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"If she drags you into oblivion, you won't resist?" He mused, "That attitude isn't particularity self-serving, you know."

He then turned to Azkar, noticing that she strangely looked like the demon knights of Hell.

"Better wake her up, whatever she is. There be a giant over the horizon that looks like it needs slaying."

Richard sighted at the remark about him not resisting going to oblivion. "That's not it, I just mean that if she would turn on me, I would rather be killed by demons than the one capable of eating souls." She did say she never ate human souls, but really, if she tried to kill him, who said she would still follow that ideal of hers? Walking a bit closer to the sleeping Azkar, he shivered slightly. Why was he supposed to wake her up? "Ehm... Azkar? Are you awake?" Well, obviously not, but it had worked on his sister so that she didn't get upset when he had to wake her up. "Hello?" Azkar didn't seem to react, so he went back to Eligor. "She's not reacting. It seemed she had a headache when she went to sleep, perhaps that's connected? Anyway, I'm not taking my chances of going closer." However, he did yell one more time. "Azkar, wake up, we have to kill stuff now!"

Granted, Crow wasn't human, but most people are less than pleased to get spiked in the chest and thrown backwards. "Well.." he managed weakly. "That rather hurt."

He didn't get up, but rather lay on the floor, concentrating on removing the spikes.

"Oh you need not worry about me Lieutenant. Subject 24, Division 6. I certainly can't say I'd mind if anyone here knows enough magic to lessen my restraints enough to be a little more useful. In the meantime however.." He grunted as he pulled another of the leftover spikes from his chest. "..I'll be here if you need me."

Azkar frowned with her eyes still closed, waving her hand at Richard "You woke me up..."
She then rolled off of the tree, so she was flat on the ground. Then started mumbling and rolling around on the grass back and forth, whining "I wanted to have a naaaaaaaap... Ugh."

Azkar rubbed her eyes as she sat up. Her mind was still fuzzy, her psychic abilities were completely muddled and useless. She blinked at the floating sword with an eye. "Richard, you lost weight." She then scanned around and spotted Richard, then giggled, rubbing her eyes again with her palms and letting out a short yawn "Oh wait, no you didn't..." Azkar slowly stood up, barely able to balance herself, as she did this the muscles and plates of her helmet began crawling back over her head and face back into place.

The now completely clad knight began whacking herself on either side of her head with her hands, quite hard. "Arrgh, I can't sense anything, depending on normal senses completely sucks..." she then began slowly stepping around and gliding her arms through the air as if she were doing a weird dance or pretending to be a plane.

"What do you mean kill stuff Richard?" she looked back at the sword and sighed. "The floating sword is on our side Richard, killing him would be pretty rude. Duh." Azkar gave Richard a firm pat on the head "Bad Richard."
She then noticed the ground was shaking a little. She bounced up and down, giggling. "Or did you mean the thing causing that? That could be fun." She then looked back at the sword "Don't you think floating sword man?"

"Well shit guys, shit!" Danny said, turning to the group. "I don't know about you guys but I am going after that thing."

Danny flicked his shoes off,pulled off his tie and zipped up his jacket. It was time to get serious, and his current attire would get in the way of that. Shoes would slow him down and the tie and jacket would get in the way. The last thing he needed was an interference, especially since he was fighting demons for the second time.

"Well? Are you guys coming or not?" he asked. Danny was tired of waiting and was going to go regardless of whether they came or not. He couldn't believe they had allowed one of their team-mates to be injured. If they had acted sooner, it could have been prevented. Danny hoped not every mission would proceed like this.

"OH SHITTTTTTT!!" Was all Simon could say. He stood and stared at the gigantic demon. Simon had been told about demons but had never seen one up close and personal. The Fae part of him smouldered in disgust and mistrust of the being. Shaking his head Simon grabbed his axe off his backpack, dropping it's illusion as he went. He backed up, Garath had mentioned binding it and the demon would be strong.

Simon ran over to the necromancer, who was muttering the binding. Placing a hand on his shoulder Simon felt the struggle for control flowing through Garath. Simon brought his own will to the fight, aiding his team mate. Simon gently applied his power, in his mind he pictured the days of summer, the warmth of the breeze, the heat of day. Then the Fae part of him truly awoke, and the pure power of the summer court began to flow. Simon's eyes flickered and glowed like the heart of the sun. His hazel eyes becoming golden orbs. "Keep it up Garath, we can do this." he gently encouraged.

The scientist went on and on about the little situation with Azkar. Turns out he was only choosing the lesser of two evils since he didn't like the idea of his immortal soul being devoured. Eligor only responded to this with a "Hmpff." Little did he know that there were far worst things in store for humans than soul-devouring waiting for them in Hell. If your soul was devoured by a demon, you would simply cease to exist, the Final Death they called it, and your essence would be absorbed by the devourer. He thought to tell the scientist about this, but decided not to, even jokes about eternal servitude and damnation in Hell didn't go down too well, especially when Eligor mentioned what happened with those poor souls trapped in the Second Circle of Hell. So he stayed quiet.

The shouting seemed to have done its trick, she was awake and ready. If you could call her drowsy state ready. From her speech and giggling and bouncing around as the ground trembled, Eligor guessed that mental clarity wasn't her strong suit and with information in hand, he acted accordingly.

"Don't you think floating sword man?"

"Yes... I think it will be quite a hoot." Eligor replied, carefully choosing his words. Suddenly a thought entered his head: oh yes, that would be a hoot, indeed... "Tell me, do you have a good throwing arm?"

When Azkar woke up, she fell down from the tree she had been in, and started talking about still wanting to sleep. Richard heard her talk, but his thoughts were more on the fact that she still seemed out of it. She rambled for a while, and acted weirdly, which made him second-guess how dangerous she could actually be. Right now, she acted like his older sister when she was drunk, and while she had been loud and random, she had been completely harmless. But then again, his older sister had never worn a full-body armor with tusks, nor threatened to kill him. Azkar got closer to them and spoke:

"What do you mean kill stuff Richard?" she looked back at the sword and sighed. "The floating sword is on our side Richard, killing him would be pretty rude. Duh." Azkar gave Richard a firm pat on the head "Bad Richard."

Richard flinched instantly, and took a step away, trying to read what he could of her, but the only thing he could read was her eyes, since they weren't covered by the armor. Her red eyes seemed hazy still, but far from as lost they had been before. "Should I lower my guard?" he asked himself. Richard hated distrusting someone, he usually believed people to be as honest as him. Azkar was honest, he truly believed that, she was just unstable. The tone in her voice before had been so... threatening to him, but now it was sleepy and calm. He didn't go further away, nor did he get closer. The ground around them shook.

"Or did you mean the thing causing that? That could be fun." She then looked back at the sword "Don't you think floating sword man?"

Now, Richard had prepared himself for getting closer to the demon, but only because of Azkar. Besides, if, and only if, he could get close enough to actually be able to hit the demon, perhaps he could have taken a look at the effect of his current bullets. It was something he told himself, only so that he would actually do it.

"Yes... I think it will be quite a hoot." Eligor replied, carefully choosing his words. Suddenly a thought entered his head: oh yes, that would be a hoot, indeed... "Tell me, do you have a good throwing arm?"

The sword asked Azkar. She was strong, at least, so Richard would expect so. He figured that the sword wanted Azkar to throw it at the demon, which could do a considerable amount of damage. He stayed quiet, but he was curious about how much damage this was. Besides, if it killed it, he would be able to do like he always did, stay away from trouble.

Isabelle watched as Garath began the binding spell with the help of Simon, which would hopefully buy the a little time. Vayle was flying about through the air, dodging the flailing arms of the wild demon whilst casting binds on its arms to slow it down. Whilst all this was happening, Isabelle was careful to move out of the way, trying to think up of some-way to be useful in this encounter. She thought about attacking it, but was concerned as to what that might do to the binding process.

"Garath, if I was to attack the dolem, would your binding spell be under threat?" Isabelle asked in a loud voice.

"Garath, if I was to attack the dolem, would your binding spell be under threat?"

Garath shook his head, speaking would disrupt the incantation and he had to concentrate on the binding for it to work, but someone attacking the demon would distract it, not him and could even give him an edge in the mental struggle. The only way it could disrupt the binding would be if they knocked it out of his line of sight, which was unlikely to say the least.

So far he and Simon were winning the contest of wills, he was fairly certain that without Simon's help he would have failed already, but together they were holding control and forcing the demon to step backwards. Unless the demon had an unexpected reserve of strength or a surge of willpower they might actually succeed at binding it.

"Well? Are you guys coming or not?"

*sigh* "If you insist, son."

Somehow complying with Danny's unreasonable request, Aaron decided to chase after the shambling ex-scientist. Holstering his guns to free his arms, Aaron took a few steps back, judged the distance, and took a deep breath. The hall stretched for about 20 feet (6 meters for the non-American readers), and ended in a 90 degree right turn, with Aaron catching a glimpse of his potential prey fleeing the scene. Not willing to let this happen, Aaron exploded into action. He ran towards the spot where the wall met the turn, his legs flying like over clocked pistons until he approached the wall. He launched himself of of the ground with his right leg, his left leg clinging against him as if its life depended on it. When Aaron landed on the wall perpendicular to the intersecting hallway, his hands flew to the sides of his chest, gripping his armaments firmly. His left leg exploded into the wall, sending Aaron flying down the hall and out of sight as he drew his guns and screamed the incomprehensible equivalent of bloody murder.

After hearing numerous gunshots, copious swearing, dull thuds, and howls of pain/rage, there was a pause in the ruckus. Shortly after, the pause was followed up by "crack", "thump", "dammit", and Aaron flying into the wall that he learned to fly on earlier. After receiving a substantial amount of punishment, Aaron slid to the ground and failed to move.

Danny glared at Aaron. Son? Who are you calling son? He considered smacking him but, once again, refrained from doing so. This time, because he was the only one who was coming with him.

"Alright so how should we- wait what are you doing?" Danny asked. Before he could even stop him, Aaron was off in a wild run. He was running so quickly Danny had no idea how we would stop aside from hitting, and knocking down, the wall. He wondered if the speed was necessary, an old-fashioned jog would have been faster and safer. It was when Aaron jumped on the walls and propelled himself at the demon, guns blazing, Danny realized he was gaining momentum.

Danny laughed his ass off. He had just seen something straight out of a cheesy b-movie, how could he not? The screaming was icing on the cake. After a minute of well-needed laughter, Danny managed to control himself long enough to stroll down the hallway. He would have ran but when someone did a stunt like that, you knew he knew he was fine. Turns out he wasn't, for Aaron was sent flying back into the wall.

Danny snapped out of his laughter completely and checked Aaron's pulse; he was alive. He checked for wounds and only found bruises and cuts, not serious enough to kill him but maybe enough to keep him off duty for a while. Then again, it was D.I.C.E. If you could make ammo out of nothing, you could fix a few broken bones as easily as you could break them.

Danny turned to the demon and prepared for a stand-off only for it to run away. It wanted to fight in an environment it was comfortable in, darkness. Well then, let's play Danny mused. He ran after it.

Azkar picked Richard up off the ground by the collar with one hand and started waving him around like a rag doll. "I think I could get him a few hundred meters fairly easily..." Azkar blinked and looked back at the sword, then facepalmed with her free hand and dropped Richard.

Azkar then grabbed Eligor by the blade, after a few moments of whirling him around she giggled as she grasped him with both hands, sliding her hands to the base of the blade, then thrust it into her stomach. Azkar's stance and demeanor changed, she glared at Richard through her visor with perfect clarity. "Don't fall behind." She then stepped back against a tree and kicked off with great force, accelerating herself with her psychic energy. Azkar shot through the air, high above the demon and ripped Eligor out of her stomach, she then did several barrel rolls and threw him directly at the creature, propelling him with her mind as well.

Azkar had spent too much energy on the maneuver and her now needed regeneration however, she began to fall in an arc away from the group, unable to alter her descent Azkar just sighed and let her body hang loose as she crashed into a rocky outlook, instantly breaking her legs, arms, several ribs and her neck.

Tears ran down her cheeks as her helmet came apart, hanging by tendons around her face, she vomited some blood and giggled, thinking to herself. "Well, I'm going to finish my nap, the Humans can deal with it." Then she blacked out.

She demonstrated her strength by lifting up Richard, had she really interpreted Eligor's question to throw Richard? It seemed not as she realised her mistake with a facepalm that said it all. Eligor did chuckle a bit at the thought of Richard being thrown instead of him. The scientist would just be a mess of blood and organs by the end of the journey. How about thrown into oblivion than dragged, eh Richard? It would make for good comedy but this was a serious situation. Just another comedy sketch for the theatre of the mind. Suddenly Azkar grabbed Eligor, by the blade, he just sighed. Thinking definitely wasn't her strong suit. She when on and twirled him about, good balance but a slightly loose grip.Then as Eligor's eyes widened with surprise, she thrust him into her stomach.

"You could just use the handle!" He said in a moment of snark and was ignored. Probably because his voice was partly muffed by the surroundings.

He blinked and they were high in the air, approaching the giant demon. In yet another twist, Azkar ripped him out of her stomach and he grimaced as he felt the blade rip through her guts, sending bits of what looked like intestine and other things spilled out, only Azkar would know what they were. She spun and spun, dizzying Eligor as his eye darted round and round in an attempt to follow the action. Typically, at the last minute, Eligor thought that changing his shape to a javelin or a spear or some other throwing weapon would be advantageous, but it was too late for that now.

She threw him with all her physical and psychic might at the creature. Eligor braced himself for impact.

When Azkar lifted Richard, ready to throw him, he tried to get loose. She held him, but turned to the sword and let Richard down, luckily. He panted and felt dizzy, and recollected himself as Azkar lifted Eligor and trust the sword into her stomach for some reason. She looked sharply at Richard, and said:

"Don't fall behind."

The armored being then took off with a frightening speed, and went towards the enormous demon. Richard started running, but was unable to see what happened due to trees in the way when he ran. From what he had seen, before, the demon hadn't moved, so it should be safer. It wasn't before he got closer he noticed that the sword had been thrown into the demon, while Azkar was nowhere to be seen. The demon screamed, but he couldn't see the damage the sword had done with it so far up.
"Azkar?" Richard asked nervously. Why weren't she around? She had been eager to take it out, but suddenly she was gone.
"Perhaps she's behind the demon? Or in the forest?" The other people of the group was still fighting the demon, so he got closer, trying to find out what to do.

Captain Lara Reid, PhD - Sector 14

She could feel herself begin to calm a little, her fingers tapped furiously on the screen that illuminated her face in the low light surrounding the control panel. She was finally beginning to make some kind of progress in restoring the system. Although it might require it's operating system to be freshly installed again when all this was over.

"Laura! With all due respect, can you please hurry up? I don't want to remain here if there's a chance our location is being reported. I know that's important, but can't you do it somewhere else!"

"Huh?" She had been so absorbed in her work she had forgot about the others. And this was no time for lessons on how to pronounce her name. "No. I'm sorry." There seemed to be a hint of sadness in the apology. "I need to disconnect the device properly, otherwise who knows what it might do." There was a pause. "The last one exploded."

Lara gritted her teeth a little and tried not remember what had happened, she could still see the three faces of her team as the fire swallowed them. The scars on her back had healed a long time ago but she swore she could still feel a little of the pain at the thought of it all. At last the system had been restored, the tablet began to show corrupted readouts for almost all the original operating system and it seemed this device had caused a lot of damage as it worked. With a deep breath she yanked the wires out connecting the mystery device.

"All done." She chirped to the room with a smile.

"Oh you need not worry about me Lieutenant. Subject 24, Division 6. I certainly can't say I'd mind if anyone here knows enough magic to lessen my restraints enough to be a little more useful. In the meantime however.." He grunted as he pulled another of the leftover spikes from his chest. "..I'll be here if you need me."

"Ah. Well nice to meet you Crow"

The Lieutenant's hands glowed with a red aura, and a light flew from his finger tips. Crow could feel his demon strength flow back into his body as his restraints were lifted.

"Please excuse my haste sir. It seems I have a demon to catch"

The Lieutenant ran around the corner where he had last saw the demon diappear. On the way, be pasted by Aaron, completely knocked out, and could see Danny ran out of his sight.

The creature had stopped in the blacked out part of the building. Danny could only see the bare outlines of the things in the room. The silence was soon filled with childish laughter, the creature thinking this to be no more than a game.

Danny was unable to pinpoint the source of the sound, as it echoed throughout the room. Slowly, the demon crept towards him the dark, ready to strike.

The Giant, fleshless beast let out another roar of agony. It was now grabbing at it's stomach, as if something inside was causing it discomfort.

Then it felt it's arm start forcing themselves to the ground. The after effect of a binding spell. The Demon fought it off for as long as it could, pitting Garath's will against his own. It seem the struggle would go on without end until...


A sword through the stomach took up most of it's attention. The force of the throw made both blade and hilt enter into the beast. Unfortunately, a living being was there as well, trying to escape. Eligor and Elizer got uncomfortably intimate with each other as the sword struck his side. At least now he had some company, and a better method of busting out.

Vayle's own binding formed ropes around the creature's arms, pulling it backwards. The earth shock again tremendously as it fell onto it's back. The giant was open for a fatal strike.

Garath shaking his head was a way to say that it wouldn't be effected; this gave Isabelle an idea. But before she could act though, Azkar went flying through the air; her form that of a demonic knight with twin sets of horns, and she threw Eligor at the demon, with him piercing the stomach, the demon writhed in pain, causing it to stagger.

Isabelle jumped back to avoid being covered in the demon's blood that had came from the wound. The ground shook again as Vayle's binds had brought the creature onto its back, the chest open for a strike. She fell over as it happened, but managed to avoid the demon's right arm as it came falling to the earth.

After picking herself up, Isabelle unsheathed her own sword, it already glowing with magical energy as she began calling upon an element to assist; small crystals began forming along the blade. It wasn't too long before the whole blade looked like a icicle and became rather cold to the touch. Isabelle also removed her whip, and at the front. it began forming small spike of ice.

"This should help me get a grip." She said to her self with a smile, as she used the whip to latch onto a nearby tree, and pulled herself across the demon's chest, cutting it with her sword as she passed. This caused another scream of pain as she landed, and the ice began to harden.

Just before impact Eligor screwed his eye shut as the stomach came into view, as not to witness any impalement of any poor souls trapped inside. Eligor opened his eye to find himself yet again in the belly of the beast. Stomach acids were truly an unpleasant thing, so was being thrown at full force through the air by not the most trustworthy person there was and even more so was being stuck in a resident of the stomach, the man with the rather curious aura he had met astrally. He rolled his eyes. Why didn't go for the eyes? At least the beast would be blinded physically and that had a chance of piercing whatever constituted the brains of this brute. He sighed and looked towards the fellow that he had almost impalied.

"Oh, hello." Eligor muttered, "Apologies for the rather abrupt entrance and all that."

He then turned to the remains of an escape effort, a discarded gun lay in a pool of acid, already quite dissolved by the stomach juices. Now was the chance to rip this thing's stomach open, that would be quite painful but if a blow to the stomach only made the giant stagger, who knew how much punishment it could take. Well Eligor simply came to the conclusion that the more, the merrier. This demon would be carved up like Christmas turkey once D.I.C.E. had finished with him. Eligor dismissed those thoughts and turned back to Elizer.

"I am pretty sharp, you know." He said in an offhand manner, "Why don't you give it a shot?"

Richard figured that with the demon as occupied as it was now, with Isabelle having slashed the demon with her sword. It seemed to have some kind of ice-effect, and he took note of that her abilities seemed to be ice or elemental-related. Since he could get close now, he got close to it's left side and shot four times, enough to empty the shotgun of the special shells. Then he moved away again, so that he couldn't be reached. At first, it had no effect, but suddenly the acid inside them began working, the demon's bare muscles dissolving at rapid speed, leaving moderate damage to its side.
However, that wasn't the only thing it did. The acid had been especially made so that the bloodstreams would carry it and weaken the inner systems and muscles of a demon. With one this big, only results would show what the effect would be.

"I think that's enough of a contribution." He sighted. "I hope it won't damage too much of the parts." Well, worst case scenario, he could only take the DNA.

Sophia wandered into a dark room, hearing a distinct laughter coming from everywhere. She could also hear another person in the room, breathing. One person, one unknown entity in this room.

Fortunately, the room wasn't dark to her. It might as well have been noon, to her red eyes.

She saw the demon creeping toward Danny, who didn't seem to see the demon, and she couldn't tell if he could see her, or at least her eyes. She would call out, but it might alert the monster and cause it to charge him faster. So she did what her instincts told her to do.

Without warning, Sophie flicked the safety off her bullpup and fired at the demon.


The sound of gunfire filled the hallway but it wasn't from Danny's gun. He turned to see Sophia firing her bullpup and turned again to notice that the demon was right in front of him. How the fuck did they get the drop on me? Jesus... Shaking aside that thought, Danny fired his handgun and put as many holes in the demon as he could without reloading. It was a bad move, the demon could still be alive. He reloaded as fast as his hands would let him, which wasn't very fast considering he had almost been dropped.

He closed in to inspect the demon. It looked dead enough to Danny but he wasn't going to take any risks. He put another six rounds into what appeared to be its head. He hoped that it would do the trick.

"Is it dead yet?" he asked.

Sophia carefully walks up and double-taps it (shoots it point-blank twice) in both the head and chest (or the closest things she can find) with her bullpup, just to make extra-sure.

"Is it dead yet?"

"Is now," she says as she conjures another clip for her rifle and reloads.

All Danny can see of her in the dark room, besides a silhouette, is her glowing red eyes. She's breathing heavily and smells a bit coppery. She also seems to have a hard time standing still.

"Sorry, got held up. So. What'd I miss?"

"A stunt straight from a John Woo film, that's what you missed. Courtesy of Aaron I had a good laugh, although I don't think he's too happy about it," Danny replied, pointing at his unconscious body.

"Yeah, I think we need a healer or something," he added, loading his handgun.

The combat knife that Eleizer had obtained from the dead Division 3 solider was useless. In the last ten minutes he had made little head towards making a hole large enough in the for him to crawl through, only succeeding to make ponderous little holes and scrapes in the giants stomach wall. The creature screamed in agony every time the blade struck though, at least he was causing it some discomfort.


The sentient sword he saw in the meeting room pierced the creature's stomach and his side, he let out a yelp of pain synchronised with the giant. The wound started to regenrate immediatly, the runes around his arms were glowing faintly as the muscle and flesh knit themselves back together. Now he had a more adequate tool to make his escape with.

"I am pretty sharp, you know." It said in an offhand manner, "Why don't you give it a shot?"

"Really, I hadn't noticed" He said mockingly as he fussed over his shirt, "You've ruined this shirt, now what am I going to wear?"

He grabbed the sentient blade, and did his best to climb out through hole it had made with one hand. He got to the entrance wound just as the creature doubled over onto his back, he stabbed the blade into it, holding on for dear life. He didn't want to fall into that things stomach again.

He dragged himself upwards on to the giant's torso, it was a foul thing. It had no skin, all of it's tendons and muscles were exposed to there air. He started walking across the creature's squishy red flesh at a fast pace. Dragging the sword point down along with him. Someone had obviously bound it, the creature made no attempt to crush him, or to escape. He arrived at his destination and raised the sword above his head.

"I can be crushed and broken,"He plunged the sword down into the crevice between to two ribs, "Only death can stop me.What am I?"

The man's hands was coated with the acid soup but found a firm grip on the sentient sword and thus Eligor was pulled out of his side. Eligor watched with interest as the flesh knitted itself together, the rune on the man's arms glowing in tandem with the healing wounds. At least Eligor wouldn't be rotting in the stomach of a dying demonic giant for a couple of thousand years, he grimaced as thought of the potential imprison. Eligor had the unsavoury experience of slowly rusting in binds fixed to the wall some noble family's mansion and even that looked like cakewalk compared to being stuck in the demon's stomach. The man didn't take kindly to the not-so-subtle hint though and began fussing with his shirt.

"Really, I hadn't noticed." He said mockingly, "You've ruined this shirt, now what am I going to wear?"

"The sheer amount of snark there might kill someone." Eligor muttered in retort.

The man then used Eligor as a mounteer's piton. He sighed. It was such a crude use for such a fine blade as him. Eligor was sure that even the discarded combat knife would serve in that purpose. Slowly but surely, they reached the giant's chest, a mess of red muscles and tendons. A raw ravine was there between the ribs, Eligor was plunged into the as the aspiring comedian proved to be also an aspiring puzzler. Eligor couldn't help but think that there must have been some demons in medieval times that held the attitude. He made note of the demon's heart and braced for impact again. The heart was then pieced. It was over.

"That might end it. Get to the heart of the matter, as it were." Eligor muttered. He was quite fond of puns.

"Yeah, I think we need a healer or something," he added, loading his handgun.

"I don't suppose you have one on speed-dial?" Sophie asked sarcastically, handing Danny a newly-conjured magazine for his handgun.

"I don't even know if we brought one on this mission. The only one I can think of is Split-Monster Girl, and she can only heal herself in a method I'd rather not think about."

"I don't even know if we brought one on this mission. The only one I can think of is Split-Monster Girl, and she can only heal herself in a method I'd rather not think about."

"Well, can you conjure bandaids?" Danny joked, accepting and loading the ammo.

They had brought a dozen or so people on this mission; magicians, soldiers, demons, you name it. A healer, however, they didn't bring. Who made that decision? Danny was glad it wasn't him lying on the wall, no healer and all. That, however, wouldn't stop him from continuing his search, which admittedly wasn't off to a good start.

"Hey, wasn't there more of these here? And that boy too, where's he?" Danny asked, pushing the cylinder into place.

"Hey, wasn't there more of these here? And that boy too, where's he?"

"Probably miles away by now," The Lieutenant said, looking into the room from the hallway. "I checked the whole building. That creature appears to be the last of them. How are you guys doing by the way?"

The ice from Isabelle's sword froze downward into the giant's chest, forcing the beating of it's heart to become a chore. Richard's shotgun made quick work of the side of it's body, melting away the muscles that helped in it's defense.

The demon's muscles were dissolving, it's chest was freezing, and it's stomach ripped apart from the inside by it's last meal. It was struggling for air at this point. The pained screams were dulled into lighter moans and hisses and Elizer dragged his compainion along it's torso.

With a final jab to the demon's heart, blood pour forth from it's mouth, and it ceased to move.

Both Ghost and Mikhail arrived in time to see the end of the beast. The mysterious man hidden behind a cloak walked up to the head of the demon and stared into it, sighing.

"Damn. It looks like I lost a wager. Never bet against human ingenuity and skill. Still, I'd say this is a job well done. Bravo"

This was more like it. With his powers fully active Crow was able to recover from the wounds sustained at the hands of the former scientist much faster, wasting no time in assuming his more...traditional form. Clawed hands, black wings, a pointy smile, a glow behind the blue eyes.

Admittedly he could probably make himself look more demonic if he really pushed the envelope, but all things considered it was best to not look TOO dramatically demonic lest he was confused for an enemy.

As the others had all left the room, he turned to Lara. "I suspect we may have missed most of the fun Captain. Shall we go and see if there's anything left?"

"Fine, but Aaron isn't," Danny said, once again pointing at Aaron's unconscious body. He wished the Lieutenant gave the job of searching the building to Danny; all he had done here was almost get killed. Not only that, but he waited. If he had acted sooner, they could have found the boy and maybe even saved the girl. Danny made a promise never to wait again.

The acid was working fast, dissolving a lot of the demon's side. From this wound, and the ice Isabelle had inflicted, the demon was in great pain as it screamed. "Well, seems I have to tell the other D6 guys that the acid was a success then." However, the demon got more hurt somehow, and weakened. Blood poured out from the demon's mouth as it seemed to die. "Internal injuries?" Richard murmured. "That can't be the acid, it's not possibly that strong. Perhaps the ice?" It could also be the sword, though Richard didn't know how it could wield itself.
Suddenly three people appeared, one was that point man, another seemed to be from the missing team, while the third person was cloaked. "Who's that? he thought. However, he soon dismissed his interest in knowing the identity. Someone going up to the head and staring into it's mouth would be a better way to determine if the demon really was dead anyway.
He started looking around, trying to spot who was near. Apart from those who had just appeared, Isabelle, Simon and Garath were there, with no trace of the demon sword or Azkar. The demon sword was most likely in the corpse, but he couldn't see how the same could apply to Azkar.
"What did happen to her, actually?" Well, she had been flying or jumping or whatever you could call it, so perhaps she had found another demon to take care of. "Well, that was what she was doing before she... found me, right? So it would be logically to think that the same would apply now." Even so, Richard had a bad feeling about that, as if it wasn't true.

"How are you guys doing by the way"

"I've been both better and worse, why do you ask?" This was true. Sure, Aaron wasn't exactly in tip-top shape, as he was stumbling around like he had too much to drink, but this was better than being on the wrong side of the axe of D1's Darius Oak-Blood. A lot better. Aaron continued to stumble around before coming to rest by hanging from Sophia's shoulders, attempting to get himself back on his feet.

"I don't suppose you have one on speed-dial?"

"Kinda, actually. Last I checked, Simon Jones is a healer, but he's in the other group. I have his business cell, though." Aaron rummaged through his armor, trying to locate his stolen folder. He paused temporarily, thinking twice about showing it to the lieutenant, but then he didn't care. About a year before, he saved the Colonel's ass (in the same mission that involved the Darius Oak-Blood incident, no less), and ever since then, they had been occasional drinking buddies. Aaron flipped through his folder to Simon's dossier and handed it to Sophia before resuming what he was saying.

"I'm not sure if you should call him just now, though. The forest team's probably involved in killing some huge demon, or something else important. Unlike us. So, who's up for tracking a sketchy-ass kid and where his demon army went?"

"How are you guys doing by the way?"

"I got bit in the arm. Nothing serious," Sophia replied, moving the arm in question. "I'd found a makeshift bandage earlier. What boy and girl are you talking about?"

"What boy and girl are you talking about?"

Aaron regained his balance and straightened himself out, pocketing the folder (he named it Dem), and waved Lara and Crow over to get everyone in the same place.

"Sophia, we were informed by the surviving scientist/monster that there was a young boy leading the army of demons that attacked this place. Apparently the boy had a hostage, a young girl from a local population center, but a 3rd Division group of agents was hunting down the hostiles that were keeping her. When the lieutenant arrived, he stated that the only demon left in the complex was the one we were interrogating. At this, the survivor referred to a being as "she" that the Lieutenant pissed off, and then it attacked Crow and began to flee. It's dead now, and the rest of the forces in the base are supposedly gone. Now, seeing as the survivor was actually a demon, I'd add some salt to what it said. Nonetheless, we still need to go through the base and sift through whatever evidence is left after what happened here. Afterwards, we'll rendezvous with the forest team at the jet, share information, and then deliver the report."

He ended there, waiting for more input.

Huh? Lara turned and looked around the room to find that people had moved on. She smiled and slipped the tablet computer into her tactical vest. Gripping her P90 she walked outside and found Aaron waving his position to her and Crow. She decided to join.

"Well, there is the device, I've successfully removed it from the system of the command centre but it's a real mess. You think this young boy rigged it up? Then there is the question of why this place..." Lara trailed off deep in thought.

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