Collaboration: The Gods and their Angels (Closed. We've Begun.)

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As Priscilla continued her travel, in such a reckless disregard of gravity that would make Sir Newton choke on his apple, her sensors beeped as they informed her that ahead was a dangerous concentration of toxins and dangerous wastes, knowing that to be her destination she set to slowing down her travel speed.
Instead of kicking away from the ground again, Priscilla dug all four legs into the ground, her now sizable inertia carrying her ahead quite a distance, luckily she was able to slow herself to a crawl, though also a sizable gouge in the terrain behind her.
Please Hold, Equalizing Artificial Gravity Field With External Gravity, her computer chimed. Not giving it a second thought she looked ahead where the flat land seemed to turn gray, and a miasma floated close to the ground. Further ahead still the miasma turned to a massive billowing cloud.

This must be it... certainly can't be anything else. Sensors are going off the scale, place must be disgusting inside She sighed as she began to walk forward, one of her arms going to her holstered gun.
She better fucking appreciate this, is all I'm saying now... she thought as she entered the disgusting cloud of eternal stench.

"Honestly, mate?" The Mordred said, looking disdainfully at the Creepers. The shrieks resonating through the chamber made the tufts of smoke dancing around his head dissapate. "I've bopped heads these already!"

Once again relinquishing his hold on the blade, The Mordred whipped his blade through the air and lobbed it at one of the Clownish Creepers. Sadly the spin on it wasn't enough, and the hilt hit the creature in the face, making the disfigured visage even more disfigured, fragile as it was.

Sniffing disdainfully, The Mordred repeated his routine of before, launching himself forward. This time sans weapon, he tackled the Creeper, putting his hand over its face and using his own corruption to sear away the flesh. It was a gamble, not knowing of the thing felt pain. Obviously, as the shrieking raised in intensity and in frequecy.

Retrieving his sword, the Creeper that had been stalking up to him faced cold steel to the neck. The final one actually was kind of a fighter. Able to catch a lazy swing, its claws dug through the material of The Mordreds sleeve and into his skin. Though no blood was spilt, only more smoke. The lights in his eyes flared, and he dropped the sword in his right hand, only to turn and catch it in his left. The Creeper stumbled forward and was pierced before it could react further. The Mordred hissed, the cracks deepening and his mouth ripping further until it nearly split the head. For a moment, he was naught but a shadowy form before apparently catching himself. His appearance returned to what it had been before.

Looking defiant up at his creator, he didn't speak. Only sheathed his blade and folded his arms.

Asmodeus watched her minions get very slowly whittled down by the invader and her unchanging face shifted a little. The Marionettes were doing a fine job of absorbing the damage Vermillion was inflicting, as they were being cut, the individual parts of their bodies continued to crawl towards him until reduced to small enough parts or were mere appendages. Two Stalker Maidens crawled up from behind, both armed with neurotoxic needles, silently approaching from the best angle to deliver their poison. They moved meticulously, Asmodeus able to get an excellent view of his intruder fighting from their one eye. One of them made for a strike at an angle that would be a blind side for normal people.

A cloud of fresh air formed around Priscilla. As she was curious as to why this happened, a green cloud of smoke formed into a human-like appearance in front of her. Inside her mind, a dark treacherous voice boomed, "Why helloooooo....".

Something decided to enter its domain. Willingly, and it was not The Metal Man. This was strange to the Poison God. He decided to act friendly, if that was possible. "You come to my domain willingly...I wish to know exactly...whyyy?

The Mad Angel clapped for the Mordred's victory. "Bravo, encore! And by encore I mean I have more in store for you. Those were just the basic ones." Light chuckles echoed through the room as the Jester Mages showed up. They only had one command. Kill anyone that wasn't the Mad Angel.

"No hints. Figure out their weakness on your own!" The group of Jester Mages seemingly disappeared, only their light chuckles to be heard before they started to chant. Each with their own spell, they used ones that would be the best against the Mordred in their opinion without knowing him further.

Clear Words: Sehnsucht will give orders and foresight to the champion, allowing the champion to act before attacks are thrown for a time. Seems to slow time slightly in the eyes of the champion.

Sehnsucht gave a look of minor disbelief and horror, watching over the situation Vermillion was in.
Di-Did I not say to try and get in quietly and eavesdrop?! This does not look good...
Struggling to get used to the new connection, continuing to watch, she could see the approaching strange figures and the swift movement of a oncoming attack coming from the darkness.
...Damn it.
Taking a deep breath, Sehnsucht moved all of her focus to her mind, working to make herself heard to her newly added champion. Her voice was clear but slow, making time itself seem slow.
" behind..."

Vermilion watched as time seemed to slow."Problem, time flow?" He quipped before doing as he was told with a quick turn, and then a somersault before running deeper inside the castle."Almost, but not quite... See you later Puppet pals!" He chuckled and sighed in relief as time slowly began to resume at a normal pace.

Thanks... I'd have been fine either way, but I appreciate it.

The Metal Man stood up on the exterier side of the Man shaped hole in the side of the restaurant, he casually brushed of the splinters and dust off of his coat. "Oh its on now Taco Man, this is the point were I get super freaking SERIOUS!" he said growling the last part menicingly. He then formed a giant metal platypus, and while atop his mighty stead he, pulled forth his cardboard box and activated CARDBOARD GEAR FLIMSY making him invisible to his opponent.
The platypus charged forth, right through the wall of the Taco Party House, full speed at Jorge the Taco Warrior.
The platypus let forth a angry trill, as it lept at the giant taco man.

The giant taco, dodged the onslaught if only just barely."¡Mierda! ¿qué es esa cosa? Es como un monstruo horrible de las pesadillas de mi infancia!" he screamed, his voice over taken by the horror he felt witnessing that thing. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large knife. Now armed with the truly manly sized knife, with grit and a sense of righteousness he quickly went back to the metal platypus, and went on the attack, while screaming, "BATALLA ORINITORRINCO!!"

No matter how strong Jorge was the platypus was stronger, it agily dodged the expert knife strikes of the Taco man. The metal man was taunting his opponent and the Taco didn't even know it. He continued to dodge the knife, for a while, jumping around on his platypus, like a deranged kangaroo. It was at this point in the fight that the Metal Man riding his platypus construct stead, knew that the time had come to strike. The platypus' bill opened and it snatched the blade of the knife up and then uncerimoniously snapped it.

"¿Qué? El ornitorrinco me rompió el cuchillo. Dios mío ... se ... me rompió el cuchillo, el ornitorrinco ..... se me rompió el cuchillo!"shouted the Taco Man in complete and utter terror and shock. He stood motionless holding the handle of his knife as the giant beast stared back at him, this was the moment he saw the face of true terror.

The Metal Man, looked around and realized that if he continued this fight here the Taco Party House would be nothing more than ruble and dust. He needed to move this battle to somewhere else, he pondered for a second a then he knew where he needed to go, the goatse of the universe, which oddly enough was literally right next to the domain of The Poison God. Now that he knew where to go he pulled of the box revealing that his upper body was sprouting from the platypus's back...or more accurate his legs were the platypus.

Upon seeing that the horrid beast was in fact the old man that he had been fighting, was absolutely livid, "¡Tú!, yo te voy a romper por la mitad!" he screamed.
The Metal Man, took this opportunity to lead the Taco to the Goatse Of The Universe. On the way he saw that in his creator's domain a large spider robot lady and some puppets were there. "Well that is so not cool, PG is having a puppet/spider robot party without me." he said as the Giant Taco man chased the Giant Platypus to there destination.

Asmodeus watched as Vermillion seemed to achieve a burst of monsterous speed and escape the Stalker Maidens and the Marionettes. The Stalker Maidens made and attempt to follow but the Marionettes quickly dispersed again. Deeper inside the castle, a few groups of Lancer dolls greeted Vermillion with swift strikes that sent them forward with each thrust. Asmodeus watched them again as the Stalker Maiden's continued their silent pursuit.

Vermilion stomped the ground twice and tried the Iron maiden drop on some of the Lancer dolls."Sheesh... This place must belong to some really big ugly girl. What's next, a bra washing machine?" He said scattering some souls behind him and planning his next moves very carefully.

Sehnsucht stifled a laugh at the comment and coughed to cover it.
"Don't be so brash...this is a delicate situation and seeing as someone decided against the espionage..."
She smirked at the comment in half jest.
"I can provide focus for a little while longer...I'm sure a little back up would not kill you...this is a most bizarre place..."

On a ceiling high above, an Iron Maiden was waiting for a chance, knowing that from it's altitude, it would be difficult to spot. Intently watching Vermillion's movements, it watched the Lancer Dolls drop to the ground when struck by him and then saw what looked like a good time. With inhuman strength, it kicked off the ground, entering the inverted field of gravity of Vermillion's corridor and spinning itself upright, legs bent, sword pointed downward and barreling towards Vermillion at high speed. Asmodeus watched with curiosity to see the outcome, but not worry.

Crest was not a patient reptile-creature, and as such, The Endless was not surprised to find that he had gone off from the Empire on his own. First, Maestro takes his sweet time wondering that field, and now this, The Endless thought. "Does fealty mean nothing?" He growled in distaste, slamming a tight fist angrily on the arm of his ornate throne. A new set of guardians now flanked him, one a large, turtle-like Aberration whose green-black mottled shell was covered in twisted spikes, the other like a winged lion with the horns of a goat, fur black as night with a mane of darkest blue.

The Endless looked within, delving into the conscious of his disobedient servant. The stark, white nothingness that was the remnant of the universe's sky assaulted him. Wind whipped harshly at him as Crest flew at an astounding speed high above the land resting below. Crest shifted his gaze from the eerie sky to look at the Domains below him, and a thought entered The Endless' mind, Crest's thought, My lord relies too much on that musical dandy. I will find the weaknesses of those who surround us, and he will remember our place in his Empire. Spying a hole in some strange, twisting and twining castle nestled in a pale, monochromatic land, Crest commanded his mount with a sharp kick. The mottled, featherless avian cawed and descended at a blinding pace, spiraling briefly before they would have hit the ground and spreading it's wings to arrest the fall.

As it floated up toward the hole, The Endless could take no more, asserting his will into Crest's own mind. Crest! The voice boomed inside Crest's mind, rattling his head and surprising the reptile, Stop this! Return at once. This is no time for such foolishness!

Crest shook his head, staggering into the gaping wound in the castle's side. No, my lord. This is merely reconnaissance. I will do nothing so foolish as engage the puppet-creature who resides here. I will merely... search, Crest asserted in turn. The Endless could stop his thrall, but, this was a prime opportunity: it was obvious that someone was already here, parading about in this realm. If the puppet was preoccupied...

Continue, The Endless told Crest. The situation was too fortuitous to ignore.

"What's so funny, Boss lady~?" He jokingly questioned before being violently impaled through his center, the wound making a horrible crunching, and splattering sound."Ughhh... Guess... I messed up... didn't I, Boss lady?" He managed to say, managing one more laugh before there was a long deep silence.

Asmodeus watched Vermillion get impaled by an Iron Maiden, she'll have to congratulate that one later. If her mouth could move and show her emotions, there would be an enormous grin on her face right now, but as it did not, all that happened was the beginnings of a small cackle, insulting and dark. It slowly built, more and more until it erupted into an uproarous laughter that resonated through her arms, filling the entire castle with her laughter. "Hahahahaha! Ahaha! HAAAAHAHAHA!" Asmodeus calmed herself down after a good long laugh. "Oh, the fool, not even trying simple espionage to find me, not like anyone can sneak through the halls of my home without me knowing. I'll give him a proper burial."

The deranged laughing from the puppet being she had observed made Sehnsucht's head hurt.
"You! Vermillion...! G-Get up! This is a command!"
The silence made Sehnsucht's heart guilty. Did she just get her only chance killed? Did she expect too much from the being she had only today? Did she underestimate what she'd seen?
Aaaaaau~? Did he diiiiiiiiiiie~? Did heeeeeeeeeee~? Heeeeeheeeeeee~ The puppet got mad and smushed him~~~
"S-Shut up! What is wrong with you?!" She growled with exasperation at the intruding voice that broke her concentration.
Regaining what little energy she had left to communicate she pursed her lips and thought about what to do next.
Oooh~ He's dead~~~ Can we keep him, Sehnny~~~? He was rather interesting, no~~~? I want him for my toooooooy box~ Haaaaaaaa~ Send the doggies to collect his scraps~ Heeeeee~

What erupted from the wound was not blood, what it was, was not even remotely blood like, looking into the wound would have revealed a vast 'wrongness' the likes of which most were not meant to see. A jet black, hazy, smog-like substance poured freely from the wound as his mouth slowly opened. "̴͜H̨̀҉̸͟a̛͞h͟͏҉a̷̕͞h̶̛á͜͠h̢̀͘͢a͢͞҉͢.̢͝҉҉.̸̧.̧ ̷̸͘̕B̶̸̢́͘è͢͏c̡͝͏̸a̶̢͘͢u̸̵͠ş̵̷́͡ȩ̷̧̧̀ ̴̛̛I̴҉ ́͡c̕͞o̢͏̴͢u҉҉͢l̡̀͝d̸̕͡͠ ̸̨̕ņ́ò̷̧̨͡t̡ ̨́ş̷͘͟͝t̛͟͡͏o͏̵̧͘͡ṕ̵̛ ̢̀͜f̧͝o̵̷͜͞ŗ̛ ̢̢̀̕͢d̸̡ȩ̷̵̸̡ą̨̡͜͡ţ̵͡҉h̶͡,́͡ ̴̵ḩ̴̀é̶͢͟ ҉̷̷͜k̴͟͠i͝͝n̷̢d̢̛̛͡͠l͘͢y̡͢ ̀͢s̷̨̨̛̀t̶́̕̕o̸͜͟͠p̴̡p̶҉͏̢e҉̀͞d̸̨̕͢͠ ̸͟f̷̸͝͞o̡͞r҉̢͘ ̵̨̛͘m͏ę̕.̧̡͟͠.̧̨҉̕.̡̧ ̴̸̛͝Ǫ̷r̴̛ ̨̡̨͠s҉̶̷͢ò͢͡m͘̕͜͡͠e͢t̢̛̕͘͜h̶͢i͟͡͝n̴̡͡g̀́̀ ̛̕͟҉a͢͝͡l͘͝͝͡͝ò̶͟͠n̵̢҉g̶͠ ̧̡̀͟͝t̸́h̢͢͞a̸̸̢͜͠t͜͝ ̢̨ŗ̴̀͘͝i̷͞҉̸̧g͢͟͠ḩ͟͞t̡̛̛͜?́͡͝"҉͢ He slowly rose up onto the lance more of the haze pouring from him as he reached for the chain scythe and used one of the heads to dismantle the doll. "You sure can pick a winner, eh, Boss lady?" He then dusted himself off and picked up his dropped Scythe before advancing and whistling Chopin's funeral march.

Asmodeus had watched the entire scene unfold after he laughing fit and her attitude could best be described as angry beyond all reason. She shrieked loudly, not a frightened shriek, but an angry shriek. "Insect! Filthy worm! Leave me before i annihilate you're very being down to the very last quark that makes up the atoms of your body!" She shouted. As she did, Two of her octopus tentacle arms erupted from the walls to both sides of Vermilion and attempted to crush him, the eyes on them spasming wildly and bloodshot with rage.

In a bizarre way, this was probably the first time that Sehnsucht and Schadenfreude did anything in sync, both went quiet for once.
Heeeee~ He'll be in my tox box one of these days~ Not today it seems! How sad!
Damn showboater. I will keep my eye on him.
Oh Sehnny~ Let me watch for a while~~~ It's so quiet in this place~ I wish to watch that man play with those dollies~~~
Begone! Do not call me that!
Needing to take control back in order to send messages to him, Sehnsucht closed her eyes and continued to watch.

Objective Complete: Enter Domain

Flashed in her vision momentarily before she heard the foggy being talk at her. With a bored expression she ran a quick diagnostics scan of the air that comprised it. But it did little good, it's substance was a mystery to her scanners, though it did agree that it was in fact highly caustic, and even in her artificial state it would be a blatant disregard of self preservation to both anger and try to wrangle with it with the puny device provided, at least head on.... even if the fact that the thing had a head was dubious at best.

Frowning slightly Priscilla spoke to the nebulous master of the domain "Well, I entered your domain on behalf of my current benefactor. I'm to enter here and extract a sample of the purest toxin in this dump, and by the looks of it, I would assume that would be you" she said, crossing a pair of her arms in front of her.
"Is it out of the question to assume you'll give it willingly?"

Vermilion grinned his trademark grin and quickly flipped, throwing the harvester down and landing on the very top of the handle while the arms crashed into the sides of the unholy weapon, he then looked up and cupped his hands around his mouth."That the best you got, Doll-face?!" he said giving a shrug."I'll see you soon you big ugly girl... boy... Inanimate... Oh, fuck it."

Impressed with me yet, sweet-cheeks?

He said telepathically, giving a quick wink.

Asmodeus' mouth was crushing the baleen together angrily. Her two arms quickly slammed themselves back into the walls and moved along, vanishing from sight. She spoke to herself "Let this ingrate come... I'll speak to him once he gets here... If he gets here. Meanwhile, my minions will make sure to continue trying. Now come, formidable worm. Find me if you can."

She took the time to check Priscilla again and was astonished at how quickly she had found the Poison God. "If i can take one good thing out of this, it appears that my new elite is capable. Now bring me that extract."

Sehnsucht gave a mild twitch at the comment and tapped her fingers to her temples.
S-So cocky. Wh-What's he playing at...?
Heee~ Did you see the way he smashed that thingy~~~Do it again~!
You're not helping things either you...ugh. Shush! This is important, it seems that he's making progress into the puppet's domain...

Vermilion continued his mad dash through the various rooms cutting down the weaker minions and avoiding the rest as he was fairly certain that this was the right direction."Come out, come out wherever you arrreee....!" He went through one last door and looked up, and what he saw, he proceeded to describe in an eloquent, befitting manner."ohgodthatbiguglygirlisthebiggestandugliesanythingi'veeverseen."

Asmodeus seemingly pitifully attempted to raise her head to set her normal eyes on Vermillion. "Well you found me... Congratulations... Was it worth it?" She said, controlling her rage well. "I assume you're here for something... why don't you tell me what it is and maybe we can work something out..." Asmodeus was ready to send every single doll in the room to assault Vermillion, but made no inkling of movement to give it away. "Go on then... Tell me why you decided to intrude on me today..." As she spoke, her voice fluxuated from demonic tones and then to average human male tone.

"Well, at first I wanted to find out what you were planning... But now I'm gonna want a few arms." He smirked."You've got more than enough." The overconfident reaper continued to eye the abomination with a smirk."My Mistress' orders are final. We have a contract." Vermilion's eyes glowed the dull yellow as he awaited a response.

"Then why don't you go ahead and tell me what exactly your mistress wants and who she may be before you start making the ATTEMPT to cut off any of my arms?" Asmodeus said, taken aback by the comment about her precious arms. She wanted to set everything in the room on him at once right now, but continued to bide her time.

Having reached the area where there final battle would take place, the Metal Man, first dissovled the platypus. "We are going to settle this like men...well Man, and Taco." The Metal Man, quickly turned his arm into a fierce looking blade and charged at the Taco Man, knowing that this was to be their final battle, and he would win, or the Taco Party House would make him pay off his lunch. "I will never pay for my lunch, never you hear me NEVER!!!!!!!" he shouted as he swung his blade arm.

The Taco man squatted down, in DBZ style action pose and began grunting loudly, pitch and volume raising as his cheese started standing up and various strands of unmelted cheddar cheese floated in a bloom shape around him like an aura. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADIOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS!" He shouted, pulling his hands back and then thrusting them forward making a handsign that could best be described as "Two middle fingers being thrust forcibly into an X shape. From his hands came a beam of melted nacho cheese, and it was heading straight for the Metal Man.

As the gooey cheese beam shot toward the Champion he was shocked, confused, hungry, and terrified all at once; but he managed to overcome his initial reaction and side stepped the the Nacho Beam Cannon, just in the nick of time. "That attack was pretty freaking cheesey!" he said as he managed to move in close to Jorge. "Now let me cut to the point..."he said slicing him with the blade that was his left arm, "and give it a shot!" he said as he brought up his right hand and fired a machine gun spread from his index finger, with his thumb straight up to form a gun.

Taco man moved quickly, stunned momentarily by the Metal Man's puns, but managed to free himself in the nick of time not to get shredded. He still took a few to his side, but instead of bleeding regular blood, he bled delicious chipotle sauce. He picked some of it up with his thumb and licked it. "Muy sabrosa..." He grinned and then reached behind himself. He then began throwing sharpened tomato slices, molecularly sharp, straight at the Metal Man.

The Poison God's Champion, saw the Tomato Shuriken and knew he needed to dodge that shit imediatly. So he used his super keen senses to dodge each of the shurikenmatos they all flew into the giant goatse. The Metal Man just looked and said, "Dude that was not cool apoligize to the goatse!" shouted The Hero in the lab coat. He formed a Portrait of Count Dracula, "say can this guy get some chipotle sauce?" he said very casually. He then formed a Jetpack and flew up high in the air, he then flew down,"This this Portrait will be your Ruin" he said smashing the metal portrait of the vampire Lord down on the Taco Warrior.

Jorge the Taco man caught it with both hands, his legs spreading to even out the weight along the ground. He struggled against the awesome force of the portrait being shoved against him, trying to crush his tasty, cruchy shell. He would not have it. "No me muero! Uno se muere!" He forced the portrait back upward with all his might and pulled on hand back, where it began glowing a fiery red. "Taco golpe!" he shouted, before slamming his fist against the portait of Dracula. Dracula's face contorted into a frown as it shattered into a million spicy pieces and the proceeding force slammed the remains of the painting straight into the Metal man, sending him flying back a few hundred meters. Taco man turned his back to the Metal Man and said. "Los vientos de cambio han arrasado la tierra..."

"Well Shit, looks like you won doesn't it unfourtanately I don't any money." Said the Metal Man nibbling on a strip of bacon.
The Taco Man man looked at the Metal Man and calmy said, "Después de trabajar para la Casa Taco de grupo ahora." he then pulled a box seemingly out of nowhere inside was an outfit, specificly an identical Taco costume. "Ahora deben llevar este equipo hasta que su deuda se paga fuera."

The Metal Man slipped into the costume gave the Taco a hand shake, adjusted his sombreo and was going to take this time to see what was up with the Puppet party in Poison God's Domain, he formed a vespa and raced toward the Toxic cloud.

"She just wants to know your plans.... Everything else is all me, And I don't think either of them want you to know who they are." He did his usual combat pose, spinning his scythe into a combat ready position. "Step 1. Intrude upon the premises, Step 2. Make it this far... Step 3. Rip off your big ugly arms, aaaannnd step four, loot like a madman on my way out."

Asmodeus laughed maniacally at Vermillion's statement. "So you intend to return with nothing but a few of my arms?! You expect me to give you any information as to what i have plans for in the future?" Asmodeus let her head fall back down. "I'm just another creator, looking to both gain a strategic advantage and better defend herself against creators who would send champions like YOU against me! Is that so wrong?" She said, not telling the whole truth, but not giving off any hint that she was. "Now leave my home or I'll forcibly send you back to your master in pieces contained in a small box!" She said, ready to set everything in the room flying in an instant.

The Endless watched the strange exchange between the puppet lord and her intruder intently through the eyes of his thrall, Crest. The strange, seemingly immortal interloper was quite audacious, but rather interesting at the same time. The puppet lord -this Asmodeus- on the other hand, seemed rather... unglued. And angry.

Go no further, Crest. No response came, but The Endless knew his creation would obey. They both watched very closely, to glean as much information as possible before they were discovered.

"Well... I don't intend to leave empty-handedly." The Capricious Reaper remarked. "Besides, I'm starting to get a feel for this place. I've got to either bruise you like a plum, or leave with my pockets a little heavier, or else this fantastic voyage has all been for naught." Vermilion eyed his surroundings and gave a chuckle."No big ugly Bra washer, I.... I'm genuinely surprised." He quickly set out volley of loose souls that swayed about in the air."Sooo... Whenever you're ready."

Asmodeus cracked her head back to it's normal upside down position in an instant with a horrible crack, but it didn't grow back to its original size. Every arm on her back seemed to move at once as she spoke aloud. "My enemies have come to talk away the essence of my being. I, the master of puppets, general of vast armies of being that imitate the forms of others, shall never be overcome by any other. For the enemy has entered my most private of locations and attempts to eradicate my very body. within my reach, i will call upon the Age of the Demon Lord..." She spoke, voice stuck in an echoing, distorted voice. With a shudder and a rustle, every single one of the thousands of dolls of all varieties in the room began to heave with deep breaths as their eyes glinted brightly before they rose off each other, almost all at once, like the souls of the dead rising from the graves for Judgement Day. Each and everyone of them stared at Vermillion as a few quickly swarmed over the wisps to keep them from reaching Asmodeus herself. They quickly all drew weapons from their person and waited. "Let the show begin!" She shouted, and all at once, every doll swarmed towards Vermillion, weapons raised, ready to tear him asunder.

Gently drumming her fingers on the table, Sehnsucht managed enough energy to quickly talk to her Champion before he went to fight.
"Look...just focus on what you need...try not too get too messed seem to have things under control in spite of your show-boating..."
A small smirk before bracing to watch the unfolding battle.

Vermilion laughed."You talk to much, you big ugly abnormality!" He chided as he detonated all the souls at once before scattering more, and spinning around at high speeds with his scythe in the slicing position. "You seem to have too many arms anyway, It's be for your own good, you know?" The souls swayed in the air, slowly bobbing back in forth to the rhythm only death could hear.

Boss lady, don't worry about me, I'll be fine. If worse comes to worse you can just yank me back, remember?

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