Deserted Island Survival RP (Closed to newcomers)

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I lead this gentleman, yes i just said that, to the clearing where the man who was building the shelter has fell on top of his wall making it crumble. "Here." i say.

"Hey," I say to the man, coughing slightly after. "You don't know who you are either? How many people are here?" I ask. I see the incomplete shelter, the makeshift flag. It waved slightly in the wind. It was almost sunset, the jungle becoming darker by the minute.

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I shrug in disapointment. "Hold you have a nametag!" I say pointing to the mans shirt.

I walk over the shelter, still under construction.
"I was thinking, we should probably come up with names for ourselves. Something to go by until we remember our real names." I suggest.

I woke up on the beach, my jeans wet and may shirt ripped; how did I get here? I thought it was a dream.......was I drugged? Damn maybe my drink was spiked. Checking my pockets for my wallet I see my cards are fine but I don't think that matters. hearing voices I head over to investigate.

A woman in the same state as me suggested to make up names for ourselves. I though about that for a while.

"What should we name ourselves though? Our own favorite names or will we name each other based on consensus?" I pondered over that question, waiting for a response. "I guess of all the names I know, I'll take Aaron. Something about that double A is nice."

a group of people I see, huddling around something. "Something about that double A is nice." I hear. Who said that? I check my phone, Hey it still works! *looks for google maps apps* no network connection.

Sprinting over to the crowd I say what the hell is going on? Where are we! the internet is not telling me!

I look around, startled, by a man yelling. He was screaming something about the internet not telling him. I turn to look at him and say,

"Calm down there, everything will be sorted out. It's normal for your phone not to work." with the outmost care.

"Alright man, if you say so." I reply. "So where are we and what can I call you?, Also do you the time? my phone says 4:30 but I don't know how accurate it is., My name is.............*thinks hard, checks phone for address book*......Sorry I can't remember. That's awkward, but can I help you?"

I listen quietly, thinking of what to call myself.

'Should I go with blade? No, too generic and sounds like I'm tougher than I am... How about-' "Riley?" I say, accidently thinking out loud. "Erm, call me Riley."

"And sure you can help. Our shelter isn't exactly coming around nicely, and it's getting dark."

cool, Hey has anyone checked the see for a ship or something? You know forage for stuff. We did not drop out of the sky I am sure. I might do that if not. and we could build a teepee! Like this!

"We have no cloth," I tell the man. "I guess we could use leaves but that won't be as strong." We were facing problems. I then remembered something from my past life. A fleeting memory, here one second and gone the next. The jungle is a dangerous place, I remembered someone saying. Like silver butterflies that shoot poisoned powder into the air.

"We should really get going though. Jaguar, or James, how far is this river? Is there some cliff-like rocks there? That would be really convient, we could make a lean-to with sticks and leaves." After he responded I said, "Alright. For today I think the best we can do is get some of those huge leaves above us and use that as covers. We should also make a watch schedule, just for any animals."

The air was getting slightly less scorching, but the bugs were now beginning to really come out. There were about 10 mosquitoes in my vicinity, and twice as many flies. "Watch out for the bugs, they could have diseases." I say. "Anybody know how to make a fire? That could ward them off, or at least burn them."

Bugs actualy hate smoke and I think *rummages around pocket* I do have lighter! And good think too because I am scared of Mosquitos. (Like in real life)

I fel useless to the group so i search through my pockets. "I have a pistol clip and a knife, well i was in the navy."

I asked the man again, "James, Jaguar, how far is this river? Is there some cliff-like rocks there?"

"What to call me?" I think for a moment, but nothing comes to me.Why the hell can't I remember my damn name? I clench my fists and stare into the ground, trying to remember anything. I notice my boots. I put them on earlier because we headed into the jungle with that weird guy James, but I still can't figure out why I was wearing them in the first place. They're too damn warm for this climate. But they give me an idea.

"Look guys, and lady. I can't remember anything, but... just call me Boots."

If you are all making up me Eddie, it matches my Iron Maiden shirt. Okay, I will go out and get some of those leaves anyone want to gljoin me?

and what can I call you guys?

"Well...How about...J...Jo...Joe-John-Johnny...Uh...Tommy...Scotty...Bob...Yeah. Call me Bob."

"I think there was a running stream near the volcano and by the way, call me Bond. James Bond." I say chuckling away to myself.

"You can call me... Jane." I say.
I look around, at the rest of the group.
"Apart from Bob over there, anyone have any injuries or anything that could explain what happened to us?"

When I woke up I felt really dry in my mouth, like I had been drinking. So maybe I was out clubbing and my drink was spiked? It sounds stupid but that is all I can think of

"My clothes are tattered," I added. "But my skin hasn't been punctured. Maybe some sort of airplane crash? A shipwreck? Does anyone have a uniform that could fit Either a flight attendant of ship personnel? Were we even rich enough to go on a cruise?" I ask these questions one after another, basically thinking aloud, hoping not to confuse anyone.

"There doesn't seem to be any wreckage indicating a crash."
I run a hand over my skin to check for wounds. My hand bumps into some attachments on my belt.
"No injuries. We could have been dosed, but the dry mouth is probably just down to the heat. That would mean we've been in the sunlight for a significant period of time, but not long enough for any of us to get sunstroke. Anyone know how to work out the time?"

I don't know. All I have is a debit card, a loyalty card for a cafe and a subway card? If I were rich I would have more I think. My phone has the time, but with no charger I fear it will die soonish.

"I... don't know. In fact, I feel fine, except for bein' hungry and thirsty. As far as my clothes go..." I look down on my green t-shirt, jeans and yellow boots. "I still don't get it. These boots are way too warm for this climate. It just don't feel like they, or me for that matter, belong here. It looks like I've been working at a dock or somethin', but who the hell knows..."

I look at Eddie. "Hey, ya wanna go get those leaves? I'll follow you."

"Jane, you and I should make a sun clock," I suggest. "That's the first step. Then we'll see what season it is based on the length of the day. Maybe even what month, assuming we're on the southern hemisphere. We can start tomorrow at noon."

sure boots, let's go.

I follow Eddie into the jungle. We walk in silence for a while, until Eddie speaks. "Look for leaves that's fallen to the ground, it'll be easier that trying to climb these trees." "Sure thing." I reply. We look for leaves, but something is bugging me. "What do ya make of all this, man?" Eddie stops and looks at me. "Make of what?" "I mean..." I hesitate. "Isn't it... y'know, fucking strange? All of us, on this island, and none of us can remember shit? What's it all 'bout? Someone has put us here, but why? If someone wanted to punish us for somethin' wouldn't they make sure we remembered why we were being punished? To make us suffer even more?"

It takes me longer than it should to translate everything said, but I ended up getting the gist of the plans. I begin to run my hands over my arms and legs like Jane, but don't notice anything. "I'm healthy, and I don't think I'm wealthy enough to afford a plane." I pause to think, "I think I'll look for some water. I know I found a pond earlier. Anybody wish to come with?"

Yeah, I know that feeling man. People just don't disappear. There is definitely something up. I just don't what, but hey, stick together and be okay.

"I have nothing better to do right now," I responded to Riley. "Let's get some leaves and make a canteen or two."

I jumped up towards the nearest tree and ripped a few leaves off. They were large and thick, perfect for insulation. They will leak but, at least it's something, I thought. I, motioning for Riley to do the same, took one leaf and stripped it down to its fibers. I took a rock, it was round and just the right size for a canteen. I Wrapped the leaves around it, tying it together with the fibers. I added two more layers and decided it was finished.

"We have to move quickly," I said, "as it's almost nighttime. Lead the way Riley."

as Boots and I find leafs he discusses worst case senarios, "what if......, how come......." I tell him that just focusing on sticking together is the most important thing to do. Grabbing armfuls of said leafs we trundle back to camp to notice the footprints of those who had gone to the jungle. I hope they are okay. I think aloud.

Riley followed suit with his own leaf, and began walking towards the pond. It wasn't to far away, but he made sure to slow down abit for his companion, who he was certain was in far more pain than him. When they reached it, it was getting darker.

"Yeah this is the spot. Look, Bob the chicken is here too! He's an asshole." The last part he whispered to his compatriot, whose name he didn't remember.

Pondering my name as I followed the others towards the pond I thought: 'What do I WANT to be called? What do I want to be? Free, freedom, freed, Fred.'

"Ummmm, you people, if anyone is interested, call me Fred!"

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