Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Link: Eh... I dunno about that. I don't think my siblings would agree to me living with them, or vice versa. They're a pair of condescending brats... it doesn't help that I'm the middle of the trio.

Edit: Grife, five pages already and we haven't even started... not how I had originally anticipated things to happen.

@CA: In all honesty, I don't get along quite as well with all my siblings. One of my brothers has a habit of being extremely self-centered and hypocritical. It can be really painful to be around him sometimes.

My youngest brother is really easy to get along with though. I could see myself living with him if it was necessary. Probably won't ever need to though. XP

And yes, we've been chatty today. Hopefully we get our votes in soon so the chat can have a shade of direction. :D

@Link: Both of my siblings are highly narcisstic, and often willing to call me out on almost everything I do if they think I'm asking questions that I should know the answers to when I don't, or just plain refusing to give me answers in the case of my younger sister.

I honestly do not see myself as being able to tolerate living with either one... especially since my older brother uses the downstairs bathroom, which we share, as a dumping ground for used clothes. He isn't likely to break that habit any time soon.

In regards to numbers, we are now just waiting on Void, who is currently at work.

@siblings: Am I the only one thinking about how much of a co-ink-a-dink it'd be for Jak and Sonora to be one pair of The Entwined?

@CA: Damnit... I told him to send it twice D:<

Edit: @Mortis: That's a good point...

@CA: How are double entwined gonna work? Is it gonna be two pairs, or all 4 of them at once? xD

@sky: I'd assume it would work as two pairs would be entwined and if one dies the other dies not all four at once.

@Entwined: Yeah... If one got killed, the killer would get a QUADRAKILL!!!

We don't want that... unless we're the killer O.o

@Malyc: Or perhaps a Quadracution? I know that we don't want any of that up in here. >.<

Two pairs would be my guess.

@Sky: Two pairs of two. Interestingly enough, the Entwined pairs have already been determined.


JK, JK, don't kill me...

Any idea how long it'll take for the missing numbers to be sent?

@CA: No waaaaay O:

@CA: Oh sweet, I almost asked you who they were but I just remembered that you can't tell us XD

@Malyc: That depends entirely on Void, my good man.

@staika: Indeed I cannot. ^_^

@CA: It's usually my first reaction when told someone has been selected to ask who it was. Good thing I caught myself.

@CA: So is Midknight not coming to the party then?

@CA: I'm yelling for him on twitter. Do you have him on twitter, he could DM it you there from his phone, hopefully... When he gets on a break Dx

@Mortis: Actually, I asked her what number she sent and it was nowhere near mine.
Also am I the only one here that gets along with my siblings? (Of which I have 9...)

@Jak: Heeey, knowing each others numbers is cheating! sorta... =P

Also 9 siblings? 9?!? Wow, that's a lot D:

@Jak: No, you're not the only one who gets along with their siblings... although if I had 9, I probably woulda killed at least one by now...

@jak: 9 siblings? Wow that's a lot. I only have 3 but I get along with them just fine, must be because I'm the oldest and all :P

@Malyc: Ai yai yai... I'm just not on the ball today, am I? Thought I edited that in!

@CA: That's why I'm here XD

Although... next time you're the killer Ima be watchin my back because of this


@sky,Malyc&staika: 7 of them are girls too...

@Jak: I've got six siblings, though they're all half-siblings. Don't ask, unless you want I to confus. XD

@CounterAttack: Just a gut feeling, i'm gonna test it out this round, unless I get info saying otherwise to see if my gut is psychic.

That reminds me. "Hear, hear! Come all to see the magnificant Fortune teller Gamebrother!"

*Sets up stand*

@Jak: I feel so sorry for you XD

@Current Lodgings: At home for Spring Break while I get some paying work in. The internet is not as good. It is disappointing.

@Siblings: My brother lives with his girlfriend in town. I have offers to live with them over the summer, but no...I really don't want to. It's a mess and there's hamster shit everywhere. I get along with yeah, no. Not happening. I'll take the free room and food out here.

@Jak/Sonora: Indeed they are the first confirmed siblings to play this game.

Laydeez and mentlegen, Void has finally gotten his number to me. The round is now closed, and I will begin determining the roles immediately.

*crosses fingers*
Hopefully I get another role this round :P

Come on psychic gut. >.<

The roles are partway through being PMed... sadly, the Escapist only allows you to send 10 PMs within five minutes, so I can't do all sixteen at once. Buzzkill...

Edit: And they're done. The killers are now on the loose.

@CA: Ah sad... Oh well, 5 minutes from now you can do the other 6 XD.

@Jak: Are you trying to offload your siblings by announcing to a forum full mostly of nerdy single men? :P

@Siblings: As the youngest child, I got along with my two older siblings. But they didn't get along with each other. It's like watching francium and water mix. I was the go-between guy :P

@Schizzy: Does that mean you were exploded by a volatile chemical reaction? O_o

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