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Hey! Don't you look at me in that tone of voice Mister! I learned the Asian Ear Pull from my mom and I'm not afraid to use it!

Mark Hrm'd to himself as he the lesson about Magic vs. Magic set in. Weren't the Ponies some sort of Magic Creature or something... who cares. Roy's idea was brilliant. It would both get rid of Dread AND rid the multiverse of those blasted Ponies FOREVER!!!

Take that you C**K S**KING BR***IES!!

"I still prefer Guns and Sorcery to Swords and Sorcery... but that's the way my mama raised me." Mark said as he looked down at the scene that was unfolding. While Jake was away... Mark had replaced the standard run of the mill booth table with a Surface Multi-Touch display. It was an expensive piece of shit but it looked cool none the less. Currently it was focused in on the scene in Equestria as non-combatant Ponies ran down the street.

"Run! It's GORJIRA!!!!" One of them screamed as the rest fled like a bunch of ... well... Japanese extras on a Godzilla movie set.

Dimension #667: DOOM!

Puce turned to Roy and nodded as Godzilla when up again two Geo-Constructed Godzillas that would keep him busy whilst Roy and Elsie did their thing.

"You're up!" Puce said as his Earth Crafted Godzilla started attacking Dread.

Kurumu nodded as she watched Rex run into the training room... sure that he would be too late to get in on the action before turning back towards Katrina.

Kurumu rubbed the fine curls between her fingers and smirked.

"It's pretty and soft." She said before she took a big gulp of Guinness, letting the sourness of the Dark Beverage linger on her tongue before swallowing it. However... magic induced false memories?

"What do you mean by magic induced false memories?"

Jake came back, saw the expensive piece of shit and immediately called up a vid.

Appropriate music.

Dreadzilla traded fist-blows with the stonezillas, then tail-whacked them so they fall into each other before death-breathing them. This was where Puce gave them the go. Upon doing so, as the earthzillas were reduced to slag, the already-released Elsie crossed Dread's path with a large frost wolf ramming through him and freezing him up for a moment. They were able to be solid, BTW, but the solid ice wolves forming around him - large ones, with her inside a bigger one - were MORE SO. This was where the battle was joined. The palm of Roy's left hand glowed now.

Roy: Puce, watch that capsule. I don't know anything about being a father, but I know what I'll do if anything happens to my son!

The first palpable hit against the currently giant monster was Gran Rey Cero, the bigger one that was a nasty beam instead of a ball. It was actually alot like death breath in that sence, and explosions were already rising as the fight was joined, Roy taking the form of that demon he'd been before... You know the one.

Mark nodded in time with the music as he watched the scene unfold before him, feeling like some sort of Command and Conquer General watching over the troops on the battlefield.

"That is appropriate music." Mark said as he wondered if Puce knew anything about being a father. The mask that Mark wore flashed a smile as Puce realized he knew next to nothing either about being a father but he did known about saving lives... and running the hell out of there.

"Appropriate music calls for appropriate action. Run Puce Run!" He yelled at the image as if Puce could really hear him.

Dimension #667

When Mark spoke of taking care of Equestria once and for all, he wasn't kidding about that particular desire and the fight between Dreadzilla and the Stonezillas had accomplished just that. Boulders the size of Wagon fell on the Pony structures and Pony Tanks destroying them utterly. A nearby Nuclear Power Plant began leaking hazardous waste into the air... What did you think... friendship doesn't power light bulbs!

Puce on the other hand did the only thing that he could do. He created an escape vehicle... a MONO racer that you might recognize as the Swordfish.

Loading the Capsule into a cockpit storage area, Puce took off into the skies, putting as much distance between himself and Dreadzilla as he possibly could without putting too much undo stress what must have looked like some sort of crab creature or something inside the capsule.

"Yeah... I just called Elsie and Roy's son a crab creature..." Mark said to Jake.


"I'm telling Neil when he's finally 'cooked'. Don't be surprised if you end up in the cornfield."


The fight continued to destroy everything around, when suddenly...

...Dread felt the presence he'd been after moving away! His reaction? Try to imagine a kaiju-beast using Sonido, followed by a pack of ice wolves doing same and a large red-and-black monstrosity after THAT. There were Ceros and Balas being flung left and right, giant icicles being used as missles, and certainly death breath...but not directed at Puce. Puce was lucky in that the Dread did not want to KILL Neil. He wanted to FEED on him. Blowing him up would do absolutely no good. So...CHASE SCENE!


"Feh... you know where snitches end up?" Mark countered as the music ended and another song started playing. This one while not as awesome as any of Yoko Kanno's work was still oddly appropriate for the scene.

As Puce tried to outrun the fucking lizard on his tail, the scene suddenly turned just nutty. The dials on the radio... wait when did Puce install a radio on this thing? ... changed channels and a new song started playing.

Frowning, Puce kept the ship moving ahead and avoided the buildings as best he could. Looking behind him, Puce saw that Dread had no such qualms as the beast ran straight through the buildings, the impact barely registering.

Down below, school was being let out on account of rain (I have no clue why but I guess that ponies can't stand the rain).. when all of a sudden the Swordfish blasted by, causing a gust of wind that made many a mane flutter. This was immediately followed by Dread... let's just say there wasn't much of anything left to flutter in any sort of breeze after he romped through the area.

I called it.

He glared at him sharply.

"They end up in the CORNFIELD."


This was a serious mess. And there was a huge gaggle of explosions somewhere behind the retreating Puce...before the music changed.

Something dropped down on the cockpit of the Swordfish. It had a purple suit on.


Well, bugger me, he's the Joker! A super-powered Joker... Okay, that IS scary. He put his fist through the windshield, reaching to grab at Puce. Those explosions must've been Ceros used as a distraction, meaning that Roy and Elsie were shaking their heads from a momentary collision with boom. Think fast, Puce!

But... But... but...

"Ditches... God damn it! DITCHES!" Mark fumed as he was tempted to point out that corn fields did not at all rhyme with Snitches. He could have even said they end up with stitches and that would have been acceptable... but corn fields? COME ON!!!!

Calming himself down for a moment he watched as the Dread Joker punched through the cockpit canopy.

"Neil probably is code for Mr. Crabs anyhow..."

Think fast? Well look... a convenient suspension bridge... how convenient, indeed.

The Swordfish flew low to the river that flowed underneath, though it wasn't as smooth an approach as Puce would have liked based on the fact that the Joker was busy trying to play grab a crab with the capsule and its occupant.

As the Swordfish neared the bridge, Puce pulled the ejection lever. The first thing that happens in an ejection is the canopy is blown free of the cockpit. In this case the cockpit and the Dread Joker were launched up into the air where Joker became Goode and met the bridge with a big:


This was followed by the ejection seat itself, which rides a pillar of fire. Puce and the capsule rode the chair and it fiery pillar in an arc, missing bridge and as the chair reached the apex of its flight, the parachute deployed.

Probably not the smartest idea to leave the jet... but it gave Puce time to start manipulating the bridge itself... using energy siphoned off of Dread himself. The bridge cables began wrapping themselves around the Joker sized Dread and started squeezing.

Nobody said nothin' about no rhyming games.

The Writer just kept glaring at him, looking slightly disappointed.


It didn't really seem to help much. You're trying to crush the life out of something that doesn't have anything to crush out. He doesn't breathe and there isn't enough pressure to push out blood or crack bones. Dread suddenly changed to default mode again and raised a hand. Nothing appeared in it. Instead, a spot in the sky opened and a shaped energy pillar of transparent orange shot down towards Puce and his precious cargo suddenly.


It was so swift that when the wolf-based Arrancar moved in to get him and Neil out of its range, she only just managed to push him out of the way, getting caught herself. This was Negacion, an ability to pull a figure back into Hueco Mundo, protected from harm in this dimension by that shaft of light, also unable to leave until reaching Hueco Mundo. Normally, this is done by something IN Hueco Mundo, but it's hard to imagine Dread having allies, so it must've been able to be used this way as well. Roy arrived on the scene as Elsie was being drawn up.

Roy: Elsie! I'll kill you, you fucking bastard!!

Negacion fell over Dread as well, causing Roy to bang into a wall swiftly.

Dread: Bring me the boy and she won't have to suffer. Because I know...

He suddenly changed into Roy as the pillar was drawn up!

Dread-Roy: ...what you two are afraid of.

He heads up into the crack in the sky, leaving for Hueco Mundo via the only surefire direct way other than the bar. Roy was left with an "Oh shit" look on his face. He'd gotten their darkest fears when he was a Weeping Angel...

Psychic Powers are needed

Mark watched while eating from a bag of Flamin' Hot Funyuns, getting red powder all over everything that he touched before grabbing a napkin and wiping his fingers of the Flamin' Hot Residue.

"So... I'm guessing there'll be an intervention on the way..." Mark said as he pointed towards Jake's three most recent entries in the Character Database.

"Also... didn't you say you were psychic?" Mark asked... though he knew that the answer was no. Of course this was when the door to what used to be Dimension 667 burst open and Roy and Puce ran towards the door to Hueco Mundo, the eyes of the Pub's Patron's following the duo as they paused at the door to speak.

Puce sucked in air as he paused at the door that would let him into Hueco Mundo with Roy. Weak as he might be compared to the rest of Hueco Mundo... he was definitely still going to try to help Roy out was the rescue of Elsie.

"So... Roy... What's the Plan." Puce asked, still holding the capsule. It was obvious that they were going to leave the capsule somewhere safe but the question was how they were going to deal with Dread... and when the hell was this baby going to pop anyhow.


"No no, I explained it to Oswin, remember? I read the text. The only way I'd get mind-reading powers is if I wrote it in."


They were in the tunnel from Hueco Mundo that led to the door.

Roy: You're going to create the most convincing fake you ever made, and I'm-

???: Well met, Roy. I see we found you at last.

Behind the two of them were Jackal, Denzuo, and Grey of the End Times. It was Jackal who'd spoken.

Roy: Jackal! You've no idea how glad I am to see you three!

Denzuo: Hsss... Where is Elsie?

Roy: Well...

He basically summarized for them that he and Elsie managed to create a son and that she was in danger because of the Dread. Alone, she didn't have the power to conquer him. But now that THESE GUYS were here...

Roy: Let's kill.


On a random gathering of dunes, Dread as Roy was tormenting Elsie severely, as her fear was that Roy would ever turn on her in favor of the monster within, or just detesting her. they were currently fighting each other, but he had his kind of power right now.

Dread-Roy: You're a worthless creature, except to create the boy. I don't know how you did it, but it is such a miraculous thing that the potential is infinite for me. Your love is wasted. I will eliminate sentiment and raign fear supreme, for only in fear can we yet live!

That's the setup. Have fun.

Heart Breaker too ... that Dalek hasn't been the same since you broke her heart...

Mark nodded... Reading minds in a Role Play was about as difficult as knowing the future. Sooner or later you were bound to get a detail wrong, a call of tails that ends up head if you will.


Fear... Love...

Now Mark was stuck on something a little different.

"Somehow I doubt Puce will be telling Dread to forcibly insert the lifeline cards into Dread's Anus." Mark mused as he panned the camera over to Hueco Mundo for the standoff with Dread.

"Oh... I figured out how to save Puce and Kurumu and the rest of my characters in the even that Red Mage was able to kill me... I gave them free will... which brings up the question... in a philosophical sense. Can a fictional character... OWWWWW!!!!" Mark said as a bottle shattered over his head.

"Who are you calling Fictional, Mister Writer Man?!?" Kurumu said as she picked up another bottle... prepared to throw it if Mark didn't start paying attention to things in Hueco Mundo.

Puce nodded to the Quartet of Arrancar as they headed into Hueco Mundo. Sure enough... the place was as bleak as it came. Everything that was in there seemed to be dead or in the process of dying... no wonder these Arrancar and Hollows have such a fucking chip on their shoulders.

The plan... well... is there ever a plan?

Puce blind folded himself once again and was able to see the fail glow of energy among that blackness of everything else that was dead. There was Dread-Roy and there was Elsie. Puce started pulling as much of Dread's life essence as he could, channeling it into the element that there was most of... Earth.

Around Dread, the sand of the Dune began to swirl as it took on a life of its own. The grains began to clump together as they flew in the air, turning clumps of sand and eventually, after a sufficient amount of pressure, the sand became shards of glass that surrounded and cut Dread Roy.

Mwa ha ha ha haaa...

"The question you were so readily about to faux pas was whether or not one of our creations can have free will, and the answer was always yes, because a good writer must have them talking in your head, telling YOU how they would approach a situation. I was going to have Dread continue to fight Puce, but then he said 'You know, I have this power that can pull things into Hueco Mundo, so why not use it?', and that's what happened."


Yes, the five of them came to find Dread, only...the latter three were actually working the stealth option as Roy and Puce approached. As soon as Dread noticed the two of them, he released Elsie from the choke-hold he had her in, throwing her to the ground.

Roy: Leave her alone... Leave is all alone, you son of a bitch!

Puce couldn't get much out of Dread himself. Screw it. Trying to get much out of these Arrancar - at least THESE ones, or Dread, anyway - was like flying too close to the sun. Still, he created things from sand to attack with and uhhh...he could definitely get energy from THAT. Hueco Mundo carried extremely dense reiatsu traces. However, Roy was staring dumbfounded at Puce for a moment.

Roy: Puce, where's the- You were suppose to- Dammit...!

Dread: Oh? A trick? I should've guessed.

Dammit, Puce, you were suppose to make the most convincing fake Neil you could manage! Now, the Dread in Roy form extended a black talon straight At Elsie's he- Uhhh...missed! She was tackled out of the way!

Elsie: Roy... Are you alright?!

Roy: Oh...yeah, actually. Man, what an aim!

He got him right in the not-really-a-heart! That's where the hole was! However, in a fit of rage, he flung Roy into Elsie and followed up with a Cero. That's when...


Dread was knocked aside by something that CRATERED the dune! Rising up from the spot was the burly Arrancar in anklo-form, Denzuo!

Denzuo: You shall not conquer the End Times...

With a roar, the Dread rose to compound the form of fear upon fear upon fear upon etc. A massive dark abomination towering over them all formed in the unmoving moonlight of Hueco Mundo. And rays shot through it from somewhere.

Grey: The mother of all wars has begun! The streets shall run red with the blood of all non-believers!

Oh crap, Grey was firing spirit-rending bolts, carving holes through Dread. The lashing, striking, monstrous creature launching limbs and horrors at them all kept renewing itself, though. However...

Jackal Subir, Amino Bebedor...

His pole-arm vanished and in its place...armor, gauntlets, boots, and a complete jackal-mask...which came open and spat a large gray vortex at Dread. NOW, energy drain was going to happen. You see, you can't just will it in this place. Reiatsu is everywhere here, densely so. You need a medium designed for it, like this one. Soon, it glowed blue and exploded! The three new Arrancar took the offensive to the increasingly horrible Dread...leaving Elsie and Roy on the sidelines for now.

Elsie: Are you okay?

Roy: Nevermind me. He just left some spurs in my hole. Are YOU okay?

Elsie: Well enough for a fight. Where's our son?

Roy: Presumably where Puce left 'im, but I dunno where that is. I'll be along in a moment.

Elsie was then nearby Puce, for a moment.

Elsie: He's tough, really tough. I guess you'll see the leader of the End Times go all out.

Poos Oswin... she never had a chance.

"Of course that would be the case... especially those of us who have a bit of an issue with delving into ..." Puce looked at Kurumu who stood there with bottle still in hand.

"... our minds rather than staying in reality. The voices I tell you." Mark said as Puce hadn't bothered explaining that fakes was not his area of expertise... unless you wanted him to create the real thing out of flesh... and that would kill him... as it had when he had remade Kurumu's body. But that of course... is another story for another time.

Mark looked down at the capsule that was set in his lap when Puce had left the Pub.

"He doesn't look crab so much as a..."

"Bastard..." Puce muttered to himself as he continued to try to drain Dread's seemingly limitless energy. With the amount of energy he had drained so far, he could have built entire cities... a fleet of starships that were able to travel through blackh...

Puce had never tried this one... the trick was to manipulate enough matter to occupy the same point in space that it began to have its own gravitational pull... it was the sort of thing that would require an huge amount of energy... and Puce had the perfect source.

"One singularity... coming right up." Puce muttered as he started with a huge ball of sand and began compressing it into a smaller and smaller ball of sand... all the while layering on more and more of Hueco Mundo's vast amounts of sand.

And then critical mass...

The ball of sand imploded upon itself and a singularity was born... sucking in as much matter as it wanted.... and it was right next to Dread.

Tophat tired of waiting for a gin & tonic, and began flying around the bar, looking for people.


"What do you mean by magic induced false memories?"

Katrina scratched her head. "It's kinda of long story, you honest you want hear it?"

OoC: Ok, sory about that little thing last night. I wasn't sure what to do, it was late, and no-one seemed to be on, so... Anyway, here now. Shall I just jump in?

EDIT: And no-one's here again. Great.

While Katrina talking to Kurumu, she ordered a salad to eat.

Kurumu nodded at Katrina in reference to the long story.

"Of course I wanna hear it. It helps pass the time... things that we've got plenty of here." She said as she put together a salad of mixed spring greens and vegetables.

At this point Mark's head perked at the sound of OOC chatter... he's a writer so he can do damn well as he pleases... including scream into air to GearHead. Of course this makes him look a little batty but Mark doesn't mind looking a bit silly. Hell he once sang "I'm a Little Teapot" in front of a bunch of women on a dare.


"You know... Gearhead... it's been slower... but it's been faster. It depends on what's going on... and if you are able to Snip quote me... I'll be able to get to you faster. For instance... FalloutJack and I move pretty quickly because of the snip quotes. I'm personally in 3 other role plays at the moment. Also... you're more than welcome to jump in whenever you feel comfortable." Mark said into thin air.

Kurumu looked over at Mark and then back to Katrina.

"I'm telling you that there's something weird about the people that sit at that booth. They've even taken to calling it the Writer's booth. Bunch of nutjobs if you ask me."

Fourth-wall-breaking snip

I look around in confusion, wondering why the hell a fictional character is talking to me, before typing my response:
Ok then. Sorry, starting off was always one of my weakest points. I posted a character sheet on the last page.

The door to The Pub opened, and a man with a machine gun in his hand walked in. The gun was lowered and the safety was on, so he wasn't looking for a fight. He sat down at the bar, putting the gun down, and looked at the various drinks for a while. Eventually, he spoke. "Just some scotch, please."

At the bar, next to the newcomer, was a tophat sitting next to a gin & tonic, and a tray of biscuits.

Long story short!

Katrina sighed. Oh boy here we go.

"Ok, well during the time I was away from the Pub, I was transported off to some other world. Really strange from back home. Either way... I figured out who I truly am. The once proud and destructive daughter of a man that nearly brought our world to ruin. Gravelynn."

She sighed again. "It's been a year since that revelation... And I've been getting used to it. But I'm still me, Katrina Banks."

She turned over to the Writer's Booth. "I dunno, they seem fine to me."

The man with the machine gun looked over at the tophat with the biscuits and G&T. The hat seemed familiar, for some reason. Whistling innocently, he slowly moved one hand towards the biscuits.

Kurumu looked at the newcomer and, with a bit of effort, flipped a glass onto the mahogany counter, without breaking the damn expensive glass, and poured the man a scotch, neat, no water, no ice. Rin regarded the newcomer with a tail wag and sniffed him before settling back onto the counter for a nice nap.

"Hi there. I'm Kurumu, your temporary Bartender" She said as she looked at Top hat.

"You know... how on Earth are you drinking that Gin and Tonic... you're just a top hat... ummm ... right?" She asked as she continued her conversation with Katrina, though she kept staring at top hat out of the corner of her eyes... waiting to see how that marvelous little had drank.

"Of course you're still you... even if you're a newer version of you, you're still you." Kurumu said as she rested her chin on her two hands while continuing to speak.

"The only time that you're not you is when ... well... when you're dead. Now how could a man bring a world to ruin? I mean, even when I was locked up in an artificial body for ohhh... 40 years. I was still me, even if biologically I wasn't me."

The hat didn't move, though some of the G&T seemed to disappear.

The man jumped a little when Kurumu spoke, retracting his hand. "Thanks." He drank the scotch, putting it back on the counter gently, as he could tell it was expensive. "I'm Laguna." He looked over at the hat again, noticing that a bit of the G&T had gone. A little wierd... He looked back at Kurumu. "Um, why are you talking to a tophat?"

The hat didn't do anything, but a biscuit gradually disappeared.

Laguna wasn't looking at the biscuts as they vanished, but eventually he looked over and noticed one was gone. He rubbed his eyes, taking another look at the tray, then looked back to his empty glass. " more for me."

Another biscuit started to disappear slowly, and a bit of the G&T as well.

ok now i'm jumping in

let's do this

suddenly the music changes again

everyone looks up and sees what looks like a giant meteor in the skyand it seems to be falling towards The Dread as the meteor lets out giant dragon roar that could be heard for miles as it seems to go at faster speed the closer it gets to the dread roaring all the way

That's it, I'm summoning the Spinach Monster.

"He a boy. Not even a weird Parasite Eve boy like the Ultimate Being. Just a boy, Mark."

The Writer then flicks his wrist and makes Woon explode forever without harming anyone else or interrupting anything.


What's this? Puce was trying to pull a Guyot (as in from The Guyver) and suck Dread down a black hole? Clever idea, but there was a sudden flurry of Negatis streaks across the thing until the black hole did not exist - and the only way a black hole COULD be erased would be with weaponized entropy, one would say - before Grey stepped into view nearby.

Grey: Our leader says you cannot use this thing to remove the Dread. A shifting Hollow would survive where he wants it DEAD.

As Elsie practically made a tundra now, brittally freezing Dread so that he almost crushes himself in on himself, you gotta wonder...who was the leader exactly? They didn't seem like the type to even have a command structure. Except...massive black-and-red teeth erupted from the sand from below Dread and began pulling into a huge shifting mouth of whirlpooling teeth! That was Roy down there...! Now, Denzuo appeared nearby.

Denzuo: The true essence of existence...of every Hollow on Hueco to devour each other...

And then, Jackal was standing behind Puce.

Jackal: Look well, traveler. The purest Hollow, the Devourer, the Beast of Many Mouths... He does not like to use such savage ferocity, but we joined him out of respect for that.

The two abominations were trying to kill each other now, Roy grinding Dread into his gullet and Dread lashing out with everything he's got. Do not go near it. If the other four backed off, you don't want to get caught in that either!

"He brought together the Elemental Orbs of our world... Then almost made Darkness consume it. I was right by his side, enjoying every moment of it."

Katrina rose an eyebrow at the man. "Are you a boy or a girl?"

WAOA in-joke

Laguna looked over at Katrina. "Um... I think that should be kinda obvious..."

Gearhead mk2:
Never gets old XD

"Huh... That gun of your's.... You compensating for something? 'Cause with your long hair and girly face..." Katrina said, intentionally trolling Laguna.

Well, at least it wasn't the "implants" thing...

"W-what?" Laguna was a little shocked. "No! What the hell... why would you even think that?"

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