Deserted Island Survival RP (Closed to newcomers)

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As i finish of my pondering i walk towards Eddie. "Im a navy crewman but i dont think that will help."

I look at the footprints Eddie pointed out. "Yeah, let's hope so." We dump the big leaves in a pile at camp. "That should be enough, right? I mean, it ain't like a sleepin' bag or somethin', but it should at least keep us somewhat dry in case it starts rainin'."

I followed Riley to the pond. It was too dark to tell if the water was clear. I remembered that Gardia could still be in it, but it's better to get sick than dehydrate, I reasoned. Swatting away bugs I filled up the canteens one by one and went back to the main shelter. Once there I said,

"Let's make a watch schedule."

Can we sort it out over a meal? I need something to eat and a coffee. Who thinks there should be a coffee tree here?

"It could grow here," I say, passing out the canteens filled with water. "but we'd have to search extensively to find it. Let's work something out, sleep, and tomorrow will be a new day."

I nod, "Yeah, that's a good idea. I nominate Navy Navyerson McNavy." I scratch the back of my head, "Oh, I do have an injury." I show my hand to the man whose name I still didn't remember. There is a worrying amount of blood.

I look over at Riley and his bloodied hand. I immediately rush over to the back of his head, checking what kind of an injury he got.

"Doesn't look too good," I start. "There's a massive part of your skin that was scraped off. I think I see the flesh underneath." I say, grimacing. "Let's make a bandage, we need to stop the blood flow! You too, Bob!"

I instinctively take off my hoody and rip off one of the sleeves. I try to tie it around my head, but Bob takes over for me. They seem to be speaking, but it's getting a bit fuzzy. I notice something out of the corner of my eye,

"Look, Bob the purple chicken is back!"

"I will eat your children"

"Augh, what a dick!" I yell.

Riley, We need to wash that hand. The salt water will be fine. It will sting like a bitch but will clean it. And you need some water, we all do. I will start on placing the leafs so we don't freeze to death tonight

"Yeah, I should probably get this metal shard out..." I poke it.

I rush to my supplies. My dead freind Chris' body lies on the first aid kit. I throw it off and grab the kit. I rush back to the group. "Thank god i was the medic."

I open the first aid kit.
"It's completely empty dude."

"What? It cant be..." I say throwing the empty kit to the ground. "Fuck"

did the dead guy use it all or have we been here longer then we thought?

"No chris bled to death...Wait...He bandaged his wound and cleansed it." I walk back to my supplies.

We should burry him, Or give him a Viking funeral: Set On a boat to drift and then burned.

"Whats your name again i forgot?" i say looking through my supplies.

mine is Eddie

I dipped my hand in the ocean to clean it. As I stumbled back to the camp from tiredness and blood loss, I tried to think about my past, but not much comes up. Something about 'male nurse' keeps coming up. If I had to guess I'd say that was my previous occupation. I plop down on a mattress of leaves and almost immediately fall asleep.

As the roof is coming to a Finish I ask if anyone is willing to go hunt for an animal to eat.

I stand up and search my stuff one last time. "Okay stock check. A pile of leaves and a couple of saw blades, well in my supplies that is i dont know about you?"

"It's nighttime, let's sleep." I suggest. "We can't stay awake forever."

I have a phone, a wallet and lighter but my id has disappeared.

I'm going to build a fire so mosquitoes don't give us a disease. We can keep the fire going and so we alwas has coals to continue it.

Then I will sleep.

"Okay, I'll just make myself a shelter and not bother you guys for a while." I say walking off.

I lie down at the edge of the shelter, awaiting sleep.

I open my make shift door. "God dang i'm good!" I say as i admire my lean to out of banna leaves and bamboo.

I wake with a start. Oh damn, still on the beach. The sun is awfully bright!. Thinking to eat I pop out to scout the area for food.

"Hey Eddie!" I call over. "Look at my Lean-To i made!"


Shouts, voices, woke me up from slumber. I open my eyes, for a moment not remembering where the hell I was, a moment of panic. Then it all flooded back to me. The island, the other surviviors, the sea. Thankfully I didn't have a dream, because it would probably have been nightmares. I push off the leaves covering my body and walk out of the jungle and out to the beach. As I walked, sleeping bodies I had to avoid. I got out on the beach, gingerly stepping on the already hot sand, and looked out to sea. It glimmered in the morning light.

I finish my fishing trip and began to wade out of the sea. I see one of the survivors on the shore. "Hey! Whats your name tag?"

I turn around, and comprehending his words look down. There is indeed a name tag, one I didn't notice on my initial analysis of myself. I rip it off, turn it around and bring it closer to my eyes. Most of it was scratched of, but some tiny letters on the bottom remained. They read, SRP. All other letters were too faded to read or scratched off.

"The only thing I see is a few letters on the bottom, 'SRP', nothing else unfortunately." I tell James.

I wake up feeling a lot better. My mind is clearer at least. A lot of names are in my head, but my stomachs rumbling tells me I can sort these later,

"So, anyone get any food while I was out?" I ask getting up.

"I was asleep like you Riley." I respond to his question. "I'm sure not everyone did the same."

"Hmm, you'd think blood loss would make me the heaviest sleeper here." I scratch my chin, "What about that chicken? He's always been somewhere close by... Odd he doesn't seem to be around."

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