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They weren't the only ones that had come to aid Aen. It made her uncomfortable. Her sister didn't share the same mistrust though, and opened up her veins to let a few drops of blood into whatever Aen was making. It was surprising, really, since they both knew what Eldarwen thought about mortals.

"It's very.." Sonitus groaned as Auctor took a firm grip of her shoulder, to stop her from saying something they'd regret later. "..to meet you all."

Her sister turned to her, but her headdress was probably in the way of whatever glare she shot at her. Auctor leaned in to whisper in her ear, about how she thought it was a mistake and that she should have a look at those who were gathered. Maybe she'd agree. Sonitus hadn't met most of them before, but when she saw Zareth she gritted her teeth. "Father."

However, it was too late to undo her action now. It did give Auctor something to use against her sister, if she ever needed too, or found herself in a situation where Sonitus had found out about the synthetics. Their mother wouldn't be pleased with either of them, but she would protect her sister if she needed too. Eldarwen wasn't right about everything, and if she really wanted Aen as an ally she should thank Sonitus for what she had done, as Auctor had no intention of doing the same. She had enough on her hands to worry about after the synthetics.

Auctor summoned a scroll, to teleport them out of there, but first she'd need to make it look like she approved of the meeting and the blood sharing. She wrote down two spells on the scroll.

Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile.

The vessel filled with blood began to glow, but it was nothing else than a simple light spell. It wasn't meant to do anything.

Sonitus smiled.

"Ah, you'll have to excuse my sister. She's a bit shy around strangers, but she's giving her blessing to the blood."

How heavy do I journey on the way, When what I seek, my weary travel's end.

They could both feel the teleportation spell tugging on them, to bring them back to where they were safe. Home.

"Well, we wish you well on this endeavour, Aen. We need to get back now though, can already feel mother calling for me." Sonitus said with a laugh.

Auctor just bowed her head towards Aen, before they were both pulled out of there and ended up in the throne room. Sonitus looked ill, perhaps Auctor wasn't as good as she thought at teleportation.

"How do you feel, fair sister?" Auctor asked, and set fire to the scroll she had used. No one would ever find something that was destroyed.

"I understand your concern, but what if they realized what you were doing? Or what if mother finds out about it?"

The writer hugged her sister tightly. "Oh, no need to worry. I'll take your side if she finds out, and to be honest the others doesn't scare me half as much as she does."

Sonitus was a little relieved to hear that, but she didn't like the thought of keeping secrets from her mother to begin with, and she wouldn't have approved of what she had done. She could already feel her looking at her with scorn in her eyes.

The two sisters went seperate ways. Auctor went back to the dining hall, as that had been the gathering place for the gods she trusted for a few days now. She found Ailish collapsed in the chair she had been sitting in, when the sisters were ordered to go to Evalon. She walked over to Ailish and shook her, to see if she was awake.

"Are you alright, mother?"


The smoke had come from a building, where some had been experimenting apparently. Those who were still alive after the blast didn't want to tell her why or with what exactly, but clearly it had ended badly. The queen walked through the rubble of what had once been a building. She was more curious than angry, nothing like this had happened before and the daughters of nature were the last one she had expected to blow parts of the city up. It was the only building that had been leveled, but there were holes in some of those right next to it. The fire had mostly been put out, but the water elementals were still working on the buildings it had spread too.

Eventually she found several corpses gathered in one room. There wasn't much left of anything, but she saw a yellow liquid on them and the floor. They had been trying to make a potion? That was new, as she hadn't expected them to invent much any time soon.

"I need someone to come in here." Eldarwen called out to the other scholars in the street. A short Ekiruru with red petals for hair showed up, and the queen pointed at the yellow liquid. "Drink it."

The woman shook her head violently, and the godess grinned inwardly. "You'll drink it, or I will kill you slowly."

She hesitated, but gathered up enough of it in a cup she made out of her hand. Eldarwen was glad that they still feared her enough for a death threat to work. The Ekiruru gulped, and then swallowed it down. They were both surprised when she didn't fall down dead or in pain. Instead, a yellow aura appeared around her.

The queen picked up a piece of rubble and threw it at her with force, but it bounced off. "Interesting. It's a shame the inventors blew themselves up, because their geniuses would have been welcomed as my neighbours."

It would have been the first daughters of nature to become nobles, an honour which had only been granted to the warriors and the artists before.

"I'll not let their deaths be in vain however. It may take a long time for you to replicate this."

The queen left the room, and went out into the street where she would channel enough magic to recreate what they had done, but on a much larger scale. To bring knowledge they had taken with them to their graves to Ayamine.

Melanthios 15AP, 1MP

Maeglin was filled with power, Melanthios smiled as the ritual was completed. A black armor formed around his new son, hiding his true appearance. Maeglin bowed before Melanthios "I won't waste this precious gift. I will lead our race to victory!" Melanthios placed his hand on his sons shoulder. "I know you will that is why I made you my son. Now rise I have a mission for you."

Maeglin stood up he seemed eager to get to work. "You need to get the Mizzen of this planet. But you need to do everything in your power to make sure this happens peacefully. Is that understood?" Maeglin bowed his head. "Yes Father I will leave at once." Melanthios nodded "I will be looking forward to your results." Maeglin smiled and then walked towards the door. He began to focus his magic and then teleported.

Melanthios sat down in the throne room, he grabbed his special book and began writing in it. "I know you are there Akladai." Akladai stepped out from the shadow, "I can explain." Melanthios waved his hand. "No need I knew where you were, and I am not mad. You are free to make friends you know." Melanthios smiled at his first son. "So what do you think about your little brother?" Akladai took a seat opposite from Melanthios. "Well I already knew him before you turned him." Melanthios nodded "I see, you made a good choice Akladai. Now it is time to help our race further."

Akladai looked a bit surprised. "That sounds good but how?" Melanthios closed his book. "To put it simple, Golems. They will make up for our races lack of physical strength." Akladai seemed to think. "That sounds like a good idea Father. Do you need any help with that?" Melanthios stood up and shook his head. "Save your energy for when you need it. I can handle this one on my own." Akladai stood up as well. "As you wish Melanthios. Also I have something to do, could I go take care off that?" Melanthios walked towards a nearby magic rock quarry. "Of course, I will seen you again soon I take it?" Akladai smiled "It won't take long, so I will be back soon Father." Akladai teleported away. Melanthios could feel him teleporting off the planet. I wonder what he is up to. I am sure I will learn with time.

Melanthios focused and began his spell. He would make an strong Golem army made out of magical stone. It would allow the Dues Filli to use their unique magic to control them. Allowing them to use the Golems, to simplify everyday tasks. Melanthios opened his book again and began his spell.

Melanthios was focusing when he heard a message from M'endar. "My deepest thanks, brothers. May this hall be of use to us all. I am sure that it will pay dividends soon..." Melanthios was happy that his brother's creation had succeeded. He then felt a strange feeling. It was a new god who seemed to need his help, but he also needed his blood. Melanthios was not about to give up his blood, Maeglin appeared behind Melanthios.

Melanthios smiled as he moved his hand signaling his son to come closer, he placed his hand on Maeglin's head. He smiled and removed his hand "Excellent work Maeglin, now I want you to go back to the palace and lead your people." Maeglin simply nodded and headed off. Melanthios found this strange, Akladai had asked many questions first. It seemed his sons might not be that much alike after all.

"Shouldn't we stop? It felt so good the first time, but now..."

"It's alright... Just close your eyes..."

"I mean it. It just doesn't feel right. I think we-"

"Are you alright, mother?"

She woke up in a gasp, her hand instinctively clutching her chest. Eyes darted around, only to find another figure. Her appearance alabaster and unfamiliar. Mother?... Is that the person Eldarwen wanted help with?

Her breathing finally caught up to her, and the haze in her head lifted; though she did wish she had more time with it.

"I am." She looked where the incision used to be. "I guess Aen's request took more out of me than I thought..." A light tittering came from her mouth.

Seith, Sephariel, Lenonous. 18, 1, 8, 8

The time to act was drawing near. Aen was requesting assistance with his race, asking for blood from anyone willing to participate. Seith could feel the corruption of the trio's blood entering and knew he had to make his own strain. He allowed some of his blood to pool out and sent it directly to Aen. Teleporting there wasn't a priority, right now there were other actions that had to be taken.

Seith reached his hand out and envisioned an orb, no a staff. One which could bring change when needed to even the darkest of places. It had a beautiful green diamond placed at the top and energy could flow through it. He would have his Girigori forge it for him with a jeweling hammer fit only for a god. While the same Jeweling hammer could be used to possibly destroy the top gem, rendering the whole staff useless, Seith would only give it to those he felt deserving, keeping it for himself right now. Seith teleported Lenonous and Sephariel to him and said plainly.

"I have a job for you two. We are making two races right now. One of which will be a race of architects, proud of their building prowess but that would be about it. A simple job for Sephariel to begin with. Lennonous, you are going to make a mount for a race that is about to join Evalon. I want you to also watch over them as you were with humans. They will be fragile at first but could grow strong with time. Are we clear?"

Sephariel and Lennonous could tell their father was in no mood for arguments or counter-points and simply nodded their heads. Sephariel concentrated her reach to Coellus and Lennonous to Evalon. The races would soon be done as well as his own weapon. Seith also sent a request to Pentar.

"Friend, I am making a powerful weapon right now, would you like to contribute at all? The hall is glorious by the way, I like the decor."

All of that done, Seith cast himself to Aen in order to observe what was happening.


She noticed the blood and the mess Ailish had made. Well, even if she had bled it was hard for her to think that a godess could bleed to death like a mortal. Especially when she used a.. butter knife to cut herself with. She counted herself lucky that she had Sonitus as half sister. It was someone to speak with, that wasn't mad.

"That's good." She had no answer, or at least none which she wanted to speak loudly. Auctor felt Eldarwen using her powers outside, in the school district and knew what her other mother meant to do.

Summoning another scroll, she opened her veins again and began writing a spell to aid her.

If by fire Of sooty coal th' empiric alchymist
Can turn, or holds it possible to turn,
Metals of drossiest ore to perfect gold.

She put it down on the table, and sat down next to Ailish. The awkward silence which seemed to follow Auctor wherever she went, soon made itself known.

Ailish? - 2, 28

"That's good."

She could tell the daughter was looking upon her in confoundment.

"You did hear Aen's request? Asking for an amount of blood for something?" She rasped. "I could hardly move, and my attempts to... give him what he wanted ended in failure." She gestured to her hand, palm stretch and covered in this metallic carapace. She waited for some sort of response from the daughter, but in time, her gaze returned to herself, and the deformed mannequin that was supposed to be her body.

"I wish I kept my old form." She said to herself. before her eyes caught something the dughter was doing.

"What were you doing just now?"

Pentar 27AP 1MP

Pentar walked through the new hall, admiring it's grandeur. He would not kid himself, he had been afraid that it would come out like the Hell Court had. But with Seith's help, it was exactly as they had planned. The ball of light that floated near the ceiling illuminated a fine table, which rested in a long hall of polished marble and diamond. In notches in the walls stood golden statues of all the Gods. He was walking around the room when he heard Seith's message. In response, Pentar released a ball of energy that flew off in Seith's direction. That should do the job. he thought as he continued pacing. He stopped to stand before his own statue and thought of the Dwarves. He wondered how Erik was doing as king, and decided to find out.

He teleported his essence to the skies over Loth Ringard. As he flew, he noticed a construction sit on the hill that he had originally met Erik. He would have to ask the king about that. As he approached the city's entrance, he shifted into a physical form: a Dwarf peasant. Among all the activity, the sudden appearance of another Dwarf went unnoticed. The gate hadn't been this active in ages, Pentar remembered. Clearly Erik was doing his job well. As he entered the city and passed the great iron gates, he saw a fight being broken up. From their clothing, Pentar could tell that one was a Gende and the other an Intende. Pentar sighed. He supposed few things could be fixed in a weeks time, but he feared that the Dwarves would never get beyond the clan barriers. At least Erik was able to keep them from outright slaughtering each other, and maybe that was all that could be hoped for after millennium of civil war.

As Pentar proceeded into the higher-class districts, he changed his clothes into that of a noble. He continued into the restored Royal Palace, the long dormant halls now an anthill of Dwarven nobles and government officials. Pentar ignored most of the others and drove right for the center of the complex. A pair of guards stopped him at the door, but Pentar materialized some official-looking papers and they waved him through.

He was greeted with Erik's throne room. Many kings had ruled from here, but it had been many years since it had been anything other than a playground for adventurous children. Now a new king sat on the throne, but he was not the only one in the room. At the time of Pentar's entrance, Erik was talking to a pair of nobles wearing Minakr robes. "You must understand, my liege, that this will severely hurt our ore sales." one of the nobles argued. "People will be out of jobs, families will starve."

"My advisers assure me that the effect on your sales will be minimal, Aldrick." Erik said with the patience of a Dwarf many times his age. "Besides, the government needs the money. Those that loose their jobs will find it easy to get new ones in construction or the military."

"Very well, my lord." the noble resigned. "Thank you for this audience." With a quick bow, he and his fellow turned and left the room, leaving Pentar alone with Erik and his guards.

Erik re-positioned himself in his chair before focusing on Pentar. "Ah, a new comer to my court." Erik said with a warm smile. "Please, introduce yourself."

Pentar locked eyes with the king and allowed his to flash blue. "Why, my liege, I already have."

Erik's expression faltered for a moment before returning to the same warm smile, though this one was clearly more forced. "Indeed we have." he said, and beckoned for his guards to leave. The armed Dwarves silently obeyed and shuffled out of the room. As the doors swung shut, Erik stood and walked towards Pentar. When he was within arms reach of Pentar's figure, he dropped to one knee. "Greetings, my lord." he said piously.

"Rise, King Erik." The Dwarf obeyed, and as he stood Pentar could see the bags under his eyes. Clearly he had been plagued by at least one sleepless night. "You have done well."

Erik seemed surprised by the comment. "Thank you, my liege, but I would have to disagree. The nobles are infuriated by the new taxes, the metal working industry is in shambles, the deep-dwellers are reporting wide spreed famine-"

"Stop." Pentar said, ending Erik's ramble. "You mustn't focus on the negative. Be aware of the problems, but don't allow them to weigh you down." He placed a hand on Erik's shoulder in what had become the Dwarven equivalent of a hug. "You are doing a good job, Erik. I wouldn't have picked you if I didn't know you could handle it."

"Thank you for the advise." Erik said with a nod. "But the famine bit is just to significant a problem to ignore." He seemed truly worried about it, Pentar noticed.

"Well what seems to be the problem?" Pentar asked.

"The ranchers simply aren't producing enough. The animals that they can domesticate just don't have enough meat on them." He sighed, and Pentar could see a single tear in his eye. "Unless we get a miracle, the people on the lower levels are going to starve to death."

Pentar clapped his hands. "Well, luckily for you, I'm in the business of producing miracles." he said cheerfully. "Follow me."

Pentar lead Erik out of the mountain and to the wide pastures outside. On the way, Erik had to stop several times to shake hands and answer questions before explaining that he was on important business. Clearly the people enjoyed their new king. Once they were away from other Dwarves, Pentar inquired about the project on the hill. Erik explained that it was a temple devoted to Pentar, to honor their first encounter. Pentar found this flattering. He would have to arrange for a special place for Erik in Evermoor.

Soon Pentar and Erik stood on a hill overlooking a Gente farm, far away from any other Dwarves. So, you say your people don't have enough meat?"

Erik was caught off guard by the sudden question. "Umm, yes. As I explained, the current livestock doesn't grow big enough."

"Yes, quite." Pentar mumbled, stroking his beard. "Why not a new animal all together then?"

Erik looked at his God in confusion. "I'm sorry, my lord?"

Pentar smiled. "Watch." he said simply and, picturing the animal in question, stuck the ground with his hammer. A mighty bolt flashed out of the sky and stuck the pasture before them.


She didn't want to think about what Aen did, it was still worrying.

"I wish I kept my old form. What were you doing just now?"

Auctor turned away from the scroll, to look at her mother. "Oh, just aiding Eldarwen."

Why didn't she just change back to her old form? How hard could it possibly be for a godess? The writer was stuck in the same body she had always had, she hadn't recieved any ability to change it that she knew of, or maybe she was afraid of trying to change it and ending up like Ailish. Her scrolls could possibly change her if she wrote it down.

"Why do you not just change your body back to its old form?"

Ailish? - 2, 28

"Why do you not just change your body back to its old form?"

"It's not that simple..." She sighed, before recollecting her memories of the broken heavens, and what happened afterwards.

"Long ago Aen and I had ventured into a land far away. There was a lot of danger but we made it back. Though leaving, I felt something curse me. It's something to do with the world we visited, and how it affects people. Not a personal choice." She responded slowly trying to focus the words into coherence.

"The realm was supposed to be our true home... but..."


Auctor transformed her hand into different shapes as Ailish told her about the broken heavens. It still couldn't be that hard to change if she really tried. She had also been changed against her will though, twice the colour of her body had been altered, and the first time it had come with insanity. She kind of liked the white colour that made her unique though.

"What would you need to change back?" She wanted to offer her mother her help, but at the same time she was cautious about offering her help without knowing anything about the process. "I might be able to help."

M'endaxius - 10/30 AP, 1/2 MP

There were tomes on everything here. From the different races to different recipes to cake. M'endar was sated with the knowledge a quick read has given it. Curious how blood held so many mystical properties. But the Deceiver was interrupted by a rumble in the cosmos. So Seith wanted a weapon? Well, so much for pacifism. An idea came into its head. Yes, this would be an adequate act of revenge. He would get a weapon, but would he wield it with what M'endar would cause it to become? It directed all its energies and plunged it in the direction of Coelus.

"Such a toy isn't suitable for a pacifist such as you. Consider us even after this."


Ailish? - 2, 28

That's actually a good question. If she was honest, she had never thought about these things. Anything that got changed in the heavens couldn't change back. But then there three of the strangers who did change back; they weren't truly back to their old self, but it was close. But what about a god who was changed?

"It would have to be back in that realm, right where the gateway is possibly... But that can wait until I can get used to moving in this body."

The Storyteller

Children huddled around a new fire as the Storyteller returned to begin the second evening of his long tale. After making sure that the flames were sufficiently high, he cleared his throat and then continued the story.

"As the Second Age reached it's latter era, the gods did not rest. Nivix, impressed by the survival of one of his race named Ven, created a new body for the Mizzen to dwell in. The body itself was a magical item and Nivix wasn't alone in creating one of these, the young god Roe made a whistle that he would hear when it was blown wherever he was in the universe as a present to reassure his friend Petal.

It also came to pass that Aen finally created his own race not that dissimilar to the humans which Olek and Roe had made, but these bold new mortals would touch the sky with dragons as their steed. They be formed of many tribes, each resembling one of the many of the gods who donated their blood towards Aen's creation in a great gathering upon Evalon and from beyond, with assistance coming from both god and demigod.

A number of non-sentient species were also born that day, Zareth created the Moonlight Phoenixes, reborn after death, Melanthios made the great lumbering Golems to serve his race, Pentar created the six legged bovine Sharulk who lived mainly in across northern Almia and Sephariel under the orders of Seith made a clockwork race to work for the god of enlightenment.

Not every act was successful however. Seith attempted to create a staff of brilliance but even with Pendar's assist, M'endar's late intervention caused it to melt in his hands into a useless pile of goo. M'endar itself wasn't much luckier however, the giant bats he created came to life just as planned but rather than being huge they were merely three inches across at their full grown size. Similarly, Lenonous's race of giant owls never hatched out of their eggs, all were stillborn.

Some meanwhile were helping their race, Eldarwen successfully taught the Ekiruru alchemy with the assistance of her demigod Auctor. Ailish scryed the universe with the help of Eldarwen to find where the bodies of the remaining void creatures lay: she found that Hunger, Horror and Despair had been converted into demigods, Madness was imprisoned with Maskelyne for all eternity by an unbreakable lock and that Hatred had been slain and then it's body had been used entirely by Olek's failed attempt to create a mace. The two that were of interest were Disease, which she found had long ago returned to the portal and perhaps still dwelt beyond it's borders, and Darkness, which had been confined to a demiplane by M'endar in the darkness beyond Salustutis. Ailish now knew where to find the last two, if she needed to."

Auctor 6

"Oh, too bad. I can't help you then." She didn't want to venture into strange and unknown territory, not with Ailish. A mad woman, by any right of the words meaning. She had seen the horrors of nightmares many times, and was grateful to her mothers for ridding her of the torment they had once laid upon her soul. It was not about to change, as long as she had something to say in the matter and unless Eldarwen ordered her to go, it was unlikely to ever happen. "What about a new form? One better than the one you're in, and greater than your old."

Sonitus 4

She was sitting on the roof of the palace, where no one would look for her. There was rarely anyone who came looking for her either way. The sun began to set on the city, and her mother had done another inspiring deed for the people. It was strange that she claimed to hate mortals when she did so much for them, just like it was strange how she had brought Eleonara back from the dead only to shun her.

Sonitus summoned a guitar this time, as the banjos wasn't as interesting anymore. The instruments could only provide her with temporary pleasure anyway, to take away the pain of losing her lifetime love. Someone who had scared her at first, but ended up protecting her. She couldn't help but wonder if anything that she had been told by the queen had been true. If her love was now a lie, would she had prefered remaining dead with her ancestors?

The hours went by and she didn't play her guitar, nor did she move. She stared at the night sky, reminiscing about the life Eleonara had lived and not the one that had been chosen for her after her death. The tears were of joy, but hurt when she thought about how twisted she had become from her old self. Yet, she wouldn't, couldn't blame Eldarwen, because she had captured her heart where everyone else had failed. Too bad that the mortal Eleonara hadn't fallen for another mortal, but how was she too know how it would all turn out in the end.

As the night crept closer, she began playing her guitar and singing. The words she knew fell short this time, as they didn't have the proper sound to them.

"Die Liebe ist ein wildes Tier
Sie beißt und kratzt und tritt nach mir
Hält mich mit tausend Armen fest
Zerrt mich in ihr Liebesnest
Frißt mich auf mit Haut und Haar
und würgt mich wieder aus nach Tag und Jahr
Läßt sich fallen weich wie Schnee
Erst wird es heiß dann kalt am Ende tut es weh"

There were mortals nearby who heard a sad voice singing in the darkness, one that made them share her pain through her music. Though whatever language she sang in was new for them, her voice made them want to learn it.

Eldarwen 1

Eldarwen was walking home to the palace, after successfully bringing back the knowledge of the dead, when she heard an inspiring voice, which like she hadn't heard since Eleonara was alive. Now it was filled with sadness and pain though. She couldn't understand a word, but the meaning wasn't lost on her.

Sonitus was suffering as a demigod, and it was clear why. It had been forced on her. Eldarwen hadn't been particularly loving ever since. She did call her mother, but their problems could be worked out. If she told her to stop calling her that, maybe it would be easier. The queen had loved her, in her own way, though the godess found it hard too accept how she could love a mortal.

Auctor was more at peace with her new powers. Sonitus hadn't been the same since her transformation, but somewhere within the shell of a demigod Eleonara existed. She must remember her mortal life just like her sister did, but instead of being thankful for being freed of demons, she had been given a new one.

Eldarwen broke off a twig from her own body, to create a gift for her Sonitus. If her words wasn't enough to show that she cared, then this could be. She wondered if that meant that she really cared more about both her demigods and her race , than she would openly admit. With her magic she transformed the twig into an instrument.

Vantric: 21, 1

Vantric returned to his fortress. His meeting with the new god, Aen, had gone reasonably well. He made a brief mental note to check in on Aen's new people later. The outcome would be extremely intriguing. He was always exciting to meet new mortals to toy with. Entering the fortress he brought his mind back to the present moment. There was work to do.

He passed the grand entrance hall, looking it over. Everything seemed intact, nothing seemed out of place. He frowned, now, where was Isond? For a moment, Vantric regretted making the fortress quite so large. Isond could be in any of the countless rooms, basements, or subbasements, many of which even he hadn't explored yet. The feeling passed and he smiled, it was working as intended then.

Much time passed as Vantric wandered the halls of the Grand Ascension. He searched along all the more obvious paths that Isond may have taken. Those yielded nothing. He tried to pick up a trail, or look for some sign that the demigod had passed through, with similar degrees of success. He had nearly given up and began scrying for his apprentice when he finally heard something. A sound, metal on stone, echoed down the halls. Vantric set off toward the sound, glad that he had finally made some progress. He turned into on of the hidden rooms.

Finally he found Isond. The warrior had wandered into the room, probably by accident, Vantric decided. It was a fairly bare room he entered. A table, a few chairs and an overhead chandelier for light were all the furniture that was there. Along the back wall was a series of cracks and scratch marks that Vantric knew weren't part of the original plans. He frowned and turned his head slightly. Isond was before the wall, blade in his hand, methodically striking the back wall. After every swing, he would look to the blade and make a minor modification before striking again.

"What is going on here?" Vantric demanded, approaching Isond.

The war god turned toward his master, "Oh, you're back." He replied, "How was that summons?" Vantric glared at his apprentice. Isond sheathed his blade, "I'm testing out blade types. Trying to find out which cleaves the best."


"I was bored and this room seemed empty." Came the simple reply, along with a half shrug. "Anyway, what happened with that summons?"

Vantric eased himself into one of the chairs, "It was nothing." He waved a hand, "There's a new god who was crafting a race."

"That doesn't seem like nothing to me."

"When you're a god," Vantric responded to his apprentice, "This is simply the order of the day. It opens up some intriguing opportunities though."

Isond sighed, "Of course it does."

"I truly wish you weren't half so good at your job Isond." Vantric said, "Others would be more appreciative of my work."

"But I am, and you've already raised me to godhood." The new god retorted, "Though if you're considering letting me go..."

"Not on your life." Came the curt reply. "You might be insufferable, but you're far too useful to be rid of. No, I have plans, and you factor highly in them."

"I knew you'd say something like that." He grumbled. "Well, what now?"

Vantric steepled his fingers. "Now we begin putting my plans into motion." With that he got up and motioned for Isond to follow him. A gate opened at the door of the room, opening into darkness. Both the god and his apprentice walked through.


The gate opened up into a well lit room of gleaming metal and strange machinery. Odd substances were suspended in vials piled on top of every available surface. Along the walls ran machines the likes of which neither Vantric nor Isond had ever seen.

"Where are we?" Isond said, looking about the room awed.

"Nivix's lab." Vantric replied.

"Why are we here?"

"I need help for this next project. And Nivix is just the deity to help. Nivix? Are you here?" He called.

Ailish? - 1, 19

The hope in her died out at those words. She certainly has a way with them. the bitter thought ran through her head. Suppose it couldn't be helped as she never seen the heavens for herself like Carnivox did. But her attention was snapped by a new question.

"What about a new form? One better than the one you're in, and greater than your old."

"Restoration is one thing, but changing it means altering their souls. It would be no better than the heavens themselves truly corrupting me along with my love!" The words came out in anger

Short raspy breaths came out after that. "I apologize for the outburst, but what you suggest is very serious... I appreciate the sentiment, but what you suggest would not only change my appearance, but change me. It was what led to that land being dangerous to begin with."

Her gaze returned to the goblet, and saw the pink water and leaf finally create clear images. She saw Ldaluk'ALukdj'Kjkd tearing at a far off dimension; KLioweur re-entered the gate with another god - a automaton of fire; And KLAu who had suffered death twice. Death?

I must visit the place Carnivox went the moment I can move... Until then... Her thoughts ended as she saw her host Eldarwen re-enter. She gave her greeting to the green goddess in the form of a wave, though she wasn't sure if she saw her. It looked like she was in thought. Then she had torn off a piece of her body, and was fashioning something with it. The goddess couldn't help but ask.

"What are you doing?"

Auctor & Eldarwen

Her mother was angered by her suggestion and Auctor didn't want to anger her further. Despite what she said, and that she apologized for her outburst; the topic was sensitive to her and Auctor wasn't good at treading carefully. "Wouldn't a new form of your own choice be better... Obviously you've already been changed." She muttered to herself, and made the previous scroll disappear, to summon a new one. As she assumed that her other mother who had entered the dining hall wanted her help again.

"What are you doing?" Ailish asked.

Eldarwen walked over to them and put the item down on the table. "I'm making a gift, for someone who has trouble coping with her new life."

Auctor couldn't help but wonder how it sounded to her, because it sounded surprisingly kind of Eldarwen in Auctor's ears. She had her good sides, no doubt, but most of the time they were hidden behind her regal atmosphere or fierce attitude.

Ailish? - 1, 19

She saw the gift on the table. It looked like a sword, but there were all these rungs surrounding it. Whatever the green goddess was planning, she had no real idea what the finished product was supposed to be. How is this supposed to help someone cope?

It went without saying that Ailish lent her insight into the device; purging the dread the weapons could carry, and replacing it with a sense of wholeness. She was fighting the urge to add a drop of the Honey into the blade to add more rapture, and the temptation won; she reached into her robes for the jar.

And found that most of the honey had caked the inside of her robes.

There's still enough for this purpose.

Seeing the work in progress, a certain daughter had appeared in the goddess' mind.

M'endaxius and Akladai

Akladai opened his eyes to find himself within Melanthios library. What is M'endar doing here? Akladai looked around and spotted M'endar reading a book on the mystic properties of blood. Akladai looked at M'endar. He was one of the few people who could get away with that. "Greetings M'endar, might I ask what you are doing here?" Akladai sounded curious.

M'endar was roused from the depths of that book. A secret smile was on its face. Hindering Seith had been so satisfying. It turned to the demigod, surprised that he wasn't off searching for knowledge somewhere else and replied, pointing the book, "Reading. There is a new god who like blood a little too much for my liking. My morbid curiosity brought me here, as I wished to find out why that was the case."

Akladai nodded. "Well this is the place to be then, still very few people are allowed here. I think Melanthios would smite almost anyone for reading that book, except maybe you and me." Akladai looked for a suitable spot to talk. "M'endar I had something I wished to discuss with you, if you wouldn't mind that is." Akladai made an gesture to a few chairs who were nearby.

Hearing Akladai's offer of a little chat, M'endar shut the book and returned it to the shelf. All the while saying, "Well, no angry dark messiahs for me then." M'endar then sat down on one of the chairs in the area the demigod pointed to. It wondered what Melanthios' apprentice wanted to talk about. Cutting straight to the point M'endar said, "What it is you wish to talk about then, Akladai?"

Akladai sat down opposite M'endar, he was happy that M'endar took the time to talk to him. "Well I wanted to talk about the plans for the future. My father is a bit busy right now, so I wondered if you could perhaps tell me what we are planning to do? More precisely what is the plan with Seith and the other light gods?"

That... was a tough question. If Akladai knew their plans, he could sabotage them, which wasn't a good thing in the slightest. So M'endar chose its answer carefully. Most of it was Vantric planning to attack Pentar and the dwarves, which wasn't that interesting. In the end, M'endar settle on this answer, which really wasn't an answer at all, "Nothing much at the moment. Tell me: why do you ask this?"

Akladai looked at M'ednar, he seemed to be hiding something. But then again, M'endar was always hiding something. "Well I just recently had an chat with them, and we trade with each other. So I was wondering if we had any plans that might destroy this agreement."

That was... interesting. Did Melanthios know that his apprentice was talking to those he and Vantric had marked out as enemies? The demigod seemed to want peace between them and the 'light gods' as he called them. That could be possible, but it was too late. It was funny how Akladai referred to himself as part of the group of the 'dark gods'. Well, he had just kicked himself out by aligning with the others. M'endar responded, again being evasive, "You will have to ask Vantric about plans as he is the one obsessed with them. For the moment, I, myself, don't have any that would impede on this agreement of yours."

Akladai nodded. "I just wanted to make sure there weren't any outstanding plans. because if I have to stop trading with them then I will, but I was just wondering. I would prefer peace with them you see."

M'endar was unsure of the reply and unsure of Akladai. It was simply trading but it could to others things... Like alliances. It made a mental note to watch out for Akladai, that he must be a liability rather than an asset. Standing up, M'endar responded with, "Peace is a fragile thing. If one breaks it, then is it broken forever. I hope that won't be the case, thought am I sceptical about that." M'endar paused and walked about half a yard away from the chairs, "This conversation has reached its end, yes?"

Akladai nodded. "I have been tasked with defending the Dues Filli, and there are only about 300 right now. I will act in their best interest M'endar, that is why I would prefer peace right now. I hope you can understand that. Also books with a blue cover are Melanthios only books, if he catches you reading those he will kick you out."

M'endar chuckled, "I see... But don't worry about that. I am done here anyway." The Deceiver began to teleport to Evalon in order to observe the goings on there with a quick wave to Akladai.

Akladai looked at where M'endar had been standing. It seemed like the plans were already in place, he had to stop them. He teleported back to Melanthios.

Nivix - 18, 2

"Nivix? Are you here?" Vantric's call echoed throughout the labyrinth of halls and corridors that formed Nivix's complex, traveling vast, unknown distances.

For a moment, the only answer the god received was the bubbling of chemicals and the clanging of machinery. After a few seconds, however, Vantric's ears picked up another cry, another shout that rang throughout the massive laboratory. At first, it was a distant, tiny noise, not unlike the buzzing of a persistent fly. However, it grew steadily louder, until the visiting god could begin to make out words.

"...run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, RUN RUN RUN RUN!"

Without warning, Nivix burst through the door, his expression panicked. Seemingly not noticing his guests, the chemister immediately spun about and slammed the entryway shut, conjured more locks than Vantric could count, and fused them into the door. Seconds later, said aperture began to shake and shudder, as though something was pounding on it with earth-shattering strength. Luckily, the locks seemed to be holding, at least for now.

Sighing in relief, Nivix slouched against the door for a minute, before finally noticing the room's other two occupants. "Oh. Vantric. And guest. Hi."

Shooting upright, the god quickly cast a sound-dampening spell on the noticeably shaking door, utterly failing in his attempts to be subtle about it. "So, what exactly brings you two here? Don't think I ever really invited you inside..."

Vantric: 21, 1

Vantric paused for a moment to wonder just what Nivix had been running from. It seemed that the entire facility had shaken under the impact of whatever had blown up. He wondered if he had made the right choice in utilizing Nivix for the next step. Surely there had to be someone else who could be of use. A list of names ran through his head, not one of them was compatible with his plans. Besides, he had come to Nivix specifically BECAUSE he was at least somewhat insane.

He turned to Isond who's look of curiosity and suspicion quite probably mirrored his own. Still, he forced a slight smile. Things would have to move forward. "No, you didn't invite us in. Not explicitly at this moment, anyway." Vantric began, "But I believe that while we were assisting Aen you mentioned that I should stop by your lab sometime?" He desperately hoped that Nivix remembered that. The scientist was unstable. And that was putting things mildly.

Nivix seemed to be half listening, alternating his focus between brushing off debris from his clothing, inspecting Isond, and fiddling with the machines in the room. After a moment when Nivix made no further comment, Vantric continued. "I suppose I should introduce you to my apprentice. Nivix, please meet Isond. Isond, Nivix." Isond bowed his head respectfully.

"A pleasure." The demigod said.

"Anyway, as to the reason I'm here." The ambitious god said, "I would like to run...an experiment of sorts. I thought that you might lend me some of your considerable expertise in this matter." He smiled

Melanthios 9AP, 1MP

Melanthios smiled as the golems appeared, they were just as he had imagined them. Maeglin looked at the golems and then back at Melanthios. His trust had not been misplaced his father, his power was unmatched he was certain of it. Melanthios smiled as he walked towards his son "What do you think of them son? " Maeglin looked at them and then at Melanthios "They look beautiful father. And they look really useful too. " Melanthios smiled "They will be more then useful my son, they will play a vital part in our society. "

Melanthios smiled, he was happy that his brother had accepted. He looked up at the golems, he then closed his eyes. He would now give his race the biggest gift yet, the ability to craft arcane items. Melanthios completed his spell and he made 300 new spirits with knowledge. The spirits flew up in the air and headed for the Dues Filli, they would teach them how to craft arcane objects.

Roe 13, 2

Finally after a long ride, Grix returned to the hilltop where Aen stood with a thud as it's reptilian feet skid along the ground. The dragon then lowered it'd body down let Roe and Petal depart.

"Thanks!" Roe beamed at Aen and then the two children left. After a minute Roe looked up at the sky, Niv was close to setting over the western horizon.

"Time to go home Pets?" he asked his friend.

"Yes," She nodded in reply with a yawn, "I wish we could ride the dragon home though, he was so cool,"

Roe thought about this for a moment and then he had an idea.

"Close your eyes," he said with a grin as he imagined Petal's cry of alarm when she saw his finished creation, "I'll make something which can take us home!"

Aen 19,1

Aen had all the blood he needed now, and a neat collection of spheres in varying sizes and colors. It was time to do something with it. Many humans lived in this area, he had noticed, but their god hadn't shown them any attention in many, many years. It was time to change that.

He hid the blood from mortal view, which wasn't hard, considering it was all deity blood, and took on a physical form. Then he walked among the people of the land, laughing with them, eating with them, and telling them of a god that had noticed the apathy of their deity and was willing to help. He was surprised that many showed interest, even after he told them that it might cause a change in them or their children. He marked those with the blood he thought most appropriate and told them that was all it would take. The change would come in time, either for themselves or their children. He taught the people how to bond with the creatures around them and use the magic of runes. He also taught them how to fight for themselves, and the importance of holding goodness in their hearts. Once the final drop of blood was used, Aen stepped out of his Avatar and looked over his new people. They were still human, but they were also different, now. He hoped they wouldn't see it as a curse and accept his gift with gratitude. There was nothing left to do but wait.

Seith watched as the scepter he had so carefully made melted in his hands. M'endariux had finally struck and gotten "revenge" or whatever he wanted to call it. Seith simply hoped this meant M'endar would leave him alone now. His race of clockwork beings were spawned and Sephariel seemed very pleased by her accomplishment. Lennonous on the other hand was fuming that his race had failed. Seith placed his hand on his son's shoulder and said "Worry not, there will be more opportunities soon to come. You are new here and this is a great challenge for later. For now, help me make the scepter again."

Seith picked up the goo that his instrument had turned into and cast it back into raw materials. His orders were very simple, try again.

Nivix - 14, 2

*To be filled in probably never, actually*

M'endaxius - 10/30 AP, 1/2 MP

The same rumble came from across the cosmos. Now this was just pitiful. M'endar could do this all day long, even for all of eternity. Seith may think that he might be safe from its wrath now. But to continue to create weaponary like this was just an insult. Why even bother? The cycle could continue forever. Well, this time would just be like the last time, repercussions be damned. With a single though, M'endar willed the specter to remain as goo.

Penatr 23AP 1MP

With the Sharulk's creation, the famine in the lower levels of Loth Ringard, and any ideas of revolt that went with it, evaporated quickly. Erik was praised as Pentar's prophet and his rule remained unquestioned throughout the next few weeks. With praise came power, and Erik used it to extend the influence of the crown. He centralized the military under the command of General Darith, a trusted ally, and instituted more public works projects to stimulate the economy and refurbish the city. Taxes were also increased, but not terribly so, and few challenged
these decisions. Pentar took this time to explain the different Gods and Goddesses to Erik so that he could pass it on to his people.

What caught Pentar's attention, though, was the temple on the hill. Once word of the Sharulk spread, even more pilgrims and workers flocked to the hill to complete it's construction. It was finished within a week, and Pentar adored it. It was fairly simple; it was made of cobblestone with a modest gravel path connecting it to the city. Inside stood several marble statues depicting Pentar, Erik, and many of his creations. Mounted above the large but simple alter was a tall statue of Pentar with his hammer raised. Every day, hundreds of monks and holy men, along with troubled or pious commoners from the mountain, would kneel and pray at this alter. They prayed for many things. Some asked for joy and happiness, others for good treatment in the afterlife. Some prayed for a cure for an ill family member, and Pentar always made sure to make Erik aware of such sicknesses; his people must be able to help themselves after all.

The monks of this shrine were of particular interest. They had chosen to devote their lives to the worship of him, and Pentar respected them for it. He also noticed that many of the other races, such as the Lainir and Ekiruru, had inherent magical potential while the Dwarves had no such power. Of course, all beings could learn magic, but it would never come easy for a Dwarf. But if the Dwarven Kingdom was to compete with the other races, they must have a team of magicians among them. Thus, one early morning when the monks were praying, Pentar animated the statue of himself and spoke to them.

"Greetings, my followers."

The monks looked up in astonishment before bowing their heads again in respect. One of them, probably the head priest, spoke with his head still bowed. "We are honored by your presents, my lord. How may we serve you?"

The statue faced the Dwarf who had spoken. "In fact, I have come to serve you, my children." he said. Pentar could sense their surprise. "I've come to teach you valuable knowledge."

"What knowledge do you speak of, my lord?" the head priest asked.

The statue smiled. "The knowledge of magic. This will make you powerful beyond your wildest dream, but their is one condition. You and your order must never use magic for any personal gain. Every time you use it, it must be to serve your people."

"We understand, lord Pentar."

"Very well then." Pentar said, and so he showed the first Knights of Order the way of magic.

The Storyteller

"The Second Age was drawing to a close and it seemed even many of the gods were fatigued, for only a handful acted in this period. Eldarwen created the sword of Amour with the assistance of Ailish, and her demigod Sonitus inspired a number of the Ekiruru through her skill of her singing. Melanthios too inspired his race by teaching many of them the art of arcane crafting and Pentar inspired a large group of mortals too.

Meanwhile Roe created the Velocifly upon Evalon, a race of giant insects who would be trained in future ages by mortals to carry small loads, though not strong enough to carry the weight of most adult mortals. Nivix granted immortality
and invulnerability to a single mortal, Ven, to preserve his body and mind from an otherwise eventual decay.

Seith attempted for a second time to create the Staff of Brilliance but yet again was hindered by the power of M'endar, this time the staff launched itself into space and blew up in a giant flash of light, an event witnessed by mortals on all four of the planets."


Roe - 13, 2

Roe and Petal soared over Evalon on the back on the Velocifly Roe created, she had reacted with exactly the hilarious shriek he had imagined when he conjured up the beast but quickly got over her squeamishness when she realised it was the chance for another ride.

Finally the two children landed back in the clade where they'd sat earlier that day. Niv was brushing against the horizon, spilling orange light across the leafy clearing. Once they both got off their ride, Petal sleepily put an arm around Roe.

"Thanks for a fun day and the whistle you gave me," she said simply and reached up to kiss his cheek like she had earlier that day. Roe however shoved her back with his arm, perhaps a little harder than he intended as she fell back and landed with a thud on the muddy ground.

"Ouch, what did you do that for?" Petal cried, looking up in confusion at him.

"I don't want people thinking... you know... you're my girlfriend or something," Roe replied with a frown, still remembering the way the other gods had taunted him back on the hilltop.

"You didn't have to push me over, say sorry now!" Petal said indignantly, tears brimming around her eyes.

"No, it's your fault, you shouldn't keep trying to kiss me," Roe muttered angrily.

"I hate you Roe!" she yelled, "You're just a stupid ugly idiot fat boy and I hate you so much!" With that she leapt up and ran into the bushes towards her village, sobbing as she left. Usually Roe would have accompanied her most of the way but he was fuming so instead he sat down and threw stones at a nearby tree as hard as he could. A minute later a voice suddenly spoke in his head.

"It's Olek, I need your help urgently my boy," it boomed.

Roe stood up moodily and hopped through the air, over the sandy islands and clear blue seas of the Maroe Archipelago towards the southern continent of Olegard. He came to halt over an enormous city port, it's harbour filled with hundreds of wooden ships and many more tiny men running around them like ants. Olek was there too, an invisble but omnipresent force that ran through the entire city and was evidently ordering the mortals below to do whatever they were preparing. Roe sat down cross-legged on a cloud and waved at his ally.

"Hey, Olek!" he called. The mist that hung over the port coalesced and shaped itself into the vague resemble of a human face.

"You got my message, little one?"

"Uh huh. You want help?"

"Yes," The mist formed a giant hand which pointed to the ships below, "I am about to lead an invasion of the lands to the north and west: those of the Lainir, the Dwarves and the Verr. These species, and their respective gods, are in the way of humanity's manifest destiny."

"What about the humans in Almia, you haven't..." Roe started and then stopped himself just in time, this Olek seemed different from usual and he wasn't sure how the elder god would react to the point that he hadn't answered the prayers of many of his race for countless years.

"Almia?" Olek rumbled, "Those humans live inpure lives amongst the other races, they aren't fit to be a part of my empire!"

"Okay," Roe gulped, "Why do you need me then?"

"I need you to back me up in case I get attacked by one of those gods. Can you do that for me?"

"Uh... yeah," Roe replied half-heartedly, he didn't have any quarrel with the gods Olek was about to attack but he felt like he still owed his ally a debt for saving him in the last age.

"Excellent!" Olek roared and the ships began to leave the port, heading one by one out to sea. "You hide up above us in the clouds and come if I call for you, got it?" he told Roe and then swept downwards to lead his fleet. Roe followed on above, vaguely watching the ships below but mainly still fuming about his argument with Petal.

Once he reached the front of his army, Olek sent out a shout to every other god in the universe.


Zareth AP 21 MP 2

Perhaps the design is little too organic. Zareth pondered, wandering through the fields of Evermoor. Ironically there were just too many portals. New souls were being dropped in at random points almost every second. No it needed a touch of organisation, a way that the newly departed could be introduced to this new existence and not be thrown, thrashing into the deep end.


But the redecorating would have to wait. He took to the nearest gate, coming out at the heart of Olegard. Zareth rode the wind until he found Olek and his assembled armies. To the mortal eye it appeared that a normal crow flew through the city streets and over the heads of the soldiers lined up there, then beyond that and over the armada. The host seemed to stretch on as far as the eyes could see. Finally he came to its head and the God that lead them.

He circled over Olek screeching out to get his attention, before perching on the bow, facing Olek himself. To the mortal crew it sounded like the little bird had taken a dislike to their lord, cawing at him fiercely. To any divine being that was listening, it sounded very different.

"Turn away from this Olek. You are making war with powers that out number you three to one, maybe more. If not for yourself then for your people. You're dragging them into a fight that isn't theirs. If you go through with this thousands of innocent people will be caught in the cross-fire, millions maybe. And for what, one soul's pride? It isn't too late, you can walk away and lose nothing."

M'endaxius - 10/30 AP, 1/2 MP

It watched the flash of light with a veneer of calm, but inside revelling in the item's destruction. The moon was a truly a great vantage point to watch the light show. Another rumble came through the cosmos. Was it Seith trying to create the item yet again? If so, M'endar was more than ready to destroy the product of his endeavours yet again. Nevertheless, a different voice caused the rumble. A voice that boomed with anger and conviction, threatening it and its race.


M'endar transformed into dark mist, and lingered above the skies of Evalon watching the vanguard of the fleet. Who had decided that all the lands of the crowded planet belonged to him? M'endar was puzzled. The god could easily create a planet for humanity to live on, alone. Like what three of the gods had done. He could even shield the planet like the tree woman did. His anger was a mystery to M'endar. So it decided to watch and to wait, like a dark cloud hovering in the sky.

Eldarwen 1

The twig was purified and transformed into a sword, but with the qualities of an instrument. It could be played.

"Thank you again, Ailish." Eldarwen placed her hand on Ailish's shoulder and smiled. She hadn't even asked for her help this time, and still gotten it. "I'm sure Sonitus will be pleased with this gift."

Auctor smiled gently. Even if others may have been jealous of their sister when she got a gift, and they didn't, she was genuinely happy for her. "I'm sure she will be, mother." Though she believed that she'd be happier because of Eldarwen's thought, than the actual gift.

Eldarwen teleported up to the roof with the gift, but Sonitus didn't notice her. She was singing to the stars up above. Her voice had inspired the mortals below in the courtyard, who tried to mimick the language she spoke and use it in an understandable way.

"Amour Amour am Ende, gefangen zwischen deinen Zähnen."

She thought it was a beautiful song, and knew it had come straight from Sonitus' heart. Eldarwen cleared her throat to get the attention of her daughter. The singer turned around, with tears in her eyes and stopped singing.

"Oh, I must look pitiful." She wiped the tears from her eyes, and stood up. "I'm sorry, mother. What did you want?"

Some part of Eldarwen wanted to dry her tears and hug her, but the mixed emotions between them made it difficult for her to actually perform the action.

"Do not worry about it, for not all tears are an evil. I understand that the truth about who I am have made it hard for us to continue as we once were, and that you may not have wanted the destiny I chose for you. But here we are, and I have no intention of undoing the action." The godess said.

Sonitus nodded, but didn't look entirely happy about it.

"I have a gift for you, to remind you that I still care." The words didn't come easy, but the look in the singer's eyes made them worth it. "Amour."

Sonitus wondered if her mother knew the meaning of the word, as she thought she had been the first one to speak it, or sing it in her case. The queen showed her the sword, and she wondered why her mother thought that was a good gift. Sonitus had never been a warrior, but when she touched the sword she felt its true power. It had strings on it and could be played. It was just as powerful as Sonitus herself. She took the sword with a grin and bowed deeply.

"Thank you, mother. I will cherish it, like I cherish you."

An explosion of light could be seen on the night sky. Eldarwen didn't know what to say in response, and thankfully they were interrupted before she got the chance to destroy the moment. A message from Olek, the god of the despicable humans, came to her.

It was a threat to everyone on Evalon, but she felt giddy. If the god of humanity had finally shown his true colors, then she would get the chance to see humans suffer and die, at the hand of her own creations.

"Would you be a sweetie and summon an army for me, Sonitus?" She said, almost laughing.

They could show up to aid and get praised as heroes if something went bad, and she got to watch humans die. What a great night this had turned out to be. Eldarwen teleported down to the throne room, and Sonitus called out to any able bodied soldier to show up as soon as they could from the rooftop of the castle. Auctor heard her summoning them, and made sure that some of her own synthetics would be there. It would give her a chance to study them properly in battle.

Within the hour fourhundred Ekiruru had gathered in the courtyard, whereas half of them were synthetics. The large gate to the throne room swung open, and they marched through the trees, each one leading a wyvern. Eldarwen clapped her hands where she sat in the throne and watched them, with a wide smile on her face. Auctor was already on the other side of the portal, where she had made sure to find out where the human army was.

Sonitus was the last one to appear, leading a wyvern of her own. "I'll make sure they don't get lost, and should some god try to interfere, I will call on you."

Eldarwen blew her a kiss, which she hadn't expected, but she seemed to have entered a state of bliss. "I'll be keeping my eyes on the humans." To get to watch them fail and die. She didn't say the last part out loud though.

Auctor saw her sister come through the portal last. Well, they didn't have a leader for the army without the queen and since she liked all mortals, Sonitus would probably not hesitate to stop the humans from killing everyone else. She also spotted some of the synthetics carrying bottles, but she didn't know what was in them. They'd probably been made by the new alchemists. Surprisingly fast, or the synthetics had made them themselves. She didn't know how many had been affected by Eldarwen's alchemy action.

"What are those?" She asked one of the synthetics, and pointed to the small bottle in her hand.

"Inferno." Ten of the synthetics answered her at the same time. "We were told that ships are made of wood. Which we all know burns. We made it, after she gave us the knowledge of alchemy."

Auctor nodded and wrote it down, without commenting on their answer. Sonitus climbed onto her wyvern, a bit unsteady, but eventually got used to it. "I didn't bring one for you, sister."

"Oh, I'll be watching you. You want to fly to the west." Auctor said, scribbled the teleportation spell down and disappeared.

"You heard her." Sonitus said, and urged her wyvern on. It ran towards the wall of the cliff, but took of before it ran into it, flying straight upwards. The singer held her sword above her head, as the fourhundred Ekiruru followed her example.

Eldarwen felt safe leaving her planet, as the shield would still inform her of any intruders. She walked through the portal, after telling ten battle born to guard it. She changed her form, to a creature with wings. One she remembered from a time long gone, and flew towards the clouds, faster than anyone else, passing Sonitus and their soldiers. Soon she spotted the ships of the humans below her.


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