Serial Killer Round 36: Insert Witty One-Liner Here (Game Over)

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@Craziness: Oh christ, I'm stealing some of Midknight's spare walls.

Wow, page 4 and we haven't even started yet. Haven't seen this kind of activity in a while.

@Neo: Like Staika's always saying, everything happens while you're sleeping...

Jesus, what did I miss? I went to bed and woke up to 4 pages o_o

I admit that a page and a half was probably my fault but I did only come in on page 2 >.>

Yeah... totally staika's fault.

if I want to start an RP for any given reason I will literally come up with a story in about 1 hr.

Geez... coming up with plots and such is one of my greatest weaknesses as a writer. I don't get how people can just turn out threads - or other forms of writing - that quickly.

@CA: I guess its the one thing I'm good at. I cant for the life of me come up with titles and names though. I need to use random name generators if I want any semblance of creativity in that respect.

Is all the places filled up yet?

@staika: I see... I never use generators myself.

In game-related news, we now have 25 people and are waiting on War Penguin and SteakHeart to send their numbers... assuming they are still playing.

@CA: I have to unless you want me to name everyone super generic names :P

@Neo: What spare walls? I have no spare walls! *stands in front of garage door* No spare walls here!
@Two Left: Get those numbers in!!!!

Does anyone else see the new Escapist layout? I don't like it.

@jak: pub club has had it for the past few days. It grows on you but it isn't that bad.

aaaaaaah new layout aaaaaahhhh so much white

@Layout: You know, I find it a lot easier to navigate and the color scheme isn't all that different from Facebook a couple other blogs that I frequent. >.>

Still, something a little darker wouldn't be so bad on my eyes.

I like the main site, though the Facebook comments really look squished into their spot.
It would be nice if the forum's color scheme was changed to match with the rest of the site.

Not only do I have to sleep on my back I also have to deal with my cat who won't leave me alone and has to lie on my stomach when I'm trying to sleep. Sleep isn't coming easy :/

@Staika: Place spike trap, cat dealt with.

*Helps staika install spike traps on his stomach*

*Stabs spikes through staika's abdomen*

Let's see that cat sleep on you now!

Speechless, eh? I understand.

@Schizzy: GENIUS

my cat just bugs me for pets when im asleep. only when im asleep btw.

@Skye: My cat back at home does something like that...but he is an arch enemy of mine. Instead of asking to be pet he just opts to punch me repeatedly while I sleep.

Fortunately, he is now an outside cat. My face is safe from being an improvised punching bag.

FOR NOW!! >.>

Good God, I don't even know how I put up with my two cats.

@Link: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA that is the most hilarious thing ive ever heard.

@cats: I simply shut my door at night. Sure, the Fuzzy Majesty scratches the carpet outside the door, but I've taken to putting a plastic bag there so she doesn't. Seriously, my cat flips out when she hears a plastic bag rustling.

@Link: This is what I'm picturing:

@CA: mine loves to tear holes in them :|

@Jak: Right on the money sir. Although I would say he has a little bit more of a right hook. >.<

Used to be our cat would leave us alone until 7am. Then she'd bang on our door.

Now that we don't let her upstairs anymore, she does nothing but meow at us at night... incessantly. O_o

@schizzy: *trap is placed on self*
I didn't feel a thing, this pain medication they give me is good stuff :P

Sadly my cat also meows when she wants attention and she is very loud at times and can wake the whole house up >.>

@staika: want to talk about loud cats? I'm still pretty convinced that one we used to have was possessed by a demon. >.>

@Round: Are we still waiting on numbers?

@Link: I've had no word from either War Penguin or SteakHeart, and someone who has yet to make their presence known in the thread sent me a PM with their number.

@Link: I don't know my cat is pretty damn loud. In fact all my animals are noisy and I'm pretty sure my neighbors hate us >.>\

@CA: Okay I'm curious now, who is it?

@staika: Someone named DeathChairOfHell: I've never heard of them before.

@Cats: My cats are pretty quiet, actually... I can hear one of them meowing sometimes in the morning, but they've never bothered me during the night. :/

@CA: I must find this person, TO THE SEARCH BAR!!!

@Sky: Lucky, if only one of my animals were quiet I'd love life >.>

Aha I can make myself a link to him :P

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