Fallout-The Lost Island-(Open RP/Started)

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Shaun groaned as he revived from his injury, he suddenly remembered the threat that came from the female raider, "What the hell...has my reputation already followed me onto this boat" Shaun thought as he suddenly saw the NCR man he saw earlier, "Hey over here!" Shaun called.

Kairi-The super mutant stood up tossing the harmonica on the badly bent bed, turning his face to better light it was clear mutations had caused one of his eyes in to a squint, and the left one completely shut.
"Who's there! Jacky find!" He barked his voice sounding like his throat had been torn or swollen.
The dog merely stood up, and scrambled at the wall near the vent barking and growling out of effort to simply please its master.
Donny-In the crawl space behind crates and old tanks (of liquid), it was quickly taking a sharp turn to the right the way Donny was facing, and a strong point of one of the green glows.

All of a sudden, Jacob's hand dropped to the handle of his machete. Looking around, and seeing no visible guns and on one paying any special attention to him, he shrugged to himself. Damn I'm getting jumpy. Keep thinking the 'clan' is gonna catch up with me. He thought, as he continued to eat.

Finishing his food, he put both his knife and machete on the table in front of him, while retrieving the sharpening stone. Taking another pull from his canteen he set to work on his blades.

David walked over to Storm: "Hey, buddy?, you all right?, you took a nasty beating." he asked as he un-tied him.
"Best get out of here, I ran them off, but they'll be back.

Shaun got up as David untied him, "It wasn't any worse most, the only thing I worry about is them and the ghouls that roam here, we should kill them all so they won't cause any damage to the people above us" Shaun spoke in a bold tone as he adjusted his hat and pulled out his katana.

David pulled out his 5.56mm pistol and said: "Agreed, stall we?"

Taking two steps backwards to avoid a bucket flying at his face. He walks away from the captain and yells

"Alright who do I have to throw overboard myself?"

Kairi squeaked a little bit when she heard him getting very defensive. Trying to calm him, though the dog barking didn't help, she said. "P-please wait! I'm not a bad girl if that's what you're thinking! I'm just exploring and I heard your music!"

Shaun nodded at the man and remembered one of the most important things his Dad taught him, "Also, name's Shaun Pittman" Shaun said with a happy smile and extended his hand.

David shook hands with Shaun :"David West, now then, these baddies ain't going to shoot themselfs, though I wish they would, would life a hellva lot easier!" he chuckled.

Shaun smirked and laughed at David's joke, he might of made an ally. "Surly it would, hell it would make our jobs easier and this cruise much more fun...but anyway lets go!" Shaun yelped as he started to run with David.

David scouted ahead, peered around a corner and saw some ghouls.
He cocked his pistol and took aim at their heads.
"Now, I'm no bigot but..." Two shots, two thumps as their bodies fell: "...Gotta admit, Shooting them in the head IS petty effective..."
He reloaded out of habit, "So why did those guys jump you anyways?, aside for the fact that they're total pricks."

Shaun saw the impressive work of David at hand and whistled behind him in amazement. "Thats true, also it was only one person, the girl raider, it must of been my damn reputation with the raiders...and the super mutant, well he just ran" Shaun said as he peeked around another corner with his katana.

David noticed Shaun's Katana: "nice sword you got there, although I would recommend using a gun while in here, Feral's can be petty lethal at swinging distance." He said as he scanned the area around his corner though his Iron-Sights.

Mess Hall

"S**T the pay isn't worth this!" The two guards ditched at the gun fire, dropping their shotguns on the floor, one of them falling apart from the impact devoid of shells. The two combat guards fled the scene.

Below Decks

With a crackle of electric fire, a night kin appeared to be charging from the side of the main courtyard in plain view. Swinging a a crude club of wood two ghouls fell from the sides of tanks and piled on it, beating it ferociously, they have yet to notice Storm and David.

The laser Turrets on the other hand do, and begin firing upon them.

Jacob laughed wildly in his head. Those fuckin' guys didn't even have ammo. Fuck security ain't as big a threat as I thought. Putting away his gear, and sheathing his blades he readied himself. He'd seen a Protectron when he'd come in standing watch over some marks gear, which included a Gatling laser. While he had no use for the clunky thing, it was worth quite a few caps.

Putting on his best 'worried and afraid' look, he ran up to the robot. "Hey you!" He said, his voice edged with tension. "You're with the ship right? Someone's been shot go get help...NOW! Please hurry! [LIE]"

[spoiler=OOC there are a few protectrons, and of course other people in the mess, and note you weren't in the hall, or else Jayne would have seen you...</spoiler]

"What to soft to fess up to it?" He shouted again

Donny edged his way around the corner, his pistol in front and ready to fire. He heard a slight noise, however, and fired off three times around the corner without looking due to anxiety. He turned his head around the wall to see what he had hopefully killed. "I hope I didn't hit a fuel tank or some shit," he said to himself."I wish I didn't even sign up for this."

David was nearly hit by Donny's spray fire.
"WHOA WHOA WHOA!! Who is that?!" he shouted as he fired a shot back, hitting the edge of Donny's corner.

Hearing the guards flee, Jayne slowly stood up, using the wall to pull himself off the ground. He clumsily peeked around the corner to make sure it wasn't bait. Once he saw the guns on the floor, he stumbled over to the bathroom door and knocked.

"'ey, sweet'art," Jayne began, taking a few steps back and quietly pumping his shotgun, "y'a'right in 'ere? Dinn'r's gett'n cold."

the Major General's gun was now empty, he stopped to reload. The room was full of his feral brethren. He sighed, walking calmly back up to the casino floor. On the way, he heard the sounds of fighting and he quickenned his pace.
by the time he made it back, the one called Jayne was standing outside of the women's bathroom, slurring drunkenly.
"'ey, sweet'art," Jayne began, taking a few steps back and quietly pumping his shotgun, "y'a'right in 'ere? Dinn'r's gett'n cold."
Maxwell didn't trust Jayne, his accent was off for an NCR veteran and he acted a little closed for his liking.
Nevertheless, he jogged over to him and, with his usual ludicrously cheerful voice, cried "'Ello, 'ello, what's all this then? What's going on in there?"


Hearing the growling ghoul, Donny cursed and ducked back behind the corner to quickly reload his gun, reducing the bullets in his pocket to 15. He then scooted from around the corner, and found himself at an uncomfortable distance with a glowing one. He found enough space and, leaning up against a heavy fuel tank, hauled off and kicked the ghoul in the head. It staggered, and he immediately shot it twice more in the head once it steadied. "Son of a bitch." Donny said as he leaned over what was hopefully a corpse, and patted it down to see if the ghoul had anything of value he could loot, regardless of the radiation. I need to buy some lead-lined gloves or somethin', he thought to himself.

The ghoul in it's tattered remains of shorts and a jacket wasn't actually a glowing one, rather it was smeared in a glowing fungus growing in a tank. The ghoul was most certainly dead as it yielded...
-Jack Shit unless you want a glowing ragged Hawaiian floral print, and swimming shorts.

In the small opening where the corpse was, no other ghoul was in sight, and the only ways open where to go left from the corpse and in to open path ways and crates, back the way you came, or forward for more crab walking in tight spaces.


"Haha I like it"

Deadeye said as he unshouldered his rifle and fired hitting the bucket and sending it flying off the edge of the boat in one fluid motion

The Super Mutant paused and the dog turned around wagging its tail for a job well done. "Go back to exploring and leave me be." the mutant waved towards the vents general direction and to put emphasis shoved an old suit case against the vent blocking the view.

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