We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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"Um...My master only like to meet with people who he has business with. Could you tell me who you are?" Jean asked Jaques. "Of course you may stay I will get you a room with a fireplace as soon as I am done with this gentlemen" she said to Terra, gesturing to Jaques.

Jean gave a small smile before picking Tao up and bringing her to a room. Once inside, she placed Tao on the bed and tucked her in.

OoC: @Nailik I saw your avatar before I hit the red button. And it just struck me, Vergil and Terra have a fair few similarities. Both are half human, both have great power, but where Terra dislikes her power and is fairly open and caring, Vergil is cold and will do anything to get more. That could lead to a fair few interesting discusions.

"Thank you very much. Now, is there anything..." Jean started to ask Axle, then simply sighed when he started being attacked.

OOC: @Gear: You might as well let Jean take him to a room.

Nova looked at Tao and saw that somehow the cat-lady fell asleep. Having a good amount of food, she excused herself from the table and walked around, her hands nervously on twin shortswords she had with her.

Bernard walks by Gray, "Hello." He said to the prisoner.

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Tao laid in the bed, snoring and dreaming about meat buns.

"Vey well then. I am Capitan Jaques Leveque, master of the galleon Craquer and privateer in the employ of un Couronne Francais. The French Crown." Jaques replied, removing his hat and bowing in a single, sweeping ggesture. "I have been riding for several days from Calais to Paris on a route that I have travelled many times, but I do not recognise this land. I do not know how I could have become lost, but I fear that that is what has happened."

SCP-682 comes thundering in, attempting to mutilate several flies attracted to the smell of its skin. It blares something out about how disgusting this land was and snaps down several of the flies.

The woman was slightly taken by suprise by the fact that Jean would alow her to stay without question. She gasped when several odd blue-skinned creatures began attacking the oddly-dressed man.

OoC @Gear: as it stands, she doesn't even know she has any power though.

OOC: Hey there peeps, just seeing how you guys are doing. I see the scenario is (almost) a complete copy of that one documentary on the Discovery Channel.

Axel started to panic as he was attacked by tiny Scottish rogues. "Aah! Someone get them off me!" He shouted as he started to run around in small circles. Then he noticed the giant lizard monster and decided that was a better thing to panic about and ran in the opposite direction of it.

@Slenn: Hello!

"Can I show you to a room, miss?" Jean asked Nova.

"Oh my...Well I can offer you a room until my master is ready for visitors." Jean said to Jaqes.


This may sound strange but...I am very disappointed that you did not have Tao grope any of the women here. (If she did do that and I did not see it, please ignore this.)

OoC: @Outis Perv. She did poke at Nova, though And unless I'm wanted for anything, yeah, good idea. I'm trying to get an early night tonight.
@Nailik I was just thinking out loud. Don't have to do anything with it. But if Vergil is around when she discovers her powers, that could lead to some interesting scenarios.

Vergil stood. Harbinger was an... interesting and powerful being. Vergil wandered down the hall, looking for a place to rest.

Bernard sighed, and began to float away, wondering what to do.

OoC: Anyone have anyone to interact with?

OoC: @Outis, I can do that tomorrow If you like? :P
@Slen, HOLYFUCKYOURSAMAS? *bear hugs*

@Outis: Well... Tao did poke Nova's boobs... That technically counts.

Nova looked startled by Jean's question as she nervously dropped her hands away from her swords. "I..uhh... Yes please..."

BRB guys....

@Slenn: HI!

682 charges towards a nearby building, intent on dealing death to anyone inside.

As Jaques was about to politely decline the offer, he suddenly felt light headed, and it occured to him that having ridden hard for several days straight, it would do him no harm to stay a while.
"Ah, merci beaucoup. That is most gracious of you." He said with a smile, which quickly faded as he saw the hideous reptilian beast burst in, and noticed the little blue creatures at the same time.
"What the devil? What is this place to attract such creatures?" He asked, drawing his wheellock pistol and levelling it at the reptile, cocking the firearm in preparation to fire.

OoC: Someone's playing Samus? Oh, hell yes!

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear." Jean says as she approaches the lizard. "Excuse me, could you please calm down?" she asked it, standing just inside the doorway of the mansion.

Another Jean walked up to Vergil and asked to show him to a room.

The Jean with Nova nodded and began leading her down another hall.

OOC: @Hatchy: It needs to happen if you want to say you are playing the character properly.

The Scots stopped attacking the man but was still on him "Eh 'ero ye save other bigjobs. Go the other way. We was just testin' your mettle in battle" Rob said next to his ear

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OoC @Outis: *facepalm*
@Gear: Indeed it could.

The woman saw Nova talk to Jean and gave her a curious look too. Why would anyone wear such little clothing, she wondered. When she saw the lizard-monster, the woman paniced slightly. "Wha-what is that thing?"

OoC: Okay, after some effort, I completed my epilogues in WAOA3. Anyone who wishes can go view them. Now, I'll see where everyone is and get involved.

682 starts blaring more nonsense and starts attempting to rip the top half off of anyone nearby it.

"Oh, please sir, I am sure violence will not be necessary." Jean said to Jaques as she tried to get him to lower his weapon.

The Jean confronting 682 grows slightly paler and retreats inside the mansion, locking the creature out.

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Sorry Ouits, Ill grope you tomorrow.....I promise

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@Slenn, you don't know how much that has made me happy :D
I frecking love Samus, and so will Tao :3

Vergil nodded curtly to Jean, but in secret he was glad there was a place he could rest his head.

Grey walks into the building, sees 682, screams his head off, and runs upstairs (OoC: if an upstairs exists :U)

OOC: Well I didn't say it had to be me... @Nail: You know it's true. Breast groping is a corner stone of Tao's character.

Jean led Vergil to a room and left him alone.

OoC: Wow i went to the store and the thread moved along quite a bit, i suppose i'll have to drop out. Sorry all.

OoC: Wow i went to the store and the thread moved along quite a bit, i suppose i'll have to drop out. Sorry all.

You really haven't missed anything. Dropping out is not necessary.

OoC: @Outis, Ill try my best, too umm.....'spread Tao's love'...
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OOC: @Outis I really wish it wasn't considering that I need sleep now.

"Monstre! Stay your claws, unless you wish to die!" Jaques barked at 682 in a voice that was perfectly suited to bellowing orders over a crowded deck in the midst of battle.
"I apologise, Madame, but it looks like it may be very necessary." He said to Jean.

OoC: Understood but i'm also the primary caregiver to my 10 month old daughter so i might miss alot lol. If thats cool i can stay but id prefer to contribute more than i currently can if that makes sense

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