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She sees Owen walk out of the inn with his rifle drawn. Slindis immediately raises a hand to halt Owen's fire. "If he's what I think he is, we can't afford to kill him and lose the information he has. We can capture him if he doesn't wish to cooperate, though."

"Don't kill him?! If he's what I think he is, he deserves so much more pain!" Owen pulls the bolt back and advances on the troll, his eyes narrowing on the troll.

"If he is what I think he is, there may be more coming. I'd prefer to have the chance to confirm or deny my suspicions. If he is what you think he is, I will leave it up to you. Unless this thing you're worried about happens to be part of an army of monsters, that is." She points her rapier at the troll, making it clear that she will attack if he doesn't stand down.

Seeing that the troll had no intention of standing down, she swiftly stabbed him in both arms, with the rapier moving through the armor like a hot knife through butter. As the troll howled in pain, she kicked its weapon away.


After a good hour of attacking, Rugal got it all out of his system.
I was at that point his captor appeared.


"Rugal, My son...Been a while...How's the eye?..." Goenitz mocked from the outside.
"Eh...Been better, how was the 6 months hooked up to the Power Grid at the Manor?..."
"I've weathered worse...Now then, While as a man of faith I'm inclined to forgive and forget, there still is the matter of you assured, a few days in my care should sort that out, I look forward to working together..." He said as he walked off, a sharp ice wind seeing him out.
Rugal Cursed and stuck the wall again, given how things were going, he really should've stayed...There...

Owen snarls and brings the butt of his rifle crashing down on the back of the troll's head.

Seeing that the troll was down, she turned to Owen. "I'll leave his interrogation to you when he wakes up. If he claims to be from a country called Droaam, contact me immediately. They're extremely militaristic, and where there's one..." She hands the sword to him. "I don't know how well you were trained in blades, but it'll be difficult for you to keep up your ammuntion. Keep this as a backup. "If you want to join me on the patrol around the village, you're more than free to."

While she walks around, she calls Rugal. "Rugal, this is Slin. What's your condition?"

Owen shakes his head at the sword, showing her the knife concealed on his shoulderpad "Believe me, we think of everything." Owen begins to drag the troll into the inn and up the stairs, dumping it in his rented room, he drops the troll in the centre of the room and sits on the bed, watching it silently.

"Not Good, Remember that mad Priest I told you about? Well, he is here. ethier he doesn't know about the Headset or he doesn't care, whatever it is, I've just been informed that I will be tortured for the next few days...He must have a base in order to send out those drones, How he got it, I don't know..." He answered as he paced around looking for anything to escape with.

"Look, Rugal, you just need to focus on something to get you through. Remember, I will be coming for you as soon as my armor's repaired. You won't have to worry about it being too loud: I'll have it made so it's much more discreet. I've seen it done in Eberron, and the technique just needs a skilled smith." Slindis walks into the smithy, seeing Lukah.

"So, you thought of a modification? Tell me what it is, and I'll get on it." Lukah shouts from the back of the forge with scraps of armor surrounding her.

"Actually, I did. Could you make it a bit less restrictive while keeping the integrity intact, and add a rustproof coating? I run into creatures that eat up metal far too much for my liking."

"Hmm.." Lukah twirls her hammer for a second. "Actually, that could work, and I could make it faster if I do that! The stuff from your friend's drop pod should help with that. I could also make you a shield as well."

"That would be fantastic! Anything to improve my defense will help." Slindis smiles and exits the forge. Just need to wait for my new equipment, then I'll be able to start on getting Rugal out of there.

"Something to focus on..." Rugal repeated as he leaded against the side of the cell wall.
That girl is going to get herself killed...
He forced that thought out of his head and instead focused on his ultimate goal: Total control of his world.
Slindis went back on her patrol when she heard a louder then usual racket coming from the local Watering Hole as well as a somewhat broken Wagon outside, much like the one on the way into town.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me." She frowns and draws her rapier before entering the tavern.

Once inside, she sees the usual scene, Bunch of Drunk Thugs/Highwaymen throwing their weight around and abusing the waitress.
"'Och gon'on, give'us a kiss..." a large, As in fat, bearded unwashed man said as he attempted to lock lips with the damsel he had trapped in his arms.

While he would be easy to get rid off, the real problem was his friends, who were sat at all corners of the bar, an Attack would cause them to gang up on whomever was dumb enough to do so, resulting in the bar being put in a state of forced calm at the ongoing act.
She manages to break free and is rewarded for her efforts with a punch to the head and several kicks while she was down.
"Oi! Ya Do what I'd want'ca ta do!"

"You have two seconds to leave before I ensure your line ends here." She gives a withering glare at the man attacking the waitress, and her stance showed that she was ready to back up her words with force. Taking a look at the men by the corners, she prepared to fight multiple people. "I won't give a second warning."

The Man took a look at Slindis, quite possibly undressing her with his eyes, before the waitress crawled over to the waiting arms of her father and wept.
"Eh, whatever, Go git a gaud, I'l deal wit him...OI! BARKEPT! AOTHEROUND...AND DOES SHE HAVE A SISTER? I wanan 'ave me codpiece drained..." He slurred as he sat back down, totally not realising the fact she WAS the "Gaud".
The rest of this merry band of thieves went back to talking about future scams and raids.

Gear because I forgot to disclose it:
The Fat one has a worn metal armour borrowed from a raid a year or two back and a hammer that was covered in dried blood.
The others have similar gear but they took baths and washed them every now and again.
Finally, one man in the corner alone was playing with something in his hand...

Slindis takes a closer look at the man in the corner, that was juggling something.The others won't be a problem if it comes to blows, but I'd best know everything before starting this brawl.

"You want me to find a guard? I can't find any others, so I guess you'll just have to take your issues with proper bathing and common sense with me." Her rapier glints from the light of the torches in the tavern, and she gives a small prayer to Tira.

"Wha? wanna bathe wit me?...HEWHAHAHAHA...Alwight! 'bout time some'une worth my time threw them'elfs at meh, hope ya fit, cuz it goes on and on and on and on...." the man joked, putting out a pelvic thrust at Slindis everytime he said on.
It was clear that the rest of the Gang weren't fond of him but a brute with a hammer is still rather useful.

Some of them gave their attention to this growing scene, worse come to worse, they lose a loud-mouth drunk, best come to best, they get someone to play with on lonely nights.
The Man in the corner merely smiled and took a sip of his drink.
"'Ere...Sit yerself down and lits 'ave a look at c'ya..." The Fat one said, motioning her to sit on his thigh.

/attempt to RP like Bandits and robbers, will edit if offended.

"Why don't we take this outside, you beast. Unless you want to dance inside, that is. I'm a bit aggressive, though, which might ruin the floor in here." She kept a calm voice, but she was quickly getting irritated. Good thing I have a weapon with me this time, so I'm not reliant on someone else to hear this. She motions with her rapier for the man to get up, ready for the likely brawl.

Some of the patrons, seeing where this was going, began to leave the tavern.

"Oh, 'ow I wud wuv ta ruin you..." The Fat one sat as he got up.
He pulled out his hammer and said "If I 'asn't hold me 'Ammer wight now, I'd be Holdin' me 'Ammer wight now..."

The Rest of the gang played this by ear and waited to see how this would end before stepping in to pull his ass from the fire...
The Man in the corner seemed to lose interest and went back to enjoying his drink.

The Fat one was reading himself for battle when the Hammer slipped from his greasy hands.
"Oh Sorry, just a sec..." He said as he bent over to pick it up.
He then charged at Slindis with the speed of a pure career drunk and forced her to the ground.
He kept one hand around her weapon and one around her neck, using his size to overpower her, he had done this before.
The most painful thing about all this was the smell of drink and human waste.

She viciously kneed the man in the groin, causing him to be blinded by the pain for a split second. That was all she needed to throw the man off her and point her blade an inch from his neck. "Wrong move. Now get the hell out of here before I kill you for what you just tried, swine." Her calm demeanor was replaced with a cold fury, and the few remaining patrons left the tavern in a flash.

"Ahhhhhrrggggg, Ya Fuckin'...uuuhhhhhrrrgggggeeee..." The Fat one cried out as he reached for his hammer to try to swing it and break her ankles.
Clearly in no mood for games, she walked around the brute, without removing her rapier, and kicked it to the side out of reach.
"You. Out. Now." Slindis replied as she pressed the blade against his skin.

Finally One of others went in and tried to take her head off with his hammer as the others, about 5, soon followed suit.
The man in the corner was reading a Novel he found in a raid from last week.

She stabs the man in the groin, ensuring he'd not be getting anything up for a while. They really think a seasoned paladin will lose to common bandits? I've fought kobolds that had a better sense of tactics! The idiots even left an opening to the entrance, which'll make their numbers useless. Seizing the opportunity, she went to the entrance of the tavern. One of the bandits went to swing his hammer at her, but an especially painful stab to the kneecap brings the man to the floor.

"You thieves still have a chance to surrender. If you drop your weapons and leave, you can save yourselves much pain." The drow glares at them, letting them know that she was dead serious.

The other 2 hesitate and look the man reading, It seems as if he is the leader.
He gives a uncaring "Shoo Shoo" Motion of his hand, clearly enjoying his Novel.
They look at each other and drop their weapons and surrender.

The one in the corner gives out a small chuckle as if something amused him before leaning back on his chair and folding his legs.

"If you cause even a hint of trouble for anyone here ever again, consider your lives forfeit." She moves, and the two men flee. Seeing that there was one man left in the tavern, she cautiously approaches him. "So, you're the leader of those men, are you? They could use more training. I've seen orcs that gave a better match than they did."

The man answered with a poem:

"Through me you go to the grief wracked city; Through me you go to everlasting pain; Through me you go a pass among lost souls. Justice inspired my exalted Creator: I am a creature of the Holiest Power, of Wisdom in the Highest and of Primal Love. Nothing till I was made was made, only eternal beings. And I endure eternally. Abandon all hope - Ye Who Enter Here..."

He closed the book and pushed it aside.
"Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Quite a read, If not only for cruel fates that await us in the next world, I do believe I'm a 5th Circle: Anger, doomed to endless battle, unable to die, unable to kill, just fight endlessly..."

He looked up at Slindis.
"I don't fight, I win, so I would suggest walking away, those grunts, Can pick a few up in any old town, hell, gimme a week and you can make another mess at this very bar. But Me, I've seen down better then you dearie, so how about you worry about those guys and let me finish my drink..." He said as he took another slip.
"Heheheahaha, or you could stay and forget you're worries, Drink, best and worse of Man all rolled into one..."

She sighs. "Look, are you here to cause trouble? I'd worry about you, but to be honest, I've got enough on my plate as-is. Although you remind me of someone from home, you seem a bit more sensible than him, and I've already made as many enemies as I do friends in less than a week here. So, could you just call your boys off? You already know how it's going to end for them." She sits down by the counter in the empty tavern.

"Well, 2 of them are bleeding out, 2 of them have fled and that fat ass always got on my nerves all the damn time...Eh, fine...Not my fault they can't see down and have a quiet social drink like the rest of us."
He finishes his drink and picks up his book.
"'Sides, I should thank you, 3 raid's worth of loot and only little old me to divide it. heheheheh, Until we meet again..." The Man said before he rode off, leaving his men behind.

ooc = Good Night.

Slindis ushers in the tavern's owner, who was still comforting his daughter. "That group will probably be remembering this for a while. I'll get the bodies out of here, and have your daughter talk to me if she needs any comforting." Her hands glow, and she places them on the young girl, fixing up the bruising. "Now, It's getting late, so I should head back to Lukah's for the night." Slindis heads back to the house after taking the bandits' bodies and disposing of them.

So, mon, why didn't ya just kill'em?
Ya saw how dey were dressed. Dey wasn't Alliance guards. Da whole town is nothin' like any Alliance town I've ever seen. We know nothin' about dis place, and dese two are our best bets at gettin' any info we can.
Did ya really have ta go down dat easily, though? Gettin' beat up by two random people is not da best thing fer da Grinning Skull's reputation
If I'm to get captured I'd rather not allow my enemies see my powers. And stop callin' me dat.
Gotta admit, though, ya be pretty good at playin' dead
Yah, he thought to himself mostly 'cuz I am dead

He decided that he had played dead for long enough. He opened his eyes and saw a man on the bed.
"So, mon, ya comfortable?"

She wakes up halfway through the night and decides to walk around the town, trying to make sure that the bandits weren't planning on coming back. That could've gone a lot worse back there. I'll likely have to deal with that man later, but it's a good thing he standed down.

Seeing the Troll knocked out so easily, Richardson decided to enter the town and meet the adventurers he sighted. So Owens down there, wonder who the other two were. He may have found some allies in this void. He landed at the Blacksmith's house and knocked on the door.

A half-asleep Lukah blearily answered the door. "Look, if you're lookin' for me to fix somethin', come back in a week. I'm already busy with some armor, and the things that need to be done to it need all my attention. Plus, what's with comin' at this hour? Only person up should be Slin."

"aplogies for the timing but, I'm looking for a man in advanced armor, a troll and what I guessing is a Paladin. Any assistance would be appreciated". Good lord I'm in a LARP.....

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