Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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Jake got up from his cot, he could feel a headache coming on, he reached into his doctors bag for something a bit stronger than aspirin and was off. He put his suit coat back on since it felt cold in the Mess Hall but stuffed his tie into a pocket, no reason to dress up. He slipped his shoes on and sauntered into the kitchen, he'd grown used to waking up to the smell of coffee, while he didn't particularly care for it, his wife drank it every morning, he'd tease her about basically drinking candy after how much sugar she'd pour into it, when Jake did drink it he always drank it black. He put a pot on, more for the familiarity than anything else, maybe it would help people wake up or attract those who had yet to show up back into the hall.

Iskierka awoke to the world with a start, unable to remember the reason. Glancing around, she saw that another of the cots had been occupied last night - the occupant having come in after she feel asleep and before she awoke. Ace still slept in his own cot.

She dragged herself up and out of the bed, still in the half awake, dazed state of such sudden awakenings. She blinked a few times, adjusting to the light, then made her way down to the mess hall - their unspoken meeting point and home of what food they could muster. Still in the loose shirt and fatigues in which she had slept, she made her way into the mess hall, finding it contained the elusive Dr. Gallows and a pot of coffee, still brewing.

She could have hugged the man for his foresight in making the wonderful brew, but resisted the urge. Her practical side realized that their supply of the marvelous, caffeinated substance could only be limited - but who was she to listen to practicality when coffee was involved. While it brewed, she decided to try and strike up a conversation with the good doctor; she had barely said a word to him since they had become stranded, which seemed a bad course of action.

"Good morning Dr. Gallows, did you sleep well?"

David soon entered the mess hall after a few laps of the area to wake himself up, the sweet scent of caffeine bringing him back to the land of the living.
"Oh my god, We have Coffee?! Uhhhh, I stand life again..." He groaned out loud as he went for a paper cup.
"Morning all, Sleep well?..." He asked, fully aware he just spent the night with several hundred dead bodies.

Gallows leaned on a counter top watching the coffee brew and stroking his short beard.

"Good morning Dr. Gallows, did you sleep well?" Iskierka asked entering the room.

"About as well as I expected, which is to say not well at all. I feel like I was having a nightmare but I can't remember exactly..." Jake trailed off.

"Oh my god, We have Coffee?! Uhhhh, I stand life again...morning all, Sleep well?..." David asked enthusiastically, seemingly appearing from nowhere.

"Uhh, yeah, just great." Jake said deciding on a much more concise answer.

"Uhh, yeah, just great."

David merely nodded at Jake's Answer.
"Right, I was thinking, just how much of the ship did we check out so far? I was half thinking of looking for more survivors. I know off the top of my head the Bridge, the Med Bay and the Armoury. Any place else?" He asked both Jake and Capek, Even after all that happened, He was sure there had to be more survivors then just them.

"Right, I was thinking, just how much of the ship did we check out so far? I was half thinking of looking for more survivors. I know off the top of my head the Bridge, the Med Bay and the Armoury. Any place else?"

Iskierka brought her thumb and index fingers to her chin, thinking the question over. "We checked the robotics lab on the way to the A.I. core, and hydroponics when Theailan and her companions arrived." Iskierka offered, before finishing, saying "But that's about it I think. tough, speaking of Theailan - has anyone seen her this morning?" Iskierka asked, directing the last part to the omnipresent A.I. Codex

"though, speaking of Theailan - has anyone seen her this morning?"

David bluntly answered "Nope. That's what the Armoury Walls were for...", Despite the Empty Room being used for Cold Storage for half the crew, he regretted nothing.
He then zoned out for a moment.
"....Of course....Theailan's Rifle, The Lack of bodies or blood...It wasn't a De-pressurisation...We we're cleaned out...Codex You have recordings of the Armoury or records of anyone else but me with a 1900's Era Rifle?" He asked the AI.
He didn't know if this was the Xenophobia talking or if he was onto something, guess he'd find out.

One of the lights in mess hall flickered a few times before the main monitor flickered with the AI's avatar displaying on it. She looked down to the group. "Good morning crew. Caution: Bastion Emergency Protocol enabled. It is currently day 2, 11-AM New-Ship Time."

There was a long pause as she loaded the daily routines. She, seemed... Different. She seemed to have cat-like eyes now, similar to Mozart, who had found his way next to Ace.

"Answering User inquiries:" Codex started... "Theailan is currently sleeping. She has requested to be left alone for the duration of her rest. Due to her implants, I have full control over her bodily functions as I recharge her power supply. She is resting in Security Checkpoint D, near the Armoury."

She then looked toward David, after answering Iskierka's question. "Records are minimal. We had a minor supply of equipment stored before the incident. Afterward, the equipment was gone. The rifle is not of human design. Newly added records state that the unknown rifle belongs to what can be best translated to a "Shock Troop." Typically utilized by the youngest, adolescent and untrained solders of the Alien Race. Currently, at this time I am unable to translate the name of the race to an English word."

Ace woke up to feel something furry and warm on his face. Investigating the strange material with his hands, he found his answer when his face was greeted by a claw and his ears with a sharp meow! Lifting himself up, Ace shook off his morning fatigue by casually slapping his cheeks. He pushed his legs off the bed and after standing up, found that his leg didn't feel all that different. With this in mind, Ace took special care with his recovering leg during his morning stretch. After stretching, during which he had to dodge Mozart's attempts from clinging onto his face, Ace splashed his face with cool water. Feeling revitalized, for the moment anyway, Ace strapped his clarinet onto his back again and grabbed his make-shift crutch.

Taking slow steps out into the corridor, Ace couldn't help but feel a sense of eeriness. The ship of life and activity he once knew was gone. It was now a ghost-ship, with a handful of people inhabiting it. Trying not to get into a snow-ball of thoughts, Ace took his mind off the ship and focused on finding the Messhall. After a rather sluggish journey, that involved in more than a few dead-ends, Ace found the room. Upon entering, Ace greeted the others with a "good morning."

Johann woke with a start, his hand reflexivly flinging whatever was to hand across the room.
Rubbing sleep from his eyes, he glanced around the room. He waved a greeting to Ace, and yawned. The table hadn't been the most comfortable place to sleep, but the sleeping bag had mitigaited it somewhat.

David took in this new Info, but it didn't confirm his theory
"...Great...Thanks Codex..." He said before helping himself to some coffee and letting the life treating situation he found himself in fade away for a moment...

Ace waved back and decided to take this opportunity to get to know Johann better. Perhaps his luck was still there, giving Ace opportunities. But luck could only get him so far and it was up to Ace to do the heavy-lifting. Taking an opportunity was one thing and making the most of it was another. His situation was strange, for Ace knew all too well how to make small-talk, strike up a conversation and get into a stranger's good books but when it came to making 'real friends,' he felt like a child on the first day of school, shy and unaware of what to do. He decided to try and play it cool, casual and light. He would just talk, talk like he always did. How he talked to Johann before, he had no idea. It was too late anyway, for before he knew it Ace's lips were moving.

"Good sleep last night?" Ace asked lightly. It was so light he wasn't even sure he had talked.

"Good sleep last night?"

David answered once he returned to reality.
"Wha? Oh, Yeah, was a little cold in there, but I've slept worse elsewhere. Hows the Leg?" He asked before taking another wonderful slip of his coffee.

"Wha? Oh, Yeah, was a little cold in there, but I've slept worse elsewhere. Hows the Leg?" David said, drawing Iskierka from her coffee. "That reminds me. When you have a chance Ace, I would like you to met me down in the medical bay to give that leg a proper examination." She took another sip of her coffee before adding.

"Oh, and as I'm the closest thing to a medic on this ship, consider that an order from the chief medical officer."

Jake poured himself a cup of coffee, seemed like the popular thing to do, he didn't add anything, leaving it black. He leaned back against the counter and took a sip, he stared blankly at the black liquid and then at mug in his hand, written on the side was Worlds Best Grandma. He'd simply grabbed a random mug out of a cabinet without looking at it, it must have belonged to one of the kitchen staff. He didn't think too much about it in that moment.

"We are getting nowhere fast, Codex, can you do a scan or something? It appears our missing engineer count is up to two, Marcus and now Eli. Also haven't seen that cook in a while, Philip. I'd hate to think they died of boredom because if that is the case, I feel I might be next." Jake said out into the air.

Ace looked down at his leg as if he was examining it himself, "doesn't feel any different actually," he replied. To be honest, Ace couldn't really remember how his leg felt but he wasn't going to take any chances. It felt like he had weights tugging on it and that was good enough for him.

"That reminds me. When you have a chance Ace, I would like you to met me down in the medical bay to give that leg a proper examination."

"Can we go now? The sooner I get this leg fixed, the better," Ace said. Her tone seemed a little hostile but he could understand why. Not everyone would feel comfortable going.

Iskierka finished her coffee quickly, then answered Ace. "Sure, sounds like a good plan. Do you need some help down to the medical bay?" she asked, somewhat concerned - she didn't want to see his injury get any worse.

Do you need some help down to the medical bay?"

"No I'm fine. Got here by myself after all," Ace replied. He picked up his crutch and made his way towards the medical bay with the doctor. In the few first steps Ace tried to walk without limping but no matter how hard he tried, his leg wouldn't co-operate. For the rest of the walk he didn't bother; she needed to know just how bad it was.

Iskierka saw Ace stumble, and would have no more of it - his acting tough would only injure his leg further. Not waiting for a cry for aid, or responding to any argument against it, she lifted the arm on his injured side onto her shoulder, forcing him to use her as a brace. "Lets get this wound checked out shall we?" she said, smiling to try and keep him calm - if he was having this much trouble it couldn't be good.

David decided to follow Capek and Ace to Medical in case they needed any help.
That and his plan to enter the bridge was the cause of Ace's injury so he felt he should do something.
Taking his coffee with him, he stood by in case the Doc needed anything.

Surprised by the doctor, Ace almost tripped again. He was used to suppourting people but not being suppourted by them. Throughout his life he had been the one to help the injured, ease their pain and give them comfort for the few precious minutes of life they had. Was this Ace's fate? It was strange being in the other person's shoes, having his role flipped. Strange, yet comfortable. He had someone he could rely on, someone he knew would live for longer than him. Content, Ace smiled back. So this is what it feels like.

Iskeirka continued down into the bowls of the ship - to the medical bay; Ace on her shoulder. She noticed that David had elected to follow them and she was happy for the help. After some time, she the small group reached the medical labs - her home away from home now - and carefully set Ace down on a bed "I need you t stay here and keep off that leg; we don't want it getting any worse."

Once she said it, she moved toward a medical station and started turning on the systems. "David, would you be so kind as to help me turn on the diagnostic equipment?" she asked, glad for any help he could offer.

"David, would you be so kind as to help me turn on the diagnostic equipment?"

"Yeah, sure." David answered before he began to work the Diagnostic Interface.
Or was it just Minesweeper? Technologically Inept
After doing...Something, He turned to Capek and asked "Your Surgical Tools are still clean and sterile, Right? I mean we DID just pull a graveyard out of this place yesterday..."

Iskierka was sitting in an office chair, starting her computer equipment when David spoke up. "Your Surgical Tools are still clean and sterile, Right? I mean we DID just pull a graveyard out of this place yesterday..." David said after turning on... a coffee maker? Guess he wanted more coffee? Iskierka suppressed a a sigh, and pushed over to the Diagnostic array, and pressing the on-button. Then she answered David's question.

"I did, but it wouldn't hurt to do it again - we can't risk infection out here. Thanks for pointing that out." she said, before turning to look around. "Now where did I put the medical scrubber?", hoping to find what she needed to re-clean the tools.

David looked at the Coffee Machine with an embarrassed expression on his face.
"Goddamn Interface. I swear we pump TRILLIONS into Military Spending but lord forbid if we make using the computers easier. They only control Everything..." he ranted, leaving the Coffee on.
The Diagnostic array started scanning Ace's Leg as David watched the image come up on screen.
"...Ouch...That look like it hurt..."

Iskierka looked at the diagnostic display and paled. She was thankful she was staring away from Ace, as it would be a dead giveaway that his leg was in bad shape. Several large fractures crisscrossed his leg, appearing much like a spider web. When the metal clamped down on his leg, it had all but shattered the bones within. Worse, his auto-immune system was striking out at parts of his leg, unable to identify it as part of him anymore. They could set his leg, but the cartilage that held it together would likely never recover. All-in-all, it was bad; really bad. Were they on earth, the doctors would have cut their losses and had an advanced prosthetic produced, but here they had no such good luck. Even if the leg could be saved, it would take a real medical expert, not her minimal knowledge in the field

Iskierka scoured her mind looking for a solution, but none came. Iskierka turned off the display and silently indicated for David to meet her outside; they would need to find a solution somehow.

David nodded and quickly came up with a fake reason to leave to keep Ace calm.
"Eh?..." He said before checking for a non-existent Message on his PDA.
"Ah....Yo Ace, Jake needs a hand finding Mozart. Just stay still, Scan might take a while. Me and the Doc will be right back." He lied before setting the number of scans to 20 to buy some time.

Once outside, He shut the door and and sighed out of Ace's hearing.
"Man...He's been walking around on that thing? and I thought I was Hardcore...So what happens now Doc? Can anything be done?"

"So what happens now Doc? Can anything be done?" David asked.

Iskierka shook her head slightly. "If we were on earth and I were a medical doctor, absolutely. But... David... I don't know." she said, letting the message sink in. she took a deep breath and continued "I'm no expert in medicine and I don't have access to the kind of resources it would take. If this were earth, they'd recommend amputation and advanced prosthesis, but as far as I know, we don't have a prosthesis factory on board." she said concluding her thoughts, her hand on her forehead.

"If this were earth, they'd recommend amputation and advanced prosthesis, but as far as I know, we don't have a prosthesis factory on board."

David processed the grim Information before glancing back into the Med Bay.
"Rigggghhhtttt...Crap...Well...Guess that leaves us with Amputation....Just it's the entire Leg right? just if there is a stump, I could grab some metal to make a Peg Leg..." He asked, showing just how little he knew of Medical Science.

... I could grab some metal to make a Peg Leg..." David said, not fully grasping the situation. Still, his idea wasn't all that unlikely; a fact that made her worry. As far as she could tell, she had three options: 1) Somehow bandage Ace's leg, fill him with every immune-represent drug she could find, and hope his body could do the heavy lifting; 2) Find a working prosthetic leg on a corpse somewhere, then jury-rig a method of hooking it up to Ace; or 3) Suggest taking their ship pirate because they would have a new, peg-legged drew member. There were other options obviously, but none of them ended well or even bordered on "ethical" - they were immediately dismissed. All-in-all, every option came down to just one thing:

Luck. Hopefully, Ace had a lot of it.

"I know it sounds stupid but given our current situation, It'll have to do. I guess I can get some of that Blue Crap, the Alien stuff, to clean the Metal, then I should be able to bend it into shape..." David mused as the 10th Scan went though, Reminding Capek about that Strange Alien Goo that killed all but human DNA.

"I think that's a pretty good plan - probably out best bet. I'm just going to get Ace's input on the matter before we proceed; it's his leg - he should have some say in it." Iskierka said, letting David know his idea was likely the best they would come up with. "Of course, I don't have any more of the blue stuff - you might have to talk to our house guest to get some. Do you want me to ask; I know you don't seem to like her very much."

Ace had been through enough medical procedures and seen enough doctors to know that something wasn't right with his leg. Or rather, many things weren't right. Even though, throughout his life, Ace had been the one to watch the dying patient and do whatever he could to help the frantic doctor, he could tell. David's fib also helped give it away but on the bright side it had made him laugh, regardless of whether or not it had been his intention. After watching patient after patient, Ace had figured that the best thing he could do was stay positive and he was right. It was rather depressing to think about dying or being handicapped for the rest of your life. It was more so for Ace since he had accepted that he would never really die or be injured. A silly concept for most people but most people didn't have the extraordinary luck that Ace did. For the average man, coming to terms with death or a handicap was hard and for a man like Ace, even harder. All he could do was brace himself for the bad news that the doctor, or David, would reveal. Whatever they were going to say, it would be a foreboding of things to come. Perhaps the last if the powers-that-be were kind. So this is what it feels like.

Iskierka, her conversation with David now complete, reentered the medical bay, intent on informing Ace of the results. As she took the long walk toward the bed, she thought about how best to tell him, but found herself drawing a blank - she wasn't trained for giving this kind of news - how was she supposed to figure this out?

After what felt like too short a time for the distance she crossed - a result of relativity no doubt - she arrived at Ace's bedside with no more clue how to address the problem then she had when she entered. having failed at this task, she decided to attempt it in another way.

"Ace, I've got some good news, and some bad news... How do you want to here it." she said, leaving the decision to the victim.

"Just tell me what's wrong doctor. There's no need for half-truths or cherry-coated news," Ace replied. Ace had assumed that being slow and sensitive when giving bad news was for the best but now that he was actually the victim in the bed about to receive it, he wanted the blunt-truth. It would hurt, yes, but Ace just wanted to hear the words from the doctor herself. A part of him still wanted to believe that he was alright but it was a painful hope to have. Without knowing the diagnostics, without being 100% sure, Ace's mind had room for doubt and therefore hope, a hope that would surely be crushed. So this is what it feels like.

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