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Mikhail aimed his rifle and shafted his aim back and forth from the figure in the shadows and the large group of demons watching him. Mikhail didn't know what to do; as he watched both of the targets he knew that the figure in the shadows could easily be a demon. But why would the demons suddenly stop chasing him? And who was this person talking to him? He must be another agent Mikhail thought; it seemed to be his only option he had left.

"Alright am coming" Mikhail responded as he jogged towards the figure, his rifle still aimed at the figures position not wanting to leave anything to chance.

"Ah. Looks like the gangs all here. If That's all, everyone should move to the hanger on the top floor. We're using jet 12."

"Right, shouldn't take us long to get up top." Isabelle stated as she rose from her chair. Throughout the mission briefing, Vayle had pretty much fallen asleep, finding it a little dull despite all the unusual people that were called. She awoke when hearing the sound of Isabelle's voice.

" Wha... what happened? Where are we going?" She asked with a loud yawn, having obviously not paid attention during the briefing.

"We are heading over to Sector Four to investigate some of the communications device that have appeared to have been damaged due to demonic activity, and we are currently making our way towards the hanger so that we may reach the destination." Isabelle said in a rather annoyed tone to her ghostly assistant. She excused herself from amongst the assembled team, and made her way towards the elevator.

"Oh okay, better get ready myself." Vayle responded, sounding alot more awake, as her spectral form disappeared.

Captain Lara Reid, PhD - D.I.C.E. headquarters. Undisclosed location

There had been so much to think about. So much to plan for and consider. Should she bring one piece of equipment over the other? The dilemma of getting to play with so many cool toys. Suddenly, the crackle of a headset speaker erupted in her ear and the voice of her colleague began to speak, calling her back to the depths of her lab.

"Jet 12, right, let me just grab a few things and I'll be right there." Lara smiled at the group. "I hope my iPod is charged."

And with that she vanished out of the door.

Not much, I'm just heading to the hangar.

Richard watched Garath leave before shrugging. "I'll get going as well. Do what you want El, but if you stay here they're going to get you and store you back in soon. Besides... new, undiscovered DNA!"

He smiled like a child, and went to find the hangar. After he did, he entered the jet they were supposed to take and found somewhere to sit.

Isabelle soon arrived in the hanger after a slightly longer than usual elevator journey; then again with all these other operatives heading up as well, she could see the reason why. As she walked towards the jet, Vayle appeared once more, all of her items had been gathered.

"Vayle is ready to serve master." She said in her usual bubbly tone of voice.

"Good, we may need use of your particular talents on this mission." Vayle soon hid herself amongst the Hearte family sword, as Isabelle climbed aboard the jet that the team would be using, and found herself somewhere to sit, noticing that someone else was already aboard. It was the demon geneticist from the briefing.

"Take it you've got all the gear that you'll be needing then?" She asked politely.

"Um. To do a mission I would think..." a man in a hoody and sunglasses replied. It was casual and smart, the kind of reply Danny would give and so he held off from smacking him. Besides, it wouldn't have been a good start to his new life. He was about to make a retort when a woman in a red coat said "I don't think he actually means like that. Judging by the confused look on his face, he probably wants to know why he is here in the base. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong sir." Danny fiercely nodded.

"You're in the base because you're in DICE. Just as simple" he answered.

"D.I.C.E..?" Danny asked. His answer was only raising more questions. Before he could bombard him with more his attention turned to two more people walking in.

"Ah. Looks like the gangs all here. If That's all, everyone should move to the hanger on the top floor. We're using jet 12" he said.

The gang? Danny looked around the office and saw a bizarre mixture of people. Some appeared to be soldiers, others scientists but what stood out most was the organic sword on the table and a thing. Through instinct Danny reached for his weapon only to realize it was still in his locker. The room was emptying now and Danny went off in a wild-dash to his original level. Danny cursed at himself; forgetting his side-arm was a heinous crime, one that could be punished by death.

After narrowly missing alarmed staff-members, Danny reached for his handgun and checked ammunition. Empty...although I think I heard him talking about equipment being available or something. Too late, I'm sure a place like this has rounds for the most powerful handgun in the world. After placing the weapon in his jacket, Danny ran to the lift. Once inside, he was at a temporary loss as to what he would do next. There were a variety of buttons, some with letters and others with numbers. Some even had drawings he didn't understand. Danny decided to screw it and punched in the highest button. They better wait for me...

The lift came to a stop and Danny spotted some of the people from the office. It's good to be me he mused before he followed them to the 'hangar and jet 12.' He recognized one of them as the woman who had helped him and took this opportunity to ask her some questions.

Danny was opening his mouth when out of nowhere another woman dressed as, what appeared to be, a fortune teller appeared. He held his breath and waited for a time to strike. "Hey, I believe you helped me before, could you do it again? You know my name and you prob ably know I'm still confused as hell," he pulled the best puzzled face he could, "so I'd like to ask you a few questions. What is DICE? What does it do? I'd like to know why I'm here too but I don't think you'd know that," Danny said.

"I'll get going as well. Do what you want El, but if you stay here they're going to get you and store you back in soon. Besides... new, undiscovered DNA!"

Well, Richard might not be as dull as some of the other scientists but he was a scientist nonetheless. He rushed out, not waiting for Eliezer's answer, giddy like a school boy. However he was right, if he stayed behind he would be put back into confinement and they would probably add more security to his cell. If he did go he would be a demon stuck with a bunch of highly trained demon hunters and put in life dangering situations, immortality or no. And what would he do if he'd have to fight? Riddle them to death?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't eh?

The room was already emptying and he would have to follow someone to find where the hanger was. Luckily there weren't any security gates where he'd have to flash his I.D. Card, and he made his way up to the hanger without anyone trying to shoot or recapture him. The clothes he was wearing weren't exactly suitable for outside use, hell all he had on his feet were slippers, He hoped he'd be able to get some more suitable clothes on the jet.

A few people were lingering in the hanger, he ignored them and pressed on towards 'Jet 12'. A few people were all ready on board, he wasn't feeling especially sociable with all these demon hunters around though, so he chose a window seat near the cockpit and tried his hardest to look inconspicuous.

Aaron stood by the side of the plane, his typical calm demeanor belying his impatience. He was already at the jet, but there were only a few people there. There had been more than 10 agents present in the D1 office, but there were less than 4 ready to go (including him). Getting ready for the mission, he took off his clothes that were two sizes too big to reveal the dull black Interceptor body armor he was already dressed in, folded his clothes, and set them in a seat he would occupy later.

To steady his mind, he pulled three objects out of various pockets before stepping out of the jet again. The cigarette he placed in his mouth, the lighter ignited it and the folder he swiped from Col. Lin's desk revealed all its secrets to him. The folder was a collection of dossiers, files, and a map of their drop location and the situation. The Colonel probably wouldn't mind, as there was nothing potentially harmful in the folders, and Aaron needed to know everything in order to come up with a plan, since it was his job as a D4 agent.

As he browsed the dossiers, he started to formulate a plan: D6 would, naturally, go in to try and reestablish the base there, with D5 as support and backup. Having a medic and a critical thinker would useful for preventing casualties and finding where things went wrong, he supposed. The rest would stay around the perimeter of the base, keeping demons from getting in as well as hunting down strays.

Finishing as much of his strategy as he could, Aaron turned his eye to the D6 personnel that had been assigned with him. The only ones here that looked like they could help him were Johnson and Reid. He desperately needed information and proof of the Zodiac, and one of the two might just be the person he needs.

Done with his plotting for the night, Aaron pocketed the folder and took a drag from the stick of tobacco hanging from his mouth. Hopefully this night would be as short as possible. He needed some sleep.

"What does this button do?" Mister Science Man asked the pilot.

"That's the self-destruct button," said the pilot.

"Fascinating," said Mister Science Man. They were sitting in the cockpit of Jet 12. "Does it work?"

The pilot paused for a moment before asking, "Look, should we head down? It's been a while since that announcement happened."

"Nonsense!" scoffed Mister Science Man, waving his arm dismissively. "If it's really important, they'll come to me. Now, what's that one?"

"The eject button," the pilot said, "but I don't think--"

"Now, pilot," Mister Science Man interrupted, "Which one of us is the scientist, here?" He paused for a beat. "And what does it eject?"

"Hey, I believe you helped me before, could you do it again? You know my name and you probably know I'm still confused as hell." Dan asked Isabelle as he clambered aboard the jet and found himself a seat.

"Of course, I am happy to help a newcomer to the organisation." Isabelle said with a smile.

"So I'd like to ask you a few questions. What is DICE? What does it do? I'd like to know why I'm here too but I don't think you'd know that."

"Very well, its good to start off with the basic question; helps people find their bearings. First off, D.I.C.E stands for Demonic Intelligence, Communication & Execution. What the organization does is rather simple in explanation, but complex in its execution. Throughout the thousands of years of mankind's existence, there have always been demons to terrorize us. We have been fortunate enough to have slayers who are dedicated to the protection of humanity; people such as my family the Hearte's, and organization such as D.I.C.E are two such examples. We've being doing our jobs well enough, that the populace at large believe that demons don't exist, and in order to keep this secret, we ourselves don't technically exist in the eyes of the public; and we are also charged with acquiring any evidence that shows the existence of demons.

D.I.C.E is split up into seven different departments, each one tasked with a different objective in my, or a different means of demon slaying."

"Division Six is Science and Engineering; they are in charge of developing new weaponry, whilst also taking care of any supernatural beings that we happen to capture. Most stay in the lab, but a few a brave enough to go out on missions to help with collecting samples."

Division Five is Civilian Defence; they are what we refer to as the new recruits, put into this division to test the waters of their abilities, and to see if they can handle the task at hand.

"Division Four is Reconnaissance and Intelligence; these are the more low key members. If we think that demons are trying to manipulate their way into society either by possession or otherwise, these are the people we send in to scope out the situation. They also functions as secondary interrogators for humans who are helping the demons out in their plans for whatever reasons."

"Division Three is Military; A select few modern military personnel are recruited from around the globe to deal with problems when those with magic are off dealing with another crisis. And judging from the way you look, thats the division your in."

"Division Two is Might and Magic; We are the more traditional variant of demon slayers, the ones you would read about in fantasy books or play as in video games, who fight demons with swords and sorcery rather than fire arms. People from division three often see our methods as outdated, but they are still very much capable of handling the task. This is also the division that I am apart of." Isabelle then summoned a ball of ice between her hands, and causally began tossing it between her hands.

"Division One are the Elite Slayers; people who have been in the business for quite awhile, and are the most veteran of our organization. They can tackle wide scale infestations, those who have gone on countrywide campaigns for weeks and months at a time. These people come from all other divisions."

"Finally, there is Division Zero, what they do is not a matter for concern. Quite frankly we do not know who these people are or what purpose they serve. We don't often talk about them, if at all. We simply stay clear of them." Isabelle remarked in a hush tone, sounding slightly scared.

"Master is right, Division Zero are a dangerous bunch, you'd better stay clear of them." Vayle said, appearing next to Isabelle out of nowhere, this made Isabelle annoyed but also concerned.

"Vayle, thank you for showing your concern; but now is not the time." She soon turned back to Dan.

"Apologies for the interruption there, that was my assistant Vayle. Anyway, as to why you are here, you are correct in that I do not know. You would be better off asking one of the more senior heads of staff like Colonel Lin once we get back, he should be able to fill you in on the details. Any further questions? By the way, the name is Isabelle, case you were wondering."

Any further clarification was delayed as Mister Science Man and the pilot heard people clamoring into the jet. They both turned.
"Hello!" said Mister Science Man. "Who are you people?" The pilot, meanwhile, was distracted by her radio, which had suddenly come to life with a burst of static and a hard-to-understand voice.

Sophia, having since found her favorite Kevlar jacket, was now walking toward Jet 12, her bullpup and grenade launcher clacking against each other on her back. Her sunglasses were now hanging from her belt.

She instinctively ran her eyes over the aircraft she would be riding on today, her sensitive glowing-red eyes taking in every detail. Even though she didn't know much about planes, or vehicles in general really, it never hurt to give her ride a once-over to make sure nothing was wrong with it.Sophia, having since found her favorite Kevlar jacket, was now walking toward Jet 12, her bullpup and grenade launcher clacking against each other on her back. Her sunglasses were now hanging from her belt.

She instinctively ran her eyes over the aircraft she would be riding on today, her sensitive glowing-red eyes taking in every detail. Even though she didn't know much about planes, or vehicles in general really, it never hurt to give her ride a once-over to make sure nothing was wrong with it.

"Hello!" said Mister Science Man. "Who are you people?"

"The latest suicide squad," she replied to Mr. Science Man upon entering the jet. "Who're you?"

Captain Lara Reid, PhD - D.I.C.E. headquarters. Undisclosed location

She walked into the hanger with a confident stride, tapping on her tablet computer and juggling a steaming cup of coffee. She smiled at the sight of the aircraft and assembled team before turning around to check on the irritated looking lab assistant. He seemed to be struggling to carry the large metal suitcase marked with warning sings for explosive and acidic materials.

"You can secure the case in the back of the plane."

"Yes, Captain."

Lara turned around to catch sight of the man stood at the side of the plane, she offered a friendly greeting before walking up inside the plane. She had already left a booklet of instructions on running the lab in her absence so she was beginning to feel relaxed.

Danny blinked; what Isabelle just told him was profound yet exciting. He was now part of a secret organization waged in a secret war against secret demons. Demons, why does that ring a bell?

"Nice to meet you Isabelle, nice to meet you Vayle. Could you give me a second to take that at all in? It's quite a reveal you see," Danny said before going into a thinking pose. To his knowledge, Danny had never faced any kind of demonic forces. Detroit was hell but the most hellish thing he had faced was mafiosi; taking them down was a nightmare. He browsed through the criminals he had faced in his life; druggies, thieves, gangsters, thugs, rapists, arsonists.

Isabelle had said that some demons could possess or manipulate people, maybe Detroit really was demon-city. Demons, mafiosi... He knew there was a link between the two but he wasn't sure what it was. He thought back to his last memory. He was in a warehouse, but why? A drug-ring? A mafia safehouse? A base? A base for gangsters? Demonic gangsters?

"The Detroit Demons!" Danny said in triumph. "I know why I'm here now! You see, I'm a detective from Detroit of Michigan. I was on a hush-hush operation to investigate some strange occurances and to put it simply, we were ragged. I'm assuming it was D.I.C.E. that saved my ass. Thanks for helping me again Isabelle. You've been the most helpful person I've met so far." Danny offered a high-five.

Richard was the first to board the jet, but as soon as he got a seat, a window one, the woman with the hat that actually seemed to know that there were a difference between biology and machine-stuff asked:

"Take it you've got all the gear you'll be needing then?"

However, before he got the time to answer, one of the guys who had arrived during the briefing, -was it Dan or Dean, or whatever- asked her some questions, so he decided against answering. Eliezer also entered, and took a seat in the front, looking thoughtful and not very eager to socialize. "I should probably let him be," Richard thought, and closed his eyes. He had fallen asleep in front of the pc today, hoping the genome sequencing of the newest sample, some kind of dog-like demon, would get done. Even if he was excited, he hated waiting, it made him even more tired.

In his half-sleep steps could be heard as some entered the jet, until suddenly a voice rang out.
"Hello!" God, he knew that voice! It was... that crazy science guy who went around, touching everything and yelling "science!" While his interest was good, Richard still couldn't relax with that guy close to his stuff. "Who are you people?"
Richard pretended to sleep, and hid his suitcase underneath his seat, just to be safe.

Ghost leaned up against the corner in the briefing room, learning what he could about the people he'd be working with by the questions they asked. Most were to be expected: what was the situation, what's the objective, that kind of thing. The answers were also expected: we don't know the situation, it's your job to figure it out. Just once I'd like to know what I'm getting dropped into. He thought as the meeting adjourned. Gonna have to grab some extra mags... there's always a rookie who forgets how to aim when the shit hits the fan...

He made a quick stop at the armory on the way to Jet 12, taking the stairs as he usually did. Once there, Ghost grabbed 10 mags for his M4, as well as 2 for his handgun. That was half again what he usually brought with him into the field, but when dealing with Demons, it doesn't do to be stingy with the ammo. The rest of his equipment was pretty standard: first aid kit, some rations, all the useful equipment that could be easily carried in the field.

Despite the short time he took at the armory, he was still on of the last to arrive at the jet. "Don't matter to me which group I'm in." Ghost said, addressing the group. "All that does matter is when we arrive, I'll be point man. I do better alone." They may think I'm an anti-social bastard, but at least this way they'll be warned of whats coming...

Azkar had decided to be one of the last to exit the room due to her size. She reentered the service corridor and gazed at the cargo elevator that would take her to the hangar. Not bothered to wait, Azkar clambered directly into the open shaft and began to climb up to the hangar level.

After emerging from the gaping shaft in the corner, Azkar saw the machine they were going to use to transport the team. She entered the rear of the plane and sat with the various cargo as everyone else seemed to be chatting about something. Azkar had been planning on quietly sitting in the back but felt the urge to interact with people.

"I can consume Human and Demonic flesh to force mutations and regenerate my body if it is under duress." She said this to nobody in particular as she didn't know any of them and hadn't been given clearance to read any profiles. At first Azkar thought it was a great idea and that someone would surely be interested. However she quickly recalled Humans look down on cannibalism and hung her head slightly. The psychiatrists and scientists had said she would probably regain Human desires and emotions over time, but it was still confusing and humiliating.

Richard didn't open his eyes when a man arrived and pretty much told them that he worked alone, which Richard didn't mind. Besides, speaking would mean he would show he was awake.

"I can consume Human and Demonic flesh to force mutations and regenerate my body if it is under duress."

Richard heard a strange voice say. It sounded interesting, and he ended up looking towards the origin, which was the large, strange being he had heard once was a human. "Pretend to be be asleep," he told his curious mind, that was tempting him to catch a glance. If he could take a look on the DNA, it probably would teach him a lot about the differences and ties between human and demon.
"I should not..." he found himself glancing over at the being, before closing his eyes again. "I don't like testing live specimen, but... so interesting," he thought to himself.

Sophie, however, was less selective about her attentions.

"I can consume Human and Demonic flesh to force mutations and regenerate my body if it is under duress."

"Uh..." she said, trying (and failing) to hide her alarm. It wasn't lost on her that she was technically both, which to a paranoid mind would equal being twice as likely to be a meal. And she was quite paranoid. "Good for you. Uh... You ate before we left, right? No reason, just... best to do that. Saves on MREs. Y'know."

"I can consume Human and Demonic flesh to force mutations and regenerate my body if it is under duress."

"Oh hey Akzar, hows it going," Garath replied, he'd seen her around D2 before and knew her name, but he'd never really had the chance to speak with her before. He wasn't terribly intimidated by her appearance, he was a skilled enough illusionist to know how little looks mattered.

Azkar was pleasantly when she realized she knew one of the people on the plane. A horrible cracking sound erupted from Azkar's chest. She reared up onto her rear legs and arched backwards, the large chitin plates shifted apart and the muscles retracted.

Inside the chest cavity was the upper body of an albino girl who looked to be in her late teens.
Blinking against the harsh light on her fragile eyes, Azkar searched the room for the voice and found him.
"Ah, I know you." Azkar said cheerfully "I look forward to working with you."
Azkar stepped forward as her chest closed back over. She face the female and declared "I don't think utilizing team members as fuel would help with unit effectiveness or moral."
Sensing she was being analysed, she also said. "Feel free to ask me any questions, I understand I'm... Unusual."

(I wanted to flesh that out better but IRL is being annoying.)

Garath nearly jumped out of his seat from the sound of Akzar's armor opening up, calming himself he leaned back in his seat, trying to regain his composure. Without taking his eyes off of Akzar he pulled out a deck of playing cards and began to shuffle them.

"Thats a nice suit you've got there," he said, then added "don't suppose you like magic tricks?" he continued shuffling, then sprayed the cards in an arc from one hand to the other, catching and straightening them back out he offered her the deck.

"Go on take a card, any card."

Despite herself, even after seeing a white-haired girl spring from the chest cavity of a hulking monster, Sophie couldn't help but snicker at her dry humor. Or what she hoped was dry humor.

"Feel free to ask me any questions, I understand I'm... Unusual."

"Join the club," she replied. "Although, compared to..." She motioned to her chest, miming something popping out of it. "... that, I'm pretty dull. No offense."

Her red eyes rose up to meet Akzar's for the first time as she extended a hand. "Sophia."

Azkar left her chest partially open and leaned against the opening with her arms folded, she stretched a slender, pale arm out and caressed Sophia's hand gently, holding it delicately.
"Azkar, I see our circumstances are vaguely similar at first glance." Azkar gives a grin and then pokes her little head out and looks at Garath. A long, whip like tentacle with cruel barbs explodes from the abominations back and flicks a card out of the deck, then curls around it just enough so it doesn't bend.
"I choose this one! She gives Garath a slightly sadistic grin. As the large armored head bares it's terrifying jaws in a mocking grimace, mimicking the girl inside it.
"I'm not wearing anything. Glad you think I look nice though." Her red eyes turn back to Sophia, Azkar is bristling with excitement.

"I'm just glad they let me on a mission with others. People who want to talk to me too!"
Azkar's fragile little hands clap together and she giggles.
"This will be so much more interesting than getting dropped into cultist hide outs. Cultists taste terrible and provide almost no biomass..."

Richard listened to the conversation of the interesting being, the freckled half demon, Sophia, and the guy Eliezer had fooled to open his door, Garath, not knowing if he was interested enough to risk his stuff. However, when he heard the being say:

"This will be so much more interesting than being dropped into cultist hide-outs. Cultists taste terrible and provides almost no biomass..."

Richard jolted up, approached them and asked: "How come?" That was probably to vague, even he could see that. "How come cultists provides little biomass? And what do you compare it towards, Lucy?" The being had another name, but it had just come out, most likely due to the fact that it was the closest link to demons biologically. Not like a half demon, but as a human having turned partly demon.

Azkar smiled sweetly as she turned to Richard "Cultists tend to be malnourished, mind, body and soul." She then blushed "I never consume Human souls though, but they're always small and full of negativity. Possessed and mutated cultists are different though! They're rich in already severely chaotic material that is very easy to work with." She then tilted her head to the side and asked quietly "Is Lucy my real name? Or are you confused?"

Azkar glanced around the plane, awing at it, taking in the sounds, sights and smells. She rarely revealed the remains of her humanity and had to rely on her latent psychic abilities to take in information and communicate.

"Is Lucy my real name? Or are you confused?"

Richard tilted his head, and then shrugged. At least it, or she, hadn't gotten offended. "Probably the second. I'm Richard Johnson, by the way. Oh, and how exactly does one consume a soul? Is it like smoke? Liquid? A part of the brain?"

To some, what Azkar said must sound quite weird, he realized that now. However, to him it just gave way to more questions.

The thing's chest open wide, revealing Azkar's feminine body, which ended a few inches below the navel as it disapeared into the abomination. She used the added space to stretch her thin arms a little and sighed. "Greetings Richard" Azkar grinned then put a finger tip to her chin as she gazed upward in thought.
"Well, if I swallow an entity while it is alive, due to my eldritch nature, it is impossible for the soul to simply do whatever it is they normally do, it becomes trapped within my essence. I then can either let it go or grind it into nothing and feast on the... energy I guess you would say..." She gave a smile and quickly added "I've never eaten a Human soul, even if they were evil beyond redemption."

Azkar leaned toward Richard and began running her fingers through his hair and caressing his face, lightly patting him on the cheek. "Your consciousnesses, thoughts, memories and such are all based on psychic energy." Azkar prods Richard's forehead with a finger.
"However if you think real hard, you can feel something that governs everything else, like you're looking out onto your mind when you are thinking. I guess you could say you're looking out from your soul. If your mind is destroyed you might not remember anything. But you will still be you... It's hard to explain."

Azkar was running her hands along Richard's uniform and marveling at all the textures to her touch when she remembered Humans had a thing about personal space.
"Sorry if I have been bothering you." Azkar giggles as her massive limbs move her back to where she was standing.

Richard did indeed have a thing for personal space, but he hadn't realized what Azkar had done before she mentioned it. Her explanation had been in the field of what yet could not be explained through DNA, though he didn't doubt the answer lay in the so-called "trash" genes most of the DNA consisted of. Because of this, he had been listening to her explanation carefully. When he came to, he began fixing his hair, some of which had fallen down in his face.

"Ehm... yeah, we do. Don't worry about it, but... ehm... please don't do it again. People touching me is... not very interesting."
He cleared his throat, somewhat nervously. "Anyway... you've not eaten a human soul? How about demon souls, how are they?"

"I know why I'm here now! You see, I'm a detective from Detroit of Michigan. I was on a hush-hush operation to investigate some strange occurrences and to put it simply, we were ragged. I'm assuming it was D.I.C.E. that saved my ass. Thanks for helping me again Isabelle. You've been the most helpful person I've met so far." Dan said, offering a high five to Isabelle

"Must of been, chances are they uncovered the gang you yourself was investigating, and sent in a team to eradicate them. Finding you there as well, they simply couldn't leave, and I mean no offence when I say this, evidence lying around. D.I.C.E must have also seen how you were able to survive so long against the demons, and figured that you would be a valued edition to the organization; but I'm not one to question their recruiting methods at times. And, I am glad to have helped you figure some things out. Whilst I don't normally do high fives, I'll make an exception." Isabelle responded with, following up on the gesture. She then noticed the unusual being that had briefly shown what was inside its armoured form to be a woman, who was talking to Richard

"I must say, whoever you are; in all my years, I have never encountered a being such as you before. You certainly are unique."

"I'm scared." Vayle said quietly, quivering behind Isabelle as she looked upon it.

"Vayle, you don't have to be; she isn't going to hurt you." Isabelle responded to the spirit with in a caring tone.

Azkar blushed "I thought so... I'll restrain myself in future. As for Demon souls, it depends on the size. But usually I drain some of the power and let it go, then it probably returns back to the deep and waits until it gets enough strength to regenerate a new body." Azkar places her hands on her pale, bare chest and mutters "To consume the soul completely and force the demon to cease it's existence all together means I would have to risk my own soul and even if I win, I would need to take on all of their evil and corruption. I usually just take some energy and dump it unless the Demon is particularly dangerous." Azkar was finding it difficult to explain the concept of souls and energy to a mundane person.

Azkar turned and smiled at the comment she had just received "The theory is I was alive and dragged into Hell, chosen to be ascended to Demon hood. However my ritual began but never ended. Azkar is the beginning of my Demonic name. I began my transformation into a greater evil but never finished it. Thus I am not Human, Demon or a half breed."

As the albino girl portion of her was talking, the eyeless head was scanning the area. She sensed fear and was greatly excited by it. Only to find it was some form of spiritual entity somewhere in the room upon amplifying her psychic senses, a pity.

"And, I am glad to have helped you figure some things out. Whilst I don't normally do high fives, I'll make an exception." Isabelle said.

"And I am glad to be that exception!" Danny said. He looked around the plane to investigate the rest of the 'team' in more detail but was abruptly stopped by the thing. He reached for his gun, once again, only to realize this time he had no ammo.

"Erm anyone know where to get some S&W 500 ammo?" he asked, hoping that someone, anyone, would reply.

Richard looked at Isabella as she approached and spoke to Azkar. Isabella was a human, but she seemed okay, being able to know the difference between the sciences. Then, when Azkar answered her, Richard smiled. "Losing your soul certainly won't help anyone, and neither does corruption."

"I wonder what kind of ritual that was, but it probably wasn't pleasant, so I won't pry into it," he added silently in his mind.

The Lieutenant finally made it on board the jet. Upon seeing him, the pilot immediately stood at attention and saluted out of habit.

"S-sir. Good to see you. I was not told someone from high command would be on this mission sir."

The Lieutenant smiled at her and made a slight gesture with his hand as if to tell her to be more at ease.

"You're fine Raida. I'm just part of the crew for this one"

The pilot lowered her hand and took her seat again. Though she still showed a visible sign of worry. The Lieutenant took a seat next to DR. Reid and rested his head on his hand, listening to the conversations unfolding.


The figure in the shadows turned as Mikhail approached and proceeded down the path he had came from, hoping Mikhail would keep following. The demons continued to watch in contempt as the two wondered off deeper into the wilderness.

"You're so lucky I ran into you when I did," the being finally said again after a few minutes. What exactly are you people doing this far into demon country?"

"I could ask you the same thing" Mikhail responded as he walked behind the figure "So are you with D.I.C.E? I didn't know we had another agent in this sector"

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