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"No I've not heard of him."
She turns her blazing eyes studying him.
"He doesn't look like anyone I'd have reason to have heard of either."


"Lady, Doom runs a country, like, a whole damn country! You have to have heard of Doom, Seeing how he is petty much the Perfect Being and all that!" Doom shot back as the idea that someone who didn't know who he was completely confused him.
"Ah Whatever, Doom's never heard of you and Doom is friends with Nicholas Cage, That's right, Fucking Ghost Rider, Bitch!" He boasted.



"Boy, while I not having heard of you speaks to your unimportance you not having heard of me speaks only to your ignorance. Perhaps you'd recognise me if I was being more obvious."
Her voice had taken on a superiors almost booming tone.

In her hands she created the two stars again combining them to form one. The glow around her intensified verging on the two bright.

"A country is nothing when I hold entire worlds in my grasp and keep alive with my nuclear fire."


"Hey, Can you put people into Human Sized Blenders? Or use the almightly "Finger-Lazors"? Doom thinks not!" He said, ignoring whatever light show whats-her-name was doing.
"Hey, Can someone get Doom one of those twisty straws? It's awkward drinking with this mask on."



"I'm the sun, I don't need blenders I don't need finger lasers. I could consume your entire world without a thought. I can dry out a city leave men and women alike mad under my gaze. I've been her longer than you people have crawled around on your rock and I shall be heat time larger than you can possibly understand when your people have been whipped of the face of your world."


Doom was too busy looking over the counter for a Twisty Straw to really care what she had to say.
He was now arched completely over the counter, arse up, looking for them.



Yoruichi allowed Doom and the girl to chat for a bit- because she stood there dumbfounded. It was one thing for guys to stare at her from afar checking her out but for someone to just stare right in front on her making it all so obvious- typical.

She wasn't mad though. She just sighed in a way of feeling sorry for the guy. With that said, she shunpo and got the twisty stars as Doom requested, then took a few seconds longer then expected to find then ylem but was able to find some behind the 2nd top layer of other drinks and bids- only to shunpo in front of them both and hand them what they want.

"Here you are. If you guys need anything else, just hit me up."

Although she did a slight knocking on Doom's mask like someone was tapping her knuckles onto a door.

"If men get that easily distracted, you'd stand no chance in battle with women especially with me."

Caramel Frappe:
Who else but Doom?

Doom was pleased to get the straw, and the view, but someone questioning his skills in battle? No so much.
"Hey! Didn't you just hear me? Top Tier. EVO. I'd body all you scrubs, Totally Free!" He boasted before sticking the straw in Doom Equis and watching it flow though the straw into his mouth.
"Yeah...FACT! All match ups are 9-to-1 in Doom's Favour, Even against himself! Doom's just that damn good!" He added, inflating his massive Ego even more so.

Lol Against Himself

Nothing that Yoruichi thought of saying could change this guy's prospective. She just let it be and added, "If you're that good where you're able to beat yourself then I suppose you'll do just fine in combat. Just don't screw around in the Pub, for I am also the Bouncer."

She flexed her shoulder, and smirked at Doom. "Sure i'm in this french maid outfit.. but do you know who I am? .. No, not going to boast about it ether but if you see me as eye candy then I pray you'll not take everyone as 'judging a book by it's cover'."

Caramel Frappe:
"If you're that good where you're able to beat yourself then I suppose you'll do just fine in combat."

"Hell Yeah! No one Defeats Doom!" The Doctor concluded before getting back to his drink.
"The key is: Footdive. That is all, Guy on the street, FOOTDIVE! Crappy Matrix wannabe, FOOTDIVE! Two feet, one skull, That's how Doom rolls. and for everything else: Da Fingerlazors..." He added, bringing his hands crossed in front of his face, wiggling his fingers for effect.
"Man, Doom doesn't lose..."

Captcha: Real Mccoy

Get Pumped

All this talk of fighting made Yoruichi feel somewhat excited. She's usually laid back and letting those around her let the steam off by fighting or hollering but it's been such a long while... and this guy claiming he's to tough for anyone to beat-

"Hey.." Stated Yoruichi, before saying anything else to Doom.

She bobbed her head a bit to the side as a 'check it out' "There's an actual Training Room close by, I can take you there and see what you're made of." The smirk on Yoruichi's grin was indeed showing all the more so, confident eyes testing to see how Doom would react.

Caramel Frappe:
"There's an actual Training Room close by, I can take you there and see what you're made of."

Doom nearly spat out his drink at Yoruichi's throw down, coughing and hacking afterwards."Wait, Wait, Wait....You want to....err....Fight Doom?....As in right now....Errr....uhhhhhh......Ok?...." He said as his nerves finally betrayed him for the coward he was deep at heart.
He slowly parted from his chair and-
"Welllll-actually-Doom only...came here to........drink....annnnnddddd....." he said as the partrons of the Pub started to stare at him.
"......Fine....Lead the way..."

Love Doom Already

Placing her wrist to her mouth, she couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Cute- alright then give me a brief second."
She used shunpo, like a blur she was gone. After a few seconds, she came back teleporting right in front of Doom in her regular outfit instead of maid's outfit.


"Sorry about the wait. Don't want to mess up Kurumu's nice outfit she loaned me to wear when working."
"This way then..." She walked to the door on the very right hand corner outside the main Pub's view thus flashed through the keys only to find the interesting looking one with an oval as it's head. She placed it in, turned it, and the doors opened.

Light almost blinded them, but when they both stepped into it- the place was massive.


Yoruichi did a whistling sound, the one you'd make when seeing something extraordinary or least when you check out a pretty woman.
"I understood that the Pub was big, but this is far bigger then even the secret training grounds back in Soul Society. It's massive, I wouldn't even see this as the Training Room if it wasn't for the sign above the door."

She turned to Doom. "Want to check it out before we brawl? SO much to cover, I would hate to get reckless in such a beautiful place."

Caramel Frappe:

Doom was confused, he didn't see this in the pub building on the way in, how'd he get here anyway?
"Wow....This sure beats Max's Apartment..." The Monarch said to himself as he looked around nervously.
"....Sooo.....What we playing?...First to Five on Street Fighter 4?......Tekken Tag 2?.....Children of the Atom?........Doom's doesn't see any Arcade Machines......"
Then it finally sunk in.
".....Oh fuck...."

Thanks for the Moves List, Want me to Make Mine or you're Good?

"Can't be helped..." Yoruichi softly said to herself. She gave a playful push but it was a very enforced one that made Doom slide a whole yard with his feet sliding against the rocky dirt and though he wasn't hurt he was surprised by the strength of this woman from one shove. She leaped from where she was all the way to a few feet in front of Doom once he stopped sliding. They were in the middle of the place now, it was hard to believe but he was facing off Yoruichi.

She seemed a bit serious when stating, "Alright Doom, let's keep this simple."
... A pause.

"Stay alive." She smiled in a gleeful manner before using shunpo, vanishing before Doom's eyes.

Caramel Frappe:

"......FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Doom screamed at the top of his lungs as he tried to escape the way they came in.
He waddled as fast as he could towards the exit door back to the bar.
He went to open it but it was locked.
"Nononononononoonno.....errrr DOOM COMMANDS YOU TO OPEN!" He said, hoping the door would open for him, but why would it? It's a Door.
He begged as he tried to figure out where Yoruichi ninja vanished too.

Lol What.

As Doom struggled to try getting through the door, he heard a voice from afar.
"Looking for these?" When he glanced, she was on the mountain's side spinning the keys around her index finger.

She stopped though, and looked at him in an expression Doom couldn't tell what it was supposed to imply.
"For a guy who's all talk and seems to be quite the villain, you sure whine a lot."

Yoruichi stood up, up kicked a rock without moving her body much and just pounded the thing where it was shot flying at a fast speed towards Doom.

Caramel Frappe:
Doctor in Name only

"NONONONONONO-" Doom managed to get in before he nailed in the face by it.
"AHHHHHHH! FUCK.......ahhhhhhhh, that was right in the nose......." He said as he grabbed his face in pain.
He Snapped his fingers and made a motion, resulting in several small missiles flying out from behind his cape and homing in on Yoruichi.

Haha Classic.

Now this is what she was talking about. Yoruichi steadied herself and placed a hand on her leg, like she was about to win it for the baseball team. The missiles came in hot, all aimed at her of course. She didn't use shunpo though, relying to much on that would result in a back fire eventually.

Instead, Yoruichi jumped straight toward the missiles. She was able to jump at such speeds right between the space given in the mass amount of missiles that the missiles would blow up behind her due to running into another upcoming missile, barely in reach to burn her back off. Once all of them blew up, she was in mid air smiling. "My title remains, the Flash Goddess. You'll need a few hundred missiles just to hope one catches me off guard!"

Caramel Frappe:
How fast are you?

"Oh Goddammit SUCK ON THIS! WIN-BLAST!" Doom called his attack before firing a beam of pure plasma energy at Yoruichi.
She was able to avoid it, part of her pony-tail getting burned by it.
The beam was near instantaneous, what with it being pure energy and all
Doom guided the beam after the Ninja as she moved around, leaving scorch marks on the rock as it moved.

Play both of these. When you play them, they won't start at the beginning but the parts I need you to see.


Yoruichi's face winced when some of her hair (the ponytail at it's lower half) was burned off by doom's beam. Was she losing her edge in speed, or being clumsy from not fighting in such a long time? Being annoyed at herself, she bounced off a rock before the beam could consume her thus did a 180 turn in the air, did a kick that seemed to launch two daggers right out and flying at Doom surprising him.

After all, she was an assassin, she had crap like that up her sleeve... or should I say shoes?

Caramel Frappe:

"WHOA SHIT!" The Metal Monarch said before bringing his cape up in front of him to deflect the incoming knifes.
"Ohhhhh, you want to win by Chip Damage do ya? Think again!" He said before pressing a button on his forearm, causing a butt-scratcher to fold out from his forearm.
"Ooops, wrong one..." He said before hitting the one for his Molecular Shield.
Several rocks and stones were pulled from the ground and started to orbit around Doom.
"Rocks to the end!" He said before firing another Plasma Beam from his new cover.

Cheers Mate

It all seemed to of happened to quickly. When he fired his plasma beam, all he head was the sound barrier being broken but not continued. It was then he realized- when she kicked those daggers, it was a distraction. The time given allowed her to use shunpo (then again, the butt scratcher also was extra time needed to do this too).

When he looked below, right in front of him.. Yoruichi was there with her knees bent, almost like she was squatting but really it was her landed then within the instant she used shunpo. The rocks were protecting Doom though so it wasn't like she was going to directly hit him. But that's exactly what she intended to do.

Yoruichi didn't hit him though, instead she elbowed a rock out of the way and firmly grabbed his arm. She gave him a stare, a split second it was gone for Doom was upside down not knowing what just happened until his back met the floor in a huge crash that brought dust to fly up. "Taketonbo. Bamboo Dragonfly .. it's a technique that's used to quickly knock out enemies who are heavily protected."

Caramel Frappe:
Fricken Command Grabs...

Doom groaned as he thrown to the ground, leaving a large indent on the rock floor, the objects grabbed by his Molecular Shield falling out of orbit around him and Yoruichi.
"Ooooooooo........All right, All right, you win, just leave Doom be, He has 500 children....give or take..." He pleaded as he hit another button on his forearm.
As she rolled her eyes in annoyance and advanced, Doom's Jetpack turned on, resulting in her getting rammed off her feet by a massive shoulder tackle.
As she went to get up, she saw Doom in the air above her.
"FOOT-DIVE!" He shouted as he rocketed back down to earth
The next thing she knew, a pair of smelly metal feet impacted against her skull and drove it into the ground, both the JetPack and Doom's body weight landing on her.
"BAM! THAT'S THE FOOTDIVE! AWESOME, I KNOW!" before stepping off her skull and looking for the Key to the Door.

Simply Put- Ouch That Had to Hurt.

Thanks to Yoruichi's cocky or overly confident nature, she let her guard down. As the ex 2nd Division Captain, this was embarrassing on her part. She allowed Doom to pull a fast one on her, and now she was on the ground with a forehead that has a drop of blood oozing down her face. Wiping that off with her sleeve, she got up and her eyes sharp.

". .. For you to land a hit on me. .. means I am lacking in my skills."

She got up and seemed quite furious, but not at Doom. Oh no, she wasn't mad at him. She was disappointed in herself.
"You want to see a foot dive? .. I'll show you, my style of foot diving!" She jumped very high up- and the lightning in the sky was similar to the sun so Doom couldn't see her right away. Truth was, she was coming straight down with her foot high in the air, over Doom's position. She was going to throw down her foot, slamming it into Doom.

Luckily he had his jet pack but he dodged in time- and thank god. The impact caused an explosion of rocks flying and the ground to shake, a crater was made the size of a house.

Caramel Frappe:
110% of All of Doom's Combos involve that move in some shape or from.

Despite avoiding the massive Foot-Dive, The force from the Impact was enough to send Doom off course with his Jetpack, driving him into the side of one of the cliffs then to the ground in a comedic fashion.
He picked himself up and held his head in pain before seeing the Massive Crater left by Yoruichi.
".....Damn...." He said, actually really impressed by her power.
So he pointed his hand towards the dust cloud and started to blindly fire off Proton Shocks from his fingers in hopes of getting a clean hit, leaving the Almighty more Powerful "Fingerlazors" for later.

Hahaha I just busted out laughing from that.

Yoruichi could of dodged all of them simply, but she was to much into through with her foot stuck in the ground. It's the price you pay when you overdo something, thus 1-2, maybe even three shots hit her mostly on the side of the body and the arms especially. Those lasers left bloody marks on her body, like someone used a very narrow flame thrower and focused on one region of a person's body part.

She felt the pain, but she took her time getting the foot out of the rocky joints in the ground that trapped her foot. She walked over, not close up but a good short distance between Doom and her.
".. Thank you."

This threw Doom off, not sure why she'd be saying that.
"I realized, I am out of shape. Being in that cat form, laying around, being to laid back- those days and months passing by doing nothing inflicted my training and skills more then I predicted. Because of you... I see now I actually need to train. I was going to go easy on you, but..." Suddenly the air around Doom, the whole training room... the air felt heavier and it seemed gravity was shaking like when you stare into a heat wave and see the air being changed by heat's patterns.

"In order to get back into my formal condition, where I was years ago that earned me my reputation, I will need to see you as an enemy, and treat you as such." With that said, she jumped right at Doom and before he could react, she spun in the air and landed a foot onto his shoulder. It felt like someone brought down a hammer, and the the other kick came smacking him across the face. Once he was tossed to the side by that, Yoruichi was running at him in a fast speed ready to plan the next assault.

Caramel Frappe:
I always did play Doom for Comedy Relief

"Oh shit...." Doom managed to get out before Yoruichi let out the most powerful kick she could to Doom's Chest, sending him flying though the air.
Yoruichi merely turned around and waited.
"uuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!" He screamed as the force of her kick caused him to loop back round the entire Training Realm back to where she was standing, bouncing off the hard rock floor before slowing to a slide at her feet.
His Armour saved his life, but after that it was battered and had a indent of her foot in the chest.
"....Maaassssscxxxxxxx.....weeeed nnnneeddd morr yoghurt....." He groaned as she noticed a strange chip fall out from his armour with a "HB" written on it.

ROFL okay that was hilarious.


She went onto one knee, and the other laid out. She grabbed the HB chip and looked at Doom.
"I've might of overdone it. You must forgive me, I am not competitive but I sometimes don't know my own strength."

She got back up, but while doing so pulled on Doom's arm to help him up. He could barely stand, not because he was dying or anything but a kick like that was sure to stagger anyone really. That's when Yoruichi lightly groaned and held her bleeding arm. Those lasers surely hurt a lot, the burning sensation doesn't seem to really fade away.

Caramel Frappe:

Doom was fading in and of reality as Yoruichi fiddled with the strange chip.
It was at that moment Doom realised he could still win this.
"...'Eyy.....'inja 'ady, 'eet teh 'Uman 'Lender!" He said though a broken jaw as he pushed her away and hit a button on his forearm.
The Chip lit up and shocked her hand, causing her to drop it.
Once it hit the ground, in a instant a capsule formed around her.
Before any massive blows could be made to break free, a shock like from one of Doom's Laser's went across her back.
Then her arm.
Then her leg.
The shocks increased in both speed and power as Doom looked on.
"'OOMM 'OESN'T 'OSE!" he said before pushing the "Detonate" button for the Blender, causing a average sized explosion right where she was standing.
"'OOOOOOOOOO! 'EAH, 'AT 'T!" He said as he stumbled over and waited for the smoke to settle so he could grab the key and perhaps see a REAL doctor about his broken ass bone.

I type in shocked kitten to get a result of a kitten being all fuzzied up- but instead I get these as image results...

image ... Lol wut??

The smoke slowly, but surely began to fade and on the ground was Yoruichi face first. She seemed all jacked up- her hair style was just loose and lying on the floor, her limbs looked very bruised and body covered in electrical scars (like someone was cutting into the flesh but it didn't seep through). She didn't move, nudge, or shutter. Just there on her stomach making no sound.


Doom won as it seemed. The body blender did more then he could of hoped for, and from her recent injuries they only stacked over with her defeat. Although, her hand slowly began to move, a finger twitch and then slowly- both hands schemed like she was going to do one last push up before looking up at Doom.

Her eyes looked tired, sweat fell down, her breaths long and painful, and she struggled to even be in that position.
". .. . .. ha .. . huah... . . .. .. . .haa.. hu.."

Creeping upward, her upper body slanted down as some limbs had a sparkle of blood fly out, her legs almost failing her. Even so, she walked over to Doom and stumbled into him, both of them falling back. Doom was on his back, Yoruichi on her side with one arm over him. It look liked she was hugging him, but it's rather hard to explain.

When Doom glanced at her face, she was softly smiling with her eyes closed.
".. Ha,. .. you got me, ... . ... clever.." She simply stood there panting, and eyes not fully open but she was really worn out. The last thing she said before staying quiet and breathing was- " .. . . Good .. match."

Mark and Puce

Mark's Living Room

Mark was in the middle of waiting for his Tequila Lime Chicken to marinade when he decided to check the updated posts for The Pub 2.0. A moment later The Vessel appeared in next to him and was had stolen the remote control for the television.

"Welcome back." Mark stated as he noticed that the woman was once again in the room with him before a question popped in his head.

"So... what's it like having all those divinities running around in your head?"

The Pub

Puce watched in amusement as the monitors displayed Doom and Yuroichi's sparring bout in the Training room. It occurred to him that he had not properly introduced himself to his new guest, a female incarnation of Helios.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like something to eat or drink? We have some solid blue hydrogen if that's perks your fancy." Puce suggested, knowing that every solar body out there started out with a bit of Hydrogen.


Fenris nodded finally as he took in what Jake had stated. Looking at the man, Maker, he bowed deeply and respectfully.

"Thank you for explaining your existence and the how it is that you are able to accomplish what you do. Additionally thank you for informing me about the whereabouts of Jack." The Deathclaw stated before he turned to Natsuki

"Ms. Natsuki. If you require any assistance locating your father, I would be more than happy to assist."

Danger Room

Caramel Frappe:
is Go!

As the duo were running through their warm ups, Puce watched in amusement as Doom tried to get through the door back into the Pub. A flick of a switch locked the door. Sure it was mean but where Puce was from, Puce had heard the name Doom before if not went up against the douche.

"Well this should be even more interesting." Puce said as he enabled in training room respawns.

Katrina and Kurumu

Kurumu looked over at Katrina and wondered aloud whether or not it would be possible for her to get a hatchling of her own.

"So... where are these Dragon eggs held?" She wondered as she started running through a dimensional query of where to find a dragon egg.

"And what do you even feed a hatchling when you get one?"

Help Plox?

Caramel Frappe:
Look up "Static Kitty"

Doom stared up into the sky blankly after all that just happened.
".....'An 'Oom 'ave teh key 'ow??" He asked as the two of them just laid there for a while, not-really being able to move after their fight.
After a few minute's silence, He realised that she was knocked out.
Rolling her over, he began looking for the key for the lock, but from where the camera that Puce was watching from was, it looked like something else entirely and it sure as shit wasn't PG.

Lol Watch This

Doom was looking for the keys- he padded her waist, her pockets, her shoes- and then realized that most chicks like hiding things in their bra, maybe? So he was reaching for that, almost nearly exposing her breast but Yoruichi opened her eyes and yawned.

".. Aahhhhhuu.. mmh, hmm?" She glanced over to what Doom was doing and gave him a 'are you kidding me' expression? More like a blank, get grim look you can tell that she didn't approve of this.

"Just because I passed out doesn't grant you the right to 'have' that person. Learn some respect." She without a doubt, back handed his neck making him roll a few feet as Yoruichi adjusted her clothing and took the keys from behind her lower parts of the pants, a small pocket between the butt. "Here are the keys, but next time we have our rematch don't expect me to fall for anything twice. It was a good warm up, and I was honestly to worn out from your little trick to do anything."

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