Serial Killer Round 36: Insert Witty One-Liner Here (Game Over)

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@Nouw: yes the ears!!! Get him schizzy!!
I'd do it myself but I'm kind of dead now :P

*Pulls out blunt painsaw*

*Painsaws Nouw's ears off*

@staika: AVENGED!

*Uses super manly strength to not cut his ears off, but to RIP them off!*

*Accidentally painsaws Jak's fingers as he's painsawing Nouw's ears*

@Staika: AVENGED!


@Schizzy: nice work schizzy *throws treat at*

*Catches treat*

*Nom nom nom*

@Nouw: I could remove your head, which your ears are attached to... just sayin'.


@Schizzy: Use this to cut off Nouw's head/ears!
*hands schizzy a lightsaber*

[Voice of James Earl Jones]The ears are strong with this one...[/Voice of James Earl Jones]

-{ The Executed Has Been PMed! }-

Yes, check your inbox to find out if you're lucky enough to have survived.

Addendum: Geez, the [h1] tag seems a lot weaker with the new layout. The older one was stronger, had a better impact on the eyes.

@CA: Try bolding it maybe?

@Neo: No change. I shall make a suggestion to Kross.

Edit: Done.

@Counter Try [h2]. It's a little thicker.

I'm not dead!

*Jigs a dance*

I'm not dead!

*Jigs a dance*

Are you dancing to *breaks into falsetto and dresses in cheesy 70's clothing* "Stayin Aliiiiiiiiiive?"

@Nouw: Tchah. Ballroom dance is where it's at. *snaps fingers, 3/4 music starts playing out of nowhere*
Perfect. *snags an angel from the JIB and starts waltzing down Murderville's Main Street*

@Schizzy: OOOWW! My F5&*@#* fingers! You cut off my F^*@#$* fingers!....... At least I'm alive?
EDIT: Post 300!

@Jak: Well... yeah... painsaws are painful. But not deadly.

I've got a deathsaw for that.

@CA: ;_; y u no dance with me?

@Nouw: Really? The Bee Gees?

I'll dance with you.

*Cocks revolvers*

*Points revolvers at Skye's feet*

Now... dance!

@Skye: Because people haven't developed portal technology yet, so I can't get to you easily enough. Stupid Pacific Ocean in my way... *grumbles*

But if you want to dance, that's perfectly fine. *sends angel back to JIB and starts dancing with Skye, promptly trips over own feet ten seconds later*


@Nouw: Really? The Bee Gees?

Eh I thought it was appropriate for staying alive ;). I'll dance to anything!

I'm alive...

I'm Alive.


Ya I actually like the new h formats, way more crisp and defined, look better in reviews in my opinion

You're all wrong real men dance to......... Who am I kidding I don't dance :P


Well, I'm still alive :/

@Void: Really... I think the new [h1] tag just looks weaker than the old one. The older one had a better impact on the eyes, I think. (reiterated from an earlier post)


@Schizzy: >:| i like you and all kitty man, but if you ruin my fishnets... well... theres more than one way to skin a cat you know.

@CA: id totally post the socially awkward penguin about forgetting how to speak english, but i cant find it and its lunch time

I ain't dead yet.

I am about to bash my head against a wall. Naming stuff is hard >.<

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