Serial Killer Round 41: A Game of Cat and Mices (Cycle 6: Entwined dead. Now vote... you monsters.)

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@Mal I still have the scar in my throat from where he threw his knife. I also have the scar from the gun which shot my calf. And the hammer that broke my legs still haunts my dreams. But otherwise he was pretty cool with it. After we knocked him out of course.

@schizzy: Why U no update front page?

@Schizzy: *plays harmonica in jail*

@=y I did give you the key right? Or was it Terry?.... I think it was actually Terry.

*looks in the toilet*

Oh there it is! They must have dropped it.

*undoes lock and goes back home*

*Gets knocked into cell* Heh, wait don't close the door, it locks by itse-Oh. Fuck. You even took the harmonica. Guess there's only one thing to do. *Shrinks down using magical potion, and flushes self down toilet, which leads to home. Somehow.*

Oh thank god, something happened! I MEAN- Uh... Oh no. Not RBM. <_<

@War Penguin: I thought you were too busy being in Minecraft. :P

Captcha: in the cart

But I don't have a railway made yet! D:

@=y: I was. Because of how slow the thread is going. :P

Well. I've been gone a while. That's what I get for doing homework, school work, practical reports, projects and scripting all at once.

Anyway I hath sent my vote.
Wishing that my boat shall float.
I'll probably be killed soon.
Most likely, by a baboon.

Yes. I am totally the killer because I rhymed. Just like last time. *grumpy face*

@schizzy: Why U no update front page?

Gotta tell ya Grandpa, you're memory must be slipping if you're forgetting basic stuff like that. Do we have to send you to the home?

OMG something happened! I always miss these things.

Lets see... Did I vote? I think I did, but I don't remember...


Yep, I voted!

@Mal: I definitely voted...


[1] Disclaimer: I didn't actually vote for you.

@Rimmy: ARRGH! Doth mine own ears heareth rhymes?!? Thou art the killer!
Vote shall cometh at once!

@Sky: That vote was cause I tried to kill you 2 rounds ago, isn't it?

@Sky: What... wha...where am I?

@Neo: No! I'll be good. Promise! Gimme another chance! The home smells like old people!

@Non-voters: C'mon, I need those votes people! It's a close run and there's nine more votes to swing them either way. I'll give it another day before I call it.

@Schizzy: Don't worry about the old people smell. I have this fresh new fragrance out called "Young people smell" you take a few sprays of it and even the homes with the oldest old people will smell young again.

@Staika: You're worse than one of the carpetbaggers out of the old west, ya know that? Always trying to turn a profit off other's misfortunes...


@mal: I wouldn't go that far, but think of it as "Helping a friend who is stuck in a bad situation"

@Staika: "... for a profit"

@mal: Oh of course for a profit. I can't afford to do these things out of my own pocket. Just think of it as a donation so I can do more things like this in the future.

@Staika: Riiiiiight...

*is always suspicious of your motive, has no idea why*

@mal: I am such a nice guy to do these things out of the kindness of my heart, and bank account.

*always sees malyc as an easy target*

@Staika: *now realizes why he was suspicious of your motives*

@mal: *waits for you to show weakness and he will pounce. Like a cat, or a cheetah*

@Staika: *shows weakness by jumping the gun and pouncing first*

@mal: *pepper sprays malyc*

It looks like your eyes are burning with my highly potent pepper spray. But fear not I have just the solution with my new water that is guaranteed to get the pepper spray out of your eyes better than any other brand.

@Staika: *is maced*

Nah, it's cool. The pain should go away by sometime next year, and by then I should be used to it!

@mal: That makes sense but I think I should tell you that the mace was made with the Trinidad Scorpion seeds. So your eyes will start to bleed unless you get this water :P

@Staika: *eyes start bleeding* I have no idea what you're talking about. Take your shoddy products someplace else!!!

*is crying cause it BURNS!!!*

@mal: Oh but let me give you a small taste of what you are missing out of.

*sprays a small amount of water on malyc's eyes, enough to numb the pain for a mere second*

@Malyc: Can I interest you in anti-pepper spray sunglasses?

*Shows Malyc sunglasses that does not, in any way, resemble swimming goggles, nosireee*


@Schizzy: *can't see the product through the blood pouring out of his eyes*

@Schizzy: Good double team my good sir. We got him on the ropes now.

@Mal: Well that's because you have to buy the full version. The free sample does not in any way reflect how well the real product works.

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