The League: Bloodlines ((Started/Closed))

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The Enemy looked to Eve. "Are you CRAZY?" she said. "We need all the help we can get!" She looked over to the man. "Just shoot something at him, right thruogh the head! It'll be over in a flash."

Adam was first mesmerized when he saw the bird, from legends he knew it as a phoenix, he then proceeded to take his chest plate off. after he did so he unrolled a large set of bat wings, nearly as big as Matridom's wings, 'we have wings, lets fly' he said to matridom in a screechy voice.

Adam then flew up into the sky with his spear, he flew higher then the phoenix and then proceeded to dive towards the phoenix's neck with his spear held out in front of him, ready to pierce the neck.

"Such an enticing offer but i need to focus for later, please don't disturb me." she said as the Blue flames encasing her grew larger and the ground started cracking under Matridom's fett and her eyes turned solid black.

Eve kept on walking.
"Why did we kill the Hydra in the first place" she asked the others behind her without turning around. why did I try and help
"Why do we even need to face that thing?" Eve stopped walking. I have nothing to do with it
"I don't want to bleed for anyone but me. There's nothing here for me." Eve said. no place to call home. no person to love. "You do your heroics. Sacrifice yourselves." Eve began walking away from the group.
I only have one god now. nothing else

"I see...I had hoped you had come to consider me a comrade, at least, if not a friend. And I wish you would stay if for no other reason than someone to talk with...but if you truly want to leave--if you truly feel you have nothing worth fighting for--then I won't stop you."
He said, somewhat softly, before continuing.

"I have a home along the coast, near Delphi. If you ever want help or a decent meal:seek me out there...providing of course I survive." He then turned and headed back for the rest of the group, working his muscles to loosen them and humming softly to prepare his vocal chords.

Ramba watched as Strife charged towards the cloaked man rashly. He preferred a more subtle approach and took to calmly walking towards the cloaked figure, taking in as deep of breaths as he could as his power slowly built under his skin. If danger came to himself or his comrades he would prevent it. Lang's power was limitless, and he would demonstrate that. His hair glowed brightly, recognizable even in the daylight; even his eyes began to sparkle with raw power.

"Eve if you wont fight, then at least stay for the show. You won't be disappointed." Matridom said. Chunks of earth started to break free from the ground and Blue Flames Erupted from her eyes.
The Creature started to look concerned about the dragoness on the ground in front of him.
"This thing is starting to get agitated, can we do something about it please?"

Aranea had been forced to flee from the cave when it began crumbling apart around him. The man wasted no time rushing out, heading towards the direction of the first light he could find.

He managed to get out relatively unscathed, albeit a few bruises caused from small falling rocks. As Aranea looked back he saw the mouth leading to cave slowly collapse, as well as the entire mountain.

"Godsdammit, what could cause something like that to happen?!" he thought, still trying to catch his breath after that hastened run.

Then he saw something. A large flaming bird, flying down the sinking mountain. Aranea followed it, creeping along with rocks as he did to avoid getting spotted. The bird was fearsome and great, but he wasn't as scared of it as he was intrigued. If the beast came at it he could easily trick it with his illusions.

As he tracked the bird Aranea spotted the others. They had grouped together as the creature came down, and were facing a person cloaked in black.

Aranea formed an boulder illusion around him as he watched from around a rocky corner. It would be better for him to stay hidden and strike at the best opportunity, or when his allies needed dire assistance, than to charge out and make his presence known.

"Eve," Tamu said, "if we don't defeat this, many more will die. And with your help, we can beat him." She turned to Fuam. "On a different note, any clue how to kill this thing?"

Variava had been mindlessly dawdling about, wondering what everyone was doing while he was looking at some sticks he had picked up, sharpening them slightly to see if they could be made into some good arrows. He dropped all but one, feeling the wood was good to work with. He sharpened the front to a perfect point and pricked his finger with it, giggling slightly. He pulled a small pouch of chicken feathers and fastened some to the back of his arrow, completing the thing. Wasn't his best work, but it would help. That's about when the groud started to rumble and the mountain nearby looked like it collapsed.

Variava went wide eyed as he saw the mountain shift and his eyes quickly flared into action, looking for signs of movement from anything other than tumbling rocks. He focused on a snail for a few seconds, before shifting his gaze and seeing a man in a black robe. Before he could concentrate further a bird of flame flew forth from the broken mountain, hurting his eyes as he focused on it. He saw it fly down and begin to land. He chucked a rock at it, but it didn't come anywhere close, his eyes still sensitive to the heat. He began to run toward where it landed, hoping to find the others.

Eve stopped as soon as she began feeling the earth moving. something big is coming Eve turned around and looked at the floating man from a distance. In the ground, some sort of a large red pit opened up. Eve began hearing strong dog barks. I can feel my heart
From the pit a gigantic paw appeared, and then another one. it's pulling up It began pulling in its body and then it revealed its head. It was a dog; a giant, black, demonic, three headed dog. Cerberus. I can't fight this madness
It launched itself into the air and landed on the earth, shaking the ground and causing Eve to fall back. it's so big it could reach the heavens Eve could barely breathe as the giant mountain sized black three headed dog stood up and revealed it's teeth, each bigger than a house.
The pit didn't close. There were more coming from the deep.
Unbearable screeches came from the pit. As the screeches became louder the pit grew smaller, closing itself. From the closing hole large birds came out. They had the wings and legs of birds, but the head and torso of a woman. this is madness
"We feed tonight, sisters" one of these abominations cried out.
The dog barked once. The harpies scrambled to stand in line, floating in the air.
did they just talk? The dog opened its mouth, this time it seemed as if he weren't about to bark, "We have been called by own master. Let us serve him, not us." it talked.
the giant three headed dog talked from his central head...
we are all going to die... I can't run now...
Eve tried to stand up and regain he composure.
Save me, Elohim, save me

"Things just got alot more weird around here, so you guys know that i can manipulate my flame like when i saved Garkar. On second thought, just enjoy the show" and with that Matriddom started to levitate off the ground up about a 100 feet into the air, Then the blue flames engulfed her whole body and spread out to form A Gigantic blue flaming dragon, comparable in size to the Phoenix.

The flame dragon rushed forward and tackled the bird to the ground, but was shortly kicked off by it. the bird then fired a ball of fire at her and it connected sending her flying through the forest like a meteor hitting the ground. The dragon got back up and rushed at the bird, freezing all the trees it past. throwing a punch that shook the earth the drgon sent the bird flying back, but it regained itself and the two started trading blows back and forth, neither side giving even an inch of ground. Trees and boulders flying back and forth between the two, being thrown around like toys. They continued to battle while the others on the ground started their fight.

Grimm had opted to return into the abyss of the cave, despite the danger a sudden shift presented. The Darkness provided him with the power he needed to be of use in the oncoming battle.

Beautiful pitch black

Grimm had encased his legs and arms in a strong armour like shadow construct and proceeded to slide his way deeper into the cave. Grimm knew that if he were to return to the surface his power would be of no use at all.

Grimm's decent was rapid. while he listened to the conflict above him echo through the mountains chambers he fell deeper and deeper into the gaping maw of the mountain until finally, he reached the bottom.

At this depth the light above him was but a mere speck in this void of darkness. He felt the infinite black swirl and dance to his will. It was like this very emptiness was an extension of his very being. He could feel exactly how far these caverns swept, every crevice, every sweeping cavern, every jagged rock and every stray creature in the dark.

Grimm lifted his arm slowly until it was outstretched above his head. His body trembled as he focused his power.

"This is going to hurt..."

Grimm cast his raised hand into the cold stone cave floor and with it the darkness came alive. The shadows flew upwards at his command. They were like black metallic spikes shooting upwards through the earth. Their speed was inhibited not even remotely by the thick granite slabs the mountain contained. Their numbers were beyond his comprehension it was as if trying to count the grains of sand in a desert

Black pikes burst through ground of the surface and rose like forest of trees impaling the numerous small abominations fluttering through and driving through a target much larger than the phoenix he had seen the last time he was surfaced.

"What the hell is that thing?"

Grimm was about to collapse again from the strain of using his power on such a grand scale but managed to weave a web-like structure out of the shadows beforehand to keep him 'rougly' upright.

Garkar stood ready at the giant flaming bird. He knew that he should have been afraid, it was madness to not be in front of such a creature; but he wasn't. Though it had been a short period, Garkar's time with these southerners had taught him something. These creatures were incredible, unnatural; but so were they. These people, including Garkar, were just as capable and powerful as any monster or man. As long as they were together they were invincible.

However, Garkar also saw Eve leaving. He couldn't understand what she said, or what the others said back; but her body language said everything. Cowardice. The thought soured in his mind, how could anyone so capable leave this group? A group where they did not fear each others oddities, but accepted them as they were.

Garkar also saw the massive dog monster that confronted Eve. Garkar didn't hesitate for a moment as he broke into a run towards Eve and the monster. At least for now, these people were Garkar's clan; and a true warrior never abandoned any member of his clan on the battlefield. Ever.

As he ran Garkar again realized that he should be afraid. The dog towered over him and only seemed to grow as he drew closer. Each tooth was probably the size of Garkar himself. But he didn't care. A member of his clan was down, and enemy lay ahead, he had a weapon; it was simple. Warrior to warrior. Curse to monster.

As he ran forward Garkar felt strength flow through his entire body. Bracing his legs under him Garkar leapt high into the air right at the middle head of the mountain dog. The massive jump sent him soaring through the air and he drew back his left fist winding up for his strongest blow ever.

Garkar grimaced as he flew towards the great creature trying to match it's own furiosity but all within his own body. For a second, he almost seemed to hang in mid air. The sun light gleamed off his scaled arm, striking it just so that the light shined out and the entire arm seemed bather in golden fire for a moment.

"Garkaren Host!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. Cursed smash. Garkar wasn't even sure why he yelled the strange phrase as he attacked, not a soul could understand him, it just seemed the right thing to do.

"AAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" He let out a primal scream of fury as he finally drew close to the massive head of the dog. With that he swung his cursed arm around with every bit of his strength in an almost mountain cracking blow.

The summoner laughed as strife charged at him. His laugh started low, but quickly turned to become of greater mirth, turning quickly to psychotic. He side stepped around Strife and swung his staff around, aiming to slam it into his back. As he swung it, the tip of the staff glowed brightly, and sparks started to move off it. His mirth just continued to grow, and his laughter still echoed around the mountain.

Things had gone down hill fast.
Lorronix considered Eve's words, they made sense.
These summoners were enemies for certain but at the current time there wasn't much she could do.
The villagers on the other hand were unprotected.
Some of her pack were still alive and would most certainly want revenge.
No one seemed to notice as the wolf slunk off.

The moment the staff began to spark, a bright golden tendril wrapped itself around it. Ramba jumped a little bit off of the ground, and the tendril immediately retracted as breakneck speed, drawing the Sun Priest close enough to the hooded man for the rest of his tendrils to assault him in a flurry of blows.

"Strife!" Ramba called out as he made his move. "Attack his unguarded points! Attack in unexpected ways to maneuver around his defenses!"

The Phoenix launched a Fire ball at the group, and withing a flash, the dragon was there in between The looming ball of fire and the group, taking the entire force of the blast. The flaming dragon had lost a chunk of flame and let out a massive roar. "You shall not hurt my companions!" Matridom raged. the dragon filled in the hole and fired a stream of ice at the phoenix. In return the bird fire a ball of fire and the two met in the middle creating a wave of mist that covered the area. They stared each other down. "Lorronix i think its time you tested my blood."

Lorronix was elsewhere.
Outside a village in fact.
It was pretty basic built around an central fire with a few huts. But it was enough.
The fire was strangled by a blast of cold wind and soon died. The temperature and light level dropped rapidly. It was going to be a cold night.
And with that she was gone.
So on to the next village?

"Damn it all!" Tamu shouted. She threw a chain-knife at a Harpy, hitting it in the stomach. She ripped it out and waited for the right time to strike.

Fuam let out a shout, making it widespread, hoping to deafen and distract the harpies and the mountainous hellhound in front of him, feeling true anger for the first time in a long while.
He followed up this short blast with a more concetrated one, directing it toward's the Hellhound's central head as Fuam prepared to move, Watching for the slightest movement from the beast.


The summoner turned as he felt the tug on his staff, and was greeted by Ramba flying towards him. He swiftly ducked underneath the tendrils, and raised his arm up, the dark hood covering his entire arm, leaving the inside as pitch black. The inside glowed orange slightly as it was pointed towards Ramba's face, and a snake launched out, trying to bite the nearest person.

As the snake launched, the staff tip also began to glow orange, and he tapped it an the ground, leaving a small orange dot on the ground.

Lorronix could feel the battle raging but now was not the time, there would be other days to defeat them. She must bide her time.
So on to the Next village. This one was simple. She was infected with pretty much every virus she'd ever come into contact with simply licking all their food and swimming in the lake would spread numerous plagues to the people.

Two down.
And the third, sabotage. She found their weapons and tools and broke them, without them they had no chance at survival.
Not she never directly killed, she was just reminding them of their place as apes, if they rose to her challenges and lived then she would let them continue.

And with that she was again wandering.

Ramba's eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets when the snake lunged at him. On reflex alone, a single tendril smacked just below the reptile's skull and knocked it to the ground. Ramba tumbled to a landing and immediately let loose a pair of golden arms that grabbed the snake at either end. They ignored its writhing protests as they began to pull it apart, until each help their own bleeding half of the snake. The arms dissipated, and Ramba took a few raspy breaths as he tried to recover from the exertion of using his powers.

He turned back to the summoner and observed the orange dot on the ground. Unsure of what it did, he extended a single tendril that formed into a shimmering golden dome over the dot, sealing it there. He followed up with scissor attack. Two bladed lengths of golden energy sliced at the summoner's feet, while another pair shaped into crude hammers came from either side.

The stare down lasted what seemed like ages, Two giants bests of flames, one of ice, one of fire. neither beast wanted to move, waiting for the opponents next move. Matridom, inside the blue flame dragon reached using her mind to the one person she could trust. "Lorronix i can feel your mind, please help me this bird isn't budging and i don't know how much longer i can keep this up. I can feel the anger in your mind against the humans and desire for revenge, i'll even help you after this is done. But please help me, you're the only one i trust."

The skirmishes happening on the ground seem small, compared to the two beasts. the blue dragon leaped forward and hit the Phoenix sending it flying through the air, then quickly froze it as it hit the ground is it over yet? just then the ice was blown away by a wave of heat and sent flying. they returned to trading blows with each other.

A harpy flew at Tamu. She flipped the beast over her shoulder. She put her hands over its throat and squeezed. The beast kicked at her as she throttled it, and she punched it across the jaw. These moves, little to her knowledge, would eventually come to be known in the future of time as CQC.


Eve stood her group as she watched the event from a distance. they're getting shredded
Eve witnessed Garkar run towards the hound and launch himself at the central head. As it grew near, Garkar readied his unnaturally armored hand to his the hound. The hound opened its mouth and tried to swallow Garkar whole, biting off a chunk of his other arm, but Garkar managed to break through the giant teeth and leave the mouth of the gluttonous hound.
Eve saw the injured man fall to the ground. enough is enough She decided to run to his aid and help him before the hound would crush him with its paw.
The earth began to shake again, Another dog? but this time a portal didn't open. The ground underneath the hound collapsed and between the rubble black spikes went up. The hound was injured by these monstrous spikes from the earth, but the ground was so unstable it had collapsed and the hound has fallen into a pit, the tip of his head showing.
Temu successfully managed to fend off the harpies coming at her, using her might to rip them apart.

Temu used her chained knife to catch any harpy in mid-flight. As she stabbed one in the chest in idea popped into her mind. She began detracting her blade, while still keeping the blade lodged in her chest Temu mounted on the Hydra and forced the flying abomination towards the hound.
Eve only caught a glimpse of the epic battle that occurs only a few hundred meters away in the sky. The dragoness Martidom is fighting against some sort of a fire bird, but a clean victor cannot be spotted.
The sound blasts conjured by Fuam were spectacularly effective. The harpies had their head blown out while floating in the air, without even engaging combat. Somehow, Fuam had somehow found the sweet-spot for dealing with these creatures, bursting the insides of their skulls with ease. But the continuous barrage of sound cannot go on forever, since Fuam is only human. An extraordinary human, but he has his limits.

She'd help, then suddenly Lorronix had a reason to fight the bird.
She was back as soon as was possible. She was on a hill side looking up at the battle.
And so the storm started far above the earth. It was a blizzard. Lorronix but all her power into it surely that would tip the balance in Matridorm's favor.

If not well she'd only tried it once before she could still make out the bird, how good was her aim.
Only one way to find out.
Lightning strike!

Grimm watched in awe as a great, fearsome dog-like monstrosity came crashing through the surface of the earth and tumbled through the darkness upon the forest of stygian spikes with foul smelling crimson blood pouring out of the wounds scattered across it's body. With the mighty beast's fall came a hail of large broken slabs of stone large enough to crush any normal man.

It was only once the beast crashed into the base of the mountain, the same level as Grimm, could his mind truly encompass the the size of the Demon Dog. Even at this great depth the beast still remained partially peaked out of the earth.

"What deal of monster is this?"

The creature was incapacitated on the shadow stalagmites as they dug deep into it's flesh fur. It was bleeding profusely but, surprisingly, showed no signs of dying. Grimm beckoned the pillars to become jagged in the hopes of piercing some vital organ ... to no avail.

"Why won't you DI-"

Grimm's words were cut short as a large stone slab landed a stones through ahead of where he was standing, breaking his focus from the gargantuan monstrosity. Grimm glanced to his right where another great rock landed, then to his left. He had turned his gaze directly above him witnessing a boulder, larger than any of the other heading straight towards him.


Grimm in a quick ditch effort to save his life released his control over the forest of peaking black spines and focused on using the shadows in the caves to produce a cocoon-like structure around him to prevent the humongous rock from crushing him like a bug.

Garkar fell smashing into the ground hard enough to throw up a bit of dust.

Well, he hadn't exactly planed very far ahead, but that wasn't exactly what he had hoped would happen.

Garkar looked up, but a bit of blood stung his right eye and he could only squint at the blurry images. However, Garkar wasn't out yet. With a deep breath and a grunt he rolled over and pushed himself up, regaining his feet. He tried to wipe his eyes with his right hand, but was surprised when nothing happened.

Looking down and blinking to clear his vision he could see his normal arm. Well, not so normal anymore. The limb was twisted at the shoulder in what looked like a simply unnatural way and blood coated the arm from a dozen wounds. The arm should have been in immense pain, but Garkar couldn't feel a thing from it. The arm also refused to respond to his commands, continuing to hang uselessly no mater how much he wanted it to move.

Resigned, Garkar lifted his other arm and examined it for a moment. The cursed limb still seemed unharmed and even felt a little stronger then before. The scales seemed almost unscratched and were only marred by a little bit of the massive dog's saliva.

Garkar laughed to himself for a second. Very well, he only needed one arm anyways; so long as it was this arm/

Pushing many aches and pains away he looked up at the massive monster wondering what else it had in store.

The lightning struck the Phoenix, sapping a bunch of energy from it and with the blizzard starting to bash the thing, it was only a matter o time before its fall. "Thanks lorronix, i owe you big time. i also have something for you" matridom said The blue dargon unleashed another stream of ice and piled trees on top of the bird, to stop it from moving freezing it like Garkar. Matridom then lowered the Dragon to Lorronix she came out slightly just enough for her torso to be seen fully. Matridom held out her hand and on it there was a flame in the shape of a dragon. I'm keeping my promise, this is my friend in my head Zechs, i want you to take him. he can help you and strengthen your abilities, not to forget talk to you i i remeber correctly he should be passed down to your children if you have any. so please take him and run far away from here, you've done all you can. Thank you for being my only friend." she said to Lorronix

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