Shadows of the Universe (Sci-fi Action RP)(Started)(Closed)

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"WHAT!? Shit this doesn't look good. Everyone get behind the sand dune!!" Jason ordered as the group tried to get behind the sand dune. Jason was almost shot a few times in the process but was able to make it behind the sand dune without any injury.

Rick jogged for the dune, dropping behind it and looking at his shield. It had about twelve dents in it, all with a nasty vapor rising from them and streaks of melted metal running down from them. The air around it burned. Gross.

The metal began to harden, and the streaks slowly began to draw back into the dents. Perfect.

"Anybody got a theory on what they did to their bullets that makes metal melt?"

Chris jumped behind the sand dune in the nick of time. He crawled up to the lip to get a better look. He pulled out his binoculars to see who the hostile was and peered over the lip. The enemy must think he is dead for they have stopped shooting at him, and he was able to get a good look.

Chris took a good look and it was soon obvious that the hostiles were not human, "Jason, these hostiles are not human, I say again not human!" Chris shouted. "What do you propose we do?!" Chris hastily shouted.

"Not human? That can't be right!" Jason said as he inched his way to the edge of the sand dune. Looking over he got a good look at what the enemies were and he saw they were large lizard like creatures. "OH Shit you're right! Well Only thing I have right now is treat them like a normal human enemy!" Jason shouted hoping they'd go down just like a human.

Kell and Hunter sprinted towards the top of the dune. Kell fired off short bursts from his rifle as Hunter whipped the large, scoped weapon off her back and with a pair of small *clicks* set up the bipod before going prone and looking through the sights.
She watched as a trio of smaller, black hostiles began running around the dune, apparently hoping to flank the squad. Taking careful aim she fired off an entire clip, 8 shots in all. The shifting of the sand under the gun had an effect on her accuracy and she only managed to pick off two of the hostiles, the third falling back to join its comrades.
Kell, meanwhile was laying down suppressing fire on the larger creatures slowly working their way towards him. He'd hit nearly all of them by now but aside from a lucky shot to one's eye none of them seemed to be bothered much by the bullet wounds.

Jason leaned out of cover and took about 20 shots at the larger enemies. He hit the one in the front about 5 times but it didn't look phased at all. The large creature looked over to where Jason was and aimed it's rifle at him and fired at him. Jason was barely able to roll back into cover as the bullets hit the place he was just at. "Damn, These things just won't go down!" Jason said as he reloaded his rifle.

Chris started firing at the aliens and was able to land 4 solid shots on the larger foes, however, they didn't go down, but one seemed to flinch, even though it was shot many times over by Chris's teammates. Chris soon decided to open up his personal computer and start taking video footage of the enemies for further study. While he was capturing them on video he whipped out his pistol on starting firing on the foes.

Rick ran to the top of the sand dune to create a distraction. The last black creature targeted him and fired, but nothing appeared to come from the gun. A second later, there was a splashing sound.

Rick's shield suddenly began to squeal and hiss. He dropped back down over the dune and examined the hit. His entire shield was dissolving before his eyes, the insignia on it was gone and streams of metal were falling into the sand.


James lined down the large enemies, in a row of three, and fired. While his allies had been fighting, he and McMillan had slowly migrated to the other end of the sand dune, and assembled and loaded the large rifle. James sighted down some of the creatures in a row, and aimed for the least armored part of center mass he could find on the first, which was hard considering it seemed to have the most armor of the creatures, their version of a heavy probably. The round impacted directly between armor plates onto it's body, ripping a hole in it, and the round hit the next one with enough force to make it stumble, and produce a sickly crack and some bleeding, it was wounded, meanwhile James was setting the stand on the rifle for another shot while he reloaded the round, and tried to stab the support stand as deep into the sand as he could, McMillan took his assault rifle and let loose a volley on the creature Rick mentioned, managing to shoot a limb out and damaging it's weapon

James then nearly got killed by a plasma round, a small burn on his shoulder right where his armor ended bled well. Harmless graze, as McMillan finished his magazine and ducked down to reload as James started trying to draw a map in the sand from his blood "They're aim isn't too bad, they almost managed to be as dangerous as us for a half-second of luck" James joked on the radio, as he activated his cloak and got back onto the rifle "Anyone got grenades?"

"How about rockets?"

Rick swung the dripping shield onto his back and replaced it with the rocket launcher. He ran to the top of the dune and aimed at the largest creature. Two bullets hit him as he fired.

d20+6: 10

The rocket smashed into the tank's leg, blowing it off. The tank fell to the ground.

Rick ducked back behind the dune. "I'd better not use all my ammo here... I've only got seven rockets left!"

"Do you have any other sorts of ammo? Say the Strike Round micro-nuclear option for this rifle of mine" James sounded hopeful as he and McMillan examined the map in the sand, and planned firing volleys

"Nope, I didn't know what to take. Tell me next time before we go to the armory, and I'll stock up..."

Rick's shield was about half repaired at this point, so he swapped the rocket launcher for it. He glanced around to see who was in most trouble.

"Wonderful, a firefight with aliens that won't die and I'm stuck with weaponry that couldn't hit a sky-scraper at this sort of range!" Regardless, Jobe pulled one of the pistols out of a shoulder-holster and climbed to the top of the dune to join the other members firing desperately at the gaggle of immortal xeno's. Jobe raised his gun and blind fired about ten shots then risked a quick peak over the lip of the ridge. The dumb things seemed quite happy to stand in open ground and shoot at them, the cocky things. Jobe wasn't going to be much use unless the hostile came within chargeing range, but even then the acid guns they seemed to be carrying would probably screw him up.
He began looking around, trying to find a route he could use to out-flank the aliens.

"Oh look, grenades." Kell mumbled, reaching into his waist pack and pulling out a small box. He pulled out several small parts, one around the size and shape of an apple and the other a small cylinder. He began hurriedly screwing the two together. He flinched slightly as a round impacted a foot or two from his head.
"Fucking Clearwater posh prick shitty intel didn't even bother to scout the area fuck!" He muttered confusedly as he finished assembling the grenade.
He stood up and with a shout of "Frag out!" he tossed the grenade overhand towards the group of hostiles. He overshot a bit and it landed between the three in the back of the group. A moment later there was a loud *CRACK* as the grenade exploded, shredding the armor of the two closest to it and bringing them down. The third stumbled, its back exposed and bleeding but it continued on. A rogue bit of shrapnel hit the weapon of the smaller, black enemy. It turned to fire on Kell but with a *WHOOMPH* its rifle exploded, sending a shimmering wave of heat all around it and leaving only the torso of the creature remaining.

"Next time, can you give me a grenade there Kell? I know a trick from my service on Earth, which is hard to do with imaginary explosives, which have slightly less yield"

McMillan was busy shooting their heads, and actually manage to kill the one that got his back shredded
"Haha! Sir, with all do respect-" "You have less than half my killcount, McMillan, congratulations" James fired off one of his four Depleted uranium rounds and managed to make the torsos of two of the monsters, spattering their parts on the sand and making their bodies fly down like ragdolls, then he took cover to load another normal round

Rick remembered what Jobe told him about his tactics, and saw him looking for a second route that involved less melty-metal-death. He looked and saw that the remaining aliens were getting pretty close - only a mad dash away from the base of the dune. He had an idea. "HEY JOBE! If gyou get behind me, I can get you closer!" Rick extended his nearly repaired shield in front of him and jogged back up to the top of the dune, waiting expectantly.

"Well, I think that's all of them."
Kell turned to James.
"If I'd been expecting combat I would have actually kept the grenades assembled. Dangerous to run around with live explosives when you aren't even fighting. Anyway..."
He reached into his pouch and pulled out the box again, tossing it to James.
"There's parts for 5 more grenades in there and I've got another box in here as well. Just take the fuze, er...the cylinder, and screw it into the top. After that you know what to do with it."

James caught the box and strapped it on "Fair enough. I'm going to cloak on over and examine what we just killed, they might have snipers we don't know about. Keep McMillan here, I can't have him revealing we're still here because he wants more fight." with that, James faded out

McMillan was slowly looking around the dune, and then he was apparently tossed down by nothing, and rolled near Kell, getting up and pointing his rifle "Where are they? I'll pop their head!"

Jobe looked over at Rick. He seemed honestly willing to rush an acid spewing gun line just to get him closer. A VERY valuable ally, Jobe was glad he'd managed to restrain himself on the ship. "Whenecer you're ready...oh wait." People seemed to have stopped firing. Jobe glanced over the ridge. There was a distinct lack of enemy movement.
Jobe snarled and punched the dune in frustration. His heart was beating and he could feel the enhanced adrenalin pumping out of his glands. Steady Jobe, steady. He slowed his breathing and the flow of adrenalin abated. No point in going psycho when there're no enemies to kill.
"Thanks for the offer, but I think we're done here." Jobe smiled and reloaded "Another time though, I promise." Jobe grabbed a nearby pebble and threw it at the feather called McMillan, a little more forcefully than he meant to "Hey! Shut up would you? And point that thing down before you accidentaly shoot down our transport ship or something."

"Well, now I just feel like an idiot." Rick grinned sheepishly. "Don't worry, though, I doubt that's the last we've seen of them... where do you think they came from?"

"Hopefully. I'd guess a rival co-orporation trying to colonise this place, and although the intelligence division is wrong more often than a blind amnesiac playing 'card pairs' I'd assume that at some point, someone would have realised another starship was being made. I guess that leaves us with aliens."

As the firefight ended, Chris started the playback of the footage of the hostiles. He zoomed in and slowed down, parts of the video, and soon noticed that these things looked reptilian in stature, but with all the armor they had on it was difficult to tell from this distance. He stopped the video and trotted over to Jason and said, "Hey Jason, I got some footage here that you might want to check out."




Jason hefted his rifle over his shoulder and looked over to the dead enemies. "Okay guys take two of each type of them back to the Pegasus, we should do some studies on them!" Jason ordered as he walked over to chris. "So what do you have on them?" Jason asked as chris showed him the video of the battle. Jason saw their size and the strength of their armor from the video, He saw that they also had no fear of being hit. "Either they have full confidence in their armor or these guys will be very hard to fight." Jason thought to himself. "Nice work Sgt." Jason said as he gave chris a pat on the back.

"Okay guys double time I want those bodies on the Pegasus three minutes ago!" Jason ordered as he picked up one of the aliens weapons. "How the hell do you use this thing?" Jason thought as he looked over the strange weapon. "Screw it I'll look over them later." Jason thought agitated at the fact he couldn't make heads or tails of it. Jason went over and picked up one of the black aliens weapons and started to walk off towards the pegasus with both the weapons in hand.

James went over to one of the small creatures and dragged one onto the pegasus, having found one with it's weapon mostly intact, James piled it onto the other corpse and huffed, jumping up and laying down in the cargo webbing, using battery kit as a pillow to laze with

Trotted over to Pegasus asking Rick, "Hey Rick, how're these guys for God's-failed-chupathingy?" Chris knew that he would have to check those bodies for any kind of electrical equipment.

RICK: "A little less... Eldritch abomination-like than I anticipated. I have my doubts about them making these holes." Rick walked over to one of the dead black creatures and carefully picked up its gun and fired it at the sand. A terrible smell rose from the sand and it quickly melted, staying molten for about five seconds before quickly cooling into glass.

Rick carefully brought the weapon back to Chris. "Here... have this. It fires heat. See what you can make of it." Speaking louder so that everyone nearby could hear him, "Do me a favor, guys! If we face these things again, don't expect me to be your mobile bullet magnet or wall or whatever until we've horribly murdered ALL of the small black ones. I'm not risking intense heat-stroke in two hits or less."

KNOBS: Private Knobs wasn't excessively disappointed that he couldn't go down to the surface, the flamethrower he had been working on with Colon was too interesting and going too well to not be excited about working on it.

The explosives chamber was about done, now he just had to test it. Never had all the metal in his vest been so useful.

He checked a directory for a firing range, and ran to the closest one. It was in the exterior of the ship, so he didn't travel through the main city to get there.

The test went quite well - a grenade with two liters of gasoline traveled a good fifty feet and left a black streak on the floor. He calmly thanked the slack-jawed attendant and left, taking three more grenades and a tank of gasoline with him. It was a wonder they still used gasoline, but it's the only way that a couple systems in the ship ran.

Jobe decided the worst was over, and clambered up over the dune. He walked cautiously down to the bodies of the creatures and began looking over them while some of the others dragged the carcasses to the transport. He knelt down and pulled the helmet off one of the bodies and looked at the face underneath. Interesting. Jobe got back up and began walking back to the group. He called loudly: "So do we get medals for being the first humans to ever kill aliens on another planet? Should I start writing my memoirs?"

"Let's just worry about getting the bodies back on the Pegasus before something else decides to try and kill us." Jason called back. He whipped his brow as he looked around the battle area, it was too hot for his liking and it was causing him to sweat. "Those things were too well trained and their weapons were too advanced for that to be the only group of em. This mission just got much harder" Jason thought to himself as he went back to overseeing the retrieval of the bodies.

Chris grabbed the weapon from Rick and turned it over a few times. He decided not to shoot it and wait to get back on the Berlin where he could do some real testing and find out what makes this gun tick. Chris then made a few copies of the battle footage he had captured and forwarded them to Jason's PDA and the investigative team on the Berlin to see what they make of it.

Jason was inspecting one of the alien weapons when the ground started to shake. "What the hell is going on?" Jason questioned looking around trying to find the source. He looked at the hole and it was still intact and didn't even look like it was collapsing on itself. He then heard a loud roar coming from inside of the hole. "Everyone get away from the hole!" Jason shouted as the squad backed away from the hole. Jason pointed his rifle at the hole waiting for whatever was in there to come out.

Jason then saw a large green hand grab onto the ledge of the hole, Jason took a shot at the hand hoping to knock whatever it was back down the hole. The bullet then ricocheted off the hand like it was made of some type of metal. The creature then roared again but this time it was louder and it made jason cover his ears. "Pax.......... Go get the Pegasus started......... NOW!" Jason ordered after the creature stopped roaring. "Everyone get back to the pegasus." Jason ordered in a soft tone while backing away from the hole.

Jason saw the hand of the creature move as it pulled itself out of the hole. Jason was stunned by what he saw, he saw a very large green monster that looked like it was covered in diamonds. The creature took a long glance at the frozen soldiers and roared at the group. One of the soldiers from the tokyo panicked and started to shoot at the monster. The monster looked over at the soldier and in one quick move ran at the soldier. The monster took its arm and crushed the soldier into the sand instantly killing him. The monster then lifted it's bloody hands from the sand and looked back over at the group and roared again at them.

"POTENTIALLY A CHUPACABRA FROM THE BOWELS OF HELL!" Rick hollered before any battlefield smartasses could ask. He wasn't well protected against crushing, and while it looked like he'd survive an initial attack from the thing, he wasn't all that keen on testing that idea.

Rick turned and broke into a sprint towards the drop zone, then checked himself, stopped and turned around, checking to make sure that everyone was as safe as could be expected.

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