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Alpha and the two other Platforms quickly conversed among themselves and relayed the information back to the Consensus(a matter maybe two seconds) and replied to the larger Human like being,"We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we must insist that you remove the helmet if it is at all possible, and we have not yet confirmed that you are, in fact, human. The ship that carries you resembles no known Alliance vessels in our databanks." Alpha and the two other Geth readied their weapons, prepared to attack the two humans and the possible Abomination if any hostile action was felt.

Neither had kinetic barriers, though scans showed that they had some kind of possible shielding technology, though it was much different to any they had seen.

Alpha also set up a link directly to Marsiani using his omni-tool, it was a matter of a few moments before they were connected, the data flow was substantially lower than what the Geth were used to, this AI was just as alien to them as the ship itself however.

Can you confirm that these two are human, and what is the strange alien that resembles Turian,Batarian, and Elcor? Can you confirm that these humans come from the planet they call Earth?

Lt. Crown
Sierra arrived at the Hangar and ordered the marines clustered around the doors to move and walked in.

"I'm sorry I'm late sir,mame, bu-"

She stopped, stunned at the robots standing in the hangar with strange weapons, she assumed, two strange aliens, one blue and looked human except for the tentacled head, and the other just as tall as Jastius, but much more bulky, and a.... hump?

Her shock took control of her and she stood there, wide-eyed and paralyzed, these weren't even Covenant, who were they? And where had they come from?


Not wanting to give out sensitive data, she simply sent them data on what a Sangheili was and then continued on.

"Yes, they're indeed Humans and the large one is from Earth. But what are you? What is a Batarian, Turian, and Elcor? For that matter, what is the Alliance?" She responded in an annoyed voice and tone. She was curious, but for an AI, she was getting a lot of questions, but no answers.

Alan wasn't important enough to warrant a position on the deck to meet these strange alien creatures. Instead he joined a dozen other marines in posts all over the side of the Broken Destiny which faced the hangar. They were all wielding M392's or SRS 99 sniper rifles, pointed down at the meeting group of aliens. They were covering the UNSC detachment as they met these unknown life-forms.

Just insurance in case anything got nasty.

Luna sighed and began checking around with her omni tool. "If you can't take off your helmet, any information about your soldier would be appreciated. As for you and the Rest of your ship, i am clueless as what to do. No Cerberus markings or design hinted at an if you were reaper aligned, you already would have been attacking us."

"The most i can do is ask for a representative from the other species on this Ship. No matter the rank or even who it is. I must have something to present to the council when i arrive." she said and began looking around for someone.

"As for your question, i'll have someone send over information on all of the races in the galaxy. The Citadel however, is the galactic hub and home to the council. The council before you ask is an alliance between the major races of the galaxy. Turian, Salarian, Asari and Human. Anything Else you would like to know? I'll try to answer, but i'm a trained killer, not some diplomat who sits behind some desk all day."

Crown regained control of herself, walked over near Mee and stood watching the strange aliens assembled before her. She knew she wasn't that important to the ship, but she felt her men needed someone other than the Spartan and the Captain looking out for their interests if it should come to pass.


Alpha and the Consensus convened once again and it was declared safe to transmit the last century of history to Marsiani, she had cooperated with them. They were Human, yet they knew nothing of the Alliance. Curiouser and curiouser as it went on.

"First Contact War....Humans...Turians....Shanxxee...Citadel....Salarians....Shepard Commander...Reapers...Protheans...Warning....Saren...Udina....Illusive Man...Cerberus..."

They also sent her their own beginnings, from Creation to Rebellion and eventually Reconciliation.

Paynor eyed the large armor-clad humanoid thing with suspicion, but kept his Revenant down. "What the hell is this thing? It's too big to be a human. I kinda like it."

Quintus had stopped to stare at the proceedings, there was protocol to follow the meeting of a new species, there had been ever since the incident at Relay 314, but it was still a lot to take in. As he resumed his approached towards the group, he continued to stare at the aliens arrayed before him, both known and unkown. To the Krogan he asked "Would you please tell me what's going on?"


"Can you excuse us for a moment? I just need to talk with the Captain." And with that Jastis pulled Nassa aside. "What are your thoughts on this? They're not any race we have seen from the covenant, and they say that they have Humans here. ONI keeps secrets, but not something as major as this."

"It's all so much, other races that aren't the covenant, and this council. Are we even sure where are in the same galaxy?"

Suddenly Marsiani appeared. "I think we can rule in the fact that this might be another dimension."

"Another Dimension? Is that even possible? We have had only theories on it but nothing of that sort."

"I have... Gained information from the Geth, here it is the year 2191, Humanity is part of the Systems Alliance, and they just got out of a major war similar to us, but their threat was going after all races, they appeared to have been a Synthetic race called the Reapers. Also from what I can gather there is no Forerunners in this dimensions, only the beings called The Protheans."

Nassa crossed her arms. "But how did it happen? Was this because of the anomaly?"

"I think we can say that with almost 100% certainty that it's because of the anomaly, which I have been trying to study but what caused it vanished as we exited from Slip-space. Captain I think before we move forward that we need to meet with their leaders and discuss this."

They turned and faced back to the group of new aliens. "Luna, we would like to meet with your leaders before we continue any further discussion. And it's not a VI on our ship, whatever that is, Marsiani is our ship's AI." She spoke to the Asari.

She then looked at what said it was a Turian. "Once we meet with your leaders, you will know."


Back to the Geth she spoke. "At the present moment... I can't send you any data about our history, but if we meet with the council, and things get settled out, we shall send you all the data you would like."

"Ok, but i need a representative from the other species aboard, We have no knowledge of them and would like to."Luna said looking at the few different sangheili.

Mee heard this and moved until she was abbout a row from the front line of soldiers gathered. She wasn't one to be involved in politics but this seemed almost too good to pass up. Another species, and apparently more on the massive station.

Bravo 21:
Quintus had stopped to stare at the proceedings, there was protocol to follow the meeting of a new species, there had been ever since the incident at Relay 314, but it was still a lot to take in. As he resumed his approached towards the group, he continued to stare at the aliens arrayed before him, both known and unkown. To the Krogan he asked "Would you please tell me what's going on?"

"A new ship appeared outta nowhere, and we're askin' 'em questions. Doesn't look like I'm gonna get to kill stuff after all."

"Very well, Synthetic Marsiani.We will await your response and provide assistance to your organics

"We will help escort you back to the Citadel, Humans. We will wait aboard our frigate for your shuttle"

Alpha and the other two Platforms went back to the shuttle and left the hangar, and waited for the human's to leave their curious ship. The Geth studied the scans they got of the human ship, seeing very little similarities between this ship and any ship they had previously discovered, besides the strange peculiarities common to all organics.

The ship was highly advanced, in some ways outclassing most dreadnoughts, while in others it was horribly outdated by their standards.


She appeared right next to Mee and explained everything and then said. "Mee, you will be the representative for your species, please go up to the Captain and Spartan."

Mee nodded and stepped forward, she moved until she was a step behind the captain and opposite Jastis.

Luna took a look a me for a minute before asking: "You shall be the representative of your race?"

Mee nodded. "Yes, My name is Mi'T'da, but you may refer to me as Mee." she said.

Luna nodded and hopped back on board the Gunship. "I request that you come with me and Paynor, i don't know how your shuttle will respond with out docking systems."


"Luna, would it be possible to bring some of our Marines and maybe an Engineer with us?" asked the Spartan.

"Don't see why not, the engineer could explain some of the strange technology." She said then went into the cockpit of the Gunship.

Mee followed and took a seat in the gunship.

Alan watched with increasing despair as the female elite he had met that very same day and started to like, climbed on-board the strange alien dropship. "Oh, you silly girl," Alan muttered, watching as the curvy elite sat in one of the seats. "Always make first contact and meeting on Neutral soil. Being in their hospitality and at mercy only puts you on the back foot," Alan muttered, thumbing some troublesome dust of the top of his scope.

The Spartan had been talking to one of the strange blue-skinned aliens with head tentacles. They seemed to come to agreement over something, and the blue alien disapeared into the belly of the gunship along with Mee.

Now all Alan could do was wait.


Crown walked back to the doors leading to the hangar and picked Gaffer, the youngest on board who still needed some experience, old grizzled Sergeant Meeks, she knew she could trust him on board, Leppy, one of the few on board with a suspected criminal background, and Chagerben, the girl was skinny enough to shame a Jackal, freakishly strong though.

"Ok, you four are coming with me, don't mess with these guys, there's some aliens here that look they could bend a Brute in half with a hand, now move out"

The five marines boarded the blue alien's vessel and awaited commands from Jastius, should they come.


Jastis walked over to where the AI was projecting out of and slipped in a small container and she entered it. Taking it out, he then placed her in the back of his helmet."Interesting the MJOLNIR VII, only been in the VI. Way more... Advanced." She said as he began to check all the systems.

He nodded to Nassa and they stepped on the gunship and sat down next to each other. Nassa wasn't much of a fighter when it came to ground warfare, so the Spartan was to be her body guard. "We're ready." Nassa said to the Asari.

Alan was still waiting, his rifle scope to his eye. It was then that his comm pack buzzed, and he took his eye away from the scope to take the call. It was a summons down onto the deck by Marsiani, the ships AI, he was to go with these strange aliens in their gunship to whereever there base was.

"Absolutely nothing bad can come out of this," Alan said sarcastically, hanging a nice lampshade, before packing up his rifle and setting off down to the deck.

He arrived on deck with a bulging backpack of equipment, including measuring equipment, adjustable wrench, and many cans of WD-40. With a slightly nervous smile he walked passed the very attractive blue alien. Her head tentacles creeped him out a bit, but she still had a very pretty face. He got into the gunship, strapping into the seat beside Mee, resting his enormous backpack between his knees. "Hi again, Mee. Glad to have somebody I know for this."

"Here we go."Luna said as she engaged the thrusters on the Gunship. The smooth liftoff wouldn't have woke a baby from its nap. She backed the ship out of the Hanger and into free-floating space. She began to Pilot back to the C-sec dock. "This is Luna T'sair, i have Ambassadors from the ship, a number of soldiers, the captain and an unknown race. docking in bay 5." she said as the geth frigate pulled up along side of her.

It was a few minutes before they landed, Luna stood up and opened the door to the c-sec dock. THe View was one that never got old.

"Welcome to the citadel." Luna said.

"Holeeee Jiralhanae balls deep fried in sweet sauce and sauted with a particularly thick sauce. That is one hell of a view," Alan stated, looking up, down, and all around as he followed Mee out of the open door and onto the deck named "c-sec."


They stepped off the gunship and got a good look at the dock, it was quite advanced, but seemed not as advanced as some of their Forerunner tech they had aboard the Broken Destiny. Marsiani wanted to scan and get into the systems of the Citadel, but she doubted they would like her to do so. Though they were still impressed, and it seemed that many lived on it.

"So, we going to meet this council of yours or just waiting here?"

Luna pulled up her omni tool and worked a few buttons. "Councilor Tevos? Yes its Luna T'sair, i have the ambassadors, i need transportation... Yes, Humans and and unknown race... Ok, we'll be there. Thank you Councilor."Luna said and turned back to the group.

"Follow me please."Luna said and Led them through C-sec. "This is C-sec, The Security force of the citadel. They handle everything from customs to hostage situations. We'll be taking fast transit hover cars to the Presidium." she said as they came into another view of the station's arms.


Mee was speechless, the only other sort of constuct of even somewhat similar size was high Charity, even then this was a civilian station, not even military. All she could do was stare.


He looked in amazement as they were in the hover cars, the fact that they didn't have ground vehicles were alien to him. Back on Earth, and all of its colonies, regular cars are still used. "Marsiani, what do you think?" The Spartan asked but he didn't let his voice leave his helmet.

"I have learned so much since we came here, the Geth have told me much of this history, this place is millions of years old... Apparently every major galactic civilization has used this as their main hub." She responded.

"Does this exist in our dimension? Or any of these races?"

"No, or at least from what we know. The Human-Covenant war lasted for 27 years across the Milky Way galaxy, either we or the covenant would have found this. And the fact that during such a war, we never got intervened by Asari, Turian's and so on, either means they haven't developed yet, or simply don't exist. I place my bet on the latter."


The three hovercars raced around the Presidium until they found the root to the citadel tower. They soon came to a rest at the base of the towers and everyone got into an elevator. When the doors opened again, they were in the entrence to the council chamber. image (At the way back down there.)

"The council holds all power in citadel space, please be respectful to them as you would your own leaders. Any questions?"Luna asked.

Mee just shook her head no.


Nassa shook her head. "No, any questions we have will be directed towards the council itself.

"Ok, follow me please." Luna said and led them up the steps to the council chamber. She motioned for the Marines and Engineer to stay back while Nassa, Jastis and Mee walked forwards on the Podium. They were greeted by the sight of four councilors.


"You must be Captain Nassa, I'm Councilor Tevos." The Asari councilor said.

"I am Councilor Sparatus." The turian councilor said.

"I am Councilor Valern." The Salarien councilor said.

"I am Councilor Osoba." The human councilor said.

"You have arrived in an unknown and unrecognized ship, you also have a new species aboard you ship. Therefore we shall treat the entire ship as new species." Councilor Valern said.

"We would like to know the name of this unknown species for it to be logged in our computers." Councilor Tevos said.

Mee stepped forward."My kind calls ourselves the Sangheili. I am Mi'T'da." she said then took a step back.

"Now that that is over with, We would like you to explain you presence here Captain Nassa." Councilor Sparatus finished.

Captain Nassa

She breathed in and out, alright time to explain things. Nassa stepped forward. "I am Captain Nassa of the United Nations Space Command. Our vessel, the newly constructed Broken Destiny was on our way to the planet Reach, when suddenly while we were in Slip-space, an anomaly occurred, and we were forced to exit slip-space and we then arrived outside your Citadel and then that brings us to now."

The council stood listening. "there seems to be no falseness in you tone." Councilor Tevos said.

"This "slip-space which you speak of, is this how you managed to arrive without use of the relays?" Councilor Valern asked.

"I apologize Councilor Valern, but the United Nations? Thats the small branch of the alliance military keeping peace between all of the cultures on earth, it has no space command and no need for one. I must contact their head of staff to check with this." Councilor Osoba said and began to use the small holo pad infront of him.

Councilor Valern nodded. "Now as to my inquiry..." She said.

Captain Nassa

Nassa nodded to Valern. "We used slip-space using our FTL drive to move across the stars. I don't know what this Mass Relay you're speaking of is though. Is that your FTL drives?"

Then she looked back at Osobo. "Asking them will be pointless. See, were we come from it is the year 2553, my AI, Marsiani, told me that here is the year 2191. In our time, there is the UNSC, no System Alliance, but what is stranger is that were we come from, there is no Citadel, Asari, Salarian, Turian, and so on. There is Humanity, Sangheili and the rest of the covenant."

"Regardless of what happened, you are here now, infront of us. There is no way of deciphering what happened, so the most we can do is discuss this matter in circles.Neither side knows what the other has been through or their origins. We should let the V.I.s, or A.I. if you would call them decipher our gathered information into something we can each understand." Councilor Tevos said.

Councilor Sparatus looked down at the holographic and nodded. "This talk of relays brings up another point Captain Nassa. The Turian military would like to send a team of engineers aboard you ship to inspect it and make any upgrades needed for use of the relays. These aren't drives, but tunnels creators, making a massless area in space and essentially throwing the ship through it, arriving almost instantaneous on the other side. Is this acceptable captain? I do not know the capabilities of your technology, but this is the fastest transportation in the galaxy." he said.

Counselor Osoba nodded and canceled the actions he had made.

"This is a most peculiar incident..." Counselor Valern said to herself.


He looked at the Captain who seemed to be contemplating, the Spartan pulled her aside. "You think it is wise to let these aliens, on our ship and look at all the specs? We are still not sure we can trust them, they seem to accepting too fast for my liking."

"I agree, for now, I don't think any work on anyone's ships should happen. I will try and negotiate with them. If anything, we should attempt Slip-space and try to get out of here as quickly as possible, see if we can get back to our own dimension. But I would like Marsiani to run more tests before then."

"I say right now, we don't let them touch our ship. Try to get them make small talk for the time being, no ship upgrading talk for a moment. Tell them we will need time to discuss amongst ourselves."

She agreed with the Spartan, but didn't like how he was trying to sway her, but she had to give in she nodded and turned and walked up to the Council again. "Before any talks of such things, we need to first debate amongst ourselves, we need time. Sorry, but we don't fully trust you at the moment."

"Understandable." Councilor Valern said.

"This meeting of the Council has been adjourned." Councilor Sparatus said then they broke from their positions.

Luna welcomed them back with a grin. "That seemed to g-" She began but was interrupted by the sight of Councilor Tevos approaching.

"Pardon me, but i would wish to see you in my Office Captain Nassa, you may bring the large human with you as he seems to be your advisor. The rest of your soldiers are free to do as they please. Luna will bring you there if you choose to accept my offer." she said then walked off.


Crown walked up to the Captain and whispered,"Sir, what if we agreed to a small trade of ship schematics? From what I've seen here, they're much more advanced than we are, I'm not sure we can do anything against their ships and I have to admit, their robots are intimidating as hell,"She motioned towards the three Geth standing watch over their small company.

She quickly turned to her marines,"Gaffer! Rule one while on an alien station, don't touch a damn thing! Chagerben, I know the big eyed alien over there looks just like you do, but stop making eyes at him! And Leppy! Don't touch that computer!"

"Nassa Captain, it has been reached in the Consensus that you constitute a 34% chance of hostile action and as such, we have taken measures against the Broken Destiny, it is currently surrounded by three Geth cruisers. Should you take any hostile action, your ship will be destroyed as quickly as possible." Alpha attempted to communicate this politely but organics were strange, they did not always receive the signals given them.

Captain Nassa

She looked over at the machine that had just spoken to her. "What in the... Could someone explain to me whats up with this nut and bolts? He doesn't appear to be any council race."

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