The League: Bloodlines ((Started/Closed))

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"My name is Strife, member of the Golem family. Pleasure to meet you Aranea." Strife said, holding out a hand. He supposed that being civil was still needed, plus this man wasn't one of the people who were bickering on the hill.

"We have called ourselves Matriarch for a very long time. Come to think of it I am lucky to be here talking to you beings, I won't bore you with the specifics but we are a very odd and strange race. Now to answer your question no we are not gorgons. I was lucky to come to peace with Zechs it has let me live to 107 and still look this young! He also let's me have enhanced power for my abilities. I also have a final form but I Need a lot of energy to change back to this form."

"A pleasure to meet you too." Thar said with a smile, shaking Strife's hand. "So what's your story? I assume you have special abilities like the rest of the people here?"

"I actually left my family and traveled out here on my own. I won't say much more than that now, but just know I did it to attain my own goals. Yes, my power is actually quiet useful. Show me yours and I'll show you mine?" Strife said, looking over at Aranea. He wasn't about to give up his power without learning this man's first.

"That...was an exceptionally short history..though I suppose mine isn't much longer..largely because my father pushed himself too far and well..i'm not sure what exactly happened but I know it wasn't pleasant because I was raised by my uncle. Though: he told me my father gained his powers when he got into a shouting match with Ares himself. Ares was apparently in an exceptionally good mood as rather than killing my father: the god gave my father his blessing so that, when they met again, they would be able to have a proper shouting match." Fuam said, shrugging lightly before turning to Ramba.

"What about you? tell us your story."

"It's not a happy one, I should warn you." Ramba told Fuam. "As I said, I was a Sun Priest in my village. We are--were", he stuttered, correcting himself. "We were selected at birth by the golden hair on our heads. I grew up being taught the giving ways of Lang, and how I was to be a reflection of him, always growing life and peace, and burning away solitude. A period of so many moonfalls you could not even count passed during my life there, but the details are not things you would wish to be bored with. I made friends, fell in love, I even had a son with hair like mine. He would have become a Sun Priest himself, if not for the very day after his birth, a terrible attack came to our village."

He began to pace around the group, obviously fighting back the pain so that he could properly retell the story. "Men in dark cloth swarmed the village, cutting down our militia before they even reached their weapons. With torches they burned our great temple, and killed the other Sun Priests within. I was at my home, with my lover and child, and escaped the horror. But what I found there was worse. A tall, bald man with a braided beard down to his navel came through the door and attacked us. I tried to defend my family, but I was knocked outside. We fought in a brutal battle, but in the end I was victorious--or so I had thought."

He took a deep breath. "The bald man ran from me, and I saw him joining his comrades as they took away from the village, with the women and children shackled to their horses. I ran inside my home, and found it empty. My family was gone, taken by the other tribe. I chased them as quickly as I could, but they run with inhuman speed. I saw them come down the mountain, but lost sight of them afterward. I picked up a few clues recently, and I believe that they are near here, hiding from me. So I search, and when I find them I will kill them all, and get my family, and my people back from them."

He sat down and rubbed his face. "I'm sorry, I probably rambled there. I shouldn't bother you with my troubles."

Fuam clasped a hand on the man's shoulder reassuringly

"Your story troubles me. But it does not bother me. If you should find your people than I will be more than willing to lend my voice to your cause. I am know simply as Fuam, by the way." He said, adding an introduction to attempt to make things slightly less awkward even though it seemed only to make matters worse.

" I am sorry for you. I feel your pain, I had for I guess as you people call them older siblings? All of them about 30 years older than me. Each of them lost the effort to control their minds and the dragons inside took control. We had to put them down, rather I had to being the youngest of the bunch. It would also explain one of my powers and the tone of my skin.
On a brighter note shall we show each other our powers? Considering I'll be stuck that way if I want to remain conscious and not have to recharge may I go last?"

"Sure. That sounds good." Aranea said. "Let me ju-"

Suddenly the center of the young man's forehead burst. Blood spurted out of the opening, some getting on Strife. Aranea fell forward, flat on the ground as blood continued leaking out of his skull.

A slight hint of surprise flashed across Strife's face as the man fell into a pool of his own blood, but Strife was still cautious. He had seen others with similar powers, so he wasn't sure if this was Aranea's idea of a joke or if he was actually dead.

Better safe then sorry I suppose... Strife thought to himself as he slid off the hydra's back and turned the man over.

"Hey, you alright or do you expect me to dig your grave for you?" Strife asked.

"If Ramba has no objections then I'd say that i'm okay with it." Fuam replied with a slight smile before looking back to the man in question.

"What do you say, monk Langr: up for a demonstration?" He queried, flashing a bright grin, his voice having finally returned to it's normal smooth tone, somehwere between a baritone and a tenor.

Ramba looked at Fuam and nodded. "That sounds fine to me." He stood and yawned a bit before asking how the demonstration would be done. "Sparring, or exhibition?"

"I vote sparring so long as we have a healer around."

"From the sounds of it sparring may be a bad idea as I know of noone here capable of healing least not in any way other than simply helping the body do what it needs to do to mend. Perhaps we should go out from the town a ways where we can let loose without fear of persecution or harming innocents?"
He queried, a sort of quirky half-grin remaining on his face as he stood up and brushed himself off before offering a hand to Matridon.

"why thank you, never had anyone offer assistance before." *takes his hand to get up* " shall we go?"

Variava had been silently watch everyone fight, make up, then tell their own stories. Some were short, others were longer. In any case it was all entertaining, and him talking wouldn't help them keep going. When they started talking about sparring, he was interested, so he stood up and got ready to follow them, bow in hand, not saying a word.

The Enemy was slicing some Hydra meat into thin slices. She squeezed out the blood, then wiped her hands on the grass and put it in her pack. She returned to the hill, looking at the new woman. "Did I hear sparring?" she asked. "Because I could so go for some combat. It has been SO long since I've fought off any thieves."

" feel free to join, I just need some one to help watch over me after the fight. Any volunteers?"

"Sparring...well..i'll say yes to sparring so long as we think about the match-ups as..well..we have no healers other than those who simply help the body mend itself naturally. Which takes time for most of us." He said, motioning with a hand for The Enemy to follow along and calling out "C'mon out if you wanna join in!"

"No thanks, I'm fine without one."

Aranea was standing behind Strife, a grin on his face. The body on the ground had disappeared along with all the blood, including that which got on Strife.

Variava smiled as he spoke up again "I would love to join the sparring match, Want to stay fresh ya know?" He said with happiness in his voice, and he plucked slightly away at his bowstring, his bag still draped around his back.

"So: Variava. Do you know any way to fight other than bow and arrow? It seems to me that it would be quite a problem if your bow were to be broken in a fight and you had no other way to defend yourself." Fuam said in a conversational tone, looking back briefly to see if anyone was following as he had boosted his voice so that it would be fairly simple to hear

" who ever thinks they can take the most damage should spar with me. It might get a bit.. Messy out there."

Variava looked at the man who asked him, then back to his bow, than back to the man. He unstrung it fairly quickly and tucked the string away, using the stick that remained almost as a walking cane. "Well sure, Cant depend on that bow for everything. I can throw small bits of just about anything, with accuracy far beyond what others could achieve. In fact, I have never thought about it, but I could probably rip out my pointy tooth and lodge it in someones neck, from a fair distance to boot, If things got down to the nitty gritty of course." He said with a smile on his face as he kind of trailed off into his own thoughts.

The Enemy followed along. "I promise I won't go too hard on you guys. I once took on a band of thieves twelve strong and won," she bragged. "Well, okay, it was more like six, and I did get a blow to the head, but you know what I mean."

Fuam let out a slight snerk, then another, then a full blown snicker. "So..tell me...what would you throw if you were in among the cattle and there were no rocks around?" he queried, his juvenile nature starting to show a bit...or alot.

"Well, if it was life or death and all my teeth were gone... Maybe fingernails, I haven't given it much thought. Though I do carry a sling and some rocks around in my bag, I don't know what I would do if I lost my bag." He said with a smile as he gazed back at the man questioning him. "Doesn't quite matter though, by the time they get to me, if I could see em, they'd be dead." He said, with a little twang sound effect he tried to replicate.

Fuam grinned and mimicked the twang of a bowstring, perfectly, it was one of the perks of his power, although he didn't understand how Ares' gift to his father would allow him to mimic other sounds instead of just enhancing his own. It still amused him and this was more than a sufficient reason for Fuam

"I see...sorry for laughing... I just had a mental image of an encroaching threat receiving dung to the face from a mile away." He said, grinning broadly as he looked back at the archer, continuing along with no real direction

The Enemy laughed a bit. "That would be useful, actually. You could send messages with it, provided it doesn't hit them in the neck. Unless you're trying to send a message with their murder," she joked. "Get it? Message? Man, I wish there was a word for when you do wordplay like that."

"seeing as were an odd number of people I'd be willing to fight ramba and enemy at the same time what do you two think?" she said in a confident voice.

"No worries friend, Though I guess if it came down to it, Dung would be a good choice." He said with a laugh, not even thinking about that as a possibility. "So what do you do friend? I think I missed it during the explanations. Though I figure it has something to do with sound, the way you mimicked my noise." He said with a smile on his face once again.

"I..well..mimicry and dangerously loud blasts of sound mostly. I can also do this..." He said as he let out a low, deep hum, the sound slowly getting deeper until the rest of the group would feel the sound thrumming in their chests and the ground vibrating beneath their feet.

"Not sure what it's useful for, though, to be honest...though I can use it to break glass sometimes, if I get it right." He said, with a shrug.

"And what is it that you do? other than...glow." He queried, looking to Ramba once more.

The Enemy turned figuratively green as Fuam hummed. "Urgh, please don't do that if we end up sparring. I felt like I was going to explode. In fact, I wouldn't be suprised if that sound could make things explode."

"Oh! sorry...will do." He said, his cheeks reddening slightly out of embarrassment. "So, Enemy: Where do you come from, if I may ask?" He queried, wanting to change the subject quickly despite the fact that his mind was now preoccupied with images of various things exploding. This list included eggs. It was at that point that he decided not to try it around birds

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