Avoiding detention... TO HELL!

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"I think i should start practicing my electricity some more. see what else i can do." Hataki walked away from the group a good distance and the air around her cracked to life with electricity, casting a red glow on everyone in the cave.

As the students began to settle down again a sudden crash rang out through the caverns. The goblin who had been diligently working through all of the drama had just managed to close the second door of the large gates and the portal was now shut again. The boom of the large door closing echoed down the caverns and eventually returned; the echo deep as a tomb door closing.

The cat who had named himself Ose had silently watched through all of this. However, as calm began to return he got to his paws and walked, almost stalked, towards the group. "Well that was quite the story." He said, his voice smooth and seductive like it had been before. "But perhaps we might move on." He circled the group eyeballing each one. "As you can see, staying in one place too long can be bad for... people like you."

In all of the confusion though, Umbra must have disappeared as she didn't seem to be around any more.

David stumbled up onto his feet, clutching his damaged goods.
He looked up at Ose and chuckled weakly.

"Yeah, I think we should probably start moving, and... I'm going to try not to laugh, but if I do ten don't kill me David."


"Meh, just moving now." The fourth eye disappeared. Galio looked at the lantern. "Hey, you have an idea yet?"

Tasha pulled another glass out and filled it with the hot tea and handed it to Harper. "There you go. I hope you're fine with green tea. That's all I made."

"Ah, thanks. This is really good."

Ose merely smiled a wide grin at David and his plight. "Well if you wish to stay then that's fine by me as well. I wouldn't advise it myself, but I'm only here to help you." He seemed to pause and pose himself majestically. "Really, you should feel honored to have a president of hell as you guide. Not that I can do much if you don't tell me where you want to go." His final sentence clearly containing a sugestion.


As David spoke the Tsukumogami seemed quite surprised and just a little shaken. "Hey! What's the big idea presuming like that?" It challenged. "Hey! Maybe you think you're better then me huh?"

With that another illusion appeared behind the lamp; a pair of skeletons carrying large halberds who began to menace Galio harmlessly.

"Well then lets see what you can do tough guy?" And in response to the challenge Galio could feel some of his power coming to him.

"I'll have a cup too," Said Mak "The Goblins are horrid at it. No offence to our litle guide here." He took the cup and downed half in one go, then he took a small pouch from his coat, pulled a pinch of powder from it, and dropped it in the tea, which proceded to bubble "Little spirit powder gives it a kick. Anyone else?"

Hataki tried to create a ball of energy in her hand, it failed. she tried a second time and it was stable. she began to put in more energy to the ball and it cast red light around the cave.

Hataki spotted a pillar about four feet thick. she charged it and shoved the ball into the tree, nothing happened for about two seconds. The back of the pillar then exploded with red light coming from the inside of it.

She took a few steps back, breathing heavily from the exhaustion. she heard what Ose ha said and staggered over to him. "Pardon me if I'm being rude, but i don't bite. there have been so many weird ass things going on that i don't believe any of it. Also what happened to Hades?"

Galio laughed. Such a harmless little creature. Cute too. He wanted to know more about this creature, when it's not pulling pranks. With a snap of his fingers, the illusion of the skeleton exploded. Harming no one. "I can take the challenge master".

"No, no, I'll be joining you," he said as he straightened up. He stood confidently with a smile on his face for a few seconds, before doubling over in pain. "Ow."

He turned to look at Tasha. "Could I have some tea too please?"

John finally straightened up, looking at Ose curiously. "You're the leader of hell? If you don't mind me asking, what exactly does someone with all your power want with a group of students like us? I don't think we're much a big deal..."

"Wow, President of hell, really? I don't mean to be offensive, but I'm sceptical. A president of hell wouldn't have let my jest go un-punished earlier..."

David sat on a rock and began rubbing his temples. "Were you supposed to meet with us Mr. Ose? Act as our supervisor?"

Ose laughed a bit at the students. Like most things he did though it was pleasant and charming. "Leader? Hardly. I may be one of the presidents, but that's still far from the top. And for now you could think of me as your guide for a short while." He said responding to David's question.


The Tsukumogami's eyes spread wide in fear at Galio's power. "He... hey! You can't do that! Can you?" It sounded quite uncertain.

More illusion's began to appear the ground behind Galio began to rise up changing into a massive set of teeth that were about to chomp down on Galio.

"Tsukumogami's are only happy jolly creatures who perform pranks right?" As Galio made the illusion of teeth disappear. "I'm going to kiiiiiill yooooooou" Galio's eyes glowed a deep red.

"Okaaaaaaayyyyyyy... So where do you intend to guide us, exactly?"

Tasha pulled out the cooling flask and poured it out into a third cup which Tasha snatched from his bag.

"As I said green tea is all I have, so here you go." Tasha smiled happily.

"Well." Ose seemed to think for a moment, though not seriously. "Where would you like to go? I feel inclined to take you any where in the first realm. Even to the entrance to the second realm, but I don't think I'd go beyond that."


The small lantern's eyes seemed to look Galio over quickly. Some kind of realization must have come to it because the eyes then shot open in obvious terror. "Hey! Hey! Wait! We can work this out. You don't want to kill me!" The demon was now clearly crying in fear. "I... I can be useful! I'll follow you now boss! OK? How does that sound? Total fealty! I swear it on the temple!"

The lantern was visibly shaking with fear and the stand was cringing back, trying to seem smaller and less threatening.

"I want the group of humans trapped, with the succubus 'Hataki' and human 'Tasha' being a priority. Now get out of my site." Galio sat down. Meditating, he summoned a dozen of eyes. 3 of them planted on the Tsukumogami, the rest of the eyes scattered, watching the group slowly walk towards hell...

Hataki's breathing was becoming more stable now and she was regaining composure. "Do you have a bathhouse? It would be nice to relax in waters heated by thousands of tortured souls."

David took the tea and sipped. "Thank you Tasha."
He looked around. "Hey, where's Ms. Umbra?"

"Right, I'm a bit confused as of now. Realms? Gates? Is there any chance you could just give us a basic layout of the underworld?"

After hearing Hataki's comment, John shot her a weird glance, before turning back to face Ose.

Hataki caught John's glance "Demon, remember? I'm allowed to have some fun. And you yourself look like you could use some relaxing."

"I'll relax when I'm dead!" John cracked a slight smile at his bad joke.

"Seriously though, I'll take a break once we get out of here. Preferably alive."

"Dead doesn't really matter anyway. I'm led to believe that the dead can still lead rich, fulfilling...lives?" He took another sip, pondering the grammar of his statement."yyyyesss... I think that's right... Anyway, I rarely pay attetion to the Damned, but I'm pretty sure Hell is divided into 7 realms, each equally unpleasant, please don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong." His tea sputtered and let off a soft glow for a moment before calming down. "This really is excellent tea."

"Half, remember?" David said to Hataki. "If I were you, I wouldn't try to appeal to the demonic side of myself."

David took another sip of his tea, and let out a satisfied sigh.

"There is no goal or objective for what we do when we're down inside hell. I say we take advantage of that and have some fun, relax abit. Not to mention if anything happens i'm sure we could handle it, save for i giant five story high stone golem but I'm sure we won't run into those." Hataki said and stretched her wings a bit to stop them from getting stiff. "But why wouldn't i want to appeal to it David? its a new untapped side for energy and possibility!"

'Because it could possibly corrupt you completely, and the human side of you would be lost.' David wanted to say, but instead he chose to sigh and drink more of his tea.

Before David took another sip of his tea Hataki caught a glimpse of something that she saw in Umbra, caring.
She walked over and sat next to David "Tell me whats the trouble, its obviously more than just..." and she stumbled over herself with the sentence not knowing what to say.

"Trouble? Nah, I'm just saying you need to be more careful. Don't go overboard when you use your powers." He drained the cup. "Otherwise, the human side of you will be lost forever."

He got up and began rummaging through his bag. "Eh, but what do I know? I'm not a half-demon, so I really don't know what it's like."

"I'll be careful with it, but i don't think its the power that would corrupt me." Hataki said then lowered her voice a bit. Her cheeks also flushed a deep purple in preparation of what she was about to say.
"i have this feeling, a want, inside me for lust and pleasure. i'm afraid if i gave into it what would become of me. its always there, nudging at the back of my mind. i don't know when it will break through or what would happen if it did while i wasn't in a safe area. I need to learn how to control it or take the edge off. you can look inside my head for it if you want, i give you my consent."

David stopped picking through his belongings and turned to Hataki. "You sure about that? It's not exactly going to be the most pleasant experience... As you already know."

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