The League: Bloodlines ((Started/Closed))

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"No, it's fine," The Enemy said. "I'm from a village just about a day's walk away. It's small, but we get a lot of thieves, that's why I took up my job as the protector. You'd make a pretty good one, just blast the noise of beasts at them and they'd be off in a moment!"

Ramba had opened his mouth to answer, only to be cut off as some conversation began about other things. He patiently waited, and as soon as the talking had quieted for a second he spoke.

"You asked me what I do besides glow?" He asked Fuam. "The light of the sun is capable of anything I can set my mind to. If anyone wishes to spar, I will show them firsthand. Gently, of course." He added, realizing the accidentally threatening nature of his comment.

"Yes. Beasts. Wild, ferocious beasts! Take this you miscreants!" He exclaimed before imitating a hamster. "Yes. that would certainly send them running, don't you agree?" He queried, the corners of his mouth twitching as he tried to look as serious as possible, nodding to himself reassuringly.

He looked to Ramba as he spoke up and canted his head to the side lightly. " actually pretty fantastic." He said, nodding again.

"Rumba I'd be willing to spar with you, no holds barred. Mind both of us of us getting a little burned." she said happily.

The Enemy laughed. "I don't know what you just made the noise of, but it sounds absolutely terrifying."

"That sounds acceptable to me." Ramba told his traveling companion. "If you'd like to find a suitable battleground I'd be happy to spar with you." The priest was glad to have a chance to practice his powers in a controlled environment before taking on the bandits, wherever they might be.

Fuam grinned brightly at The Enemy before turning his attention to the others "Well..we've got the two more powerful of us in a fight already. We can either do two on one, a free-for-all three-way battle...orr two of us could duel and the third challenges the victor." He said, motioning to the others in a way that he hoped would convey that he was expecting them to make the choice.

"that field over there looks fine. Though I kind of feel bad for it..." *starts walking towards the field*

However, the field was already occupied.

A solitary figure moved through it, half walking half stumbling. It seemed to wear nothing more then a simple loincloth. The figure seemed strong and healthy, but it was drenched from the earlier rain; layers of mud and bits of paint seemed to be splashed about it's body.

The most strange thing though was the figure's left arm. From the shoulder down the arm seemed to gleam a bit as the water covered it, reflecting off a layer of dull red scales. Each finger of the scaled hand ended in a blunted nail.

"why hello there, you in the field, you mind vacating it while me and my friend have a match?" she said confused.
~be careful with this one my friend~
"will do" she thought.

Ramba stepped to the front of the group and stared quizzically at the new arrival. He began to step forward but stopped, staring down the odd arm the stranger had. Instead of approaching directly, Ramba shut his eyes and concentrated. A tendril of golden light came from him and extended toward the stranger, forming itself into a hand thrust forward to accept a handshake.

"Do you come peacefully, stranger?" He asked in an assertive tone.

Blink stepped out of a portal a few feet away from Ramba. "Good job on that hydra, I must say, it was an ugly beast!" He said happily as he closed the black,whispering portal behind him, it closing with a small Pop . "What a odd coincidence all of us, demigods are here at the same time" He added as he looked at the scaled person in front of him.

"why hello, me and Ramba were about to spar and this unfortunate fellow happened upon our sparing site and now he won't talk for whatever elders flame reason." she said disappointingly.

The figure stopped and seemed to regard the newcomers for a moment. Though they spoke it didn't seem to react much at all.

More of the southern yamering. The figure thought to itself. Just as incomprehensible as ever.

However, when Ramba extended his glowing hand that certainly got a reaction. The figure seemed to jump back a pace and raised it's scaled arm in a fighting stance, almost like a shield.

Sorcery! Fiends of black magic as the old crones said!

Suddenly another appeared from some glowing hole in the air. This also spooked the figure who was now clearly ready for a fight. He shifted back and forth a bit trying to keep them all in his sight at once.

"anyone know weather it could understand us? I mean Ramba's glowing hand certainly got it's attention..." Matridom said
"Zechs, think it's some sort of relation to us?" she thought
~it appears somewhat similar to us but it could just be magic gone wrong.~
"Anyway getting tired, I think I over did it this morning... Please watch over my body till I'm done resting."
* sits at the bottom of a nearby tree and goes into a trance like state*

Eve awakens from her slumber. She stretches her body and feel rejuvenated, ready once more for any opponent foolish enough to attack her.
To her surprise the group at the hill carry on with their talk, with some new additions to the group. Eve walks towards them to greet them before she'd take off and leave to tend with to her business.

Eve walks towards the group and shouts at them, waiting for some sort of a response.

Blink snarled suddenly hearing someone shout at the group. He suddenly blinked across the 100 foot gap in between him and Eve. Getting in her face as he stepped out of the portal of darkness behind him. "Yes?" He growled as he closed the portal behind him.

Grimm, after slicing off ample hydra meat with his claws, made his way to all the commotion. It looked as if a bout was to occur, but it seemed friendly.

With travelling pack full and the darkness still overheard Grimm figured he could afford to have a little sparring match.

As Grimm made his way up the hill he noticed the woman from before shouting towards the gathering of people, he couldn't quite make out the words but she sounded agitated
That blade she made. I wonder if I could emulate it?

When Grimm reached the gathering he found all of his comrades surrounding a strange figure. This figure appeared confused and appeared to have a strange growth over his arm.

"So what did I mi-" Grimm's words were cut off when he realised the figure of golden hair and the shining extension posed towards the figure with the odd looking arm.

His power look's just like mine! But with light?

"You there, Sir. What is your name and what is that?" Grimm said, curiosity rich in his voice, his finger aimed directly at the extended appendage formed out of what appeared to be pure light.

As a man suddenly appears i front of her, Eve loses her balance and takes a few steps back.
"You-" She mumbles, "-Should stop startling me" Eve added.

"Name is Eve. It seems like we gathered here in one place." Eve begins to talk, but then she realizes she should be going. "Say, could you drop me off with your ..-" Eve thinks for a moment, trying to find a suitable word, "-...power, at my house?".

Zero looked around. Everyone had spread while he took care of the last few wolves. "Hmmm" he said to himself as he looked to all the dead wolves around him. Occasionally a human body lay in the midst of the chaos. "Damn" he said at the needless lose of life.

He threw the log away, not needing it anymore, and people began clocking back to the scene. Zero didn't know what to say, he felt like he should apologize for the loss of life here. "I'm sorry for" he began before he was cut off by a rock smacking him in the cheek. "Argh!" he yelled as he checked to make sure he wasn't bleeding. His eyes frosted over and he looked around, trying to find his attacker.

He found the person he was looking for, a young man who held not extraordinary powers. He looked at him, but ignored the rock throwing as an accident. Another rock was flung at his head, this time by a female in the group approaching him. "Now why did you do that?" he asked them.
"Go away!" One of them yelled. Others quickly agreed with him. A few more rocks were tossed at him.
"What the hell why?" Zero yelled back, dodging the rocks with ease.
"You cause all of this!" They yelled back. "You and your kind bring all of these creatures and war here! We are sick of it!" an anonymous person yelled from the crowd.
"We just saved you from this guy!" Zero yelled as he pointed towards the dead Hydra.
"You brought it here!" Another rock sailed towards him, "Get out!"

Zero didn't want to hurt the general public, so he turned around and ran.

The crowds started forming around the other heroes and villains, telling them to leave and some with pitchforks and torches.

Whirlpool was with Zero when the angry mob had formed. He isn't please at the people harming his leader.

He shouted "Would you cut that out!"

Before he even let the people answer without thinking he use his whirlpool like power to snatch a rock away from a woman from where he is standing. He had however made it worse.
The woman screams and calls him a freak. When he tries to take another rock again but from a man this time, the man took a few steps back and hit his hand with his stick. Whirlpool pulls out his hand as he yep in pain.
The next thing he know he saw Zero had run off as he quickly run as well to follow behind him.

The unknown figure also noticed the approaching crowd. At first he was worried that these people were some kind of reinforcement for the fewer individuals that faced off against him. However, it didn't take much to see the mob chase two of them off. The figure couldn't understand a word that was yelled, but the mob's intent was clear enough. Weapons, angry voices, aggressive posture; it was enough.

Even not knowing the language, the figure still could tell something of these people. They were scared, rejecting of what was different. Not unlike his own people far to the north, those who had banished him.

The figure slowly smiled as he looked over the mob. This would be a good test. These people seemed weak, far more frail then his own people of the Gàidhealtachd. But they would be a good test non the less. He needed strength for when he returned, and he had gained much in his wanderings, but how much exactly was tough to tell. A good test indeed.

The figure bared his teeth as he crouched a bit more bringing his left arm back to a striking position. His right hand slowly drew a poorly formed iron knife from the side of his loincloth.

Grimm slammed his hand into the ground much like when he formed the pillar that sliced the Hydra's tail.

Grimm turned to shout at the mysterious figure that had begun rearing himself to attack the mob advancing just in the distance.

"Stop! They're people just like you and me"

The shadows gathered in a wide crescent pattern between the xenophobic town members and Grimm's comrades.

This man's not going listen.

The shadows rose upwards from the ground like a great and terrifying wall formed of a substance as dark as sin. This barrier's goal was simple, preventing the peasants from obtaining a direct path towards the group

This will buy us some time, at least until the sun decides to come out.

Grimm felt light headed and lowered his head to inspect the darkness of his own shadow. It had dwindled to two small wells of black behind his heels.

Not much left, I need to find somewhere truly dark.

Eve walks towards the villagers. "Leave now and Live for another day" Eve Shouts at them.
"If you dare harm any of us-" Eve pauses. She cuts the back of her right hand, allowing some blood to leave and form a whip. "-You will suffer" Eve shouts at the mob.

A man raises his hand holding a rock. Eve points at the man with her right and, as the blood whip extends and wraps around his hand. "If you throw that rock-" Eve tightens the grip on his wrist, "- You will lose that hand".

Eve hears screaming from the mob, and another man holding a hatchet runs at the direction of the extended whip with the intent of cutting it. more blood leaves Eves' body, another stream of blood splits from the whip and goes directly at the man charging in with his hatchet.

A clean cut, the hatchet falls to the ground with his right hand still gripping it. "I will give no more warnings" Eve shouts at the mob.

" hmm... Looks like well be able to spar then. What do you think is their problem anyway?" asking the rest of the group.
"Zechs be ready on my command"
~its been a while but I think I'll manage~
*she then shifted her weight ready to move*
After a few minutes she noticed eve with the blood whip slicing a mans hand off realizing they won't back down

Zero glanced behind him, and saw Eve slice a mans hand off. "Dammit Eve!" He yelled out, he ran quickly back towards her, and instantly threw up an wave to weaken any powers in the area, not enough to stop eve from attacking, but hopefully enough to deter her. The few people who had torches lit had them blown out by the wave. He tried to grab her arm and lead her away, "We can calmly talk this over later, for now we should stop killing villagers" he demanded towards her, trying his best to urge her to leave.

Eve retracted her blood and sighed. She lost some of it in the process, due to the shockwave caused by Zero. "They stopped complaining" Eve smiled at Zero and pointed at the mob.

Zero leads Eve away from the mob towards the group of other endowed individuals.

He saw Zero heading toward Eve for her transgression. He saw that Zero had used his weaken wave ability which mean with that in effect he can only dip his hand into his whirlpool at best. He hurries over to the pair.

He shouted "Dammit Eve! We're not killers! Well as in not harming the innocents! They are merely misunderstood!"

" if anyone want me to I could scare them off easily, though I don't know how well my power will work with that ability of yours. Hang on let me try."
*try's to float* "nope, dead as that mans hand. I probably can stil go to my ultimate form though." she says In general, then notices eve walking towards the group. "looks like I finally get to meet you. My names Matridom" *extends a hand*

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