Serial Killer Round 35: The Round of the Roles. (The Round is Over, the Killer is Dead)

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*holds head*

I'm alive? I'm ALIVE!

@Staika: Yikes, surgery is no fun D:

@WP: its fine I changed my title for fun since my brother's room is on the second floor and its a pain to go up and down the stairs.

@Red: it is but this will be my first surgery ever but I'm not nervous or anything. The surgery is quick and easy and ill be back home on the same day so I won't have to stay in the hospital or anything :P

Alright I know CA's going to kill me but I need to do this

Stalkia used to walk stairs like you and I but then he took an arrow to the knee

@staika: ouch. just ouch.

@everyone whos messaged me: god, men, get a hold of yourselves! were waiting for the killer, not votes!

@Staika: what skye said.

@Void: *Revs up rusty chainsaw* We do not make arrow jokes here! Do you know how those jokes make me feel on the inside?

@lost: I have to admit that I did laugh :P

@skye: yeah but at least I can make it down the stairs albeit in a goofy fashion >.>

@Void: *sigh* Lesson One. As I have said, the best arrow joke is none at all.

Observe, audience, as I take the arrow mentioned in Void's post above. Very pointed... somewhat lethal.
*shoves point of arrow into Void's left eyeball, and rips out the eye*
Capable of causing considerable pain when the need arises...
*does the same for the other eye*
And now I have myself a nice eyeball kabob.
*stabs Void through the throat with the arrow, leaving it in rather than letting him bleed out*

Arrows aside... *steals chainsaw from Omega and uses it to disembowel Void before taking off individual fingers, ears, the nose, toes, feet, hands, and lastly that which no man wants to be kicked in*

Well, that wasn't too bad for the first time trying my hand at this kind of thing. Simple, I'll admit, but effective.

@CA: O.O don't worry sir I don't have an arrow to the knee joke.
*hides arrow behind back*

@arrow to the knee:

hehe. always makes me laugh.

@omega: hallow omega!

@Skye: Actually, no. My idea was thought of yesterday: I've never seen that image before.

@CA: also, that doesnt count as an arrow in the knee joke, so pls no killing

The morning had long gone, and the sun was high in the sky. There were a lot of clouds though, so you wouldn't know it. It never seemed to be a nice sunny day in this town.

Unseen somehow, the killer stalked the streets. He had his next target, and there was no getting away once he saw you.

"The killer has struck. Who is his victim now?"

Check your inboxes.

I have yet to receive a pm so I'm assuming I'm still alive and if so Hooray I'm still alive :D

I LIVE!!!!

I'm not dead.


I'm still alive, I think :/

This was a tri- ah, never mind. You get the picture, :P

I'm still alive and kicking!

@WP: You're assumptions of me getting it are accurate, but I really had to jog my memory.
It's a dangerous place that I'd rather not venture into any time soon.


Oh great, there goes the pterodactyls using jetpacks.
God they're lazy.

@Shizzy: Am I still banned from Photoshop?
I miss it.

@Skye: O hai.
@CA: *Snatches back chainsaw* MINE!

Also, I still live. This really put a spring in my step.

@Jak23 We do not allow image puns here. Or any other forms of puns for that matter. *Walks past a long wall covered in weapons racks each housing a number of swords. Stops and picks one up before testing its weight and balance. Returns the sword and picks up the tall candelabra beside the rack. Teleports behind you and thrusts the candle holding end of the candelabra impaling you multiple times. Teleports back to the sword rack room with the jack impaled candelabra and kicks the wall that housed the sword racks so that the swords fell off, cutting you numerous times as they hit you while coming out of their sheaths. Teleports to a nice spot off of the alantic coast and drops you into a shiver of sharks before teleporting myself back to my house.*

@Jak23: Could be worse, you could have taken an arrow to the knee.

Also I live!

@Red: Not anymore with that pun. :P

*ghostly wail*

What if I make a pun in the afterlife?

@Redlin5 CA isn't online right now. I'm sure a painful death is coming your way.

@War That isn't a pun. It's just an overused phrase that pisses CA off.

@Mortis I have killed the dead before. The main difference is you get to feel more pain.

@mortis then you get an arrow in the knee. A ghostly Arrow.

@element: Does it matter? It was said and therefore death is inevitable.

@elementsoul: Killing the dead seems a little redundant...

And I fail to see how it would be more painful when I don't have anybody anymore.

@element *Skye fixes me up* It is not the time for me to die...
On an unrelated note, we just got our Christmas tree! Only 16 days until Skyrim Christmas! :D

@jak: hey hey hey dont bring me into this

@omega: >:| MY chainsaw

Well that was unrelentingly depressing to write. I think I need a nap. -_-

@Jak: We put our tree up today too! :0

The cats keep attacking it xD

It's Zero! Link was the one who referred him here, therefor his "closest ally"!
@sky Same here, only it's my baby brother not cats.

@Jak: Well that's a bold leap. I have a lot of friends on the site that I conspire with on this game. For all you know, I could be talking about the kitty cat. :P

@Link: So about that book you should write...

@Jak: Nah, it's obviously you.

Hey, I can use Aliceblue!
That must mean I'm the killer!

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