Eye of the Black Marsh: A Tamriel Adventure

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Cinder walked in and laughed. "It's not my fault you can't breath underwater.

Tar-Sheen chuckled at the surprised gasps of the others as the creature rose and drenched the occupants of the small boat in freezing water. It was nice to be back in Black Marsh. She stepped into the pink squishy exterior, surprised at how firm the mass of muscle and blubber seemed to feel. "Come now, surely some of you have the stomach?" she said to the others.

Valindor smiled at the sight of the strange animal. His scarred tongue licked the tips of his teeth. "Yes...Lets go" he walked towards the argonian and entered the insides of the beast.

Inside, you see an incredibly luminous area. A colossal heart, at least the size of your boat, sits in the center, beating. Another Argonian is at the forefront, with his hands on a beating organ just bigger then his two hands. Vas talks to this Argonian, who nods. Cinder says "We'll go down as soon as we are all aboard."

Brann climbed inside of the creature. He felt himself turn a little bit green as he saw the organs inside of the mammal and took in the strange odor of the beast. He listened to the rythmic beating of the massive heart. "I did not need to see this...or smell this." he said as he sat down. "You know, I almost feel naked without my mage's robes after wearing them for so long."

Ja'Raviir had stayed silent until now, the moment he had stepped on the ship to Blackmarsh he had resigned himself to rotting away in some damp cave breaking rocks for the rest of his days. Yet, here he was, unshackled for some purpose or other, still it didn't bother him, in fact a small grin spread across his feline features as he thought of how enraged the Thalmor would be if they knew.

Shaking some of the marshy water from his grey tabby patterned fur, Ja'Raviir stepped up on the side of the slightly rocking boat before he took a small leap over to the insides of this odd beast of travel. The beasts insides smelled odd, like no fish or beast he had smelled before.

"To answer your earlier question..." He spoke as he looked at Cinder. "I was caught conspiring against the Thalmor, and sent here to rot. But Khajiit thanks you for removing his shackles, Ra."

"Thank nothing of it." Cinder said as he sat down on a squishy red mass of meat. "I'm sure they will have new clothes for you where we are going. I wouldn't really know, though. I was working in that prison you where heading to as a translator. Like you, I...made a mistake...Though I am sure you know all about it all ready. It was all over Tamriel, considering the fuss about it from the remaining High Rock strongholds and the King here in the Black Marsh..."

A-Cinder-Rev loses the calm he had up to now, and looks down, sadly reflecting.

Once Birane was in, the Argonian at the front squeezed the organ. The over sized fish rumbled, and dived down under water, as the slit sealed up.

"Sorry if the ride is uncomfortable. I haven't rode on many of these myself. We don't have long to go."

Underneath the water, you are taken through a cave entrance in the wall. You can see through the translucent skin into the butaful cave system, although it is hard to make out. There is little light now as the beating slows.

Ja'Raviir's ears drooped slightly as he remembered what the warden had called him earlier, he wasn't sure if it was from pity or disgust, at the very least he seemed to be regretting the actions that he had committed. Maybe S'rendarr would have mercy on him one day, after atonement had been completed.

"Khajiit made only one mistake, being caught." He said as he walked over to sit on another mass of meat inside the beast. Shortly thereafter the creature started moving, sealing itself up from the cold water outside and diving into the depths. Ja'Raviir was feeling terribly uncomfortable, it didn't feel right to sit here in the dimming light with lots and lots of water overhead, it made him feel incredibly vulnerable.

Light flooded through as the Warwol surfaced. "Oh, right. You were conspiring against the Thalmor? That...might be a problem, later on."

"No need to tell Ja'Raviir, Thalmor eyes are everywhere, and they will not like Khajiit not being in mine." He said as he shielded his eyes from the sudden bright light, his eyes adjusting from night sight.

"I think...right, well, you'll see. Let's not deal with it now."

Vas arose from where she was sitting and said something to Cinder. They had a brief conversation, and the two then began to walk out onto a board walk leading to a door in the wall of the cave. Their footsteps echoing in the humongous room.

Looking at Cinder and Vas conversing in what he could only guess was Jel, he waited patiently for some kind of command as the two walked down the board walk. He wanted to follow and sate his curiosity, sure, but he had no intention of slipping up this soon after having his shackles removed.

The Argonian who was "driving" the Warwol got up and said "Wayte. Her."

And so you waited, for what seemed like an hour, listening to the rumbling of the Warwol, when you heard splashing. The Argonian driver commanded the slit to open, and saw five cloaked figures emerge from the water, climbing onto the board walk. The driver angrily walked towards them, making demands in Jel. As he got close to one, the cloak pulled out a titanic dagger and swung it into his spine, causing his blood to fly out and splash onto the floor with a sicking "SQUELCH".

Looking on with curiosity as the cloaked figures climbed onto the board walk, there was something here, something not quite right. As the driver walked out and started arguing he rose from his seat and walked a bit closer, figuring that the cloaked figures weren't supposed to be here, the nagging doubt in the back of his mind grew stronger.

Then, with a sickening sound of flesh being parted and blood splashing on the boards, he noticed that one of the figures had drawn a dagger and attacked the driver.

"Renrij! Assailants!" He cried out as he readied his claws, he was far from the best hand to hand fighter, but at least his claws gave him an edge.

Birane's eyes grew wide as the blood was spilled. The boy was not unfamiliar with death but the sudden carnage took him aback. Shock was quickly replaced by a dreadful fear of these new figures in the cloaks.

What could they want? Are we in danger?

Before he even realized what he was doing, words were passing his lips. They flowed coolly and freely as though he had spoken them hundreds of times before.

A shimmering wolf appeared at his side. The apparition twinkled like the moon with long silver fur and a featureless face.

"Bec...heel boy."

The cloaks turn to you, and the one in point shouts "FUS! RO DAH!". Before you can do anything, you are all blasted back into the Warwol, crashing into the soft organs.

Ja'Raviir had no idea what had just happened, one of the cloaked men had just shouted at him and he had been blasted back by a tremendous shock wave. If he had been in a more relaxing situation he might have remembered the rumors he had heard about the power of the voice, this was not a very relaxing situation however.

Peeling himself from the squishy organs he attempted getting back on his feet as he spoke. "What do you want, assailants?"

This time, it was the assassins turn to be shocked. Not by Ja'Raviir, though. For they could not hear him over another deafening shout: "IIZ SLEN NUS!"

A sheet of ice blanketed the boardwalk, and the robed figures were frozen solid. Straight across from you, having just came out of the door was a good looking Nord with long blonde hair and green eyes, wearing a horned helmet. Next to him where two dark haired Nords who quickly ran to the ice statues, assessing the situation. Behind the horny headed warrior came Cinder, followed by Vas and another Argonian, this one wearing black regal armor and a golden crown.

Vas ran to the dead driver, and she wailed, crying while embracing his dead form.

"WHAT is going on here, Dovahkiin?" an Altmer screeched as she came out of the cave.

"Ask your superiors." the Dragonborn said in a low rumble.

"Wh-what is this!?"

The Argonian with the crown turned and said "It would seem we have had visitors. A lucky thing I was able to get the Dovahkiin and his Companions to guard the meeting."

"Visitors with the Dragon Shout." one of the dark haired Nords clarified.

Cinder called forth "Are you guys okay? It's best you came out now, we were just about to send for you anyway."

Stunned yet again, though not by a shock wave this time, Ja'Raviir looked in awe at the people collecting on the boardwalk. There was a Nord with a tremendous presence, the one who had spread the cold of many desert nights on the cloaked assailants, and an Argonian with what could only be described as an air of regal authority about him.

His senses returned as an Altmer came out of the cave to join the others and his ears laid flat on his head in annoyance, he didn't trust Altmer, until proven otherwise they were all members of the Thalmor in his eyes. And the resulting conversation between the Dovahkiin and the Altmer seemed to confirm his view.

"Are you guys okay? It's best you came out now, we were just about to send for you anyway." Cinder, the Argonian translator who had accompanied them earlier said and called for them.

"Ja'Raviir is fine, only startled." He told him, keeping his ears flat and his gaze on the Altmer as he stepped forward, his bare feet sending shivers up his spine as he walked over the layer of ice that had formed on the board walk.

Tar-Sheen was dazed as she stood. She had only heard stories of the power of Dragons Shout's, but witnessing one up close and personal felt, for the lack of a better term, really weird. She rose off the squishy organ she had been thrown back on and looked around at everybody. Her yellow eyes widened in surprise at the Argonian in Black Armor. "My Lord! It is an honor to meet you sire." She said crossing her arms over her chest with a slight bow. She had never seen a King of Argonia before but from her mothers stories, he fit just about every discription she had ever heard.

The flurry of violence sent both Birane and his spectral wolf careening backwards into the slimy insides of the creature. Dazed and stunned, it took the young Breton quite a bit of time to regain his bearings and shake off his confusion. By the time he was on his feet and moving again, the situation had resolved itself and the party now stood before much friendlier faces.

One of the Argonians who had been traveling with him had acted shocked at the sight of the regal beast with the crown. Birane had never expected find himself close proximity to a royal figure in his times and the thought of it pleased him greatly.

Cinder called out to the others and beckoned all to join him. As Birane slowly followed is companions, he ran his fingers though to cool fur of his companion.

"Alright Bec, I will summon you again as soon as I can. Be a good dog."

With that, the creature slowly dissipated into the cold thick air. The boy sighed and continued to follow the others.


The Argonian king, Rook-Gor-Lokk, greeted Tar-Sheen and asked Cinder "Are these the prisoners?"

Cinder nodded, as the two dark haired Nords hacked away at the now frozen assassins. Vas slowly got up and said something in Jel to Cinder, who replied the same.

The Altmer hurried over to look at everyone. "I still can't believe you expect random selection to work, much less-"

She stopped upon seeing the Kahjiit.

"-THIS one is a conspirer against the Aldmeri Dominion! Do you have any idea what you've done!?" she screamed at Rook, who wasn't really paying attention.

"Relax. They where hand picked by A-Cinder-Rev. I am sure-"

"A rapist! Of course! How could I forget to mention that your trusted translator is apparently your hatchling now that he was convicted of a felony!?"

Cinder hung his head when the Altmer spoke of him, but the king never wavered.

The three Nords joined everyone else, and the Dovahkiin said "Perhaps it would be better to argue another time?"

The Altmer now turned her fury to Dovahkiin, and said "I have yet to see that this will pan out! Do not think I've forgotten you are suspected of killing dozens of Thalmor agents, and freeing prisoners of the Aldmeri Dominion!"

Dovahkiin ignored her and walked further to you. As he passed, one of the black haired Companions snorted and pushed her into the lake, with a loud *SPLASH*

"FARKAS!" the other one yelled, as the drenched woman got back up.

"You-BASTARD!" she yelled. Farkas, for his part, grunted and muttered "Ya can only take so much of that yammering, Vilkas..."

"Our Dragonborn friend is right." the king started. "Let us go back to the meeting room. Our friends must be cold."

Valindor fondled the flesh he was sitting on while he observed the fight outside. It reminded him of the cold nights he spent inside the guts of an Elk at the far reaches of Skyrim as he was searching of the Master.
The men that had killed the driver came closer to the riding beast. Valindor had nothing to protect himself from those men.
Then I shall rip the flesh from their bones Valindor readied himself for a fight he knew he could not win.
The shout did not disturb Valindor. He had heard the battle-cries of the last tribe of the free Igma. Those that wanted to remain free and ignorant were slain by their brothers desperately pretending to be Altmer. Valindor smiled at the sight of frost covering his assailants.
Dovahkin Valindor stood up and left the belly of the beast. He observed the amusing spectacle on the dock and followed behind the group.

Ja'Raviir continued looking at the Altmer in annoyance as she started screaming to the Argonian king about him being a part of the freed prisoners, and found himself a bit more welcoming towards the Dovahkiin as she accused him of crimes against the Dominion as well. However, the man that his respect grew the most for had to be the Nord called Farkas, seeing a Thalmor agent unceremoniously dumped in the lake truly lifted his spirits.

At this point he continued walking after the king and the Dovahkiin to wherever the meeting room was located, grinning at the drenched Altmer as he passed her.


As you walk into the room, you find a large dining table lined with seats. Incredibly succulent and tasty looking foods from chicken to baked mudcrabs fills the plates. A large bowl is suspended in the air by metal cords. Within the bowl is a brewing fire, lighting and warming the area, hitting you with a feeling of relief and comfort. At the end of the table sits a man you clearly recognize as the Emperor of Tamriel. Standing next to him is two guards armed to the teeth.

"Ah, I trust everything has been taken care of?" Emperor Titus Mede the Second asked.

"Assassins." Dovahkiin replied.

"Dark Brotherhood?"

"Unknown. Vilkas, Farkas, guard outside."

At this suggestion, the Dovahkiin's friends agreed and departed out the door. The king's obsidian scales glimmered in the light as he sat down and took a sweet roll, biting down into it. "Make yourselves at home." Rook said while looking at Tar-Sheen with a faint smile.

Valindor did his best to behave properly. You are among men, not mer. He slowly walked towards a chair and sat on it. He scoured the table for any meat he could eat, as he can not eat any fruit or vegetable from any forest. But before Valindor could grab the piece of Elk steak he stopped himself and looked at the other prisoners that came with him.
This isn't a place for a Bosmer. I will ask them for my bow and leave , Valindor contemplated the continuation of his search.

"Make yourselves at home." Rook said
"Wight then!" Gullstompa loudly said as he dived on to a chair and stuck his feet up on the table.
"So wut you what fom us?" he asked the host

"Disgusting Orsimer..." the Altmer said as she walked by, still dripping wet. Titus Mede chuckled, saying "Right to bushiness is it, then?"

Valindor's hand wandered towards a piece of Elk steak he had spotted earlier. "Altmer-" He addressed the now wet High-elf, "-Why have you taken us away from our punishment?". Valindor did not know what the others had done to be imprisoned. He did not want to know.

Tar-Sheen returned a polite smile to King Rook before sitting down at the table and helping herself to a good sized portion of what ever happened to be in reach. Prison food was bad, prison food served on a boat was worse. She was honestly glad to get a simple bread roll that wasn't half covered in mold. She was half through said roll and a chicken leg when she realized she was still dressed in her rags from the prison. She swallowed her mouthful and looked between the two Noblemen. Before she could speak the Orsimir opened his mouth. "So wut you what fom us?" Tar-Sheen nearly threw her knife at him, she would have had the Emperor and the King been there. She settled for a sigh and simply asked "I don't suppose it would be too much to ask for a decent set of cloths would it?"

"There will be time for that soon." Rook said sweetly, admiring the Argonian warrior.

"Perhaps I should answer that." Titus Mede replied to Valindor as the Altmer scowled. "I hope you will forgive Yen-Hal's attitude. She can be rather aggressive."

"To put it bluntly-" the High Elf, "Yen-Hal", said. "-all of Nirn is at risk, and just a week ago, the Empire and Black Marsh decided the best way to combat this threat would be to pluck a bunch of criminals from their lodging and pray that they would turn out to be heroes."

"soo their'd be Stompin' 'eh? count meh in, don't call meh Gullstompa for nuthin'" The ork said as he grabbed a chunk of meat and chomped on it loudly.

Tar-Sheen smiled and thought back on several stories she had heard. "Why wouldn't it work? From what I remember wasn't The Hero of the Oblivon crisis once a prisoner, same with our good friend the Dovahkin here?" she ask the High Elf, her smile now grown into a grin.

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