Avoiding detention... TO HELL!

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"Fighting those things in the cave weren't the most pleasant experience either. If anyone in this group can deal with it, it would be me. also i felt nothing but pain of the fire last time, my mind was clogged." Hataki said, her cheeks blushing furiously as she remembered the last time.

afterwards, she laid back on the rock, careful to not crush her wings. "Ready when you are."

"Right then," He rubbed his hands together and placed them on her head. "Alright, here I go."
A shudder ran through his body, and now, he stood ramrod stiff, his eyes taking on that same glassy look from earlier.

Hataki retreated into her own mind and waited for Davids arrival. soon afterwards, she gasped as his willpower entered her mind. she decided that a proper place would be necessary to greet him.
Hataki grabbed for the first memory to surface. it was her uncles Mannor. 12 rooms to a floor and three stories high.

she found herself sitting on her bed in her old room, painted black with a blue thunderbolt going across one of the walls. "Materialize yourself whenever you're ready."

David appeared in front of her bed, his hands in his pockets. He looked around her room. "Nice place you got here."

Hataki got off the bed "It's my uncles place. My guess is that everything in my head manifested into something about the house. What would the flame look like then?"

"Flame? You mean the fire that I used before?" David paced around the room.

"Sorry,Its what i call the thing at the back of my mind, seems like a fitting name."

"Oh, I get it." David stood in front of her. "Well, what now?" David pulled out his knives, seemingly out of thin air. "Where is this 'flame' located?"

"I don't know. that's why i brought you in here. any ideas?"

David shrugged. "Maybe try willing it to appear?" His knives circled around him. "I'll be ready if it does appear."

Hataki eyed the knives nervously "We're still in my head remember? also, i think it would've manifested itself as a force of power, creation."

David crossed his amrs and looked at her with a frown. "Well, where do you suggest we look then?"

"Power, creation..." her eyes went wide as it clicked into her head "The forge! Fire, creation and power."

David raised an eyebrow. "Oh. When you said flame, I thought..." A light blush lit up his face. "Nevermind, it's not important." David stepped towards the door. "Lead the way."

"Simple, i thought of it as a flame licking at my feat, so the forge is a perfect place for it to manifest itself." she opened the door and stepped into the hall. "Clear, follow me." and they proceeded to move down to a door in front of. Hataki stopped in front of a door. "This is the entrance."

"Alright!" David promptly kicked it down. The knives floated in front of him, ready to carve up whatever was behind the door.

Inside was just what you'd find in a blacksmith shop, tools, furnace, anvil. the furnace was on, as if someone had just bee working it. Hataki's training told her to turn it off. she walked over to it and about two yards away, her knees buckled.

she fell to the ground,landing in a kneeling position. "Its the furnace, its influence over me gets stronger the closer i get."

"You try try to deal with this thing. to much pressure." Hataki dragged herself back to the real world. she felt pressure in her skull from Davids will being in it. she sat up slowly, head spinning. "I hope he can control it with minimal damage."

"You hope, I guess David, can control what with minimal damage?"

"Part of my succubus biology. its complicated." Hataki said rubbing her temples.

"Sounds complicated." Tasha took a drink from the flask of tea. "I wonder how she's doing."

David eyed the room warily. He repositioned the knives, so that they revolved around his body and pulled out his dagger and entered a front stance.

"Well, I hope this goes well."

He moved slowly to the furnace and examined it. It looked extremely old; there was rust covering a majority of it, and it looked like it would fall apart at any second, and yet, the flames were bright and roaring. It looked as if they were trying to escape.

"By the Goddess having someone in your head feels weird. You can feel their will moving within you, doing things. I hope he knows what he's doing, probably not, but it makes it all the more fun i guess." Hataki said, laying back down from the blood rushing to her head.

"so.. Hataki, just out of curiosity, can you hear what David is saying, or is it a one way street?" He fingered one of the bells in his pocket "Y'know, because... Aw screw it! I'm going in." There was a deep, brass sound, like a gong being struck, followed by a sharp crack as Zephaniah's soul left his body and made a beeline towards Hataki's head.

"By the Goddess, i don't know what will happen to me." Hataki said as she braced for the second will that was about to enter her head.

"Actually," Ose mused. "There are 9 levels here." However, he was actually sounding a little board. Particularly, he glanced over at Hitaki for a moment and shrugged. "Teaching humans for 2000 years and sometimes I still don't understand why they do what they do." He muttered to himself.

He shook his head for a moment before taking a sip of tea. "Hmm! This really is good." He said in mild surprise.

Now you'd think it would be difficult for a leopard to drink tea and you'd be right. However, at some point when no one was looking Ose had seemed to totally change his form. Now he seemed to look exactly a tall man, blond and handsome looking, with a carefully trimmed beard. Even if his voice didn't give him away though he was wearing a fine suit completely covered in leopard pattern spots like his coat had been seconds before.

However, as Ose went to take another sip the sound of Kibeth, the Walker, sounded it's crashing gong like chime though the chamber. At the sound of the bell a crack formed along Ose's cup. He examined the hairline fracture for a moment before removing it with a wave of his hand. Off in the distance a bit of air moved for a moment, like a long held sigh.


Galio and his new minion could also hear the chime of the bell, though much diminished. The lamp in particular seemed to shutter involuntarily for a moment. Though he quickly went back to cowering.

"Hey! Sure thing boss. Whatever you say."

With a moment of wiggling he then bent his stand a bit and hopped away for a bounce or two. It was now clear that the bottom of the stand was clearly shaped like a bare foot.

"Umm..." The lamp said again, this time nervous and apologetic. "Hey? So... which direction are these people?"

Hataki let her guard "I'm only half human." she said looking at otis "If it wasn't obvious enough."

Voices were faintly being heard. The group of students came closer but at a slower pace. "That way" Galio pointed. "I. Want. Tasha."

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