Serial Killer Round 35: The Round of the Roles. (The Round is Over, the Killer is Dead)

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@staika: You traitor!

@ninja: I was a double agent the entire time and nobody knew >:D
That and I've been thinking about changing it for a good 4 weeks but I can't find a good replacement.

And so it begins...

...more or less...

@Void: Of course. Jarkko Ruutu has done a great service providing hours of enjoyment.

So we do this by just talking and later voting?

@Link: I remember that conversation too actually. XD

@Wenseph: When someone is killed you send your vote for who you think the killer is via PM to the thread originator, in this case SkyeNeko. That is essentially the game if you don't have a role.

The first thing I got to do when I got into work today was deal with someone for 20 minutes whos card kept being denied and he refused to believe it. I swear I swiped his card around 30 times -_-

@NeoAC: Okay, thanks for explaining.

"That was quick..."
I woke up to an email flashing on my screen. It looked like the killer was eager to rack up some points. I skimmed the letter, although there was really only one name on it.
"Ah... too bad, too bad..."
I knew which screen to look at to watch the death. It was going to be such a shame.

"I regret to inform you that the victim of the first cycle has met their end. May there be a moment of silence as the body is found."

Check your inboxes. If you have received the dreaded PM, post your death no later than Wednesday night.

Welp, I'm still alive. This bodes well for me.

For now. >.>

I have yet to receive a PM at all today. I feel happy yet strangely lonely >.>

So hooray at least I'm alive right................. right? new mail...this is good.
Phew, this is going rather well so far.

@victim: Shit, it was me and i was the medic. T^T and i finally had a role too, anyway i'll try and get a death up soon.

Also like all my problems i blame Schizzy.

@Ninja: NNNNNOOOOOOOOO Not Ninja! He was so young and had so much to live for *Cries into sleeve*

Don't you just love that 0 by your inbox?... *Starts making out with 0*

@Gnzpk Don't worry, I'll get your revenge on schizzy!

@GPNZK: Whaaaat?

We finally buff the medic and he gets offed instantly? What are the chances? >.<

@link: aint that about a bi-

It wasn't too long before the speakers shattered the cold silence again. There was a bit of static before a familiar voice comes out of it.

"Yes, dear citizens, your medic Gypsy has fallen prematurely, not unlike a few things in my life~ So sad, so sad. But! We must move on. Will all the survivors please send me their lynch vote?"

The medic is dead, send in your votes no later than Wednesday night.

@staika: *Appears to staika from the JIB* it's okay i'll be with you... *Gets way too close to staika's ear and whispers* foreverrrrrrr.


i want to read it

@Ninja: Hooray now I'll never be alone...... forever >.>

Oh yeah my vote was sent

not unlike a few things in my life~

o.O *raises eyebrow*

That slightly disturbing comment aside, my vote has been sent.

My vote goes for Gypsy!! (Kidding. I won't get marked for that, right? Right?!)

Vote coming in shortly. Now where's that damn parchment...

Aw man, I got all excited for a second when Gypsy died because I thought I knew who the killer was.

And then I looked and saw that they weren't playing this round.

And then I cried. >.<

*vote sent*

@Link: I'm curious to know who you thought the killer was.

@gypsy: maybe youll learn after you post your death *takes out whip* WRITE!

@Skye: The killer hit me with his Vespa, the end. (Not really)

@Skye: Oooh, a taskmistress. Me likey. :P

@GNPZK: Honestly, my mind jumped straight to Icarion from just watching conversations between you two in the past. Really, it's a perfect deduction minus one minor flaw (you know...him not playing and all).

Oh well, back to the drawing board. T_T

@GNPZK: Oh crap! The Medic curse is back! D:

No one is safe.... ;_;

@GNPZK: Damn, and not even a chance to use you in your buffed form. :(

Vote incoming.

Also, I've noticed that the SK Group notifications aren't being used. Maybe we should have an announcer notify everyone when someone dies and when it's time to vote. I'll volunteer if no one's interested.

@Link: Oh yeah, he did call me pretentious didn't he.

@WP: I'm fine with you doing it but shouldn't that be the GM's job?

@penguin: i could, and i usually do, but im getting quite a lot of votes in. figured id wait a little to see if everyone would vote. if not, ill make an announcement before i go to bed.

Not my faux sibling!


also, not everyone is in the SK group.

If you haven't joined yet, click here.

@Zero: I'm not sure why, but I can just imagine you cursing the heavens while rain falling dramatically on your face.

Cliched? Perhaps. Do I care? Of course not. ^_^

But with less deal breaking.

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