weird girl over there, they were ok. No need to help there. She didn't want to ruin any sort of strategy the other mages and mage shadows had, so she skirted around the outside of the battle, spying for the first time the dogs that seemed ready to spring for any openings. Now she didn't want to have however many of those things all after her at once, so she kept her back to the bigger battles, using it as a cover. "Alright, let's see how this works!" Fei threw a series of water streams, thin as needles, as hard as she could. When they hit the cold air, they froze, forming long icicles that were almost as thick as her finger (there was no way to tell right now, she wasn't that close to the speeding projectiles), and deadly accurate, except she wasn't aiming very well, so kind of deadly accurate, but not fatal, because they hit a couple of the dogs, one in the neck, and one in the side, but the first one didn't die because they were two headed and the other neck was still intact. That's when she got her second good idea of the night! EXPLODING ICICLES! The sticks were thick enough that they weren't just disappearing in the hot dog meat, so she could SHATTER them, like a dry ice bomb, except without dry ice, and using the frozen ice as shrapnel. But that was a theory for another time, because she had to finish these two off and take out some others.

Nydia was pleased to see some of her attacks connect, although it seemed that she would need to do a bit better than that to truly bring the gargoyle down. As Nydia pondered her next attack, the creature went on the offensive once again. Nydia strengthened her light once more to dispel the dark tendril but was shocked to find it didn't work. This was no mere shadow, it had taken on a physical form. Nydia's body could not move fast enough to get away in time but she was able to sever the tendril with a laser before it could harm her.

The creature's assault was far from over with just that though as tendril after tendril came flying at Nydia at high speeds. Quick reactions allowed her to dispatch them all just as she had before but there was seemingly no end to them. To make matters worse, the gargoyle was moving towards her as it attacked and didn't appear hesitant at all to enter the light she was projecting. She needed to defeat it before its shadows overpowered her light and left them in darkness. But she was completely on the defensive with no opening for an attack.

As the gargoyle drew nearer and nearer, it's attacks came much more quickly until she could no longer keep up with them. The first tendril to slip past Nydia's defenses crashed into her left leg with enough force to sweep her feet out from under her. It was difficult to say but the blow may have broken a bone. The creature was not finished yet though as another tendril connected with her body midair and smashed her into the ground. "AAARRRRGGHHHH!!!" Nydia cried out in pain, having never been on the receiving end of such an attack before in her life. The gargoyle halted it's attack momentarily as she lay on the ground gritting her teeth and weakly attempting to get back up.

It now loomed over her, preparing to deliver the finishing blow. Urgh.... I cannot take another blow like that... I need to end this or at least make some space to heal... Though her body was wracked with pain she forced herself to take advantage of the opening she now had. She thrust the orb of light that she had somehow managed to maintain towards the gargoyle and surged power into it in an attempt to blind it momentarily. She then used the momentary flash of light to cover her next attack which sent several lasers toward the creature's head.

The bolt of lightning did more than its number on the gargoyle who once had seemed imposing stepping towards Raven, now exploded into a shower of pebbles. Any trace of the fires that had once been held menacingly now simply a memory as it was replaced by the giant bolt.

However, the blast continued onward as if it had not even struck anything, then blasting through the wall behind the gargoyle and shattering it into more rubble, this time leaving a hole the size of an ox standing on its hind legs. The now open wall revealed what was left of some ruined buildings around the temple, as well as letting the red light of what could be considered the sun shone through. The bolt of lightning was not interrupted, and carried onward striking through one of the few remaining towers in the area with ease. It then carried a small distance further, lighting a few of the odd giant trees and mushrooms scattered across the landscape until it finally came into contact with something that could withstand it.

The hill that it struck did nothing more than explode at the impact, a crater now left as to where there once had been a simple rounded hill. Underneath it revealed the magma that had been hidden underneath, sending the burning hot liquid now pouring down the side. This was followed by a distant, but still distinct BANG as the sound of the impact struck back from it's original location.

A stunned silence had fallen upon the hall for a moment as there was some small form of shock that seemed to settle over everyone from the explosive power that had now made a part of the building they had been standing in practically disappear.

The moment didn't last long, as the tendrils Silvana had sent crept up on the gargoyle of Ice, locking it into place, which Seth wasn't going to ignore for anything. Taking a quick turn from the explosion that had torn down the wall, he unleashed his flames full force, his own explosive intent behind them. The gargoyle made a shift to move, only to find that it wasn't going to be moving any time soon. In a quick defense, it tried to create a wall in front of it, only for Seth to simply let the explosion of fire blast through the shield and shatter some of the top half of the gargoyle in the process.

Seth felt so much better doing that kind of damage, letting the flames pour from him for a while longer to make sure that whatever fight the gargoyle might have had would be little more than a burning rock. With his own opponent largely taken care of, he now knew to turn his attention to the others, quickly finding and hearing Nydia as she screamed from being hit...only to manage to take care of herself just a moment later.

Raven's attack, since the initial target was now gone, was now redirected to the gargoyle that had thought Nydia to be the victim now. With the sudden darkness consuming the vision, it didn't even have a chance to react as the lasers blasted through the head. It stood there a moment, only slowly seeming to register that it had lost a very important part of itself until it fell to its knees, then collapsed into a disorganized heap.

As the blast from the lightning rang out, the other gargoyles seemed to realize that their assault was no longer viable. The blasts that were meant to strike Alexander instead became flashes, meant to blind more than harm as the gargoyle now made its way away from the mages. The gargoyle of earth shifted the wall towards Cale, shifting it around him just as Cale arrived slamming a rock fist into the wall he had at one time launched.

As the gargoyles gathered, the dogs began to flee, even more so with Fei and Gabriel both showing that the mages were actively willing to kill them as well. While Gabriel's initial shot did strike a dog, it was the shower of ice spikes striking many of them to scatter, running out the hole in the wall or doorway as quickly as they could.

The shadows of the mages had done their work well. The darkness that Raven's shadow had created had done its task in stopping it from launching any assault on any of the mages, effectively making any attempt at a last moment combined assault more than impossible.

There seemed to be a standoff for a small moment, before the gargoyles turned and ran. Seth's shadow seemed to almost take it as an invitation, only to be interrupted by Alexander's stepping forward to stop him. There was a very obvious glare between the two, before Seth's shadow relented, taking a step back, and letting the flames simply spin about rather than be an open flame for assault.

For now, the battle had largely passed, and the outside world was now revealed to the mages through both the doorway, and the gaping hole in the building. The world outside presented a landscape which seemed to be a mix of brick buildings overtaken by nature. There were some gargoyles and dragons taking along the sky, seeming to either be largely avoiding one another, or the dragons at times taking a bite from the gargoyles that flew.

Along the ground seemed to be abnormally large and thick trees, at least those that were not burning from the lightning that had ripped through the area recently. Some of the dogs still scampered about the temple, not knowing where to especially run. For now, the world seemed to be ignoring the arrival of the mages, though some creatures did apparently show some interest in the crater now created in the hillside and lava. It was too great a distance to tell what they were with just the naked eye.

Cale ran forward, and broke the wall in front of him with his rock fist before noticing the gargoyle switch positions. But by then another wall shifted towards him. He turned towards the gargoyle and slammed his fists down into the earth, resulting in a small but directed shockwave towards the gargoyle. The shockwave broke through a small portion of the wall and surged towards the gargoyle with Cale's intentions to off balance the beast and give him enough time to close the distance.

Alexander had created a screen of light expecting an attack but had to quickly cover his eyes as they turned to blinding flashes of light. He did however notice his shadow and Seth's share their glare at one another.

'I'm guessing you and Seth's shadow don't exactly see eye to eye on continued attack strategies.' He thought to his shadow before noticing the landscape outside.

"From the covering of foliage I would bet a sizable human population hasn't lived here for decades, or if there is one here, they aren't exactly trying to keep the buildings standing." He spoke to nobody in particular.

As Cale rushed forward, launching his shockwave after his opponent, Seth laughed and decided to give a bit of chase as well. This quick move led Seth's shadow grinning maliciously at Alexander's as he sprinted forward with him. Alexander's shadow watched as he ran past, obviously noting that there was little to be done about it now.

"Got your back Cale! Lets get ONE MORE!" Seth said as he raced up behind him. It was a hell of a rush for Seth at this point, combat in a new world with creatures who were obviously gifted in one way or another. It was the release that his flames seemed to...demand. If anything decided that it was going to turn to face Cale, and Seth HOPED something would, it would have to deal with him.

The gargoyle that Cale had been battling and now smashing through walls to get to turned back, seeming to decide that it would much prefer to stand ground at this point. Turning to confront the Earthshaper, the gargoyle gathered the earth around itself in a rocky armor, and simply seemed to brace itself.

In the meantime, the other gargoyles simply made their way away now, abandoning the similar gargoyle of the earth to his fate of slamming earth against Cale. Seeing that, Seth slowed his chase of Cale, knowing he wouldn't be able to catch them, and figured Cale knew what he was doing at this point.

Alexander's shadow turned to go back to Alexander himself, shaking his head as he communicated back.

"See...eye to eye is probably a way of putting it, yes." The shadow echoed the phrase back. "I would prefer it if...Seth didn't seem to go along with the insane ideas in the process." Stepping over to where he could gaze at the land outside, he gave a small shrug.

"Perhaps not in some time. That would of course beg the question of where they all decided to go to abandon all of it. Course, it would be nice if we didn't destroy what was left of it in the process of fighting." The shadow turned and gave a small nod towards Drew's shadow, who didn't seem to be paying attention to the gesture.

In the meantime, the world outside had its own existence carry on. Dogs that had been once lurking in the temple were now running along the streets and areas of the city, splitting up and fanning out from there. Some of the stone gargoyles that had been sitting along some of the corners came to life, but seemed more content to walk along the streets than to investigate the temple.

Some dragons flew through the sky, either simply patrolling or looking for the next meal. Sharing the skies with them were some more winged gargoyles, what could only be described as a few devils, and some other assorted birds. A random cloud here or there dotted the sky, but it otherwise largely seemed to be an odd red tint, somehow providing its light across the world like a kind of sheet.

Across the sprawling landscape, a few locations seemed to stand out. One simply being a large castle nearby, looking only slightly better than the temple they were in. In the distance, a large tower seemed to stand, the top being oddly larger than the rest of the tower itself. Then there was a typical dotting of farms, only to lead what could be considered a mansion of some sort built into a hillside. It stood out well enough on its own with torches still being lit around it. And finally, a lake could be seen from the higher point the mages were at. Surrounded by a thin line of trees, it seemed to be the out of place thing of the world, largely because of how normal it looked compared to everything else.

As the dogs scattered, Fei's shadow stopped, and then sprinted off in the direction of retreat behind the earth shifter, Seth, and Seth's shadow.

Real Fei meanwhile jumped up and down excitedly, thousands of projects for her and her shadow going through her head faster than she could develop them. She didn't even notice she was gone, talking excitedly to herself.

It was a weird bird that caught her attention. It landed on some bar that stuck out of the wall in front of Fei, earning a harmless spray of cold water. "Yeeep!" The bird just shook the water off, cocking its head. It was bigger than her hand, with blue feathers and a white beak. "Yeeep! Yeeep yeeep!" It repeated in the same pitch. "Yeeep yeeeep" it flew out of the temple, only to be snatched up by something significantly... Bigger. In a flash of scales, it was gone.

Fei stepped outside carefully. A small pink -dragon- was tearing into the now dead bird, keeping a way eye on Fei, who was clearly not standard fare. She made sure to keep extra still, looking at all the trees and grass and stuff that was around. It was like everything was the wrong color here.

Almost as soon as Gabriel had entered the fray, the fight was over and the stone creatures were falling back. The short mage glanced around to see if any of the hostile dogs remained. None did, save for the body with the bolt in it. Gabe tried not to look at it, instead turning his attention to the mages' surroundings.

"Those things retreated... why? And why did they attack in the first place? Did we interrupt something? Better yet... where are we?" And what are we supposed to do here? One thing was for sure, they weren't in the city any more. It was creepy, almost... disconnected. That seemed the best word Gabe could think of to describe it.

"If it gets the guard dogs off our back without a drawn out fight, I can live with some collateral damage." Alexander said as he sought to get some kind of bearings in this new land, stepping outside with Fei though with his eyes on the skies and grounds below instead of the feeding beast. He then heard Gabriel's question.

"Well given what I found before and the lack of statue in the chamber the portal sits in. I'd say we are in the Reaver's realm as it were. I doubt we interrupted anything of too much importance if we interrupted anything at all. I would doubt they would have been so ready to break off the fight with a sufficient display of power otherwise. In any case, I doubt we stay outside very doesn't seem very hospitable to us here. Hopefully we can find somewhere with writings or people who won't try and kill us. We need to figure out what is going on here." The last two sentences said more to himself than anyone else.

Got your back Cale! Lets get ONE MORE!"

Cale heard Seth yell out as he advanced to help him. He busted another wall during his own advance in when he saw the gargoyle, he saw the creature summon rock and earth to protect itself from Cale. While the creature, hunkered down, Cale took time to get a quick breather and observe his surroundings. Things certainly changed from when they first entered. The world had taken its own shape with structures jutting out in the distance and the world's wildlife beginning to awaken to their entrance although only a few of them seemed to mind their presence. Even a few of the other gargoyles began to retreat from the mages. This left the lonely gargoyle left to Cale. Once he was done with this one then he would be able to explore this place.

He saw the now armored gargoyle and figured that facing the gargoyle head on would not fare so well so Cale thought of another way to approach the gargoyle. He launched an earthy boulder towards the gargoyle. The boulder smashed into the gargoyle and kicked up a plume of earth as an impromptu smoke screen.

While that happened, Cale knelt to the ground and felt the earth on his fingers. He closed his fists as underneath him, Cale gathered as much stone as he could. Then with a pound of the ground, he sent the stony missile through the earth like a granite torpedo. The ground visibly kicked up as Cale's improved missile tunneled through the earth. Then as it was below the gargoyle's position, he raised his fist, bringing up the stone as hard as he could. Once the missile left the surface and underneath the gargoyle, Cale opened his palm. The missile exploded, turning its stony structure into speeding shrapnel.

Considering the imposing figure that the gargoyles had cut upon entering the void, they sure seemed to be going down easily. The magic blasts that were connecting on the beasts were doing the trick, and even the ones that were off target were able to find their mark and do some damage to something. Once they started beating the retreat, Raven started to breathe a lot easier. Seth was intent on making sure as few of them left as possible, but for the moment, the Nightshade was willing to grant a stay of execution, if only to focus her attention on this new world that had opened up before the mages.

Well why the fuck weren't we dropped off out there in the first place? Instead of this closet of beasts? Way to go portal to nothingness. Her derisive comments about the technology of the Prime Minister were quickly answered by the feeding chain that Fei had shaken into motion. More dragons, very similar to those that attacked the ship on the way to Kerbones, and if they could be avoided, then that could only be a good thing. It seemed the village that laid sprawled out before them could do that. However there was something unsettling about the spattering of farms that dotted the countryside.

This looks way too much like home. The driving force that got Raven into the Academy was the desire to get away from her home town, the close-minded farming community that taunted her for being different. Granted this couldn't be some trick of the portal to try and fool her. The body of water nearby was a lake, not an ocean. Also, the sky was a much more welcoming blood red. Still, the similarities could not be ignored. As the opposing forces of Overcompensating Serena fled the area, Raven joined the party that seemed to be studying the land before them.

"I don't like this one bit," she said, throwing her two cents into the discussion whether they were warranted or not. "That village down below looks too idealistic. Too quaint. Those types of villages always have a deep and disturbing undertone. We should not head in until we are properly recovered and ready for a fight."

The force of what Drew launched threw him off guard. The results flabbergasted him. He knew he was getting something powerful, but he wasn't ready for something of this scale. He took a moment to stare outside the hole he had made and noticed the strangeness of the outside world, not even noticing the rest of the fight. It took the sound of the earth moving to shake him out of his stupor, looking over to Cale. "Right... better stay away from that one."

He managed to get outside, taking another moment to take it all in. "Certainly not what I was expecting..." he said to anybody who might hear it. He did manage to overhear another bit from one of the mages.

"That village down below looks too idealistic. Too quaint. Those types of villages always have a deep and disturbing undertone. We should not head in until we are properly recovered and ready for a fight."

"Crazed paranoia aside, you're right. I'm ready to go, but I don't know how bad the rest of you are at this point. I'd normally go ahead, but if they are unfriendly, I'd rather things not escalate..." the image of another crater amused him briefly, but he knew it wouldn't help.

He then turned and saw a giant pink dragon eating a bird, eyeing his sister. He started gathering a bit of energy, but decided against it. "Fei, get away from that thing. If it makes a move, I'll fry it." He was somewhat hopeful that all the commotion from before would make her forget that she was upset with him.

The gargoyle had been prepared initially for the boulder, the smokescreen doing its part to mask Cale's activities was an unforeseen aftereffect. It was when something slammed the gargoyle from below that a realization seemed to dawn upon the creature, especially as the multitude of shrapnel tore into the gargoyle like a grenade would. As the blast of stone knocked the gargoyle up slightly from the blast, it then slammed awkwardly back to the earth, obviously no longer a threat.

The other gargoyles, making good on their comrade's death, had fled into the silent city landscape, now completely leaving Cale and the other mages to their own devices, and to take in the world they had entered and the differences about them.

Seth regarded his shadow for a moment, noting that Cale had handled himself nicely. As he stepped back towards the others, he made his way to Nydia, who seemed to be still sitting down rather stunned. She was alive though, which Seth was a little relieved by.

" alright? Can you stand up?" Seth asked, kneeling down next to her. She didn't appear to have anything obvious, but that didn't mean she was unharmed. She didn't end up on the ground on her own, and he had heard her scream out during the fight at one point.

"Seems like you can handle yourself as well as" Seth said, now trying to help bring her to standing back up to go look out over the strange land that they were now in. "Now...did anyone bring a map? Or a guide? Or something? Cause yeah, we might be in Reaver's realm, that doesn't exactly do too much for us...and call me a pessimist, but I don't think anyone out there is up for a conversation."

Seth's shadow in the meantime went over to look across the landscape, nodding at a few things as it gazed out. Obviously was pleased with what he had done and seen.

As the mages proceeded to look outside, a red dragon landed upon the building they were looking out from. The large creature only paid them as much attention as was necessary, as it was more interested in watching the small pink dragon enjoying its newly caught meal. There was a low grumble as it sat there, almost as if the mages were an everyday thing as it sat looking around itself with other dragons and gargoyles flying about.

Oddly enough, an odd wind began to blow about the area, making the trees shift in the wind, and oddly enough causing a few of the smaller demons and gargoyles to tumble a bit in the air, not quite expecting the breeze. A few even ended up crashing into the ground. Despite the oddity of wind in the world, most creatures seemed to simply dust off the odd occurrence and try to go back to doing what they were before.

The effect for those paying close attention was till noticed, and some gargoyles and demons seemed to be more interested in going to the rooftops or ground, or at least closer to it so a tumble wouldn't bring them smashing into the earth.

A red dragon sat on the building. It growled, so low and loud that it shook the building a little, but the pink dragon didn't even look at it. But the red dragon wasn't looking at them either, so Fei figured it was safe to go outside without blasting magic everywhere. The only things that were aggressive ran away. Besides: with her shadow, she could do anything! It was like having an extra magic battery.

"Fei, get away from that thing. If it makes a move, I'll fry it."
"I'll do what I want!" Fei stuck her tongue out at her brother. She was tempted to go ahead and run out into the open screaming or something to make him mad, but everyone started talking about where they were going to go and what they were going to do. "We just need to heal everyone, and then we can go, right? Staying here isn't going to do anything, and it's not even the safest place to be: I mean, what if they come back? When we warped here they were all gathered here, so there might be more of them that come back. Waiting here isn't going to be that much different than going out there and finding a place to go. Unless I guess we can see if there's any maps or anything here."

Cale breathed a little easier as the gargoyle was defeated and by his hands nonetheless. He still hadn't forgotten the first man he killed and if he were someone else, he might have celebrated. Instead, Cale regained some of his energy before wandering their new world. He began to walk around and noticing the difference this world had as opposed to their own with the red light being one of the first things. A pile of rubble sat next to him on his way out about as tall as he was so carefully, he climbed it to get a better view of the place. The view didn't help much but he was able to spot a few things. Cale noted the large castle in the distance followed by its tower as well. Then he saw a manor in the distance with a few more farms surrounding it. Cale also saw that a few of the other mages have ventured out as well and he saw them on the streets. He looked to see if Nydia was among them and when she wasn't he climbed back down and tried to find her. He cursed to himself for not looking for her earlier.

After a few minutes, he found her with Seth. A concerned look crept into Cale's face as she looked hurt and most likely from the gargoyles.

"Seth!" Cale called out, making his way towards them. "Nydia, are you alright?"

Nydia could scarcely follow the events that lead to the battle's abrupt conclusion but it was fairly obvious that the large bolt of lightning and shadows that blinded her foe had distracted it enough for her attack to finish it off. As the Gargoyle crumbled before her, she noticed it's surviving brethren were retreating. Nydia let out a sigh of relief and turned her attention to her wounds now that the battle was finished. She placed one hand on her wounded leg and the other on her chest and began focusing her magic on healing.

Even without magic, these wounds wouldn't be terrible severe but.... "If I hadn't made that deal to increase my powers, I do not know if I could have won that battle..." She quietly mused. It was a rather sobering thought but it helped reassure her that she had made the correct choice.

A familiar voice interrupted her thoughts and she looked up to see Seth kneeling next to her and offering to help her up. With Seth's aid she carefully got to her feet, testing her leg to ensure that it had healed properly. "Yes... I believe I will be just fine. Thank you."

"Seems like you can handle yourself as well as"

"Yes well... I seem to be much better suited to the latter for all the good that does us here." Nydia replied, turning away slightly in an attempt to hide the embarrassment she could feel creeping onto her face. As she did so, she noticed Cale approaching and also seeming to be worried about her.

"Yes, I'll be just fine Cale. I simply... had a bit more trouble than expected. I apologize for worrying you. Both of you." She said to Seth as well, doing her best to put a smile on.

"Unfortunately everyone who was sent to this realm previously never returned. We have neither map nor guide, and so I agree with Fei and you." Alexander said to Seth.

"We need to try and find someplace where we can figure out what exactly it is we need to do or where we should go. Obviously we aren't even remotely safe here, though we do need to keep track of where this place is as we travel. I don't want to bet there are more more portals than this one, at least none that are usable." He immediately began to look at the now better illuminated walls to see if perhaps there were any symbols or images that could tell them anything useful. Or better yet, a doorway that may lead to a room with a map or at least keep them away from the probable enemies that awaited them outside.

Seth looked to Cale as he called to him, giving him a small nod as he asked about Nydia. While he figured she was a little more...frail for this kind of mission, he knew that she would be fine when it came down to it. As Nydia informed Cale of such, Seth stopped trying to be an extra part, and took a small step away so that she could stand on her own power. He couldn't help but shrug at the apologies.

"Hey, strange new world, and not much else from home. Kind of have to worry about you at this point." Seth said with a small grin. "Besides, you held your own just fine. Just don't go wandering off on your own. Stick with Cale, he'll watch your back."

As the dragon decided to make itself at home, Seth glanced at Drew. The bolt was impressive, but he got the very distinct feeling that it wasn't on purpose, and that Drew might not be the best to be spitting those out. He guessed that is what Drew got out of his deal, and when the bigger Dragon dropped down, Seth couldn't help but look up at the creature. It seemed to oddly not care about them, which was somewhat refreshing, as it meant that they were not like dragons back home. Maybe this whole 'opposite' thing wasn't too bad. They did need to figure out where they were going, and Fei was right when she said they needed to get going sooner rather than later.

"That...sounds like a good idea, Fei. Just one question is that which direction do we go? Anyone want to go to the...hmm...Castle, I guess? I would think if anything it would be the best place to hold up for a night...well, if this place has a night. Unless someone thinks its all a bad idea, in which case I have no reason to disagree with you." Seth said, going over to Fei now to look at the odd little dragon.

"We do need to hope that things continue to treat us like this on the way there. Would make things a lot easier for us, and I'd rather not have to set any more of the landscape on fire than necessary..."

As the small pink dragon finally finished up its meal, it finally decided to take note of the strange creatures that were sitting around it. It was curious, as the creatures seemed to be looking at it and doing little else. It looked up at the much larger dragon, and upon seeing it paying no notice to the strange creatures, decided that it would do its own investigation.

With a small growl/squawk it did a small ambling towards Fei and Seth, taking small sniffs at the air trying to get an idea of what they would do, and how close it could get before something changed. It got as close as arms length, then stopped, swaying its tail around and trying to almost prowl at the edge of them.

It was at that point that the larger dragon seemed to note the activity of the smaller one, and with a small growl took to the sky once again. The takeoff made its own large gusts of wind, billowing about the mages as it left the mages, going towards the tower in the distance.

As Alexander searched about the room, there seemed to be all kinds of ruins dotting the walls. Some of them were nearly recognizable to Alexander, being associated with different symbols of power. With the additional light, there were no obvious additional rooms attached to the large temple.

Just some overgrown statues and murals, with little to show other than some obvious smashed parts of the wall from fighting, as well as a few messes from the dogs. Higher up in the walls seemed to be a prime area for some nests of some more of the strange birds that Fei had seen getting eaten, but otherwise there was little to note.

"Eee! Here kitty kitty!" Fei started towards the dragon, but it shrieked and flew up onto the temple wall. "Aw... Seth you scared it!" Since it didn't look like it was going to come down anytime soon, Fei looked out at the castle Seth mentioned. It looked old, and abandoned, and drafty. "Welp, we won't find out anything here! Does anyone else need to be healed before we leave? Hey, what did you get from the trials, Seth? Did you have to do stuff too? Can you do tricks!!??"

"Stick with Cale, he'll watch your back." Seth said.

Cale did his best to contain a smirk but when Seth also mentioned finding shelter, Cale sobered up a bit. He was right and this wasn't a good place to hold down if any more gargoyles came to attack to for revenge for their friend. Cale didn't even want to think about the creatures that existed at night in this world. Only recently did Cale start to truly notice the dragons as well. He made a note to steer clear of those beasts but at least they didn't mind them all that much for now. He looked to Nydia first who sheepishly apologized.

"Don't apologize, Nydia." Cale said reassuringly before he heard that the girl who spoke to Seth could offer some healing. "That girl is offering healing... even if you're a bit injured a little healing won't hurt, right?" Cale awkwardly said. He rubbed the back of his head as his gaze drifted from Nydia to the castle. It would be a good place to rest but there was no telling what dangers rested there.

"Seth," Cale called out. "I'll go to the castle and scout the place out but I'm going to need some help. Going inside a big castle alone isn't going to help much and I might need some light." Cale said, looking to Seth and the other mages to see if any of them would go along with him.

Anyone want to go to the...hmm...Castle, I guess? I would think if anything it would be the best place to hold up for a night...well, if this place has a night. Unless someone thinks its all a bad idea, in which case I have no reason to disagree with you.

"Well, considering this whole thing is a bad idea, what's one more bad idea on top of it?" Drew shrugged. It was as good a plan as any. He didn't like that they had to stumble around aimlessly, but there wasn't much choice at the moment.

As the dragon flew off into the distance, Drew eased his guard. "Good to know that not everything in this place is going to try and kill us." He saw that Fei had started bombarding Seth with questions, and stepped away. Seth will make sure she doesn't do anything reckless...

He went over to Alexander, who seemed busy with his own activities. "So, what exactly are you looking for?" Before he could even answer, he took a look at the area around them. Now that there weren't a bunch of things trying to kill him, Drew took note of the murals and statues. "I was half expecting some sort of hellish landscape, considering we're in the realm of the Reaver, and yet there's evidence of civilization here. You talk to any of the shadows about this? Anyone else have any bright ideas?"

" Nothing in this realm is as it appears it would seem. As for the shadows, they maintain a limited knowledge of this place...those that talk anyway.As for my search, I was hoping that I might recognize some of the glyphs or symbols on the walls. Some of them are almost familiar, but they don't seem to be a source of much help. I was also hoping to possibly find another chamber of some kind, though there doesn't appear to be any."

He then turned to respond to Cale's suggestion about the castle.

"I'll go with you. I can provide light and perhaps there will be a study with a usable map in it. From what I've seen here it is probably our best shot at getting any information about this place."

Seth raised his hands, taking a small step back from Fei. He honestly doubted the dragon was going to do much, but he wasn't an expert in the first place.

"Hey! I didn't do anything! It just took off!" Seth replied, a small amount of defensiveness in his tone. More of a joke to him than anything. However, when it came to Fei asking if he could do tricks, he gave a quick grin.

"I've always been able to do special tricks, my pretty Fei. And I didn't have to do anything special for most of them. I did get some things from the trials, but it was mostly just good practice. Lots of flames for me, of course, and the other things won't be quite as obvious...but its a secret, so shhh..." Seth said, slightly with a lower tone to keep it slightly between them.

"Seth, I'll go to the castle and scout the place out but I'm going to need some help. Going inside a big castle alone isn't going to help much and I might need some light."

"That sounds like a plan to me, but I don't think we should scout too far ahead if we are going to be doing that. Not quite familiar enough with this place to be wandering around too far. Course, I don't think you need both me and Alexander here to be scouting ahead...So how attached are you to heading off, Alexander? I'm not real particular at this point, as long as we get out of here, cause Fei here seems to be getting impatient!"

" Anyone else have any bright ideas?"

Seth gave a small glance at Drew and shrugged. "Well, seems we got some parties going out. So...choose your poison, I guess? Unless you plan on going out and destroying some more of the landscape."

Alexander's shadow stepped over to Alexander himself, giving a small affirming nod. "A map and information in the castle would be useful...if there are any left. Might be best to leave the pyromancer here...for the safety of the information, of course." The shadow whispered, obviously intending the conversation to be private.

Meanwhile, Fe's shadow seemed to be more interested in the dragon that normal Fei was, and did a few small jumps, waving to the shadow as she did so. She paused as she noted the dragon just looking down at them, and seemed to look at Fei in askance, as if wondering if there was something more that could be done.

Nydia's shadow, being somewhat annoyed, reached back to Nydia and let the light flow from their hands. The wounds that Nydia had gotten faded some, with some of the aching vanishing along with it. Almost with a huff, the shadow then turned and looked at the other shadows with some small amount of disgust. It would seem that Nydia's shadow didn't quite care for the others, and wouldn't likely be warming up to them much in the light of recent activities.

"Oooh! What's the- what's the secret???" Fei's whispers were still pretty loud. "Like, can you make explosions!? Or fireworks?? Or OTHER ELEMENTS?!?" She bugged. "Can you dual wield now!?!? I think I got more powers i think, too. Well like, more... like... I -could- have more power. Like I just need to learn more, and I could do it!"

Her feathers fluttered in excitement, surprising her. "Oh!" She tried to reach the dragon again, this time a small flap at the end. The small dragon just ended up backing up a little, hissing.

"Hey, since everyone wants to scout places, can we scout somewhere else, too? Like the lake? I wanna go to the lake."

"From what I've seen here it is probably our best shot at getting any information about this place."

"I appreciate the help." Cale said but before he went, he wanted to hear what Seth had to say.

"That sounds like a plan to me, but I don't think we should scout too far ahead if we are going to be doing that. Not quite familiar enough with this place to be wandering around too far. "

"Well the only way I see of getting familiar with the place is exploring it." Cale said, crossing his arms. Seth did bring up a good point of them getting cut off and possibly risking their lives even more by venturing out but staying out in the open wouldn't help their chances either.

"We're still going either way unless you want me to start constructing citadels for us to stay in. Let's go, Alexander." Cale motioned towards the castle in the distance.

Alexander turned to Seth.

"I'm set on going. If there is any chance I might learn something about this place I need to explore it. Looking for information has been the most useful thing I've done this far." He then walked over to Cale.

"You're right, we need to get going. Staying here probably isn't the safest thing anyway."

"I trust Seth, he may be eager for combat but he isn't pointlessly destructive. I understand the concern about Seth and his Shadow, but trying to exclude people over these differences in opinion will get us nowhere and actively contribute to our failure. We were all chosen to be here for some reason, I trust that the gods had a plan for all of us. That we all have our role to play and to continue the analogy, we can't go breaking up the troop due to clashing world views." Alexander quietly responded to his shadow. He understood its concern, he honestly did, but exclusion and any amount of mistrust was unacceptable to him at the moment. They all needed to work together more than anything if they wanted to survive.

"I can make explosions, little Fei." Seth teased. "But I don't have anything super extravagant. Could you imagine what a problem I would be using lots of elements, and flying about? I'm betting a lot of people would make a fit of it. Bet even you would think I've gone too far."

Seth gave a small shrug as Cale began to make his way out with Alexander going along with him. They would probably be best heading out like that. Besides, there were lots of other things to look through, and Fei wanted to see what the lake offered. He figured that might be a bit more fun for him, as well as possibly something worth checking out.

"Well Cale, if you feel up to constructing citadels while you are going with Alexander, that would be great." Seth said with a grin, taking a quick look around once more before making his own decision.

"While you two get going to check out the lake, I think me and Fei will go check out the immediate area. See if we can find any information on our own as well. I would like to think that everyone should either stick together here, or choose to come with one of us. Can't get too split up, and three groups is probably pushing it but...might as well try some new things."

With that quick exchange done, Seth checked his sword, and the odd squawking dragon, and grinned. This is what he had been waiting for all those years at the Academy. A chance to go on an adventure, and use his skills for more than putting other mages in their place.

"Well Fei, what do you think? Wanna do a bit of exploring?"

Alexander's Shadow nodded quietly at the explanation, and seemed to sigh at the end of it. He glanced back at Seth's shadow, who seemed to be looking about at the other shadows before the gaze swept back to Alexanders, and he grinned, causing Alexander's shadow to turn away.

"It is no intention of mine to break up the troop...but recklessness has its time and place, and I can't help but shake that the fire mage is filled with that. But, you are right that we all have our parts to play, and it is not my place to question them. We might as well get going..."

"Too far? That would be awesome" Her mouth hung open as she tried to imagine controlling all the elements. You could probably even come up with really neat combinations that no one else could do, and become masters of those too, like changing the weather to fire rain or making an earth tornado, or something super cool. And you would be like the grand master of the whole Academy, and get to go on cool mission to fight dragons and evil magic people and stuff, and they wouldn't be able to do anything cause you were better than them and could control everything.

"Well Fei, what do you think? Wanna do a bit of exploring?"
"REALLY YES IT'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!" she could explode with excitement. She took one last look at the dragon, sticking her tongue out and squirting it with some water before skipping towards the lake. There were a lot of trees here, but they were weird. She didn't know how to explain it. They probably had water in them too though. Was controlling the elements going to be the same here too, she thought? Was the water at the lake going to be some completely strange and foreign thing, or was it going to be odd colored water?

"Seth, what do you think we're gonna have to do here? How do you know that all that stuff at the castle is coming from here?"

Drew had been staying back while the others were splitting off into groups. He figured Seth would keep Fei safe, and Alexander and Cale seemed to be heading somewhere where there might be a little more to examine. "Castle sounds good to me. Hope you two don't mind the extra company."

He then turned to some of the mages who seemed to be lagging behind, Gabriel and Silvana. "What about you two? You've been pretty quiet lately."

"That'd be because we've been thrown in here and essentially left to our own devices," Gabriel answered. "I mean, what are we supposed to do now that we're here? Find some way of closing the portal in Kerbones? How will we even manage that if we don't know where we should be going? Will we even be able to get back from this side if we close it? As I've said before, several times, I don't feel we have enough information. Whether something's being kept from us, or we're meant to find the answers ourselves... I don't know."

'Course, it's not like I'm of much use anyway... The thought was left unspoken, though Gabe did feel the need to mention it to someone. His vent at the Prime Minister was probably worth discussing as well. The newcomer, Silvana, was probably the only other mage that had heard the latter, being the second of the last two to pass through the portal.

"So yeah. I don't have any ideas myself. I'll just follow you guys, I guess."

Talk moved on leaving the cavern and going out into the wide open, where the dragons flew freely and the skies dripped with the blood that could potentially spill out. At least in Raven's eyes. I guess I should have expected that Seth and the sheep would want to move on. Where are we going to go though? Are we going to find anyone in the village who isn't a complete asshole and might be able to help us figure out where we are or what we're supposed to do? Are we just going to find this Serena bitch and have to fight again? In the midst of her mile a minute yapping, Fei brought up the possibility of the lake. At least the lake sounds relatively nice.

Raven moved over to where Seth stood. There was no idea what was in store considering the gargoyles practically materialized upon entry into this world and there were still giant fire-breathing lizards outside, so she wanted to feel as safe as possible. "As much as I don't like it, I guess we don't have a choice in this. Typical. I'll go with you lot." She tried to pull up her hood back over her face but felt nothing but her own hair, which had been dried out a bit following her earlier brush with the beasts. Right. Burned off. Lovely. Just what I need. More fucking sunlight on me. Already toasted as is.

"Well, guess its decided then. Most of us going to the castle, rest of us checking out the countryside. Since most of us are heading to the castle, we'll meet up with you guys...later, I guess." Seth said, and with a wave started to get going.

As they began to get going, Seth smiled as Raven moved to join up with them, taking a few slower steps so that she could catch up as they began to make their way along. Fei was excited about the trip, at least. He wasn't sure about the others, but figured that they would be fine, with Drew now throwing thunderbolts of his own. Though...he couldn't help but wonder how Fei felt about that particular scenario.

"Well, I'm pretty sure that we just need to find out someone who is causing a fuss around here, and put a stop to them. We may be going by the info of the Prime Minister guy, but he went through an awful lot of trouble to just get us here, so I would like to think he has some idea of what to do." Seth explained, stopping as he swore one of the trees just did something. Letting it go for the time being, he kept right on going, glancing about a bit more carefully.

"Course, I wouldn't tell you I was absolutely certain. This place is pretty...different, so I get the feeling that things being obvious isn't a big factor here." Seth continued, stopping at what he could consider strange...fruit maybe? "So, what do you think of Drew's new...skills. Quite the change from his original. Course, it came in handy, but I don't think he quite has a good....hold on it."

By the Gods, was that actually tactical, Seth? When did I get halfway good at that? Here's to hoping I can keep it going.

As the other group began to make their way towards the castle, they had to travel through the ruined town before it first. Though many of the buildings were ruined, some of them appeared to be more intact than others, partially due to some of the overgrowth that seemed to be creeping over them, possibly covering the holes that might have been there otherwise. As they continued, it seemed that some of the buildings had some form of inhabitants, or at least something that would slam a window or door shut as they proceeded along.

From time to time, a dragon would swoop by the group, or a gargoyle would be seen walking through the streets themselves, but for now the only things that seemed to pay any close attention go them was some of the dogs that wandered the streets, or a dragon here or there that took the time to wait upon the rooftops.

Other than the time to time slamming of windows or doors, things were oddly idyllic. Creatures and building alike almost greeted the mages like they were a typical occurrence. The oddest thing that perhaps was seen as the mages began to make their way to the castle was that some of the gargoyles seemed to be using magic as well, lighting a torch, repairing a building, making water flow from a fountain...all kinds of simple things to seem like they were maintaining the town.

Cale observed the odd town as they ventured through it. It seemed normal enough until the windows and doors started to shut on them as they passed through. What was even more odd than the dragons flying about was the gargoyles that attended to the town and maintained it regardless if they were there. Cale thought no better of it as he wanted to get through the town as fast as possible in order to get to the castle. If nighttime was a thing in this realm then he did not want to be caught out in the open for it. As he went through, a dog ventured close to the group and Cale responded by flinging a small rock at the dog's direction. It barked at him and scampered off.

"If the creatures are like this, I wouldn't want to see the humans." Cale remarked as he observed the creatures. Still, he kept his eyes on the castle ahead. "Let's pick up the pace. This doesn't seem right..."

"I dunno. I guess it's hard to control things when you're new at them. Like my wings, you know! I'm going to learn how to fly sometime!" Her wings fluttered around, like fish out of water. Or a bird out of air. She tried to watch the dragons that were landing and taking off around them, to little avail. It was a little complicated. "I'll have more time to work on ice, now. And my wings. Ice and wings."

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