An Obscured World: A Clockwork Fantasy RP

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"I don't need air!" she laughed. "And I don't need suitors. I need cash~" she grinned mischievously. "I bet I can take home more than you did with a night at the bar" It came natural to her, moving, breathing and acting in the dress. A kleptomaniac huh. Let's see how good I am. "Come on Albert, we got a few more stops before we go to the castle..."

They found themselves outside the pub. Iris sat on one of the stools, just getting some water. "So kid, find out anything about yourself?"

Albert looked at the dirty glass the bartender gave him, he pushed it aside and turned to Iris. "Nothing much. My name, My passion... I think I found my profession. But earlier I sat down with these cards, and somehow everything was better. I couldn't remember where I was or how I got here, just that I playing." Albert stared at the row of glass bottles on a shelf in front of him.
"Alberto. It might not be my name." Albert took out his notebook and opened it. "All of these beautiful drawings are signed with the name Alberto. But I don't know if this is mine" Albert looked at iris, "This dress suits you".

"Thanks" Iris paused for a moment. "Albert, we found someone who knows something about who we are. We went to the castle, and it looks like we all know each other. We were here to prevent a dark god from rising or something." she spoke a little quieter, hoping no one was listening.

Albert clenched his fist. "Fantastic" he tried to suppress his anger, "Elves, faeries and Gods. Fantastic" Albert tried to calm himself down. "We don't know if this person tells the truth." Albert closed his notebook and put it back in his rucksack.
"Did he talk about me?" Albert asked Iris as calmly as he could.

"No, not too much. He mentioned that you were very fond of Rob, worshiped him even, and that you tagged along last minute... oh, and that you were useful sometimes. I'm not entirely sure, by the time I arrived they were already talking." She sighed. "You know I met a vampire in the castle too. She was very cute though, I don't think she would hurt you."

"You don't think so" Albert rubbed his forehead with his hand. "Why do you think? That creature came at us and you had a civilized conversation. You talked with a vampire. Someone is sitting on his chair, smoking a cigar and laughing at my expense" Albert moved his hand over Iris's shoulder.
"I don't want this madness anymore. But I don't know a home. I don't know shoulder to cry on. I don't know my freaking name." Albert turned towards Iris, "I suppose we'll be heading there shortly. Nothing better to do, if you believe that there really isn't an exit. " Albert sighed, "I just can't walk there, naked. Iris, I'm scared shitless. This bleedin' dream won't end.".

She cocked her head with a sigh. "Your name is Albert. I'm pretty sure that he called you by that name. Look, we were apparently friends before all this, okay? That means you can talk to us anytime." she tried to cheer him up. "It's not all that bad, okay? It just looks like you got hit on the head a little harder than we did."

Albert stopped for a moment and looked at Iris. His right hand began moving on the table, "wait" he stopped. "I think I can find out if I'm really him." Albert took out a wooden stake and began drawing on an empty piece of paper. He didn't look at the paper, he kept on staring at Iris.
"Hold still, Iris" Albert said softly, "I think I can solve this".
It's a feeling, not a memory
After ten minutes of silence, Albert looked at the once enmpty page. He passed the notebook to Iris, "Look" Albert said, "I'm really Albert".

She took the notebook, grinning. "Wow, that's really good~" She kept looking at it for a bit, enamored by her own image. "Right, see? You're Albert. No more fussing and crying about it. Now let's go to the castle." She put down a few coins on the counter and walked out. The walk back didn't seem as long now that she had a companion to talk to.

Albert smiled as he took the drawing of Iris back and put it back in his rucksack. "Off we go" he said as they left the pub. Albert walked with Iris through the narrow path to the castle. "Iris, doesn't it bother you that there are things here that can snap you in two?" Albert looked at her sword, now positioned in a rather surprising place.

Castle Borgov's entryway was quite creepy, a long winding road up into the side of a mountain, the path a sharp dropoff to either side and closed at it's front by a gate made of steel serpents. A gaunt man stood in the gatehouse, nodding to them as they made their entry and rapping his fingers against the back of his hand. Then they came to Castle Borgov, lightning arcing across the sky as the doors slid open. Soon, the eight of them were assembled in the entry hall of Castle Borgov along with Hassan.

"It is good to see all of you again. I will introduce myself. My name is Hassan Adavis, and I know that you do not remember me. However, we have been associates for some time. Some of us even friends. Please, come with me."

Hassan lead them into the dining hall of the castle, a dark ominous room guarded by suits of armor, with a massive crystal candelabra hanging over a colossal table long and large enough to seat a hundred with a considerable amount of food. Hassan directed them to sit near the end, himself sitting in the end chair.

"Welcome to Castle Borgov. I'm sure all of you have many questions. I will do my best to answer them. However, if you would wait a few minutes, Katrina will be here shortly. Also, I believe my servants have prepared a meal."

"That dress suits you well Iris. I guess we now know who the seductress of the group is, and it isn't Theo." Samuel said with a laugh as he got his coat back and put it on. He moved his personal effects back into their proper pockets before stepping into the dining hall and standing near the door of the room that lead back out into the main hall.

She grinned at his comment, tossing her red hair back. "Aren't you the charmer." She scanned the portraits, the decor wasn't really her taste. There was something dreary about the whole thing, maybe the lack of natural light. Although there was little natural light outside anyway. She wondered if the lack of windows was for Tanya. Or if it was meant to be like that. She took a seat at the table, wondering what was for dinner. "Servants, hmm? Quite the estate you have here."

Gomik tugged on his beard as he examined the dining hall, liking the whole feeling of the place for the darkness. He did not know why, but he did. After hearing something about food, He quickly exclaimed "I like the sound of that! Bring it on!" He said as if it were a challenge as he jogged over to one of the seats at the end, tending to be further away from the man at the end, as he knew very little of him, but still the end. He laid his beard on the table, and leaned slightly back in his chair, making himself comfortable.

Rob had managed to find Sam, Iris and Albert. "Samuel. Good to see you're still healthy. Hopefully we can manage to find more answers this time." He turned to Albert "Hopefully you haven't burned anything by accident." He joked with him, and then turned to Iris, blushing a little when he saw her. "Well... you look.... very nice. It suits you very well."

He noticed a couple of the others from the cave, gesturing them to come over and join them. Still not sure what to make of the others. Haven't really gotten to know Gomik. Akivasha seems decent enough, just different. Haven't even gotten to speak to Kane. Theo's an idiot, but that's not necessarily meaning he's untrustworthy...

Once he had gathered his thoughts, he turned to Hassan. "Excuse me. Who exactly is here in the castle? Is... Katrina here?"

"According to our pasts, it was only you I charmed. Can't say I would complain about that though. There are certainly much worse options out there for my former self to have taken an interest in." Samuel joked a bit as he decided to stand behind one of the chairs. Something told him it was only proper for him to wait until everyone had come back before he sat down.

"Hopefully we can Rob, and if what we have learned so far is true we can learn quite a lot."

Akivasha finally managed to arrive at the castle, stepping in not far behind the others-- without even a word-- as Hassan met them all in the great hall. As he directed them to sit, she again sat a bit apart from the others, clasping her hands together. Though for once she did opt to remove her gloves, studying the food nearby, sniffing the air delicately.

She wasn't terribly concerned about poison. Indeed, she found the nutty taste of cyanide pleasant, and deadly nightshade had a certain interesting zest. No, for once she was interested in the food, for she hadn't eaten in many hours.

She looked to the others, staying quiet, and awaiting Katrina's arrival.

Albert sat down, away from the others in a less illuminated part of the table.
He's going to feed us Albert had his hand on the table, his fingers moving restlessly.
I haven't seen any side effects from the sandwich Albert took out one of the sandwiches he bought earlier and began eating it, trying to stay unnoticeable. What was that about the art of the butcher... Maybe he can tell me. If he really knows us.
He quickly finished his sandwich.

"Hassan! Hassan! You want to explain..." The door swung open and a stunningly gorgeous woman with chestnut hair and clear blue eyes walked in, clad in a black cloak over a plain white tunic and trousers. "Rob." She ran forward and grabbed him, turning him to face her before kissing him, pushing him up onto the table.

"Ah, there she is." Hassan remarked drily. He tapped his glass with a spoon, and a moment later a spiderlike clockwork automaton made of brass stepped into the room, bearing plates and glasses, followed by others carrying food.

Rob was surprised at what just happened, but didn't seem to object. He returned the woman's kiss, embracing her until moving his head back. "Katrina?" Please let this be her....

"Rob, thank God." She whispered. "I thought I'd lost you. I was afraid you were dead. Are you alright? Are you hurt? What happened to you?" She glanced around after a minute. "Ah, hi." She glanced at them briefly, then turned back to Rob. "You look terrible. Can this wait, Hassan? I'd like to talk to Rob...alone."

Gomik pointed in front of him, gesturing to the people now walking into the room with food, and also noticed the giant metal spider that had walked in. It had intrigued him, but it could wait, right now, he was running on a tiny bit of sandwich, and could not wait to get real food into his belly.

"Ooh, mechanical slaves." Iris swirled some wine around in her cup, amused by the deep color. "Go on Rob, have some quality time with your fiance." she teased. There was some jealousy in her voice, she didn't particularly like other women who could steal attention. The food however, was delicious, much more tasty than avocado and garlic sandwiches. She had to laugh at Albert's suspicious nature. "Come on Albert, are you really going to sit there and miserably sniff the food that's offered?"

"Uh... we can go somewhere private if you want." He was still unsure what to make of this. He knew he had to explain that he had lost his memory, and that he couldn't remember her.

"I'll lead the way." Katrina grinned and lead Rob through a series of rooms, eventually coming to an opulent bedroom. Rob didn't have much time to look at it before he was pushed down onto the bed, Katrina jumping onto him. "I've missed you so much." She kissed him again, beginning to undo his shirt.

* * * * *

"Well." Hassan stood up. "Welcome back, old friends. It's been four years since we've stood together like this, but at long last we're all together again...except for those two. We can talk to them tomorrow." He chuckled. "I know you all have many questions, and I'll do my best to answer them. But there's no sense having a long conversation without refreshments." Hassan gestured to the servants, who began laying out food and pouring glasses of wine. "Please, eat."

"Don't have to tell me twice." Gomik said as the food came out, and he basically ripped the plates from the servants hands, digging in with his hands at first before noticing the silverware to the sides of him. He quietly wiped his hands on the side of the table, ignoring the napkin, and started gulping down his wine. He felt like he could go at this rate for hours, and woe betide those who tried to stop him before he was full.

"Katrina... wait... could we talk?" he knew what she wanted, and he had to admit, it was very tempting, but there were still a few things he wanted to know. Still, he found himself staring at her for a long time before speaking again. His face turned bright red as he tried to control his thoughts.

"I guess one can't complain about free food. I'll let the others start with the questioning though. I've asked more than enough for now." Samuel said as he began to dig into the plate of food presented before him.

Katrina grinned at him. "We can talk later. Come on, Rob, it's been four years with no one for company but Hassan." She kissed him again, then sat up and pulled her shirt off, letting her bountiful bosom bounce free.

He wanted her very badly now. "Katrina... how badly did you miss me?" he still wanted to talk with her, but the more he looked at her, the more he considered waiting.

Iris slipped her fingers down the front of her corset and pulled out the key she found in her pocket earlier. "Do you know who 'Alex' is? And perhaps what this key is for?" she handed it to him, cutting into the meat on her plate. "I found it with me when I woke up in the cave, and so far nothing I've learned explains it."

"Alex..." He rubbed his forehead. "I don't know an Alex. Ah, wait. It's pronounced A-lecks. Short for Alexestra, your cousin. I haven't met her, but I understand in your youth you spent some time in Qintarra and become close with her. As for the key...let me see." He spun it over. "It's a Caladon Bank key. Probably goes to a safety deposit box. Where, I'm not sure, there are markings but they're too small to read. Once we get out of Mordavia, we can head to Roseborough and talk to the regional office there."

* * * * *

"More than I can say." Katrina winked. "But I might be able to show you."

Rob didn't hesitate, pulling Katrina on top of him, kissing her passionately.

A little later, Rob was getting dressed, Katrina lying down beside him. "Katrina... there's still a lot I need to remember. But I do remember how I felt about you. I remember the first time we met. The first time we kissed. There's still holes... but at least now I know I have someone who cares about me." He still did't remember that much about her, but he knew that he wanted to remember that more than anything else.

"Well this is good Iris, isn't it? You happen to have someone to go back to, all the more reason to get through this and head back to our respective homes. I can't say I'm not envious of you. What with this new information." Samuel said looking up from his meal.

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