The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

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"You know, I'm not entirely sure that I should be surprised anymore. The following I have accrued are in part better-armed than I had supposed. Far better. And of course, now that I know this, he might as well be carving me up with his eyes; those lidless, milky eyes, that know me by now better than I; running the point feather-lite across my neck, knowing I can't turn my head. Bloody brigands, they're so...predictable."

"Anyway, hello Journal, it's Crawver again. Dehydration has clouded my vision once again, it's all becoming quite familiar now, but I think we were set upon by giants. Ho hum. Dealt with it as necessary, no autopsy necessary, no new supplies. Bloody hell but I'm thirsty, gave my last water ration to Udders. There were a few of them that seemed drier, but they're not about to curry my favour over Udders. After all, water flows through everything something something me. Ugh, the same bedamned hills and gulfs, the same valleys, the same heavens, the same earth; it's all so bloody monotonous it's enough to drive one...well..."

"No change in Abraham, as usual, how ARGH! I cannot abide this! I need something, SOMETHING to happen! Yes Yes I know the giant happened and the thing with the glowing people happened and the Udders unpleasantness happened but they're not happening now! I need now! I NEED NOW! This unmoving air, it chokes me so!"

*hyperventilation and static*

"Actually, that's not entirely true, he's taken to investigating the fallen giant. Fair game to him, I'm not touching the blessed thing. Wait, wha-"


"Zounds! He's, he's running off! Don't lose him, DON'T! LOSE! HIM! SO SAYETH THE WET ONE! GO! GO! NOW! Giddup Udders! Oh I feel like, I feel like singing! Oh for a hunting horn! and, and lips I suppose. COO COO CAH CHOO!"

"The first rule of Power Armour is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT POWER ARMOUR!" No that wasn't it... William was trying to remember some advice he had heard about wearing the stuff. He had never received any training with it or worn a working set before but it seemed simple enough to get on. Since another member of the Fallout Sector had sent him scurrying off to the Armoury to get some William had been thinking hard about the first rule.

Since that didn't seem to be coming to him anytime soon William tried to think of the second rule of Power Armour, which certainly wasn't "YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT POWER ARMOUR!" and decided it wasn't worth thinking about either. The bulky suit rendered most kinds of bullets pointless 'Ha ha, get it?' and afforded the wearer greater protection against radiation once sealed, though with the bomb collar the neck seals were a little uncomfortable. If the EU decided to detonate it William pictured himself keeling over and smoke coming out of the armours eyeholes, it was enough to make William chuckle, strange for a man to find amusement in his own potential demise but the wasteland can do that to you, the events of the past day can REALLY do that to you.

With this suit now on William really sympathised with the Enclave soldiers, this thing was heavy, William could feel his shoulders straining to keep the armour up and tried to adopt a tall pose, struggling momentarily before slouching under the weight. Except the armour stayed upright in a strong pose. That was it! "The first rule of Power Armour is let the armour do the work for you." It was quite obvious if you thought about it, it was some of the most practical gear in the world, able to survive prolonged battles so of course it wouldn't drive its occupant to exhaustion. After also procuring a plasma rifle from the armoury William practiced walking in the armour for a bit, he wouldn't make much use of it in a fight but it should allow him to walk around just fine.

Ok, take 2 of heading further into the base...


They were out, they had made it, they were FREE!

Well no they weren't, Enclave Assets number 19 and 18 were free to leave the base but couldn't leave the ever watchful Enclave, simply rushing off would blow their cover as working for the Brotherhood.

Soon Enclave Assets 19 and 18 had returned to their makeshift camp, expecting to find William waiting. Instead they found everything just as they had left it, which was more worrying. There had been no sign that an intruder had been killed while within the base, nor had there been any sort of announcement to that effect but in this case no news was not good news.

"He aint here, why aint he here?" Said Asset 18, looking at various objects strewn around the camp as if they would provide the answer.

"Check for his bike, he might have ditched on us. He could be halfway back to DC and we'd never know." Ordered Asset 19, "Maybe he plans to keep all the reward for himself and pass us off as dead?"

"Where did all this come from? Just cause he aint here don't mean he ditched us." Grumbled Asset 18, making his way down the hidden slope to where William's bike had been stashed, pulling back bristles revealed the aforementioned motorcycle. Asset 18 looked back up the slope to his superior, "Well there ya go, he aint cut and run on us, I knew it, good old Billy. He'll be back soon and we'll all be right as rain." There was a hint of desperation to that last sentence, Asset 19 nodded sympathetically, though he was just stalling for time until his companion said, "He's gotta come back don't he? Just because he aint here don't mean he's..." Asset 18 let the silence hang in the air, raising the possibility without actually saying it.

Asset 19 could have said what was on his mind at this point, that William had ample time to get in, get what he needed and get out again, their antics inside the base should have meant that William would have been at the camp for some time. Instead he said what he thought would help Asset 18 cope best, "See here's what we will do, we make camp here again and wait until tomorrow morning, if he's not back by then we strip his bike for parts and set off east again, we find local merchant caravans and ask them about the Heads, then we head to Rivet City and see if their scientists know anything about the ghouls or the rain. Ok?" The plan was set out to give Asset 18 time to come to terms with the situation, a chance to put a final end to things and a clear goal to keep him occupied afterwards."

There was a lot of the day still remaining so Enclave Assets 19 and 18 spent it taking a much earned rest. The day did not provide any sight of William, and that night Asset 18 set his toolbox down by William's bike, Asset 19 looked on approvingly and understood it meant acceptance.

Marlon's Van Graff combat armor was more than sturdy enough to take a good few hits, but as far as radiation went, he was in the same boat as Lucy. Letting off a few parting shots, he decided to beat a tactical retreat and maybe pick up something better suited to holding off the horde. If memory served he'd seen one in the armory earlier..

Stopping by the medbay, much like Miss Black had done to dose up on anti-rad goodies, he then made his way to the armory, setting down his laser rifle for now and making to pick up a gatling laser and the bulky pack that came with it before starting to head back out front.

Or at least. That was his plan.

On his way back to the frontline of operation crab rush, he had the questionable fortune to see FalloutBob run past him where some of the passages met. Pausing to consider whether he'd rather take his chances with Bob, ignore Bob and go back to the crabs, but then maybe have a better equipped Bob come at him from behind while the crabs continued their onslaught, he decided to follow Bob and look for a good oppotunity to rip into him wiht the gatling laser. After all, the amount of noise he was makin with the chains alone made for decent cover sound for anyone inclined to follow with discretion, even if they were carrying a large gun.

"Time to do something I'll probably regret." the arms dealer muttered to himself as he quietly followed the rampaging Enclave trooper.

With her hand clenched over her exposed eye-socket, in a futile attempt to stem the flow of blood, our now one-eyed heroine shakily attempted to stand up, only to stumble down the flight of stairs.

Her cries of agony went unnoticed as soldiers rushed past her, all of them focused on the immediate threat to the Citadel itself, over the bleeding female at the bottom of the stairs.

Their armour may be a different colour, they may have different goals, they may be at each other's throats...but it was evident that ordinary Wastelanders had little to no place among their ranks. Cannon fodder at best...

Using the wall to support her weight, Lucy walked steadily along, following a mental map towards the infirmary. Her vision, her basic perception was taken away from her as the tears streamed steadily down her cheeks. One eye could not be relied on at this point, since her vision fluctuated between obscurity and darkness in the haze of confusion and pain.

She could smell the familiar sterile equipment as she entered a new hallway. She knew she was on the right track towards the med-bay, she just had to remember to not go too far or she'd end up in the labs.

At this point, Lucy was driven purely by her instinct to escape the pain that she was in. There was no higher cause, no emotionally motivating factor or even a person to drive her forward. She just wanted to live to experience another day.

Shakily, she dragged out two stimpacks and injected them into her leg. She knew something like a mere stimpack was not enough for the injury she sustained, no, she required surgery. Someone with trained medical expertise. Yet she was alone and nobody was going to help her anytime soon.

Reaching the infirmary, Lucy hastily pulled open medicinal cabinets, looking for anything that might stem the pain.


Personal issues aside, she wasted no time with injecting herself with the potent drug. Emptying the vial, she tossed it to the ground and pocketed two more doses. That should tide her over, but she had to stop the bleeding somehow.

Grabbing handfuls of medical gauze, she pressed it to her bleeding eye-socket for a few minutes at a time. Biting down on her lower lip to prevent herself from screaming. All that could be heard was her heavy-handed breathing and agonizing whimpers as the gauze soaked up enough blood before switching to another handful.

Injecting herself once more with Med-X, her body characteristically went numb while she was scrounging for more supplies. Despite it being useful enough for her to concentrate briefly, her previous tolerance to the drug itself was showing, since she was still experiencing a great deal of pain.

Happening upon a medical eyepatch, she applied a layer of gauze underneath before fitting it roughly around her head.

With her hasty medical procedure over and done with, Lucy took this opportunity to rest. It wasn't a permanent fix, but it was the best that she could do at the moment.

Screams, shouting and bursts of laser could be heard from the hallway's...Yet our Eyepatch-heroine was in no condition to fight or investigate, so she merely curled up against a nearby bed with her damaged Gauss Rifle at her side.

Frank landed on the king crab, when suddenly something knocked him off balance.
[Perception]It would seem that... Shifty? Yes, Shifty was the one operating the crane, and he had smashed the hook into LurkZilla's face.
Frank steadied himself, and directed his attention to the Enclave schmuck.
"Since you're not familiar with nursery rhymes; here's another."
Fran began to charge the Enclave man who was drawing odd looking plasma pistols in response, only to have one of them melted by a yellow laser.
"Schmuck and Frank went up the crab to have an epic battle."
[Super Slam]Frank struck Schmuck in such a manner as to send him flying off the crab.
"Schmuck fell down, towards hard ground."
[Energy Weapons 85/50] *Bang bang bang click click* [Success!] Frank fired a trio of Gauss slugs into schmuck as he flew.
"And some Gauss slugs came flying after."
Frank removed his newly crafted "Rose cutter" from a compartment in his suit, unfolded it, placed it on the NukaCola symbol on the crab's back, and turned it on.
"Ring around the rosy."

Slave Camp: 9 Years Ago:

The girl woke up to the sound of jovial cheering and harsh laughter that seemed to resonate all around her and as her eyes started to open slowly, she realized that she wasn't in Kansas anymore, not that she was from Kansas or anything like that (It's just a figure of speech okay? What the hell is Kansas anyways?). Where ever she was, it was darkish, the only light source in the room that she seemed to be trapped in was a single torch that seemed to be well on its way towards burning out.

"M-m-mommy? Daddy?" The blue haired girl called out as she started looking around the room at the other people that were shackled to the walls, not that it was even needed, everyone was huddled against the walls, as if they were trying to blend in.

"OOOOHHHHH!!!!!" The voices from outside the room screamed as one, making the sort of sound that you would hear if something amazing had almost happened, which was followed by a resounding cheer.

*CLUNK-CREEEEEEEE* Came a dreadful noise from beyond the walls of the room.

"S***h? S***H!" A familiar and comforting voice called out from the, though she couldn't quite understand what the voice said, she knew her mommy's voice when she heard it.

*CLUNK-CREEEEEEEEE* Came the noise again.

"Mommy!" The girl with the blue hair called out as she rushed towards the sound of her mommy's voice.


Came the noise once again, obliterating whatever her mommy was saying as the girl that would be known as Sylph reached her just as a pair of men reached out and grabbed mommy.

"Let her go! Lethergo!Lethergo!Lethergo!Lethergo!" The young Sylphee screamed.

"Let go you little brat!" Yelled the man dressed in some sort of uniform that the girl didn't recognize. She knew what the NCR uniforms looked like but she had never seen these Uniforms before.

"Oi. Just bring her along. The men'll enjoy the show." Said the other as they dragged mommy and Sylph through the now brightly lit halls until they reached a packed open air arena. All around her, she saw men cheering and whistling as she and her mother were deposited on the dirt.

Her hand touched something wet and slimy and when she looked at them, she saw that her hands were covered in red. She was staring at her hands when she realized that her mother, who had been hugging the young Sylphee closely against her body was no longer doing so.


The Smoking Wreckage Otherwise Known as Moriarty's Saloon and Enclave Rally Point:

The girl woke up to the sound of jovial cheering and harsh laughter that seemed to resonate all around her and as her eyes started to open slowly, she realized that she wasn't in Kansas anymore, not that she was from Kansas or anything like that (It's just a figure of speech okay? What the hell is Kansas anyways?). She couldn't quite remember what had happened but she found herself laying on top of Mommy Meryl Barrel, who appeared to be sleeping.

"Mommy Meryl Barrel?" Sylphee asked as she tried to shake Mommy Meryl Barrel for a moment when a pair of armor hands reached down and picked her up to her feel.

"Hey fellas look at what we got here!" Mister Enclave Soldier #497 called out as he looked at his prized catch up and down for a moment, the orange eyes betraying nothing of he was feeling behind his helmet.

"What you got 497?" Asked Mister Enclave Soldier #375 from across the room as he looked at the crumple body of Mister Johnny Shakes.

"Looks like a bit of entertainment for the afternoon. HAHAHAHAH!" Responded Mister Enclave Soldier #497 as he roughly turned Sylphee around in a circle to examine the goods.

"I dunno guys, she looks kinda creepy. Why's she smiling like that? You ask me, she looks like a bad idea waiting to happen. Besides, you heard what #1 said. Clear out the area. That means her too." Asked a third man, Mister Enclave Soldier #219 as he came in the room.

"First off, 219, you think everything's a bad idea and second, you've got your head buried so far up #1's ass I'm surprised you're not wearing #1 like a suit." Mister Enclave Soldier #375 said before laughing and walking to where Mister Enclave Soldier #497 stood holding Sylphee.

"Hey Mister! Whatcha doin'?" The girl dressed in red asked, causing all three of the Mister Enclave Soldiers to pause for a moment as Sylph turned towards Mister Enclave Soldier #497 and showed him something.

"Hey Mister! I think you dropped this." The blue haired girl said as she showed Mister Enclave #497 the plasma pistol that was formerly holstered at his side.

"Hey give me that!" Mister Enclave Man #497 said as he tried to snatch the pistol away from the girl, who held it back whilst yelling:

"Keep away! Keep away! Keep away! Keep away!"

That was until Mister Enclave Soldier #497 managed to grab the girl's ankle causing her to pitch backward.

"YAAAAAARRRRGH!!!!" screamed Mister Enclave Soldier #375 as he was hit by a pew pew pew bolt that erupted from Missy Plasma Pistol.

"5? 5?! YOU BITCH! YOU KILLED 5!!!" Mister Enclave Soldier #497 screamed as he grabbed at Sylphee, managing to get a hold on the back of her dress.


"Wh-what the fuck?" Mister Enclave Soldier #497 asked as he saw what the dress hid underneath it.

"Ooooo. You said a bad wooooord!" Sylphee whispered as she smiled at the man before running getting tackled by Mister Enclave Soldier #219.

"OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Mister Enclave Soldier #497 screamed as he was hit by another pew pew pew bolt.

Moriarty's Saloon

"I'm going to regret this," he muttered under his breath as he threw bottle after bottle of booze at the enclave soldiers, once he was sure it would at least cause a nice distraction, Johnny clicked his lighter to life and broke the lid off before throwing it into the small lake of booze that the enclave troopers were standing in.


Sounded, and almost felt like a small bomb had gone off somewhere in the enclave troopers' vicinity, and they were now on fire. It was only then that Johnny noticed that Beryl was a little too close to the flames for... comfort... I guess. (?)

"I know I'm going to regret this," he groaned as he jumped out from behind the bar, ran towards Beryl's limp form, and dragged her back to the relative safety behind the bar. Then Johnny continued hurling bottles of booze at the power-armored jerkwads.

No comment.-Ed.

Beryl delicately shook her head. A moment ago, a teenager had just glomped her to the floor; the perfect proof that one should never show kindness to little girls, ever again. She remembered her head bashing against the jagged parquetry, which shouldn't have done it any good. Then there was a huge bang, and then...darkness? Beryl blinked the greyness out of her vision. The first thing she saw was an Enclave soldier, dissolving into a fine green powder. Then she heard some shouting, and looked over to another batch of troops burst into flames.

Beryl opened her mouth to speak, but nothing appropriate really came out. The conflagration had spread to the area around her, and she needed to move fast. Luckily, before she summoned the volition necessary to move out of the way, she found herself being dragged away from the flaming, screaming men. Unluckily, it turned out to be Johnny. That was at least the second time he'd saved her already. No doubt she was now indebted to him or something by now. Figures. Finally, she found her voice.

"Johnny, you son of a bitch!!" she yelled up from the floor, "Hit them with this!" She handed him a bottle of absinthe from beneath the bar.

Beryl carefully manoeuvred herself into a sitting position behind the bar, and decided it would be best to stay out of sight. It wasn't certain who was going to come out of this battle alive, so she figured it was best to wait and see. Ignoring the screams and gunfire, she helped herself to a cap full of whiskey and casually glanced over her Thompson. Seems to be in order, she thought to herself. She laid it across her lap and peeked at the ongoing fight through a fresh bullet hole in the bar.

The Mangled Remains of Moriarty's Saloon:

Mister Enclave Soldier #219's body seemed to scream FWOOOSH! as Mister Johnny Shakes bashed him in the head with a thrown bottle filled with a green liquid that smelled like licorice and fairies. This of course caused Mister Enclave Soldier #219 to start screaming some rather bad words that made Sylph's ear and cheeks turn red as she'd never known that Mister Johnny Shakes' mom was so flexible nor did she know why a RadRoach would eat Mister Enclave Soldier #219's poop after Mister Enclave Soldier #219 was finish biting Mister Johnny Shakes' head off.

Still the Fresh Faced, Just Barely Legal in most states, Girl in Red wanted me make a good impression with her new friend, Mister Enclave Soldier #219 and that meant helping him put out the fire.

Looking around the room, she spotted a big red box that usually held fire hoses, to which she ran and opened, smiling as she discovered that there was still a fire hose and fire hose nozzle still inside.

"Hey! Mister Enclave Soldier Man! Stand still! I can help you!" The girl said as she unraveled the hose from inside the case and pointed the nozzle at Mister Enclave Soldier #219.

"YOU STUPID LITTLE CU-" Mister Enclave Solider #219 started to scream as Sylphee turned the hose on full blast.

"You're welcome Mister Enclave Soldier Man!" The girl said cheerily as she blasted Mister Enclave Soldier #219 with a blast a water. Unfortunately, and honestly Sylphee had no reason why, Mister Enclave Soldier #219 started flying backwards towards the door. Perhaps the neato armored suits that they wore had jet packs in them! Whatever the reason, Mister Enclave Man #219 went flying out the door, crashed through the railing beyond the door and disappeared.

*CRUNCH* Said Mister Enclave Soldier #219's neck just barely audible over the roar of the fire hose.

Shutting the hose down, Sylphee sighed contently, though she was disturbed that Mister Enclave Soldier #219 didn't thank her before she realized that something was wrong with her dress.

The back of her dress was ripped from the shoulder all the way down to the small of her back.

Realizing this, the girl fell to the ground and started crying.

The battle apparently over, the last surviving enclave trooper threw down his weapons, fell to his knees and removed his helmet. Smart man. Without thinking, Johnny took a swig of the absinthe.

Allowing me to step in. No early-warning dramatics this time however... no need for Mr. Truant to pass out; and to be honest, that method is rather tiresome. At any rate... I'm here now... in our... 'fine' establishment. Oh please, I highly doubt that Mr. Traynor... sorry, 'Moriarty' is going to want his... 'watering hole' back, considering the state that it's in. And well, thanks to my good colleague Miss Slyph... he's not exactly in a position to argue, now is he?

Hmm... enclave troopers. Again. How tedious. Ah well...

"WHY DO YOU PURSUE ME?" I said in the deepest, most... 'collective' voice I could manage... which is rather impressive if I do say so myself. While I said this, I jabbed the idiot's thorat with the business end of Johnny's clumsy rifle. Seemed to get the message across. Pity though, considering...

"What the fuck are you talking about man?" he said, already panicking, "I don't know why they sent us here... they just told us to go to Megaton and level this fucking eyesore."

Eyesore? Hmm... Mr. Tennpenny had described this charming little berg as such, but... it seemed doubtful that the enclave would resort to mercenary work, even being as stupidly desperate as they are these days. Well, obviously not going to get anything useful out of this little pillock so...

Johnny could only watch as his arms reached back behind him, dropping his prized rifle, and when his arms brought themselves back to the trooper's throat, they were sheathed in darkness... it was as though a shimmering black cloud had taken them over, and now... it was overtaking the poor trooper's head as well... consuming it. Sort of. All Johnny knew was... one minute his hands were clasped around the trooper's throat... and then... the lights dimmed for a moment... and the trooper was gone. As if he had never been there in the first place. Only then did Johnny regain control over his own body.

"What the fuck was that!!?!?" he shouted, falling backwards onto his ass, hurriedly scrambling away from where the trooper had been until Johnny's back hit the bar.

Upon putting on and activating the armor, William would discover some of the important functions of the suit. For instance, the HUD of the thing automatically labeled people by their Enclave classifications. THIS is how they tell each other apart! It also identified certain things and kept track of the suit's status at all times. This powersuit belonged to a #37. After a little work, William managed to work the thing, and then as he headed for the elevator, it opened and a voice behind him spoke up.

FalloutJack: Hey there, 37. Going down? I have to check up with the boss-man.

Doors closed behind them and the large-scale high-speed Vault-Tec elevator headed down, down, down, and...down. Jack seemed to be chuckling to himself, and then he broke the silence there.

FalloutJack: You should've seen those two new guys, man. Merchants, right? They think they'll just walk in and conduct business like we need weapons here, and then they think they'll just walk away after all they've seen. Well, they can, but not without our eye on 'em. One of 'em thought 'processing' referred to a meat packing plant, horfed all over the place thinking we'd cut him apart. I swear, that's a laugh riot. Still, made 'em Assets after giving 'em this bogus, hokey questionaire. THE LOOK on their faces was priceless! The stories they will tell should keep the Brotherhood guessing for weeks.

This was going to go on for a short while still. The Super Vault is three miles down. Even, meanwhile, didn't like being tough on Dudley. He had no choice, though. His training forced him to consider and even plan for the possibility that William wouldn't make it, and the only thing that would make him feel worse about it was...if he was wrong and the man was still alive...while they were taking his stuff. He remained silent for now. Eventually, though, they would have to leave. Morgan Bloom would NOT like this, and neither would the BoS. However, what Jack said about their missions... The boss lady might find THAT interesting.


Chasing Abraham was a bit of an odd thing. They seemed to be moving a little faster than normal, and also very comedically. Plus, there was this theme that was playing. Somehow, this was attracting other chasers. Oh, you know... Another mutant, some dogs, a Mole Rat, and - oddly enough - a man in a police officer's uniform. Good luck figuring THAT ONE out, though. Crawver's cup runneth over with the weird.


As for Stan and Wayne being led through the sewers, Wayne made a passing comment on the ghoul's possible sanity or lack thereof. Plus, Stan totally thought that this might be a trap. Well, if it WAS one, it was taking a long fucking time to happen, wasn't it?

Ghoul: Feral? Hell no! The onset of the Wet Ones has given us a much-needed clarity. It even calms some of our feral brethren down, though they are still too far gone to be anything but thralls. Nevertheless, we answer the call! This creature they call Nukezilla is only the beginning! The giant freaky mutants shall be swept aside! Now...this pipe will lead you to an exposed area that is a little farther away from the action and...huh?

That strange, he could have sworn he heard a loud and heavy vehicle up there, but it stopped as he was done talking... An examination of the end of the pipe would just reveal a bunch of trashy buildings, nothing flashy at all or dangerous-looking...on the surface at least.


Frank had really accomplished something now. Well, he AND Shifty along with alot of the BoS support. Let's break it down. He had kicked FalloutDavid after the sniper's rifle had had an unfortunate performance anxiety moment melt at the barrel, likely in retribution of injuring Lucy in the eye. He hadd also fired gauss slugs at the man. Excellent! However, even after that, Frank hadd to have been a bit too busy to notice for one moment that things hadd not worked perfectly. He scored two hits on custom Fallout Sector Armor, one merely a glance. It did the damage, but integrity and death did not follow. The thing that he might've noticed while NukeZilla was being held still by a crane hook to the face was the sound of a grapple gun firing. David Davidson swung under the jaw of the crabby and got back up - this time at the head-neck area, as Frank got Lil' Rosey working. The industrial laser appeared to agitate the monster quite a bit. However...

FalloutDavid: Hey, teacher! Leave that kid alone!

Frank would have to dodge rapid plasma bolts from the soldier's pair of PlasmUzis, which unfortunately WOULD blow up the industrial laser...taking a chunk of armor off of Nukazilla on its back. A small chunk, but suddenly a glowing geyser of charged fluid shot up from the hole, leaving David to go "Uhhh...whoops.". And that was when...from somewhere away from the Citadel...missles fired into the giant creature's side! The giant Nukalurk roar-hissed, lurching and breaking away from the crane to go on a sudden run.

Yes, it was powerwalk/running towards whatever attacked it so it woul strike back and... Wait... Wait wait wait, NO, NOT THAT WAY! THAT'S A BUILDING! Nukazilla fired its Quantum breath over at its unseen adversary, charging in that direction...which meant plowing through buildings and taking the two armored guys for a ride. FalloutDavid, to his credit, grappled back down so he was under the beast's main body where less debris would be thrown. That left Frank up top. Just what the hell had fired frigging missles at it?


Sara: Yes, I know that wasn't you, Gilford. Looks like Frank exposed a small patch on the monster's back. As soon as he's clear, bomb that spot on its back.

Gilford: Ma'am, it's about to plow through a building. He may not get-

Sara: I SAID, as soon as he's clear, meaning if he gets off, falls off, or mysteriously vanishes in a puff of logic - you WILL take that shot.


Eobard would end up following Marlon, due to his pause in order to loot bodies, and Marlon was of course also chasing FalloutBob, albeit carefully. The inevitable scene that followed was one that both of them could clearly hear, and then see if they were quick enough.

FalloutBob: Gentlemen!!

Bob had ripped off ANOTHER door and thrown it at a technician in the lab area. Results were painful for the recipient. Rapid laser fire scattered the others, forcing them to look for cover as the big man hurle another door, tore off the chains andd hockey mask, and appeared as naked as he had to Frank Rose before them all, his mouth held in a wild grin as his eyes were bloodshot from the Buffout. The Enclave special agent laughed maniacally as he fired the laser tommygun around the room, then opened his suit up to climb in, putting on his helmet as he ducked retalitory fire. He re-armed himself with his equipment, pulled out his Incinerators - which he was strong enough to go akimbo on - and began firing them around the room.


He watched the fires surrounding him now, and felt the bottom drop out of his stomach from the Buffout wearing off.

FalloutBob: ...FalloutBob.


Whelp, the first team was a washout. Rookies... #87 had been ready to pull the detonation switch for the last guy's powersuit. Oh yes, you didn't know? With authorization, a command unit in an Enclave squad - just for instance - can order the plasma generator in the armor to be detonated, destroying the occupant, armor, and equipment in one blast. Doesn't work on defeated foes, of course. Dead Enclave soldiers equate to a lost signal. It's really to ensure loyalty. If Number One isn't pleased with someone, he can blow that soldier up. Suffice to say, that man was killed and #87 had to head back to the vertibirds and their pilots.

#318: What's the word, boss?

#87: Trouble. Get 'em airborne. We'll make this place an outpost even if we have to slag all the buildings inside.

People in Megaton would hear the soun of Vertibirds taking off, followed by SEEING the birds circling high overhead. Afterwhich, on a loud speaker, they would hear the commander of this flock say his peace...which was more like a declaration of war.

#87: Citizens of Megaton, your attention please! This territory is hereby annexed by the Enclave, effective imediately! If you do not get the hell out, we will drop Replicants to MAKE YOU get out. If you still resist us, we will shoot up the down and build on the wreckage and your smoking corpses. You have FIVE MINUTES!

In the Vertibirds, preparations for half a dozen new soldiers to be air-dropped were made. Enclave Replicants... They were machines created to fill in some of the low numbers of soldier population. They 'replicate' the act of being soldiers, however they were programmed to act as even walking shields to OTHER soldiers, given that their more solid construction made them absorb more punishment. Replicants had sidearms, of course, but they primarily used Super Sledges to bash their opponents to mush. Because, while being machines with limited intellect and NO ability to speak, they were three-times as strong as a normal Enclave soldier. This town would need both Deputies AT LEAST to handle them, and that still didn't handle the vertibird problem...


Heading east and down the coast, they whistled pleasant tune...

Five unruly Behemoth mutants, all with giant hammers and a number of Mini-Nukes in their satchels, heading for Rivet City.


Beryl stepped up from behind the bar, taking notice of the sudden change in Johhny's disposition. What was going on here?, she pondered to herself. Another split personality case? What are the odds. That train of thought came to a sudden end, however, when Johnny's hands seemed to erupt into an all consuming blackness. Beryl dropped her third cap of whiskey.

"And there I was, thinking only six impossible things could be possible before breakfast," she said to no one in particular. The Enclave's loudspeaker warning boomed across Megaton. Beryl ignored it. There were worst things to contend with, right about now.

With her hands and gun hidden beneath the bar, she quietly turned the thompson towards Johnny, who seemed to have returned to his normal inflection for now. I don't need this, she thought, daring herself to pull the trigger. It is bad enough with Sylph, but now there are two wild cards to contend with? Zero would be better.

"Johnny," she said cautiously, drawing out the vowels, "what's the deal?"

She checked Sylph to see if she was at least behaving herself, only to notice the girl was in a crying heap. Beryl grimaced. She really didn't want to move out from behind her cover, now that there was some kind of smoke monster possibly operating through a psycho sucking jackass. She looked around, and saw a filthy blanket under the bar. Presumably, it was once used to clean the place down, though that must have been a long time ago. She quickly picked it up, tossed it to Sylph, and then quickly took hold of the thompson again. The blanket fell short of Sylph by about three yards, and landed on the floor with a splat.

Beryl didn't move for a few seconds. Then she finally walked out from behind the bar, picket up the blanket by her fingertips, and draped it over the shoulders of the girl.

"There, there", she said, in a dispassionate monotone.

Satisfied that the young girl's bare shoulders were no longer exposed and attracting undue attention, she retreated back to her cover behind the bar.


It would be only a matter of time before the Enclave came in to find the smouldering remains of their troops. Might as well get what she could out of Johhny whilst they were still alive.

What was left of Moriarty's

Surprisingly, Beryl's cold tones snapped Johnny to attention, and even more surprisingly, he was grateful for that much. He was still pretty shaken though.

"Umm..." he decided to try humor first, "Tada! I just made an enclave trooper disappear. Somehow."

When Johnny got a better look at the expression on Beryl's face, he decided that she did not look terribly impressed with his response.

"I have no fucking clue what just happened," he said, "Look, if you want to know the full story... how bout we get the hell out of here before the Enclave flattens us along with the town? But... short version; ever since I found Old Man Z's notes... something's been... 'with' me. I don't know who or even what the fuck it is, but its... kind of there and not there at the same time. It usually just makes fun of me, but sometimes... there's well... yeah... that happened..." he pointed his rifle to where the trooper had been, there was absolutely nothing there to serve as a marker that anyone had ever stepped on that particular spot, "And no, getting rid of the notes doesn't help. Already tried that."

That settled for the moment, Johnny turned his attention to Slyph.

"Hey, Slyph," he said, bringing his arms around her, "What's wrong? Are you okay? Can you walk? We can talk about whatever's bothering you later... right now... we need to get out of here, all right? Here." He offered her his hand to help her up.

The onset of the Wet Ones? Calming feral ghouls? Nukezilla just the beggining? Just what had Wayne gotten into? He found himself wishing he could turn back the clock, none of this crap should be happening, it was far too sureal... but then again he was living in a time of mutant men and giant cockroaches.

"What do you know about that giant crab?" Wayne demanded, it was a monumental threat that needed to be taken care of and if this ghoul had any information he had to get it to the female soldier or her friends. He follwed the ghoul toward the end of the pipe when: *Fwooooosh* A series of loud noises sounded from the buildings, just out of Waynes sight. Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

He lowered himself from the end of the rusted old pipe and found himself on solid ground. Pulling up his pistol he began to make his way around the ruin, looking like he belonged in the NCR he went from cover to cover, checking his corners and signaling when it was clear to move forward. He was starting to think he was in way over his head, but he didn't have much choice and he had to get away from any danger fast, especially while his supplies were so low.

The Rose Cutter (TM) was doing it's thing.
"Hey, teacher! Leave that kid alone!"
It would seem Schmuck was still alive.
"I see you survived that fall. We'll have to fix that."
Schmuck pulled out his odd-looking plasma pistols.
"I know you're bitter that your parents named you schmuck, but no need to resort to violence."
[Agility] Frank dodged a volley of plasma with all the "Grace" that could be expected from him.
Unfortunately, one of the bolts hit the Rose Cutter, (TM) causing it to explode.
"I don't blow up your things Schmuck!"
Suddenly a geyser that awful liquid, Nuka Cola, started coming from the fresh hole on Crabby.
"First erectile dysfunction, now premature ejaculation? You're just made of impotence jokes Schmuck. Thankfully I'm above them."
Suddenly Mr. Crabs shook from some explosions, and began running towards something.
Schmuck bailed, like the schmuck he was.
[Perception][Repair 100/100]The building they were charging looked wrong, like it wasn't a building at all.
"The way out is through!"
Frank jumped off the crab, towards a window of the building, turning on his jets, burning through their remaining fuel.
Frank burst through the window to the other side to see all manner of machinery.
"Well that's odd."

Marlon cursed under his breath as he watched the scene unfold. He'd hoped to get a clean shot at FalloutBob before he managed to suit back up. On the other hand, the way he trailed off his ranting sounded an awful lot like whatever he was juiced up on, buffout, psycho or some combination, had run its course. And as a bonus of..questionable value, the enclave lunatic had set the room he was in on fire.

"Hope Lyons got everything she wanted from this loon, cos I'm gonna cook this tin turkey." he muttered to himself. Spinning up the gatling laser, he decided to take advantage of FalloutBob's momentary apparent disorentiation as the drugs wore off, doing his best to keep him either under heavy laser fire, force him into the fire or if possible both. It occured to him that Frank would probably open with some manner of one liner, but Marlon, prefering to do maximum damage on the initial assault to both Bob and with any luck his weapon and not wanting to give away his presence before the first volley of lasers were well on their way, held his tongue until he was spraying Bob's general vicinity with lasers.

At the very least, he didn't plan on allowing FalloutBob to leave the room and positioned himself near the doorway accordingly, where he could use the sides of it as cover when required. A grin slid across his face. The enclave power armor wasn't quite the same, but it brought back memories of killing brotherhood goons out west. He'd ended his fair share of them and a workshed full of bits of pieces of power armor stood testament in the Van Graff compound to it. He'd spent a lot of time in there, looking over the pieces of the suits, working out how best to damage them, or at least make them extremely uncomfortable to be inside. Time to see if he could take apart an Enclave one.

He glanced momentarily around the hallway at other fallen Brotherhood members. With any luck some of them were still alive, or some of them would be nearby enough to hear him. "ENCLAVE CLOWN IS LOOSE IN ONE OF THE LABS!" He kicked a brotherhood guard who'd been knocked aside by Bob and his door who lay on the ground near his feet. "Get your metalhead ass up and movin'! This stooge needs to fry!"

Marlon didn't waste any time seeing if he'd roused anyone. His attention was firmly on Bob now. Go go laser fight party.

How had our Gauss Girl's journey begun?

Essentially, she was a stay-at-home kind of girl who spent her days delving into any piece of literature brought back by her father. She was taught how to shoot and maintain the energy weapons given to her by her parents. Always left alone for extended periods of time. Never quite realizing the true nature of her parents' origins.

Just a few days ago, her biggest concern was haggling a particularly difficult trader over her next meal.

Now she was in the Citadel's infirmary, her eye missing and the scope of her father's final gift obliterated.

Lucy aimed her gun at the open doorway, peering down the shaft of her rifle. It was unusual for there not to be a scope. It was even more unusual to have a significantly more narrow field of view. While she used her right eye for aiming anyway, the effect was still rather jarring. For the time being, her abilities to snipe at long-range would troublesome.

However, without a scope, her Gauss Rifle had now become a mid-range, single-shot battle rifle. Considering her condition, there was going to be quite the learning curve.

Yet on an emotional level, how has our Gauss Girl changed?

Essentially, our Idealistic Little Lucy gathered her knowledge of the world from books. Upon reflection, written works were often romanticised instead of staying grounded to reality.

Traders were humble people, eager to share what they have found in order to barter at a fair price. Marlon Van Graff had decreased that outlook. Some traders existed to be cut-throat opportunists in a world where they would thrive off the needs of others. Only for a profit at the end of the day.

The Brotherhood of Steel were bastions of hope against the threats of the wasteland. By their hands, the Wasteland would be rehabilitated and restored. Frank Rose had broken those ideals. The Brotherhood of Steel were warriors by nature, obsessed with their technology, their focus was always turned inwards, seeking glory in battle and waging war on anything that opposed them. Ordinary Wastelander's were regarded as nothing more than collateral damage or cannon fodder in battle.

The Undertakers were few in number, yet vast in their noble traits. They existed to show respect to the dead by providing a grisly service for nothing more than a simple contribution. Shifty Mcgee had buried those assumptions. No, they were mercenaries masquerading as Undertaker's. Carrion birds that profited off the dead only to spread a new wave of death with every stride.

Ironically, The Enclave had made more sense in comparison. Initially viewed as savage murderers and emotional manipulators. FalloutBob had smashed that belief to a degree. They had a strict plan, they were the only one's focused on restoring the Wasteland to its pre-war glory. Unfortunately, a wave of militaristic conquest was necessary in order to achieve their goals. She didn't agree with their methods, but they at least had an end-goal.

Lucy had foolishly believed in good and evil. Brotherhood for the former, Enclave for the latter.
Lucy had foolishly generalized these qualities to the factions as a whole.

Fighting for the Brotherhood had earned her physical trauma, battle scars, broken beliefs and minimal support.
Working for the Enclave as an asset had earned her insurmountable guilt, confusion and frustration.

The girl you remember is dead.

Lucy had never belonged to a group. She was not born with their ideals and she will walk the path she chooses.

No! Our asymmetrical anti-hero was done trying to please everyone. She now marched towards her own goals. And she will take advantage over whoever provides her with the opportunity to do so.

FalloutBob. His voice echoed along the hallways and her blood had turned to ice. She had never anticipated his escape and while her blood would usually boil at the thought of his very name. The metallic taste of disgust should have grown on her tongue at her next thought: He still believed her to be an asset undercover in the Brotherhood!

FalloutBob, the very man that made her an Enclave Asset and by extension the Enclave itself was the last remaining link to finding her mother, Amy Kane. A family reunion was in order and this dinner party shall not be particularly pleasant.


Marlon. This could prove problematic.

Lucy, with cold determination, got to her feet and entered the hallway. The scenery was macabre to put it lightly. Dead soldiers littered the hallway, flames erupted from the entrance to the labs, laser burns scorched the walls and Marlon stood in the doorway, armed with a gatling laser.

Knowing the sound of Bob's voice, it appeared that he was in the lab itself. Which was subsequently being blocked off by Marlon's attack.

Walking towards Marlon with a cold glare set in her eye, she raised her rifle and sent out a devastating bolt through the large barrel of the gatling laser. Shattering the barrel and effectively rendering it as useless scrap.

She struggled momentarily with the reloading of her next shot. Most likely due to her decreased depth of field throwing off her coordination.

Lucy looked up and addressed the merchant coldly. "He is not yours to kill." Lucy's eye narrowed in aggression.

No he wasn't, because she needed him to be kept alive.

Eobard watched as Marlon turned the courner and began following the whacked out Enlave soldier as well. Oh come on! this part was supposed to be easy. All I had to do was follow Bob out of here. But of course this guy shows up. Did Barry ever learn his name? I don't think so...Well atleast Bob is still drugged up. This guy couldn't possibly be dumb enough to try to fight roidrage Bob here."

"...Fallout Bob."

"Seriously. Now? Alright maybe this Brotherhood guy won't notice they wore off."


"Huh. Well I just need stop thinking things will work themselves out."Eobard thought about how to handle this. He looked down at his bag of explosives. Suddenly Lucy barged into the scene so we can just have a full cluster. She fired a shot which trashed Marlon's gun and said "He is not yours to kill!" He noticed the eyepatch across her face. He thought quickly about what the hell happened to her and why she was doing this. Not important right now. Finally a run of luck for Eobard. A distraction. He pulled out a plasma grenade, set the countdown, and rolled it next to Marlon. See you in hell cowboy.


"Merchants huh? Do you have a plan for every kind of wasteland crazy that turns up?" Said William, suddenly finding himself in a lift with an Enclave superior. This guy was clearly an important figure of some sort, but his comment about the 'boss man' suggested he wasn't the main man in the base. The power armour masked his voice, fortunately.

Unfortunately, William got the sense he was going to be stuck inside this life for a while. Perhaps making conversation would be in order...

"How many assets do we have now?"

"What kind of guy pukes when he hears one word?"

"You planning to keep these ones around?"

... were the questions William asked. Internally he was glad to hear Evan and Dudley had made it out of the base safe and sound but was also worried about the surveillance they were under. When, or rather if William made it out of the Enclave base with the necessary information he may run into some problems returning the information. If Evan and Dudley were being watched travelling back with them would not be a good idea. It would only blow their cover and bring the Enclave down upon them, rendering the mission pointless.

Now if he could find a trading hub and link up with a caravan heading for the Capital Wasteland then William could make it back without them. Of course he hoped they would find their own way back or even shrug off their Enclave surveillance. But for now one step at a time, get to the deep heart of the Enclave base and get that data!


Sleep did not come easy to Enclave Asset 18 that night, images and thoughts rushed through his head, William shot to pieces in a hail of plasma, William torn apart by a Ripper, William disintegrated into green goo and swept away. With no idea what was going on inside the Enclave Base Asset 18's imagination was running rings around him with worry. In truth, Asset 18 had placed his toolbox next to William's bike to placate Asset 19. That harsh, Brotherhood companion of his was well trained to deal with situations like this, Asset 18 just had humour.

However, this was neither the time nor the place for a joke, besides, his audience wasn't likely to appreciate it. Asset 18 felt around in his pockets for something to occupy himself with, something that reminded him of a few days ago, when he had been just plain ol' Dudley and Asset 19 had been Evan. William had been there too and the three of them had felt like they could take on the Wasteland at that point. Things had gone downhill soon after that and Asset 18 wanted to relive a good memory. Taking his deck of cards out of his pocket he sat down with a "HUFF" next to Asset 19 and started setting up a game...

... Two hours later after an eerie, wordless series of games Asset 18 abruptly gathered his deck together and walked around the campfire to the other side. The tension between him and Asset 19 was high, had he been drinking Asset 18 might have begun shouting.

Asset 18 hadn't been drinking, but he searched his pack and lined up several bottles of alcohol ranging from standard beers to whiskey to vodka to wine to some special homebrew moonshine. Asset 18 grabbed the first bottle of beer and started drinking, downing it in one, he then moved onto the next bottle and the next and the next and then the spirits, then the wine, then the moonshine.

As he drank Asset 18 began planning a long and furious rant. The more he drank the angrier he got...

[Perception]Danielle sees everything.
After Frank's kerfuffle with Mr. Impotent, Mr. Impotent had leaped off of the crab, and was swinging away. Frank was doing his own thing.
"Not if I have anything to do with it."
While dealing with the miniature crabs, Danielle had learned that the new switches on her rifle were to switch to a laser-shotgun, and to disable use of the breeder charge. She liked both of these new features.
[Energy Weapons 100/75]Danielle hit the inhibitor switch, and lined up a shot on Mr. Impotent's grapple-cable...
[Success!]...A red laser severed Mr. Impotent's grapple cable in mid-swing.
Mr. Impotent was hurtling through the air 40-ish feet above the ground, it would be mean to do anything further to him.
[Energy Weapons 100/50]Danielle felt quite mean as she switched off the inhibitor, switched to the underbarrel, and lined up a shot on the center-of-mass of Mr. Impotent.
[Success!]A spread of yellow lasers hit various parts of Mr. Impotent.
Suddenly a large explosion came from the giant enemy crab's weak point for massive damage.

Things seemed to be going Marlon's way. He had Bob between a torrent of laserfire and a room full of..regular fire. Oh and here comes Lucy. Even better. Another gun to put holes through Bob....or as it appeared, the gatling laser. Marlon was torn between rage and disbelief at Lucy's actions and subsequent statement. The gatling laser being now useless, he settled for snarling "Have it your way." through gritted teeth with a one eyed glare on par with Lucy's own as he dropped the scrapped gat and made to swing the heavy ammo pack off his back.

As he half turned to heft the ammo pack towards the ground, he caught the sight of the plasma grenade rolling slowly up beside him and Lucy. "Shit!" Dropping the laser ammo pack in the path of the grenade to try and block out some of the blast, he dived away from it, grabbing Lucy on the way down to try and pull her out of the blast, even if she had just ruined his Bob BBQ.

The world turned briefly green.

The ammo pack and the gatling gun were now little more than corroded piles of slag. The floor, walls and ceiling had the marks of the plasma blast etched into them. Marlon didn't really notice that so much, as he was a little too busy being incredibly pissed off with the sting of a plasma burn on his arm. "Right. Tinpot's all fucking yours." he growled at Lucy, not bothering to waste the time checking if she was alright. "I'm gonna murder this fucking joker." He pulled himself up, drew his pistols, one plasma, one laser, both fully charged and took off towards Eobard, wasting no time in opening fire.

Wayne had made his way slowly through the ruins, and not cone across any threat. Assuming the area was safe he lowered his guard and turned to check on Stan and the ghoul. Suddenly he felt the ground rumble. "Gimme a break" he said aloud as he hobbled over to the corner of a building. As he peered round he saw the Nukezilla, charging faster than before and coming straight toward Wayne. He bolstered his pistol in his pocket and pulled out his rifle, looking down the scope he saw the man that had been controling it swinging underneath, until a red laser broke his grappling line, sending the man flying into the air. The Nukezilla charged straight from a building and from atop a brotherhood looking soldier, like the woman from before rocketed from it's back and through the building.

Wayne began running backwards, the pain in his knee slowing him down. He needed to get to better cover, so he entered an unassuming building, beckoning Stan to follow, the ghoul he was none too bothered about at this point followed anyway.


Beryl realised they didn't have time to waste, and now that both Johnny and Sylph seemed back to their old, passive selves, they should make a move. She gulped at the prospect, and joined Johnny in guiding Sylph out of the building.

Outside, a dust storm was being kicked up by the swarm of vertibirds overhead. Beryl grimaced against the biting, irradiated dirt that slapped her across the jowls. She guided the other two out through Megaton, where people were running left and right. The only person not in a hurry was some old guy, preaching by the side of the bomb.

"The power of the atom will protect us!".

When they reached the spot where she had left the Brahmin caravan tethered, Beryl grabbed the rest of her gear and moved on. It was too late to save the caravan as well. What a waste, she thought. those Brahmin were worth plenty to the right sort. Finally, they were at the entrance. Ahead, people were surging out into the waste land.

"Thank you for your visit to our town," said that stupid deputy robot to the dozens of people stampeding past. Beryl wanted to shoulder barge him on the way out, but she knew she couldn't do with the added injury. Finally, they were out. Beryl glanced up at the vertibirds, who appeared to have a rather unusual payload.

"What in the world..." Beryl asked herself, before being swept up by the last of the crowd and guided to a safe distance away from the town. Once out of the rush, she did a quick head count, and relaxed to find Johnny and Sylph to be present. Sighing from the exertion, she lit up a cigarette and sat on a rock, watching the Enclave's next move intently.

Just outside Vault 101

"Oh crap," Johnny said as the vertibirds delivered their payload: drop-pods filled with dozens of eyebots. A few of them weren't much of a problem, but each drop pod kept releasing more of the damn things.

"Where the fuck did they get so many of the damn things?" Johnny said, "I thought they stopped making them ages ago."

Johnny preemptively turned away from Beryl, already feeling her cold, accusing glare coming. Instead of offering a weak rationalization for why he might know that, Johnny turned his attention to Slyph.

"Hey there," he said, "Are you okay?"

Eobard watched as Marlon dived out of the way. "The grenade only winged him? Really? Alright time to go punch a guy to death the good old fashion way." Suddenly a plasma bolt hit the wall just above his head as he tried to move out of the way he walked right into a laser that slammed him in the side of his torso. A deep burning sensation grew. He picked up one of FalloutBob's victims and held him as a shield as he dragged himself behind a desk. He thought about what to do. He looked down at his Bro-Fists for inspiration. He noticed a switch that was marked Normal, High, and Overload. "Really Barry you didn't notice this? I should have known. Alright why wouldn't it default to high? There must be a drawback of some kind. Kickback. Maybe the backwards force dampeners can't take the extra outward force emission. Is it worth using?" He saw various lasers fly above his head. "Alright worth it" He pulled up the power armored body using it as a shield again. Then he flicked the switch to high and slammed both fists into the corpses back. The body exploded with a noise that sounded like a clap of thunder. Shards of metal and bone and of course several liters of blood rocketed toward Marlon too fast to avoid completely. Eobard was launched into the desk behind him. This one was thankfully wood. Didn't stop it from hurting when he crashed through and hit the wall.

Chivalry, an attribute that men seemed to carry even in the face of conflicting emotions and immediate danger.

The merchant was kind enough to pull Lucy to ground and shield her from the blast of the plasma grenade. So unlike the merchant, she was physically unharmed. Slightly dazed perhaps, but anyone's head that had collided with the floor would have a similar effect.

Not once had she uttered a word to Marlon. She was only going to plead for Marlon to stop for the sake of an apparent further Brotherhood interrogation. However, her murderous history with Bob had served as a perfect cover story.

To her even greater fortune, Marlon had started to run off after Barry.

Barry? That was a wildcard that had worried her to a great extent. She had only recently learned of his ties to the Enclave. Was he truly working for them or was he playing a game similar to that of hers. More importantly, why had he attacked them?

Shaking her head as she climbed to her feet, she banished the unproductive thoughts while gathering her rifle. She could hear the laser fire from Marlon as he rounded the corner, leaving her completely alone. "Run along now, merchant, run along..." Lucy cooed in a mocking motherly tone.

Now she had a significantly more important task to attend to.

Casually making her way to the entrance of the labs, she discovered the eponymous FalloutBob in the flesh...or rather, in full armor this time. A glare was not difficult to form; it had come from an emotional place after all.

She was going to kill him one day, but right now, as much as she hated the very idea of the plan: He was her only available link towards infiltrating the Enclave proper in plain sight, finding her mother and devastating them from the inside out in retribution for her father.

She had friends fighting for the Brotherhood. Yet she did not belong to the Brotherhood.

She had a mother that presumably fought for the Enclave. Yet she most definitely did not belong to them, asset privileges be damned.

If she had learned anything, it was that Lucy belonged to no-one.

Lucy was playing with fire by jumping between either of the major factions. However, she felt that she had already been burned when her family life was ruined.

She dropped the one-eyed glare and a smirk grew slowly. "Your scapegoat and Enclave Asset Unit-08 has arrived." She curtsied as if to illustrate her comfort with the situation, she was not smiling however. "Now, I'd appreciate it if I retained my cover here at the Brotherhood. People will think you overpowered me while I tried to take you on, if anyone asks questions." She grudgingly holstered her rifle. "So to sell the story, I'm volunteering to be kidnapped."

Was this what her Mother had preached whenever she mentioned wits and cunning? Lying in order to further your own agenda?

In Bob's case, this required letting the fearsome dog loose.

"Let's just say that their princess will be in another castle." Lucy added bitterly.

Rose's Thorns were enjoying a nice lunch at the Brass Lantern.
What's that you say? "Who are Rose's Thorns?" I'm glad you asked!

The day was going well, all things considered, when suddenly Enclave Troops started dropping in.
The first wave were promptly melted by coordinated fire, or smashed.

#87: "Citizens of Megaton, your attention please! This territory is hereby annexed by the Enclave, effective imediately! If you do not get the hell out, we will drop Replicants to MAKE YOU get out. If you still resist us, we will shoot up the down and build on the wreckage and your smoking corpses. You have FIVE MINUTES!"
Simms: "You guys were supposed to deter this sort of shit. I'm not giving up Megaton without a fight."
Sam: "Well that's problematic. Plans?"
Jake: "We get as many citizens as possible to safety, and bunker down."
Moe: "The armory an option?"
Simms: "The armory's a little cramped, and I don't think we have anything with enough punch to deal with that fancy armor."
Mr. Jericho couldn't help but overhear this conversation.
Jericho: "I know a place in town that's filled to the brim with enough firepower to deal with whatever the Enclave throws at us."
Simms: "You couldn't possibly mean..."
Jericho: "That's right; the kid's old place. He had acquired quite a few fancy doo-dads even before we split up, and he probably got more when he started hanging around with ghouls, paladins, and super-mutants. You still keep spare keys to every house don't'cha?"
Simms: "That might work."
Jake: "Thorns! Gather up as many citizens you can, and escort them to the house up the east ramp from the entrance! Time is of the essence."
Moe, John, and Sam: "Yes Sir!"

What a clever method of attack Eobard had found. Marlon would be impressed if it wasn't directed at him. Since it was, anger was his primary response to the blast of guts and steel.

As Eobard shook off the daze of slamming through the desk through the wall, he'd be able to see the results of his work after Marlon picked himself up and continued to advance, this time with a slightly larger snarl on his face.

The usually black combat armor was splattered with crimson as was the uncovered parts of Marlon himself. Several cuts and scratches opened up by the flying shards of bone and metal adorned the armor and his skin and most notably, one the larger pieces of chestplate shrapnel was currently lodged in his already burned arm.

The Van Graff was less than happy.

He wasn't however, stupid enough to walk into those fists and stopped once we reached a comfortable firing distance. His other arm was still working quite well, minor scrapes aside, even if the other arm was too wounded to hold steady for shooting right now.

"Alright you fucking little weasel..." he began, raising the plasma pistol in his good arm. "Let's see how fucking clever you are without those gloves in working order." He opened fire, not willing to risk Eobard having much chance to get out of the wreckage, directing two well aimed shots of plasma onto the gauntlets and applying a generous splattering of hot, melty goop to them, which should certain cause some issues. "Drop the gloves clever boy. And don't move. Or it's your head next." Marlon growled, keeping the pistol firmly pointed in Eobard's direction. "What's your game rat?"

Now if only Lucy would hurry up and finish off Nutjob Bob and get over here, maybe he could go get a stimpak or two from the med bay. Or at least, that's what he thought she was up to...

Outside Vault 101:

VROOOOM!!! Peeeeeeew!! CRASH! Went Missus Soccer Ball Drop Pod as Sylph watched on in amazement as Missus Soccer Ball Drop Pod gave birth to Tiny Floating Soccer Balls (Eyebots).

"Neat!" Exclaimed the Girl in Red towards Mister Johnny Shakes and Mommy Meryl Barrel, creeping closer towards the Scenic Overlook before a hand belonging to Mister Johnny Shakes pulled her back towards their hiding spot.

"Hey there," he said, "Are you okay?"

Sylphee looked at Mister Johnny shakes for a moment and nodded slowly and gave him a winning smile as she opened up her backpack and found a red hooded cloak cape thing that she was able to wrap around her body, hiding the torn back of her Red Dress.

As she did, she anyone who would have been paying attention, would have noted the network of crisscrossing whip scars that went up and down the girl's back, before they were hidden by the red hood. Watching the Tiny Floating Soccer Balls float around the ruined town of Springvale, Sylph was able to suggest that Mister Johnny Shakes and Mommy Meryl Barrel let her go play with the Tiny Floating Soccer balls when a lady emerged from a small Ranch House near the edge of town.

"Holy Christ!" The Lady managed to exclaim before a pack of the Tiny Floating Soccer Balls turned her into a pile of steaming ash.

"Ouchie! I think that Lady is hurt!" The Red Cloaked girl commented happily as the Tiny Soccer Balls continued to wander around the streets, that was until one of them found a cellar door and started trying to break through it.

"Hey! What's that over there? That would be a great hiding place!" Sylphee said as she pointed at the Cellar Door. Of course there were a number of other hiding places that they could have gone that would have been perfect if it wasn't for the fact that Sylphee had noticed a pack of Mole Rats that was wandering by and had decided to play tag with them and was currently running towards the pack of Tiny Floating Soccer Balls.

"Can't get me! Can't get me! Can't get me!" The girl screamed exuberantly as she sprinted away from the chasing pack of Mole Rats.


It seemed like the Tiny Floating Soccer Balls wanted to play tag with the Mole Rats as well.

Outside Vault 101

Beryl saw the young waif charge forward.

"Christ, she's back to her old self!" she shouted to Johnny. She was pretty angry that the brat was going to draw the attention of the deadly, annoying army of eyebots, but a tiny part of her was pleased to see that Sylph had gotten out of her slump.

Beryl bit down onto her cigarette, and snapped the firing pin back on her thompson. She might as well get the first shot on the robots, before they figured out where she was too. She squinted down at the sights and aimed right at the nearest eyebot. Controlled bursts she thought to herself, knowing that Sylph was running dangerously close to her line of fire. Controlled bursts...controlled bursts.... Beryl took one last drag of her ciggy and pulled the trigger.

With a deafening roar, the gun rattled off a volley of bullets. It bucked and kicked in Beryl's hand, and she found herself uncontrollably staggered backwards against the constant force. Her finger still on the trigger. The devastating gunfire continued to rip into the air in wide sweeping arcs. Beryl tried to compensate for the recoil, dragging the weapon down towards a level position. She overdid it and ended up firing into the ground instead. She swore in anger, but her words were drowned out by the weapon's endless report. Unable to see for the dust and gun smoke, she finally gained the resolve to release the trigger.

Beryl took a clumsy step forward and peered through the rising dirt. Ahead of her was a swarm of entirely unharmed eyebots, and every last one of them had turned to face her. Beryl's face dropped. This was a calamity. Even Sylph was untouched.

Beryl found herself running hobbling for cover. She swung the tommygun over one shoulder and squeezed off a few bullets, without looking back. One of the eyebots took a round to the front right, de-pressurised ambucator, and fell to the ground with an anti-climactic pop and a crackling, discordant verse of the Star Spangled Banner. The old woman had just enough time to get behind a convenient piece of post-war wreckage to avoid the first wave of laser fire.

NEVER SHOW KINDNESS TO LITTLE GIRLS, she reminded herself, as the brick work around her began to plink away.

Outside Vault 101

That fucking idiot. Johnny thought as he rushed to Beryl's aid.

"You fucking idiot!" he shouted at her as he grabbed onto her arm and started dragging her towards the cellar that Slyph had found, "All you had to do was follow Slyph quietly into that cellar, and then we could've waited for this to blow over!"

Johnny stamped his foot a few times as he kept dragging Beryl towards the cellar, "But no, that's not good enough for you, YOU wanted to showboat everyone else. YOU wanted to prove how much better a shot you are than everyone else. YOU just had to get their attention!"

Johnny shot Beryl a hateful, accusing glare as he continued to drag Beryl along, "Well guess what dumbass! That cellar is STILL our only chance of surviving this, but now, instead of hiding out, we're going to have to hold-out until we kill every single eyebot that the Enclave thinks is worth sending in after us."

Johnny thought he heard Beryl starting to complain so he cut her off, "Oh what, you have a better idea? Little miss gung-ho? How fucking stupid do you have to be to take on an army of eyebots? And who knows how many other troopers are headed for Megaton now. So yeah... YOU have a brilliant idea? What is it? Getting us into Vault 101? Well unless you have the fucking bypass code hidden behind the stick up your ass, that's not going to work. So just... for once... shut up and be grateful that I have no idea why I'm not just letting you die."

When he and Beryl got to the cellar, the eyebots were almost on them.

"Slyph, open it up!" he called out to the Red Princess, "We need to get in there pronto because of this idiot."

Eobard's eyes opened. His vision was blurred and his ears rang. His back ached like someone had jackhammered it. He realized he was laying in a pool of water. His vision finally returned and he saw a busted in wall with several exposed wires and a cracked water pipe. He brought himself back to a sitting position. "No matter how bad you're hurting he's got to be hurting worse"
Then his eyes fell apon a man soaked in blood guts and shards who was walking towards him. "That settles it, he's a freaking terminator." Marlon proceeded to shoot him in his Bro-Fists. He yelled some things at Zoom but he only heard pieces because of the whole ears ringing thing. He got the gist though. Explain himself and take off the Fists.. He held his hands open and said, "Easy there. These things are difficult to pull off as is. Even without having to avoid plasma burns. Give me a second" he pulled them off and tossed them to the side. "Well, once upon a time there was an a man with a beautiful wife. And they created a son together. However, the process was too much for the poor woman. She passed away. As god gives with one hand and takes away with the other. He raised the child as best as he could, and read comics to him every night. When he was old enough he trained the boy to defend himself and he helped him with his natural running abilities. They became traders moving from town to town. Long story short, the father was burned alive infront of the child, the child became an addict, the child tried to kill himself and he woke up..." Eobard stalled until his head ache calmed down enough to think. He looked down and notices the water had reached the man's feet. He became very glad he was wearing leather. He grabbed a wire and rammed it into the water. High volts, Low amps. This would be extremely painful, but not deadly. Zoom obviously did not know this. for all he knew Marlon may have only been stunned for a few seconds. or he could be dead. Or anything imbetween. Zoom did not want to take the chance. Marlon shook wildly and collapsed to the floor. Weapons broken. Injured. Time to remind everyone why they call him Zoom. He pulled himself to his feet grabbed his fists and bolted down to the lab with Lucy and Bob, he made it to the door. He slammed his fist through the console and moved to the inside. He quickly locked Marlons way in with the interior console. He looked to Bob and Lucy, "I would normally try to say something clever, but lets GTFO"

Springvale: The Cellar Door

Chaotic. That's how Sylph would have described the scene that had broken out in Springvale if she knew the meaning of the word (Really, she didn't know what the word Chaotic meant). There you had Mister Johnny Shakes and Mommy Meryl Barrel and the Red Hooded, Red Dressed Girl in the middle of a town that was going crazy, the type of crazy where you had a horde of Cutey Wooty Mole Rats attacking a horde of Tiny Floaty Soccer Balls and vice versa. You had BOOMS! and PEW PEW PEWS! and SCREEE CRACKLE CRACKLE CRACKLE noises going on all around the ruins as the air filled with the smell of burnt circuitry and burnt Cutey Wooty Mole Rat meat.

"Slyph, open it up!" he called out to the Red Princess, "We need to get in there pronto because of this idiot."

And that's when Mister Johnny Shakes found himself on the ground looking up at the Red Princess, whose face was absent her usual smile as he found that his hand was no longer on Mommy Meryl Barrel's arm but being twisted in Sylph's unusually strong hands. It wasn't painful but then again, it wasn't comfortable either.

"Mister Johnny Shakes! Don't you be calling my Mommy Meryl Barrel an idiot! She's the nicest most lovingest, most perfectest mommy in the whole wide world. I love my Mommy Meryl Barrel and don't you forget it Mister Johnny Shakes." She scolded him before the smile returned to her face as she released him.

"Awww the poor Cutey Wooty Mole Rats." The Girl in Red said as she watched another horde of Cutey Wooty Mole Rats get fried, causing another wave of burnt Mole Rat flesh to assail the trios' nostrils. However they weren't the only one to smell the smell of cooked Cutey Wooty Mole Rat Meat.

"Hey look! It's a rad scorpion. Why's it white?"

Ow. Or at the very least, that's what you could sum the agonised snarl of noise, a mix of cursing and plain old yells, coming out of Marlon's mouth as he toppled over as. That crafty little weasel. If Lucy got dibs on Bob, Marlon was sure as shit gonna call dibs on that prick the next time he saw him.

Between the electrocution and the fairly nasty arm wound, he wasn't in much shape to get up again and certainly not in any condition to give chase at the same speed.

For the moment, Marlon put his efforts into dragging himself behind some of the rubble, where he was out of sight if Eobard were to double back, and set about trying to get his breath back.

The Friendly Neighborhood Undertaker was alone once again. Frank? Somewhere, probably in gibbed into chunks of flesh, bone and power armor. Lucy? Missing. Barry? Gone. Marlon? Probably selling some weapons to the Brotherhood. Even the Enclave Schmuck that had been riding on Nukazilla had bailed.

Well there was one thing that hadn't quite left him yet, Nukazilla was running towards the crane like a bat out of -


Well Nukazilla WAS on a mad dash towards the crane but it appeared that he had decided instead to explode into vaious glowing blue pieces of mush.


A piece of Nukazilla's insides splatter on Undertaker McGee's face as he desperately wished he had some sort of umbrella that would keep the gooey bits from landing on him and ruining his suit. Even with Nukazilla down for the count, but not necessarily out of the equation, there was still the matter of the Citadel being under attack by the Nukalurk Minion Army.

From the top of the world, or the Citadel at least, Shift had a prime spot to rain hot lead down on the Nukalurk Minion Army.

"If they were going to leave me to cleanse this place of the Nukalurks, the least they could have done was left me with something better than this assault rifle." The Undertaker muttered to himself as he pulled the the trigger on the Assault Rifle and unleashed a hail of bullets on the hapless Nukalurks that came charging in to assist their ailing master.

"There's no end to these little bastards is there?" Shifty asked rhetorically as a flash of metal caught his eye. Looking through the scope of the Assault Rifle, he zoomed in on what appeared to be some sort of mine just sitting there. Looking about he spotted more and more and more of them.

"I wonder what would happen if I- ?" The Undertaker asked as he took a moment to take aim at the odd mine and pulled the trigger.

"Oh my, isn't going to be good." The Tall Pale Undertaker muttered as he looked about the top of the crane for a hiding spot as Lucy's minefield started exploding and figuratively started sending Nukalurk pieces into the lower atmosphere.

Ducking into the crane's cabin, it started raining itty bitty pieces of glowing blue chunks of Nukalurk, causing the Undertaker to start singing to himself.

"It's raining Lurks... Walt Dammit... It's raining Lurks"

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