Fallout-The Lost Island-(Open RP/Started)

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Jayne caught something shiny out of the corner of his eye, and saw that Kairi was holding it. Surprised, he reached out and poked it, making sure he wasn't imagining things.

"Well, ain't you jus' a li'l treas're hunt'r," he commented, tilting his head slightly to the left. "That..." Jayne paused, trying to lower his voice so only Kairi and Ol'Sebastiano could hear, "...that a whole bar o'gold ya got there?"

"Uhh, grazi, pal," Donny said as he took the kit and walked off. "Enjoy ya sleep." He went back up to the cabins and eyed the sign-up sheet. "If I go into an occupied one, the guy and his bot'd whack me. If I go into an empty one, I'll be on my guard 'till he comes in and gets stabbed, if he does. Let's try an occupied one. Hell, if he hears me at the door he might open it for me."

Donny then picked #7, and tried his first tactic to see if the occupant was awake or in. They didn't always respond, but wastelanders were typically jumpy enough in his experience to respond and receive a knife to the jugular. He made sure nobody was nearby, and knocked on the door. "Mojave Courier, got a package!" he said into the door, hoping the occupant was asleep.

("Kairi Won an Achievment S**T Fest!")

"Gold?!" The merchant shouted as his eyes widened, the guards all went slack jawed at the sight of it. No matter the time or place gold still held incredible value, and the sounds had numerous occupants of the hold eying the trio.

(the robot didn't get an answer and defaulted in following)

The guards buffed up and looked tough as they met any gaze with the look of "Ours". The merchant on the other hand eye the bar and whistled a long one.
"Well ain't that something, well little girl how about I give you... 3,999 caps for that little bar of gold, and I'll toss in a teddy and a key to a suite?"
The merchant smiled warmly and his voice was level along with the tone most saved when talking with kids.
5 Bullets Rang out....
13+27=40 Points Total
Round End.
The Captain announced the score and quickly other contestants ran up to shoot each taking there turn scoring as followed.... 13,17,16,20,25,27,23,30. Time flew by and one managed to get 39 but the buzzer rang after his last shot hit the disk.
He was a lean man and looked mangy sticking to a laser rifle and air shots.
"We Have a winner with a score of 40 points!" People clapped politely, others left in huff, and some looked envious.

A Mr.Handy arrived as with a key to lead the winner to room 20 of the suites.
"Greetings! I'll be your personal Butler Mr...?"

Donny-"Oh?!" A feminine voice came from the room, muffled by the metal door, "What the fu-?" a man also said.
"Go to hell, I didn't order any package!" The man shouted and was followed by a bottle of glass crashing against the metal door.

"Y'all in fer some long shifts with that piece o'shiny," Jayne commented, relaxing when he realized the gold bar wasn't his or her problem anymore. "Course, that's reck'nin' the lady 'grees t'yer terms." Crossing his arms, he looked down at Kairi.

"Good bit o'coin fer a day's sales, y'think?"

Kairi was more than happy to accept the offer. Not only would she get more than enough caps for clothes, it was also more caps than she had ever had at one time, or even combined in her life. Giggling happily, she offered the gold and said. "Deal! Especially for the teddy bear! Mine could definitely use a companion!" She would also be getting a suite out of this, so she was definitely feeling lucky right now. She felt a 'little' bad that she stole the gold but this was the very example of survival of the fittest. One thing confused her though, and she tilted her head as she asked. "How come it's 3,999 caps, and not 4,000? Is there a scratch on it?"


"West...David West...stall we head to the suite?" He asked Robo-Butler.
He re-loaded and did a Robo-cop gun spin before putting it away.
He turned at his rivals and gave a small chuckle.
Don't feel bad, I'm the best there is at what I do... He thought as he made his way to Room 20.

"Alright little lady 4,000 square just because." The merchant got a small pouch out for the caps, a rather clean teddy bear with a little eye patch made from gecko hide, and a key to suite room 5.
The robot led the way to the room.
Sun Setting Now.
Number of Dead/Disabled aboard the boat:5
(This time applies to you guys above only)

David checked out the room.
"Whhhoooaaaaa....Nice..." He said as he threw the hammer the Mutants gave him near the desk.
He sat down on the bed and laid down and laughed to himself.
"Jeebs, Strongest Drink you Got mixed with the Second Strongest" He said to the robo-butler.

"Right Away Sir, Seeing as you have a suite, you have available some special [b]<Data Not Found>[b] Vintage Moon Shine, would you care to sample a glass?"
The Butler floated in the air it's arms poised to move.

"Well a'right, got yerself a pretty bit o'coin," Jayne commented, turning back to Kairi. "What say we get yer stuff t'yer room, then take a gand'r at Miss Ashley, check on 'er? Ain't gotta be in that ord'r."



"Eh all right, I'm game" David said as he started cleaning his guns.
He went to the closet and took out a sheet and laid it out on the bed and began taking them apart.

(Stop sniping me, I'm busy at times alright >=()
A small shot was poured of clear liquid, filling the room with a rather pungent smell not scene or common to the Wastes (coconut). The drink itself looked a bit thicker then your average kind and seemed to be slightly glowing, then again it might just be a trick of light.

David stared at the strange drink and then downed it in.
He paused for a moment and then recoiled due to the taste.
"aaaaaaaaarggghhhhhhhh...thats good stuff...WOOOOO!" he shouted
"Gimme some more of that!" he said as he handed the robot the glass.

Kairi thought about it for a moment as she tied the caps pouch to her belt, making it sag a little, before hugging the teddy close to her and pocketing the key. Deciding finally, she said. "Let's unpack my stuff in my room. Ashley is in good hands and with Mr. Robot here, we're perfectly safe too!"

"Sounds like a plan," Jayne confirmed. "Le's hope Mr. 'Bot here's bett'r at callin' fer help th'n I. Shotgun's dandy fer a fight, but ain't perfec'."

Especially not if you are outnumbered again. His smile disappeared as his left hand went for his bag.

Quiet 'fore I hit th'bottle 'gain.

"'ey, Ir'nman, where th'rooms at?"

"Ahhh, shit. Let's try a different room, and maybe a different tactic," Donny said. "Maybe faking the runs'll do it." He looked at the signup sheet, picked #3, and banged on the door frantically. "Hey, man, can you please open up!! I ate some bad meat in the cafeteria and-" he pauses to groan for a moment to indicate a stomach pain. "and the bathrooms are way to far away to make it! Can I use yours, I'll pay you for it! PLEASE!? For the love of GOD open the door!"

The room was empty and hollow as Donny's lie, not a sound came from within.
Dib-You Gain "Bottle of Coconut Shine"! (sounds like a bad cleaner) The robot gladly obeys and pours another glass
"I can lead the way to the Suites Dear!" Mr.R replies ad shifts its feet to begin moving.
(You can auto travel to the room, note you most likely won't see Donny thanks to time differences).

Kairi giggled happily as she followed the robot into the room. Looking around, it was more luxury than she had seen in a long time. She could actually sleep in a bed, rather than on the ground or in some cave! Going over to the bed immediately, she flopped down on it and said. "This room is great! Do you have a room Jayne? You can stay here too! The bed is plenty big and you've been really nice. It's the least I can do!" She opened up her now full pouch of caps and frowned. "This is pretty heavy now..I only needed a few too." She put her hand in and took out a few hand fulls before placing them on the bed and offering them to Jayne. There was at least a thousand caps total on the bed. "Wanna help lighten my load? I don't mind at all either. This is way too much for someone like me to carry on my own."

David takes another shot as he finishes his gun Cleaning.
"WWWooooooooo....maaannnn...mmmm...whats in this stuff?..." David asked as the powerful drink starts to affect him.

"I... Donny done got a room fer me," Jayne began, pausing to wonder why he did whatever he did to make friends so soon after boarding. "I reck'n I'll make use of it." Sneaky sumbitch like 'at can 'elp in a pinch. "As fer these," he walked to the edge of the bed with a drunken smile and knelt down to gather the caps, "sure is a kin'ness of ya." More o'that could come yer way if ya stick 'round. "Now, hows 'bout we get on ov'r t'Medical and check on Miss Ashley?" Woman with a big ol' shooter and workin' power armor might reck'n she owes y'a favor. Might.

My, my. You are doing this so well without me. Or are you?

"Y'know," Jayne reconsidered, "ain't got much need fer this many caps, so y'happen to run out some way, I got these waitin' fer ya."

As if that will make much difference.

Soon'r ya get on yer way, th'bett'r. Standing, Jayne walked to the outside of the room and turned to face Kairi, realizing that he'd noticeably sobered up.

You have been me for two decades now, I am afraid it is not that simple, Ring-tail.

Best make it simple, trait'r. Legion's dead, I c'n die 'appy. He smiled as he offered his hand for her to hold as they walked down to Medical.

Dib-The drink is passing right through your body...
Kairi now has control over Mr.Handy Butler, and M.R the Steward!

Kairi giggled as she put the rest of her cap bag into her backpack and got up. Making sure she didn't leave anything behind, She held the teddy by the arm in one hand and went to Janye, taking his hand with her other. Smiling, she said behind her to the Mr. Handy. "Keep the place clean, okay Floaty Robot?" She never knew the official names of the robots so she had created names for them all from her imagination.

"Hmm, might be sleepin' or just out. Bene. Questo sarÓ facile." He checked the ammo on his guns, and put the pistol in its concealed holster. He then knelt down, placed the carbine on the floor as he got out his kit and eyed the door. "Soon as I get this suite picked I'm gettin' a strap put on this t'ing. It's too inconvenient to carry around."

David started to feel woozy.
uuuuhhhhggg...can't be getting drunk already...could I?
"Robot...List contents of...Coconut Shine...think I saw a cleaner with a name like that once..."
He managed to say.

"S'where ya hail from, missy?" Jayne asked, trying to make conversation as the two headed to see Ashley. "And where'd y'pick up Mr. Bucket? Ain't many young'uns I recall got 'mselves their own bot." He quietly undid the strap on his 9mm with his free right hand, believing anyone who heard the two in the market would think a drunk man, now-wealthy young girl, and Protectron would be an easier target than three armed guards and a merchant with a gold bar. Though not in the best condition, he made sure to look down hallways the three passed to try and spot any would-be attackers.

"I am her Chaperon sir." The Steward known as Mr.Robot spoke as it lead the way to medical bay for the night any way.
"Data Not Found Sir, I'm afraid I do not know what the drink consist of." The butler replied.

The doors lock is surprisingly easy and the metal hatch opens with ease. As the door swings open the hinges so oiled and balanced one would think it was hardly made of metal at all.

Inside stood a Sentry Bot! Minus arms and a head.... it appears to be a bit gutted along with the remains of a Handy nearby. Do you enter is the question?

David relaxed and slurred "Uh...right...sorry thought you were trying to...drug me...for someone...Happened before...Pour me another and...I'll tell ya...really funny story..."
He handed the Butler the glass.

Kairi looked over to Jayne and said with a smile. "Yeah, since I'm so young he decided that I need a guardian looking over me. He's really handy too! No one is a better chaperone!" She giggled before saying. "I don't really remember the name of my town, since it was really small, but I do know that there were some biiig ruins not too far from us. Must have been a really popular town back before the Bombs dropped."

Shaun awoke and battered his eyes multiple times, he was used to waking up early and living with small amounts to sleep, "Bloody...wasteland..." Shaun muttered, got up in his bed and stretched his arms.

"I guess Ill feel bad if I don't patrol for a bit" Shaun said as he got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. After a few minutes Shaun had dressed back up in his outfit, equipped all of his weapons, threw his bag into the chest, locked it and told the Mr. Handy to watch the door as he headed out of the room.

"So yer tellin' me ya got on this 'ere boat and got 'anded a 'bot?" Jayne asked, eyebrows raised as he remembered being in Legion training when he was her age. "Wish my young years was as fun. 'stead, I got t'ride on Ma and Pa's wagon. 'Watch fer Raiders. Watch fer Raiders. Sit yer ass still an' watch fer gorram Raiders.' Did that up til sev'nteen when..." He paused, remembering watching his parents die at a much younger age.

Fear not, you miss them because you survived the indoctrination. Far fewer can say the same.

Kairi nodded her head a little bit before saying to him. "Ah, I see. I guess since you said that, I should tell you that my folks are erm..gone..also. I've been on my own for at least a year, but I lost track of time so who knows how long it's been. I heard about this boat going to a new island and thought it was the perfect chance for adventure! It's paid off so far!"

"That it has, so le's keep yer lucky streak goin'. Huh, I got on this can cause I look all 'round, can't forget 'bout the war. Been in it from th'start, just ran west after Legion hit home. Near died from lack o' water, but chance to make 'em pay kept me movin'." Jayne sighed, remembering all the graves he made his sergeants help him dig.

"Wanted t'keep kids from losin' parents. Jus' made parents lose kids. You learn nothin' else from me, learn this: y'ever have you an enemy, take the fight to 'em on yer terms. Damn that Oliver." Kairi's hand was all that kept him from digging out the rest of his whiskey.

(Cleaning up allowed characters seeing as they no longer are posting.)

Diablo-Evening-Day 0 of voyage-Another drink was poured (the butler obeys any commands and you can auto-command them if they are under your control, they just won't do some certain things that are obvious folks).

Storm-Outside as Storm steps out, he catches the sight of Kairi and Jayne a bit farther down the hall and outside of ear shot as they turn the corner and descends some stairs. This is to his right, to his left there seems to be the sounds of a bear trap, opening, closing, opening, closing ever so faintly and echoing.

Kairi and Jayne-The robot leads you down a set of stairs in to another hallway, this appears to be the administration area and other offices, empty rooms line the hall ways with Stewards and Butlers in them, either deactivated or at attention, turrets and cameras in tandem line the roofs, and signs like a vault indicate the office purpose.

Donny saw the remains of the gutted robots. "What the fuck happened here?" He looked into the room, trying to see any cause of it. "These things look the ship guards. The bigwigs ain't gonna like this." He was going to call the guards, when he realized he could get in trouble for picking the lock, and a Protectron wouldn't be much help, anyway. Besides, profit was extremely possible.

He held his carbine in front of him and walked slowly into the suite, pushing the door to slightly open so nobody saw him. He kept his eyes peeled, looking for any movement, and yet at the same time wondering who could be using this room that gutted those two robots, and why? He stopped in the middle of the room, turned around to encompass the room, and raised his voice.

"Whatever shit's goin' on here, I don't care. What you think you did wrong doesn't concern me. Just give me the key to this room and I won't shove this barrel up your ass, got it?"

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