Feudal America - A super-power RP in modern day America (Game Thread)

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Martin washed his hands, the last few hours he had been performing surgery on a lot of patients. A building had collapsed, and there had been many casualties. Just as he was about to go to his next patient a solider walked through the door. "Sir we have a problem." Martin turned around. "What problem are we talking about?" The soldier responded. "There seems to be fighting in the middle of the city. You have been called to help out help. It seems like the other hospital got blown up."

Martin looked horrified. "Blown up? Never mind we don't have time for this, tell me everything on the way there." Martin didn't take the time to take off his surgical scrubs. He grabbed his pistol and headed down the straits. Outside was an ambulance waiting for him. He entered to find 6 soldiers inside. "I am ready let's go." The driver nodded and started the ambulance. Martin looked at a soldier. "So what happened exactly?" The soldier said "Well it all started a few hours ago..."

By the time that Martin reached his destination everything had been explained to him. "You 6 with me cover me. " The captain of the soldiers nodded. Martin stepped on to the road. He radio made contact with John "John, I just arrived on near the battle field. Where do you need my help? " Martin looked around, whatever had happened here it was horrible.

Gavin pulled Ottis away from the dying behemoth...or at least that's what Gavin thought was happening, as the withering corpse continued to wither with no sign of stopping anytime soon. He put a quick negation field around Ottis, letting the injured man levitate a few inches of the ground. It should last for a few minutes. He then dashed through the remaining fires, zipping above and around them. He grabbed Sarah and then her arm, a few feet away. As far as he knew Doctor Martin couldn't repair limbs, but hopefully with something to work with he could.

Gavin laid her next to Ottis and Rico laid Charles next to her. Gavin checked his radio, the doc was on his way. Gavin tore the sleeve off Sarah's dismembored arm and tried to slow the bleeding from her stump. He wasn't sure what to do about Ottis or Charles.

"Jesus fucking Christ..." Gavin muttered before crossing his legs and levitating with the three injured supers. Rico stood by, hoping there wasn't anything more to deal with.

"So, how was your first real super-powered brawl?" Gavin shakily asked, trying to pass the time.

"So, how was your first real super-powered brawl?"

"I feel sick."

Rico did feel dizzy, actually, and fairly nauseous. He shoved it out of his mind, trying to focus on what little first-aid he knew.

It wasn't of any use, he didn't know what to do about crushed bones and flesh. He shakily sat down, trying not to look at Sarah's dismembered limbs.

"Come on, Doc... come faster..."

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