Reality TV Series Video Game Edition - Exdeath's Reign

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"Hey, Tewi," Reisen called out, "I thought I told you not to get into trouble?" She turned to Miri again. "That's my sister. She's usually nice enough, but if I were you, I wouldn't turn my back on her if I could help it..."

Batman looked down at Perry. "What the..."

"What on earth is that thing?" said Ezio. "And why is it blue?"

Mokou chuckled, sarcastically. "Yeah, seriously, don't do anything. I don't feel like scrubbing whatever god awful thing you can pull out form under that dress out of my head."

Having finished talking to Miri, Reisen sighed and sat down. "I need some time to myself," she said. "Same goes as for last time: you disturb me, you pay."

"I'm not getting into trouble Reisen~!" Tewi said as she fluttered her eyelashes and smiled."Fine overalls... Fine..." Tewi said tugging on the suspenders lightly Tewi then added to Reisen's understatement."Yep. Separated at birth~" She joked with a chuckle.

Gilgamesh stood up once the contact of Crucio was broken, but fell back to the ground, this time onto his behind, when his legs became like jelly. "What the...?" Is he a powerful sorcerer not unlike Exdeath? But his spells are so odd...

He sat there on the ground and sighed. "Obviously, I'm not getting through to you people. I have clearly stated that you can't get out of here unless you help Exdeath get back his power. Fine, so one of you says she has the power to get out of here. But it's not certain that she'd help all of you. Nor whether she'd return you back to where you came from. I don't know, you don't know. Only she knows, if she has this power she says she has." He felt his legs were still like jelly, so he sat there still until he remembered he had Dispel, which he used, making something like a white scan go down his whole body and his legs felt normal again. He stood up and looked at all of them, one at a time. "You can discuss all you want with Exdeath, but that can't happen unless you come with me." He was certain none of them was taking him seriously, except Fighter, and that none of them would come with him, except Fighter. He couldn't give up, but he wondered if Exdeath was watching all of this, seeing his failures.

Indeed Exdeath did, sitting on his throne, watching over the meeting between Gilgamesh and the characters through a hidden Rift portal in the sky. "Impudent fool. I should throw him into the Rift again and make sure he can't get out. But I need him, at least for now." He continued observing the events between Gilgamesh and the characters.

Miri was all sad and stuff, but then she remembered she had a ring of ultimate power. "I love the Power Ring its so bad" she formed a giant kitty and gave a big happy hug.

Ezio looked to Gilgamesh. "What did you say Exdeath wants again?"

Jing finally got up and with Kir on his shoulder he shrugged."Okay Big guy, I'll play your game." Jing smirked for a second as he walked towards Girugamesh. Kir of-course protested lightly."Hey Jing... You have a plan riiiight?"

Ryu stood near Gilgamesh."I have nothing else to do, and maybe I could even get some sparring in." He said really not sure where else to go.

Tewi then began drumming 'Lord Usa's Elemental flag' lightly on Mokou's head.

Gilgamesh turned to Ezio. "He wants the power he once had in order to get me and him back home to our world." Which, again, wasn't entirely a lie. "And whether or not you help him, you can't get out of here without his help, anyway. Unless that woman with the big umbrella helps ya."

He looked at Jin. "Are you gonna come with me? That should be one more person then. Along with you." The latter sentence was aimed at Ryu.

Ezio thought over it. "Well... it is for the greater good, it sounds like. But if you are trying to trick me, you will meet a swift end by my blade."

Batman stood next to Ezio. "I agree with him, except you'll be getting a nice cell in Arkham Asylum instead of death. Either way? Not so great of a place to go."

Nue considered the possibilities. Looking around the possible targets she the one swarthy man in all white she screwed with earlier. No... no need for a repeat performance so soon. She concluded, then she saw the one in all black right next to him, with the serious face and the tight spandex.
"Okay, that big creep in all black and looks like Koishi had a field day with" she said, gesturing to The Batman.

Meanwhile, Spades was getting fed up with the armored idiot. "Fine, we can take this up with your boss"
Plus knowing where your based at will be useful later he added mentally
He quickly slipped his Horse Hitcher up his sleeve and then pulled out a Jack of Spades, he pushed the tip of his Occams Razor against his palm and waited for this freakshow to go on.

Mokou didn't mind much at all. "You two rabbits aren't going with that freak, are you?"

Yukari chuckled. "He seems like the type who wouldn't like it. Good pick~ Woulod you like the first go?"

"Well, it's either go there, or die out here in some godawful ruins when the beasts get hungry and feed on our legs." Tewi said with a shrug. "I mean if you're just lonely overalls and you want me by your side I'll stay~"

Mokou laughed. "It's not like we we'll be cold out here, rabbit. That Ex-Death guy sound more like he'd tear our legs off than give us what this guy promises. Honestly, Joining a guy like Ex-Death sounds about as stupid as joining a guy named Evil McGee."

"You make a point..." Tewi said. "But.... What if we follow along behind them when they go... Y'know... In secret.. After saying we'll stay here, so we can see where their base is, for mental memory in-case we need to fight them later." Tewi whispered as she leaned in to Mokou's ear, Tewi, then, just for the sake of being a little shit, blew into Mokou's ear and grinned.

"HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" said Voldemort to Nagini, his faithful Horcrux snake.
Nagini nodded and went over to Spades Slick.

Perry realized the best way to scout Ex-Death was to go with Gilgamesh

Miri realized that the same as Perry, but refused to go with anyone working for someone with such an evil name as ExDeath. She instead sent a construct of herself along instead, it woukld report back through the ring.

A chill ran up Mokou's spine as she instinctively whacked her ear, like if a bug was there, which only made it worse. "Ouch!" she said. After a another second, she completely forgot what Tewi did and only what she said. "...You're a really smart little rabbit, you know that right?" She said, with a grin.

"It's how I've managed to live so long." Tewi chuckled as she nodded. "So.... You game?"

Ezio instictively drew his sword at Nagini. "Not another snake!"

"My pleasure" she said, a massive sharp toothed grin splitting her face. "Earlier he called himself Batman, just a rat with wings. Let's just change things a little bit then..." She produced another one of her seeds, the same type that formed the illusion of Ezios sword turning into a snake, and gripped it like a ball. She wound up and launched it, it smacked right into Batmans back. His outfit turned a bright yellow, the ears on top rounded themselves out to disks that stuck up from the top of his head, and the symbol on his chest became that of a piece of cheese while his mask gained a pair of whiskers.

"There we go, stage one complete. Down a bat and up a rat, balls in your court, Yakky" she said, giggling slightly

Spades looked at Nagini, the over sized belt seemed to keep a decent distance, Spades slit his eyes at the sight but as long as it didnt annoy him that wizard wont be down a pet.

"Isn't this just great? Now we're getting somewhere. It would be nice if all of you would decide to come along, though. What do you say?" Gilgamesh was glad to be making progress now, but he still faced failure should either of the two from the opposing faction arrive to recruit as well. He shouldn't worry, but he was.

Batman looked over his new suit. He closed his eyes for a moment, controlling his anger. He turned around.

"Whoever did this, show yourself, and I won't have you jailed for assaulting an officer..."

"Hey Brucie, you do know you are technically a Lawless Vigilante and not an actual officer of the law. FYI" said Miri as she pet RATMAN on the head, "Oh and one more thing How are your Parents?" said Miri.

Yukari laughed. "Oh, you're brilliant~ I have just the thing~" A gap opened in front of her and out fell her young Feline servant, Chen. "Chen" She said "do you see that Rat right there?~" She said, pointing to RATMAN. Chen hissed. "I see it Yukari-sama!" Yukari chuckled. "Maul it for Yukari-sama, please~" Chen nodded and flew at a breakneck speed straight into RATMAN'S back. She started beating and scratching at him like a mad cat. Yukari just started laughing.

Mokou Looked up at Tewi and nodded. "Let's do it." She said. The two of them walked over to Gilgamesh, smiling like she was sorry. "Hey, um. Yeah, i'm sorry about earlier... That Gap youkai over there isn't going to take us back home, now that i remember it. Me and my bunny eared friend here would like to join you." She said.

Tewi facepalmed at how badly Mokou had fucked up her plan.

Mokou, however, was just looking for an excuse to get close to Gilgamesh to spit fire in his exposed face. Which she promptly did. Then she promptly told Gilgamesh to suck it, flipped him the bird, and ran.

Tewi, who was still on Mokou's shoulders then grinned."Oh wait no... This still works... I though it was jeopardized but... Heh... Yeah, this works."

Mokou looked up at Tewi and chuckled. "No, I just really wanted to do that."

Tewi then leapt from Mokou's shoulders."Be right back Overalls... I think I see MC Hammer over there." Tewi said as she attempted to sneak up on the man who did indeed resemble MC Hammer.

Mokou had no clue who MC Hammer was so she just said "Alright then, I guess."

Perry the Platypus was restless and bored, he wandered over to the man that looked like 80s superstar/one hit wonder M.C. Hammer, with intent to get funky

"Aaaah! Crap! Crap!" Gilgamesh took his helmet off and tried to put the fire out, with success. Once he took his helmet off, everyone could now see what his face looked like. It looked like it had been painted with red and white stripes all over, and he was wearing a red cloth that covered the back, side and top of his head.

Batman grabbed Chen by the arm, throwing her over his shoulder and onto the ground. "I may be a vigilante, but I have contacts."

Ezio looked at Gilgamesh. "Interesting face paint," he said.

Chen Flipped onto all fours with Youkai-like strength and pounced onto RATMAN again, tearing at his face. "DIE, RAT, DIE!"

Yukari was laughing.

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