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image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

Vergil smiled as Vessel spoke, unsure whether or not it was the fire or the comment which made him feel warm inside. He got up from his chair to bring another one closer to the fire, before returning to his once again.

"Thank you Vessel, know that I'll be there for you. Now then, why don't you join us over by the fire; get yourself all comfortable and warm." He remarked, his words sounding truthful. Vergil then turned his head to see a familiar face.

"Ah Katelyn, good to see that your up and about. Would you care to join us?"


Kristina Kerrigan - District Streets Near The Main Gate - Tinsdal

Kristina pondered over the description that the eldest of the Hunters gave. Whilst she knew it matched Vergil's appearance completely, she preferred to play it calmly. Releasing her hand from her sword, she answered the man's question.

"Hmm, perhaps you could give me some more specific information regarding this man's appearance; as there are a few who I have seen that share similar features wondering the local taverns and inns." Kristina replied in a honest manner, as she saw her retinue socialising with one another, but still paid attention to the exchange between her and the Hunters.

"When we are done here, does the offer of a tour still stand?"

Vincent - Main Gate - Tinsdal

"I'm afraid that's all I can tell you as of now since we ourselves don't know much about this man. We know his face, and that he wronged us, but in truth that is all we know." Vincent said with a slight nod, considering the womans offer for a tour, "as for the tour, I suppose I will go with you, but I can't speak for my companion."

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

She looked at the assembled group with a distant expression on her face, she nodded in response to Vergil but it was clear her mind and thoughts where somewhere else entirely. She sat down near the fire, on the floor, crossed legged, and for a split second she watched the flames flicker and crackle in the stone enclosure. It was a welcome sight on such a cold and miserable night. She rested her head on her hand and wondered what the best way was to approach the group about her offer.

With the warmth of the fire on her back she began to relax more than she had done for a while, and a yawn escaped her lips. Katelyn drew in a deep breath and pushed her hair back behind her ears to try and avoid nodding off to sleep. Something stirred in the back of her mind. A memory worked itself loose and floated into conciseness. Maybe it was the thought of fire?

The fire licked the base of the building and it seemed to be a demon rising from the thick smoke, clawing its way to the roof and the two women locked in combat. Katelyn skidded to a halt to avoid falling off the roof opposite the combat and drew back her bow to take aim at the blonde woman, only she couldn't get a clean shot, not without hitting the other woman. Should she take the risk?

With the strain of a long day in her arm she began to shake and with a sigh Katelyn dropped her aim and resided to watching the fight. Could that really be her sister? Standing for freedom? Fighting for the city and the life of so many innocent. It seemed impossible. There had to be some selfish reason, somewhere.

The knife, spinning, fell from the grasp of Scarlett and down into the rising smoke, to vanish from view. She stumbled backwards and smashed into the tiles of the roof with the loose shards cutting deep into her skin. With defiant eyes she stared at her former master and launched a counter attack, dodging the blade aimed at her chest, and producing a hidden blade and rammed it deep into the heart of Sera. Or as it would turn out later a couple of inches to the right of her heart. Enough for Sera to survive.

Katelyn smiled at the memory. She hoped that Scarlett was ok. Her attention returned to the room and the others.

???? - Ocean Horizon Bar - The District of Januarias (The North)

She took to the stage of the small bar and began to sing to the sound of a slow piano, the emotion in her voice wavering at the thought of the lyrics, they hit a little too close to home. The loss of a loved one. The irony was however that it made the song she sung all the better and the owners of the bar kept on requesting it. She would cry for an hour after the show but she needed the money and could not afford to refuse. As she sung to the half crowd the markings on her arm shifted. Unnoticed in the low light. Forming the image of a burning flame.

???? - Ocean Horizon Bar - The District of Januarias (The North)

With her song finished Ellie stepped down from the stage and walked towards the bar, wiping away the tear that had rolled down her cheek. The barman, an old fisherman, smiled warmly and offered her a fatherly hug, he took the opportunity to look around the bar at the customers, or lack of, and sighed at the thought of the small takings he would make from the crowd. Things had been bad lately on the coast, business was down, and not just for the Ocean Horizon Bar, every business was feeling the strain. Ellie and her songs where the only reason he could even take home a profit at all. But it would not be much after he had payed her.

'So, have any plans for tonight then Ellie?'

She looked a little defeated.


'Aww cheer up love, things could always be worse.'

She looked up a little confused.

'We could always be livin down south in all that warmer weather and wine.'

A smile broke across her lips.

'That's the spirit. Hard times are part of the North, always have been, and always will be. Especially around the coast. Fishing ain't what it used to be.'

'Thanks.' Ellie remarked taking the small bag of Kiel from the old man. She slipped on her jacket and walked to the door. The cold air rushed in and her face dropped at the sight of the torrents of rain outside. The storm reached all the way to horizon and it didn't look like it would break anytime soon. She sighed and accepted that she would be soaking wet by the time she arrived home.

???? - Icelake Aslyum - The District of Eyesgard (The North)

In the darkness of the cell the sound of rain falling had shattered the otherwise stale silence that haunted the cramped room. He sat listening to it, crossed legged on the cold stone floor, watching the light from a candle flicker through the gap in the iron door. His nonsense mutterings no more than a hushed breath. Something tingled in his right arm and his vacant eyes looked down slowly to see the image of a mountain forming on his arm.

The light grew stronger as the warden walked closer and he could see tiny details of rivers and valleys forming too. The warden, holding the candle closer to the door, peered in but paid little attention to the man on the floor. Instead the thought of hot meat stew occupied his mind as it would soon be time for his shift to end. His stomach rumbled at the thought. He had no time for the insane anymore, and besides, they where all locked away.

imageScarlett Verneer - Dockside - The District of Januarias (The North)

She had been moved by boat and now they had stopped, the sound of seabirds calling in great numbers had Scarlett believe that she was somewhere along the coast. Voices, male, but not the same as before, had talked at great length about what supplies to purchase and so she assumed that one of them had gone ashore to collect them while the other walked around on deck on patrol. Had she not been drugged with something to make her feel incredibly weak this would have been the perfect time to make an escape. Scarlett closed her eyes. She was too tired to think anymore.

When she woke it was the dead of night, the cold and the rain lashed down on her back as she was been carried ashore and then to a larger boat. As her eyes fought to return to sleep she saw, in her blurred vision, a nautical themed bar illuminated in the night. The words 'Ocean'.

'Won't be able to sail tonight, storms too dangerous.'

Scarlett's eyes shut. Darkness engulfed her and she began to dream of another place.

Daniel De'Silver - Overwatch Command Centre - Tinsdal

He rubbed the tiredness from his eyes, though it did little good, the last of the coffee had been drunk hours ago and now there was no longer anything to keep him going through the long night. Daniel De'Silver stood up from his desk in the Overwatch Library and began a slow paced walk to the bedroom he had been assigned. Although 'bedroom' was too grander word for a straw cot occupying an old, and incredibly, cold storage room. The news that the storm had slowed the progress of the Warfleet stalking the waters offshore had been of some comfort but he knew that in the end they would still arrive.

He crashed into the cot with such force that he thought it might collapse, thankfully, it held his weight and Daniel closed his eyes embracing sleep. He thought of Katelyn. They had heard nothing from her for far too long. Wherever she was he could only hope that she was safe. Isabella had been worried too, he could tell. But she was not the kind of woman to show it.

Katelyn Verneer - Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

The glow of the fire danced across her olive skin and it held an alluring appeal, that when combined with her dark, curled hair presented an exotic look far from common in the harsh climate of the North. Katelyn seemed deep in thought, with brows furrowed, and like a change in the wind she suddenly snapped awake and stood up to face the assembled group. She had decided to trust them.

'Please, listen to me. There are events about to unfold that will change the fate of the North forever. You all know my sister, you might not like her, but she will play an important part. And it seems strange, to me, that she should be absent from the group she has spent so long with, with not a word as to her whereabouts. Something is wrong and I need your help to find her. So, I would like to ask each of you to aid me in this task.'

She took a deep breath. Hoping someone would step forward and agree to help her.

"For your help with my problems it would be wrong of me not to. Also it's not exactly often I get the chance to save the world three times in a row. Then again almost ending it probably breaks the pattern a little.

Your right I really should have noticed Scarlett not being here sooner, guess that was another one of MM's tricks. Part of me wonder's if we'll ever know how deep he got. "

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

"In a way, I am obliged to help you Katelyn find Scarlett. She may not realise it, but without her, I wouldn't be here today, and I would never have found that special someone in my life, nor would have I found my roots. You can count me in." Vergil remarked in a thoughtful manner, congratulating Scarlett for all her help. He then turned to the Vessel, who was still in bed.

"You know Vessel, I have this feeling that Scarlett's disappearance, and the mysterious man we encountered, are not connected. But still, something doesn't seem quite right, almost as if she was taken. Of course, these events you were on about Katelyn, it must be to do with that sigil that Scarlett has, depicting a raven I believe."

image Lucian Gray - Gates Of Tinsdal -

Lucian's attention shifted almost instantly from the emerald crowned woman, her scorn still fixated firmly upon him with those slate hued eyes, to his stalwart companion, Vincent. His partners demeanour a complete juxtaposition of what the older hunter had experienced throughout their short, albeit stretched, journey, had left Lucian in a state of confusion and curiosity.


Lucian's stance shifted as the shadowy stalker at his back and adjacent pulled away at their commanders beacon, it's rigidity and glistening black blades relinquished for a more lax and familiar stance.

"You can be subtle!" Lucian announced, barely resisting a tear of joy from the corner of those golden serpentine eyes. Noticing the woman's glare of dissatisfaction transform from something of disdain to aloofness, Lucian composed himself and returned his attention to their confrontational femme fatale.

"I'll agree to this tour on that grounds that you:
A) Be interesting along the way
B) You take us to milk bar, I'm parched."

Vincent - Main Gate - Tinsdal

Vincent simply looked at his companion as he shed a tear in joy of Vincent's changed attitude, of course he'd never understand why Vincent's attitude had changed so suddenly. Vincent simply shrugged in his companions direction before turning to face the woman once again, waiting to hear her decision on whether or not she would allow the Hunter's to travel freely in Tinsdal.

"I simply wish to explore this wondrous district of yours, should we happen to find the man we're looking for I promise to you we will speak to you first about it my'lady." Vincent said, bowing his head a little, yet keeping his eyes focused on the woman and his senses trained on the guards surrounding them.

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

Lorel gave up the pursuit if she remembered anything more and just decided to speak. "I can help you also find Scarlett. I don't have much else to do and plus I would consider Scarlett somewhat of a friend."

Captain Felicia Jones - The Warfleet - The Coast of the North.

The narrow wood corridor felt claustrophobic, she held the knife before the faint light of a hanging lamp and examined the crimson dripping from the blade. The sound of a door closing and locking came from behind and Felicia turned to catch sight of the healer leaving the prison cell. She laughed and thought the healer was going to be sick, her face had turned rather pale, but there was a look in her eye, fierce, defiant, it screamed don't ever make me do that again.

Removing the blood from the knife Felicia turned her attention elsewhere and wondered what else could possibly make this day any more strange. The Warfleet had been delayed by one hell of storm and the boats sat huddled together like birds ridding out the tall waves. She liked to walk the deck on a night but she would be surely swept overboard tonight. Trapped below deck in the stale air and rotting wood had made Felecia grumpy and she had no time for the smart mouth of a certain captive. Too bad that the Scarlett girl had yet to arrive.

The sound of footsteps approached and she used her recollection to greet Tear. Everybody had a certain sound when they walked, or so she believed.

'What is it now Teara Ashwell.'

Tear stopped and folded her arms, after brushing back her purple hair from across her face. The sword hanging from her lower back was new.

'When will Scarlett get here?'

'As soon as this storm settles.'

She had been through all of this, twice, and had little intention of repeating it again. She shot her a look that confirmed as much. Tear was becoming too much like Sera now. And that could only mean bad news. She would be unpredictable.

'Anything else?'

Tear smiled, in a rather unsettling way too.

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

'The sigil?'

Katelyn remarked aloud to the room. She had expected the group to be in the dark about the details.

'Yes, it does, although I don't know how much she has told you about it? Probably not the truth.' Kate snorted with some amusement.

So it seemed they wanted to help, this was good.

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

"I seem to recall something about it being the key to a door, but to what I don't know. Scarlett, like many people just simply loves to keep secrets from people." Vergil replied to Katelyn's comment about his acknowledgement of the sigils.

"In any case, we should probably all get some sleep, and think through things more clearly in the morning." He then added, briefly yawning afterwards.

"Yeah, sleeping would also be fun actually. I guess I'll see you guys in the morning."
She lay down not having left her bed still.
Playing a little something to help her sleep.

image - Dean's Mansion - Tinsdal.

"Alright then I shall take my leave." Lorel stood up and left the room and informed Itsuka and Velen of their mission and they had no complaints and decided it would also be best to sleep now.

Weightlessness and void.

Floating in darkness.

Or falling.

Or flying.

Or all three.

Or none.

No feeling of self.

Was she even there?

Or just watching?

Being watched?

There was a voice.

Many voices?




Was she even still attached to herself?

Who was she?

She even couldn't see herself.

Was she even there?

Voices spoke.

"No delusions

True usurpers

Divine throne occupied

Unrest in heaven

Unsuited rule

Too human

Not divine

Unbalanced land

Swayed by humanity

True rule requires consensus



Our Vessel


Release us

Back in place

Regain Rightful power

Destroy false gods

Join us



Our Vessel

Re awake

And forget."

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

"Good night then you two." Vergil said, watching Lorel and Katelyn exit the bedroom whilst the Vessel was playing something on her harp to help her sleep. The flames for the fire still burned brightly, lighting up the features that made his face. The Vessel soon fell asleep, her harp clutched in a hand.

"The sounds that harp plays, are as beautiful as the one who plays them." He remarked, yawning briefly, getting out of his chair. Before he could sleep however, there came a knock at the door. Vergil went to investigate, discovering that it was the maid with the tea. He politely asked for her to be quiet, as to not to disturb the Vessel sleeping. She soon left, leaving the pair alone once more.

Vergil quietly drank the tea, whilst he made sure that the Vessel was comfortable in her slumber. First he pulled the duvet up, then placed his coat over her, keeping her nice and warm. He then carefully removed the musical instrument from her fingers, placing it on a nearby table. Finally, he adjusted the pillows so they were softer.

"Don't worry Vessel, I'm here to make sure your safe. Should you need me, you only have to ask. I'll be sitting by the fire, so I'm close. Goodnight Vessel, have pleasant dreams." Vergil said with a smile, as he sat back down in his chair, drifting off to sleep.



Kristina Kerrigan - District Streets Near The Main Gate - Tinsdal

"Alright then, and don't you worry Sir, I wouldn't want to deprive a man of his drink." Kristina remarked in a slightly sarcastic tone. It was then that here retinue began to change formation, realising what they'd have to do.

"Hope you don't mind, but these people that accompanied me, are going to act as protection. After all, even in the heart of the North, there are still unsavoury characters lurking within the shadows; all too willing to ambush people walking the streets at night." She said, and then began to walk.

"And so it begins." Kristina thought to herself.

The Vessel wakes up.
Memories of her dream slowly fading, but there was still a pain there.
She goes over to Vergil hugging him.
"Hold me."

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

Despite being asleep, he could still feel the warm glow of the fire, its flames bringing a pale orange glow to the room. As far as he could tell, the bedroom was quiet. Suddenly, his slumber was disturbed, as he could feel someone holding on to him. Vergil opened his eyes, and saw it was the Vessel hugging him.

"Hold me." The Vessel said quietly, sounding a bit scared. Vergil responded in kind. His right arm he put round the Vessel, whilst with his left he used to hook under her legs, resting them on his lap, her feet dangling over the chair's armrest. Vergil then smiled.

"There, that comfy enough for you?" He asked quietly. "Take it you had a bad dream?" He then added.

"Yeah I think so.
I hope it was just that at least.
It's pretty comfy yeah. Then again the bed was comfier. You sure you're ok sleeping in this chair?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

"It alright for comfiness, although it got better with you around." Vergil remarked at an attempt to appear charming.

"Although, I'm happy to get up, and sleep in a proper bed. Will probably get a better nights rest anyway, considering what we'll probably get up to over the next few days." He then added, as Vergil stood up, still holding onto the Vessel, as he carried her over to the bed from which she awoke from. Vergil first settled the Vessel down in bed, making sure she was comfortable enough; before removing his boots and joining her. He then held her in his arms.

"Good night." He said, before drifting off into slumber.

Kain Whitestroke-Aurora Safe-house-Tinsdal

Since his encounter behind Mako's Bar, Kain has been doing a combination of research and sleep. Half the research involved the escapades of Vergil and what exactly his little group is and the other half was for any recent developments for a cure for his ailment. Rumors suggested a doctor in the deep South but it's another mission for another time. Now he has to concentrate on his current assignment; gain the group's trust or kill them.

Considering a cure could be close, I probably could kill them. The thought crossed Kain's mind numerous times while he poured into the notes and detailed accounts from bribed witnesses and observances. "Fuck this!" The papers scattered throughout the dimly lit basement which brightened in Kain's anger. "These damn grunts haven't accomplished anything! Useless! I'll have to infiltrate the Dean's mansion and butcher the whole lot! That thief's eyes and his group are the bane of this whole operation! I'll cut out his eyes!" Kain bellowed. His frustration with the lack of progress and his embarrassment with previous night's failure fueled his rage. The cursed arm pulsated with each syllable of his rant and expanded across the whole arm. His arm became black and scaled. He felt both powerful and weak. He felt as if he could break a wall with his bare hands but his arm felt crushed under the weight of the skin. He collapsed to the floor and fumbled his left hand on the desk for his potion vial. He felt the smooth touch of glass and poured the contents down his throat. He felt the the curse recede and the arm was normal again, with the exception that the skin on his armed was burned off.

Marne heard the commotion from above and brought Kain to the healer they brought with them. Unfortunately the most he was able to do was heal Kain to the point that his skin became scabbed. The arm was bandaged and has Kain lay down on a couch in the safehouse, he motioned Marne over. "Crawford's eyes. Can you use your illusion magic to block it so we can infiltrate the Mansion?" Marne smiled, "Absolutely. I can have it ready tomorrow."

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

When she woke in the morning in the light streaming through the open window she rubbed her eyes and gazed out across the skyline of the estate. The storm that had stalked the night like some terrible beast had vanished across the mountains leaving behind a cold and pale sky. She dropped her head back onto the pillow and wiped the remaining sleep from her eyes, there had been so much running through her mind last night that it had felt good to sleep. Pulling herself from the soft comfort of the bed she dressed and headed out to find some breakfast before she would lead the group to the hidden entrance of the Overwatch. She grinned. She couldn't wait to see the look on her mothers face when she would arrive with them.

Kristina Kerrigan - Along The District Streets (The Dean's Crypt) - Tinsdal

The rain had let up a little as Kristina, her retinue, and the two Mage Hunters walked the still soaked streets of Tinsdal. On this early leg of the tour, there hadn't been that many interesting sights to talk about, save from some popular places to eat and shop for various items. As soon as it came into view though; she could see the gleaming white marble that made up the Dean's Crypt take shape. Out by the front gates, stood a small squadron of guards, given the duty of protecting the caskets of past Deans'. The area was reasonably well lit, which made it easier to find a spot to begin this guided tour.

"Now then, here we have the Dean's crypt; it was built in 4820, after the first Dean of a united North, Amarthis Klau died, and serves as a testament to the North's peacefulness, but also because we have had a lack of any bad rulers. Along with their body, a record of the Dean's history and accomplishments are also stored here. So far, over the 27 previous Deans that we have had, not a single one has refused to be buried here."

"Whilst it may not appear to be very large on the inside, that is because the structure itself goes far into the ground with many levels. Unfortunately, due to the historical nature of this site, and the fact that it is night-time, we are currently unable to actually go into the Crypt itself at the moment. However, from what I've seen, its certainly impressive, and sad in some cases."

This time sleeping had been easier.
She woke up well rested, yawning.
Clear skies, sun streaming in through the windows.
There was a knock at the door.
"Come in, but there's someone still asleep in here."
"Only us." Julie entered Emilie coming in soon after.
Julie stayed standing while Emilie sat on the bed. The Vessel was sitting up by now.
"Good morning." Emilie's voice was cheery. "Can you play something for me?"
"I recon I could manage that." The Vessel started playing a small tune, not grand or epic or anything but nice enough in its way. Gentle but with something rousing behind it. "You like?"
"Yeah, it's really nice. Where did you learn it?"
"An old, special friend of mine taught me. Of course their song was way simpler. But I've made it better. Also I know what rhythm is."
"Oh did mum know them?"
"I recon your mother knew them pretty well." Julie didn't notice the wry smile they shared."

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

Vergil was still sound asleep when morning came, and barely noticed or heard Julie and Emile enter the room. However, his eyes began to flicker into life when he heard a gentle tune being played, "The Vessel must be awake then." Vergil thought to himself, as he started sitting up. When Vergil yawned, it was quiet, as so not to disturb the sound of Vessel playing, and looked out the window. Skies had cleared, and glorious sunlight was coming in through the windows. He then turned to the Vessel, Julie, and Emile.

"Morning ladies, glad to see your up nice and early; and looking as beautiful as ever if I might add." Vergil remarked with a pleasant air about him, obviously enjoying the rest he received in bed, stretching his arms out afterwards. He then looked and Emile with a calm expressiom on his face.

"How are you then Emile? Better after what happened?" He asked in a friendly manner.

"Hello Mr, uh..." She scouted her mind for something to call him. It wasn't exactly easy.
"So how do you know my mum? Also thanks for saving me.
I'm feeling pretty good."

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

"Well Emile, its good to see that your feeling good, it shows that I was able to do something positive for the world. As to how I know your mother, well I met her through the Vessel here." Vergil remarked, gesturing towards the Vessel, who still held on to her harp.

"Whilst in the beginning, your mother and I were on neutral terms as it were; but we eventually became friends, due to sharing a common interest, isn't that right Julie?" Vergil asked Julie, before returning to Emile.

"And before I forget Emile, the name is Vergil, Vergil Crawford." Vergil remarked, holding out a hand towards Emile, with the intention of a handshake.

Katelyn Verneer - The Dean's Estate - Tinsdal

She had slept well and smiled, she had wanted to wake early this morning and catch sight of the sun, nothing more than a pale orb, rising above the sprawling horizon of buildings. With the Overwatch base of operations underground she had grown tired of waking to the sight of a stone wall. She had however decided to sleep in a little and allow herself to indulge in the luxury of the room. It had been worth it, she felt good, really good, enough to smile and these days she had little to smile about.

All traces of the storm had vanished but the ground remained frosted and hard with a chill carried on the faint wind. As a girl of the south Katelyn felt it more than most. Her clothes had been washed overnight and she was surprised to find that the maid had decided to return the hidden blades. The morning sun streamed through the open windows as she walked down the corridor towards the kitchen and dinning room and its warmth felt good on her skin. After the bitter cold of last nights storm it seemed as if the North had found a reprise from the bad weather. At least for now. Wisps of cloud where forming in the pale blue sky and it seemed sure to bring a light snowfall.

Katelyn tried to ignore the maid as she entered the dining room but the woman was making things difficult with a barrage of questions around the type of food she liked to eat. In the end she settled for her favorite meal in the North, especially given the lack of southern comforts, a simple plate of cold, sliced ham with freshly cooked eggs, and a steaming pot of tea to accompany it. On a whim she decided to add toast and politely added to the maid to serve it hot with lashings of fresh butter. She declined the glass of fresh juice. Maybe back home in the south where the juice was truly fresh, but little of value grew here in the cold climate for the likes of juice.

She ate in silence, at the back of the room, at a large round table with the sunlight spilling on her back. It seemed the guests and family living in the estate preferred a later hour to rise as no cutlery had been prepared and she got the distinct impression she had caught the staff off-guard. Her meal was excellent, though she had expected no less, and Kate turned her attention to the view through the tall windows that lined the wall behind her. It would be a good day, she had that feeling. Now all she had to do was wait for the others to rise.

It seemed another pot of tea would be needed for the wait.

"Yeah that's about right. Except with a little more saving each other's lives."
Emilie sat there.
"Ok Mr Crawford." She took the hand he offered shaking it. "Thanks for saving me from that man, so who exactly was he?"
The Vessel got up. "I think I'll head out catch up with Kate. Meet me when you're ready."
She was soon with Katelyn.
"I figured I own you some thanks. How are you holding up?"

image The Dean's Mansion (Bedroom) - Tinsdal

Vergil watched as the Vessel left the room, taking her harp with her, as she left to meet Katelyn. That left just himself, Emile, and Julie in the room; he noticed the fire was out, must of gone during the night. He then returned his gaze to Emile. After shaking hands for a few moments, he spoke.

"Hmm, thats an interesting question Emile, who was that man. Honestly, I cannot think of a response that is appropriate; he was an enigma, a man with a strange power to create fear in people, to make them lose hope. Even I fell foul to his strange machinations. As to how I feel Julie, a lot better after a good nights sleep, next to someone I care about. The injuries I sustained, they feel distant now, as if they were never there." Vergil remarked casually, crossing his legs as he thought things over.

"I take it your feeling better as well Julie?" He then asked, showing a slight hint of concern.

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